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Time to Switch to Decaf
Dramatis Personae

Elly, Hugo, Tomoko, Jill, Kylee, Isrieal

4 September, 2017

The Daily Grind is busy tonight on this cool september night.


The Daily Grind

Hugo is sitting in one of the comfortable looking armchairs, at the moment alone, holding one of those oversized coffee cups that would probably make a decent-sized soup bowl if you put your mind to it. His jacket is over the back of the chair, and he's got his phone out, checking something. Is he here for the Pokestop?

Isrieals out on this cool starting to be autumn night. Her element. She decides to stop for a cup of hot chocolate. She's dressed in a black corset dress with a black victorian coat overtop that laces down the back. Her moonwhite hair flows over her body and frames those piercing blue eyes of hers. Something about her emits an air of intimidation. Perhaps her control or composure but no one really knows what makes her so uneasy. For the moment she pauses at the counter and waits for her drink while daring to cast a glance around.

It's chilly, but not wet. That makes it a good night. Coming in, Elly looks around before heading for the counter. As she passes the trash, she drops a cup from this place into it. Time for a refill! Unzipping her maroon leather jacket (that has Rictus' writing and autograph across the back of the shoulders), she lets the warm in and steps into line behind Isrieal, studying the lass.

Jill soon enters the coffee shop. She has a pair of white earbuds hooked into a phone that rests in the pocket of her denim jeans. She takes her phone out, an iphone 5 because she really needs to upgrade... to pause her music before sliding everything back into her pocket. The rest of her attire is a black t-shirt that at first glance seems to have the Stranger Things logo on it, but instead reads 'Superkick Things', and a pair of black boots on her feet. She steps in line behind Elly, taking a moment to look at the art on the walls, then to the front where she spots Isrieal. "Hey... It's been a while, yeah?" Her eyes are... so tired. Either she didn't get enough sleep or maybe she worked out all day. Either way, explains why she's here.

Take two. Hopefully this time the idiot from before wouldn't be behind the counter. She pushed open the door, making her way towards the counter. The air around her seemed to have an extra energy to it. She wore a simple pair of black slacks, with a grey blouse, and heeled boots. Over top it all, she wore a trenchcoat, her hands shoved in to the pockets after entering. Her scarlet hair was up in a ponytail today. She joined the line, waiting to order.

Tomoko couldn't spend all her time at the museum and wasn't keen on paying the prices they charged for drinks. This led her to do a quick search for somewhere more local. Coming in through the door she lowered the brim of her Chicago Cubs baseball cap and stepped into line, shoving her hands in her jacket pockets. For now she only glanced up to look at the menu but she stayed silent. It was a long line so she'd probably have time to think about her order.

Isrieal takes her drink and turns to find a seat as well as move out of the way, its then that she glances at the girl behind her but it becomes a double take when she spots that signature on the back of her jacket. This warrants a curious raise of one of her brows and a half of a smirk before she lifts her drink to her lips for a slow sip before speaking up. "You're a fan of Rictus, huh?" She asks Elly with that controlling Russian voice of hers.

Then she spots Jill and gives her a nod. "Indeed. It has. This must be the popular spot tonight." Isrieal notes with a chuckle. "Long day?"

Hugo takes a sip of his drink, looking over the rim of the cup at the various figures arriving, and maybe making note of where things and people are positioned, or who looks like a mark, or maybe he's expecting someone. Having completed stocking up on pokeballs, though, he pockets the phone. A lazy yawn and he sits up slightly, but doesn't seem to have an issue being seen people watching, just sitting like that chair is his house.

"Eulogy got me through some shit. Pretty surprised when I ran into him." Ellen says, arching an eyebrow at Isrieal. "And then I broke his nose. Six of one, half a dozen of the other." Looking the menu over, the rough and tumble chick orders up a triple shot with a splash of raspberry syrup and whipped cream to top it. Paying for the drink, she moves to the side to wait for its masterful creation.

Kylee glanced around at those within while she waited, toying with something in her pocket. She noted a couple familiar faces, nodding to Izzy and Elly. When she finally got her turn to order, she picked a simple glass of green tea.

Jill looks behind her for a moment to see that two others; Kylee and Tomoko, got in line behind her and she nods faintly to them before responding to Isrieal. "Yeah... Woke up late in the evening and went to the gym. Pretty tired and need my coffee or I'll turn into... She-Hulk or something. But she's green and I'm blue so..." She shrugs faintly, then gestures to Elly's jacket, "Nice jacket." She seems to have missed the part about broken noses, but that wasn't to her anyway. "Have you seen Ditto in a while?" She asks Isrieal, remembering that night from a few months back.

Isrieal is a strange case. She feels like a Torn but she's missing a geist it seems. Or something or other. Maybe she hides it well. For a moment there's a hard look in her eyes when Elly mentions she broke his nose but then she laughs to herself. "Oh? Well...I'm sure he's just fine." She comments with another sip of her drink. She knows he is really. "Seems interesting to do to someone you admire however." She shrugs and waves to Kylee as she spots her as well. She doesn't notice Hugo watching her. Not just yet.

"I haven't seen that guy, no." Isrieal says with a shake of her head. "Just that one time or so really. Maybe he moved?"

Key words jump out and Hugo is grabbing his phone again. "Somebody found a Ditto?" He looks at the screen, then realizes that is not what was being talked about and that he should be more circumspect with his hobbies. Sip your coffee, Hugo. That's what the humans expect.

Kylee looked over toward Hugo, her brow arching slightly at his sudden peaked interest. She smirked, then looked back to Izzy, giving her a quick wave with her left hand. "E'enin', lass."

Jill frowns at the thought of Ditto moving. She really liked him and his lil' crow Charlie. It reminds her that she's still got to rock that crow feather necklace she made. "I hope not... I haven't been seeing her-err him on facebook in a while. Gosh I'm tired..." It's her turn in line so she orders, "Large Iced Mocha, please." She reaches for her wallet; a brown wallet with a little logo that reads 'Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whiskey' and Trailer Park Boys under it, sliding a debit card into the little chip reader to pay for her drink.

"Lot of things are strange. Like you." Elly says, looking a little smug as she collects her drink. Kylee is given a coffee-cup salute before she starts hunting for a spot to sit. "Someone caught a quote from a bad '80's movie?" she asks, angling to a spot near where HUgo is.

There was definitely a lot going on around her, the small Asian lady mostly minded her business though, at least so far. She pulled her phone from her pocket to look something up. The phone was a Sony Xperia XZ Premium, though most people around probably wouldn't recognize it. She was getting close to being finally able to maker her order.

Isrieal just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Darling, I just /love/ being strange." She says with a grin. "We're all mad here afterall." She says with a chuckle then glances to the man screaming about Ditto. "No no...Ditto was a friend of ours." She looks to Jill with a shrug then. "I really don't know...I do miss Charlie though." The asisan gets a glance from her, only because she also is a new face that she needs to register.

Kylee paid for her drink, accepting the hot glass. She moved over to the area with sugar and such, adding a couple packets and using a stirrer. She smiled to Elly, before looking to Hugo. "So, wha' go' ya so excited, boyo?"

Jill didn't seem to get a response when she told Elly she had a nice jacket, but she shrugged it off. The place becoming really busy tonight. She turns her head to Hugo when he mentions ditto, thinking he might be a friend of his and opens her mouth to speak but that's when Isrieal corrected him. "I see... I miss him too." Jill's waiting on her drink at the counter, putting her back against it and leaning her elbows up onto it. As Tomoko comes up in line she points to the Cubs hat and tells her. "Nice hat. Grats on you guys finally winning..."

Hugo does the slow-nod, acknowledging his confusion, and then as Elly goes to find a seat, he squints at Isrieal, then Elly and says "There ARE no bad 80s movies. That's the way it works. Sorry. I was playing the pokemon." He says it like an old person who doesn't know what that is. "There is one with that name." His expression is a mixture of... Well, there's not much that would make him look sheepish, but maybe not as assured.

"I disgree. They're all bad. So bad that the internet exploded and made Kung Fury to parody them." Elly says, grinning as she sits down. She keeps an eye on Isrieal, though - not real certain what to make of the woman. "Was a friend... what happened to them?"

Tomoko looks up to Jill when her hat is mentioned, "Well yeah, it was pretty cool when they finally won last year but there's no telling when the cubs will get another go at it." Flipping her phone around she shows an article from today. Cubs lose to Pittsburgh Pirates... 0-12, "And their pitcher, Jake Arietta, just got a hamstring injury in today's game."

Jill nods a little, smiling faintly to Tomoko and then leans in to look at her phone. "Ooo..." She winces, "That's rough, man... Your phone is super sweet by the way. Wow...! Really nice!" She marvels at the 4k display.

Hugo winces a little at Tomoko's displayed paper and announcement, saying "Well, that's fifty bucks down..." He then turns his gaze back to Elly with that sort of nonplussed expression of someone who can't quite register what is being said. "How could you say such hurtful things?"

Isrieal keeps her eye on Elly just because she's doing the same to her. "Heck I don't know what happened. I only ran into him once or twice so don't look at me." She says. Then there's sports talk going on and she really doesn't know the first thing about that. "So..haven't seen you around before." She comments to Elly. "I'm Isrieal." She tells her.

Kylee stared at Hugo. "Ya play tha' game? Ah don' be seein' the fascination," she said, smirking. She glanced over Issy,studying her. "Thank ya fer the help wit' tha' building by the way, lass."

"Saying hurtful things is my hobby." Ellen tips her cup at Hugo and takes a sip, scalding her mouth with the heat of it. Now she won't taste it. "I'm Ellen." she says, returning the introduction and glancing outside. "Not much of a coffee drinker until it gets chilly in the mornings." she says, starting towards the door. The whole 'missing Geist' thing is just unnerving.

Hugo is mid-sip of his oversized coffee cup when Kylee speaks, and he is forced to set it down, responding to her smirk with raised eyebrows and saying "Ahaaay, ye doon't now? Ah, fiddletee dee potaters, ay sha shay sha shay." He tilts his head side to side, as if to resume the composure with a mild tilt of his mouth, and says "Hugo. I'd say my hobby is the same but I don't like to take work home with me. So I collect imaginary creatures." See? It's an explanations to two sides of a conversation!

Tomoko smirked at the compliment to her phone, "Yeah is the Xperia XZ Premium. I got it back in June. It has a 4k Display and it has stereo sound for if I'm watching videos. And a whole bunch of other functions. Ya should get one. It runs about Seven hundred bucks, so not too much." Oh! She's been at the register and hasn't ordered anything, "Ah yeah, I just need an apple juice and a couple cookies." She'd just pay with a $20 bill.

Jill blinks at the price, and especially that comment that it's not so much. "That's... That's kinda outta my budget. I mean, there's contracts and payment plans. I think I'm due for an upgrade anyway, so I'll look into it!" She gets served her drink and steps aside, going to get a straw and stab it through the center of the plastic lid. She sips on it and closes her eyes. Mmm. Cold and refreshing mocha. "Y'know..." She continues speaking to Tomoko. "I'm more of a football person myself, though, and even that I'm casual.."

Isrieal chuckles to herself. "Aw don't tell me I scared you away?" Isrieal teases, but she enjoys it at some level. She is a Scarecrow after all. "Well hope to see you soon." She says with a smirk and a wink. She looks curiously back to Tomoko, this girl who's able to afford this super expensive phone it seems. That piques her interest just a touch.

Kylee picked up her glass, her hands wrapping around the cup and blowing over the surface to chill the contents. She stared at Hugo, her brow arching, her elbow idly brushing her jacket back, showing the pistol holster on her hip, before the jacket fell over it once more. "Ya really should be more careful o' who ya be pokin' fun a',boyo. Some don' be willin' ta show restrain'."

Elly pauses and cocks her head to the side, looking utterly incredulous. Scared? "Hate to burst your bubble, but I've never been afraid of pretty little toys." Grimacing at the idea, she just pushes the door open and slips out of the cafe, still looking like she's got a bad taste in her mouth.

Tomoko pockets her phone when she goes to grab her bottle of apple juice and cookies, pocketing her change in her jacket, "Football well... Wait... Which football are we talking about? Honestly I can't get either to keep my attention too long." She goes to find herself a seat to drink her juice and eat her cookies. It's kind of funny though how she goes into a coffee shop and orders like a little kid, "Whatever you like though. I don't really watch every game either for baseball, I just have the teams I like." She cracks open that bottle of juice to finally take a drink.

Jill thinks her order is cute, but doesn't really comment on it, instead smiling and deciding to join her at her seat, sitting across from her. "I--err, American Football. Go Patriots! So... what are your teams, then?" She asks, curious to know, bringing the straw to her lips and taking another sip.

Hugo lifts his coffee to his lips and seems... Mildly amused? Waving farewell to Elly, he turns his head back to Kylee, saying "Oh please. If you're enough of a psycho to be brandishing while openly carrying in a place that almost certainly has cameras, I'd hope you'd at least have the sense to do it for something other than ribbing you for talking funny. Or maybe I'm wrong! Maybe you're just that dumb. I've been wrong before. I know it's hard to believe."

The small cubs fan nibbles on one of her cookies, taking her time to answer the question asked to her, "Ah, well my teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows... I also kind of like the Orix Buffaloes." Two of the teams she mentioned were definitely not MLB teams. After answering though her eyes wen't toward the nearby conversation... and Hugo.

Isrieal laughs quietly again. "Alriiight then. I hope I don't have to challenge that sometime." She smirks then looks back towards the others and down towards the cookies while running a few fingers through her hair. "I must be the only one here who doesn't care about sports." She notes.

Jill doesn't seem to be knowing what else is going on around her, or not seeming to mind. "Orix Buffaloes...? I've never heard of them. Or the Tokyo---what was it again?" She's stumped. "I imagine they're Japanese baseball teams, which is cool. I listen to Japanese music sometimes."

Kylee shrugged. "Ain' as if'n Ah don' have a permi' fer this, boyo. Par' o' me work," she said, the air seeming to become charged with static. "Don' be actin' like such an arse. Especially seein' as ya be one o' them tha' gets all excited o'er huntin' down fake animals, instead o' getting a damn real one."

Tomoko is very clearly watching the nearby argument as she still talks to the other two without even looking at them, "Yeah they're Japanese teams, and if sports aren't what ya like then ya don't like them and it's no big deal. I don't usually talk sports unless people bring it up."

Hugo's eyes narrow as he feels the air change and he says "Licensing doesn't matter if you threatten people with it. Maine's open carry laws are pretty specific. You're the one who escalated, so I'd suggest you back the hell down. The shine behind his dark eyes isn't really all that perceptable to those who don't have the tell, but his hackles are certainly up, even if he doesn't get up.

Jill, for the moment, doesn't know what to say and her eyes start to follow Tomoko's now as she casually drinks her Iced Mocha. Now, it seemed that whatever is going on just got more intense. "..."

Isrieals now focused upon Hugo and his threat, watching silently. If somethings about to get out of control she's more than willing to step in. She just clears her throat for the moment however. "Now lets not start anything in a coffee shop." She hints.

Kylee shrugged. "By the letter o' the law, Ah dinnae threaten ya wit' i'. Merely made a suggestion and ya made an assumption. Ah don' take well ta them thinkin' a bi' o' difference in a person be a reason ta poke fun o' them," she said. She glanced over to Izzy, shrugging. "Ah ain' startin' anything, lass."

Hugo rolls his eyes, and pulls out his phone again. "That's not actually how that works as far as holding up in court. Don't make fun of people for their hobbies if you don't want them making fun of you back. Especially if you can't take it and have to intimate violence when that happens. It's quite rude." He starts checking his messages. It's mostly pictures of dogs being dumb with captions.

Tomoko can hold back her need to just spout out some facts for the conversation going on nearby, "Since 2015 Maine has not required permits for Open or Concealed carry, however they will issue ones that work in several other states, important to note though that threatening someone with a firearm even if the weapon is not discharged, can be classified as assult."

Jill has been silent for a while now, and was hoping this argument wouldn't somehow spill over to their table but Tomoko said what she said. She, in a way, accentuates Tomoko's point with loud slurp of her drink as she just got to the bottom of it and got that cool bit of water from the ice cubes mixing with the chocolate. Sluuuuuuuurp...

Kylee shrugged. "Ah seen plenty o' lawyers spin worse shite and ge' clients off, boyo. Also, Ah wasna pokin' fun a' yer hobby,jus' stated Ah dinnae see the appeal.Maybe ya shouldna be so sensitive abou' i'," she pointed out, before looking over at Tomoko. "Wasna threatenin' wit' a firearm. Ah'm merely carrying i' fer me work and he happened to see i'."

Hugo gets a confused look on his face, staring down at his hand holding the phone. A little bit of fascination, maybe horror. He lifts it to his face and has a moment of realization, taking a huge breath and blowing into his thumb. His fingers flex. Then again, each breath making his hand stand up more, except all the fingers stop at the first knuckle except for the third digit. He carefully ties off the end so that it doesn't deflate.

Sipping some apple juice Tomoko pauses before shaking her head, "Whatever bullshit you have to tell yourself. Also back to somethin' I heard you say earlier, what the fuck is wrong with hunting invisible monsters rather than needlessly slaughtering wildlife?"

Jill finally sighs after all of this, trying to calm the situation in her own strange way. "If anybody's hobby should be made fun of, it's mine."

Jill takes a moment to go toss her cup away, "I mean I watch pro wrestling. Watched it so much I became a wrestler."

Isrieal stands up. "It just sounded a little heated is all. I was just saying no need to get like that in a coffee shop." She tucks her things away and tosses her empty cup out. "I'm going to get going." Her hobby is probably weirdest of all. "It was good seeing you all." She nods to Jill too. "If you ever want to meet up more just text me."

Kylee quirked a brow, before she burst out laughing. "Why ain' Ah surprised by ya performing such an ac'?" she asked, looking over to Tomoko. "Ah... dinnae? Ah suggested he ge' a damn pe'. So, 'ow abou' ya keep yer damn nose ou' o' i' before ya make a bigger arse o' yerself, lass?"

Hugo half-turns in his chair, letting his imaginary giant inflatable hand deflate and then points with a more appropriate finger at Jill, saying "That is not worthy of ridicule, that is awesome. And as a side effect, you could probably throw someone in a Mr. T-ish manner, and I respect that. Because I don't want to be thrown hella far. Because that would hurt." When Isrieal makes to leave he gives an incline of his head, not really sure about her, but hey. Tomoko gets an apologetic look, since, you know. This.

Tomoko just shrugs, "I have all day to show how big of an ass the both of us are. Yeah I'm a fucking asshole but so are you." She looks back at Jill, "As long as you do what you love. Ya know? I usually just work on inventing stuff or improving what other people have made. Easiest job in the world. And it's pretty fun."

Jill plops down in her seat, and that's when Hugo says what he says to her, and she starts to smile and bows a little in her seat. "Thank you, man." She laughs faintly and then brings her right arm up, flexing her bicep for him. "Heh, I mean honestly I... I think I could but, thanks..." Isrieal announces she's leaving and she turns now, "Hey. I... I have your number, right? I think so. How do you spell your name?" Her head snaps towards Tomoko, "Thanks... You're right and wait, what? You invent stuff? That's pretty damn cool!"

"Ummm...you can just put Izzy really but if you really need to know." She fishes a card from in her dress and sets it on the table between her and Tomoko. Its the card for her company and it has all her information. "There...now you definitely have it." She says with a smirk. "If you like fixing things...we can always talk sometime too." She hints to Tomoko and then she turns to head off into the night.