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This One Time, At Ren Faire

Part of Skalda

Dramatis Personae

Sarah, Shyla

2 September, 2017

Shyla finally comes clean with what she's been up to with the Fallcoast Paranormal Society. Sarah seems to take the tale of time-travel and witches rather well.


Indian Restaurant in Fallcoast

Indian restaurants, like any other types eateries, vary in how fancy they could get. The current one that Shyla and Sarah just walked in at is one of the more, pricier and nice, ones. The lighting is low, the decor is of a more exotic look instead of the more modern style most of the other restaurants seem to gravitate to. Shyla is dressed to the nines, for once, in a white dress with an impossible long slit on her left side to show off pretty much most of her bare leg. She has on high heels too, something she is trying very hard to pretend she is used to (she isn't). Next to her is Sarah, and the girl in white is holding onto her hand firmly, swinging it a bit before realizing how "unclassy" that might seem to others. "Tada! See, I told you we wouldn't need reservations!" she points out, motioning to some empty tables in the place. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/6b/b2/3d/6bb23da2b52dfdd56bfd206cdce88d9a--melissa-marie-benoist-melissa-benoist-hot.jpg

Sarah loves to hold Shyla's hand, though tonight, she has a feeling it's just as much about making sure the bunny in heels doesn't fall as it is to show her affection. "Wow...nice place" Sarah nods slowly before a playful curious look for her roomie. "Did you win the lottery without telling me?" A wink before a waiter arrives to lead them to a surprisingly free table. Sarah was told to dress up too so she wears a blue dress with floral imprint and black tights. She's less about the legs and more about the bust that she's happily showing off. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8Y8pkF1_AVw/UWNCbAew7zI/AAAAAAABE-I/vOlxIQ5DwZs/s1600/jessica-lucas.jpg And she's not much better in heels that Shyla...maybe it's a mutual supporting hand holding.

Shyla shakes her head, "Nope! If I won the lottery, do you think I would keep it to myself this long?" She looks at Sarah, then glances over a bit to check out, not too subtly, her plunging neckline. Biting her lower lip, she gets distracted by the host who comes up and asks, "Table for two?" The brunette, who tends to let Sarah talk in these situations, keeps quiet for a moment before realizing who suggested they come to this restaurant. It was her! "OH! Yes, yes, two for dinner. Well, obviously, because it's, like, dark out and stuff. So dinner. Although some people could go places for dessert only, so would that be considered dinner? Part of a dinner? Just dessert?" She pauses, blinks, then blushes as she realizes that everyone is staring at her. She mumbles, "yeahtwoplease."

Sarah gives Shyla's hand a little squeeze of support as the bunny goes off on one of her meandering conversations with herself. After a moment or two, the host realises that he got an answer and leads the two women over to one of the empty tables. He even pulls out the chairs for them...and thankfully tucks them back in when they try to sit. "So what's the occasion?" Sarah asks with a warm smile as gets herself settled and opens up the menu. The host has been replaced by a waiter who seems to be waiting...as it were...on a drinks order.

Shyla 's smile is perpetually on, at least after that embarrassing outburst a moment ago. She wrinkles her nose cutely, "Well, nothing, really, maybe because it is the beginning of the semester, or maybe we just haven't been out in a long while, right? Plus.... " she pauses, then says with a bit of a more serious tone, "I guess I just wanted to tell you how much I app-" and that's when she notices the waiter just standing there. A drink order? Well, Shyla doesn't know that! So she just stares back at the poor waiter who starts to get a bit uncomfortable, "Do you have any drinks you would like to order?" he says helpfully.

"We'll have strawberry margaritas please" Sarah informs the waiter. "At least to start with." Decision made...yay! She smiles over the table at her roomie/lover/girlfriend. "It is nice to go out and about but you don't need to tell me anything like this. You tell me every day that we're together. Every time we kiss. Every time we...well...do more than kiss. You being with me is more than I ever deserve or need."

Shyla makes a quizzical face, shaking her head, "Oh don't be silly, you're making me out like I'm some sort of Mother Theresa or something. Well, I mean, a Mother Theresa with better legs and butt, of course." She giggles at her own joke then settles down, "I'm the one who is lucky, if it wasn't for you I really don't know where I would be. Or if I would even be alive right now, I mean, you've saved my life, god knows how many tim- 9. 9 times is how many times you've pulled me out of possible life-costing situation." Must love that photographic memory. "But I mean, really, that recently there are things that I've been witnessed to that made me realize that ... and I really don't want you to freak out..." she looks sheepish and a bit worried, "...so promise me you won't freak out." She stops right there and stares at her roommate expectantly.

"Nine? Gosh...I'd forgotten about that other one" Sarah mumbles before offering a wink. "And you've saved me too. I dunno, though, Mother Theresa had a pretty tight butt" she teases before settling in to listen to her roomie. A little shake of her head, along with a warm smile. "For future reference, Shyla, the best way to make someone freak out is to tell them not to freak out. Just tell me what's bothering you." She reaches out to hold Shyla's hand.

Shyla squeezes Sarah's hand then puts her other one on top of it. "Well, ummm, sorry. OK, so, I've been running around with these people, including Ghost Girl, and pleasedontgetangrywithher, I guess she assumed you knew. But anyway, we got caught up in something that... I think might be a bit over my head, it started at the ren faire, and I think we went back in time." She pauses to watch Sarah's reaction. It isn't every day you can see someone possibly realizing that you might be certifiably insane.

Shyla has always been certifiably insane...it's one of the many reasons Sarah loves her. "I don't get angry" she assures the other woman with a sweet smile and not even any clenched teeth! "You're in the Paranormal Society now? And you went back in time?" Sarah purses her lips in thought. "I guess I should be glad you came back." Time travel is not too bad in the great scheme of things - Sarah is a witch after all. "Maybe you better tell me everything. Are you in danger?"

Shyla shakes her head, "Oh no, I'm not in the PS." She pauses then frowns, looking thoughtful, "Well, maybe I am, kinda? Like a part time thing, and I'm not getting paid or anything like that. I just like to help out Leslie if she needs people to help out, you know? Like a volunteer!" Not 'like', but 'exactly'. "Anyway, that time thing was a surprise to everyone, so it wasn't a PS job or anything like that! But yeah, I think we let something bad loose, some sort of super powerful magical thing, and it now threatens... well it threatens... ok, not sure how bad it could get, but everyone's freaking out about it, so I'm guessing it's a really big deal. But we've collected these items that theoretically would be needed to seal up this thing. We just didn't do it yet, and she/it knows we have it, so... danger?" She makes that embarrassed look again with her mouth, "And... we already were in dangerous situations, and... quite a few times we could've been, ummm, deaded." She pauses, looking at Sarah nervously, "So, yeah, I know you might get worried, so I didn't, like, tell you before."

Sarah can't help but frown a little now. "It's not that I worry, Shyla" she tries to explain, "It's more because I love you. I know you can look after yourself. You're the most kick-ass rabbit I know but if something ever did happen to you...and I wasn't around to protect you...I'd hate myself forever." She squeezes her lover's hand. "It's good that you help Leslie out. She's our friend...but keep me in the loop, okay? You never know, I might want to come along too. Or at least help keep you safe." Her eyes are looking a little moist. "I don't want you dead but I'm not going to keep you in a box at home either."

Shyla blinks and then giggles a bit, reaching out with her hands to pat Sarah's forearm, "I'm not laughing at you, Sarah, oh gosh, that's the worst time to laugh." She tries, really tries to keep from giggling, but now she just snorts once, "Oops! But when you said you didn't want to keep me in a box, I thought at first you meant that if I DID die, you didn't want to keep me in a box at home. You know, like a small pet, like a rabbit." And that's when the drinks come, the strawberry drink getting grabbed the moment it touches the table, getting practically guzzled in quite a non-classy way. "Mmm!"

"I don't think I'd be allowed to keep you at home if you died" Sarah replies with a her own giggling. "People are sooooo picky that way. I meant I don't want to imprison you. I trust you. I have faith in you. I love you. I will help however I can but I rely on your good judgement to see you come home safe." A pause. "I can't believe I said that last bit. Maybe I should talk to Leslie?" A teasing wink as the drinks arrive. "Oooh...yummy. I'll probably do the butter chicken. What about you, Shyla?"

Shyla sticks her tongue out at Sarah, "Yeah, you better. I can't believe that you said that too. If anything, I'm self-aware, and I wouldn't rely on my own 'good' judgment!" She works on her drink some more, but taking her time now. "Mmm, this is good. And I think I'll get the Chicken Tikka Masala. Oh, with a side of naan, please!" She asks the waiter. She waits for him to go before she leans over the table to say in a hushed town, "We are so American, oh my god. Ordering the two most Amercanized dishes..." she giggles.

Sarah grins and nods in agreement. "Wasn't Masala invented in Scotland?" she adds with a laugh. "Self-aware?" The woman who meanders for hours when asking for a table is self-aware? "Of course you are, my love. Ooh...we should get Mango Lassi too. Yummy times two! Anyway, what is the 'thing' you unleashed upon the world?"

Shyla shrugs, "I don't know about that, I haven't read a book about the history of Indian Food. Yet." She grins and squirms in her seat, just thinking about the delicious food that is coming (hopefully) soon is getting her all antsy. Oh, and her tummy just growled! "Oh, her name is Skalda and I guess she was a very powerful wi-ummm-sorceress back in the day. She was released when we went back a few hundred years, so she had pretty much that amount of time to carefully plan... whatever she's planning."

Sarah has to smile at the way Shyla avoids saying 'witch'. "Skalda? Is that Norse? Time travel screws with my head" she frowns. "So she was unleashed hundreds of years ago and has been around...here...ever since. For all we know she could be the mayor." Her brow furrows. "Though why stay here? Why hasn't she gone around the world? Are you sure she's still here?"

Shyla lightly slams her hands on the table, making a little banging noise and the brunette looking around guiltily to see if anyone else noticed. They didn't. "Well, I can guarantee that she is still here, or at least she has interests here, because we had to deal with her minions!" She pauses, then continues, her voice still in a hushed tone, "And not those cute minions you see on those movies, but real, creepy D&D type of minions. And those objects that would take her out are here, so I doubt she would leave their general vicinity, or at least not for long."

"I guess that makes sense" Sarah concurs, her voice dropping a little in volume. "She'd want to keep an eye on the things that could kill her. I guess she can't touch them herself though. So you have the thing that will kill her but have no idea where she is? Sounds like she may come looking for you. Who has the thing?"

Shyla nods, "Oh I'm sure she will! But Ambroise has all the pieces. Oh, did I tell you that Ambroise is one of our team members? I guess I didn't, sorry. But he has all the pieces of the staff... that's the thing that we grabbed in the past and that released her. I don't know what to do with it now in order to stop her, though. I guess we need her to get trapped in something first, then use the staff to keep it closed." She just stares at Sarah then shrugs, "I guess, what do I know, I'm just a rabbit that likes to throw people around."

"Throw people?" Sarah stares before shrugging. "There's a lot more to you than people realise" she smiles warmly. "Ambroise is one of you? Wow...how do I stay out of the loop so much? If he has this rod then I guess he's the one in danger. Does he know how to use it?"