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The Trespasser

Dramatis Personae

Beatrix, Brigitte, Kyani

11 July, 2015

Recent arrivals meet an old hand


Crash and Burn Junkyard, Pigeon Hill


There are some new Union folk in town. Arcadians...or just outright French...they are setting up in a junkyard in the poorer part of town. They may not be locally born but they seem quite keen to do their job regardless. Three women are in the cell; an older one and two much younger. Some say they even look a bit alike.

Brigitte is in tank top and jeans as she moves some tires from near the entrance to the junkyard and back towards the two vehicle area. Perspiration glistens on her skin and her white tank top is clinging to her naked flesh beneath. It is mid-afternoon and quite the lovely summer day.

One of the younger women is working on one of the cars herself. Though being a junk yard, the car is pretty much a write off. The short, short haired girl is half buried in the hood, a pile of parts building as she strips the vehicle down.

The girl herself dressed for the warmer summer weather. A black tee with a picture of the standard Mudlflap girl in yellow across her bust while some old blue denim Levi's cut off at her knees secured by a plain black leather belt and some very beat up work boots do for her lower half. Unlike Brigitte though, there's probably more engine grease covering bare arms along with her clothes.

"Might actually be able to use some of these this time!" she beams, her French accent strong enough to show English isn't her first language.

It is a very nice day out and someone is taking advantage of it, wearing a pair of long Under Armor black shorts and blue matching t-shirt and a pair of black Nikes. A lightskined man runs through the area, not really slowing down, but able to keep his rhythm as he moves coming down a back alley and jumping over a low fence before climbing up a small stack of cars and jumping down onto another.

Yup running, and seeming to be having a good time too, that is until he skids to a stop when he sees two women working in the junkyard, quirking a brow he walks over to the two, breathing a little hard but in a good mood, "Oh hey, what’s up?" he asks as he moves closer to Brigitte and Beatrix, "Not seen you two here before." he says as he looks between them, "How are you?" he asks.

Brigitte drops a tire so she can watch Kyani approach. He /did/ just jump over a fence into private property and is swanning towards them like he does it every day. "No...we're two of the new owners" Brigitte explains, still wary of the new arrival. Indicating the way he approached, she asks "Do you come that way often?" She does take the time to move between the man and Beatrix in an obviously protective way. "We do have a front gate."

The younger of the two picks her head up out of the car, the radiator coming out in Bea's hands soon after and set in another pile. This one broken parts. Spotting the source of the voice greeting herself and Brigitte she beams a bubbly smile. "Oh, hello!" she greets the man cheerfully. "Think we need a dog." she suggests to the older woman with a chuckle. "Hopefully we do not have anyone else using our home as a thoroughfare." she adds with a shrug of her shoulder while wiping some grease from her hands on the front of her shirt.

Watching the two women, he still smiles and as Bri moves to protect her sister in a way, he knows that movement well even if he doesn't look it. He nods his head, "Yeah, have been for years." he says to her. When Beatrix gives him a cheery hello, he smiles, "Hello." he says to her as well. "I didn't know this place was under new ownership, but than again I've only been home for about a few months now." he says to her. "Sorry about that." he says as he gives a slight bow of his head but keeping his eyes on them. "I'm Kyani." he says to them. "The back part on the right of the fencing is damaged, pushed down low enough to get over." he informs them.

Brigitte looks over Kyani's shoulder to the indicated fence. "Probably too many people climbing over it" she suggests deadpan. "Brigitte" the woman offers by way of introduction before gesturing to the other younger woman. "Beatrix. There is another one of us somewhere, Jack. She actually owns the place, we're here to help her out. We're told this place can be dangerous if you're not careful."

"I'll go fix the fence once I finish with this thing. Still should get a dog. Not a proper junkyard without one!" Bea says cheerfully, waggling fingers when Brigitte introduces her. "She's not wrong. One wrong jump, some of these cars haven't been stacked well. Balance gets kinda wonky." she says and extends her arms, kneeling on the edge of the car she works on. A tilt of her hips making the balancing gesture. "Last time it too ages getting the forklift in to clear everything." she says and lowers her arms, shrugging her shoulders.

"There are a few other places too." he says to them. Having obviously grew up around here, "Well if you three want help, I wouldn't mind helping out. I know this place is old but it's good someone has taken over. It has a lot of good parts for stuff." Kyani says. "Nice meeting you ladies." he smiles. He stretches out a bit and shows off his toned arms a bit, a bit of jingling can be heard coming from under his shirt. "So when did you all take over?" he asks. He looks to Bea as she goes back to working on her car. "Yeah, I had to jump off that stack pretty quick." he says to her. "Could be a good deterrent, but also a dog would be good to have around." he chuckles in agreement, looking back to Bri, seeing her skin through her shirt. He meets her eyes not staring over too much.

"Would you like a drink, Kyani?" Brigitte asks before turning towards the group of shacks that is their current living area...or at least an office. "What about you, Bea? Drink? I should probably leave you young folk to get to know each other" she winks to the other woman before sashaying her way towards the office. "Don't you have a job, Kyani?" she asks over her shoulder.

"I could drink!" Bea replies with a smile and a nod of her head. "Though I think maybe I should go wash up a little first." she says and raises both hands palms out. Fingers waggling while coated in old engine grease in parts. Spotting how Kyani watches Brigitte, the smaller girl giggles. "Might as well follow her!" she suggests with a big playful grin.

Kyani didn't think he was being obvious watching Brigitte walk away, but then when he is called out he shakes his head, "Sorry can't help it." he says. "Yeah I could use a drink and you must think I'm really young or something Bri." he says to her shaking his head a little. He walks over to where Bea is, "Come on, you too." he winks and starts to follow them. "Yeah I do, just today I'm off and I'm enjoying my day. Well even a bit more so now." he chuckles.

It takes a few moments for Brigitte to find the glasses but the fridge is not so difficult. Beers for everyone! "Ah...so you're only offering to work today? And the day is mostly over. Nice work if you can get it." She looks to the other woman. "That car gonna run again?" she asks, not really expecting wonders but if anyone can make a car run, it's Beatrix. "So what work would you normally be doing, K?"

The small woman follows the others in, her own hips getting in on the action while Kyani trails behind Brigitte and Beatrix. Once inside she heads for the sink and with some hand cleaner starts working the grease away so she can join in on the beer. "Non, that one has seen it's last days. It's parts will sell though!" Beatrix explains with a look back over her shoulders at the others and a smile aimed their way.

Yeah, tag team him, that will work. Kyani shakes his head, "Not just today, just let me know when you need help. My job is a bit flexible so I can move around a bit if I need to." he says to Bri. Grinning at how she used his name, still Bea gets a look as well, when the beers are ready he will take one. He stretches out a bit and finds a place to sit down and he looks to both Bri and Bea. "Still I will give you my cell and just give me a call if you need any help." he tells Bri. Having noticed that his previous question was ignored possibly, he doesn't repeat it. "So what do you all have planned for the night?"

"We're still settling in" Brigitte replies between sips of her beer, "So I guess what I will be doing is unpacking." She has all of about two small suitcases in her life and only one has anything in it. "Then get some damn sleep" she sighs, "I'm not as young as I used to be." The older woman looks over at the teenager. "What do you think, Bea? Do I want some guy's phone number?" A smirk before another mouthful of beer. "Sure, K, give me your number. And since you're a local, where's the best drinking spots?"

"Well I'm sure you could find some use for him!" Beatrix says playfully as she heads for the nearest seat once her hands are clean enough. Her own beer claimed with a happy little smile as she enjoys the drink. "A good tour guide might actually help us figure out the lay of the land. And yeah, find the good drinking spots!" she agrees, even if it's clear no bartender would serve the diminutive French girl.

Kyani smirks, and he reaches into his pocket and takes out his phone and pulls up his number and give it to Bri, "There you go." he says to her. "And stop acting like you're old. You look good and you having my number is good." he winks at her. He moves back over to the couch but his cell rings, he answers it and laughs, "Alright, I'm on my way." he says into it. He hangs up, "Well get unpacked, Bri, no need in keeping a ready bag." he tells her. He looks over to Bea, "A good tour guide, that’s all you want me for?" he asks. "I feel hurt." he winks at both women, but more towards Bri. "Well ladies I need to get going, but call me and one of the best drinking spots is here." he chuckles and downs his beer and he moves towards the door. "Nice meeting you both."

Brigitte checks the number briefly before transferring to her hone and pocketing it. "How old do you think I am, K?" she asks him with a fond smile. "I'm old enough to be her mother" she notes with a nod towards Beatrix. "But thanks for popping by. I am sure we shall see each other again. Enjoy your evening."

"He's not wrong!" Beatrix states about the best drinking place being where they are now. "But other places would be handy. Might be some money in Uber driving once I'm settled." she says with a smile and a nod of her head. The girl's short and shaggy black hair bouncing. With the man ready to make his exit she smiles. "Enjoy the rest of your run. Maybe avoid jumping more fences. Just to be safe!" she adds playfully.

Kyani turns around and looks to Bri as she speaks to him. He shakes his head, "You know what, it doesn't matter." he says to her. "You look good, Bri, and I'm 25." he smirks at her. He looks to Beatrix and grins at her. "I will take you all around a night. If you want to hook up call me." he says to her. No he didn't get Brigitte’s number, but so what hopefully she calls. He laughs, "I will try to contain myself." he says to her. "Thought I do enjoy a bit of a rush, gotta find it where you can." he winks. "See ya two later." he says as he leaves.

"I'll call once I'm settled in, K" Brigitte assures the young man...she's old enough to be his really older sister. "Then you can show us the bars and...well...I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of dangerous areas too. Somewhere I can get this...rush?" She drains her beer and tosses the bottle into the recycling. "I'm not so old that I don't like a bit of excitement" she smiles wryly. "Can't blame an old warrior for missing the sounds of battle every now and then."

"Again, he is not wrong!" Bea says in regards to complimenting how good Brigitte looks. A big goofy smile as she nods emphatically in agreement. "We will get you an X-Box then!" she further teases. "Though from what I hear about that there are worse things to hear using that so maybe something a bit more live is better instead Oui!" she says while taking her turn to watch Kyani leave though she soon turns her smile back on Brigitte once he's out of view.