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The Planning Commences!
Dramatis Personae

Charlize, Absinthe

25 April, 20417

When two crazies get together, only good can come of it!


The Old McGonagall Mansion

Charlize got the message and it confirmed one thing at least - the dream wasn't a dream. The Daeva played biker bitch on the back of the messenger to come to Absinthe's pad. The hippie dressed in a tiny yellow sundress because it's summer...in a few months. "You home, Sin?" she calls out as she gets off the bike.

"Over here kitten!" There's a call from the side of the house. Where the Mekhet is playing with various bits and pieces. Of guns that is. In various stages of togetherness lie what looks like an M16 assault rifle (single shot obviously, being a civilian edition), a double-barrelled shotgun (sawn off) and various pistols. Of course that's not the only weapons available going by the crates tucked into a nook by the side of the house.

The lunatic herself is dressed in cut off black denim shorts that still show the bottom of her behind, and a lemon yellow bikini top. Makeup has been eschewed for a more 'war paint' like look, with red lines under her eyes and bring scarlet contacts. "Had a dream did we kitten?"

Charlize trots on over in her sandals and gives Absinthe a hug of greeting...and a squeeze of her exposed butt cheeks. "Love the shorts" she grins before looking over the weapons. "Ooh...M16. Nice. You know you should hide your box a little better, Sin" she winks before finding a crate to sit on. "I had a dream" she intones in an impersonation of Martin Luther King, complete with peace sign fingers held high. "I sure did. I guess you did too. Nim seems to have got himself in trouble."

"I knew one day we'd have to deal with that sire of his..." Sin admits gravely. "And that box is grenades kitten, careful how you wiggle." Her grin widen's to it's normal hysteria hinting width. "As for hiding them, this isn't /hiding/. The hidden ones are in the shelter, obviously." She finishes putting the 'drum' of a heavy looking revolver back into place, spinning to test and then placing it back on the box she's working from.

"I'm happy to supply ordinance, and I'm working on some phos and incendiary rounds too... Should be a good show. He said you'd know how to get hold of the people that could take us there?"

"I've got my own stash of guns" Charlize shrugs, "But explosives would be cool. Gosh, reminds me of my bank slaughtering days. What fun we had killing on those uptight imperialist pigs." A sigh of memory before looking down at her seat. "But I always wiggles" she pouts playfully at Absinthe.

"He did? Different dream than mine" Charlize replies. "Let me think. I thought it was an acid flashback at first...still could be. He told me that if I had a satellite phone...and I gave him the number...then he would send me coded instructions to his location. So have you met this bitch of his?" "Only in the dream... /Crazy/ strong beast aura..." Sin's voice actually sounds /more/ excited by this fact. "She tried to bandy words with me of course, claimed ownership of Nim. Silly thing." Her hands are busy whilst she talks, slotting the M16's various parts back together, now and then she dabs some oil on a mechanism.

"I haven't got a satellite phone though kitten, I'm all about /not/ being contactable." Complete, the gun is put by the pistol. Finally, she turns rubbing hands on a cloth. "I can tell you they're true dreams though, too solid to be anything else." As if that makes sense.

"If you don't have a phone, how do people let you know they want to buy some guns?" Charlize asks before shrugging her own question away. "I'll get the phone then" she offers. "I told the bitch we could be all friends if she stopped being a...umm...bitch. She told me to fuck off. Not in so many words but that was the jist. And, yeah, she thinks she owns Nim too. So why did she toss him away in the first place?" A shake of her head. "It's all so bogus, dude."

"It's typical signs of nihilistic sadomasochism." Sin offers, hinting at her Doctoral background again. "Especially the 'wanting to destroy the world' crap." Which might seem at odds with the Mekhet's style until she expands with; "I mean /honestly/, if you destroy the whole planet, where's the fun going to come from then? No sense of forward planning... Puts us sociopaths to shame..." The heavy looking revolver is offered to Charlize.

"It's bored out, I'm hoping to get some hefty rounds to put into it, could paint it for you too if you want. Or chrome it up, one of the boys likes trying to chrome /anything/ he can get his hands on..." She pauses a moment and adds. "Obviously the boys will go in first as shock troops, hit and run tactics. I still need /some/ camouflage after all this is done." There's a little less lunacy in the girls face, a little more... keen intellect honed in a single direction.

"Did she want to destroy the world? I thought she was just a whining bitch" Charlize replies as she takes the gun and looks it over. "Chrome's pretty macho" she muses, "I'd much prefer flowers painted on it. But I have my own guns, Sin, don't need to give me any." She giggles. "Unless you wanted my fingerprints on this one then, bravo, you did it. Do you think the boys should go in first? At the first sign of trouble she may kill Nim...or do worse. I think she's only keeping him for funsies. Not sure she really needs him."

"Oh she won't kill him. I've already told her I'm coming." Sin smirks, taking the gun back and dropping it onto the box without ceremony. "She wants to make me kneel, or kill me in front of Nim. Stupid fucktard doesn't know what's coming down on her place. Course it's all a ruse..."

The lunatic shifts closer, resting slender hands on Charlize's thigh a she leans forward. "We use the boys as shock troop distraction, attack from the front and keep 'em busy. Then you and the others, whoever they are, come in from the back, use the chaos and confusion to get in and get him out. Then we simply take off and nuke from orbit, it's the only way to be sure." It's a simple plan, but the best ones usually are. Less to go wrong after all!

Unfortunately, Charlize was in torpor when 'Aliens' came out or she would definitely be giggling. "I think she's looking forward to seeing me too. Not sure why, not as if we know her. Sheesh, if she wants me to kneel in front of her all she has to do is strip off and be friendlier."

Charlize nods along to the plan before her brow furrows a little. "So the boys go in the front and I, with the others, go in the back - assuming there is a back. Umm...so where will you be?"

"Oh Kitten..." Sin comments sadly, a mue of disappointment on her face that Charlize hadn't already worked it out. Standing back, she picks up first the rifle, then heavy gun, turning to strike a true 'gun bunny' pose, hip to the side with the butt of the rifle resting on it, heavy gun held up by her face. Her grin is pure wicked joy; "I'm going to be out the front with the boys... Gotta make it believable, or they won't take the bait."

"Besides..." She adds on as an afterthought. "Who's going to throw the grenades through the windows if not me?"

Charlize grins at the pose. "I think the bitch will be so in love with that look she won't even think to shoot back" she giggles. "Hey, I'll be throwing grenades too. You know demolition, Sin? Was thinking maybe I could lay some charges while she was busy watching your cute ass and blow the whole place to Kingdome come...hallelujah! I don't want you to have all the fun. And I am soooo getting hot pants for this."

Absinthe laughs and nods, letting the guns drop back onto the box with a clatter. Stepping forward she grabs Charlize's face to plant a solid (and breath taking) snog on the other Kindred. "I /knew/ there was a reason I enjoyed having you about kitten."

She doesn't let go as she eyes the yellow summer dress with a quirked emerald brow. "I'm guessing there's nothing on under there..."

Charlize gasps as the kiss breaks, licking her lips to taste the other kindred once more. "What kind of girl do you think I am, Sin? Of course there's nothing on under my dress. Sheesh." A wink for the green haired lovely who knows how to kiss. "Did Nim say anything about others in your dream? He mentioned Sunset and Luci. Know them?"

Sin shakes her head. "Never met them kitten, but he said another name... Kyrie? Yeah, that. Whoever that is. Said that they'd know where to find him, that one and this 'Luci' character. Didn't he used to live with a Luci? Maybe we should ask around there..."

Sin's mind works through problems like a knife cutting through knots, simple solutions efficiently enacted. "Try there, if you know where he was sleeping. Something tells me you might..." Another flick down to the dress, and what's underneath. "Apparently, you two had some fun..." That grins back, wicked and joyful.

"Don't know Kyrie or this Luci" Charlize shrugs. "Nim used to sleep all over the place. That boy changed his mind as much as he changed hairstyles. He lived at my place for about point zero zero five seconds before he was off somewhere else. He was living at a tattoo shop at one point - which is not as cool as it sounds."

Charlize offers an innocent blushing smile at the implication about she and Nimai. "Sin. You know damn well that I don't sleep with people without knowing them for at least three seconds first. We used to bang all the time but I can assure you, he was never /sleeping/ with me" she winks.

"As I said, fun." Sin agrees with Charlize's assessment of /sleeping/. "Tattoo shop? I might know that place, couple of drug addicted fruitloops right?" A pause as Sin's memory kicks in. "Molly and... Kilo. Kilo yes." She ponders a moment. "Maybe they'll know this Luci or Kyrie or... Sunset. Who calls themselves /Sunset/ anyway?" Another voice pipes up, more cultured than her normal voice; "Who calls themselves Absinthe?" The lunatic growls, her more wild voice returning. "Hush you, or I'll let Charlize do what she wants to you..." A moment of silence and Sin nods once.

"Kilo...that's her" Charlize nods. "But don't know who Molly is. Dang, haven't even smoked molly in way too long. Little point when you can't breathe. I think Nim said her boyfriend kicked him out. He was probably getting frisky with her. We can try them. I know Kilo. She does jobs for me sometimes though she does them pretty badly lately. Hey, Sunset is a cool name. Not as cool as Sunrise or Rainbow but not too bad. And Absinthe is a pretty kicking name too. A giggle at the dispute between Absinthe and herself. "You should let me do what I want anyway."

"To Anna?" Sin grins evilly. "Yes I probably should... She's been getting uppity lately." She continues to smirk as she pushes Charlize back a bit further on the box, climbing up to sit on the other Kindred's lap, despite the dangerous cargo beneath.

"And just what would you do to her duckling? If I gave you permission to do anything?" A dark little tongue flicks out to wet her lower lip.

Charlize gratefully accepts the wicked kindred on her lap, wrapping arms around the bare waist while resting her chin on Absinthe's shoulder. "Share the love, what else?" she replies. "We all need love...and sex...and whipping...and fisting." A casual shrug at her options before she catches Sin's flicking tongue between her lips. A quick suckle upon it before she lets it go. "I'm sweet and innocent, Sin."

"And I'm perfectly sane." Sin agrees with a wink. "I think maybe you'd be too /gentle/ with her..." She opines, relishing the way her Beast stirs at the idea of sexual violence. "I think you're right though... That wosserface wench that's got Nim should have just tried seducing you, it would have been /far/ easier for her."

She takes a deep unnecessary breath, letting it out slowly through her nose. "Course, if I don't make it back, you'll see the boys are scattered and the mansion burnt down right? Ain't going to leave any spoils for others to pick over..."

"I offered myself to the bitch but she wasn't interested. She was alright looking I guess but she was no Sin" Charlize grins, giving the green-haired kindred a hug and absolutely not casually undoing her bikini top...just a bit.

"Awww...don't you want to leave it all to me?" Charlize pouts. "I'm totally your best friend and everything. A mansion could be pretty cool but I'll get rid of your boys. Unless they can work a bar? I could do with more Seamen. Okay, fine, I'll blow your place up. And then maybe again because the explosion would be sooo cool."

Sin smirks and shrugs. "Hire them if you want, they'll probably just move on anyway. And this isn't really your kind of place kitten, we both know that." She doesn't seem to mind her top being undone, but then Sin isn't exactly known for her bashfulness.

"Though if she's as careless as her comments suggest, this thing is going to be fun, but quick." A pause, and for once the lunacy leaves her face, just sharp eyes, dead and dangerous like a sharks remain. "But no, don't underestimate, better to blow the fuck out of it and wonder if it's overkill later." She pauses, leans in to whisper gently into Charlize's ear; "Answer, it's never overkill." And then she's nibbling on that soft little lobe, cold lips slipping over skin.

"I dunno" Charlize muses as she looks over the mansion. "Some lava lamps, beaded curtains and beanbags could make this place liveable. Bit of colour. Naked girls writhing in the lobby. I could make this work...but I'll follow your wishes, of course.

"Yeah...we should never underestimate skanky bitches. They could give you nasty rash for a start and that's not groovy at all." Charlize grins at the whispered words and then moans softly as her earlobes are nibbled by undead flesh. She slides a hand beneath the top and around to the front of Absinthe so she can casually massage and knead her breast.

Sin pulls back just a little. "We seem to be getting off topic kitten..." Though she doesn't move away, dead flesh is dead after all, failing to react to Charlize's ministrations, effectively making Sin's small breasts little more than fun stress toys for the other Kindred.

"I think she's probably cleverer than she's letting on... After all she's keeping Nim in place, and he's a spritely little chickadee." She considers the issue whilst stripping off what remains of her bikini top. "I really need to show you the hot tub too... Not quite as good as my old Olympic sized swimming pool, but there's still plenty of fun to be had."

"She couldn't be as dumb as she acts. No one could" Charlize smirks. "Sometimes I wonder how much Nimai let's himself get in these situations. How did he get caught in the first place? Ooh...hot tub." That's a much more interesting thing to talk about. "Do you like splashing about in big pools? I suppose we can hold our breath a long time now" she grins. "But I should get going, Sinny-Baby. As much as I'd love to hang around and go diving on...with...you, I need to get home before dawn."

Sin nods once and slips off the other woman, not bothering to gather her discarded clothing. "Of course kitten, plenty of planning and prep to be done! I'll see about those explosives... Might have to be home made of course!" She walks Charlize back to the rust and iron gates. Topless, the little lunatic waves the Daeva away with a big one armed wave.