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The Missing

"I wish it ended with the bags of bits."

Dramatis Personae

Damian, Darius, Frankie, Idina and Matthew; Puzzle Piece of the Plot:The God Eater Comes

10 July, 2016

Frankie explains what she's found out about the five missing Sin-Eaters. Answer: A LOT, but still not everything. The beginnings of a posse are mobilized.


Daily Grind

Summer days have been nicer, really. This specimen is rainy and not hot - more like warm. Ish. Warmish. But people like hot beverages on rainy days. It is a given. And so the Daily Grind is doing good business.

Frankie Allen busses tables, sporting a hot pink apron with an appliquee flower on it and a rubber bin at her hip. She's moving a little stiffly, and she's scowling.

The doors to the Daily Grind pushed open and Matthew stepped in, dressed in his usual over sized clothing, belt clearly being taxed for it's ability to hold the pants up and possibly hidden suspender's beneath the shirt. Warm smile on his face as he holds the door open for his companion and lovely lady friend to follow him in!

The door is pushed open into the shop steps Darius with his purple and gold hat on with the gun in the center of it with a smile and then he drops the cig right at the door crushing it before he walks into it the room. He is dressed in black jeans with a white t-shirt under his leather jacket and then he looks around slowly taking in the room. His body is relaxed and then he makes his way slowly over to a corner table sitting down with a smirk. His eyes are red blood shoot even from all the pot the smell of it is coming off in waves. He takes a tablet out of his bag slowly that was till now slung over his solder leather classic messanger bag and then he starts to play clash of cvlans.

Idina bounced in, which was the first indication that she probably didn't need any more caffeine. Nevermind that though! Fortunately there were no close friends in line to recognize, so the chances of a repeat of the last Incident were low. "I want a cinnamon something, I think. Maybe. Do you think Mr. Huggington is going to be okay with his new toy? There's nothing he can like, chew off and choke on, right?"

For just that reason, the weather, Damian finds a place to duck inside that may not be his usual go to. It has coffee, seats and a place to put his laptop, so it works. His clothes aren't that wet, but one never wants to get a good suit wet and he seems to have forgotten a jacket. Not to mention the laptop bag strapped over his shoulder. The horror. He looks for a table first rather than getting in line, both because it's busier in here and to put his stuff down. Maybe not the one the angry woman appears to be bussing. Though that fits half the barista's he's ever met in D.C. In his attempt to avoid, he almost runs into Idina and Matthew, or he appears to. "Idina, Matthew." He apparently knows them both. A nod of the head as he passes them then, moving for that free table someone already bussed. Plenty of seats if they want to join him, though he doesn't say anything about it for some reason.

Frankie straightens up, nodding to Idina and Matthew when they come in. It's a curt nod, but it's an acknowledgement nonetheless. Darius is promptly scowled at. "Were you raised in a goddamn barn? Don't just drop your crap on the floor."

"He'll be fine, we got him something that'll take a while to break down. And Dexter is solid, don't worry." Nodding gently towards Idina as he slipped into line, his nose wrinkling lightly at the thought of cinnamon at the moment. "I'm sure they have something for you though." Matthew's eyes flickering over the menu quietly as he began assessing what he might want to order, before Damian's voice broke him of that bit of reverie and caused him to turn lightly. "Damian, how are ya?" Frankie got a nod and the smile continued even as he lingered along with Idina.

"So sorry Miss bratty..."Darius watches Frankie for a moment picking the bag up slowly and setting it down on the other chair with a smirk."But there you go all clean." He then places the tablet down on the tablet looking around now and seeing Idina."Hello again." He looks at the others for a moment pushing himself to his feet making his way over to the group slowly his walk is stambles slowly and then he starts to shake his head slowly."How you been Idina?" He then sits down on the chair next to them his blood shot eyes drifiting around slowly.

"I just don't want him to die." Right to dead puppy. But Mourner, so... Idina's fingers wiggled at Frankie, then at Damian. When Darius was spotted she rubbed at the tip of her nose and glanced up to Matthew, then gave him the figer wiggle wave as well. "Hi Darius. Hi everybody."

"The cigarette," Frankie grouches at Darius. Just at the door, after all. Frankie tucks another couple of mostly-empty cups into her bin and glances between the gathering throng of people she knows are fellow Bound and the new guy, Damian. One eyebrow goes up as she considers him.

Damian can't help but watch Frankie because well, her demeanor. A brow lifts slightly as he places his laptop on the table from the bag and then straps the bag over the back of his chair, sitting down. Is there the faintest hint of a smirk at it? Maybe. It's barely there, making it obscure. Laptop opened up, he looks back to Matthew and gives the man another nod, his attention taken from the cheery Frankie. "I'm good. You? Idina?" He glances at the woman beside Matthew to encompass her in it as well as with his words. Then back to Frankie and Darius, craning his neck to view the man as he speaks. A little shake of his head, and he can't help himself. He returns to Frankie with gaze, just to find hers on him. "You need some coffee?" His laptop out, on and locked, he does seem to be preparing to get in line. But is he poking the bear or asking earnestly? Impossible to say.

"He won't die, don't worry about it okay?" His fingers brushed against the small of her back reassuringly. "Let's find a seat and not be cluttering up the paths while Frankie's trying to work yeah?" His attention drifting over available seating before back to Damian. "Doing well, just keepiing my nose clean." So to speak anyway, his thumb ran across the flesh of his nostrils lightly before bumping his head against Idina. "Or I can find us a table, and you can get me something with caramel?"

"Yeah...cigrette sorry and I'll do it on theway out sorry..."The words are slured out of Darius's mouth slowly and then he looks at them for a moment."Death...."He then looks at the man offering him coffee with a soft nod."Yeah coffeee is yummie and why I came here." Now that they are little closer and the man reaks of alchol and cigrettes and weed it seems like a bender that is not even close to ending yet."I should totally do that you know...."

"Yeah...." Idina nodded, voice quiet. "Get him, okay? I'll get you guys coffee." Her hand gesture indicated Darius as her mood dampened considerably.

"Good," Frankie tells Darius, and some of the scowl eases. She is somewhat placated. Her lips purse into a further frown again as Damian asks about coffee; does he mean her? She glances behind herself with a cautious look.

Frankie does have a co-worker today; it's a guy in a dark blue apron. He's manning the counter and taking orders and making coffee.

Eyes swivelled towards who she directed him towards and nodded, "Sure thing," Matthew's body shifted and all but waggered towards the clearly inebriated fellow. "G'damn man, you're having a good time, I can respect that. You wanna grab a seat? 'Dina is grabbing us a couple coffees and we can talk shop 'bout your favors yeah?" His hand gesturing towards Idina who seemed to have recognized the banger from some where. "You look like you know Kilo, it's the Ink ya know? I know that Latina is all about inking folks up."

Yes, Damian meant her, but obviously not in the way Frankie's assuming judging by the look. Damian shakes his head as he walks by her. "I meant, you look like you could use a coffee. Want one?" A shrug as he moves past her towards the counter. That statement could be taken a couple ways as he's not clarifying it. Now in the line, he starts perusing the menu, glancing at Idina and Matthew. "You two are welcome to join me, if you like." It's delivered oddly like it doesn't matter to him, but that might just be his way. Of course, which the approach of Darius, it might be moot. Once at the front, regardless of how Frankie responds, the man orders two black coffee and nothing else.

Idina winced when she heard Matthew, realizing too late she should have explained to Matthew who Darius was and they why of his current state. She took her spot behind Damian, head tilted back to look up at the menu. "We should all sit together, yeah. Meeting more people and stuff. How have you been, Damian?"

"Yeah she did a lot of my work back in LA...."Darius walks with the man and sitting down for a moment and then he looks at the rest of them."Not a good time at all trying to forget you know..." He then exhales slowly into the airt as oif trying to get smoke up but he is not smoking more out of habit."Stuff went south for me recently....."The words tumble out of his mouth and then he looks down at the floor and his eyes locked on a spot for a moment."But enough about that if we have not meet things fuzzy Dairus is me name." Then he looks up again watching Dina for a moment."She is kewl and she comes by alot in the shop...." He points with his fingers and his whole body movingly like water for a moment.

Frankie narrows her eyes at Damian. "I hate coffee," she informs him, which probably makes it funnier that she works here of all places.

The guy behind the counter tells Damian, "Don't mind her." He takes a few orders and goes about filling them.

"Oooh you're someone from the old crew, gotcha." Nodding a moment not catching Idina's wince and just rolling with it, you know, as he does. "That's a damn shame Darius," hand extended towards the man with something palmed within it. "I'm Matthew, friend of Kilo's and some of her extendeds but not in the official way if ya dig." Nodding back towards Idina. "Yeah, she is, pretty sweet on her myself can't deny it." Grinning lightly.

Damian nods to Frankie. "Me too." He shakes his head to the guy behind the counter and waves him off. "I don't mind her at all." A half smirk comes to his lips as he pays for his coffee, dropping a couple twenties on the counter. "Hers, too. Whatever they order." He points to Idina as he then looker way. "I guess, sure. I'm alright. Thanks, you?" He waits briefly for the answer then walks back towards his table. He sets a coffee down beside Frankie, just where she's currently working and moves on. Taking his seat again, he's already typing on his computer.

"Well still in her crew here you know....."Darius smiles softly pocketing the item given to him for a moment into the pocket slowly."I mean honestly this has been one going on all day and need a little down time....after that maybe a little more party." He then sighs softly rubbing his temple slowly with his right hand also coated in tattoos watching the mall for a moment."Kilo sure seems to ge taround this town and also her man Hoax. I use to be close to them before.....They knew Chele too..."With that his right fist tightens up slowly in rage and then he tries to relax again and the ideas flooding almost back."I mean nevermind just rambling you know...."

Frankie just keeps scowling. She scowls at the guy behind the counter, she scowls at Damian, she scowls at the coffee cup he's left near her. Taking up the cup, she makes her way over to Idina and company, still moving more slowly than usual. With a faint wince, she sets the coffee down on the table and tells Idina, "Thanks again for the help the other day."

"Thanks..." Idina nodded to Damian, ordering for three while half watching Matthew and Darius. Her attention was drawn by Frankie though, and her gaze slowly turned that way. "Huh? Oh, yeah." Pride was evident in the grin that faded quickly to be replaced by a frown. "Are you okay? Matty? Why don't you guys go sit with Damian okay?" It was that 'this is not a request' tone, and she followed it with a head to toe examining of Franklie. "What happened?"

"Well yeah that figures, dunno how she used to be, but Kilo is all about takin' in the strays. Including the recently lost ones." Nodding a moment a faint smile on his face as Darius talked about needing down time. "S'all good man, you do you. I'm just always willing to stretch a party out you dig? Especially if it's cause you're trying not to let certain thoughts wander." Offering a fist bump towards Darius, "Especially that sort of memory." Referencing of course the fact that the anger just wandered through the man's form. "Hmm? Okay baby, Big D let's roll on over to take a seat with the Laptop Jockey? He's pretty chill, dunno if he's as chill as me though." Attention flickered back towards Idina and Frankie curiously.

"I... may have fallen," Frankie admits to Idina. She makes a bit of a face and puts her bin aside to take a seat at the table, her voice low as she explains something to Idina.

In the meantime, a crow hops on through the door to the back room. Literally through it - just hops on through like it's immaterial. Nobody seems to be reacting to it, which also lends credence to the idea that this is no ordinary crow. The crow bursts into the air with a flutter of black wings, an inky psychopomp. It lands by Matthew. It is all very odd for it to be there.

It's not the scowl at him or the coffee that brings Damian's head back up from his laptop. His fingers flying over the keyboard as fast as fingers go. Nor is it the offer for Matthew and Darius to sit with him. He mostly said okay to that already, though. No, it appears to be the conversation started between Idina and Frankie. He takes his first real study of Frankie, not unlike Idina just did. Head to toe. Like he's looking for something. Before he looks between the two of them. Scrutinizing, but for what? Even if he can't hear them now, that doesn't seem to stop it. Either way, even without his eyes, his fingers never stop typing. Like a robot carrying out a task.

After the fist bump Darius stands up slowly and making his way over to the other slumping into the chair with a frown."Yeah basically not to be too open about my life. Girl left mre and I went to prision for defeneding said girl." The words are slured broken up and his eyes casted down again slowly."She was taken advtage of and..."His eyes drift over towards the crow with a frown watching it for a moment and then he exhales slowly.".....now she is gone...."He leaves off a good chunk of it and his rage ripping through his fist for a moment trying to push it down againb.

"Off of....a building?" Idina scowled and leaned in to listen to Frankie.

Frankie nods, replying quietly to Idina. "Yeah. I was trying to get into one of the missing Bound's place. Hassan. But the real problem is that I found Jasdeep but it's complicated. He was a bag of bits like the other ones I found - Francis and Sarah - but even after I found his corpse I still got a reading from him down in the sewers moving through abandoned properties in town. So I finally managed to find what looked like him in an abandoned building. Except it wasn't him. I've never seen anything like it before."" to Idina.

The crow was taken in, a faint smile at it's familiar features and he glanced back towards Frankie with a light nod. Glad perhaps that she had found something in that tour that could be made hers. "Yeesh, fuck that, I'm sorry man." Nodding quietly, "I don't know the feels of how it might be in that part, but up towards the rougher bits before the end? I get. We don' have to keep talking about it if ya don' want to." Nodding firmly before he slipped into a seat at Damian's table, "sup man. Do you ever leave that thing at home, or is it like a mobile office?" Matthew's lips a thin line as he considered everything before glancing back towards Idina curiously.

Idina scowled again, equal parts irritation and concern. "And you fought, or...? It's gone now or just gone?" She really should get everyone an Idina to English dictionary for Christmas.

As the other men join him, he barely even glances their way because crow. An insubstantial, ghostlike crow. The definitely raises a brow and takes his attention from the two women. Even stops him typing a moment. No surprise, the unseen masked shadowy figure whispers in his ear just then. Always there, always reminding. A nod, to himself it seems. Then Idina says what she does, and it's pretty clear Damian's attention was never fully taken from that conversation. What little he can make out. The building? Fallen? Put two and two together and that's interesting enough. Eyes flicker more to Frankie again as he sips his coffee, one hand still typing, watching over the rim.

Damian adds to Matthew in a very quiet tone, never looking his way. "Always with me. Never know when I might need it. You'd be surprised what I can do with it."

"Nah.........Honestly she just pakced up and went no words just a god damn note...."Darius watches them for a moment and then his eyes back down on the ground for a moment. His eyes are filled with rage and pain fighting for control over himself for a moment silent. His fingers tracing a heart tattooed in the middle of his left arm and his eyes look aroundslowly. The heart is locked up tightly with a jail cell around it with a barb wire on the top of it. His eyes look back up watching them for a moment."So sorry if I'm bring you down."

"Man I ain't surprised anymore by the sort of shit people can do with anything. Folks be pulling more tricks out of their asses than at a brothel." Matthew's head shaking a bit with a wry grin before looking towards Darius with a more sobering expression. "Nah man, you good. I just don' want ya to go down the dark side o' the rabbit hole. Ya feel? Specially since I don't know what concotion you got going on so.. yeah harder to pull you outta shit."

The ghost crow - must be a psychopomp, because ghosts aren't animals any other way - hops over toward Damian and company's table. It lights on the back of the empty chair there and tilts its head at Darius, then at Damian. Staring right at them both. Ghosts always recognize someone who can see them, after all.

Frankie glances back that way, taking note of what the crow's doing before turning her attention back to Idina and shaking her head.

Frankie keeps talking quietly with Idina, but the bits and bobs the others are overhearing of their conversation is garnering some attention. "Fuck no. I ran. He - it whatever - would have killed me. Looked like Jasdeep but with green and purple skin with thick black veins and pitch black teeth. He started toward me so I turned and ran. He'd trapped the building - I almost ran into one. One of the junkies there did and it decapitated him. Then that thing whatever it is started killing all the junkies. They were still screaming when I ran. It's been a busy morning." to Idina.

"What the fuck.........."Darius now listens in and what is going on around him and then he goes silent watching them for a moment. His eyes on Frankie for a moment and falling into a silence and then he rubs the back of his neck slowly. He is now quiet and sliding his eyes with a shake of his head.

"Ew." Idina's nose wrinkled but her expression was one of rapt fascination. She hadn't even noticed the crow yet, too wrapped up in Franklie's telling. "We should go check it out." Matthew may get the distinct impression that she was volunteering him in the 'we'.

The fact that Damian looked toward the crow, and didn't make a big deal about it should be some clue as to who he is. Or what. In fact, he brushed it off a little too easily, which usually only happens if you're used to seeing stuff like that. A nod, as eyes stay affixed to Frankie and Idina, though he speaks to Matthew. "Computers rule the world now, Matthew. You might actually find it a little terrifying just how much so." Of course, Damian doesn't seem to find it so by his tone. When the crow hops up, there's a flicker of a glance its way, he can see it, but he just can't seem to take his eyes from the woman and the bits of conversation he's catching, or not catching. He's not even being sly about it. Coffee set down, both hands are back on the keyboard. "Could be worse, you could have died." Who is he saying that to? Hard to say, but it might be toward Darius. Is it a joke? Again, if it is, he's got a great poker face?.but considering the company?

Frankie glances away from Idina and eyeballs the other table, what with people looking at her. "We're talking about a movie," she snaps. She pauses, however, and then jerks a thumb in Damian's direction. "...Do we know him? Because I think he can see." She rolls her eyes toward the ghostly crow, who is mostly minding his own business.

Darius looks at the ghost crow and then he looks over towards Damian for a moment with a smile and then he stands up slowly with a smile. He then starts towards the counter slowly stumbling a little and then he orders a black coffee and then he spins around slowly watching them all with a look of sadness in his eyes. He then starts towards them and then he walks over slowly towards the group again slowly. After the cofee is picked up and he moves back slowly towards the table with a smile. He then sips his drink slowly with a smirk as he makes his way back towards the table.

Idina followed the thumb motion, eyes following Darius as her lip was chewed. She glanced from him to Matthew and back several times before remembering that Frankie had asked her something about him, starting to nod when she finally spotted the crow. "Yeah, I met him at- ohmygosh there's a crow in here." Smooth, Dina...."

"He's in Frankie." Matthew nodded once, before leaning an elbow casually on the table before shrugging. "No worries aight? You know I wouldn't be passing shit so cas if that was the case." Grinning a moment towards the surly woman. "Smooth baby." His head shaking gently towards Idina. "Let's simmer down now Frankie you got a break coming up anytime soon? Maybe we could go out back and smoke without being interrupted?"

Damian looks down at himself, maybe just to check if he was born yesterday. It appears not, and so he's obviously not buying Frankie's explanation. Can he see? Sure, two eyes. Though he doesn't offer an answer to Frankie's question. Instead he takes the moment, the break to look towards Darius, stand from the table and offer a hand. Admittedly, something he should have done a while ago. "Damian. By the way. My apologies." It also means he's not typing for one, but the screen was locked the moment his fingers left it. Hand taken or not, once the greeting is done, he sits back down, and the computer is a go, again. And eyes back to Idina and Frankie, though with eyes on him, he almost makes it look casual.

Frankie turns her head toward the guy behind the counter and announces, loudly, "I'm on break! Yes, I will make up the time at the end of my shift, thank you." She gets up, taking her bin with her and dropping it off at the counter before slipping outside and gesturing for the others to follow, and speaking a lot more quietly. "C'mon. All of you. This is something that concerns everyone, even newbie."

Frankie leads the way out back, still clad in her apron. The crow flaps after them, landing on Frankie's shoulder to ride along. Once they're outside in the alley, Frankie closes the door behind them and exhales heavily. "It's a long story. Back in June, Deckard realized five of us were missing - just off the map entirely. Hugh Levine, Francis Desjardin, Hassan Mohammed, Sarah Binds, and Jasdeep Singh. I got the bright idea to try to collect bits of them to use for Finding ceremonies."

Darius lights his cig slowly with a smile and then they exhale the smoke into the air for a moment watching the smoke drift up as he listens."I'm Darius to anyone that doesn't know me yet." He then walks over to the wall and leaning against it for a moment. He watches them for a moment looking around at the rest of them for a moment. He then inhales sharply this time again with a content look on his face getting the nictone taken care of.

Matthew set himself up a distance where he could hear the conversation, but also smoke his spliff without forcing any of the rest of the group to breath in the mix of clove, tobacco and marijuana. He was considerate like that, after all. His eyes flickering over the group as he listened quietly, letting Frankie tell her tale.

Idina set herself up at a distance from Matthew, arms crossed and gaze on the ground as she listened.

Damian takes his time following them out, obviously having packed up his laptop. It's over his shoulder in that bag again and now his phone is in his hand, and coffee in the other. He gets outside just as the story starts and he's already typing into that thing. He might have a problem. Finding a spot near a wall, he sets up shop there. Not really near anyone, just sort of there. He definitely doesn't lean against the wall because he's wearing an expensive suit. Eyes, as much as they can be are on Frankie and probably her companion, too.

"They all lived separately, three of them alone - Sarah, Jasdeep, and Francis. Hassan and Hugh both have families they live with. Sarah lived in the woods, all back to nature cave girl. Francis lived in a trailer, and Jasdeep had a big mansion," Frankie explains. The crow hops off her shoulder to hang out on top of the dumpster.

"Hassan lived in an apartment with his wife and three kids. Hugh lived in a fair-sized house in the suburbs of Hanging Hills with his wife and his daughter Rebecca," Frankie continues.

"Sarah and Francis weren't really a problem to scrape up, and I found them first. Unfortunately, they were both buried in the woods in plastic bags filled with their rotting remains - greenish-black, gross. Francis was in Crow Hollow woods, and Sarah was buried right where she lived. I did some surveillance on Hassan and Hugh's places to figure out when it was best to break in. Jasdeep's mansion was tough to get into. Lots of security. I knew Idina could do something with cameras and stuff, so I asked her to help and she managed to... trick the alarms or something so I could get in. Uh, as for Hugh, his daughter can see and speak to ghosts and Hugh left her a lot of ghost bodyguards. I knocked on the front door and talked to her and got her to give me a bit of stuff - some of his hair - for the ceremony. Then I started trying to track Hugh and Jasdeep down, and that's when things got weird." Frankie absently picks at one of the sparkly faux-gems of the flower on her overly cheery apron.

"Weirder than bags of goo." Was Idina being sarcastic? Hard to tell.

The smoke exits Dairus' mouth slowly into the air and then he watches the rest of them for a moment and he then inhales shaprly into the air. He then starts to move towards the others for a moment and then he leans against the wall again slowly with a shake of his head."So then....what is so wierd?" He then slides out his phone for a moment and opening his notepad and taking out a stylius starting to work slowly on the notes.

Tap tap tap. The faster Frankie speaks, the faster the man's thumb flies over his phone, typing. It might become obvious what he's doing, not that anyone can really see. He's not speaking though, instead just listening to Frankie intently, far too intently, really. His face a mask with only thinned lips to hint at what he might be thinking or feeling. Any questions Frankie might have about Damian belonging are answered, as a dark figure, half in shadow, in an ever changing mask appears by his shoulder, looking like he's whispering to Damian. Intense, probably why Damian lost control on hiding it. However, it is soon swallowed up by the shadows it came from again. Damian is silent though, he has no desire to interrupt her until she is done.

"I wish it ended with the bags of bits," Frankie says, and she means it. "When I worked on finding Jasdeep and Hugh, their pointers kept swinging between two locations. It was stronger in the woods. Bad news: they were pureed in bags buried in the woods, too. But Hugh's pointer also kept pointing west, and Jasdeep's was just moving everywhere, and fast. The sewers, into buildings, back into the sewers. The buildings were abandoned I got stealthed up and did my best to follow, and I found him in this junkie hangout." This is a lot of talking for someone usually so taciturn.

"He was dressed in this sharp suit and a fedora, and it looked like Jasdeep, which was weird because Jasdeep's face was all chewed up in a bag. And his skin was green and purple, with thick black veins and pitch black teeth." Here, Frankie gestures to her face. "He saw me, and he started coming at me. He's... bad. Dangerous. I ran and managed to get away. I almost ran into one of his traps; one of the junkies did, and got decapitated. Whatever the Jasdeep thing was pissed off the trap was wasted, so he took it out on all the other junkies. All of them. They were still screaming when I left." Frankie's face isn't showing much emotion, but her voice has trembled a touch. She stops picking at the Bedazzled flower on her apron and folds her arms across her stomach, tucking her hands against her body.

"Then I tried to climb up to Hassan's balcony and missed a handhold and fell several stories. I had a bit of time to drag my ass home and rest before my shift started, and I'm still kind of sore. So I haven't tracked down Hassan yet, and Jasdeep's a big problem, and I'm guessing Hugh is, too. I have no idea what's going on. Anyone heard of anything like this before?" Frankie raises her eyebrows. She is hoping. This is way over her head.

"Mother fucker......" Darius exhales the smoke into the air with a shake of his head and then he looks down at the ground for a moment."I have not myself....."He then exhales the smoke into the air and his eyes drifting back and forth slowly. He then takes notes slowly with that pen quickly moving over the screen.

"Not like anything I've ever heard of before... but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Maybe could do some asking around and seeing what some of the others who have been doing this longer might have experienced?" Which I mean clearly was what Frankie was doing now. Matthew's spliff finally finished and he rubbed the butt of it out on his shoe before tossing it in the dumpster. "That said... if this thing is targeting folks like us and using their face? I don't know why but it's probably trying to do something specific yeah?"

"No, but I'd like to help." They are the first real words Damian has uttered in a while. He stops typing, looking down at his screen and checking whatever it is he has typed, and then checking again. He doesn't put it away though. There's also zero sign that he's affected by this story, at all. Scared, grossed out, nothing. Like he's dead inside?well more dead. Seriously, that should have some effect on everyone. He finds Frankie with his eyes once more. "You are saying you haven't been able to find Hassan or Hugh at all yet?" He seems to be clarifying. "I can probably help with that. "Do you also still have the?" A pause. What to call them. "?the?bodies? Or access to them?"

"I can call Franklin...." Idina looked between the others. "See if he's dealt with anything like that?"

"Yeah," Frankie says, nodding to Matthew. "Something bad. And the ghost bodyguards at Hugh's place mentioned something about a 'God-Eater', which sounds like five kinds of fun." Sarcastic fun, not actual fun. "I found Hugh's remains, but not... whatever is also being him. After Jasdeep, I figured I'd try that out later. Hassan's place I have another idea for getting into that doesn't involve me climbing. And I've got the bags of corpse bits, but I was going to bring them to someone we know who works at the Medical Examiner's office. They're stinking up my trunk, so I'm gonna drop them off soon."

"Well then.....Sounds like a plan...."Darius watches them for a moment with a shake of his head slowly."You might wish to talk to Hoax about it and honestly." He then exhales the smoke slowly into the air with a shake of his head and then he slides out the phone to send off a txt."So yeah he does stuff like that all the time and it is his realm of knowledge." He then looks over towards Frankie slowly with a shake of his head."But you know honestly Medical Examiner might be a good idea."

Damian nods at Frankie. "I can help you get into Hassan's place, if you like, rather easily." He doesn't even know the place, but he sounds confident enough. Security is part of his profession after all. And then some. "Also, maybe I can take a peek at the bodies? I have some tricks that might answer some questions." A brow raised. He's asking, clearly. He types a few more things into his phone, much more slowly. "I might also be able to help you with Hugh and Jasdeep. If that's an option still." There is his Geist again, whatever is happening behind the man's mask, his Geist is in a tizzy and Damian keeps losing control of it.

"I can't do anything if they've been dead for very long." Idina chewed at her lip again, looking at Matthew while pondering.

"Neither can I. And they don't so much have intact eyes," Frankie says. She nods to Darius; yeah, time to bring Hoax in, too. And another nod to Damian. "You're welcome to give it a shot." Glancing around, she says, "I'm going to need anyone I can find to deal with Jasdeep and probably Hugh and... whatever this God-Eater thing is."

"CAW," announces the ghost crow.

"I don' know exactly what a Medical examiner is going to get out of human mulch." If he was being completely honest, which Matthew was apparently good at. Though the thought of it didn't seem to gross him out at all. "But, there's still things we should do, and anyone we can get invested means that that's one more of us, not caught unaware by whatever the hell is doing this at least." Pausing a moment, "I'll do my best to help with the physical stuff, I'm pretty good at it." Right, the scrawny, Junkie looking guy was good at physical stuff...

"She did alright with that guy diced up by barbed wire," Frankie comments with a humorless little upward twitch of her lips.

Idina drifted back to Matthew finally and leaned against him. "The daughter is okay? What does she know about why she has body guards?"

"I'll go with you after the creatures or the shambles of bodies whatever the fuck they are." Darius watches her for a moment with a smile and then he exhales the smoke slowly into the air."I mean that is the part I'm good at the fight." He drops the cig down on the ground and smashing it with his boot slowly with a shake of his head."So then when you go find the last body bring me along."

"Hugh's daughter Rebecca is fine for now. And she pretty much knows... everything. She knew her dad was a Sin-Eater, and the other four missing Bound, they were his friends and all Sin-Eaters, too. She knows she's got all the extra ghosts around as protection," Frankie explains. "Though now I have to tell her I found her dad dead in a bag." Her tone is a little dull for that last bit. "I think I'll wait 'til I see what's happened to the rest of him that's still pinging the ceremony." A nod to Darius. A nod to everyone offering help, really. "Either way, I need to get back to work." She jerks a thumb toward the Daily Grind.

Damian nods, but he hmms for minute. Eyes, right eyes. "Yeah, that could be a problem. Nevermind." He's still a bit new at all of it, but he finally has his companion swallowed back up into the shadows. He's also not sure what anyone else can do. "Hassan's house then, for sure. I could?" He doesn't finish that sentence, probably better not to by the look on his face. "I'm in for the rest of it, whatever you need. It is concerning?" He forgotten coffee is lifted to his lips and then he makes a face. Cold. Contemplation lasts a few seconds and he looks back up again. "Any idea why these five in particular? Anything binding them together, at all?" He types a couple more things into his phone.

Idina watched Darius intently for a few seconds before leaning up and whispering something to Matthew. "You've got good notes of everything?" After the whisper her attention returned to Damian. "Everything she said so far?"

He nodded quietly towards the whisper and murmured something back in return. "I ain' takin notes. But I figure we got enough of us here that we can do that. Like... I bet Damian could send me an email with it what with all his typing." Matthew glancing in askance towards Damian then towards Darius quietly, "cool, I like not being the only beat stick."

"Oh well I'm a gun fighter." Darius exhales slowly into the air with a wide smile suddenly out of nowhere there is a 9mm in his hand watching him with a smile."I mean honestly and I love up to the gang banger sterotype in this way." The pistol is quickly spun around his finger and then placed back into it's hdidding place for a moment."But you know honestly it's fun times you know. I use one just for stuff like this and I'll have to bring it out." His smile is crazy with a wink at them."Nothing like violence to kill heart ache."

Damian gives Idina a half smirk, brief but there. "Everything everyone's said so far." And there's just a little peek into what he's doing half the time. The smirks falls away quickly though. It's more for effect, he doesn't seem to actually feel any amusement. A glance at Darius as he pulls out the gun, his face a mask again. A small study and then a glance at Matthew, a frown. "Do you know how insecure email is?" It almost sounds scolding. "A child could break into an email." Well maybe not, but that just goes to show you how easy Damian thinks it is.