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The Maelstrom: Tiny Tim

"This was a waste of time."

Dramatis Personae

Black, Adrian, Daedalus, Priscilla


The Maelstrom starts.



Dreams, weird feelings, messed up GPS routes? However it happened people ended up on the coast overlooking the ocean. It would be beautiful if it were not for the overwhelming feeling that something that something was about to crawl up out of the dark depths and eat them all. And there's a familiar white dog sitting on the cliff. Or well, familiar to most. He's just sitting there and staring down at the water. Because he's a good dog Bront!

Merek has taken his time to put on all his equipment because he doesn't leave without it when it seems like something might be related to something that will hurt the community. Either way he has on a helmet with an orange visor, which is attached to his dragon skin armor as he steps from his own vehicle.

Brian is jogging along the coast line. It's what he does. His long hair is bound back by a thong and he's got a small backpack on that has a tube coming from it, a camelback no doubt. Strangely, he's running in sandals as opposed to running shoes. He's got on black jeans and a light jacket against the cold. Something that.. well.. it's cold so the guy's probably working up a sweat. When he sees the dog, he smiles. "Well hello there." Yes, he's talking to the dog.

The familiar purr of a street bike can be heard, as Adrian drives up to the cliff. Driving a bit harder then necassary, he doesn't wear a helmet. Instead just a long, thick leather duster, as he drives to the top and pulls in to a stop. The coat done up all the way, he raises gloved hands to his lips and blows softly on them, as if to ward off a chill, before he see's... A dog. And then Merek. And blinks before he gets off his bike, before his eyes move over to Brian. However, for the time being, he remains silent as he gets off his street bike. An older model though it might be, she still gets him to places more or less on time.

Marshmallow's head whips around when he hears Brian talking to him. "Oh boy." he grumbles out as he turns around and trots to him.

"I was wondering who else was going to turn up." comes the familiar voice of Proserpina from the tree line. Apparently she wasn't getting closer to the cliff right now. "Councilor's." she nods her head to Adrian and Merek. Then she looks to Brian and there's a soft smile, "Hippie." she winks.

Merek doesn't keep track of people it seems, but he does notice Prosperina, and then shakes his head a bit from beneath the helmet. "Right," he states, then he adjusts his weapons a bit while he looks towards the waters, "Hrm."

He doesn't wince... He doesn't wince... But, perhaps, the slightest, most barest hint of a flush comes to the Moros' face, as Adrian inclines his head slightly towards Proserpina and says softly "Shadow's fine." in a low tone of voice, before glancing to the dog. His face is expressionless, even as he moves smoothly towards Brian, inclining his head to Merek as well, before putting his gloved hands into his pockets. His coat is slightly unzipped, enough so that he can reach into his coat.

Brian kneels as the dog approaches him and ruffles Marshmellow behind the ear. "That is a statement in many layers." He profers to the dog as he looks up to Proserpina. "So, aside from the creepy coastline Scoobie Doo vibe I'm getting here, are you going to give us a hint as to what's what? I'd love a clue. You know. In case one plus two plus one doesn't actually leave one in the chamber." A beat. "I don't do guns."

Proserpina moves closer to Brian and Marshmallow and there's a restless shrug of her shoulders, "We were out for a walk, then we got pulled here. I wasn't sure what was going on. Felt like something was going to happen...still does. Like there's a face beneath the waves." she tells them. Then she's moving off to go look over the edge of the cliff.

And that's when it happens.

A wall of black seems to rush up from nowhere and over the side like a tidal wave. It crashes over everyone, but it doesn't move them. Just leaves them in darkness for a few seconds. But everyone manages to keep their wits about them. When they come to they can see that there's something very tall that's standing over the group. The shadowy figures head moves from side to side, looking at each of them like a snake does before it's about to strike prey.

Merek does not seem phased with the darkness, and as it seems to cover them all and the shadowy figure comes forth, he shifts out a hand which has a gauntlet towards the creature, staring it down for the moment. "Abyssal entity it would seem... Acamoth? How odd, I'd suggest no one fire upon it for the moment." He then looks at the being, "State your business at the Granite Coast!"

His hand coming up, Adrian takes several steps back, pulling out one of the guns he is packing, his eyes on the shadowy figure as he moves, mostly keeping his eyes on its center of mass, only occasionally letting his eyes flicker from side to side, keeping an eye out most likely... Just in case.

"Uhh, dude, you're kinda harshing my zen." Brian looks up at the big black thing with a deadpan stoner gaze. "Take your Scoobie tricks somewhere else, okay? I didn't sign a release for this movie." His hands fish into pockets but seem to come out with a stubby little cigarette and a lighter. Yep, this clearly isn't real. He's in denial. And lighting up a blunt.

The shadowy serpent like head whips around to look at Merek when he addresses him and there's a hiss at the main as he asks him to state his business. "We didn't get our payment..." it states. Then shadowy hands seem to rip away a chunk of it's own body and plop it down on the ground in front of the group. "We will take it from anyone now." it states in a guttural tone. Then the bigger shadow is rushing back to the cliff and it's glob is forming into a smaller Acamoth.

Proserpina gives a bit of a head shake when the shadow recedes and there's a growl that comes from the woman. "Hit it in the head if you can!" she directs them. "If you can't try blades!" she adds. "Guns don't do that much." she calls.

Lifting his gun up and training it first on the smaller acamoth thats forming, Adrian does keep an eye on the one scuttling back, even as he says dryly "Nice diplomacy, Black. Sorry it didn't work out better." Before he hears Priscilla's call, dropping the gun on the ground even as he glances about quickly, before Adrian thrusts his arm out to the side, his nimbus flickering momentarily as he summons into his right hand a long, lean silver colored katana, Adrian's eyes focused on the acamoth as a momentary, palable chill surrounds him. His shadow lengthens and a momentary calmness comes to him, his eyes colder then death itself as he lifts the blade up into a classical fighting stance.

Big guy peels off small guy. Well this is new. Either way, Brian doesn't seem to wait to see who is going to have their soul sucked on first. With a bounce of his feet, he leaps into the air towards the vaguely humanoid shape of void. Up and over he goes, twisting in the air feet over head and striking downwards with his palm. Upon the palm are spikes. Where they came from.. well.. Brian isn't telling.. but those with the Sight will see that they glow with a pure energy that sizzles at the fringes of its Abyssal nature. He lands 'behind it' in a fighting poise.

Merek holds up his hand and then shakes his head, "Whoa, hold on a moment before you decide to start exacting payments out of people... Who made some deal with you, and what was the deal for?" he asks, as he lowers his hand a bit and then stretches his arms out to motion a bit, then he sighs when it comes to combat, and then he sweeps out a hand in a motion, drawing all manners of pattern energy seem to coalesce as dark wings lined in crimson extend as his nimbus and the place gains a subtle warmth, blue flames moving to slam into the Acamoth and tear at its pattern to the very core, searing away pieces of the creature.

Tiny Tim's shadows are starting to melt down against the ground. Apparently the baby Acamoth is not one of the most powerful. It's a bit of a taste of what's to come really. Brian's clawing attack rips away from the Acamoth and the burning from the Celestial fire takes it's toll. Then the Acamoth heals itself just a tiny bit...not like it's going to help any...

Keeping the cold expression on his face, Adrian moves closer, quickly, bringing his right arm with the sword up and to the left, a diagonal slice through the air that slashes across its chest, deep, before he jumps a step back, just in case it has time to attack him before it actually dies. The blood of the creature running along his blade even as he brings the sword back up into a classical guard stance, quiet and calm.

And then the Acamoth is gone! Well, that wasn't the easiest thing. Thankfully they used Aggravated damage to get rid of it and they didn't let it heal too much. The thing sinks into the ground into a black bubbling puddle and there's a rotten stench that comes with it. So much so that Marshmallow starts barking at it.

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The fight is over? Well. Brian actually has a look of skeptical surprise on his face. He looks off the coastline a moment where 'bigun' fled to then to the discorporated ooze now pooling at his feet. This will not do and certainly he doesn't want to step in /that/ with his Berkenstocks. He makes an arcane gesture before him then points his palms at the puddle. Much like that which Merek recently cast as a bolt, supernal fire erupts from his palms and burns away the remaining ooze with the pure energies of the divine tower.

"Well, we can still get... No we can't," Merek states as he watches the puddle be cleansed away. "Thank you, there is now nothing to analyze, down one Acamoth, and up one mystery!" His own cleansing seems to be quite potent, but in either case he takes his time to lean down and check if there is anything remaining to scrutinize. He spatial maps a prime field over that small section, built of prime and space, visible to those with the vision, and then he begins to try and scrutinize whatever is left.

Its... Never that easy. Holding the blade up still, Adrian slowly looks from side to side, keeping the blade up like he doesn't even notice its weigh, instead just standing patiently, at the ready, and doesn't state a single word. He does glance over to the supernal flames summoned, but he seems more... Curious then anything else. Apparently, he has silently voted to let other people handle the more forensic stuff, and he gets to be a meat shield. Greatttt.

Brian looks over at Merek and.. nothing. "You want to know something about Abyssal spirits? It would seem you should talk to Proserpina." He gestures towards where she's standing in the distance and pockets the spikey things on his palms. "I won't apologize for otherwise erasing all traces of the Abyss from this plane of existence." Seems he's not keen on people 'taking samples' of Abyssal things.

He stays still, not moving anything but his head for three full minutes, instead just frowning as nothing else comes. Dropping his hand to the side, he lets the blade fade back into nothing, before murmering softly "That was a waste of time."" Before he turns and starts heading back to his bike, only stopping momentarily to go and grab the gun he dropped, before he gets on the bike, nodding to the others before waving towards Priscilla, and waiting until he is sure that no one wants him to stick around.l

"Acamoth are sometimes tricky creatures." Proserpina states as she comes back towards the group. "And I've never seen them try to extract payment from others." she frowns. "I'll need to go through the library. For now. Let us go before the big one returns." she tells them.

"Right well..." Merek turns to Adrian and then lifts up his hand a moment before he calls upon a gust of wind to blast back Adrian's hair, "Waste of time!?" he asks, as he marches up towards the other Councilor, "WASTE OF TIME!? It was an Acamoth, that without magic, would've done much more. You know..." He looks then to the man, then to Brian and Priscilla, and motions with his hands, as he pulls up his visor, "Thank you, burn away the study material and just... You know..." He looks distraught about something, and just shakes his head as he moves to his vehicle, "You know, I lost my..." He then rubs at his face and lets out a growl towards the skies, some memories flooding back, and then he just passes out, right against his vehicle.

Brian arches a brow at the now slumped over councilor. "I got this." Yeah, sure, he just got chewed out. He may be an asshole but he's not, 100 percent, a dick. He walks over to Merek and starts fishing in the man's pockets for keys. Unless someone stops him, it looks like he's going to stuff the man into his own car and drive him.. somewhere safe anyway.

He turns to glance at Merek, before Adrian glances towards the other three gathered, before saying softly and lowly, "Yes, it was a waste of my time. Not because I think the need for it to be gone wasn't there, but because of the fact that my presence wasnt needed. You and the other two are much more capable then me, as was evidenced by your quick way of eliminating it, Black. If this had of been more serious, there is every chance that I could of gotten in the way, and caused one of you three to get harmed due to it. Therefore, I was more of a liability then a help. Is that such a terrible way of viewing it?" He then shrugs as Merek passes out, before glancing towards Brian, frowning as he states quietly "My apologies. I didn't realize that Black would have such a strong reaction to my words. I hope that I can be more useful next time such an occcurence happens." His tone still low and serious, he turns and starts up his bike, calmly and efficiently