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The Maelstrom: Briefing

"I carry part of the Abyss inside of me."

Dramatis Personae

Amastacia, Hinks, Daedalus, Saalah, Jason, Shen, Rand, Laurie, Hollister and Priscilla


The Hierarch holds the Abyssal Briefing for the Maelstorm.


The Cannery

The night has come for the briefing on the Abyssal intrusions that have been happening in Fallcoast and it's come out recently that the sitting Hierarch is apparently an Abyssal expert. But, Hierarch's can't go run out willy nilly and stab things. Which makes one sad.

Proserpina is standing in front of a table that has a map spread out over it with pins in it in different areas that the abyssals have come into the world. She's drumming her fingers on the table as she looks at it. Then she looks to Marshmallow, the huge white dog at her side, "I didn't bring donuts." she tells him. That garners a long suffering sigh before he puts his head on the table.

Lucy is settled upon one of the couches, sprawled out and taking up nearly the whole thing with her legs crossed, feet dangling over the arm. A grey and white tabby cat is curled up on her lap, the mage gently stroking through the fur as she watches folks starting to trickle in for the meeting. Her usual attire is in place, black skinny jeans, simple t-shirt with Defleopard across the chest, her jacket folded up underneath her head like a pillow due to her extended wait and athletic runners on her feet.

Loot had hear about the meeting tonight and being new to the area knew enough to learn whatever he could. Dressed for a night out, he wore his long black trenchcoat over charcoal dress slacks and black boots. He smiled the the gathering sitting off to the side intent on listening.

Laurie makes her way inside, unbuttoning her coat. She's got a laptop bag slung over her shoulder. She offers a crookedy little smile and holds up her hand to wiggle her fingers in a greeting to the room in general. Then she looks for a place to sit.

It'd been a while since Saalah was back in town, and the Thearch appeared happy to be back, at least until he was told what the meeting was for. The Moros is in a heavy overcoat, a scarf that covers the lower half of his mouth, and a beanie when he arrives. The beanie and scarf are removed when he's fully inside the warmth of the building, and then gloves yanked off after that. As he passes by he tosses a smile to the dog, and then plops down in a seat.

Rand may not be the last to arrive, but he's not the first. Coming in on the heels of Laurie. His eyes go around the room, but he doesn't seem to really recognize anyone. Which means he just wears a friendly smile and finds a place to sit himself. His eyes are immediately drawn to Priscilla, a curious expression about what she seems to be doing at the table. Then again, she is the reason he came.

Speaking of Abyssal experts... ahem.

A Wizard is never early or late, and this is never more true than when it comes to Time Masters. As such, it's probably a fair bet that Shen arrives exactly when he means to - a few minutes after the turn of the hour, but before anything major seems to have started to go down. There's nothing particuliarly ostentatious or noteworthy about him; his clothing is simple yet functional; hardened against the New England weather, worn through constant use yet sturdy enough to still be whole and undamaged. His demeanor, too, might seem to be more one of a casual resident - comfortable, familiar and untethered to any particuliar person or point of interest. If anything does stand out about him it would likely be the way he carries himself; small, almost unconscious hints of precision and a clipped efficiency that might hint at a far greater awareness of his position in space and the relative locations of any and everything around him than he might otherwise let on.

Whatever the case might be, there's only the briefest hint of an indication that he glances about to the rest - eyes half hooded, expression more or less neutral - before the Thyrsus drifts his direction to the periphery; shoulders squaring and arms rising to fold across his chest whilst he leans into a rather idle slouch against the wall.

Proserpina straightens when others start to come in and she straightens her jacket, "Good evening everyone." she offers with a smile. "And I thank you for attending this briefing. Whether you've been in the Consilium for awhile or just arrived." she tells them. "Quick introduction, I'm Proserpina, Hierarch of the Granite Coast Consilium." she gives everyone a bow of greeting. So many faces she's not seen in awhile make her smile a bit more. "So, a few months back we had a cabal of Devourers of the Flesh come to town and towards the end of dealing with them we found out they'd been calling up Acamoth to help them as well." she states. "I'll let that settle in for a moment." she adds.

Meanwhile, Marshmallow goes over to sit and listen to the meeting.

Lucy lifts a hand and does a wave, first to Proserpina, then kind of to the room as a whole though remains quiet and after a few moments lets her hand come back down to the cat on her lap. No one seems to have bothered her for a seat at the couch so she remains comfy and sprawled out as she awaits the speech to continue and the meeting to open to conversation.

Laurie drops into a seat and shrugs out of her coat, letting it drape as it may behind her on her chair. She boots the laptop up, or maybe it was in sleep mode this whole time, because it's immediately lit. There are no markings on the laptop to hint at what make or model it is. It's sleek. Her fingers start to dance over the keys.

Loot remained seated considering the words of the Hierarch while noting the lack of surprise on the face of those gathered. Silently he files that thought away and continues to listen.

Rand always has a little notebook or sketchbook with him and today is not different. He pulls it out of his pocket and either starts writing in it, or doodling as Prosperina speaks. He does seem to be paying close attention to her, despite that. Her pause comes with a bit of a furrowed brow and thinned lips. His gaze turns to the book momentarily as he seems to scratch something onto the paper with a pencil.

"First Talon Shen, Shaman of the Ungula Draconis." The introduction is brief - brisk, even; delivered in a stacatto rythm that seems to make no attempt to conceal the fact that it's spoken simply to get it out of the way. Along with this, there _is_ an accent - though it may not be the obvious one. Rather, the warm baritone carries with it something that might sound almost British - at least, to anyone who's not intimately familiar with how British accents are supposed to sound. It's certainly adjacent enough, whatever the case.

That aside, though, Shen does shift a touch more upright after Proserpina speaks; both straightening and tilting a touch closer to the mass of the gathering. "Do we have any idea why? I mean - what were they hoping to accomplish?" The tone is almost conversational, perhaps; not so much that he takes the Heirarchs revelation in stride as he seems to simply roll with it as being unchangeable fact and moving on from there.

"That is a very good question." Daedalus profers as he steps out of the Guardian offices. "The acamoth in question. Or, rather, an acamoth in question, felt put upon by the violation of an agreement for souls.. given that we'd separated the donors from that ability. The acamoth expressed its agrieved state by desiring to take mine. And that of the Mysterium Councilor whom happened to be present." He tenders a nod of respect towards Priscilla. "The Hierarch's insight into the spirit allowed us to quickly dispatch the entity which it spawned though the host remains."

"I find myself agreeing with Shen in my curiosity. I can only imagine that a Devourer of the Flesh is some kind of romanticized cannibal." Saalah pauses, tapping his chin as his gaze briefly flits down. "Or is it something else? I've often found that the more eloquen the title, the more something is being compesated for." He clears his throat, and offers an awkward, crooked smile. "But I digress. How many of the things did they summon down, and to what end?"

"We are not sure why they summoned the Acamoth. So we so far have a total of four, possibly five Acamoth right now on the map in Fallcoast." Proserpina tells the gathered. "The Devourers were odd in that they did in fact eat people. They originated from an Arrow cabal in Boston and when they went off radar the consilium there sent a representative here. They seem to be a left handed legacy of some sort?" she explains. Then there's a look to Daedalus as she hears his voice and there's a nod to him, "Yes, one of them was very upset that they had not cleared their debt before being dispatched." she agrees.

And the traitor Marshmallow goes trotting over to Daedalus to sniff and see if he has treats. Or a sandwich. He'll take either one.

Laurie's eyes flick toward Daedalus and the dog. The corner of her lips twitches upward a bit, then smooths down again. She has, for the moment, stopped typing. Now she's watching the others.

"They are cannibals, yes;" This, again, from Shen - and while his attention seems to have settled primarily on Daedelus as he enters, a sliver of it does flick towards Saalah in the answering. "Though I'd hardly call them 'romanticized'. Primal, yes; brutal, savage and Darwinian in the worst possible definition. For all that, though, experience has taught me that their philosophy - however twisted it might be - is still something they adhere to strongly." As he speaks, the idle scrutiny leveled towards Daedalus lessens, and eventually he returns his focus to the Heirarch. "They see themselves as still upholding their roles and obligations - but if the perception of those obligations have become warped over time, or the world has simply moved on to a point that they are no longer acceptable is something I cannot say. What I do know, however, is that they follow that belief with a religious fervor. To them, _we_ are the traitors, the misguided children adhering to a corrupted philosophy or the soft cowards unwilling to do what is necessary. Still madness and evil do not necessicitate an Abyssal connection, so I am just as interested as to what _they_ hoped to get out of this agreement."

Lucy seems content to be silent, glancing about as people speak, but otherwise remaining in her sprawled out state, petting the tabby in her lap that seems to either be sleeping or peacefully ignoring the going ons.

Loot offered a minor nod to Daedalus before shifting his attention to each speakers learning what he can and trying to uncover behaviors.

Rand is completely quietly. Though his eyes constantly move between these of the crowd speaking. Apparently he has little or no questions of his own. His hand pauses at times in his little notebook and then continues. Something Shen says makes him look to speak, but his lips open and then close, and instead his thought goes to page.

"I am, I'm afraid, not a specialist in the field." Daedalus offers to Shen. "So any suggestions I would make to that effect would be speculation. My presence within the Granite Coast was warranted due to the Seer population and the treaty violation." Warranted. A specialist, perhaps? He looks down to the Marshmellow and shows him empty hands. Empty hands which produce beef jerky as if by magic. Ahh dogs. Loyalty bought with beef. "I can speak to being a master of both life and prime. As such, I offer my talents as directed by such expertise."

Proserpina gives moment of thought to the questions that are being asked and the Gaoler quietly hmms, "I could call Arawn in Boston and see if he could get me the True Name of one of the cabal members and we can ask their ghost what they asked the Acamoth for. But, I think they might be...hesitant to talk with us. I'd call on a Time Master to see if they could look back. But I'm not sure where they did the summoning." she admits. "Or if it was the same place for each of them." she frowns. "Though at this point I'm more concerned about clearing out the roaming Acamoth before something else comes up." she admits. "We've had enough issues with stuff being left idle for too long." she adds.

"Do you know if they've made new pacts with locals?" Eve - that would be Laurie - pipes up, adjusting her nerd glasses on her freckled nose.

"That would be hard since they're all dead." Daedalus notes with a casually Guardian air. "Unless you mean the acamoth."

"She meant the Acamoth, Hippy." Marshmallow states as he looks up to Daedalus before he trots back over to Priscilla.

Laurie's eyes roll so hard her head lists to one side.

At this point Lucy deems it appropriate to stand, the cat stretching and then leaping to the floor to go find a dark corner to lurk in. Lucy raises a hand, waiting until Proserpina finishes speaking and then, "Lucy here. Time Master, I can try and do some of that stuff if you point me in the right direction, but more onto the point..." She drops her hand and meanders closer towards the table with the map, positioning herself to face both Proserpina and a majority of the gathering, "I think I might be able to help with at least getting the creatures' attentions... though it won't make me very popular with the community I'm sure when I share this..."

Saalah nods to that, and then rests back in his seat. "They may be dead, but it doesn't sound like they lost theire entire beings right away." The Gaoler thumbs back at something sitting in twilight, and asks, "Did anyone happen to check for ghosts, or if any of them left any behind?"

"I would assume she means the Acamoth, yes. I don't believe the Acamoth could be considered locals." To Rand it's just simple logic, and he gives a little furrowed brow towards Daedalus. Maybe it's the tone. A shake of his head at Prosperina corrects him anyway. Better her, than him. He goes back to his book. He goes back to it, until Lucy speaks, a curious brow raises in her direction.

"I happen to be a Time master;" Again, the statement is offered in a matter of fact declarative, and Shen proceeds right onwards with scarcely a pause. "So if you have some way of finding out the where, I can pinpoint the what. Still, you're probably right - if the cannibals are off the board, it might have nullified any agreements they had with the Acamoth. Still, on the off chance it hadn't we should probably keep that option open as a target of oppertunity - it might give us an idea of how to hunt the thing down.

At the exchange between Eve and Daedalus, Shen simply cuts a sidelong glance to the pair before following through with a slow roll of one shoulder. "Hey, stranger things have happened - though I somehow imagine that any pact involving a Devourer - ghost or not - would end with the clause 'And then, omnomnomnom.'" And yes, he does say this with a straight face - though as Lucy and Saalah chime in the Thyrsus settles back again; focus, now, shifting to the pair of them.

Loot considers this before looking to Daedalus. "Are you certain they all are dead? None escaped and lay hidden within the city? Would figured based on what was said they would sacrifice themselves to protect a leader."

Daedalus pauses a moment to consider Loot's question. Marshmellow's retort simply warrants a head ruffle. "I suppose it is possible. We slew five which is a rather auspicious number for a cabal. There were, at that time, no signs of additional membership. And.. given the anger of the acamoth.. it is more likely than not that none in the cabal remain to appease the contract. But, again, anything is possible."

"All the members of the Cabal were accounted for and all are dead. They've been dead for a few months so I'm guessing that we could still call up ghosts. I didn't check for any since I got knocked off a cliff by an Acamoth that jumped us at the end of the fight." Proserpina states to the gathered. There is a look to Lucy though and she quirks her eyebrow, "Are you alright, Lucy?" she asks her.

Loot nodded. "Considering my field od expertise, the first thing I would do if I escaped? Sever any links between me and the dead, maybe even forget the mission with a means of recovering the thoughts."

A smile comes across Lucy's face at the question and she does a sort of bow, "Quite fine, thank you." Straightening she clears her throat, "Right then well, so... I... carry part of the Abyss within my soul, I've had it since I Awoke, and it's not been quite all that fun. Now before you all decide to string me up, at least be content with the fact that I am willing to go throw myself up to the tallest building in Fall Coast here and yell at the top of my lungs and bring them to us."

"My initial response would be that they do not think that tactically;" The first statement is directed to Loot, and Shen's attention lingers there for a moment or two longer as he continues. "And they would just as likely be the sort to believe that a leader who cannot defeat an enemy is not fit to be a leader. As I said, they tend towards a much more primative, unsubtle world view." He does pause at that, almost as if in thought, before continuing. "However, given their connection with this Acamoth, they may be atypical in other ways as well - so anything is possible."

And then, Lucy. He doesn't tense _terribly_ visibly; but there's a decided shifting of his shoulders to more square, and an almost unconscious readjustment of his posture to settle his weight towards the balls of his feet. That's all, though; that and a slight curling of his fingers as he glances to the woman, then to the Heirarch and Guardian roost; then back again. All he says, though, is a rather noncommital sounding "Hunh."

Brian looks to Lucy. Blinks. Twice, even. If ever there was a mask on a Guardian.. it faltered a moment. He's shocked. Shocked, I tell you. "Well. That is. A development." His eyes trail to the Hierarch, curious as to her reaction.

Rand's curiousity in what Lucy has to say heightens. However, it doesn't have the same effect on him as it does others. It does make him put the pencil between the pages of the book and rest the book down in his lap, but that's all. He's just very interested now. Eyes going to the reactions, but this is the pique of curiousity.

Proserpina gives a look to Lucy and there's a bit of a sobering that goes over the young woman's face. "You carry part of the Abyss inside of you?" she asks her. Making sure the words were heard correctly. "How does that effect you? Is it something that need to watch and be concerned with?" she asks her. Gaolers of Gaolers of Ialdaboth will ask questions before pulling out weapons or anything else. "How did it happen?" she adds.

Lucy shrugs at that, "It itches? I suppose, mostly it's made me have to... rub shoulders with the Guardians a lot, but other than that lets just say I avoid anything that could even potentionally bring me close to the Veil. Fancy spells, not really my thing shall we say?" Another false smile, filled more with sadness than joy, "As for hwo it happened? I have no idea, my former mentor theorized that perhaps during my Awakening there was an Abyssal entity near by that tried to latch onto me on my way back to my body, or perhaps because I am so badly touched by luck, Fate decided it was but another burden I must have upon my soul."

Laurie seems to take this a little more in stride. "It's inadvisable to try to lure an Acamoth without knowing for certain you are capable of destroying it. Other options would be preferable, not that I can provide them at present." Laurie leans back in her seat.

Right through the doors a man with a long coat and a scarf, bundled up well for the cold stumbles right on into the meeting, "'Eyyy! You all started already then? Sorry I'm late got a bit caught up, and Jazz really didn't want to come out in all of this." The man looked around a bit, her might be recognized by one or two people as Jack Hinks, or just Hinks, "I was out hunting mermaids and... Hey what's going on, did the lovely lady do something?" He makes note of most people looking toward Lucy. He'd lift up a brown paper bag, "I brought whiskey."

Loot looks over Lucy but his face reveals nothing about what he is thinking before his attention turns to the late arrival.

Gabriel the golden retriever whines loudly from underneath the refreshments table where he's been hiding the whole time. Too many people made the dog nervous but the liklihood of 'unpleasantness' was too much for the poor animal's sensitive constitution. "Shh," Hollister chides his familiar, "Nobody is going to pass judgement on anybody while Acamoth are loose in the city. Calm down," and goes back to inventorying the snacks. "Donuts, donuts... I can't believe I forgot something so /simple/..." The oversight seems more important to the Knight Templar than a little Abyssal taint, because Lucy's revelation barely puts a dent in the usually organized and composed Acanthus herald's agitation, which he takes out on the newcomer by demanding that he have a cup of soda to go with his whiskey.

That hint of restrained tension, akin to a half-drawn bow, remains throughout Shen's demeanor as he focuses in more fully on Lucy. Still, for the first few moments he seems to focus more on observing - both her, and those around her - before finally chiming in. "Has it ever caused any unforseen problems for people around you?" Unlike his previous statements, this one is almost stentorian in it's delivery; focused, with each syllable sounding as if it were carefully chosen before being given voice.

That asked, his attention wanders back to Laurie with a singular nod. "The other issue, of course, is that it sounds like it's not the most targetted of things. It might draw the Acamoth, yes; but I wonder if it might draw any number of other things - perhaps more than we can handle at one time. Worst case scenario? We pull the Acamoth and introduce it to a number of potential allies that it didn't know it had."

The Hierarch was thinking. Proserpina gives a bit of a nod to what Lucy says and there's a look to the others in the room, "Well, I'm not going to tar and feather you or try to exorcise anything." she tells her. "If it becomes an issue...or you need us to help you...get rid of it, please let us know though, please." she states. "I'd hate for it to be a weakness for you that gets you hurt or worse in the long run." she frowns.

Daedalus is silent for the moment. His eyes flit from speaker to speaker. Silently, he sits nearish the Hierarch and the Marshmellow with a hand massaging the fur.

Proserpina looks over to Gabriel and there's a smile, ~We'll get you some donuts after the meeting.~ she tells him. She wasn't sure if he was in his spirity mode or not. But, she was covering her bases!

Lucy holds up her hands slightly in a placating gesture towards Shen with a slight shrug, her lips pursing slightly before she responds, "Without going too much into detail about my past, I wouldn't know if it does or not. I've had bad things happen around me since I was born, but my mentor assured me the newest shadow on my soul is solely an Awakened thing. Like I said, I keep to myself mostly and avoid fancy spells that could cause problems. If you want more details I'm sure you can ask the Guardians, no doubt I have entire scrolls in their archives on me, been bugging me for ages." She smirks at Daedelus a moment and then lowers her hands, placing the on her hips and turning in fashion to look at everyone assembled, "I agree, I don't know what else to bring to the table aside I know I can lure them. As you can probably guess I've alway avoided learning more just in case that was a thing might cause something to come hunting me down." A glance back to Priscilla, a much more genuine smile this time, "Hey, maybe, but I hear its super uncomfortable, wasn't exactly willing when I was younger to probably maybe get driven mad by pain."

Laurie's face remains rather neutral. She tucks her knees together and resumes typing.

Gabriel the dog, apparantly mollified by the prospect of donuts, or Lucy's explanation, or both, retreats back under the table to share grooming tips with a tabby cat which found its way under there with him. Hollister, meanwhile, stops frittering away about the stupid donuts and his stupid memory and what it means for his precious, precious timing and watches Lucy as the group talks, seeming to look /through/ here more than /at/ her. Crisis averted.

Loot listens and nods returning his thoughts to the meeting.

Proserpina gives a nod to Lucy, "Thank you for sharing that with us as I'm sure you didn't know what the outcome would be and well, it's a lot to take in at once." she tells her. "Just keep us posted and we'll watch as well." she states to her. Then she's picking up the map from the table and holding it up, "This map will be posted here in the Cannery with the coordinates for the sightings and fights with the Acamoths that we've had. I'm also going to speak with Arawn and see if we can get the names of the cabal members again. If someone would be willing to help me call up their ghosts to ask questions?" she asks as she looks to those gathered.

Hinks won't say no to some soda with his whiskey if Hollister is insisting he take some. He'll mix himself a nice Whiskey and Coke and leave the rest of the bottle with all the refreshments, "So what is this all about? Is it the Acamoth I heard about? Well must be with the map and everything." Drinking his whiskey and coke with one hand, his other arm dangles, a black snack slipping out of the sleeve to peek under the refreshment table.

"Mmn. So you're saying;" Peculiarly enough given the previous level of focus, a hint of what might almost be taken as amusement sneaks into Shen's demeanor here - coupled, likewise, by an actintic flicker across his eyes as they once again alight on Lucy. "That you're basically just bad luck of the vanilla variety?" Smirk. Slightly. Ever so very slightly.

Shaking that off a second or two later, though, the Thyrsus's attention wanders back towards the entrance. The newest arrival gets a moments consideration; but as Proserpina speaks Shen refocuses on her again. "Mn. Ghosts aren't my thing - but like I said, I'm up for helping with the Time part of things if necessary. As to the incursions... what's the timeframe?" This follows with a jerk of his chin to the map. "Any pattern in the frequency? Has the time between attacks been changing measurably, and were the appearances tied to any other events or portents?"

"I prefer to think of myself as pecan flavored, but yes." Lucy remarks to Shen, then turning back to Proserpina and doing another little bow, "Thank you Heirarch, I won't go screaming for the roof tops until people tell me too, I'll stay residing on my yacht until needed." With that she shuffles away from the main gathering of the crowd and heads back to her couch, collecting her jacket and sliding it into place before plopping back down and getting comfortable. "Oh, and if we plan on summoning the dead, might I ask a boon? I would love some.. what is it called?.. Ectoplasm.. no no uhh Corpus yes, Corpus thank you Kaitlyn. She hasn't had some in quite awhile. Just throwing that out there."

Laurie reaches up to adjust her glasses with a faint sigh. "If needed, I can speak with the dead, but I imagine there are others far more qualified to do so." Eve is a rookie. She doesn't say anything about corpus.

"Something ephemeral wanting to eat ain't too bad. You just need to be ready to poof when and as needed." Saalah tosses up a quick thumbs up, and then reaches into the pockets of his jacket. It takes a bit of searching through each pocket before he comes up with his cellphone and begins typing away about something. "Ectoplasm's easy to get from any kinda death mage, though. Can make it now, even, but it isn't too pretty."

"Never tell an Ecstatic you have a flavor." The comment comes casually enough, snapped off towards Lucy as she moves away from the center. "We're known to lick." Casual it may be, Shen does punctuate the statement with a lopsided smirk and a quick dart of one brow upwards before he, finalizes after a beat. "For, you know. Verification purposes. Of course."

Shaking his head a breath or two later, however, he finally resettles into that idle slouch, arms again rising to fold across his midsection. "But; no, Death? Not my thing in the slightest. I'm pretty much on the other side of the spectrum."

"Yes, this is the Acamoth briefing." the Moros states to Hinks with a wave and a smile. Proserpina gives a nod to Shen's words and there's a look to him as he continues to speak, "There's no trouble on that, Shen. The Acamoth hunting will be shortly after that." she tells him. Lucy gets her attention and there's a smile, "It's no trouble, Lucy." she tells her. "And we'll see what we can do about Ectoplasm for you." she adds. Then there's a look to Laurie and there's a smile, "As always, thank you Eve. If you will go with us on this excursion it would be most appreciated." she tells her. Then there's a grin to Saalah, "And thank you as well, Saalah." she tells him. Then there's another grin, "Yes, we can make ectoplasm just as well as any ghost, but...it's kinda gross." she muses.

Lucy nods a bit, "Corpus though, not ectoplasm, maybe it is ectoplasm? What Kaitlyn, this isn't my field this is yours." She glares at the table where Gabriel is hiding where the tabby cat from earlier peeks up before leaping into Lucy's lap. "She says it has to be the remains of a ghost that once was, something like that." A shrug again, a glance to Shen with an little smirk and a smooch of a kiss before she lightly pushes the cat out of her lap onto the couch and stands again, "Well then, I'll keep in touch like I have been." She gives a wave and turns about, glancing down at her cat which defiantely stares up at her in return for several moments before Lucy sighs and shakes her head, picking the cat up and craddling it carefully along her forearm, "Geeze you got spoiled, it's all the people isn't it?" she mutters to her feline companion as she makes her way for the exit.

"Well I don't really deal with the dead so I won't be much help with whatever you're doing with that," Drinking his whiskey and coke, anyone looking at him could see about three feet of snake, Northern Black Racer, leaving his sleeve and it was still hanging on and looking at the other familiars, "But if you need to talk to spirits or find yourself mostly dead but not quite, I can help with that."

Amastacia goes home.

Proserpina gives a smile to everyone and there's a bit of a chime that sets off in her pocket, given the time and things and the sound there's a look to her phone and the Moros pulls it out of her pocket, "I need to take this. Thank you all for coming out tonight and be safe in your travels." she tells them all. Then she's answering her phone and speaking in hushed and rapid Arabic.