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The Madness of Absinthe

"Home girl, Fallcoast has got its explosions and firefights! You just haven't been hanging with the right people!

Dramatis Personae

Absinthe, Molly, Anson, Kilo and KiloST

16 March, 2017

The shop gets a new visitor in the form of an old, dead soul. Absinthe in her chromatic cacophony and her propensity for dream telling and explosions and firefights, entertains the group to no end.


The Lounge at Forbidden Arts

Kilo takes the stairs down from the apartment by twos in large jumps and then saves a huge leap from the bottom; skipping the last six and landing with a large THWUMP on the floor, her boots firmly planted underneath her. Which is an improvement from when she usually ends up on her ass. She makes a break for the bar with one thing in mind; whiskey. She's already done a few fat rails of blow upstairs, but she still has the shakes and some whiskey is exactly what she needs. Who is she kidding? It's exactly what she needs every morning. Grabbing the bottle and a mostly clean glass, she rounds the end of the bar and heads for the lounge and the pile of pillows directly across from the couch, then proceeds to collapse heavily down in them. Grabs for a cigarette and lights that up and finally exhales with great satisfaction. Now to see what the day is going to bring.

The roar of a thousand cc's of raw power can be heard well before the custom Kawazaki Ninja rounds the bend. Sin had heard that there was a good tattooist around here. Not only that, there were rumours from some of her boys that drugs were also on the cards within the shop. Both are things that pique her interest. Pulling up right outside the shop, the diminuative female figure slips from the bike before leaning it onto it's peg.

With her hair in two neon green pigtails, a lime green short pleated latex skirt and a yellow bikini top she already looks like an acid tab. Regardless, she's also wearing lemon yellow stockings and green ankle boots. Canary yellow lipstick, bright green eyeshadow and contacts that turn her eyes into a swirling mass of the same yellow and green as her clothes. Surely she's cold riding on a bike at this time?

The chromatically gifted Shadow pushes into the shop, looking about and calling out in an alto voice, bright with a British accent. "Helloooo!? Anybody hooome?"

Molly comes from the basement. Her hair is sopping wet, loose mahogany curls dripping as she brushes them back out of her face. Looking around, she spots Kilo first as she carries a large jug of rum, the clay looking like its been buried in sand for years. Pulling off the cork. "Hola checka...chica...damn it, I really need to do that Rosetta Stone thing...." Coughing, she steps into the room, long grey leather trench hanging from her, white blouse laced up the front with teal bikini beneath and jeans, not quite dressed for this weather either. Hearing the door, she looks over, brow crawling up her forhead. "Ahoy....well arn't you waving some colorful flags there....Kilo..customer."

Kilo blinks. Then blinks again. "In here!" Kilo calls out and then looks up should the neon cacophony draw near. "Do I need to adjust my set?" She laughs as she can't help but stare at the girl up and down, back and forth, over and over again. "Well, fuck me. That's a hell of a thing. Hi there!" Kilo rises from her nest to offer her hand. "I'm Kilo. I'm afraid I didn't get the memo to dress accordingly!" She knows there is going to be a great name to go along with this outfit, for sure. "And you from across the way? New?" Kilo is just full of questions. She's also full of information. Like this girl is dead, dead, dead. And looking like vampire dead. Just a twinge of Kilo's former phobia rears its ugly head, but she easily suppresses it. She's got that in the bag. "Can I get you a drink? Oh and this is Molly... Molly, why are you all wet?"

"Well now kitten, offering fucking and drinks in the first minute?" The colourful woman grins widely, a grin just a little /too/ wide for her face, it has a touch of manicness to it. "You'll have nothing to offer in the second if you keep going like that!" She giggles to herself, thrusting a slender hand (nails painted green and yellow in turn of course) into Kilo's, she shakes it quickly. Her skin /is/ cold to the touch, but she has just gotten off of a motorbike at night.

Looking around, Sin takes in the whole room, the two women and the table. For the moment she pushes her hands behind her, resting against her bottom as she rocks back and forth from heel to toe and back. "I'm Absinthe, new to town yes. Came in with the Hallucinogens, think one or two of my boys have come in already. Done any green square bottles on a purple background lately?" She's beaming at the two of them, far too cute to be bad surely!?

Molly quirks a smile. "Oh cool, another dead girl. Hey there." Her eyes, a deep sea summer storm swirl with intensity. "Wait, when you mean drink...do you mean..." Wrinkling her nose, she thinks then goes to he fridge, pulling out two glass bottles, opaque seaglass, filled with a reddish substance. "I had these for a little....drawing I was making..." A wink to Kilo as she offers one over to the Neon one. "But I figure you could make more use of it." Water drips off her wrist. "Sorry Kilo, I need to get a towel. I um...there is a play pool downstairs for ...a drowning thing I was doing."

It's the second time Kilo must blink tonight. "A.. play pool? OK." If Molly it talking about the Underworld, it's gone straight over the small gangster's head. But she nods happily at Absinthe. "Oh yeah! Green bottles with a purple background -- definitely a few of those. I'm in the Southside Kings so I get that gang thing." She laughs about the drinks and the fucking -- the drink she could have offered her some of Neferet's stash of blood but apparently MOlly has got her own stash so she let's that play out on its own. "Well. Here, have a seat, it's nice to meet you Absinthe, and you definitely have a sense of style there. It's like Rainbow Brite threw up everywhere! And I mean that in the nicest, coolest way possible. I really like it!"

It's the second time Kilo must blink tonight. "A.. play pool? OK." If Molly it talking about the Underworld, it's gone straight over the small gangster's head. But she nods happily at Absinthe. "Oh yeah! Green bottles with a purple background -- definitely a few of those. I'm in the Southside Kings so I get that gang thing." She laughs about the drinks and the fucking -- the drink she could have offered her some of Neferet's stash of blood but apparently MOlly has got her own stash so she let's that play out on its own. "Well. Here, have a seat, it's nice to meet you Absinthe, and you definitely have a sense of style there. It's like Rainbow Brite threw up everywhere! And I mean that in the nicest, coolest way possible. I really like it!"

"Drowning thing?" Sin cocks a green eyebrow at the brunette before Kilo answers in the affirmative. The short vampire beams that too wide grin again, making the Cheshire Cat jealous. "Oh yes kitten! Gangs are always useful. Sort of like ablative armour hmm?" She looks about for a place to lounge, finding only the tattoo chair free she flops into it, sitting on one leg.

"I do sort of have a confession of course..." Her sing song voice makes it sound almost comical. "I dreamt of..." Her finger swings back and forth, finally settling on Molly. "You. Today. It was /quite/ the dream. You were sailing on a sea of sinners, breathing in the air like it was the richest vitae. But oddly, you weren't the right sort of dead. Isn't that funny? Your ship was spat out to hit some rocks and you stamped and cursed... Was really /quite/ endearing." The lunatic giggles again. "Swimming in the seaaaa, eating soilent greeeeeen..."

Anson pushes open the door letting in an enourmous wolfdog who trots right over to Kilo and snuffles her hands, tail wagging. The boy comes in behind her but something is wrong. There's a scowl on his face and he looks heated. He smells of cigarettes and car exhaust. His long black hair is loose and blown all about his head.

Now the third time. Annnnnnd the forth time. These people are killing Kilo. First... she cants her head at Absinthe. "You... dreamt? Of Molly? DO you know Moly?" Kilo looks so confused. And then she looks worried at Anson even as she's giving Samhain, the big wolfdog scritches and scratches and smooches and love. "You look and smell a little worse for wear, Anson. You OK? Did something happen? If someone hurt you or bothered you..." She warns. She's not messing around.

"He looks like someone ran him over is what..." The vampiress lounging on the tattooist's chair comments. Unasked of course. "Course the pup looks good, doubt he'd get into much trouble with ol' soppy there." She grins at Anson, giving him a wink to boot.

"I'm Absinthe, or Sin for short." Finally her brain catches up with the question and looking at Kilo. "Of course I don't know her, should I?"

Anson slumps into the sofa and lights a cigarette. "Just has a real fuckface of asshole in here earlier tonight who was a pushy disrespectful jerk to Ciera and me. I had to leave or I was going to knock him out and tattoo a picture of a penis on his forhead." He growls and Samhain looks over his furry shoulder at Anson in concern. The boy looks over at Absinthe. "There's two things I like. Sin and Absinthe." He smirks slightly.

"OH?" Now Anson's got Kilo's full attention. "I was over at the Gallows earlier, trying to prevent Hoax from being the slum lord that he is becoming." She shakes her head. "Who was in here giving you a hard time? I -will- prevent that from happening again." Kilo decides that is making her sound pretty lame so she backs down from that. "I mean, I'm sure I will figure that out." She grins at Anson. "But how did you get so grungy? You're not usually this grungy? You have car trouble or something?" And then she's back on to Sin. "I was just... You seemed to have a lot of information on Molly -- like personal information. If you don't know her, how do you know all that shit about her." Kilo's brain starts clicking finally though. The girl is psychic or some shit... which immediately makes Kilo put up a strong barrier in her mind. SHe doesn't want to be read.

"Magic kitten." Sin's too wide grin stays with Kilo for the moment. "I dream true dreams... Don't always know what they mean of course. But you can often sound it out by watching people's faces as you tell them..." Her grin is wickedness personified, before finally she takes a sip from the bottle Molly gave her. She looks at it, pulls a face, then takes another swig.

"And this one's Anson hmm? Nice pup, nice choices of things to like too..." She continues to hum to herself.

Anson shrugs. "I think Ciera got his name. But he was this english guy with a really expensive sports car and a head of grey hair." He takes a drag. "I slept in a garage last night.. I was ut too late to bug any of my friends for a couch. And anyway.." He laughs. "I don't think I could have walked anywhere. Samhain kept me warm though." He smells himself. "You know I probably need a change of clothes and a way to do laundry." he admits. "Last time I had to stand around almost naked at the landromat while I was putting this outfit through the cycles." He sighs. "I have stuff in an apartment somewhere. At least till the end of the month, but.. You know my memory problems. I can't remember where it was." He looks sad.

"Ohhhh Anson." Kilo looks so sad. This is really troubling. She disappears for a few moments and returns with sweats and a hoodie. "Poor Hoax, he's leant out his wardrobe to just about all my friends." But that gets a true grin from her. Not as good a grin as Absinthe can manage, but just the same. "The laundry room is over there, just throw all your clothes in the wash and you can clean your things while you have a drink, yeah? It won't take long." She grabs him a beer or whiskey or one of those blue sourpuss things Vandal always drinks -- whatever he wants and then returns to Absinthe. "Dreams huh. Interesting. That's a pretty cool trick. I bet you learn a lot about people that way. What do Anson's dreams tell you. Maybe you could help him remember where he stashed all his stuff!"

Anson takes the bundle from Kilo with a muted thanks and heads off into the laundry room where he closes the door. Samhain doesn't like the boy being out of site and errupts with a mournful howl. He trots over to the laundry room door and cries. Anson opens the door and lets the animal in. The people in the room can get a glimps of the boy's naked body in that two seconds. He's very built for a kid his age but there are scars and burn marks on his skin.

Sin shakes her head. "Only one person per night kitten, and never anyone I know. Now I know him, that'll be the end of any dreams for him..." She ponders. "Though apparently if I try hard enough, I should be able to read his thoughts, burrow down in his mind, find all his secrets..." She lets out a long drawn out sigh. "One day maybe..." The sense of loss is palpable. But she bounces back quickly watching Anson wander off, then there's all those burns and scars... She stays silent, noting it for later interrogation.

Kilo actually doesn't look. She doesn't want to see Anson naked. Anson is like.. a little brother to her! Yikes! So she busies herself with something else.. Oh yes, more whiskey. Which is always a safe thing, and then nods as Absinthe explains her gift. "It's pretty cool though, being able to do that at all. You say you're new? Are you from... England?" She hazards a guess. Kilo is just a East LA girl and this is the first time she's been out of what rates as basically the ghetto. Or the barrio. Or whatever. She has had very little experience with any worldly accents and this is all pretty new to her. "What made you decide on Fallcoast of all places?" Fallcoast seems to be a dumping ground for the ill-fated, Kilo is finding, as was the ase with herself, so she's always curious.

Anson comes out of the laundry room with the wolfdog. He's dressed in sweats and a hoody with the hood up. The washing machine whirrs in the dark behind him. He goes to the kitchen, puts on the hot tap and used the pump soap to wash his face and hands as best he can. He bends his head into the sink and lets the water run though his long black hair. He flails around for a towel.

"You should let him into your little swimming pool. Stick some bubblies in, he'll be clean in no time!" Absinthe chimes up, talking to Molly from her spot on the tattooist's chair. She's actually collected one of the guns, no needles alas but she's turning it this way and that, her mind deconstructing it to work out how the gun works.

"You know, I'm sure I had another reason for coming in here this evening... Can't quite remember what..." And then there's a few moments where the crazy Mekhet has a conversation with herself under her breath. Those with good ears might be able to listen in if they wish, but by the end she perks up. "Oh yes! Drugs and things!"

Molly has come back in from the bathroom, drying off. "Oh that swimming pool is a bit wrecked. But I'll get another, maybe a more sturdy one." With a hand on her side, she looks to Kilo. "Just a few....you know, ceremony things, nothing too crazy." Moving to the couch, she lands on the end, reclining back. "Yeah, why would you pick this wonderful town...I mean, I was born here..so thats my excuse..but..actually, Kilo, why did you pick here? Lack of tattoo business that you could capitolize on?"

Annd a fifth time! A new world record. Kilo looks at Molly and blinks, again, a bit more than just surprised. If they were at a table, Kilo would be kicking her underneath it. "Oh... you know. Like..." She really didn't expect Molly to ask her that. Didn't Molly know she DIED in Los Angeles and sort of had to leave or get a lot of weirdness from people? It was easier to just disappear. "I had some bad blood with Las Lomas - our gang there. I left. Hoax left. We ended up here. Actually I had a model friend in LA that worked out here and when I needed to get away, she suggested here as being quiet and easy to sort of meld into. So here is where I landed." She shrugs. At least that bit is true.

Anson comes back to the couch and sprawls into it. He lights a cigarette and tries to relax. He watches Kilo and looses himself in some deep thinking as the air around him fills with tobacco smoke. He says, "I heard Hoax wasn't your original man. That you had someone else before him that you were really in love with.”

"Personally, I got bored where I was before and kept moving. With a group of bikers around you it's a bit easier to do that you might think." Sin chimes in, finally deigning to answer the direct question she was asked. Twice.

"Fallcoast seems okay so far, bit laid back, bit dull. But it's nothing a few explosions or a good firefight wouldn't fix." She seems utterly at ease in the chair, talking about the topics that they are... And then she points one slender, pale finger at Anson. "So what's your deal? Are you like these two or something different entirely?" Boundaries? What boundaries?

"I was just curious. You mentioned why you left, but not why you had picked here. Thats cool though." Relaxing back, "I suppose the chamber of commerce should not put that as an attraction to pull people from elsewhere." A toothy smile, Molly sends a wink in Kilo's direction. "I always thought of getting a bike but I always have too much equipment around. I bought a landrover for the crew and I to share." Eyes flicker to Anson, curious of his answer how he is 'not like the others'. The obvious answer of 'male' may elude Sin at this point.

OK OK. She isn't going to blink again. But she is rather surprised at Anson's directness. Best to just... be direct back. "Well... Hoax and I were childhood sweethearts. He sort of raised me from a little kid then we fell in love and were inseparable. And then we were separated, as luck, or fate would have it. I didn't know what happened to him, he didn't know what happened to me. We were lost to each other for a couple years. I mean truly lost. He thought I was dead. I thought he was dead. So I ended up moving on. Met Free, fell in love, got married... had a truly deep connection. And then I lost Free. Hoax -- he never stopped looking for me though and eventually caught up with me and that's how we got back together. The timing just worked out like it was meant to be I guess." She seems rather melancholy about the whole thing though. Like maybe it wasn't 'really' meant to be that way. But she doesn't say different.

Then she grins at Absinthe. "Home girl, Fallcoast has got it's explosions and firefights! YOu just haven't been hanging with the right people! I'm going to get you into the Kings yet -- you mark my words. You haven't seen an explosion until Hoax blows a crater in the ground a building wide and deep." She laughs. "Not that that was funny. He was pissed. But fire fights are thing. We really need to get together!"

Anson looks down at his hands. He heard the question but is apparently very reluctant to answer it. "Sometimes the secrets you keep aren't just for yourself." is all he says about it. He flcks ash into an ashtray and gets up from the couch to walk over to the stereo where he plugs in his cellphone. In a few moments a Misfits mix begins to play starting with 'Last Caress'. He headbangs to the music trying to transcend the personal horror that is suddenly assailing him. His eyes are closed and his back is to the others here.

Sin watches Anson as he makes his cryptic comment, and then starts rocking out like Manson. Charles rather than Marylin. Her dual coloured eyes turn back towards the rest. Kilo's comment of explosions and fun truely catch her attention. And hold it. "Oh kitten, I'm /leader/ of the Hallucinogens, can't really leave them for another. But that's not to say our guys can't be allies in the fight against boredom." She grins wider, if that's at all possible.

"I think little pup needs it more than the rest of us even, maybe give him a shotgun for his birthday? Or just because? I've got a spare one on the bike..." The bike... That's just out sitting by the street where anyone can walk past it. And assumably take the weapon she's talking about. "Never go anywhere unarmed, oh no, never clever. And we all like to be clever don't we?" It's rhetorical, but she stops to look around the room anywya.

"Oh crap..." A cop starts walking past the window, towards her bike. "Pardon me whilst I go make bacon." And then she's gone, /skipping/ out the shop with barely a wiggle of fingers in parting.