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The Lesson - Mind Games
Dramatis Personae

Lisbeth and Tucker

26 December, 2015

Tucker catches up with someone from the events of The Lesson.


The whole deal with the Leechers was something that Tucker had tried to snoop into here and there, but it was hard. There were plenty of other cases on his desk, some that actually get brass attention because they were 'normal' and not something he was looking into on his own time. Plus other things had cropped up... things like mysterious towers appearing in the middle of the city and shadow monster thingies and insane cannibal rednecks that lived out in the middle of nowhere. Between all of that he did try and track down some of the other survivors of that fucked up night in the warehouse.

So that is what brings him to this rather... interesting little home. One look at it, and he half expects the door to be answered by Uncle frickin' Fester. Grumbling to himself... he steps up to the front door and gives a loud knock.

It really was a spooktastic house. That's what you get when your family is the local equivalent of the Addams family in terms of reputation and history. After all, how many families have a witch burning in their history. Though at least it's not Uncle Fester that answers the door, oh no. It's more like Morticia. Or rather, Morticia if she was a punky looking goth in her early twenties. Lisbeth hesitates when she sees Tucker, but only fractionally. Then there's that trademark charming smile of hers spreading across her face a moment later as she speaks up. "Hey there. What's up?"

Well, what is Tucker going to say to anyone for wearing black? After all, he is wearing a black suit, black tie and black shoes. He returns her smile and then flashes her his badge. "Hi there, sorry for just showing up like this and I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but I've been trying to dig into that whole mess at the warehouse a couple months ago. Are you willing to talk about it for a few minutes? If not, I understand."

Well -that- has Lisbeth on guard, you can be certain. Her eyes narrow ever so hesitantly for a moment as she gives Tucker a once over. After a moment she steps back away from the door, opening it much wider. "Yeah. Sure. Come on in. Sorry about the decor." she says, adding that last bit after a fractional pause. She almost seems embarassed about the state of her house!

Tucker remains calm and waits for her response before nodding. He follows her inside, giving it a once over. "Nothing wrong with the decor, it's your house. Besides, I live on a boat, so who am I to judge?" He flashes her a smile at that, hoping it puts her at ease. At some point he should look at getting himself a house, but there are times when not having a yard was a great feeling. "Anyway, myself and a couple other people went back to the warehouse. There was nothing remaining, of course, but we did find out something interesting."

Boats. Because this wasn't awkward enough without the implications behind -that- statement. Wincing, Lisbeth nods, forcing an uneasy smile on her face. "Oh? What's did you find?" she says, moving towards a couch in the sitting room before pausing to turn back to Tucker with an appraising look on her face. "Look at me, all gothed up and being impolite. Can I get you something to drink, by the way? I figured i'd offer. Though i'm not sure what your preference is."

His preference was beer but it's not like he can pound down a beer right now. "Water is fine, thank you." Tucker gives her a quick once over, shrugging slightly. "Again, I'm in no place to judge. Look at me, black suit. Someone might confuse me for a mortician rather than a detective. But hey, if I spill a bit of coffee, easier to see on gray or another lighter color, yeah?" An amused grin crosses his lips briefly and then he is going into business. "We think that this isn't the first time the people behind it had done something like this."

Again with the water. Did horrible leech monsters eat water? Probably not, Lisbeth reasoned. From the looks of her time among them they ate people and blood. Some of her concerns perhaps flickered across her face as she mulled them over. It's a brief thing though, since she prides herself on being such a wonderful dissembler. Nodding, she gives Tucker that same smile she had on her face when she opened the door.

"Sure! Sure. So, um, what did you find?" she says as she moves past him towards the kitchen. Which contrary to the rest of the house is much more hygienic. And she totally isn't tense when she gets close to the man. no sir.

"What did we find?" Tucker spends a minute reaching into his coat, pulling out a small notebook and he begins to flip through some pages. Finding one page, he thumbs over his writing and nods. "Alright, so I can't tell you everything, but we found out that there was a site that was hosting raves, we also found some tunnels underneath the warehouse. We went down there and did a search of them, there was not much there, but we did find some trace evidence that we are having the lab test for any sort of DNA identification." He glances up then and watches her for a second. "Listen, I'm sorry if any of this is disturbing to you. I hardly want to think back on that night myself, but I really want to make sure that nothing like this happens again."

GAME: Lisbeth spends 1 Willpower

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If Lisbeth hears the man she gives no indication. Perhaps she's just busy with getting Tucker his drink? Regardless, once the faucet has stopped running she's quick to hurry out of the kitchen. She has a simple glass of water in hand which she offers out to him with another smile. She even added a few ice cubes to it! Because that's how you do hospitality. "Is this alright? Or would you like more ice?" she says with a slight quirk of the head.

Of course, if Tucker moves to take takes the glass from her she'd happily fumble passing it off and try to let the tips of her fingers brush against his hand or arm while the trade off is taking place. It's certainly not an unintentional thing, though she makes it out to be. Nor is it a social or intimate thing either. Rather, she's wanting that -extra- bit of contact to ask a question of her own. One she doesn't give actual voice too but instead seeks the answers for inside the man's mind.

What did the police find that Tucker -isn't- telling her?

Reaching up with a smile, Tucker takes the glass of water, thinking nothing of the fumbled hand-off or the contact with the woman.

In his mind, there are a number of names and items that pertain to his notes that he is thinking about, specifically because he had been working through what to talk about and what not to talk about.

Amazo Rentals. Fingernails found in the tunnels under the warehouse, sent to the lab for DNA testing... a name... Roscoe Brown. A 'Lieutenant Phillips' who had signed off on investigations that needs to be looked into. Research police files from 2013. The name Jazzy Jeff.

GAME: Lisbeth spends 1 Willpower with reason: Mind Reading. Again.

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And with that Lisbeth's hand is back to her side. Though her head stays ever so slightly cocked to the side. It was almost like she wasn't quite sure what to make of the man. Or maybe it was his thoughts that confused her? "So!" she says, and then she's reaching out -again-. This time with another question. And another. And another. Because holy crap this guy might be a detective or something but he was totally an open book once she started pushing. Were all snoops that unguarded when it came down to probing their minds? Was -she-? Now wasn't the time to wonder, was it?

As she's looking for the answer to her first question (Which just so happens to be "Who is Roscoe Brown?") in the depths of the man's mind she continues speaking, shuffling awkwardly on her feet as she does so. "So what sort of questions did you have for me?" she says, before pushing even harder for her second question. Given the jumble of thoughts on the tip of the man's mind it was clear to her that if she was going to get some measure of peace she'd have to go deeper than just the surface.

Oh yes, this is her rooting through the library that is the man's mind. Or the landfill. Some people could be so untidy after all.

As for the search? She was looking to figure out the fine details of those investigations that this Lieutenant Phillips had ordered.

"So?" Tucker asked, not exactly aware of everything that is going on. He even lifts the glass of water to his lips to take a sip. Refreshing.

Roscoe Brown. Three fingernails found in the tunnels belonged to the man. He was a convicted drug dealer that hadn't been seen in Fallcoast since at least August. Guy probably used burner phones for his business. Looking into his associates, none had much to say about the man but one said the last time he saw him he had been with a woman he referred to as a 'white ho'.

It seems that Tucker's mind organizes stuff in a rather cop-like list of small facts. At least that's how he generally looks at things, preferring to remain detached from his work.

He looks at her a moment, an eyebrow raised, "Well, my first question would be if you remembered anything at all that might have been missed in our first conversation. Sometimes time can unlock a memory or two."

Lieutenant Phillips. Allegedly looked into some of the raves and disappearances that had happened in that area previously in 2013 and 2011. Phillips signed off on the reports of investigations ran by Detective Crowley. Phillips also went to the location to talk to people instead of bringing them into the precinct. No Phillips currently on the force and no one on the job has heard of him. All of the documentation and permissions signed off by Phillips appear legitimate though.

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Truly Roscoe Brown was a charming fellow. Lisbeth had met enough types like him at local parties to get a good feel for how pleasant he must have been. Or at least tell herself she knew. For all she knew he could have been dealing drugs to pay for his dear old granny's meds, right?

And as for that tidbit of knowledge about the investigations? Well that was just disturbing. How long had those tooth faced fuckers been hunting in -her- hometown? If it wasn't for the fact that this Phillips apparently didn't exist, she might even show a bit of anger. As it was her paranoia and concern showed through to her face. But only just for a moment. That frown and those widened eyes were quickly masked by another smile and a shake of her head. "Sorry." she says, looking more and more uncomfortable by the second as she continues speaking. "I was a bit focused on the monster eating the man's face. And tearing out his throat. And not having the same done to me."

"I mean, they were monsters, right? Those things. And you're looking into this? That doesn't seem wise." she adds while moving over to the stairs to take a seat. Her mind was still hard at work in Tucker's mind, searching and searching for that one big clue that might help get some peace and stability back to her life. Now her attention was on finding out more about Amazo Rentals. Where it was, how it pertained to this, and what was going on on the police end of things in relation to it.

Tucker notices her expression for the briefest of moments and it causes him to frown. "I'm sorry, listen, I don't want to cause you any problems. If there's something I've brought up that's uncomfortable for you, just let me know. I know this whole situation is a bit of a mess." Now is a good time for another sip of water so he does that. "Yeah, I'd say they were monsters, or some sort of science experiment that got totally fucked up. Guess we would need the ME to autopsy one of them to find out, but yeah me and a few cops are looking into this. Wise or not, it's our jobs. Can't have people getting killed by these things in Fallcoast. Besides, who else is going to look into it?" Tucker flashes her a reassuring smile, even if he's not entirely excited by the notion of hunting for monsters.

Amazo Rentals. They are a company that provided lights and other equipment for the people who organized the rave that was being set up when our recon of the tunnels ran into their operation at the other side of the tunnels.

Lisbeth shakes her head at the man's reassurances. "It's fine." she says, though from her end of things it quite obviously isn't. After all, she just discovered oh so many things. Some of them quite concerning. "Yeah. Monsters." she says by way of reply, musing over the idea of a bunch of monster hunter cops going toe to toe with those things. Cops that, from her perspective, could easily be forced into pulling a "Phillips" if she was right about her own concerns.

So much for being the consummate and professional thief of thoughts. Now her conscience was saying she had to do something.

"Look, I don't mean to badger you, or worry you, or whatever. But don't you think you're in over your head? I mean, if nothing else if you get caught then those things have a lead to---Well, me." she says, looking around her dingy little Addams family home. "That's two loose ends they could clean up. Do you guys even have any of --- I don't know--- SWAT gear or whatever you could take them on with? With the way they could change shape and heal I don't think your average club or pistol would do much more than tick them off.

Tucker wasn't entirely sure that it was fine, but he wasn't about to say anything. If she says it's fine, then he'll leave it at that. He leans back in his seat, striking up a comfortable pose, even if her questions don't make him feel entirely comfortable. "Do I think I'm in over my head?" He mulls that over a minute before shaking his head.

"Like I said, who else is going to handle something like that? Do we want the national guard called in? The military? No, this is something best left for law enforcement. We have access to resources that we can use, so we're not entirely helpless. Also, you might be surprised how eff..." He stops himself from finishing that statement. There was no need to talk about how bullets were effective against plenty of things. At the very least they had been quite effective against some shadow monster he had faced earlier in the month.

"My point is, stuff like this can't be allowed to happen in our city, people dying to stuff like that. It's part of our job to protect the citizens of Fallcoast, I just... don't think anyone ever expected that we'd have to protect it against weird shit."

Shit. Shit, shit, shit, -shit-. It's a good thing the detective isn't a psychic himself. Though she might seem attentive and concerned; at the moment the inside of Lisbeth's mind is a cacophony of curses and conflicting thoughts and desires. This cloak and dagger crap was going to get her killed at the rate things were going.

"Okay, so. What I mean is, yeah. Okay, you're the police, right? Protect and serve and all that, right? But you just kind of stated my point. The police aren't really equipped for this sort of thing. Otherwise it'd be common protocol to deal with situations like this. It's not like anyone else has run into this stuff before, right?" she says, shaking her head at that last statement. At this point she wished she had a glass of water of herself. If only to pad the conversation out so she had time to think about how best to phrase her concerns without casting suspicion on herself.

"I mean, i'm not referring to like guns and stuff." she says, carefully glossing over how Tucker had almost confessed to using one on something. "I'm talking organizationally. You're kind of on your own and vulnerable. You see what I mean?"

"Yeah, we're the police." Tucker says, nodding along as she speaks, confirming what she is saying. "Look, we're trained to handle a lot of emergency situations, especially after 9/11 and stuff." A pause, and he rethinks that, lifting a hand as he corrects himself. "I will grant you that being attacked by monsters is not in the handbook and I was scared shitless, but that's part of our training. Fight through that fear and keep going." There's another pause, his mind going over other circumstances that he's had to face recently. Things that he could never imagine.

"You're right though. Organizationally we are not set up for this sort of thing. There's no special task force set up for this sort of thing, if that's what you mean."

"Okay." Lisbeth says with an eager little nod and a wave of the hand. "On to my point then. There were a -lot- of those things in that warehouse, right? I mean, it takes time for people to grow up --- Assuming you can match your average person's cycle of growth to a toothy monster's cycle of growth." she says, adding that last bit on more as a rambling addendum than anything else. "Assuming they're monsters that look like people, maybe they have to age like people too. I mean, it's not like they all just stepped out of a pod or something yesterday, right?"

"And if that's so, then it stands to reason that those things have been here for -awhile-. Or they were somewhere for awhile at least. What makes you think you're the first group of vigilante monster hunters to go up against them? I mean, even setting that aside you might not even be the first cop to run into them." Lisbeth says, continuing and accentuating her point with little motions of the hand to try and get her thought processes across. "Do I sound wrong so far?"

Tucker gives a faint nod. "I think it was said there were eighteen or twenty of the things... at least that's the number I recall hearing from one of the other women who were there." Aislinn. He made a mental note to go and speak to her at some point about all of this, see if she had any other observations to make. "I'll admit you have put more thought into the development of these... things.... than I have, but without hard facts a lot of that is speculation, yeah? I mean, what if this is some sort of genetic experiment and they are just doing things to full grown adults to... well, you know." Someone has seen too many movies, obviously.

"I agree though, they have been here awhile. It's troubling. How many people have died because of all of this." Tucker shakes his head, lifting the glass of water to his lips to take a long sip. It was hard stuff to think about. "We're probably not the first people to fight stuff like that." He admits, with a shrug. "Haven't heard of anyone who does it as their primary career though."

Damnit. He wasn't getting the point. "Probably not the first person to disappear either." Lisbeth says in a somber tone of voice, shaking her head. "Look, I get that you're a cop and all. But we've both kind of run off the tracks here. I don't think either of us was meant to get out of there alive." she says, pulling herself to her feet and smoothing out that oh-so-trendy black skirt she was wearing. "You mentioned there was stuff you couldn't tell me as part of the investigation. Given that it's not just your life on the line, never mind that the police probably aren't really equipped to protect me, maybe you could clue me in on what all that was? I kind of have a vested interest in dealing with this myself, you know."

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There's a long silence as Tucker mulls over that one comment. His eyes meeting hers. Finally he nods. "You're right. We were supposed to die in there, and frankly, it pisses me the fuck off. That's why I want the bastards who are behind this." Really, he'd rather go out with a gun in his hand then get eaten like a bitch running for his life. Man, that was a helluva thought. A year ago he wouldn't have ever had a thought like that. What a difference a real life & death situation could make on someone. "There are other bits of information that we are looking into that's related to the investigation, yes. I realize that you might feel afraid, but look, if you ever come across anything weird you can call me. I can have people down here to protect you at a moment's notice. I have that kind of pull now."

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Well now what was she going to do? Force him to talk? Of course, she -could- do that with but a word and the will to see it done. But Lisbeth isn't so far gone or desperate yet that she'd violate someone's will and mind so flagrantly, is she? Oh, certainly not. Regardless, she's left frowning at Tucker's refusal. But only for a moment. Maybe there was another way, demeaning as it might be.

So it is that that frown and annoyed look is slowly replaced by a smile and a slightly raised eyebrow. "Are you sure? I can protect myself, if I have the information I need to do so." she says, as that smile becomes a bit more lascivious. While she's speaking she moves back to settle back down onto the steps. She makes a big show of crossing her legs in that skirt of hers, the action showing off perhaps more skin than she needed too. The look on her face spoke as much about what she suggested next as her words did. "I know you don't want to talk about it. But believe me, i'd -really- appreciate it if you did."

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Tucker lifts an eyebrow, but only for a moment. His eyes move down to watch the crossing of her legs, and he shifts in his seat slightly. "Ahhh..." He begins, one hand coming up to loosen his tie slightly, even unbuttoning his top button. "I'm not sure that I should, but if you think that you can protect yourself... this, this is not the first time it's happened. We've been looking into some reports of some other disappearances though the Detective who worked the cases is retired and the brass who signed off on the investigations is someone we would like to find and talk to."

"Don't go back to that warehouse. There's a huge network of tunnels down there, that's how they probably move around. I'm not even sure how vast that network is, we only explored a part of them. Still, the offer stands though, if you ever feel in danger I can have people come help you out."

Success! The smile that Lisbeth gives Tucker is as genuine as it is gracious in victory. Though she's careful to keep that last part bottled up inside of her and off her face. Mostly. "I'll keep that in mind. Though, I have to ask, how come you can't find the detective or the --- Well, the brass?" she says, practically rolling the word "brass" around her mouth. Talk about talking a different sort of shop! "I mean, you'd think that the department would have their identities on file or something. If only for the purpose of making sure they get their retirement pay."

"Crowley had nothing much to say really. By the time he looked into things he had already spent a long time on the force and just wanted to retire. The missing persons back then were chalked up to being runaways since no bodies had been found. There's more truth to the quote 'no body, no crime' than people would like to think." Tucker sighs, shaking his head. "I shouldn't be telling you any of this, though. We're also looking into the Lieutenant that signed off on things." He runs a hand through his hair, trying to regain some of his composure here. He had been thrown off his game a bit, the woman's actions catching him off-guard.

Lisbeth couldn't help but grin at that. Off guard was good! It meant she had the advantage in pumping the poor man for information. Right? Plus, maybe if she pushed things a bit further she'd have an out to warn him about what -she- was really worried about. "This lieutenant. Where's he? It sounds like he'd know a lot more about the situation than anyone else." she says, putting a certain amount of concern on her face and into her voice as she does so. It wasn't really too hard to show concern given the situation. But still, it was hard not to feel a little dirty at the way she was trying to manipulate the man.

It was okay for her to do that though, right? It could end up being for a good cause, after all.

The woman certainly had a lot of questions about all of this, but she was also very nice to look at. The two things go back and forth in Tucker's mind before he finally sighs and just says, "That's the problem. No one knows, we are trying to track him down and find out what is going on. What is your interest in all of this though? Do you really want to get more involved in this than you already have been? As you said before, this is dangerous stuff."

Well -that- question has Lisbeth on the back foot, you can be certain. It's enough to have her look away, a bit of a guilty look passing across her face as she does so. "I'm already involved. Pretty sure you are too." she simply says by way of reply. It's a moment more before she looks back over at the man. Gone is the smile or the lascivious little looks she was giving him before. Instead something hard and determined is there. Maybe a bit creepy too, given the intense way she's looking at Tucker.

"The way I see it, i'm as much of a danger to be around now as you are. What you just told me confirms that, as far as i'm concerned. But that's not my point. I want you to consider something." she says, leaning forwards on the steps as she continues speaking.

She's staring right at Tucker's eyes now. And she's staring hard, as if by doing so she might get his attention or make him take notice of her. "You can't find this lieutenant, right? Doesn't that seem a little odd, given the situation? Maybe my run in with a horde of carnivorous monsters turned me a bit paranoic. But with all the other disappearances you say have occurred having the person who was looking into the cases go missing doesn't seem so coincidental knowing what we know about who and -what- might have been responsible. Especially what with how they can look like normal people. You and your friends on the force might do well to keep whatever you find to yourselves instead of reporting it in to the "brass"."

And just to hammer her concerns home she adds another little tidbit onto the end of her remark. "I mean, it sounds like the police might not be the safest group to trust. You know what I mean?"

Her change of expressions is more disappointing than it is surprising. Bah, he had his own issues, he knew that, but damn it if he didn't like it when a pretty girl looked at him in certain ways. He was only a man after all.

"You might be right about how being around either of us is dangerous... do you carry a gun? You might want to consider it. If you'd like I can fast-track a permit for you." Maybe that's not the response that she would like, but for now it gives him a few more seconds to think about the whole situation.

"I get what you're getting at. You think that this Phillips was wither working for them or was one of them. You might be right and we're certainly not ruling that out as we look into this." A moment of silence and then he opens his mouth, as if he is going to say something further. He closes his mouth. Finally, after a few more seconds, he finally just comes out with... "This has all been going on off the books. No one really knows about it except a handful of people."

"No, if this Phillips was investigating the crimes and went missing then I think someone -got- to him and covered things up. If he was trying to cover up the disappearances then it would make more sense if he tried to stop people from investigating it, right?" Lisbeth says, hesitating only fractionally before she continues speaking. "Though it could be that he was doing that too, I admit. I'm not exactly stuck on the inside track here. And it's not like I have a policy book for how monsters operate laying around in my house. It only -looks- like something out of the Addams Family TV show due to how the Abernathy side of my family is."

That last remark is accompanied by an awkward little smile. Along with a perfunctory look around the decaying interior of her house. Uncle Fester would be proud. "Still, if you could fast track a permit, that would be great. I'm---" Lisbeth says, pausing yet again before continuing to speak. When she speaks again she almost seems -embarassed- at the admittal. "I'm not that big on self defense. I mean, in terms of training. I always relied on other means to protect myself before now. I'm -learning- but still. It's a new experience, and I don't even own a gun."

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"Right, either someone got to Phillips or Phillips was in on the whole thing from the start. Those are the two things that we are investigating. These things take time, sad to say, each possible lead needs to be looked into, just in case something is discovered that gives us a lot of new information. I wish this shit was as fast as an episode of Law and Order but, it's not. Aside from that we're doing this on our own time too. We have other cases to handle, cases that don't involve things we can't tell people about." Tucker seems a little exasperated, not necessarily at her, but just how much his hands are tied into some of this stuff. His exasperation even gets the better of him for a moment and it looks like he's about to say something else... and then he catches himself.

Taking a deep breath he lets it out slowly. "I'm sorry. There's a lot I'm frustrated by. We don't have some secret task force to handle this shit on regular hours. It really makes you think about what else is out there, but for now this is my priority." One of his priorities, anyway. "Yeah, we can get that permit fast-tracked, and if you want, I can get you a spot at the firing range to practice shooting."

"I could help." Lisbeth suddenly says, piping up as she listens to Tucker speak. "Believe it or not, I have a certain skill at getting to the truth." she adds, and for just a -moment- that creepy-intense look is back on her face. This time with a similar sort of smile. It's gone a moment later, to be replaced by her usual look of concern and congeniality. "If nothing else it sounds like the obligations of your job are kind of screwing things up. You could use an off the books informant for your off-the-books-and-could-probably-get-you-fired investigation, right?" she says, chaining several of those words together with a bit more rapidity than she usually does.

Tucker meets that intense look of hers and watches it fade into a smile. "You want to help? Maybe. Another ear on the ground would be useful, I can admit that." His eyes narrow slightly. She could get the truth out of people? What was she, some sort of former interrogator? He had his doubts there. He pulls out his phone and opens up the contact app. Standing up, he steps over to where she's sitting and offers the phone over to her. "Type in your contact information then. You're right, I could always use another informant."

"Sure. An ear on the ground. Or you can just bring someone suspicious to me --- or me to them and i'll get what you want out of them. No violence needed. Probably." Lisbeth says, waving her hand a bit nonchalantly at her own remark. Because a casual admittance that she could get the truth out of people so easily wasn't creepy at all, no sir.

Still, when she's handed the phone she's quick to type her contact information in. Though to her credit she's been reading up on her spy novels. It's a burner phone. Or at least she intended it to be. Hooray for chuckable phones!

Narrowing his eyes, Tucker feels the need to ask. "You can get what you want out of them? Just... what does that mean?" He's curious as hell as to how she's going to get information out of people. Still, if she could then that might be useful. It was an option. More options were always good. He takes the phone when she's done putting in her information and he slips a business card into her hand, one that has a few ways for her to contact him. "That's my information, in case you need me to come and shoot something."

"I'm persuasive." Lisbeth says with that same lascivious smile she had on her face earlier. Her tone is a bit amused upon making that remark as well. Though once that smile leaves her face maybe --- just maybe --- she looks a bit apologetic. After all, she had manipulated Tucker in more than one way throughout their conversation. Regardless, she takes the card, keeping it in her lap for the time being. "I'll keep it on hand for when I need a detective or someone to beat something up for me. And you can give me a call whenever you need help with your information woes. Sound's like a fair trade, right?" she says, and that smile is back on her face now. Though it's a genuinely happy and outgoing one this time, rather than being manipulative or falsely suggestive. "I figure we kind of landed in this situation together. So there's no reason we shouldn't pool our resources."

"You are most certainly something, I'll give you that much." He doubted he would ever get to the full truth about the woman, but well, at least he had a new contact to help with some of these crazy little matters. "Yeah, we got out of that shit in one piece, we'll get through this intact too." Tucker smiles at her and nods. "It's a fair trade. I think I've taken up enough of your time. As soon as I find out anything new, I will let you know, okay?"

"Will do. I'm not exactly in a position to hunt for them without help, but if anything comes across my non-existent desk---" Lisbeth says, taking a look around the house as she speaks. Because any desk that would be in a spooky screwed up house like this would probably have dozens of spiders hanging underneath it. "---I'll pass your way. "

Tucker has to stop himself from smirking, so he settles himself for a nod. "Okay, thanks for your time. Take care of yourself." There's a second where his eyes give her another once over and the next words out of his mouth are probably not the wisest of words, "You're far too pretty to go and get yourself eaten by one of those things." He turns then, to head out of the house and to his car.

Lisbeth gives Tucker a jaunty little wave as he moves for the door. "Not a problem. Any time!" she says, all perky energy and friendliness as she stands up to show the man out. Because that's how grim gothic interrogators are nowadays, right? "And you're totally right, I am." she says by way of reply to his remark about her being pretty. Her response is accompanied with a far more amused grin this time. Maybe a little flirty too. -Honestly- flirty. Not the manipulative sort she used to exploit the vices of a certain would-be-hero detective.

Giving the man one final wave goodbye, she closes the door, locking it behind her. Then that phone comes out --- another phone different from the one she gave Tucker--- and is dialing up a number as she heads back up the steps of her creepy Addams Family house.

"Hey, yeah. How have you been? Great! Hey, listen, you aren't going to -believe- what I have to tell you..."