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The Lesson

Dramatis Personae

Aislinn, Anya, Hinata, Jess, Lisbeth, Tucker ST:Darwin

23 October, 2015

A disparate group find themselves trapped in a nightmare...and one won't survive.


Cathedral Concrete


It is the cold of the metal that wakes them. A movement in their sleep and the sting of the icy steel on flesh brings them blearily back to consciousness. The last thing Anya and Aislinn remember was being out on a 'date'. A nice walk along the beach when someone asked for help. It's hard to recall. Thinking causes a painful throbbing in the head. Everything is so foggy. A harsh fluorescent light flickers somewhere above. There are moans. Other people are here - three women and a man in their early twenties are stirring and trying to figure out where they are. It seems to be a metal container. There are pipes along the walls and ceiling that are even colder to the touch and breath forms little clouds. Everyone is dressed - thankfully - but everything else is gone. No phones. No weapons. At the opposite end of the 'room' from the waking group is what looks like a closed door of the kind they have on the back of semi-trailer containers...but no handles on this side.

"Mmph..." Aislinn groans for now, laying on her back on the cold metal floor. The woman starts to grimace now, shifting her slight weight slowly as she rouses. "Ugh. Where did I pass out? I don't even remember... getting drunk." Blue eyes open slowly and now Aislinn is looking over her surroundings. "Anya? Anya!" She snaps to a seated position and tries to climb to her feet. Too quickly as she ends up flopping down onto her rear once more. Then the redhead breathes a quiet sigh of relief. "Okay. What the fuck is going on...?" She reaches down toward her phone reflexively. Her pockets are empty.

Anya sits up, slowly pushing herself up with a hand on the floor, the other rising to rub over her face, blinking through the gaps between her fingers as she looks around. "I'm here." she calls out after hearing her name, blinking and turning to glance around, "I think. What the fuck is right." she says in a slightly coarse voice. The hand on the floor feels around, then moves to pat herself as she sits up straighter. Nothing, either. After a couple more breaths, she turns, half crawls over in Aislinn's direction, "How are you?" and takes a moment to gather her bearings and begin to stand up.

Lisbeth groans as she comes too. "Fuck..." she murmurs, taking a moment to grasp her head in her hands until her head stops spinning a bit. Once she's feeling a bit more steady the darkly dressed woman slowly pulls her head out of her hands. She gives the "room" a quick once over before looking over at them with a wary look on her face "Okay. So. This isn't funny. Which of you is responsible for this?" she says. Given the tone of her voice, she's clearly not amused at the situation. Never mind a bit unnerved.

Tucker lies there for a moment, his thoughts jumbled. Fuck. The last thing he remembered was putting a bit of gin into his latte to give it more of a kick. He didn't think it would end up laying him out like this. "Ugh." He groans as he opens his eyes and then closing them quickly again. Damn that light was bright. He gives it a few more seconds before opening his eyes again and sitting up. There are others with him. "Hey, what is going on?" He asks one of the women that are nearby. He slips a hand into his coat for his phone. Nothing. He begins patting. No badge. No gun. Nothing. Glancing over to Lisbeth, he shrugs. "Hell if I know, but my phone's gone. Anyone got a phone or anything?"

The last thing that Hinata remembered was working out in the yard of the church. Then nothing. Total blackness. No warning, no sensation. Just one moment she was working, the next she's waking up in this... Place. With no idea how she got there or if her work had gotten done. For a moment she panics, thinking she was back at 'that day'... But a moment of breathing tells her it's not. This place is too clean.

The metal doors lurch open with a sudden jerk. Their metal hinges squeaking loudly as they swing outwards. Beyond is darkness...certainly compared to the lit container they are in. "Come out" announces a voice that echoes outside the metal box.

The doors have opened out into what looks like a vast warehouse. So vast it is probably more a factory. Cleared out of equipment save the occasional huge concrete cylinder lying on its side or upright towards the darkness high above. There is only a thin sliver of light peering through the windows high on the wall - easily thirty feet off the floor - as they have been haphazardly boarded up and painted black. There is no sign of life. No sign of the source of the voice. "Quickly" it states. "Then we can get the lesson underway."

"No, no one will have their phone. Check, but they aren't going to take my phone and your phone without checking everyone." Aislinn glances down and then reaches for her wedding ring, twisting it on her finger. The redhead breathes a quiet sigh before standing to join Anya. "We should do what they say." Now Ais is going through the process of checking on the woman who is just now waking up and make sure she doesn't need help getting to her feet. Once this is settled Ais goes to the door and looks out of the container before shrugging. "If they wanted us dead we would be. We should probably go see what they want us to learn."

Anya looks up after a brief inspection of Aislinn. For a moment, she even holds the redhead's wrist, checking her pulse, and studies the other woman's eyes in the weak light. "We must have been drugged, somehow. Very precise dosages, if everyone is waking at around the same time. No phones, it looks like they took care of that." she replies, glancing towards the others, then to the opening doors. "Or we could wait in here, see if anyone shows up to drag us out. But I suppose we can do what they say." she runs her fingers back through her hair and approaches the doors, looking out across the warehouse through narrowing eyes.

"They?" Lisbeth says, a note of panic entering her voice now as she shoots a look over at Aislinn. What the hell had she gotten herself into? Still, she slowly drags herself to her feet. She couldn't stay in here forever, right? Though she's certainly not the first one to exit the container. Maybe the second, or the third. Once she's had a chance to make sure that this isn't some sort of Saw knockoff or something she makes her way out.

Nodding over at Aislinn, Tucker manages to get to his feet. He stumbles for a second and then finds his balance. Jesus, his head hurt. Glancing at the others, he gives a grunt and then steps outside, making sure to pat himself down once more just to make sure there's no devices strapped onto him or any part of him that feels weird or in pain, well, except his head. "Lesson." He mutters under his breath. At least talking about a lesson is better than asking if they all wanted to play a game.

Hinata whimpers quietly. She doesn't do well without someone to direct her. She's small and meek, and within moments, she gravitates towards Aislinn, looking as if she wants to grab her fearfully. But she doesn't, and stays content with hovering close by. She looks utterly terrified though... Probably because she is.

Jess silhouette shifts listlessly across floor; each shifting twitch of her side laid body on the grimey floor sounds like footsteps grinding into gravel. She emits a pained moan, lifts her head and scans her surroundings with a pained bleary-eyed look.

The air is cold and still. Dust motes dancing in the little light that is available. They notice another truck parked next to theirs and three people jump out, a man and two women, looking just as confused as the other group. "Anyone know what's going on?" asks the man before the air is filled with the sound of a siren. It wails twice before ceasing just as abruptly.

"Welcome" announces the male voice to the occupants of the trucks. "Listen carefully." A searchlight high above illuminates the trucks before sweeping towards a far wall and shining on a doorway. "Through there is the start of your route to freedom. If you can escape then you will be free. No tricks. You will be free. But do not think that this is just a maze for you to consider carefully. You will not be alone on your path." High above in the web of railings and supports barely seen beneath the ceiling there is movement. Shapes flitting about in the darkness. "When the siren begins..." Suddenly a woman from the other truck screams in terror. A long, blood red tendril has wrapped around her throat and sunk its teeth into her flesh. It looks like some obscene tongue around ten feet long that pulls her up and back onto the roof of the truck. A humanoid figure stands there though its face is just a circle of teeth. The tongue draws the struggling woman closer and closer until her head disappears into the toothy maw and it closes around her. Her screams cease. The bite slicing through her throat and the now headless body dropping to the roof of the truck, blood spraying out. "Who started early?" angrily asks the voice before addressing the group again. "My apologies. /Now/ we start. Good luck."

The siren squeals twice again before the movement above becomes a movement downwards.

"What. The. Fuck." That's Tucker's reaction to whatever the fuck just happened to the woman who got... decapitated? Jesus Fucking Christ. No fucking way he just saw what he just saw. No fucking way. He shakes his head and takes a single step back, running both hands through his hair, muttering a constant stream of obscenities to himself. Another shake of the head and then he turns to the others who had been with him. "Man, fuck this shit. I say we stick together. I don't know what sort of shit is going down here, but our best chance is not to get separated and uh..." He gestures towards in the direction of the dead woman, "keep that sort of thing from happening."

There is the sound of feet hitting the concrete floor in the darkness opposite the open truck doors. And then those feet are running - towards the illuminated door which seems to be the only exit.

The Leecher atop the truck is in plain view of everyone as it swallows the woman's head whole. A huge bulge in its throat that slides downwards before disappearing into its body. It is dressed in a long black leather coat, raising its head towards the other mortals - even though it is without eyes it 'stares' right at them.

Jess is slow to wake, but shrieking agony makes a potent alarm. "Thank fuck I didn't wear heels," she murmurs as she leaps to her feet. She rushes up behind the others at the door, trying to assess her surroundings. Screams. Screams. She looks around, wild-eyed, until finally she spots it. Teeth, "WHAT--THE--FUCK--IS THAT?!" Blink. Her mind is fixated on the sight: what is that? "What is that?!" she says again to anyone, anything, God. "Wha--." As she sees the human-sized body pulled into the Leecher's maw, she belts out a dry, nervous laugh and immediately starts to scan her surroundings for some route to ANYWHERE THAT ISNT FUCKING HERE.

Anya stands just outside the truck, turning to scan the confines of the warehouse with wary eyes. The sight of the other truck draws her face into a scowl, shaky fingers tucking away some hair behind an ear in a nervous gesture. She glances up for a moment, but just freezes at the sight of the tongue thing dragging the other woman off, her jaw hanging open. "Hell no!" she gasps, turning to the others with wide, alarmed eyes, blinking and focusing in Tucker's direction, "Unless anyone knows how to hotwire a truck? No? Right. That's probably a good idea." she pats herself down again, in case she missed something, swallows, and looks back into the truck, searching for Aislinn.

The Leecher atop the other truck crouches down, looking as if preparing to leap forward.

And then the other truck, the one that our heroes and heroines were in, rocks suddenly. Something has just landed on the roof.

Is it time to run? Yes, it's time to run. Hinata, having grown up almost entirely on the street, procurers and drug lords wanting more 'stock'. She knows that there's a time to talk and a time for action. In her case, action is running, and she's off like a shot, racing as fast as she can for what she hopes will be freedom.

Great. So they were kidnapped by a licensed doctor that could tell the right dosage according to their body weight. This doesn't scream "horror movie", does it? Lisbeth tries to not act disconcerted by that knowledge, instead putting on as brave a face as she can manage. And when she sees Hinata looking even more scared than she is? Well that seals it. She takes a step closer to her and gives her a small, reassuring smile. And restrains a sudden irrational urge to snark at the situation. Doing her best Saw psycho voice didn't seem the healthiest decision at the moment.

Which was probably for the best given that that -thing- spoke up a moment later. When Lisbeth gets a good look at its face she lets out a scream. Because every good horror movie needs that one person who shrieks in terror at the sight of the monster, right? Plus, y'know, it was a leech monster and had just eaten someone alive. Fear is the appropriate response.

At least she has the wherewithal to actually try to assess the situation somewhat rationally once she's gotten -that- out of her system. She bites her lip to keep from screaming again --- Or from making any other unpleasant sounds as she does what she's thinking of doing. While she's staring at the thing and looking she's trying not to scream again she's stretching out with -other- senses to get a feel for the way out of this mess.

The good lord only knows what the inside of a leech faced monster's mind is like. Or rather, Lisbeth, the Lord, and the leech faced monster only know now. Backing away, she's moving towards the exit. "Look around for another exit as we go! They're not as familiar with this place as they seem." she says to the others, not thinking that maybe that was a terrible thing to say around the horrible monsters until after it was out of her mouth. Whoops. Time to follow the group! And not be the last one in line.

"Slow down. If they're ahead of you you'll be caught - damn it." Aislinn had been about to take Hinata's hand, having murmured something reassuring. The group starts moving and Ais is willing to be toward the front... But she isn't really prepared for the small, frightened woman to take off. So now Aislinn is running as well, though she surveys her surroundings as she dashes past. We're off to the races.

The beam of the giant searchlight sweeps around the huge area. It's intended to show that there is only one door out of here but incidentally shows about a dozen Leechers scrambling along the ground towards the trucks. They 'run' on all fours for speed and hiss as the searchlight comes close. Then the light rests once more on the doorway.

Tucker turns and glances up at their own truck and swallows. Shit. Shitshitshit. He turns and begins walking with the others, not doing anything to prevent anyone else from calling out to the woman who decided to bolt. Goddamn, he really wished he had his Glock right about now. That familiar weight in his hands, being able to shoot whatever son of a bitch just took out that other lady. Hell, shooting the bastard that put them in this situation would be rather nice too. He glances over at Lisbeth and nods. "Good idea." He glances around, trying to keep an eye out for an exit.

"Hey, check it out." Tucker calls to the others trying to get their attention. He points to a pile of discarded tools near the truck. "We can probably use those as weapons or something. Come on, better than nothing." It's his way of trying to persuade others to follow him instead of going off on his own.

At the doorway a Leecher emerges from the darkness to try and block the way. It has a human face for a moment but then it changes into a circle of teeth and a gaping maw waiting for human blood. The spotlight turns away slightly, plunging the creature back into darkness.

Wide-eyed with fear, Jess watches events unfold, taking in as much detail as her panicking mind allows. She flits a look at Tucker when he points out the box of tools, but she doesn't speak her intentions aloud. A wary look is given the truck they just vacated and the digesting beast atop the cab, but she decides and somewhat breathlessly declares, "She's right." Who's right? She means Anya, but she doesn't know the woman's name.

She huffs a breaths to steel her resolve and darts for the adjoining vehicle's driver's side door, trying to jerk it open before slither's lengthy tongue starts sniffing around a second time.

Anya sketches a gesture, as if to grab Aislinn when she sets off at a run after Hinata. "Wait!" she yells out, frantic fingers going into her hair again, then starts off behind them at slower jogging pace, turning her head to sweep the warehouse with a searching gaze, flinching as the bright spotlight sweeps past her. "Right. Exits." she mutters, only slightly above her breath, and slows down as the pile of tools is pointed out to her. Her eyes fall to her hands, "Might as well."

But first she looks up to the doorway in the distance, tracking Hinata and Aislinn's run in that direction. When the thing appears in the lit frame, she skids to a halt, thankfully in flats rather than heels today. "Get back!" she yells, and twists around to check in on the others, blinking through a wince when she sees Jess go for the truck, "Damn it! We're all over the place!"

The woman from the other truck, the last survivor, runs as fast as her Adidas will take her and heads for Tucker. He has a direction it seems and she is quickly grabbing his clothes and not letting him out of her sight.

Hinata races along, though she slows down to let the older, taller woman catch up. "No time! Time to run and flee and get out!" she says, her eyes slightly glazed over as if she's about to have a meltdown. She dives for the pile of tools, grabbing as many of the saw blades as she can hold.

Crap. Crap. Crap! Crap-crap-crap-crap-crappity crap! So much for Lisbeth's one off attempt at approaching this rationally. Everyone is running. Everyone is screaming. And she's left moving towards the lit door. At least once she sees that the Leechers seem to be picking their targets. With one on the truck, one eating some other poor schmuck, and two people rushing the one at the door, she takes her chances with the one at the door. There's strength in numbers, right? Or at least, safety so long as they're between her and the monsters. Of course that means she's perfectly happy to be the last of the three to rush the door, knowing that the other two are preoccupied with their own potential meals. While she's doing so she's reaching out yet again with her mind. Probing deep into the leech-man's mind to try and find a route through the maze. Because if she was going to play at being a character in a horror movie she was -so- going to cheat.

"Okay, good. Calm down. Stop rushing... I'll keep you safe." Aislinn's voice is very calm, though her hands are trembling as she moves to grab two of the crowbars. "Anya, help me here. Go through these tools. Anyone think they can start a fire with this?" Aislinn strips off her coat now. "I don't need sleeves. It won't burn long, but at least it would be light. And it seems like light bothers these things. I don't know if it would be bright enough but...?" She shakes her head. "Torches are better than nothing. At least it wouldn't be so damn dark."

Hinata and Aislinn pick through the pile of tools to find something to defend themselves with. Nothing that looks like it will burn though. The Leecher seems content to wait at the door for them...for now. Lisbeth heads that way too, her mind reaching out to probe the inhuman evil that is the Leechers. Tucker finds himself protecting a young woman that is getting rather clingy...and she's damp too. Anya is doing her best to coordinate while everyone panics and Jess is in a truck cabin with a Leecher above her head.

The searchlight is still, illuminating the door but not the Leecher standing beside it. They can all hear the scrambling approach of more Leechers though it has slowed. Almost as if they're going to take turns rather than rush as one.

"Not sure how you expect for anyone to start a fire, not unless someone has a lighter or a match." Tucker steps over to the tools, looking for something that he can use as a beatstick. As the woman keeps clinging and sobbing at his side, he presses a hand on her shoulder and says with a firm voice. "Ma'am, I am a Detective with the Fallcoast Police Department. Keep calm. This is a bad situation but if you don't panic and stay with us we can work together to get out of this situation. Do you understand, ma'am?" He gives her the best smile he can drum up in this circumstance and goes back to looking for something to use to defend himself. "Really wish I had my piece right about now though." The last is muttered under his breath.

They can hear the Leecher by the door. A rasping breath...probably very fetid when they get close enough. Do they brush all those teeth? In the faint light of the nearby search beam they can see it gesturing them forward.

"There's a door--hey--GUY," Tucker's nearest, "--PEOPLE, fuck." Hiss, "There's a door!" She doesn't look back to see if anyone hears, but as soon as she sees it Jess' gaze is fixated. The trucks are parked with the headlights turned toward the interior wall of the warehouse; directly ahead of her, she spots the faint silhouette of a door.

There's a checklist of things that need to happen inside her head. Locks, lights, keys. Maybe keys, but not if her luck holds true.

As soon as she spills inside the cab, she levers her body the other direction, grabs the door and hauls it violently shut! The other hand fumble-smacks the lock-switch until it hears that satisfying *snick*. Her shifting eyes dart left to right, down and up, seeking the keys; simultaneously, her hands seek the controls. The truck is facing the wall, but with the lights on -- at the very least -- she'll have a better view of the door. While sweeping the interior of the truck with a frantic, down and up, right and left shifty eyed look, she plays with the ends of the steering wheel levers first, twitching switches to see if one of them turns on the vehicle's headlights.

The keys to the tuck fall into Jess's lap when she pulls down the sunshield. Maybe her luck is improving. The headlights of the truck do indeed light up a door - a huge steel block that looks more like a wall. It must be how the trucks enter but there is no way anyone can push that open...or even drive a semi-trailer through. There must be a switch somewhere...

Long distance to Anya: Darwin says, "Looking around you will see in the darkness of the gangways above a small room that looks over the factory. It's probably where the switch is...but no one up there is going to get out again with all these Leechers around."

The woman next to Tucker nods to his words. "I understand. It means you're dangerous." With that her face starts to change. Her hand still gripping his arm, her features start to become a gaping maw of teeth.

Anya backs slowly towards the tools, though she keeps a worried, curious eye on Jess as she gets in the truck and bites slightly at the cuticles on her thumb. No time like now to ruin your manicure. "You might be able to start a fire with that, but it would take too long anyway." she tosses out a comment after taking a cursory look over the scattered items, puffing out a sharp breath. Hearing something of what Jess is saying, she takes another small step forward.

"There's a door over there." she repeats for the others near her, "Maybe we can buy some time and - look!" she points as the headlights come on, only to wince a moment later when she sees the steel door, "Damn it, I don't think we're breaking through that with these." she briefly looks down to the pile of tools, a foot nudging at a few of the items scattered about by the others, turning her eyes back towards the darkness. "I think there's something..." she starts to speak, turning back to the others in time to see the woman begin to reveal herself, "Fuck!"

The Leecher atop the truck cabin drops down to the ground next to the driver's side. It smiles at Jess - his face still human even with a ten feet long tongue running over the metal of the truck. Its fingernails scrape at the window.

Anya's eyes lock onto the monster for a moment, then on all others nearby. She drops her voice. "Get to that door! Kill that thing, and get to that door!" she points the others the direction of the truck. Dark eyes flick towards Aislinn for a moment, holding up a hand. "I'll be right back." she announces, then starts backing off, pausing for a split second to add, "I love you." the corner of her mouth rising in a crooked smile, snapping a wink at the redhead. Then she turns on her heels, hoping the monster in their midst will be enough of a distraction for her flight as she darts off running.

Hinata nods and stays with her new bestest best friend ever. "I'm Hinata, I'm from the the the the church. They took me in." she stammers, gripping the rusty saw blade tightly enough that it pierces her hand, blood trickling over the blade. "I'm scared. I'm so scared."

And of course the leech doesn't have -precisely- what Lisbeth wants. But it's enough to give her at least something of an idea. And cause her to shift her directions from advancing on the leech-man to join the others looking for tools. She pauses long enough to shout out to Jess before continuing before a thought occurs to her. Though who knows if she can hear her. "Hey! Run these fuckers down!" she shouts, using language she normally wouldn't use in public. But then, normally she wasn't in danger of being eaten by man shaped leeches. So hey, fair game is fair game, right?

As for the thought? It comes from realizing that the truck didn't just -appear- in here. Probably. Could leech men do that? She assumed not, but she wasn't willing to consider anything outside the realm of possibility at the moment. Still, it's enough to have her pushing her way back into one of their minds again. This time into the one that just revealed itself to Tucker. She's looking for a switch, or some way to open that door. Because fuck playing whatever game they have in mind given what she suspects now.

And of course things backfire when she needs them to go her way the most. Isn't that just her luck? She blinks hard, shaking her head at whatever it is she gets or doesn't get from her quick peek into the head of the leech-thing she had just peered into. Time to try a different approach. They can't have gotten that truck in here without there being an exit to this room." she calls out to---Well, anyone that will listen. And then she's moving towards the tools. Because she wasn't going to get caught out unarmed given a situation like this.

"Anya? Anya, where are you going?" Aislinn was busy stripping her left sleeve sand trying to make a makeshift torch with limited success. She gets some sparks, but not enough for the cloth to light. She looks up abruptly now, rising with crowbar in hand. "What do you think you're doing? Anya Joshi, get back here NOW!" Her voice is a hiss rather than a shout. Aislinn would say more - but there is a woman shifting to a monster nearby. "Behind me." That's to Hinata. She is going to swing her crowbar at the creature attacking Tucker. Now Aislinn is sweating, her eyes widening slightly and heavy breaths being taken. That just means she swings a little harder. A little recklessly.

Looking up as the woman speaks about him being dangerous, Tucker frowns as the woman's face... does something. What the goddamn fuck was this shit. "Miss..." He trails off as the teeth start to appear. "Fucks sake, what the hell are you? An Australian?" Only Australia could produce such insane and obviously dangerous things. Plus it meant that the she/it thing was probably poisonous. Can't get bitten. Can't get bitten. He grabs hold of the tool and then swings it at the dentist’s wet dream.

The crowbar smashes into the woman's 'jaw' and she reels back as the blow makes it rain teeth. Teeth that are quickly replaced. Even as Tucker watches more emerge from the bloodied flesh to take their place. Her long tongue lashes out at the cop but thankfully misses. The red tendril throbbing so near to fresh blood.

"Keys!" Fuck, really?! She spends a split second revelling in the moment, but her happy is interrupted by an alarming freak-ass scritching at her window.

"Oh! SHIT--," Jess leaps in her seat as the startled word bubbles up!

Hehehe, a nervous laugh bubbles up; Jessica's eyebrows arch skyward, head shaking infinitesimally with disbelief, but her gaze locks on the keys she's fumbling in her grasp. "I fuckin' loved you in Aliens by the way." She finds the key that most closely resembles an ignition key, slots and turns!

At the same time, her shifty eyes do their thing; she does her utmost to ignore making eye-contact with the tooth fairy while seeking anything that looks like a door remote inside the cab's interior. "Check for a red button! A box! Along the wall! Or--" babble, "--yellow warning lines!" She shouts at the steering wheel, the keys clutched in her white-knuckle grip, knowing she's in a locked cab far from the others. "Gah, fuck-my-life and FUCK you toothy SCANKS." Jess'd love to do something totes tacticool, but a bigrig is just not an SUV.

"I'll be right back! Get ready to run!" Anya insists in a short yell past her shoulder, then goes silent, but for her rapid breath and pounding heart, more felt than heard. No sense in drawing any more attention to herself yet as she runs into the darkness. There are things in the darkness, more felt than seen. Her steps falter, she turns a wild-eyed look around, sweeping her hair off her face. A sharp yelp is torn from her as something lashes across her face in the dark, an elbow batting it away as she ducks, blood pouring down her jaw, and charges ahead, throwing herself at the dim outline of a ladder.

Fingers grasp the rungs, legs starting to push herself up as quickly as possible towards the gangway above. Her eyes are fixed on her prize ahead, but she twists to take a look back at the others she's abandoned before she hauls herself onto the raised platform, clutching onto the railings to scramble forward.

The screaming man without a face goes silent as the Leecher rips out his throat with a barbed tongue. The blood erupting over the creature as it bathes joyfully.

Back at the truck cabin the Leecher doesn't seem to be too pleased by Jess's banter. He punches the window. It cracks but holds firm. There is nothing in the cab interior to indicate a way to open the huge steel doors but it does cough into life when the key is turned and ignition button pressed. The roar of the engine echoing in the vast cathedral of death. But the only direction for it is forward. There is no space to turn and only darkness behind - not to mention the threat of running over someone she shouldn't. That door needs to open.

Hinata is scared. But in the darkest of times, you have to make a choice. What will you do? Who will you be when the world comes to an end and all that will remain is dust and memories? Hinata takes a deep breath and starts hucking the razor-sharp sawblades at the creature guarding the door. Even if she doesn't hit, she should get close enough to force it to move!

Lisbeth ignores Tucker and the woman --- But not without a twinge of guilt. She wasn't exactly the strong, brawly type right? And with them tangling near the tools it wasn't like she could go for them. Better to look at finding a way to get as many people out as possible, right? She spends her time looking around the room for a switch or something to get the door open instead. Which of course treats her to the sight of one of those monsters ripping the screaming man's throat out and luxuriating in it. Oh fuck. That has her eyes widening and a panicked expression cross her face. Her eyes move a bit more frantically as she tries to position herself away from the danger, eventually edging back towards the tools by dint of sheer lack of options. An appraisal of the room reveals that it's not on the ground floor. Was Anya right? Fuck! They were so screwed, weren't they?

Hinata's flinging of blades into the darkness - damaging her own hands for a start - seems to make an impression. There is the sound of anger from the Leecher at being hit but it does its best to stand its ground.

Aislinn lobs her crowbar at the creature attacking Tucker, scowling. She's already gathering up another, crouching down as she does. Surrounded by monsters Aislinn is certainly afraid - but less afraid than angry. Her response is less the abject fear of the unknown and more that of someone entering combat. She is entirely too composed really, given the situation. "Damn it! Anya, are you okay up there?" Hand bereft of a bar she is looking around to try to figure out just where the other woman zipped off to.

"The shit!?" Tucker's eyes widen as more teeth grow back. Oh fuck this night. He ducks as something comes whizzing near him and smacks into the creature. Good, good. Gritting his teeth, he steps forward and swings the crowbar like a baseball bat. Hey, he sometimes played for the department softball team... when other people needed a replacement player. "Fuck. You." The two words clearly enunciated as he connects with the sonuvabitch.

Aislinn's hurled weapons slam into the Leecher with effect and it recoils away, almost hiding behind Tucker...who then slams her with a crowbar. It wobbles on its feet, tongue lashing out again at the cop and failing to connect. In the gloom behind it can be seen another six Leechers waiting to charge forward and overwhelm the pesky humans.

More of them in close pursuit of Anya. They bound between ladders and gangways with ease as they scramble upwards. The door to the room that is her destination is wide open and even from here she can see a large red button that /must/ be what she's after.

When the tooth fairy slams his fist in the glass, the thud-crackle pop gives Jess a start. The door is still shut, so there's nowhere for her to go! She lurches her body up, ramble-cussing under her breath, and spills into the passenger seat; her pawing hands drag her scrambling body back from the window, inch-by-inch, ala Jurassic Park kitchen-scene crabwalk. There aren't so many words; she is done snarking, but there's some drama-film level suspense shrieking happening.

Where moments before she was trying to avoid looking at the baddie, Jessica's attention doesn't stray overlong now; she is watchful for what happens next. Will he dart around or come through the obstacle?

This Leecher decides the best way to get past a problem is to keep punching it until it goes away. But when he punches the window this time it is his hand that cracks not the glass. A growling hiss before he tries the door handle.

Anya keeps running down the walkway, wiping the blood off her face with a sleeve, stumbling in the dark, and righting herself after a moment. "Run!" she screams over the railing, and barrels onwards towards the small room up ahead, panting hard as she gains traction after her near fall and shifts into a full sprint. She gets up to speed, the last couple of yards covered with an outstretched hand, throwing herself forward to slam it down, palm crashing into the big red button as she thumps into the wall with a breathless gasp.

"Fuck you!" she grinds her hand in to make sure she -really- pressed that button good, and glances out towards the warehouse below, but there's no time to wait and make sure that worked. She twists about to face her pursuers, "Couldn't you assholes have done this tomorrow? I haven't listened to the new Adele yet!" she yells at them while her eyes dart and scan the room from corner to corner.

Another alarm sounds. This time to alert the inhabitants that the giant steel door is opening. It rolls slowly to one side, the moonlit night outside showing a barren industrial area. "Stop this at once!!" says the disembodied voice that echoes through the area. "Kill them! No more training...butcher them!"

Upstairs in the small room Anya finds there is only one door...and a horde of Leechers are charging towards it. There is also a window that overlooks the concrete floor far below. She can see the others from the truck as the moon starts to illuminate the area better. Something clatters behind her as more Leechers emerge from the ceiling through an air vent, dropping behind her, tongues whipping in the air as they advance on her.

The Leecher tries the door of the truck but with no luck. Another punch to the window but it is holding firm. It leaps upwards, back onto the roof, before there is the sound of it running along the top of the container towards the other humans.

Hinata takes a deep breath. She's not going to run. She's not going to flee. She's going to stay and help her friends escape! "Run! Run for the door and I'll help hold them off!" she says. She pushes her hair out of her eyes and grabs the biggest object she can lift and swing.

Lisbeth shifts her attention away from the tools at that yell from Anya. She had been expecting to be attacked, or jumped, or even just slightly menaced. Instead she saw something entirely different. The exit was -opening-. Unlike Hinata she doesn't hesitate and make some sort of valiant stand, instead beelining towards the truck. There were too many unknowns here. And really, she wasn't the brawling type. Anything that could regrow its teeth on the fly would probably be able to easily take her in a physical fight. At least, that's what she told herself as she beat feet towards the vehicle.

It didn't stop her from having another little twinge of guilt, though. Though her attention was on other things shortly afterwards. Like that voice saying to kill them. "I guess it's a bit late to talk things out then?" she half says, half shouts in panic by way of response. Oh yeah. It was definitely time to -go-. Worse comes to worse she could bring some of her friends back to burn this place down later.

She -almost- makes it to the truck safely. But then one of those disturbing tongues comes out of nowhere to lash across her back. Pulling herself on board the back of the truck, she lets out a shriek of pain as she rolls away from whatever it was that hurt her.

Oh yeah. She was totally going to come back with some friends and burn this place to the ground. With these freaks inside of it.

"If we can get these things off the truck that just started we can pile in and get out of here. Whoever's in there probably needs help." Aislinn is going to try to lead the general migration in that direction, ushering people along. To Hinata she states clearly, "Hit anything that gets close and keep your head down. Okay? We're almost out of here." Aislinn, however, isn't moving. She's turning to look up toward the catwalk where Anya is being swarmed. "With that many we never would've..." Then, louder, "Get fucking moving!"

Alright, so Tucker's beaten up on the toothy womanthing. Hearing the truck get started and the cry of pain from Lisbeth, he turns and hauls ass over to the truck, grabbing Lisbeth, and then rolling into the truck, bringing her along with him though positioning her so if the tongue-whip-thing decides to lash out again, he'll be the target, and not the woman. "Easy there. We'll get you to a hospital as soon as we get out of here." He murmurs to the woman, attempting to sound calm, though there is the faint hint of shakiness to his voice.

High above the others there is a semi-circle of Leechers approaching Anya. One of them heads for the button. It can simply close the doors again if Anya doesn't stop it and protect that button. But that also means someone will have to stay there until the others get away. The Huntress, her wife down below, has a big decision to make. A tongue lashes out and wraps around her waist and starts to pull her towards the Leechers; more hideous tongues ready to strike.

More Leechers sit atop the ladder, glaring down at Aislinn, daring her to come up and die. She won't be able to defend herself as she climbs. Another woman with a difficult decision to make.

Hinata runs for the truck as fast as she can, flailing the crowbar she armed herself with about her, just in case a leech decides to surprise her at the last second.

The entrance she came in through is full of the things, though for a moment Anya considers trying to make a run for it that way. But there are more pouring into the room from above, and she's backed up against the wall. At least she can hear the alarm, and see the light shift as the moon floods in from the outside. At least that's something. She's backed into the wall, shielding the switch with her body for now. She draws a deep breath, and muses for a moment on the subject of the afterlife. Her eyes dart to the window, she rises on her toes, trying to get a glimpse of Aislinn on the floor below, then slumps back into the wall.

It lasts little more than a second, before the things have time to fall upon her. She clenches her fists and yells at the disembodied voice, "Go to hell! Your lesson sucked and no one learned a thing!" but her voice descends into a choked cry as the tongue lashes around her waist. She struggles to pull back from it, and tries to punch the nearest thing right in the kisser! Bad choice of words, perhaps. Bad choice of thoughts. Now she's thinking about the anatomical implications of these things kissing, even as her fist swings wildly off her mark. No. Don't think about kissing these things, Anya. Not now. Best to think about kissing someone else altogether...

Aislinn continues to stare up at the walkway overhead. She’s breathing heavily, watching as monster on monster closes in to corner Anya up above. She watches silently, waiting until she's the last of the group standing beside the tools. The slender redhead's entire begins to tremble, her fingers shaking until she nearly drops her weapons to the cold floor beneath her. Finally raises her crowbar and turns toward the truck. Now she is sprinting for the truck, diving at the last moment to slide beneath lashing tongues and then scrabble, half standing, into the back of the truck.

Lisbeth lets out another pained yelp as Tucker grabs her and hauls her deeper into the truck. She doesn't immediately respond to the man, instead writhing in pain from her wound and the sudden pressure against it thanks to Tucker. Once she's managed to push past the pain she speaks up, her still voice hoarse from yet another sudden scream. "Forget me. Watch---Watch the door! Help the rest get on!" she says to Tucker as she weakly tries to shift to a better position.

Straining her body, she angles herself so she can look out the back of the truck, her eyes searching for one of the leech men. When they find one her eyes go a bit glassy and distant for a moment as she goes mind diving one final time before they suddenly come back into focus. Then she grins. It's not a pleasant grin at all. Nor is it a particularly long lasting or energetic one. Between the initial rush of adrenaline from the experience starting to leave her, her wound, her own fear, and especially the strain of repeatedly using her abilities she felt exhausted. Beyond exhausted, even. Drained. If Tucker didn't comply with her demand it's likely she wouldn't put up much resistance. "So much for fire..." she murmurs quietly, more to herself than anything else.

Jess expels a relieved pant-gasp when she hears the pitter-patter of fleeing critter feet on the rooftop. She draws a couple steadying breaths to calm her hypoxia, sits up and watches wide-eyed as the warehouse door starts rolling up. It seems too good to be true, so she remains stationary for a few . . . missed . . . beats; she half-expects it to start rolling back down, but when it doesn't--Jess leaps back into the driver's seat!

She gives the center of the wheel a smack, hoping the horn will alert people of her intent to geddafukout, but nothing happens. She blinks, looks around, and there sees the 'horn' lit-up on the control panel, "Oh!" Jab, jab; honk, honk!

As bad as she wants to cut and run, the driver makes herself wait a steady five-count. Five. She shifts into gear, but keeps her foot on the break. Four. The hazard lights come on, beaming red from the truck's ass. Three. Jess jabs the button on the door panel, dropping the window loud enough that her scream will be heard outside the cab. Two. "Let's go!" One. She watches in the side-view window as a few more bodies combat roll into the flatbed. Done. Her feet dance on the pedals: clutch, break, shift, accelerator.

Talking to herself, she murmurs, "Steady, be steady." Grind! Cth-cth-gngr. Jess cringes at the sound, but ahas triumphantly when truck MOVES! Within a few seconds, the vehicle rumbles through the open bay door! It's an exhilarating moment, probably the most relieved and happy Jess has been in a long time, but as relieved as she is -- she's also cautious! Her nervous gaze flits from mirror to street to mirror as she passes through the empty parking lot beyond. "Fuck, don't follow, don't follow, don'--"

The truck rumbles out of the factory and into the night. The wire fence is no deterrent to its progress as it smashes through and onto a highway that will lead back to Fallcoast. No one seems to be following.

Back inside the factory, the brave Anya continues to shield the button even as barbed tongue after barbed tongue slashes at her flesh and then her bone. "The lesson was not for you" declares the voice coldly, "The newborns need to learn how to hunt and feed. I admit it was not the best lesson tonight but they will learn from it..." The mass of Leechers swarm at Anya from all directions. Some even crawling down the wall behind her. "...and at least they will not go entirely hungry."

Inside the switch room, Anya fights on with gritted teeth, spending herself in likely futile punches and kicks, choking back any noises above a grunt and a low yelp until she hears the truck rumble off. She finally screams, then, but at least the screaming doesn't last long. She collapses at last, into a pool of her own blood, broken, gasps, tries to spit out some witty comeback. Something about their impending demise, or their terminal ugliness. Brilliant ideas rush through her brilliant mind, but her thoughts are sluggish, and the only thing coming out of her mouth is more blood. She looks up, makes one final mental note on these creatures' mandibular anatomy, and closes her eyes. She'll think of Aislinn's jawline instead. Have you seen it? God! Gods? Now there's a jawline one could fall in love with.