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The First Cut
Dramatis Personae

Demi, Jalal

28 April, 2017

The movie is moving along and time to check out a first cut.


St. John's University

It has been a bit since they last shot scene for the movie, it is not fully shot yet but Jalal is taking the time to edit the footage already done to give them an idea of what still needs to be shot. He has gotten permission to use one of the media labs on the second floor as long as it didn't interfere with other users so he decides to do it on a Friday night when most students are out partying. He gives Demi a call to invite her to join him in his film-making efforts.

Demi arrives as quickly as she could. Both intrigued and horrified by what her performance may look like. A knock on the door before she slips inside. It's cool and foggy outside yet the teenager has arrived in yoga pants and an oversized sweater - she's never been fashionable and she's a native so she's used to the cold. "Hey" she greets with a warm smile, putting down her satchel bag before pulling a seat over towards the monitors. "So...did you replace me with someone who could act?" she teases.

Jalal laughs and shakes his head, "No I could never do that." He grins, "Though I did get a birthday gift that we can use as a prop." He takes out his backpack and opens it pulling out a replica sonic screwdriver, one of the fancy official merchandise ones. "My friend Madalyn got it for me for my 21st." He has he scenes cues up and smiles, "Honestly you act pretty good I think you would beat out most theatre majors."

"You say the sweetest things" Demi blushes as she checks out the screwdriver. "That was nice of her. She seems like a pretty close friend. Oh! Wait! Your birthday? Did you tell me about it and I forgot? Woah, that was so rude of me. Sorry." Now she feels terrible. "But Happy Birthday" she offers in hope of forgiveness.

Jalal blushes, "I don't think I told you, I mean we have not known each other long and I didn't want you to think I was trying to weasel a gift out of you." He nods, "Yeah she is my best friend. working on being a vet someday." He says, "I think the two of you would get along if you ever met." He blushes deeper as he adds, "I told her about you and our movie and she would like to meet you."

"Your best friend? And she wants to meet me? Oh...okay." Demi is not used to people wanting to meet her. And of course her mind is racing about what it all means. "Oh...I guess she wants to see if I'm competition?" She bites nervously on her lower lip for a moment before finding it best to change subject. "Can we watch the movie?"

Jalal shakes his head, "It's not like that at all she is seeing someone else." he lets the topic drop however as he starts to play the movie, "This is still pretty much raw footage but it will give us an idea." He watches Demi more than the movie since he has seen the footage and wants to see her reaction.

"Oh...sorry...I think all kinds of...umm...anyway. Movie." Demi settles in to watch the flick - or at least what there is. She grimaces whenever she is on screen but she's not /awful/ so there is that. "Do I really look like that?" she blushes...though at least she's smiling. "You're really good" she points out before a little applause when it's done. "That wasn't terrible" she giggles.

Jalal grins, "I thought it was pretty good since it was both of our first movie." He grins, "And Yeah you do look like that." from his voice inflection it is clear he thinks that is a good thing. He blushes once more at the praise and he says, "We still need to come up with a good ending and get that professor you know to do some scenes as the Doctor but I have seen worse on-line." he smiles, "You will be famous."

"Oh...I don't want to be famous" Demi frowns. "Not /really/ famous. That would be a bad idea. And as for that professor, not sure we can rely on him. He's been away quite a while now. Might have to figure out a new ending or something." There is a little frown at how their plans haven't gone as...umm...planned. "But you're the genius, Jalal. You can come up with an awesome ending regardless of the circumstances."

Jalal nods to her, 'Alright I think I can do it." he grins, "Maybe with the crew driver we can shoot some scenes with the Doctor without ever really showing him." He grins as ideas swirl around in his head. He nods to her, "Well I am not sure Youtube makes anyone for reals famous just you know like on the internet."

"Oh...on the internet. So only famous for five seconds" Demi laughs. "Though I guess it's also always there..." Her identity is supposed to be secret with her new lifestyle. "Maybe I can use a different name for my acting? You think that would work?" She laughs softly. "At least I wasn't naked."

Jalal nods to her, 'Yeah Jill we can put another name on it, I mean not like you will be on IMDB or anything.' oh she just said naked, the image one would expect flashes through his mind for a brief moment and he blushes, granted he has never seen the actual image but he has an imagination. He looks back at the screen and sputter a bit, "Um yeah what name would you want to use?" that is the ticket, focus on something creative at the moment.

"Ummm...what's a pretty cool name that's nothing like Jill Valentine" Demi muses. "Alexandra Wyngarde. Does that work?" A pause. "I have no idea where that came from" she adds with a laugh. "Maybe cut it down to Alex Wynn? Does that sound too fake?" His blushing she misses completely...of course. Jalal grins, "I like that sounds very regal.' He says, "Like a Victorian heroine." He joins her in the laugh, "I think Alex Wynn works pretty well too." He grins, "Maybe i should use one two, though not sure i could think of a good one like that."

Demi puts her metaphorical thinking cap on to come up with a name or Jalal. "Al...Bravo. Yeah, Al Bravo as Inspector Time. Or that old classic 'Max Power'." Of course she watches 'The Simpsons'. "Victorian would be pretty cool. Though I guess it's a bit too late to go all Steampunky. Hey, are you going to the Medieval Fair?"

Jalal grins, "Al Bravo I like that, after all Jalal means Glorious and Bravo means brave so I am sorta keeping things along the same line.' He nods, "Yeah I was thinking about it, don't know a lot about history but it should be fun." He gets a flash of courage and asks, "Are you going? Do you want to go together?" He adds the second question without even realizing he is saying it at first.

"I want to go" Demi nods enthusiastically, "Though not sure what I can go as to a real medieval fair, you know? Do I have to go as a peasant? Or maybe a lady? Am I allowed to go as a warrior? Maybe I should go as a witch?" A shrug before she nods to his second question. "Of course we can go together" she giggles, perhaps missing any date implications. Not because she doesn't like him but more because before her Awakening she was more ugly duckling than swan.

Jalal nods to her, "I don't think you would be a peasant." he grins, "I would say lady though witch is a neat idea." He beams a bright smile when she says they can go together as he totally misses her missing the implications once he heard ‘yes’ his brain was busy singing the ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ song.

"Cool. Then give me a call when you want to go and I'll try and get a witch costume. Hey...do you think they'll burn me at the stake?" Demi looks concerned for a moment or two before shrugging it away. "And when do I get to go looking for ghosts with you and your boss?"

Jalal smiles, "I don't think so, I mean maybe they would pretend but I don't think they would actually do it, it is just a fair after all." He smiles at the second question, "Well Les.. Ms. Kruden wants to meet you first and there is paperwork to fill out." He smiles, "But it should be pretty soon after that."

"Paperwork? Oh...okay...I guess whatever it takes. Though it sounds like she doesn't really want me coming along with all this stuff to do" Demi muses. "But I shouldn't think the worst. You'll put in a good word for me, right? Have you been on any hunts lately?"

Jalal nods to her, "Yeah I did, and it is all the same paperwork I had to fill out." he says, "Mostly it is about not suing her if you get injured and that sort of thing." he nods, "Been on a couple but things have been slow recently."

"But slow ghosts is a good thing" Demi grins. "Wouldn't want ghosts everywhere, would we? How long before you think you'll fix up the script? I mean, I need to know when to..." She adopts an upper class English accent. "/orate/ properly. I can't just turn on this charm and skill."

Jalal thinks about it for a moment, "Yeah you are right." He grins, "After all a lot of ghost would like mean bad things were happening." he thinks about it, "Well finals are soon but I think I can get it done so we can do the audio right after them." He grins and says, "Well I think you are pretty charming all of the time."

"Oh stop it" Demi smirks, reaching out to gently punch Jalal on the shoulder. "You're a super charming smoothy, you." A wince. "Yeah, finals, I really need to do some studying. With these other classes I do privately, the work's adding up. But, hey, serves me right for being smart."

Jalal rocks back exaggeratedly from the punch and he blushes, "No you stop that, I am not smooth." He shakes his head to emphasize the denial. He grins, "Nothing wrong with being smart I like to think I am too." He grins, "But I have a secret weapon I remember almost everything." he says, "Really comes in handy when taking tests."

"Photographic memory? That's pretty awesome" Demi grins. "I could do with one of those" she sighs. "I could do with the answers too" she smirks before nodding. "Yeah, I think you're pretty smart...and you carry it well." A frown before she adds. "I guess I better get going. The movie looks great."

Jalal nods to her, "It really is nice sometimes almost feels like cheating." He gets up to leave when she does, "Alright well I will walk you to the bus or your ride or whatever if you want?" He offers he grows more nervous and says, 'Yeah I think it will be really good once it is done."

"Bus" Demi confirms. "One day I'll have a car. Hopefully." She waits for him to gather his gear, pulling on a beanie while she waits. "You're really cool, Jalal" she adds with a smile and a bit of a blush before they head off for the bus.