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The Curse of Sint - Return to the Woods

Part of The Curse of Sint

Dramatis Personae

Alyndra, Edwin, Wilykit, Sloan, Stefan

2 December, 2017

A group return to the woods to clear it of Sint's minions.


The Woods Near Fallcoast


Night 2. The fog has not let up all weekend. It may dissipate in one area of the city but that means it only gets stronger in another. The rolling blackouts have plunged neighborhoods into darkness. A darkness filled with screams, alarms, gunshots - the general panic of the frightened. The FPD have been doing all they can, responding to calls from everywhere and anywhere, but there is never enough of them. Places like the woods they can't even bother with for now.

In the woods yesterday, a trio of Changing Breeds faced off against an invasion of...'goblins'? They fought off those they encountered. And when we say 'fought off', we mean, 'a sasquatch ate or squashed them'. Returning to the area is Alyndra and Kitsune. Jaymee has headed out to sea to see what she can do.

New to the area are a trio of Changelings, drawn here by the strangeness that permeates the whole town but seemed more attuned to them in these woods. The fog is still thick here. It has never gone away. The car park looks down on the woods, the tips of the trees poking through the white blanket. Filling the air is the sound of...singing. Christmas Carols.

It isn't clear to Stefan how he's ended up here - yes, he walks a lot, even in the fog, but today, his mind wandered and his feet have brought him to this spot. Not where he'd intended to be, but it's easy to get turned around when the visibility is so variably poor. So it is that he's paused near a large tree to get his bearings, frowning and checking his compass. To other Lost, his silver-white glow makes him stand out even through the gloom, assuming the fog isn't thick enough to cover even that.

Sloan is not sure why he was one of the people put on goblin disturbance investigation detail, he either has shown promise or he has pissed someone off, neither one is a situation he is comfortable with. Never the less here he is in the woods, he looks around as he hears the carols and looks back to the other two lings, "You guys hearing that too?" He asks to make sure he is not crazy, "I gotta say Christmas in this town is crazy, why two years ago I had to fight these machete wielding psychos to keep them from kidnapping kids." he shakes his head, 'Then they turned to dust when I punched them." He speaks of a previous encounter with the forces of Sint.

Edwin pauses in the thickness of the fog near the parking lot - he sniffs at the air and his lips draw down into a thin line. A perplexed expression on his pale features, "This fog," he grumbles. Dressed in dark clothes - much of his form is lost in the night with the exception of his pale features and bright eyes and he nods over towards Sloan and Stefan. "Good idea to me...and that sounds like a strange Christmas," he remarks to Sloan.

Wilykit is once again all dressed up like a cosplayer doing a cross between Black Cat and Catwoman, tight leather and spandex covering her head to toe, and she only breaks 5' tall because of the heels on her boots. Well that does not mean so much at the moment given that she is crouched, squatting upon the shoulder of a massive Sasquatch. From one of the many pouches she wears plays the slow, spooky vocals and music from Steven King's The Mist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtQpM6MTugE Her masked head turns this way and that as she and her ride make their way through the fog, soon pointing to where she is able to pick other figures out.

The Sasquatch is a eight foot tall, nearly nine, monster that trudges along in the dark woods with the cosplayer on her shoulder. Her entire body is covered in a thick, fluffy coat of brown fur to keep her warm in these colder months. The woman on her shoulder would feel just how warm she is. The large mane of hair around her head is lightly frizzled from the actions the other night, just standing on end from the stress. The Sasquatch looks over to where the cat is pointing on her shoulder, and she sees the shapes in the mist and starts to make their way over there, not hiding the sound of her heavy footsteps in the dark.

Even Alyndra's footsteps can be barely heard above the Carol singing. It's like a choir of hundreds are singing somewhere in the forest, their divine notes ringing out among the trees. But there is also movement in those woods. Dark shapes cavorting - small, furtive. And the faint sound of...giggling? There are tracks at the edge of the car park. It looks like something was dragged into the bright whiteness. Something that struggled as it was taken into the fog.

Singing. Giggling. Stefan frowns, even as he upnods at Sloan, opening his mouth to say something to the ogre.. and then pausing as he catches sight of Edwin. "You. You stay the hell away from me," he hisses at the darkling, even as his concern about the situation as a whole builds. Despite being something other than human himself, his first instinct is to rationalise, and so he calls out into the darkness, "Hey, kids? It's not safe out here. Come on out and we'll get you home, yeah?" Because clearly it's children out there, not giggling monstrosities.

Sloan notices the tracks and sighs, 'I don't think they are capable of coming back out without help." He looks into the fog, "Think about it strange fog, people being taken with a struggle, this is clearly Them trying to steal more people." Poor paranoid Sloan, still he seems firm in his resolve, "We need to go help them." He starts to heads towards the curtain of fog, hoping the other lings will back him up.

Edwin's shadowy features shift into a frown towards Stefan and appears slightly indignant, "Don't worry, I am here because of," he gestures towards the woods and of course the singing with a flick of his hand. Edwin's lips purse into a thin line, about to say something more when Stefan calls out. "Yes, I don't think it is mere children out there," he mutters darkly under his breath. He nods to Sloan, trailing along behind the Ogre/Troll man and momentarily glances over his shoulder to Stefan.

Wilykit looks between each of the three once they get close enough, somewhat surprised at how fast Alyndra moves despite her footfalls being slow, such strides. One clawed/gloved hand raises to wave and then she is looking about at the local mess. The drag marks take her attention and she leaps down, crouching over them low, body moving with a feral demeanor while her face skims back and forth. She is taking in the scents, those dragged, those dragging, and especially hoping to find something bigger than the goblins in foot prints or scent left. "Strange night huh?"

The mounted Sasquatch would've come into view before long, her long strides seemed slow, but it was actually quite fast. Big steps cover a lot of ground, after all. A hand would've gone up to help Wilykit down from the shoulder she was seated on, and her gaze would turn to look at everyone here. Her eyes linger on Stefan, but she remains silent otherwise. There is too much noise around here, and she does not want to add onto anything that may otherwise hide something. Her nose sniffs the air, picking up all the scents that she can manage, her head keeping on a swivel... But when she hears Stefan saying that they might be children, her head snaps back to him and she just sorta... shakes her head like "You have no idea what's out here?" She does not bother looking at anything on the ground, because she knows she could not find anything they won't be able to.

As some descend into the woods below, they run the risk of being lost to view to those who are slow to follow. The source of singing, still loud, seems to be moving towards the ocean. And then the faint interjection of a child's scream before it is just as quickly silenced.

Oh, crap. Stefan shakes his head at Aly - he has no idea what is out here, but something is making a small person scream. He's not the fastest runner, but he turns and legs it towards that sound, catching up with those who are descending, his expression increasingly worried. "Anyone got a clue what the fuck is going on?" he asks, to the woods at large and anyone who cares to answer.

Sloan blinks at the sight of the talking Sasquatch, however before any of the dozens of questions he has can be voiced he hears the scream and sees Stefan take off running, "Damn it, we run off like that They will pick us off one at a time." He shakes his head, "I'll take point, form up." He says wondering is any of the assembled have proper training, he starts to move down the path where Stefan ran not running but moving quickly while still trying to keep from blundering into an ambush.

Edwin's overall senses seem to be heightened given the 'oddness' of the situation, his head swivels slowly from side to side as he does the best he can to stay vigilant. Pale locks sway with the motion and his jaw clenches at the sudden child's cry. "No clue, but it is clearly messed up..." he mutters. The massive Sasquatch garners a curious look, but dips his head slightly as he picks up the pace as Stefan starts running towards the woods. "Slow down," he calls out to Stefan. He nods quickly towards Sloan, "Sounds good to me," he follows along behind the Ogre/Troll.

Wilykit takes what information she got from scenting the trail but upon hearing the child's scream, is having none of that! A look up to make sure Alyndra is coming then Kit breaks into a run, slipping through the guys on her way. "Will try slowing them, catch up!" And now she goes quiet mode, concentrating on her senses rather than being a smart ass. Because endangered child...

The Sasquatch perks up when she hears the screaming in the distance, over the sound of the music and the giggling. This... Is not good. Child. Possible. There is not even a moment’s pause before she turns to the sound and starts to walk slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed, faster and faster she runs, quickly outpacing Stefan in no time and becoming the head of the group. If something attacks them from the front, she will be the one to get the brunt of the blow!

The group charge down the hill and to the forest floor. The fog is thick though not as thick as the night before. The shapes that flit around in the white can be seen much easier - if only briefly. And that damn singing is not too far away now. 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' as sung by a hundred child voice - though there is now a roughness to it.

A line is forming in front of the Sasquatch, a few hundred yards away. A line of 'goblins' with their sharp needle dagger swords held in front of them.

Wilykit is just not having anyone that child stealing stuff, slowing and turning to the side when seeing the line of goblins, her right hand brushes her thigh before whipping up, a claw shaped throwing knife spinning out and throating one nasty critter.

Charging on down towards that line, Stefan seems to be acting on pure instinct rather than with much rational thought behind it. His sole aim is to flatten some of those goblins - he thunders his way down there, leaps at one and takes a swing - but the damned thing is too quick, seeing him coming and dodging with ease. There's a low, frustrated snort from the Broadback.

Stefan may have missed hitting anything but his flailing arms was enough to put off the goblin that tried to skewer him. The three feet tall, naked creature ducking rather than aiming.

Sloan lets out a mighty bellow as he rushes the third group of goblin, his righteous anger surging through his muscles giving him even more power than normal he interlocks his fingers and swings his arms as a double sledge at the creatures but the goblin deftly ducks under the blow getting clipped by it and hurt but managing to avoid the brunt of the blow.

Edwin rushes into towards the same group as Stefan with a sour look on his face, he takes a swing at one and tickles the one goblin's side.

The goblins attacked by Sloan don't seem too bothered by the big ogre. In return, their slim blades pierce his flesh, drawing blood...as they giggle about it.

All around her, Alyndra sees her allies killing and attacking the monsters around her. She looks though the melee, spotting one of the nearest gobbos she can! Lifting a large arm, she points thick finger directly at it, and does a dead sprint for it, swiping down with her left hand, gripping that thing by the throat, hefting it up and dropping it, only for her large foot to come swinging up to land a hit directly where the sun never shined for it, sending it flying off to the back ranks.

The last group of Goblins go for Cosplay-Girl. But maybe there's more to her than a fondness for dressing up. They can't hit her as she darts and dives.

Wilykit dives over the pointy that a gobby tries to stick into one of her more prominent features, just no thanks to that! Rolling back onto her feet she continues that side motion, trying to work her way behind the line to bypass them and keep on going for the suspected child. Irritated at the line having slowed her, a hand brushes under her hair, coming up with another knife to throw, this time deeply through an eye socket. Who says T&A cannot Kick A!

Flailing around isn't doing a great deal, and Stefan is too much in the beast to do more than that, so he takes a moment to pause, to take deep breaths and try to get his wits about him. Rather than try to punch another goblin, he instead throws himself at the line of assholes blocking the way, allllmost but not quite breaking through, bouncing back like a failed charge on a Red Rover line.

Sloan watches the blood flow from the wounds he has receives, he snarls and nails the same one he had before with an uppercuts rocking the goblin back.

Edwin pauses in his attack, eyes nearly closing as he keeps the goblins in front of him - obvious something is occurring and slowly he fades to a shade of what he once was. Once in that state he walks right through one of the goblins and heads towards the beach beyond the nasties.

Stefan's failed barge through did at least knock the stuffing out of them. A bit dazed, they fail to hit him in return. Stumbling into each other rather than spearing Stefan.

The giant sasquatch just punted one of the compatriots through the air so the last of the goblins decide to spear her with their swords. And spear they do. With Alyndra a little distracted, their blades pierce her fur to draw blood.

Wilykit was having no luck working her way around the goblin line, even with shortening one side but she sees what some of the others begin working at, piling and otherwise going at the line. Taking their example, rather than throwing another knife, she swerves her run, long legs stretching out just like back in the old gymnast days. Bounce, bounce, bounce, leap! She tucks and flips mid air, spine twisting and legs scissoring out to twist her about for the landing.

Okay. Think. -Think-. Stop letting instinct override intellect! Stefan stops, stands perfectly still for a moment, his feet rooted in the leafless and spindly remains of the forest floor, his fists clenching at his sides. Throwing his head back he _bellows_ at the skies, and those who are able to see his mien witness the silver-glow that surrounds him flash brightly for a moment as he calls on a power he barely comprehends, letting it flood through him and upwards to the skies above. Difficult to see through the fog, but clouds gather and a piercing hailstorm begins to crash down through the leafless canopy, shards of ice and blinding snow whirling around, dragging branches and rocks up from the ground in a deadly swirl - but somehow nothing hits Stefan or his four fellow goblin-punchers.

The head of the Sasquatch moves all around, the critters fall and her friends advance forwards down the beach. She moves to follow them, but leaping out of the mist is one of the goblins to stab her right in the back! The long, sharp needle sword digs into her flesh and bone until it comes out the other side of her chest, the pointy bit showing as if she has a quill of metal on her chest. Hot blood starts to pour from her wound, her eyes grow crazy from the pain that screams though her body! She shakes her body, flinging the critter from her back, bringing that sword with them. The ground physically shakes as she takes a step forward to prevent herself from doubling over. Something in the air shifts around the gentle giant, something about her is not... right. It could be the sound of bones snapping, reforming and growing longer. Her flesh becomes thicker, harder, her fluffy fur mats down into a thick shell of fur as she grows a few feet taller, becoming a solid ten foot in height. Mist, or possibly smoke, rolls off her body. Her eyes shine in the mist, being the only real light in the dark around them. The new monster has an air of bloodlust about it as it leaps forwards, chomping down on one of the little monsters and just flailing it around in her mouth before spitting it back out. Thick goblin blood sprays about as she did that.

Edwin continues to rush towards the beach area in his phantom state - able to pass through the material objects in his way. He calls out loudly, "They have sacks they are taking them toward a raft!" He continues on pursuing the nasty little evil goblins.

Sloan has had just about enough of this goblin's shenanigans with always dancing just out of his reach that end now. he reaches down into the dark he can't remember the countless fights he had to survive and pulls forth that experience. He swings high this time, the goblin getting confident and ducking under it just in time to get scooped up by the ogre’s other arm and lifted into the air. Sloan then reverses the momentum of the creature to bring it down spine first over his knee and there is a sickening crunch. Sloan casts the body aside and says one word, "Broken."

Their numbers thinning, two of the goblins try to get Wilykit but she's far too wily. She could be standing still and they'd have no hope. Even when they are behind her they can't lay a blade on her.

Alyndra cannot really be reasoned with, nor does she really have any goals right now other than killing the small green things with pointy bits of metal. The one she had flung before had gotten back up, and is already trying to stab someone else! Not while she's still kicking. The Sasquatch stomps their way over to the goblin, a low grown escapes the mist shrouded monster as she suddenly leaps, fangs bared and sinks her teeth into the screeching goblin. Her teeth dig into their neck, going deep and hard. The sound of bone snapping and flesh tearing is heard, but she lets the thing go as she does not want to swallow any of the blood. Who knows what it may do to her? What sorta illnesses these things carry? Not her.

Wilykit purses her lips within her mask, concentrating on her animal speed, fighting against it not wanting to let loose in this form as much. As the cat gives in, her feet kick up dirt, legs churning as she plays cheetah, while moving for the bag loading affair. One pump of her arms, includes a flick of the wrist, sending another blade wising up towards the farthest bag carrier to hopefully gum up the whole process. She seems pretty confident in the others making it through and or finishing the goblins off.. or she just does not care and /needs/ to stop children from being taken!

Swaying on his feet amidst the swirling snow and ice, Stefan lurches forwards, down onto all-fours. An easy target for the goblin bastards, right? WRONG! Snorting and panting under his breath, his body begins to change, to swell up with muscle and fur, getting significantly larger and more.. bullish. In moments the wyrd power flowing through him takes him from being a man to the beast that his Keeper forced him to be, a large brown-furred bull with broad horns and powerful muscles. A low groan escapes his mouth, along with bellowed human words. "Still friend. Put small ones on back." Shaking himself off, he begins to trot swiftly in the direction of the river and the raft.

After the Bane-like display on the one previous goblin, Sloan simply turns to the last one in group 3 and levels him with a well places headbutt after all it is not like ogres use their heads for thinking.

Wilykat's knife finds its target and the goblin drops the sack without hesitation, easier to run away now. The appearance of a giant bull also causes some goblins to take to their quivering knees. Sacks, the contents still struggling, are piled up on the shore next to a raft but, for the moment, there is no one to load them on.

Still in his shadowy state, Edwin has moved beyond the now kneeling goblins and his venom-filled words flow from him, "That is right stay there and you all shall have to deal with our wrath. You've all made a grave mistake - we'll grind your bones into dust as you scream in agony for our pleasure." Between the goblins and the sacks, he remains planted, a dark, shadowy form with gleaming pale pupils.

More and more mist/smoke bellows off of the Sas' as she moves over to the new target of the middle group, falling to her knees and gripping that thing. It squirms and screeches as it is lifted up to their mouth, and in one swift movement the head is bitten clean off of the body and spat aside. The giant stands up from the ice covered ground and takes a step backwards. The sounds of snapping bone and tearing flesh echoes though the beach once more as the giant lets out a horrible yell, a pained yell of something pushing itself beyond it's limits. Down and down the creature shrinks until the shape in the mist is about six feet tall. They wordlessly just fall backwards, landing on their back into the sand.

The goblins are gone. They're run into the woods or lie in pieces on the ground. Some may even be in Alyndra's belly. The singing has stopped. No more Carols. But there are about ten sacks that have something in them. That something being a dazed and confused child who doesn't even know their name. There is no sign of a ship. Wherever that is, it is miles away. The raft bobbing on the icy water, empty but waiting.

Wilykit is... Without a fight now, shadows and bulls and falling sasquatches about shaking things up. A few settling breaths to shake off the adrenaline and then she is beginning to see to the kid-bags, carefully knifing one open then checking inside. her voice has a low, pleasant purring, a reassuring softness. "Haaaay there, you are ok, everything is going to be fine."

Hoofing it (ha!) over to the raft, Stefan-as-bull begins to nose at the bags, trying to figure out how to undo the ties with his teeth. "Children, you are safe now. Children, we will bring you home." He's trying to be soothing, bless him, but his voice is a low bellow; there is no gradient between 'silent' and 'shout'. Stupid animal-form.

Once the fight is over at the front line Sloan heads over to Alyndra's unconscious body and picks her up carefully. He starts to head towards where the others are to rescue the kids. "The way out is clear." He announces to the rest of the group. He looks over to the cosplayer, "I didn't see what happened but your friend collapsed."

The once shadowy form of Edwin appears to solidify, and his feet slightly sink into the sand on the beach, a wide toothy grin showing on his features. Attention flickers over his fellow changelings and works to assist with unbagging the children, "That is right, you're all safe." Reassurance vibrates in his rich baritone - followed by a heavy sigh. The approach of the Stefan-Bull and Sloan totting Alyndra draws his gaze once more - critically glancing it her over for signs of wounds. "Rough night..." he mutters under his breath.