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The Child - The Sewers

Part of The Child

Dramatis Personae

Abdiel, Brigitte, Elly, Kian

22 January, 2017

Hunters have a lead on the location of a Diaboliques base.


The Sewers


Yesterday some Hunters were ambushed by the L'Enfant Diaboliques in the woods. They thought they were going to the location of the Antichrist but...as perhaps should be expected...it was a trap. Later that same night, Hunters on the University campus were shot at by person or persons unknown but since the Diaboliques have decreed that all Hunters who do not surrender or leave town by the end of the week will be killed...it's not hard to guess who was behind it.

So all Hunters are on alert and warned to be wary. But that shouldn't stop missions. Especially those focused on the Diaboliques. Hence why Brigitte and Kian are in...the sewers? The Frenchwoman sighs as she peers down the barrel of her shotgun into the darkness ahead - the flashlight strapped to the gun not doing a whole lot more than helping stop her walk in the shit that flows past their feet. "Whoever thought that they were hiding down here obviously does not know their leader. I hear that Collingswood is a snob. Snobs don't hide in sewers."

Kian follows Brigitte into the sewers in his dragonskin with a rifle on a sling. He looks around "Why is it always sewers? Why can’t evil cults ever hide in malls or in strip clubs or candy factories?" His flashlight is clipped to his chest while there’s another on his rifle. this way if he has to medic up he can do it in a hurry. His armor has medic tags on it and a little patch that says 'The Damned Die Hard'. You’d think he was smoking while he walked but it’s one of those fancy lollipops in his mouth. It smells like watermelon.

"I've seen evil cults in strip clubs" Brigitte notes though her eyes are locked forwards. "Very distracting though. Especially when the strippers have teeth in their tits. Gives a new meaning to 'Killer Rack'." They reach a T-Junction and she sweeps her light up both directions. "So...left or right." A sniff of the air. "Both ways smell as bad. Your decision, Doc."

Kian looks around as he thinks. He looks to see which direction the poop is coming from "I say we go in whatever direction less poop is coming from. I would assume piles of shit kind of take away from how easy it is to cast doomsday rituals. I mean its gotta get everywhere." Yes that sounds reasonable to him. He has an ok knowledge of occult rituals. that should help.

Brigitte and Kian are down in the sewers on the prowl for the location of L'Enfants Diaboliques. That organisation of evil Lucifuge who protect the Antichrist have decided Hunters are an endangered species and are soon to be wiped out. There is information that they have a hideout in the sewer...rather than a strip club...so some lucky members of the Vigil are down here.

"Less shit sounds good to me" Brigitte nods before indicating west. "That way then. Hey, Doc, Elly is one of yours, right? What can you tell me about her?"

Kian looks down the less shitty tunnel before answering "Don’t hit on her. She broke 2 of my ribs last time I tried to sleep with her." he might be joking. He pulls out a glow stick, cracks it and puts it somewhere dry to mark the junction if they have to run back in horror from say...a wave of zombie rats.

"He can tell you that I hate being late to the party, and I like wading through shit even less." Elly says as she rounds the corner to join the group. A bandana is tied over her face to help with the stink - Vick's Vapor rub in the cloth keeping the stench at bay. "Find anything good?"

"Good warning to know" Brigitte nods to Kian, a look of disappointment on her face. And then there's the woman in question herself. "I didn't know you were coming, Elly. Nice to see you. Can't do much about the shit, sorry." She waits for the glow stick to be placed before shaking her head. "Haven't found anything yet. Kian thinks we should be looking in strip clubs. But that may just be hope talking." The Frenchwoman looks to both of them. "Shall we?" Off they go westwards.

Kian rolls his eyes "I was joking. Geeze. Honestly if it were up to me we would be checking holy sites and ley line areas. They tend to be crawling with cultists and Mormons. both groups that need bullets." He walks with Brigitte while he enjoys his candy. he offers them both a fancy Sees lollipop that is either a latte, chocolate or watermelon one. "It helps with the smell."

Elly snags one of the offered lollipops, tucking it into a pocket. "Thanks." she murmurs, not about to risk eating shit with accidental sucker-splash. "What kind of ritualists are we talking about? Voodoo? Cultists? Evil wiccans?" The last offered with a slight snicker.

"L'Enfants Diaboliques" Brigitte explains to Elly - and she can say French words very well. "They are a group of renegade Lucifuge who are protecting the Antichrist...who is hidden in town. They've decided to declare war on us." She takes the chocolate lollipop and shoves it into her jacket pocket. "They almost killed Eloise and Hawker yesterday. One of those deaths would have been regrettable." They head deeper into the sewers. The concrete walls giving way to old bricks and mortar. "Must be some of the original tunnels."

Kian nods slowly as he goes "One day I want to see Jedi Cultists. And yeah without hawker around id be the only guy left in my book club." he takes out another of the small glow sticks and put it in the walls at semi regular intervals. He looks around and checks the old brick "Hmm...Remind me to next time we do this to bribe a member of the DWP to get a detailed utilities map." he pulls out his phone and pulls up a basic map of the public utilities. The kind plumbers can get.

"The Devil's Children?" Guessing at the translation of the group name before pausing. "The... /THE/ antichrist? Huh. Small fucking world. But if I had to hide a nuke like that, I'd pick a podunk shithole, too." Elly murmurs, looking the walls over when the texture of them seems to change.

"Their leader is a snob. Most likely the Antichrist is hiding in a mansion like the last time we almost had him. But if you mean Fallcoast is the shithole..." Brigitte nods sagely. "This place seems to attract everything under the sun and moon. It's not right." A small door in the wall attracts her attention. It is probably just a maintenance door...and for hobbits since it's only three feet tall...but they should check it all out.

The map that Kian has managed to get is pretty broad and there is at least one tunnel that is not marked on it. This door certainly isn't. She checks to see if it is unlocked...no such luck. "Anyone good with locks?" she asks her companions.

Kian looks at the map then the tunnel then the map again "Ah hah! I was right. This tunnel isn’t on the map! So the less shit there is the more chance you’ll find the antichrist. Venn Diagram that shit and call me a genius." He looks at the door and goes closer "What’s this made of?"

Abdiel shows up sure enough with the group, having followed the glow sticks and caught up with the group. "What are we hunting down here? You know what sort of creatures love the sewers?" He asks curiously as he tries to keep from getting too filthy if he can help it. He just knows the brown stuff isn’t mud.

"We're looking for Diaboliques" Brigitte informs Abdiel. "Heard you saw them yesterday. We've got info that they have a hideout down here." She crouches down to fiddle with the lock with hairpin and clumsy fingers. Thankfully it isn't much of a lock and it clicks open. "Elly, guard this door. We may need to make a quick exit." Pointing her flashlight/shotgun through the door shows a corridor, still only three feet high, leading off. "I'll go first I guess." Crouching down she shuffles through the door.

Kian looks into the tunnel. 3 feet high really? damn it. He grumbles as he crouches down "You know this would be easier if someone just brought a shotgun."

Brigitte stops along the tunnel to turn a little towards Kian to show off her shotgun. "What's this? Scotch mist?" Then it is back to crawling down the corridor. "I do not think this is a maintenance shaft." It starts to slope downwards now and, thankfully, widens a little but still only three feet high. "Looks like there is some light ahead" she notes before flicking off her flashlight. A dim glow ahead borders what looks like another door. Abdiel follows along grunting a little now that he was on his hands and knees crawling down the corridor. "Be careful we do not know if we are crawling our way into one of their traps." He says to try and keep people alert as he moves along.

Kian nods "I agree with Abdiel. Ladies first." Kian firmly believes in gender equality when it means that he’s not likely to get chewed on by the antichrist.

"I'm hoping the trap would have been on that first door. Or maybe the whole thing is?" Brigitte shrugs. "Not the first time I've had to blast my way out of a trap." She reaches the next door and, after a quick scan of the edges, pushes it gently to see if it is locked. It is not. It swings easily and she peers through a small gap. "A big room" she whispers to the others. "No sound...wait. I can see a nunja. They're like cockroaches. There are five you can't see for everyone you can. But we won't get anything done out here. Any ideas?"

Kian looks at Abdiel "Did she says Nunja or Ninja. Because if there’s a hive of ninjas I don’t wanna deal with them. They suck to deal with. "I believe she said nunja, meaning a nun ninja. I do not understand why a faction focused on serving demons must dress like clergy. Quite frankly I am offended greatly." Abdiel says calmly.

"That's probably the idea, Abdiel. To offend God" Brigitte points out before peering at Kian. "You haven't heard about the nunjas? I hope you're good in a fight." With that she pushes the door open and slips into the large, brickwork chamber. An orange glow from fires at the far end is the only light so they are in semi-darkness at first.

The center of the room has a wide sewerage channel running through it; the contents a dark, thick liquid with a greenish tint. The nunja that Brigitte spotted sits on a balcony half way up the high walls, a crossbow resting on her lap. She does not look in their direction but rather to three men struggling to push a huge sarcophagus towards the water.

Kian nods slowly "You know I hope this is the cult were looking for and not a completely different cult. That’s embarrassing when that happens."

"A cult is a cult" Brigitte shrugs as she watches from the darkness. "So...four targets. Only one seems to be armed. And we should really see what's in that sarcophagus. You armed, Doc? You know how to use that bow, Abdiel?"

Kian chuckles softly and moves in after her with his rifle up now "You say that now but watch, there’s gonna be a cult that wants it to rain candy in the name of their god Will.e Wonka and you’ll stop them and regret it." he has his gun up.

"I don’t think any other cult would have Nunjas." Abdiel says as he readies his bow and looks to the nunja and the people tending to the coffin. "What would you like to do?" He asks Brigitte since she is the one with the shotgun.

Brigitte wasn't here to be the leader of this little expedition. Most of the time she is just muscle, even after decades of military service. She nods to the nunja on the balcony. "Your bow would have a better chance of getting her than my shotgun. And if you can do it in one shot, and quiet, then those others still won't know we're here. So why don't you ask God for some assistance and shoot the bitch. Kian, get ready if he can't do it in one."

Kian looks at the others and shrugs a bit "Yeah I can do it. Wasn’t a sniper but I’m sure I can handle it." he didnt wanna take command since Brigitte knows more about what’s going on than he does.

Abdiel nods as he readies his bow, pulling an arrow from his quiver to nock it and ready it for firing, pulling the string back and looks over the woman as he readies himself. He then nods and opens fire, watching the arrow fly through the air for its target.

The arrow sails straight and true. The head piercing the nunja's throat and fixing her to the bricks behind. Brigitte nods slowly. "Nice short, Abdiel." The three men are unaware as they push the sarcophagus to the edge of the sewer channel and there they stop to catch their breath. "Let's go see what's going on" Brigitte whispers to the others before standing.

Kian goes after them slower as he keeps his rifle up overwatching the situation. There could be zombie crocs down here.

Abdiel nods as he nocks another arrow to be ready to fire when he needs it to be. For now he focuses on going with the group to where they need to go. "Should we stop them from trying to dispose of the sarcophagus?" He asks curiously.

Kian perks up "yeah yeah do that. It would look great in my lounge!"

"I think that would be a good idea" Brigitte nods before she simply strides out into the light towards the men. "Bonjour! Would you mind telling me what you are doing with that?" A nod towards the sarcophagus. The men burst into action. Two of them pushing the object once more into the water. It teeters on the edge. While the other runs for a pile of guns in the corner.

Kian goes in behind Brigitte "IRS! Drop the Casket and put your W-2's above your head!"

"I don't think so" Brigitte mutters at the man going for the weapons as she lifts her shotgun and fires in one fluid motion. The man is hit and hurt...badly. But he’s not dead. He still tries to drag himself forward.

Abdiel pulls the string back and aims the arrow before firing the arrow, hitting it into one of the men who was coming for them. Abdiel then pulls another arrow out and begins the process of readying it for aim.

Kian fires his rifle into the roof "Ok idiots hands or various appendages up. I don’t feel like holding back these psychos. Let’s face it, that guy has a bow and were still kicking your asses. You can either surrender now or we can raise your corpses and interrogate you that way. I don’t wanna do that, its messy and it leaves stains." his tone is completely serious even if he’s not sure how to actually do what he just said.

Two of the men are on the ground in various stages of injury. The third, at Kian's words, puts his hands up. In doing so, the sarcophagus wobbles a little before tilting into the sewerage. A huge splash as it hits the thick liquid. Dark...something...spattering through the air. Out of the sarcophagus seeps a golden hued liquid. The water bubbling now.

Brigitte keeps her shotgun on the men as she walks slowly over towards them. A frown at the way the sarcophagus is now in the water. "That was pretty stupid of you" she frowns. Her frown growing more pensive as the water starts to bubble. "Let's get these guys tied up and out of here." Though when she looks at the two wounded, she has to wonder if they're worth taking.

Kian pulls out some zip ties and offers some to Brigitte. Why everyone doesn’t carry those he has no idea. They are the good ones that the police use. He goes over slowly "Don’t touch the bubbling stuff if you can avoid it."

"Because most of the time they don't surrender" Brigitte replies as she takes some of the ties and attends to the wounded men. She may still just leave them there though. The woman eyes off the bubbling sewer as the gold hue starts to expand. "That's not good. Abdiel, can you bless that water or something?"

Kian ties up the others and snickers "yes bless the poo water. Please do that." he couldn’t resist. He hopes that one of the cultists laughs too so he has back up.

Abdiel lowers his bow and looks over the water and nods. "I will see about doing it." Abdiel says a bit hesitantly as he goes about reciting the prayer in Latin, incorporating the sacrament into the act to strengthen the power.

As Abdiel prays at the sewerage water, Brigitte grabs the two wounded and drags them to their feet. The one she shot is unlikely to make it - she isn't bandaging him up - so she lets him drop back to the ground. The other though has an arrow wound that can be used in torture.

The water reacts to the blessing. It hisses and spits at Abdiel, spattering his clothes with who knows what. The golden hue intensifies, like it is going to explode, but then it disappears out of the huge room along the sewerage river. "Anyone have any idea what that was?" Brigitte asks the others. "Though I have a feeling we're going to see it again."

Kian looks at that and quirks a brow "Hmm. Interesting. I’ll have to take some samples." he nudges a cultist "You guys are oddly silent, why don’t you clear up what that’s all about? Come on tell us how we are all doomed and such."

"Maybe they don’t know anything of what that is?" He says as he tries to wipe the spat on slime off his clothes. "I wonder if the church will pay for drycleaning?" He mutters more to himself then to anyone specific before looking at the woman. "So let’s go back to base and interrogate these two men, unless you want me to heal the third one to drag him with us?

"No, don't waste prayers on him" Brigitte replies to Abdiel. "He'd probably burn up anyway." She peers closer at the cultist in her hands before frowning. "Though not sure how much we'll get out of them. Their tongues have been cut out. But let's get back to the Society and see what we can do. I don't like sewer life."

Kian quirks "Their tongues were cut out? Oh well give ‘em a pen and paper. problem solved."

"I like how you always see the upside, Doc. Come on, let's go" Brigitte recommends, pushing ahead her captive as they make their way back to the exit. Hopefully Elly will still be alive and well at the end of the tunnel. She stops and looks back. "How did they get the sarcophagus in here?" A problem for another day.

"I don’t know but I think that will be one of the questions I have for them when we get back to the society." Abdiel says as he follows along. "I admit I am not that much more fun of sewer life either. I think I prefer to be clean."

Kian shrugs "A healthy mind is a positive mind. And damn it that was my first question for them. That thing is huge. I want it too. I’ll figure it out."