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Thanksgiving Gala 2016
Dramatis Personae

Calliope, Evens, Harrison, Milo, Neferet

20 November, 2016



Hyacinth Ridge Country Club Ballroom

The Thanksgiving Gala is being hosted by Calliope Fund. The proceeds of the evening will be directly applied to the free turkey dinner on Friday, which everyone is invited to, though it's specifically intended for under privileged locals. Throughout the night, Calliope will be encouraging any of the well-to-do guests from this evening, who want to participate, to come and serve the meals and/or help clean up.

This evening's festivities have been set up as a sort of formal fun fair type event. One purchases tickets for $25 each, and uses these tickets to participate in games or activities. There's also a silent auction with items donated by local business owners (OOC: To bid, see Thanksgiving_Gala_2016_Silent_Auction and @mail your bid to Calliope, winners will be announced tomorrow).

Games include: Indoor mini golf, face painting, dart-toss (pop a balloon and win a prize!), bean bag toss, water balloon basket toss, guess the item (put your hand in a sealed container, feel the item, and guess what it is), twinkle jar (guess the number of precious gems of various types, shapes, cuts, etc, in a jar), and much more. It's like a carnival, but for the upper class. All activities are designed to be mostly formal-wear friendly.

Drinks and finger foods are being circulated by wait staff, or one can help oneself to the buffet or visit the cash bar. The latter two are in one of the event rooms with tables set out for a quieter place to rest and refresh oneself.

Evens is in attendance, a drink in hand as he mingles with the crowd. He grins, looking over the different amusements present. His arm, is conspicuously empty - no Oksana with him tonight. His meandering has him wandering over to the items on auction, glancing over each in turn.

Calliope is dressed in crimson tonight (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/571323902713364828/), adorned with Fortier Diamonds dripping from her throat, earlobes, and wrists. She arrived with Autumn Strand, who was promptly presented with a business emergency and had to make a rapid departure. The young woman pouts for a moment, looking disappointed but understanding. Then she helps herself to a glass of champagne and puts on a smile. She's surrounded by too many awesome games to spend the night sulking. But for now she must play hostess, since the evening is in her charity's name. "Mr. Fortier!" She sort of leans to the side as she looks behind him, as if Oksana might be hiding behind him or something. And who knows, she might be... She's done it before! But seeing that the young Russian isn't present, she gives Evens a questioning look. It verges on accusing. Like... How dare he show up without Calli's new friend!? "And your lovely fiancee? Is she well?"

Milo Cavanaugh walks in, pausing as he gets just inside and leaning on his cane. This twenty-six something man stands 5'11", and is ruggedly handsome with an easy smile and laughing eyes in a heart-shaped face. His hair is sandy brown and wavy. He looks a bit weak, like he is recovering from an illness, and carries a pure titanium walking cane adorned with a metal dragon pommel. He is wearing an Alexander McQueen grey wool blazer with embroidered darker grey butterflies in a diagonal line down from right to left. He has paired it with a dark grey Dries Van Noten tapered pleated wool-gabardine trousers. Underneath the blazer is a lightweight black wool and silk-blend rollback sweater. He is also wearing white Alexander McQueen exaggerated-sole leather sneakers, with black backs. (Played by a young Richard Gere, SL 1). He sees Calliope and smiles, but waits until she is done with her current conversation before approaching.

Evens smiles pleasantly as Calliope arrives. "Calliope, you look stunning. Quite the picture of grace and beauty." The man offers, giving her a bow of his head. "Non, Oksana sends her regards - but she was not feeling well this evening, so she's taken to bed." He admits, a bit ruefully. "She did not wish me to miss this gala, however." The man glances around, before his eyes return to the lovely lady in crimson. "Quite the effort, Calliope. Top marks." A sly grin. "And your jewelry choice is impeccable."

Calliope does a little spin. "Thank you. I felt it was appropriate to wear fall colours tonight." She lifts a hand to her necklace and laughs, "I know, right? I just had these old things lying around and figured, I should dust them off and take them out for a spin." She makes a soft 'aww' sound before adding, "Well I hope that Oksana is feeling well soon." She spots Milo and flashes him a grin as well, and a wave. She excuses herself from her current conversation so she can meet the military man at least half way. "Good evening, Mr. Cavanaugh, I'm so glad you could come."

Milo approaches, meeting here at exactly the half way point indeed, and smiles. "Calliope, this evening is perfect. I suspect the gala will be a great success. You look stunning, especially with those diamonds. I saw your escort was called away, which is unfortunate, would you mind if I kept you company for the evening in his stead, strictly as an admiring fan of course." He grins at her, a lopsided friendly grin.

Evens smirks. "Those old things..." He grins. "I think those were some of my father's designs." He muses, taking a sip from his drink as she steps off to speak with the others - smiling as she plays hostess.

"Thank you for the offer, Mr. Cavanaugh," Calliope says to Milo with a charming smile. "I'm hoping it's a minor emergency, though, and that he will return. I will, however, challenge you to some of these games. Because I haven't even tried any of them yet. And you as well, Mr. Fortier! Come on now, let's try that fishing pond thing over there. I've never fished in my life but I'm assured it's not that difficult."

Big blue dresses up quiet well when he wants to. Sure enough, there is Detective Cavanaugh in his dress blues! The man is certainly well-decorated, the formal blue police officer uniform traditionally worn for black tie events. The outfit is quite formal, with buttons leading up to a mandarin collar - white gloves, and a white formal hat. On his chest, over his heart, his golden Fallcoast Police Department Detective First Class badge. The man is armed, of course - he's an active police officer. Adorning his shoulder is a cord that denotes him as SWAT... and the brass on his right breast pocket looks like it adds a few pounds to the man, for there is so much there. Yes... he's been on the force for awhile. That said, he's probably barely noticed, considering the vision of perfection on his right arm. For next to him is the beauty that is Neferet in a stunning deep crimson gown. Harrison's collar stay, buttons, and belt sash are all colored to match Neferet's gown perfectly.

Milo chuckles, "Fishing pond it is." He smiles and nods at Harrison as he enters, and gives a smile plus a slight bow of the head at Neferet. He also smiles at Mr. Fortier. Apparently, Milo appears in a good mood tonight, and why not.. good company, good food, and all in the name of a good cause. He'll follow Calliope to the pond, scanning the crowd as he goes.

With her delicate gloved arm slipped into Harrison's, the 'Nubian princess' enters the gala along with the decorated detective. Her hazel eyes roam over the gathered attendees, offering a curtsey to Milo upon seeing him. "Well, such prestigious company." Neferet comments aside to her companion. "Are you aquainted with most of them?" she asks Harrison as they begin make their way into the gala.

Evens's brow arches, chuckling just a touch. "Fishing? Are you certain?" He heads over in the direction indicated, still sipping from the scotch in hand. "I don't believe I've been fishing in anything other than a ship... deep sea, I believe it was. Marlins or swordfish - not quite certain." The man muses, his accent easily identifiable as French.

"Good evening!" Calliope calls out cheerfully to Harrison and Neferet as she and the two gentlemen pass by. "I'm Calliope King. We're going to try our hands at the fishing pond and you're welcome to join us!" As always, the petite, raven-haired heiress is cheerful, inclusive and welcoming. "I'm going to school these two on fishing for... Uhh..." She looks at the pond, leaning forward to peer into it a bit, "On fishing for little plastic fish that float on the surface..." She gives the staff member who's working the booth a questioning look. Then she leans in to murmur to Evens, "Do fish normally float on the surface?" Because she's pretty sure they don't. But then she's handed a fancy little fishing rod with a magnet attached to a string and she shrugs and tosses it back over her shoulder, narrowly missing hitting a passer by. Then she flings it forward into the water with a splash and totally misses anything remotely resembling a fish. "Huh..."

Harrison can't help but smile at the Nubian princess on his arm, nodding his head to her, before saying, "Well, most of them... I've been coming to these things for years. I wasn't always... popular in my family, but over the last fifteen years or so I've more and more stepped up to events like this. Being that I'm in public service, it made sense." When Neferet curtseys in Milo's direction, he gives the man a wink, as well. "Cousin." And then Calliope calls out to the two of them, Harrison bowing his head, "A pleasure, Miss King." He leads Neferet over with the rest of the group, saying, "I think we may have met before, Miss King. Detective Harrison Cavanaugh. And this lovely lady on my arm is Neferet. Neferet, Please meet Calliope. You do know my cousin Milo already, yes? And..." He looks at Evens, disentangling his right arm from Neferet to offer it to the gentleman. "Detective Harrison Cavanaugh. A pleasure."

Milo looks at Even, an eyebrow slightly raised, and then turns his attention back to Calliope, ducking slightly to avoid the fishing line. "Ah, good try Miss King. Mind if I give it a shot? Not that I've ever been marlin fishing, of course." To Harrison, "Cousin. Looking very sharp tonight."

Gliding across the floor with certain regal grace with Harrison, the dark lady allows him to escort her over to the others. "Mister Cavanaugh, it is a pleasure to see you again. Miss King, it is so wonderful to meet you." Neferet offers in greeting and gives the hostess a curtsey as well. "Yes, Harrison, my dear. I met him at the museum. I gave him a tour after hours." she informs the detective. She folds her hands in front of her when Harrison takes his arm back and the Egyptian goddess casts a smile on the others, "This is all quite lovely."

Evens glances over as they are joined by more. A tip of his head to those people who'd come over to greet the fishing Calliope. "Good evening." He offers over to each. "Evens Fortier." The hand is shaken, firm and friendly. "A pleasure to see more people enjoying the soiree." The man grins, eyes mirthful. A sip of his drink, a shake of his head. "Non, fish should not be at the surface - but perhaps they made it easier for us, oui?"

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," Calliope says, spinning towards Harrison with her rod still held in both hands. "Please don't take my terrible memory personally. When I'm eyeball deep in writing, I sometimes don't even remember my own name. Even when I leave the notebook at home!" That's when she realizes that the fish pond must also have glass fish on the bottom, because there's one dangling from her line. She lets out a squeal of delight and says, "I caught one! Look!" to the booth attendant. "Very good, Miss King," the woman says patiently and holds out a tray of locally made, large, gourmet truffles in individual boxes with windows on the top, "Please choose your prize." And then Calliope's voice drops as she says, "Ooooh... Chocolate!" The young woman is excitable, though to her favour it's somewhat endearing. She chooses something with red drizzle on top and sniffs it. But instead of opening it and digging in like one might expect she instead accepts a tulle gift bag with autumn leaves on it and tucks the truffle inside. A loot bag. Many people are carrying them around, hooked over their wrists, filled with prizes from the games. Now that the hostess has her prize, though, she turns back to properly greet Neferet, offering a hand for shaking. "Lovely to meet you as well. I'm so glad you could make it. You are a true vision of a goddess. Neferet? Egyptian?"

Harrison waves off Calliope's faux pas, as he says, "I'm awful with names, myself, alas...." He then smiles warmly at Neferet as Calliope recognizes the name as Egyption. He returns the crook of his arm to position for Neferet to take. While he clearly is there leading the Nubian beauty around, just as clearly, he is aware that in any social setting, people are going to be more interested in the Egyptian goddess than the man in dress blues. He doesn't seem at all put off by it. In fact... it's as if he revels in how much attention the woman he is leading around is getting.

Milo smiles at Neferet. "Madame, it is a pleasure to meet you again. I regret I haven't had chance to revisit the museum. I am hoping to remedy that this coming weekend or next. I enjoyed seeing the artifacts there a great deal." To Calliope he grins widely, and says "Nicely done!"

When she is addressed by their hostess, Neferet greets her with a warm and welcoming smile as if she could very well be the one in her place. "Such a pleasure, Miss King. Yes, the name is Egyptian, though I am from...Sudan." she answers, though at first it might seem she were about to say something else. "Long ago their destinies were quite closely entwined." she notes, taking Calliope's hand to shake gently. "You are a vision, my dear." the dark lady says before she inclines her head to Milo. "Of course, you are welcome back any time. Perhaps I can teach you to read the Heiroglyphics if it interests you." Her arm slips back into Harrison's and a glance is cast at him with the corners of glossy crimson lips curling into a smile.

Neferet also greets Evan, "Lovely to meet you Mister Fortier." presenting him with her stunning smile.

Neferet is given a formal bow. "Pleasure is mine, Miss." Evens offers, giving a soft clap as Calliope catches a 'fish'. "Well done, well cast." The man smiles, taking another sip. He watches the awarding of the truffle, as well as the loot bag. "I seem to have missed getting a bag for my winnings, alas." There's a light-hearted chuckle at that, clearly not concerned in the least. "Quite the esteemed crowd, tonight."

Harrison doesn't reach for a gift bag - rather, he reaches into his breast pocket, and pulls out an envelope. "Oh, Miss King... a small donation from the Cavanaugh Family... for such a good cause. I'm not much of a game player - or a gambler at auctions, but I am a man who likes to go right to the source - and deliver a targeted package." He smiles wryly. "Plus once I give this to you, I'm more likely to be free to get this beautiful woman on my arm to kiss my cheek."

"Hieroglyphs?" Calliope asks, curiosity peeked. She flashes Milo a grin and hands him the fishing rod so he can have a go at the pond. "That's fascinating. I'd like to visit your museum as well, if you don't mind." A bag is handed to Evens, though he would be offered one as soon as he won his first prize anyhow. Calli turns to Harrison and accepts the envelope with a lovely smile. "Thank you." She doesn't open the envelope to see the amount at this time. That would be gauche. She does check to make sure that it says somewhere on it who it's from and if it doesn't, she'll borrow a pen from the booth attendant and write it on. Then she tucks it into her loot bag for depositing later. "Very kind of you. I'm hoping to make this an annual tradition."

Milo chuckles admiringly at his cousin's usual, nearly trademarked, directness..and smoothness. "Well deserved cousin, of that I am sure." After Calliope mentions Hieroglyphs for the second time this evening, Milo says to Neferet "Indeed, I would love to learn hieroglyphs. As a student of mythology and comparative religion it would be amazing to read the book of coming forth by day without needing a translation.". Turning back to Calliope, he adds "Miss King, if you would like I'd be happy to take you there this coming weekend when I go."

Evens's brow arches just a bit at something, clearly amused. His eyes go back over towards the auction, absently tugging the bag strings around his wrist to affix it there. "I cannot wait to see how much good the auction will do." He muses, glancing back to the others.

A soft laugh escapes Neferet, the sound nearly musical, at the comment from Harrison. "Yes, the envelope is like a curse that has been lifted now that you are free of it, turning you from frog into a prince." she offers up as her image of the situation. Thus she gathers up her voluminous dress to lean up and place a chaste kiss on the detective's cheek. "Your reward, my dashing hero." Neferet presents to Harrison. "You are too kind, mister Fortier." Then her hazel eyes move to Milo and Calliope, "Of course, please. Yes, you may stop by any time. Even after hours. I would love to give you a personal tour." She lifts delicate brows, "Rew new peret me herew? The book of the dead? I may just have a copy in the original language of Khem."

Ah, how Harrison swoons. He clasps his chest, and opens his mouth to say only one word: "Ribbit!" Oh wait. Isn't that frog INTO prince? He then winks at Neferet, and grins at the others, before offering the Sudanese princess the crook of his arm again. "Neferet is quite an amazing teacher. She is so fluent in these ancient languages. I've been in awe of the work she's done at the museum... and she treats all of the artifacts there as if they were not something staid that should be looked at from afar, but rather something to be enjoyed and experienced - bringing the era of Ra into the light of today rather than having it remain a musty and dusty relic of the past. Truly amazing work. I'm thankful she has allowed me to be one of the benefactors of her fine establishment."

Milo gives a slight bow in acknowledgement to Neferet, "Yes. That would be most appreciated." A man a few words, but well-chosen ones.

Calliope nods to Neferet and Milo. "That sounds delightful. I shall have to check my schedule. I'm hoping to fit an errant novel into my schedule before starting the next Godless book. Though my editor may not like that so I may have to do both at once, which is going to be time consuming." She wrinkles her nose slightly and glances around the event, "I think I'm going to try my luck at some more games. Do check out the auction, though. Mr. Fortier has donated a unique item, crafted by himself. And Milo," because there are currently two Mr. Cavanaugh's here, "has also made a generous donation It's quite exciting."

"Ribbit? Really, Harrison?" she asks with a laugh at the man while looping her arm in his and lightly 'hitting' his arm with an open gloved hand. If she could blush... "Oh Harrison, you go on about me far too much." Neferet claims before adding, "I would love to breathe life back into the old gods for people to come to know them. As they were known in the old days." A nod is given Calliope and Milo, "I would love to read your writings some time." Then a pleased smile for Even, "You are so generous, Mister Fortier." before turning to Harrison, "Shall we see what is available for the silent auction, my dear?"

Harrison winks playfully at Neferet, before saying, "I have to make sure you know how much I admire the work you're doing, beautiful." He looks at the others. "If you will all excuse us... we're going to go see what we can bid on." And with a nod to the others, he whisks the lovely Neferet over to the silent auction area so that the two can appropriately participate. And a short while later, leads the gown-clad woman out towards their waiting car.