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Talk of Seers and Shapeshifting

"P-p-prefer n-n-n-not t-to w-w-w-worry m-my-myself w-with w-w-w-war."

Dramatis Personae

Bones, Laurie (Eve), Merek (Black), Nathalie (Yuki)

24 September, 2017

Mages talk about the upcoming meeting, the current situation with the Seers, and war. Nathalie prefers to speak of less morbid matters and asks some questions about shapeshifting to a couple of Guardians.


The Cannery

Merek has taken his time to dress in his finer silks, which have crimson which lines upon them. In addition to all that, he has a stave with him, one that's made with golden-silver. He has on his back a crossbow and upon his hip a sword while a belt is across the vest he wears. He walks to a seat which has been placed out and settles at a table used for non-official meetings, relaxing there while he pulls out a book and opens it, writing in it with a pen he dips into an inkwell.

Laurie exits the office of the Guardians of the Veil. She's clad in leggings, an oversize tunic shirt, and her faux combat boots. A laptop bag is slung across her shoulders, the strap cutting diagonal across her torso. Glasses with thick black frames perch on her nose. She pauses a moment to take in the guy with the silks. And staff. And crossbow. And sword. Up go her eyebrows.

Nathalie sighs. She needs to talk to people. On one side, she carries a laptop in a leather bag, while in her hand, is an umbrella, concealing a sword. She goes towards a chair. She wears, as usual, a pink button up, red braces and black trousers. She raises an eyebrow. She would never have guessed you could openly carry swords?

Well, Merek doesn't seem to be the usual sort, either way he looks up and notices Laurie, and then over to Nathalie and nods a bit. "Greetings, you two, does the day find you well?" he asks, with an incline of his head, "I hope you all are excited as I am about the upcoming meeting. What do you think the Council will be speaking on?"

Laurie glances toward the exit. She seems to resign herself and opts to head for the table instead. A nod for Nathalie, whom she's met before. Laurie rests her hands on the back of one of the chairs at the table, not moving to sit. "'Excited'? No. And I imagine it'll be something with regards to the Seers activity." She pauses, squinting an eye at Merek. "You're looking a little Discworld, there."

Nathalie facepalms. Ah yes, a council meeting. She always forgets it exists. She looks towards Merek "N-n-no. He lacks the fatness, and the pointy head reading 'W-w-wizzard'!" she laughs "A-a-and I h-h-have n-n-n-no i-idea. I f-forg-got a-about t-the m-meeting."

Bones enters from the lobby, looking dapper in his suit and tie. He scans the room, nodding to those present as he approaches. "Hello all."

Nathalie says, "H-h-hello B-b-b-b-bones!"

Bones smiles at Nathalie, "So what's the topic of conversation?"

"Yes, that should be on the table, it's just been so long since we've had a Council meeting, can't help but be excited in some way we are finally moving forwards once more," Merek tells Laurie, and then looks to Nathalie, "Ah, I suppose I do need a little work on my attire. Eccentric as some would say." He then stands up and smiles with that cheshire look of his, "But allow me to introduce myself, only polite. Black, Theurgist on the Path of the Mighty, Second Degree Master of Prime and Forces, Acquisitor and /Councilor/ of the Alae Draconis," Oh, he's a Councilor. "Mapmaker of the Tellurians, Edgetender and Lorekeeper of the Skunk Works Cabal, Taoist Alchemist and researcher of Theosophy. It's a pleasure to make everyone's acquaintance," he offers. He looks to Bones, someone he recognizes, and dips his head, "Councilor."

Laurie glances over at Nathalie, considers this for a moment, then nods. "Maybe I should have gone with Dungeons and Dragons instead. But he does have a staff." She sighs faintly, listening to Merek's introduction. Once that's done with, she raises her hand and wriggles her fingers in a little wave. "Eve, formally. Laurie, otherwise. Guardian. Hi." The wave is transferred to Bones.

Nathalie smiles "Y-y-y-y-yyuki." she introduces herself, smiling at Laurie "T-t-thyrsus. C-c-c-cofounder of the C-c-c-coeur de R-r-r-ryu Cabal, M-m-master o-o-of lift. S-s-s-tudent of F-forces, m-matter a-and s-spirits. S-softw-ware e-e-engineer."

Nathalie says, "A-and s-so h-he i-is a b-b-bad w-w-w-wizard!"

Bones nods at the introductions, "You may call me Bones. I am a Moros, Master of Death and Prime, also a co-founder of the Coeur de Ryu Cabal, and Councilor of the Guardians." When he says 'Guardians', he looks at Laurie, smiling and continuing, "We should talk in private some time, Laurie."

Merek nods to the three when the introductions are finished, then he settles back in his seat, leaning upon his stave, "It's nice to meet you all. So tell me, besides the Seers of the Throne, do any of you have other matters you'd like discussed at our Council meeting? I've had a few ideas my own, but I like to know what the people of Granite Coast think." He looks over to Bones, "I'll be sending out limousines to pick up any Councilor and their entourage as they wish it, good food too, if you want, just say the word," he offers.

Laurie inclines her head to Bones. "We really should, yeah," she agrees. And she winces a little. "Limos? Really? You really don't like blending in, do you?" she asks Merek. Laurie - Eve - bites her bottom lip gently, brow furrowed.

Nathalie shrugs "I j-j-just w-w-w-was h-h-h-here f-f-for a m-month." she stutters "A-a-and a-a-a-aren't w-w-w-we s-supposed t-to k-keep t-the m-masquerade up?" she asks, looking at the ground

Bones finds a seat and gets comfortable. Looking at Marek, he says, "I know of no other pressing matters requiring the Consillium's attention other than the current threat from the Seers of the Throne, but I think we should be pro-active when it comes to any possible problems."

"This is Fallcoast, a limo is the epitome of being subtle, because everyone expects someone to be humble," Merek mentions to Nathalie and Laurie, as if explaining his reasoning. "Besides, they're not magic flying cars, I don't think they'll break much secrecy." He looks then to Bones, "Personally I wanted to review some of the Charter, but after we handle the more important business. I'd also like to propose a personal armory I can fund for the Sentinels to use when acting on the Consilium orders."

Laurie looks from Merek to Bones, blinking twice, and reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose. Otherwise, she remains silent.

Nathalie sighs "D-d-do S-s-s-sentinels R-r-rreally n-n-n-need a-a-an a-armoury?" she asks "A-a-and w-w-we s-s-s-should b-be a l-little h-humble. W-w-w-what k-kind o-of L-limo d-do y-you t-t-think?"

Bones nods to Merek. "I think reviewing the Charter is a great idea, honestly. It could use some work." He raises an eyebrow at Laurie, but says nothing, instead responding to Nathalie's comment, "An armory for the Sentinels could be very useful, but we have to make sure they aren't using their access to it for personal vendetta."

"That's true," Merek admits to Bones, while he seems to consider it for a moment. "We could have someone in charge of the armory and make sure there is a writ from us to access it during missions or wartime. And make no mistake, the Seers are going to eventually want to bring war." He sighs a bit and then stands up, "Definitely a few rewrites it could use, but that we can come up with as we go. For now, I must be on my way, I have appointments to keep with a few Mystagogues." He bows to the others.

Laurie wriggles her fingers in a little wave to Merek. "Bye." To Bones and Nathalie, she says, "How long have you been here, Bones? I'd like to know more about the local Seers, if possible. What's our history with them? How'd we get to the truce?"

Nathalie nods "I w-w-was a-a-a-afraid g-g-g-iving them an a-a-armoury w-w-w-would c-cause t-trouble." she explains "A-a-a-and w-what p-problems a-a-are t-there w-w-wwith t-the ch-charter?" she sighs "B-but I f-f-f-forget about s-s-s-seers." she shakes her head "P-p-prefer n-n-n-not t-to w-w-w-worry m-my-myself w-with w-w-w-war." she bows to Merek "S-s-stay s-s-safe C-c-councilor."

Bones nods to Merek, "Be well." He then turns his attention to Laurie, "I've been here about 10 months ... and, unforunately, I'm not entirely sure how we entered into a truce with the Seers; I think it might have been before my time. If I had known about it when it was being discussed, I would have counseled against it. I mean, we know full well that they're just going to use something like that to shore themselves up and then break the treaty."

"I asked Heylel about it, and he wasn't around then, either. Do you know anyone who was?" Laurie asks Bones. To Nathalie, she says, "We're already at war. Constantly. All over the world and in other planes of reality. Sometimes it's just a quieter war than other times, but it's always happening."

"It was in a much older time, the Hierarch would likely know much better," Merek mentions, while he then adds, "There's a library in the Consilium on the Seers, I'd read that too, it might mention it." He then inclines, and on he goes!

Nathalie nods, sadly "S-s-still. I p-prefer t-to f-f-f-forget a-a-a-about t-t-t-them." she sighs

Laurie adjusts her grip on the back of the chair she's standing behind. She opens her mouth to reply to Nathalie, then shuts it. Then she says, "...I would prefer not to be dead again, so I think about it."

Bones frowns at Nathalie, "Unfortunately, they won't forget about us."

Nathalie nods again, sighing "M-m-maybe there is a h-h-h-happier topic?" she offers

"Oh, go ahead," Laurie tells Nathalie. "What would you rather talk about?" Her tone is dry. So dry.

Nathalie sighs, sensing the dry tone "H-h-happier t-t-topics than d-d-death? Like... a-a-a-assuming i-i-identities f-f-f-for f-f-f-forms?"

Bones shrugs and chuckles slightly at Laurie's tone. He arches a brow at Nathalie's comment, "I'm not sure what you mean by that, honestly."

Nathalie sighs "I don't know. I had a hard enough time getting a driver's licence for my last form. I also need to figure out a backstory for one of them. Do either of you have such troubles as well?"

"Shapeshifting?" Laurie suggests to Bones, reaching up to remove her glasses. She holds them up toward the light, breathes on them, and carefully rubs the lenses with her sleeve. She puts them back on and shrugs. "Depends on what you want to do with your identities. Do you want them to have a job? Is it just a face you're wearing for an evening or two? One needs papers. The other does not. It gets trickier when you have to have certifications or diplomas, but it's doable. You can manage a lot with mundane hacking. I'm sure there are magical ways to go about it as well. Your Order might have connections you could use."

Bones nods to Laurie, "Oh ... I haven't explored that aspect of the Life Arcana yet." He turns his attention to Nathalie, "Laurie is right; if you're wanting a full-fledged identity, that complicates things."

Nathalie nods "It might be helpful to keep up the masquerade." she explains "I have a pass, I have a cover-job... even a driver's licence."

"What's that identity for?" Laurie inquires. "And what other ones would you like to take on?"

Bones strokes his beard, "Actually ... I'm not sure that it will help protect the Veil, although I'm not sure it actually threatens it either."

Nathalie nods "Better, than if I get stopped and have no papers." she sighs "And the identity... when I... like do wear a different face?" she tries to explain

"So, for funsies?" Laurie prompts, frowning a bit and taking off her glasses again. She holds them up to the light once more, making a face. Her tone is still dry.

Bones hrms and nods to Nathalie slightly, "That's a good point; if you're going to be assuming other identities, you certainly don't want to be detained without proper identification."

Nathalie nods and smiles "That, and... it is better to have a fake ID in any case." she sighs "And... is it bad to... have an alternate identity for fun?" she asks

Laurie glances sidelong at Bones for a moment, then looks back at Nathalie. "Just to clarify: cast vulgar magic just for fun?"

Nathalie sighs "Is it vulgar magic, if they just see the result, but not if I change?" she asks "I mean... a person isn't suspicious to those who are asleep."

Bones leans forward in his chair and nods to Laurie before returning his attention to Nathalie, "The Disbelief of the Sleepers means you can't walk around in your alternate form indefinitely, unfortunately, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you aren't casting the spell in front of the un-Awakened."

"It's more that every time you use magic to bend reality, reality has a chance of snapping back. Have you never accrued paradox?" Laurie asks Nathalie, eyebrows slightly raised.

Nathalie sighs and nods "I did." she says, sighing "It is just... I know other mages, who change forms... and thought, the more... I make it look as if I was someone entirely different, the longer the belief remains."

Bones says, "If I'm not mistaken, Disbelief is more of a subconscious than conscious phenomena."

"...And paradox is a very real thing not to be risked lightly," Laurie adds.

Nathalie nods "So, forms are bad?" she asks, biting her lip

Bones shrugs, leaning back in his chair. "I think they certainly could be detrimental to the integrity of the Veil; if Disbelief were to overcome your working in public, for instance."

Nathalie nods and gulps. Why did she have to bring THAT topic up around two guardians?

Laurie puts her glasses back on and reaches into her bag to pull out a smartphone. She consults the screen and tucks it away again. "I ought to get going. Bones, we definitely need to talk at some point." She raises the flap on her laptop back and pulls out a business card, which she puts down on the table in front of the other Guardian. "Contact info's there."

Bones picks up the business card, studies it for a moment, then pockets it. "Thank you, Laurie."

Nathalie sighs "So, I make a mess." she says "Which I never planned to."