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Supremacy: Lone 2
Dramatis Personae

LONE, Jill Eaton, Alison Crowne, Aurore, Qent, Sloan, Wendy, Drew, Splash

22 July, 2017

Lone's 2nd Broadcasted event in Fallcoast!


Old Harvest Fairgrounds

It's that time again. It's time for another LONE show at the fairgrounds tonight! This time, like back in February, this is being broadcast on iPPV. Jack E. Bux was hit with hard times it seems, and it reflected in character as this event was delayed for a while, and they needed to run house shows just to get by and continue the storyline. The building that's used as a farmer's market is set up once again for the show. A steel barricade surrounds the ring and high above it is a 20 foot tall steel cage waiting to be lowered for the main event. There are people getting ready to get into their seats or looking over the merchandise tables to pick out whatever they wanted to by from the talent selling their clothing or DVDs of their work. Some of the roster are even signing autographs for a few fans. There is one who is not, however, and that's Gutter Trash Terri Thompson. Not because she doesn't want to, no, but because she's in that main event. She's going to be in that cage. She is in the back, getting ready for her match by talking with her opponent, the LONE champion Ms. Gucci. Once Ms. Gucci parts, Terri stares down at her phone, frowning. It seems like she was expecting a text message but... didn't get anything in reply. She's dressed in a pair of low cut denim shorts, grey gym shoes and a grey tank top that reads TRAILER PARK LEGEND. She shakes her head and wanders over to a table to set her phone down on, starting to do some stretches and loosen up for the event tonight. Jack E. Bux told both herself and Ms. Gucci there will be surprises in store for tonight... She takes a moment to peek through the guerilla curtain and sees people getting into their seats. Unlike the last show, there's no music playing throughout the building.

Sloan is new to the world of LONE, he is not talent though he is friends with a couple of the worker, instead he is help that works cheap, before the show he helped set things up and duing the show he has worked security making sure that the crowd doesn't break the Golden Rule and cross the baricades. Shortly before the big match he notices Terri peeking out and heads over and asks, "Hey everything alright? Ready for the big match?" He asks her.

Qent isn't bothering with the autographs. It's her first show so no one would know who she is anyway. Instead she paces back and forth in the shadows, doing her best to remember that she isn't meant to cripple anyone. This is not prison...this is entertainment. Aurore is nearby, going over the script to make sure it doesn't denigrate their race too much. A couple of jokes is fine. Outright racist stereotypes...there will be discussions.

Wendy is just one of many in the audience, shuffling her way in with the crowd and trying to find her seat. The tall woman is wearing a summer dress and carrying a large satchel bag. It looks like she has splurged for the front row but the way her eyes dart around the building it seems she is looking for someone.

Alison had another match with Prada Paula tonight. Having just changed into her ring gear she went through her warmup routine in the locker room; stretching and throwing some kicks and punches like a boxer fighting with the shadows. It was just another night in the ring to her and another opportunity to entertain. Hopefully Prada Paula wouldn't give her a reason to go stiff in the ring; that'd be a bad idea.

Jill, or Terri as she's being called tonight, smiles towards Sloan and nods her blue hair'd head as it peeks out through the curtain. "Yeah. Just..... I thought my girlfriend Hannah would show up tonight but it looks like... it looks like she won't. It's no biggie though." Doesn't seem like it, from the faint hint of sadness in her eyes. Tonight is her birthday, after all.. She inhales deeply. "I'm ready, though. Jack told us there's gonna be some surprises and stuff tonight. Can't wait to see!" Qent and Aurore... as they look through the script they find that Jack actually kept it pretty simple. He wants Aurore to come out to the ring, mic in hand, mention her name and how she's the manager of a deadly force coming to LONE. He wrote that he wants Aurore to play up just how badass Qent is, that she'll cripple everyone, that LONE has talent here, but LONE doesn't have a force to be reckoned with until tonight, and just to be as unlikeable as she can to the fans without being overly offensive. She'll introduce Qent, her music will hit and she'll walk out. Aurore will issue a challenge to anyone in the locker room. Evelyn Price will come out. Qent hits her signature, then her finisher. 1 2 3. No stereotypes. Wendy can see that the crowd is starting to get to their seats and if she's looking for someone, depending on who it is, it might be kinda hard, though there is a certain blue haired woman peeking through the guerilla curtain. As Alison trained for her match, she got visited by Tiffany, known as Prada Paula. "Hey, Alison..." Tiffany says softly. "So, I know we have a submission match tonight, but I'm not feeling to well, and it's Jill's birthday today... I cleared it with Jack. You can make me tap tonight..."

Sloan nods to Jill, "I am sure she will make it, after all it is an improtant day maybe she just got stuck working late or something." he shrugs and heads back to his position making sure hte crowd behaves.

Qent and Aurore confer quietly for a moment before Evelyn joins them for some last minute fine tuning. It won't be a long match. The idea to get Qent over as one of those Goldbergian forces of nature - at least until she hits the good guys. They'll be up soon and Qent is excited. Though she has to keep telling herself - Pull your punches. Pull your punches.

Wendy sits herself down, a little pout to her lips that she didn't manage to see her old friend - she missed the blue hair in the curtain. Not to worry, she'll see her in a match soon. She glances around. This is all new to her. Her parents would be so proud she's at a wrestling show.

Alison me looks over to Tiffany. It was a sudden change to their match but there are just some days you're feeling under the weather; the fact that she was here despite that spoke to her dedication. "I hope you feel better soon. We'll get the finish in, see if we can get some gatorade waiting for you when you walk back past gorilla." Gorilla was a term used for the area right behind the entrance curtain where the producers, promoter, and agents sat typically during the show. "I'm sure Jack will give us another match when you're feeling better; he's probably already got something in the pipeline waiting for us."

Terri shrugs her shoulders, "Maybe..." then turns to meet the backstage correspondent, Linda Edwards; a blonde woman who is about 5'3" and 27 years old. "You ready, birthday girl? We're going to start the show with your interview." Jill nods her head, smiling and telling her, "Yeah. Congrats on joining us, by the way!" "Thanks..!" Evelyn soon parts from Qent and Aurore after going over their plans to promo Qent and the match. Looks like there's going to be two quick matches tonight, so the other ones, the opener and the main event will really need to deliver! When Wendy sits herself down, she finds herself next to a 6'2", 220 lb man with a bright smile on his face. He seems to be important, as he's not only dressed in an expensive grey Armani suit but people nearby are asking him for autographs. Tiffany nods her head to Alison while wearing a frown on her lips, "Thanks. And yeah I mean like... I said you're gonna make me tap but that was gonna happen either way heh." She laughs nervously. "I just meant quick. As quick as we can... and thank you. Yeah... from the sound of it I think Jack wants to have a faction deal going sometime down the line. A-Anyway, you have a good one and I'll see you out there!" Tiffany turns to leave.

As the show starts Sloan shows why he is not the best person to work security for a wrestling show, he spends as much time watching he ring as he does the crowd, though he does pay enough attention to notice any major issues any low grad shenanigans go unglared at.

Aurore and Qent give each a high five...and then share a kiss. They'll be up second and will give it their all. They find a place to watch the first match from. Out of sight of the crowd of course.

Wendy glances at her neighbor and offers him a curious smile. "Hi...umm...are you famous?" She feels terrible for asking. Wendy is meant to have a marketing and promotions degree...how could she not know someone famous! "One of my friends is wrestling today. At least I hope she remembers me. We haven't really seen each other in a while." Is this guy interested in her babbling? It doesn't matter. "I think she calls herself Terri when she wrestles. Do you know her?"

The man seated next to Wendy, after giving an autograph to a fan, turns to her and gives her a gleaming smile. "Heh, you could say that. I'm Drew Stevenson. Six time hall of famer and 32 time champion, but who's counting right?" He laughs, and with a shake of his head, continues, "But seriously. I know who you mean. I do know her, actually. Her and I talk to each other on twitter. I also heard it was her birthday today so I decided to come out and see her. Well that and also, there's a surprise for her today. I don't want to ruin the show, so I'm going to keep it quiet." He offers his hand to her. "Nice to meet you, Ms...?" The lights start to dim down now, and the jumbo tron above the guerilla curtain starts to show the graphic of LONE. It starts with Ms. Gucci in a gucci suit. It's cherrry colored with a double breasted jacket and pants. She has the LONE title over her right shoulder and behind her is a doublewide trailer. It's a bright and sunny day out, with birds chirping and children heard off in the distance, playing as it's summertime. Gucci didn't look like she wanted to be there at ALL. A little text in the lower right corner reminds us that this is LONE and that this video is previously recorded. "Ugh! I can't believe I'm actually out here in this dump. What is this place called? Meadow Green? Whatever. I'm only out here because... well... If I'm going to take out the trash, I guess I have to go to the dump." She takes a moment to look over her right shoulder at the trailer behind her, scoffing. "Gutter Trash. No wonder you call yourself that. This place look familiar to you? I bet it does. This is your Daddy's doublewide." She lets that sink in. "... And from the looks of it, it seems like he's home. I figure maybe I should go in there, and if he's anything like you, he'll be easily disposed of like the trash you are. Or maybe I should do something your Mother couldn't before she passed on... and that's show her what a real woman is like." She pauses, looking down for a moment and then starting to laugh heartily, holding her stomach with her left hand while the right holds the belt on her shoulder. "Gag me with a spoon. The thought of that is so... wretched, like listening to you go on and on about your life and how you 'rose from the gutter' like anyone gives a damn! Listen..." She takes a few steps forward towards the camera, holding the belt towards it. "I know a little gutter trash trick like you has been in the back sucking Jack E. Bux off and keeping him happy, while he's been trying to screw me in the not-so-fun way and I've had to sick my team of lawyers on him. But tonight... tonight it ends in the Cage. Tonight it's just you and me, and I step into YOUR world. I step into the cage where your flea-ridden animal ass belongs and I NEUTER you! I destroy you and the only thing anybody will have to say about it afterwards is... That's -SO- Gucci!" She laughs, and then brings her free hand up to wave her fingers repeatedly down towards her palm. "Bye bye now, gutter slut!" She steps out of the camera to reaveal the LONE logo again as Rage Against the Machine's "Testify" starts to play and action from various LONE shows comes across the screen, like Fly Felicia Hawkins hitting her swanton bomb Bye, Felicia on Prada Paula, Cinnamon hitting her standing heel kick Sugar & Spice on Kayoko. Terri, from the first show in the battle royal going from the apron to the top rope and trying to go for a dive but getting shoved off of it by Gucci and put right through the announcer's table.

More action comes flying across the screen and it ends with Terri hitting Gucci over the head with a light tube before flashing with the LONE logo and then reading 'Supremacy' under it, the name of the ongoing show. It fades in to Linda Edwards backstage with Terri. She holds a microphone up to her lips. "I'm Linda Edwards backstage with Gutter Trash Terri Thompson." She looks to Terri now, "Terri, we just heard from the LONE Champion Ms. Gucci about your match tonight. Do you have any words in response before you step in the cage with her?" Terri has a sinister grin on her face the whole time and rubs her hands together while Linda holds the microphone towards her. "Plenty. You know something, Gucci?" She looks directly towards the camera now, intensity in her eyes. "You've crossed a line. You show up to my Father's house. You mention my dead Mother. You're not doing yourself any favors because now... when I get you in that cage, I'm gonna--" She suddenly oofs loudly and falls forward after being attacked from behind by Gucci. "You're gonna what?! Huh?! Huh?!" Prada is to Gucci's left, sending a boot into Terri's ribs. Terri grunts in pain and holds her ribs as Gucci barks out commands to Prada. "Get her up! Get her up!" Prada pulls her up and locks Terri's arms behind her, and Gucci hits Terri right across her chest with a knife edge chop. Prada lets her go and Gucci grabs her, throwing her towards the entrance way into some equipment, knocking some poles down and they clang on the concrete floor while Terri gets up to her knees, and Gucci hits her with the perfect plex she calls That's So Gucci! right on the concrete. Terri's out. Gucci and Prada start to laugh at her before high fiving each other and starting to leave. Alison Crowne rushes in to try and help Terri get up, eyeing the Gucci Gals with hatred as they head off.

"Wendy...Wendy van Basten" the tall blonde introduces herself as she shakes Drew's hand. Nope...she's never heard of him. That really needs to change if she's going to get into promotion. "A surprise? Wonderful. I won't say a thing...though I guess I hope to be a bit of a surprise too." Thankfully she shuts up for the video. Her eyes narrow as Gucci says horrible things about her friend. "I guess that /could/ be her dad's trailer" she muses to herself - she hasn't been there for quite some years. "This woman is not very nice" she decides. But then there's Jill! Umm...Terri! "That's her!" Wendy tells Drew with an elbow in his side. The blonde's enthusiasm becoming a look of horror as Terri is ambushed and left for...unconscious. "Just wait until I get my hands on those bitches" she hisses before clearing her throat and looking to Drew. "Excuse my French."

Aurore and Qent make mental notes of Ms Gucci's performance. Watching the way the crowd reacts...or doesn't. Any reaction is better than nothing. They seem to be taking this new career seriously and they want to do their best. And then the drama of the ambush is absorbed. This can also be fun.

Sloan starts to cheer like most of the crowd when Terri appears and the fight begins. He realizes how unprofessional that looks after a few moments and returns ot his stern faces secuity work though he can still be caught chering ofr terri now and then.

Drew shakes her hand and comments, "I'm sure you will be." A surprise to her, that is. Drew starts to watch the show as it starts, taking it all in. He laughs a little when the elbow connects with his side. "I'm glad you're enjoying the show!" He says in response. The crowd, actually was silent during Gucci's promo, taking it all in but when the interview started, they'd cheer for Terri when she appears on the screen and during the ambush, they'd WOO at the knife edge chop. After Alison narrowed her eyes towards the two, the segment fades out to Kayoko Ichikawa in the back, holding a microphone. It seems like she's practing her... singing for some reason. "You know what I don't like about you?" A voice that is not her own is heard off camera as Cinnamon steps into the frame. "You treat this all like it's a joke." Kayoko raises her brow. "Nani?" "You act like that ring out there is some stage for you to perform a pop concert on. A pop concert that nobody out there can even understand, first of all, and covering other peoples' music. Well let me tell you something, if you don't start taking this seriously, I'm going to make you start. Tonight." Kayoko looks flabbergasted as Cinnamon steps off. "... Kanojo wa henjin da..." Kayoko shakes her head as the screen goes black. Cinnamon's music hits. Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl. Cinnamon steps through the curtain with a sneer on her lips. She walks down the aisle with an air of confidence, waving off the fans dismissively as they boo her or try and catcall her.

"They certainly have a cavalcade of characters" Wendy notes to Drew as she settles into the show. "Oh...this one's a heel?" she asks her new friend while pointing at Cinnamon. "You suck!" Wendy blushes a bit at her outburst but it seemed appropriate.

Sloan has to give a couple of the more out of control fan a talking to to settle them down but for hte most part the crowd is enthusiastic and also not posing an issue for those performing.

Drew nods his head in agreement, "Yes indeed. Our sport has... many characters I've seen over the years. I see the ones they have here becoming mega stars, including your friend." He watches Cinnamon as she heads to the ring, knowing her from her time as a cameo character in the promos of his friend Frankie Cocheese. Cinnamon may have heard that outburst, as she holds her hand out towards Wendy and Drew and scoffs. She slides into the ring, and when she does she extends her legs, doing a split as her torso rises up, with her hands running over her curves. She gets to her feet and soon Babymetal's "Karate" kicks in and the J-Pop Princess herself steps from the curtain with a microphone in hand, trying to get the crowd to sing along. They cheer for her as she dances to the music while singing along, racing up the ring steps and stepping through the ropes. She heads to the center of the ring and turns her back to Cinnamon. Big mistake. Cinnamon attacks her from behind and Kayoko stumbles towards the ropes, falling down and leaning against the bottom one and Cinnamon steps over to her, bending her down and choking her on the bottom rope. The referee from the last event, Triple D, steps in to try and break it up. Cinnamon throws up her hands and backs up. Kayoko nods her head to the ref who signals to ring the bell. The match is on. Kayoko is still rattled from being jumped, and Cinnamon uses this to her advantage to rush at Kayoko, sending her left knee into Kayoko's gut and causing her to reel back against the ropes. She grabs Kayoko's arm, pulling her into an Irish Whip towards the ropes. On the rebound, Cinnamon drops to the mat and Kayoko hops over her. Cinnamon gets up, expecting Kayoko to bounce off the ropes she was first launched from and come back to her but Kayoko stops and does a back kick to Cinnamon's gut, Kayoko races to the ropes on her left now and while Cinnamon is bent over, she hits the back of Cinnamon's neck with a scissor kick and the crowd cheers!

Wendy is cheering too...though she left the earlier singing for others. She also tried to point out the cheating to the referee but they seemed determined to look anywhere but the match. Where do they get these officials from!?

Sloan waits until the crowd gets really into the match and really angry with the ref, then he does something a bit odd as he smiles and lets that anger swirl around him and fill him with energy, thankfully this would not be moticed by anyone unless they were changelings like he is.

The match gets more and more intense from here, with Kayoko showing more offense after the scissor kick. It goes on for a good 10 minutes more. There is a point, however, where as Kayoko is picking up Cinnamon off the mat, that Cinnamon rakes Kayoko's eyes when the ref can't see. This is her moment to get more offense, and offense is definitely what she's going to get as... from the curtain, Violent Violet runs out, making her debut and rushing in to help Cinnamon. Cinnamon tosses Kayoko over to the ropes, opposite of where Violent slid in unbeknownst to Kayoko. On the rebound, Cinnamon drops to the mat and Kayoko hops over her only to run into a knife edge chop by Kayoko that sends her to the mat and the crowd WOOing! Immediately, the ref calls for the time keeper to ring the bell at the blatant outside interference. Violet grabs Kayoko's left leg and tosses it up and behind her, with Cinnamon catching it and flipping Kayoko over into a wheelbarrow position. Cinnamon lifts her up and both Cinnamon and Violet slam her down to the mat, with Violet grabbing the back of Kayoko's head to do so in an Aided Wheelbarrow Facebuster! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBmv-AvvE_M The crowd starts to boo as Cinnamon and Violet stare down at Kayoko, surveying their damage and then walking off towards the back! Kayoko is soon helped to the back and now it's break time! Get your refreshments at the concessions stands or merch from the merch table now!

The sound of drums fills the air - via the speakers of course. A low throbbing to make spines shiver and stomachs feel uneasy. The lights dimming a little so Aurore can step out from behind the curtain with the aid of a spotlight. She is dressed well, as befits a manager, and her walk is like that of a catwalk model; poised, measured, seductive. "Greetings, Fallcoast" she purrs as she steps into the ring, her voice used to public speaking and her body used to exotic dancing. "My name is Aurore and I am here to introduce you to a powerful force that will soon destroy every other member of LONE." A glance at her watch. "I expect it would take her about five seconds but we have to play this out" she smirks. "The girls here have talent...well...some of them...but not one of them has power. Not one of them rose out of the bloody battles of the state penitentiary system. Where everything is life and death and when you lose a match you lose your life. My girl is here with us tonight because...well...she never lost. Ladies and gentleman, thank your stars that you were honored to be here tonight for the arrival of...Fay Qent." The Sex Pistols 'Pretty Vacant' booms out as Qent steps into the light. Covered with tatts. Her hair shaved on the sides. She is a muscle bound woman who also has a feral air around her. She's the kind of 'person' who would rip your head off with her teeth as much as her hands. Ignoring the crowd, she strides for the ring and leaps over the top rope before joining Aurore in the center of the ring. "It is time" Aurore smiles, "For the original tenants of this land to regain their rightful place. And if anyone in the locker room has the guts to come on out here, we'll be happy to show this crowd what Qent is capable of. It should only take a moment or two."

"The Price" by Leprous kicks in as out steps Evelyn Price. She takes a few paces from the curtain and pauses, the crowd cheering loudly for her as she is a rising force in LONE who has been looking like she could be a threat to whoever wins the main event tonight. She also looks like she's heard enough of what Aurore has had to say about her powerful force. Her soldier. Evelyn adjusts one of her fingerless gloves before sprinting right for the ring and sliding in, wanting to go to war with Fay Qent and the ref calls for the bell to be rung. Ding ding ding!

Qent appraises her opponent with eyes that are more animal than human. A grin slowly forming as Aurore steps out of the ring as quickly, and gracefully, as she can. A loud crack of her neck as she turns her head from side to side before she charges towards Evelyn's left. A sudden onrush but even then it is a feint, Evelyn stepping to her right to avoid it but too late she realises that Qent has also adjusted. A loud thud as Qent's muscled arm cuts across Evelyn's chest and throat - a brutal coathanger that knocks the woman to the mat. Qent comes to a stop after her Tomahawk Chop, as it will become known, leaves the other woman moaning and barely conscious on the mat. Evelyn trying to breathe before suddenly she is being picked up and spun around so her head faces downwards. Qent holds her there...firm and unmoving...showing off how easy it is for her to lift this dead weight. Then suddenly she drops to her knees, Evelyn's head 'smashing' into the mat - a Tombstone Piledriver...or The Scalper as Qent knows it. The Native American beast opens her arms and Evelyn flops down and sprawls over the floor. It is over...already. The crowd not liking that one of their favorites has been brutally smashed in seconds. As Qent stands - and there are chants of her name that have been slightly changed to sound far ruder - Aurore gets back into the ring to address them. "I told you it wouldn't take long" she smiles before looking into the camera. "Soon the whole world will know her name. The name of the next LONE champion. Qent!!" Ignoring the crowd, the two depart the ring and leave someone else to pick up the unconscious Evelyn.

Wendy is certainly enjoying herself as the show continues. "Oh...she's tough..." she mumbles about Qent, especially after she demolishes Evelyn. "But I'm sure Ji...Terri...could handle her."

Drew nods his head in agreement and responds, "It will be quite the interesting match to see sometime." Just after Qent and Aurore go through the curtain, the lights dim and show the jumbotron once more. On the screen is an enraged Prada Paula somewhere in the backstage area. She's gritting her teeth, "Tonight! Tonight I get another chance to go one on one with Alison Crowne, that half-wit Terri's partner. They should call themselves the Queens of Trash because that's what they are! Gucci and I are the TRUE Queens of LONE, and we'll both prove it tonight when I crack the Crowne and Gucci takes out the trash! Not only that, but I'll make it much more sweeter as I'll be making Crowne TAP! That's right. I had a one on one with Jack E. Bux, and not the kind of one on one that Terri has with him, and he agreed to make tonight's match a Submission match! You'll be tapping out and bowing at my feet. So you can keep prancing around here like you're some Queen. Like you're some ANGEL! But I'm going to show you this DEVIL wears Prada!" The screen fades and the lights come back on as Faith No More's King for a Day kicks in. That's right. It's time for Alison Crowne!

Alison walks out as the crowd cheers. She slaps the fans hands as she walks towards the ring before walking up the steps and between the ropes. Nothing flashy, just business tonight as she leaned back against the ropes waiting for her opponent to walk out.

Bjork's "Army of Me" starts just after Alison's theme fades out, and Paula steps through the curtain, doing a cocky little skip for a moment and then stops, raising her right hand in the air. She then opens her left hand up, palm up and bringing her right hand to tap against her palm, then points at Alison. She makes her way to ringside, giving the fans a few disgusted looks and even pausing to jaw jack with one of them before carefully walking up the ringsteps and stepping through the ropes. She waits in her corner for the bell, staring down Alison. Ding ding ding!

Wendy is cheering Alison into the ring. Paula...not so much. Alison is a friend of Terri's so obviously she will be a friend of Wendy's too. That's how it works right?

As the bell rings Alison and Prada quickly tie up, backing all the way up into the corner. Prada Paula dominates the first few 10 seconds of the match as she connects with a few knife edged chops ala Ric Flair. Paula goes to grab Alison around the waist for a suplex but she quickly slips out of her grasp and turns around, driving her to the mat with release german suplex; showing impressive release as Prada Paula's back slams to the mat from the impact. Prada Paula gets back up and goes to press after Alison trying to avoid the momentum turning against her, but it was too late. Alison quickly takes her down to the mat with an arm takedown before swiftly transitioning into a side triangle choke manuever that looked like it belonged in the octagon more than a wrestling ring. Paula quickly taps out, her eyes wide with shock as she's trapped in the submission ending the match itself at just under 25 seconds.

Wow! The crowd is very surprised by this and is cheering Alison on afterwards. This is the second time tonight that a match has ended quickly but now... it's time for our main event! After Alison and Prada have left the ring and made their way to the back, one way long after the other, there's another break period for just a few minutes to let fans use the bathroom, get merch, etc. and when it's time to come back, Overkill's "Hello from the Gutter" starts to blare from the PA as Gutter Trash Terri Thompson pushes through the guerilla curtain and looks out at the crowd. She throws her hands up in the air towards the fans on her right side, then those on the left to try and get them on their feet and cheering. They do! Terri puts her hands out, trying to slap hands with as many fans as she can on each side of the aisle and when she makes her way to ringside, she runs along the barricades, starting to her right, to slap hands with fans and at one point stops, leaning her foot on one barricade to try and stand up on it and wave for fans to give her beer. That's when she sees not just Drew Stevenson, but Wendy, and as much as she tries to stay in character, she's frozen for a moment, not expecting either of them! She shakes her head to snap out of it and a fan puts their beer cup towards her, pouring it into her mouth. She drinks some of it, then sprays the rest up into the air in a fine mist before running further along ringside, slapping more hands and asking for more beer before sliding into the ring.

Wendy is on her feet when Terri arrives, cheering her on. She notices the look and she gasps before pushing Drew next to her. "I think she recognised me!" she squeals before considering a moment, "Or she recognised you..." She sits back down to watch the match.

Splash is in the audience for tonight's performance, sporting an 'I LOVE LONE!" tee-shirt. A few groupies crowd around the hip-hop star as he cheers for the wrestlers in the ring, an over-sized mug of beer in his hand. "Yeahhh!" He certainly seems to be enjoying himself.

Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" soon follows on the PA while Terri tries to loosen up in the ring, hopping in place. Ms. Gucci steps from the guerilla curtain with the LONE championship held up in her right hand. The crowd showers her in boos and she smiles. "That's right! Thaaaaat's right!" She waves her free hand like she wants them to boo some more. She struts down the aisle, getting in the faces of a few fans at ringside. As she walks along ringside, there's one such fan in attendance she gets in the face of; Mr. 6 time hall of famer. Mr. 32+times champion. Mr. World Famous wrestler who has made appearances on Sportscenter. Drew Stevenson! Gucci raises the belt towards him. "I'm the woman! I'm the next Drew Stevenson!" Drew rises up from his seat, the whole time wearing a million dollar smile. Gucci continues on. "I'mma be the female Drew Stevenson! Better than Drew! This is MY belt and your twitter groupie ain't gonna take it from me!" Drew motions towards the ring and Gucci just laughs him off before walking along ringside casually like she owns the place. Drew sits back down and now Gucci makes her way towards Splash! She points at him while raising the belt. "He knows! He knows I'm the Queen of New England!"

Drew, as he's sitting back down, looks to Wendy. "Well, THAT was interesting! And I like to think that Terri recognized the both of us!" He continues to smile. Terri starts to wave for Gucci to get in the ring and Gucci turns her attention to Terri to laugh at her before slowly making her way up the ringsteps. She steps through the ropes and raises the title above her head with both hands in the center of the ring, then lowers it and raises her right hand up to flash her 4 finger GUCCI ring to the hard camera. Right after, David Bowie's Fame kicks in and the man who runs the land, Jack E. Bux steps out with a microphone in his hand, "Cut the music!" The music immediately cuts out. "Gucci, I'm sorry... MISS Gucci. You've been a thorn in my side for MONTHS! You sicked your lawyers on me for last time to the point where you almost ran this place into the GROUND! You almost KILLED LONE!" The fans respond to this with heavy boos. "Well tonight it all ends and you know what? Even though we're doing this in a cage, I STILL don't trust you not to pull any antics, and the stipulation still stands that if someone comes out to help ANYONE, they'll be FIRED!" The crowd yeeeaaahhhhhhhhs! "So with that being said! I've got a surprise for you all! Not only is this going to be in a cage, but we've got a special guest referee! And I KNOW he'll call it right down the middle and make sure NO antics, NO funny business will happen! Hit his music!" Jack E. Bux goes back through the curtain and...

"Re-Education (Through Labor)" by rise against hits the arena as Frank Washington steps out from the back wearing a LONE referee shirt as he points to the zebra stripes. With a grin on his face he walks to the ring as he shakes Jack E. Bux's hand before walking up the steps ad into the ring as he orders for the cage door to be locked! The timekeeper hands him a lock and chain as he locks the structure shut! He then pockets the key and orders for the bell to be rung to start the match.

"Who's he?" Wendy whispers to Drew as the guest referee arrives. She does look a bit worried. Hopefully her friend won't be dead before they said 'hello' again.

The two in the ring are in absolute shock. Gucci, because she's angry, and Terri... well... everyone who truly knows Terri... no... JILL... knows she's got a crush on Frank Washington. They know that HE'S the reason she even BECAME a wrestler! Terri is... frozen while Gucci is having a temper tantrum. "WHAT?!" She screams, stomping her feet, "NO NO NO!" The other ref, DDD, calls for Gucci to give him the title belt and she throws it at him in anger, causing him to put his arm up to defend it. Drew leans over to say quietly to Wendy, "That's my best friend and tag partner, Frank Washington, someone who Terri has had a crush on since she got into wrestling." The cage lowers when he gets inside and Frank orders for the cage door to be locked. The bell rings and Terri smiles now, sadistically, towards Gucci. Gucci looks around frantically, then suddenly starts to climb the chain linked fence walls of the cage to try and get out of there! Terri's not having any of it, though, and runs at her and grabs her by the back of her head, tossing her down to the mat and stomping on her back a few times. She then takes a few steps back, lining her up and when Gucci gets on her hands and knees, Terri rushes forward to try and collide her right knee into Gucci's head. Gucci's too fast for her, though, and moves out of the way, scooping Terri up from behind and rolling her up! Frank slides down to count! ONE! TWO! Terri wiggles out! Gucci slams the mat in frustration. The two get to their feet now and Gucci screams out in frustration, rushing at Terri and backing her up into the ropes and against the cage, giving her a big open handed smack right on her chest. Terri brings her arms up soon afterwards and groans out in pain and the crowd WOOOOOOOs!

"Oh...she has a crush on him?" Wendy purses her lips in thought before offering a smile. "That must be a great birthday present for her then. Oh...will you be..." A discrete nod of her head towards the ring.

Terri turns her back to Gucci, moving towards the nearby corner and Gucci is on the hunt, turning her around and backing her into the corner and giving her a knife edge chop that causes the fans to WOOO some more! Terri groans out in pain, and then Gucci Irish Whips her to the opposite corner. Terri's back hits it hard, and Gucci runs at her to give her a kick to the face but Terri dodges out of the way, causing Gucci's foot to get hung up on the top turnbuckle. Terri smiles wide and brings her right foot up to kick Gucci right in the... you know where... Gucci falls and rolls around the mat. Terri points and laughs at her, stepping forward to try and pick her up but Gucci grabs at her foot to trip her up. Terri falls forward and hits her head on the turnbuckle and falls to the mat, dazed! Gucci starts to lean on the ropes, pulling herself up. She pants heavily, staring at Terri with hate. She picks Terri up by her blue hair, setting her up for a standing suplex and she lands it! Gucci gets back to her feet and starts for the side of the cage that Wendy and Drew are on. Gucci points at Drew and starts yelling at him before starting to climb up the cage. Drew smiles real big like he has been all night, and then casually points to right behind Gucci. Terri had risen to her feet as well! She starts to grab Gucci off of the cage and Gucci lets go. Terri wraps her right arm around Gucci's back, with her left hand on the back of Gucci's left leg and tries to lift her up for a back suplex but Gucci actually does a backflip in this position and lands on her feet. Terri didn't expect it and before she could turn around... WHAM! Gucci grabs the back of Terri's head and slams it RIGHT into the cage! This causes the crowd to oooooooh! Terri falls down, and now Gucci grabs her head and starts to rake Terri's forehead against the cage! Terri grabs at her forehead now and kicks her feet in pain. Frank gets down on one knee next to her and tries to see if she's okay. Terri's hands are covering her face now. Meanwhile, Gucci is postering in the ring, walking in a circle in the center while spreading her hands out, letting the crowd shower her with boos!

Wendy is aghast at the violence being done to Terri's face. That's steel! She'll cut herself open! "Leave her alone you leather-skinned hag!" she screams at Gucci, up on her feet again.

Frank backs away, and Gucci continues to pose in the ring. Terri crawls towards the bottom rope, staring out in a dazed manner towards Wendy and Drew, with blood running down from her forehead and some caked on her hands. Terri actually starts to laugh, wearing a twisted smile on her lips. Gucci decides it's time to get back to work and grabs Terri by her legs, dragging her on her stomach towards the center of the ring. She turns Terri over and gets her in a seated position before wrapping her left arm around Terri's neck after stepping over her leg, hooking her hands behind Terri and locking her in a modifed Dragon Sleeper! Frank Washington's submission! Frank looks mildly annoyed that Gucci is stealing his finisher, but he remains focused on his job, asking if Terri wants to quit but Terri shakes her forefinger no! Terri struggles while Gucci wrenches it in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IVoA9hEUCk

"C'mon, Terri!" Wendy screams at the ring. "You can beat that fake Gucci hand-bag! She can't even figure out her own moves!" Thanks to Drew for pointing that out for her.

Terri struggles, and starts to grab at Gucci's leg, trying to lift her up, but Gucci plants her feet firm. Gucci wrenches it in more and Terri screams out, "AHHHHHHH NOOOOO!" The no being to Frank that she's not going to quit. All that time in the gym for Terri paid off, because she starts to bend back and bridge, before flipping herself up and over Gucci and planting her with an inverted DDT! Both are spent! Terri falls on her back soon after hitting that move. Terri crawls over her for the cover, draping an arm over her. Frank slides down to count! ONE! TWO! TH--KICKOUT! Gucci shrugs the arm off of her and kicks out. Gucci rolls onto her stomach now and the two take this moment to rest. The both of them get to one knee and start trading punches back and forth with Gucci starting. When Gucci hits one, the crowd Boos. When Terri responds, the crowd Yaaays! BOO! YAAAY! BOOO! YAAAY! BOOO! YAAAAY! YAAAY! YAAAAAY! They both get to their feet. With Gucci stunned from the punches, Terri takes a moment to hit the ropes, coming forward off the rebound and hitting Gucci with a clothesline!

"I can't watch" Wendy decides, covering her eyes with her hands /and/ turning to bury her face in Drew's shoulder. He won't mind, will he? "Just let me know if she wins."

Terri sees she's laid out, but instead of going for the cover, she waits. She stalks Gucci who starts to get to her feet and then rushes her from behind, grabbing her by the head and planting her into the mat with her patented bulldog she calls Mind in the Gutter! She goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THRE--! NO! Gucci kicks out! Gucci kicks out! The fans can't believe it and neither can Terri! Drew... actually puts an arm around her shoulders when she does this. Terri shakes her head and gets up now, moving for the cage and starting to climb up. As she does this, she looks out to see Drew and Wendy. She gets a few feet up on the side of the cage when suddenly, Gucci runs up behind her and pulls her down, planting her with her perfect plex she calls That's So Gucci! This is the second time tonight! The first was in the back, on CONCRETE! Frank slides down for the cover, ONE! TWO! THRE-NO! Terri had the wearwithall to kick out! Both women are spent. Both are out on their backs, staring at the ceiling, chests heaving. Gucci starts to get to her feet first. Terri is on her knees. Gucci gives Terri a taste of her right knee pad, rocking Terri's head back some but she remains on her knees. Terri responds with a punch right to Gucci's stomach. When Terri gets to her feet, she cocks her right hand back, left hand right on Gucci's forehead, and she clocks Gucci right in the mug! Gucci falls backwards, and Terri immediately responds with her guillotine leg drop she calls the Gutter Guillotine. Instead of going for a cover, Terri starts to climb the cage once again and what's this? She gets to the top! She's to the top! All she has to do is climb down the other side and she wins this! She'll be LONE Champion!

Terri stands at the top of the cage now instead, for some... strange reason. She looks over her shoulder out at the crowd and Terri... no... JILL... Jill's heart sinks for a moment. Why? Because when she looks out, she doesn't see Hannah. Though she is reminded of Drew and Wendy. Drew gives her a nod of his head and Terri looks forward and then down at Gucci as she starts to rise up. Terri takes a huge risk, jumping off the top of the 20 foot high cage and doing a shooting star press! Her torso collides with Gucci. Both slam to the mat, and Terri bounces off of Gucci and onto her back, kicking her feet in pain while holding onto her ribs. She may have seriously hurt them! She grits her teeth and tries to keep down the pain, blood dripping down her face. She crawls on top of Gucci and lays atop her. Frank counts. ONE!


THREE! Ding ding ding!

Johnny Baxter: Here is your winner and the NEEEEEEW LONE Champion, Gutter Trash TERRIIII THOMPSOOOOOOOON!

Wendy lets out a scream as she catches sight of her old friend plummeting down onto the mat. But she seems to be alright. And she won! Wendy gets to her feet, applauding and whooping. "I told you she'd do it" she grins to Drew before trying a wave to Terri/Jill. Though she has plenty of distractions from the raucus crowd thinking the ring is a recycling center and tossing in cans...in celebration of course.

Terri gets up onto her knees as Frank delivers her the belt. She adjusts it on her right shoulder and Frank grabs her right hand, holding it up in victory while pointing down at her. Terri looks like... she could cry right now as her theme music kicks back in and she starts to stand up. She stumbles a little, leaning against Frank who holds her up. The cage starts to rise now. Terri manages to pick a can up off of the canvas and tries to see if she can get a few drops or sips of beer from it before tossing it behind her. She goes up to one of the turnbuckles, standing on the middle one and holding the belt up with her right hand while the crowd cheers. She moves over to another corner to do the same thing. On iPPV, LONE starts to fade out. She steps out of the ring and starts to slap hands with the fans. She stops in front of Wendy and Drew and smiles. "Congratulations, kid." Drew tells her after rising to his feet and clapping.

Wendy is clapping too. "Happy birthday!" she tries to yell out over the crowd noises but she's not know for her volume. "Will you be free later?"

Jill smiles, having read her lips and heard a little bit of her saying happy birthday to get that she said that, but she couldn't understand the rest. "Hrm?" She raises a brow and leans in. Drew says "She wants to know if you'll be free later!" "Oh! Yeah! You guys should come in the back with me! One it starts to clear out here!" It seems like it is, with people getting up and heading home for the evening and Johnny Baxter telling them over the mic that LONE hopes they have a safe trip home, thanks for coming out and supporting us and we hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening!

Out the back stand Aurore and Pqentun, applauding Terri's victory...and the match itself...just like everyone else. Qent managed to shower but she's keeping the tough girl look going in case the fans see her. And she dresses like that all the time too. "I hope we did okay" she says to the boss before nodding to Aurore. "I thought Aurore did brilliantly myself" she grins. "Can't wait for the next one."

Laughing and shaking her head, Aurore slips an arm around Pqentun's waist. "I just had to tell people you were awesome. It's a pretty easy job, really," she assures her partner, grinning fondly. "But yeah - I'm definitely looking forward to the next one."

Wendy will stick with Drew rather that just barging backstage. He looks like he should be there, she most definitely does not. Still, she manages to get there and offer timid waves to everyone as she waits to find five minutes with the new champeen.

Jill smiles upon seeing Aurore and Pqentun. "You guys did AMAZING! I was watching in the back! Heh, I feel like you're going to be taking this next!" She lifts the belt off her shoulder a little to show it to Qent. Frank Washington now steps out of the ring and makes his way over to Jill. "Hey, just wanted to tell you congratulations. You two put on a hell of a match!" Jill turns around, eyes wide as saucers as she stares into Frank's eyes. "You... I... thank you SO much! I didn't expect..." "Happy Birthday!" He responds, grinning broadly, then tells her. "I have to make a few calls, but I'll be around for a while. Come meet me backstage in a while, champ!" Jill nods and after Frank heads off to the back, Jill leads Drew and Wendy backstage as well. Melissa and Tiffany... Gucci and Prada, respectfully, are speaking backstage and when Jill steps backstage, they turn around along with everyone else and start to clap for her, singing her Happy Birthday. Jill averts her eyes, looking like she could blush. "Aww, geez..." There's a table set up with a birthday cake. White and pink frosting. The pink reads Happy Birthday, Champ! Tiffany approaches Jill and gives her a hug. "Happy Birthday. I actually have to go because I'm not feeling well. But I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and congrats. You deserve it!"