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Supremacy: LONE 4
Dramatis Personae

LONE, Jill, Wendy, Hugo, Ryuhei, Tomoko, Jalal, Splash, Ciardha, Qent

29 September, 2017

Another night of action at LONE's monthly show Supremacy!


Old Harvest Fairgrounds

It's that time of the month again. No, not... that... time... ew. It's time for LONE! One of the buildings in the Old Harvest Fairgrounds has been set up once again for another incredible night of action! $10 for a ticket, $15 for front row seating and $5 if you're watching on iPPV. Everyone is either in their seats, or getting food/using the restroom, with some at the merch booth getting merchandise and autographs. One person actually working the booth to provide fans their t-shirts and the like is the recognized talent "Fly" Felicia Hawkins. In the center of the ring stands a tall, blonde gentleman with slicked back hair and a microphone. Most recognize him as the ring announcer Johnny Baxter. He welcomes everyone to LONE and lets them know that they are going to be starting the show in 5 minutes on iPPV so please get to your seats!

Qent is backstage with Aurore, going over their lines for later in the evening. The Native American no longer nervous about her performances but actually quite excited. This is fun! Much better than prison brawls...and even slightly safer.

Ishihara Ryuhei, a pale Japanese man, dressed in a sharp looking suit of charcoal gray, with a white shirt and burgundy vest, sits in the front rows amidst a group of garishly dressed Asian youths. The group around him are clearly amped up, chatting amongst themselves in excited tones, and entirely too animated for their own good. For his part, Ryuhei remains silent, a passive observer. His monolid eyes capture the darkness in such a way that it pools in his sockets and lends them a fierce, but ultimately cold and lifeless stare. His features, while soft and elegant, and not entirely unpleasant to look at, seem severe with his pale flesh and the way the shadows flow along the hollows of his cheeks. He simply sits in his seat, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, and his hands pressed palm to palm.

Wendy finds a front row seat. Giant soda in one hand, giant popcorn in the other, the tall blonde settles into her chair to enjoy the show. No way will she eat or drink all of it but it's all part of the evening's fun. She glances around, noting the Asian gang with some surprise, before eyes are on the four-cornered circle.

Tomoko got a root beer at concessions to go with the box of cookies she snuck in with her in her bag. She wasn't sure what kind of snacks they might have so came prepared. The asian girl with her soda and her backpack went to find her seat in the front rows... Seeing the group of Asian youths sitting around near the front, she figured she'd probably blend in pretty well. She was wearing a baggy T-shirt with the image of a giant squid attacking a whale on it and some cargo shorts, as well as socks with a pair of sandals.

Hugo has shown up, wearing a pink shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, along with slacks and suspenders. He doesn't have his briefcase, but it gets the point across. He's got a bag of peanuts and a soda, climbing over a back row so that he can sit on the back of the chair and peer up and over.

Splash, of course, wouldn't miss tonight's event. He shows up with a tee-shirt emblazoned with the title of his upcoming album, AFTERSHOCKS, and an amount of gold chains befitting a jeweler's shop. Armed with a large popcorn and oversized plastic mug of beer, he makes his way toward the front row. "YAY-YEY!"

Johnny Baxter announces that the show is starting now and that LONE hopes everyone enjoys the show! The arena darkens now as the titantron above the entrance ramp lights up to show the LONE: Supremacy Logo as Rage Against the Machine's Testify starts to pick up over the video package. The package starts off with Terri Thompson holding up the LONE title, saying "I've come too far to let anyone just TAKE this from me!" It then shows the highlight of her doing a shooting star press off the top of a 20 foot Steel Cage onto Ms. Gucci. It then switches to Prada Paula and Ms. Gucci, the former scoffing and twirling her hair while Ms. Gucci puts her hand up in a "talk to the hand" manner and then flips it to show the 4 finger ring that reads GUCCI. It cuts to Gucci hitting That's SO Gucci! (Perfect Plex) onto Homeless Hannah from the last show. More action appears! Including "Pretty" Fay Qent hitting The Scalper onto Hookah Jones, and then cuts to Qent mean mugging the camera with Aurore behind her, laughing and putting her hand on Qent's shoulder. A highlight of The Glorious One hitting The Spotlight (Backbreaker) onto Ami Reeves, and then Mark Robertson in the forefront with The Glorious One behind him. Mark points to the camera and exclaims, "My client DESERVES her shot at Terri Thompson and she deserves it NOW!" This draws a loud chorus of BOOs in response. The video package ends with 2 more cuts; one being Stitches curled up in a boiler room, rocking back and forth and saying "God is great! God is good!" while clutching a Sister Catherine doll, and then Sister Catherine in her nun habit with her head bowed. She then snaps her head up as two fangs jut from her upper lip. She hisses loudly and moves to bite the camera as we cut to the LONE: Supremacy logo once more! The crowd starts cheering, wanting to see more of the radical, vampiric nun. The iPPV feed now switches to the commentary table, and those in attendance can see Mark Robertson and The Glorious one emerge from the back and head to the ring.

Kevin North: HELLO everyone and WELCOME to LONE: Supremacy 4! I'm Kevin North alongside my broadcast partner Dexter Irving Cornelius!

DIC: A-K-A D-I-C, the one the ladies love to see! Because the ladies never get SICK... of the DIC!

Kevin North:... Anyway! We take you now to the ring where Mark Robertson and The Glorious one are going to address our audience!

The camera goes to ringside, where standing in the center of the ring just so happens to be Mark Robertson with the Glorious One standing right next to him. With a microphone in hand and a smile stretched along his face, he immediately begins to speak to this capacity crowd on hand.

Robertson: Last month went down EXACTLY like I said it would. My client, the Glorious One defeated the LONE Champion, Terri Thompson and turned this company UPSIDE... DOWN...

With many boos echoing throughout the arena, Robertson ignores all of them and continues to speak with the gospel.

Robertson: So as I stand here right now, right next to my client, the only thing that really needs to be said is — when does my client receive the opportunity she so rightfully earned?

Stretching his arms out, he nods his head and yells at the crowd as they continue to boo him, definitely in support for Terri.

Wendy gasps as she sees Splash...a star!...but then she is glaring at those in the ring. She definitely joins in on the booing. Even throwing in a few "You suck!" Then blushing at being so forward. A sip of her soda before looking around at the crowd and grinning at the support for Terri.

Ryuhei's attention is drawn to the blonde for a moment. Since she seems to be surprised by the group, he just responds with a quick upnod in greeting, before he looks about at the others as they start taking their seats. As the show starts, Ryuhei sits back in his chair, lounging and lifting one arm over the back of his seat. The others he is with, though? They're unruly. As the video feeds on the screen overhead, they're standing in their seats, whooping and hollering, throwing punches in the air and jeering when appropriate. One of them shouts, his voice accented, but not heavily, across the room. "VAMPIRE NUNS SUCK!" before his buddies pull him down into his seat to shut him up. Another one of the men, a little plump, with spiked, bleached blonde hair and a goatee that makes him look too much like he frequents too many trips to flavortown, points out Splash, tapping another one on the shoulder. Yet another guy, dressed in what appears to be Eminem's wardrobe circa 2008, leans over towards Tomoko and tries to get her attention and wave her over to sit with him.

"Boooo!! BOOOO! That guy's an asss-hole!" Splash's voice carries from the front row, as he slams his beer and pounds fistfuls of popcorn into his mouth. Seems he's certainly enjoying himself at the show.

Tomoko just sips her soda as she watches the start of the show. She definitely has no idea what's going on having never been to any sort of wrestling match before. She noticed one of the guys behind her waving her down and wanting her to sit by him... Well it wasn't like she was here with anyone, so it couldn't hurt right? These guys were treating this a lot like she treated baseball games. Moving her seat she'd give a greeting when she moved over, "Konbanwa." She didn't get in on the booing or cheering yet because she didn't know who to boo or cheer for.

Robertson turns his head for a moment towards the direction of Wendy, before looking back at the crowd. He takes notes of Splash as well, but instead of commenting on him, he smiles and brings the mic to his lips.

Robertson: See... You people can boo all you want but at the end of the day? You know that I'm right, you know that every word coming out of my mouth is the gospel truth and so Jack E. Bux: I hope you're listening, I hope you're taking notes because we're not going to wait any longer, you understand? My client beat the best you have, my client beat the best there is today so without further ado, I do expect to see her name across from Terri's for the LONE Championship and VERY soon; do I make myself clear?

Nodding his head slowly, that maniacal grin is seen expressed on his face as he is more confident than ever.

Robertson: GOOD!

Dropping the microphone down onto the canvas, it makes a crackling sound upon impact as Robertson and the Glorious One quickly exit the ring and walk up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

We're taken to the titantron above the entrance way now. The screen opens up to what looks like a statue made out of clay. It appears to be some kind of trophy. The crowd doesn't know what to make of it at first. The camera on the titantron feed zooms out, and we see Gutter Trash Terri Thompson. The crowd erupts with cheers at the sight of their champion. It appears she is somewhere backstage, seated in a steel chair with her feet apart and elbows on her knees as she holds the clay trophy up. She's dressed in a simple white tank top, with the straps of a black bra visible, denim jeans and her black combat boots. Over her lap is the LONE Championship. Her fingers tenderly stroke the trophy as she looks down at it with admiration.

Terri: ..... Someone gave me this.... because they believe in me.....

Her eyes focus upwards on the camera now.

Terri: Because I've won their admiration. I've won the peoples' admiration, and you know why? It's because I've busted my ass! Day in and day out, I've strived to get where I'm at. I didn't come here with an established name and throw my status around demanding a shot at the title, no... I earned it, and you know what? I went through hell to get it. Ms. Gucci put me through hell. Right now, The Glorious One is putting me through hell.

Terri inhales sharply, then takes the title and drapes it over her left shoulder after putting the statue between her legs on the seat.

Wendy stares at the clay trophy. Her mouth drops open before she is glancing around at everyone else...but they'll have no idea what it means. So the blonde sighs happily, blushes and...yes...a few tears roll down her cheeks. Jill, aka Terri, has just got herself in someone's good books.

Splash cheers for the champion as she makes her entrance, taking a swig of his beer. "Yeahh! Teach that other one a lesson!" Maybe he hasn't exactly followed the storyline until today, but he's surely enjoying himself.

"Hey, squid girl!" Japeminem says when Tomoko actually comes and sits down with them. His smile is full of bright gold teeth. "You should stick with us, yeah? People like us should stick together. We can show you a real good time after this, too. You like motorcycles?" This, of course, draws more attention from a few of the others, and suddenly Tomoko will find herself the center of attention for a group of hormonal young men who have been let off their leash for the first time in their short lives. Probably not the best place to be. Ryuhei, without looking away from the ring, where the real action is happening, just says quietly, "Ahem." This gets the attention of the man sitting closest to Ryuhei, to which Ryuhei simply says, "We are here to watch wrestling. Not pick up girls. Leave the squid girl alone." This pretty quickly diminishes the excitement surrounding the girl, with the sole exception of Japeminem, who just sits back in his seat and tries to do the classic creeping arm around the back thing. Meanwhile, the rest of the men seem super stoked by Terri's bit. What is that trophy thing? Terri's gonna Smash the Glorious One. Terri is way cooler than even Shinsuke Nakamura!

Hugo reaches into his pocket, producing something colorful and flat and folded. As he watches the show going on, he'll cheer for Teri's responses and mugging for the camera, then takes a sip of his drink before sitting back and slowly inflating the beach ball. The sign that they've made it. The big leagues.

Terri: Everything they've done, everything they've put me through has been hell. It hasn't been fair. Gucci sending her crony Prada after me, Glorious One cheating me... None of it's fair but you know what? Nothing's fair!

She peers into the camera's lens, silent for a moment as if she's trying to have that statement sink in.

Terri: Nothing's fair..... but that doesn't mean we have to suffer because of it. I've suffered a lot, but I'm not going to suffer anymore. Not if I have anything to say about it! Glorious One!..... You would think by your name you would earn your shot in a glorious manner but you know as well as I do you didn't. You came through the doors of LONE demanding something you didn't earn and Robertson? You were right. You were right in that I'm the best LONE has, in that I'm the best thing going and I can say that loudly and proudly because I have THIS!

Terri takes a moment to raise the title up off of her shoulder, pushing the face plate up towards the camera. After a moment, she rests it back on her shoulder and adjusts it.

Terri: I have this and I earned it! I earned the RIGHT to be called the best and while what you've done, Glorious One, wasn't so glorious, wasn't so fair, it doesn't matter at the end of the day because I will FIGHT to KEEP this right to call myself the best.

Terri reaches for the statue now, fingers stroking it once more. She stares at it with pride, as if this little clay trophy in her hand means as much to her as the title.

Terri: I've won the hearts of the people because I've earned my way..... What you've done was wrong, Glorious One and you WILL be punished for it, and if you don't get that? If you can't get it through your THICK SKULL that you didn't rightfully EARN the right at me? Well... I'll just have to make you think differently when I plant your mind in the gutter!

The camera starts to fade out as Terri holds the clay statue up towards the camera and mouths the words 'Thank you.'

Coming out to nothing but silence and the sound of the fans, Hannah Kix steps out onto the stage wearing a purple hoodie with the hood pulled down over her head. Stopping dead in her tracks, she lowers her head and takes in all of the admiration from these fans.

Baxter: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Paris France, she is HANNAH KIIIIIIIIIXXXXXX!

Bringing her head up and letting out a scream, she has both of her fists clenched as she is definitely ready for war. Walking down the aisle with a purpose, the fans in attendance reach out and slap her on the back, shoulders, whatever they can reach as she quickly slides into the ring and heads for her respective corner waiting on her opponent. Beginning to throw some shadow punches and elbows, she then rolls her neck getting loosened up for the upcoming match.

DIC: Boy look at Hannah, this girl is all business.

North: Yes she is but she has all of the tools to become one of the best someday.

Tomoko kind of quirked a brow when they called her squid girl, she didn't know that bit of slang. She tried to pay attention to the show while talking to him, "...I've never been on a motorcycle. I have a pretty sweet van though." She sips from her rootbeer, not even bothering to look at him, "There's a lot going on, is this like some sorta soap opera?"

"Soap opera? No. This is real!" Japeminem declares, holding up his fist for emphasis. "This is about fighting spirit! Honor! Passion! These are heroes and villains in the ring, putting their all out there for us!" A pause, and then he looks over with his face all scrunched up incredulously. "A van? Sweet? Oh! Do you have a good stereo?" Hey now. The girl has a van, and that's pretty spacious for things to happen. He's feeling pretty good right about now. That arm laced around behind Tomoko just happens to slip off the back of the chair and land draped around her shoulders.

Everyone else may be yelling and cheering but there's a tall blonde girl in the front row who is blubbing after Terri's speech. She does her best to compose herself. Digging out a handkerchief to wipe her eyes and blow her nose before taking some deep breaths. "Calm down. Enjoy the show" she tells herself under her breath. A smile as she notes Tomoko and the boy getting friendly - awww, true love.


With Hannah Kix already standing in the ring, rolling her hands as to get ready for this upcoming match, the public address sound system blares to life playing “Holy Diver” by Killswitch Engage. Quickly making her way out onto the stage with a load of energy, she brings her arms out and tilts her head back as these fans boo her which puts a smile on her face.

Baxter: And her opponent... Making her way from New York City, she is AINSLEE AVVAALOOOOONNNN!

Lowering her arms, she quickly runs down the ramp and slides into the ring making her way to her feet once again. Ascending up to the top turnbuckle, she looks out at these fans and then hops down after pretending like they don’t matter to her whatsoever.


Tomoko went kind of silent when she felt his arm on her, going to dig out her box of cookies to crack it open so she can munch on the mini cookies during the show, "So, yes." Shoving a couple cookies in her mouth at once she continues talking with her mouth full, "Mmf... And yesh, I have a good sound system, it's the only way ta listen ta classical music or... They Might Be Giants. It's not as good as what I have at home though."

Beach Ball will save Tomoko! It sails down to the front row, to greet the entrance from Ainslee Avalon, and rebound against the barricade, in a possibly random direction, because beach ball does what he wants, when he wants! From behind, Hugo tries to look like he is not to blame. Hugo did nothing. Khajiit is innocent of this crime.

Not one to be easily deterred (or one to pick up social cues), the Japanese gangster just reaches over and plucks up one of her cookies to eat it, while his arm gently pulls her in closer. "You can show me after the show! Do you listen to NWA?" About that time, Beach Ball bounces off the barricade and right into his face, making him spill his drink all up in his crotch. Needless to say, there is a fair amount of spazzing.


North: We got an opening contest here tonight with two blue chips here in LONE. Ainslee Avalon is a second generation wrestler looking to make a name for herself while Hannah Kix, the Paris, France native is looking to make a name for herself in New England.

DIC: There's a lot of sugar in that ring tonight! I tell you what Kev, the DICster doesn't discriminate; unless you go dumpster diving like that rat Terri Thompson.

North:...the DICster? What are you, 12?

DIC: Big D, The Man with the Biggest DIC; I can go all night.

North: Please; don't. Just... just stop.

Avalon and Kix tie up in the middle of the ring with neither seeming to capture the early advantage. They trade back and forth, Avalon locks her into a hammer lock by grabbing her wrist and wrenching it behind her back, Kix manages to slip our and with an arm wrench of her own shoots several kicks to the midsection before trying roll down to the ground with her in an attempt at a takedown. Avalon rolls through the momentum and reverses with an armbar meant to trap her to the ground. Kix manages to shift her weight and catch her into a surprise roll-up instead. The referee quickly goes to count the pin 1, 2 – KICKOUT!

North: Two evenly matched ladies here early on with a brilliant display of chain wrestling.

DIC: Stamina certainly isn't an issue. Honestly I don't know which one I like more; honestly I need a bigger sample.

North: That's the most respectful thing I've heard you say calling a match.

Both women get back up to their feet as some applause is heard from the crowd from their back and forth chain grappling. Kix in a show of sportsmanship holds her fist out for Avalon to tap but is quickly blindsided by a cheap elbow shot to the face as the applause quickly turns into boos.

To say this is a very different sort of wrestling than he is use to would be a understatement. The gentleman in the grey suit, with thick glasses and a cane stands in the back of the crowd, keeping to the shadows. He circles the edge of the mass of humanity but never dives in, just keeps his brown eyes sweeping, ocassionally flitting to the stage. A mild smirk rests on his lips.

The Japanese girl can't help but let out a 'SNRK' when the gangster who is probably flirting with her gets his by the beach ball and spills his drink. Tomoko actually spews out a few cookie crumbs while trying to hold in her laughter. She's glad the fighting has started though, she uses her hand to wipe off any crumbs that might have gotten on her own face, "Never heard of NWA. But I listen to Lady Gaga." Her eyes watch the fighting as she takes a drink from her unspilled rootbeer.

Ryuhei is content to just watch the show unfold. Never does his cold, unblinking stare part from the action in the ring, though his half lidded look and emotionless expression would indicate that he's completely disinterested. And yet, when Avalon takes that cheap shot, Ryuhei's hands clap together and he makes a snarl, curling his upper lip in a fashion that would have made Elvis proud. Reaching into his pocket, he withdraws a white handkerchief and holds it out to the side, where Japeminem has stood up, trying to clean himself off. Ryuhei just says, "Clean yourself up. You are stupid."

DIC: Now that is how it's done! Avalon is a feisty one!

North: Disgusting. There's no place for such cheap shots in the ring!

DIC: By any means necessary, Kev-O. Ever hear the term nice guys finish last? Well nice wrestlers finish last too, you gotta be cutthroat to make it here.

Avalon goes to quickly follow up with a spinning back fist but only partially connects as Kix connects a kick to the back of her knee, perhaps out of instinct, disrupting the momentum causing both women to stumble backwards. Avalon seemed to have been caught by surprise as she held her leg and before she could fully recover Kix started kicking at her legs more causing Avalon to seek refuge by ducking under the top rope as the referee gets between them.

North: Ainslee has had enough of Hannah Kix! Definitely living up to her name there with those kicks, veteran defense.

DIC: That's a little much there. Give her a moment to rest, respect the rules Hannah.

Avalon grins as Kix protests with the official who reminds her that she can't attack an opponent entangled in the ropes. Kix walks past the referee as Avalon ducks out of the ropes and jabs a thumb into her eye and grabbing her head to hit a swinging neckbreaker. The referee suspects something may have happened but the exchange happened so quickly it seemed to be a blur once he turned his head. The crowd however boos which gives him a good idea of what happened. Despite shouting a warning at Avalon, she quickly wasted no time as she trapped her arm and cranked back on her head as she locked in a crossface.

Some helpful set of hands gets the ball away from the spill, because a wet beach ball is the greatest crime. It of course goes right back to bouncing in all the directions, fans punching it up into the air, or trying and failing to pop it, because that would also be terrible. Hugo seems surprised that it has lasted this long, though, and decides to relocate, shuffling down a few rows to be closer to the others viewing.

Tomoko can't help but just try to analyze everything going on, having fun in her own way, "Wouldn't it make more sense to have a second referee outside the ring? What are all the rules for this anyway?" Perhaps over analyzing the show.

The beachball bounces off the bonce of an unsuspecting Wendy. "Ow!" she pouts before punching it with all the strength her spindly arms can give it. The ball moves about an inch before being pushed back and hitting her in the head again. It's not a battle she can win but thankfully the ball is soon annoying others.

DIC: Now that's second generation talent!

North: She jabbed Kix in the eye! That doesn't take any talent, that's cheating!

DIC: Winners win and losers make excuses, we know what camp you're in. Right now Ainslee is fighting like a winner!

North: It seems like there's a beach ball being bounced around in the audience!

DIC: BOOOO! Get that outta here! The only balls that should be flung around if I had my way are mine!

North: As long as it doesn't get in the way of the action, I don't see anything wrong with it!

Kix tried to reach for the ropes but they were too far away as Avalon had the hold locked in tight. With the crowd stomping their feet to rally her on. Avalon however goes for the kill as she wrenches back with all her might but gets trapped in a pin for her effort as Kix shifts her weight and catches her in a pin. The referee goes to count 1, 2, THR-KICKOUT! Avalon has no choice but to release the hold or lose the match!

North: Hannah Kix just turned a bad situation into a nearly game winning one! Kix caught Ainslee going a little too aggressive there and made her pay for overextending.

DIC: Almost, almost only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades and strip poker. Either way I'm enjoying the show.

North: How you haven't been hit with a sexual harassment suit yet is beyond me.

DIC: When you come from my family you have a legal team at your beck and call that rivals the elite that'd make Robert Kardashian and OJ Simpson blush. And I'll tell you what, Varano Law Firm and Associates have the best attorneys in the world in their stable; all I gotta do is hit up Eugene on speed dial and you'd get arrested for being within 100ft of me.

North: So you're saying you play by a different set of rules?

DIC: Keverino Norteno, when you got money you play by whatever damn rules you please. Jack E. Bux is lucky I like slumming it here with a chump like you and adding class and credibility to this show; it helps that the checks make that easy.

North: Hey man, my name isn't Norteno, I'm not looking to get shot.

DIC: Shut up, Kev. Your name is whatever I say it is. Now unlike you I got a job to do watching two hotties in the ring and giving this peanut gallery something to keep their little rodent attention spans entertained. I gotta break it down for them after all, half of these people are Terri Thompson's extended family; the smell gives it away!

Avalon argues feverishly with the official claiming that her shoulder was off the mat the entire time but he won't have any of it. Kix takes advantage of the situation as she shoots a vicious kick to her leg! Avalon stumbles as Kix shoots another kick at her legs, and then another! Kix makes it back up to a vertical base as she brings Avalon to her knees. Kix goes to complete her combination she calls Eat Your Kix by shooting a kick to the temple but Avalon ducks and rolls her up into a pin grabbing a handful of tights! The crowd makes their displeasure crystal clear but the referee doesn't see it from his viewpoint! 1, 2... 3!

Baxter: Here is your winner...AINSLEE AVVAALOOOOONNNN!

DIC: What did I tell you Kev? That hottie right there is the future of LONE!

North: She's got talent, I won't deny that. And it's because of her talent that I'm disgusted that she resorted to some cheap shortcut like that!

DIC: Winners win Kev, winners win.

Avalon quickly rolls out the ring raising her arms n the air as Kix is sitting up in shock.

We're drawn to the titantron now. Opening up inside of a small, dimly lit room, we hear the sound of some kind of rope smacking the cold, concrete floor as well as some giggling. As we pan back, we see a woman jumping rope as a doll sits in a chair just looking on.

Stitches: God is good. God is great. God is good. God is great.

Repeating the same phrase over and over again, she quickly stops jumping rope and rushes over to the chair where the Sister Catherine doll sits. Removing it from out of the chair, Stitches gives it a long, passionate kiss on the lips before cradling it to her chest and beginning to rock herself back and forth while stroking the dolls hair.

Stitches: Soon we'll be together, just you wait and see.

Hugging the doll tighter, she giggles again as everything goes black.

Tomoko scrunched her nose when watching the video playing on the titantron, muttering to herself when it went black, "Now that's just creepy."

"That shit is weird" Wendy delicately points out about Stitches from her front row seat. She's barely eaten any of her popcorn and she may have lost some drink after her collision with the beach ball. Hearing Tomoko's similar comment, she smiles over to the girl and her boyfriend with the wet crotch.

Jalal is a little late to the show, blame the city busses. He makes his way to his seats gets bumped and jostled by others in the growd, it seems mosts tend to overlook him. He finds his seat and notices a familiar face, He tosses a wave over to Tomoko and turns his attention to the show.

Hugo gets into it with the crowd, punching the bottom out of his now-empty soda cup to use it as a megaphone to boo the heel. And DIC. But then he sits still, looking around in the dark, that little shine behind his eyes when it all goes dark from the spooky promo.

Back to the ring! In the center of the ring now, Johnny Baxter is quick to announce the woman already standing in the ring, Hip O. Potamus.

Baxter: “Standing in the ring, from the Animal Kingdom, HIP O. POTAMUS!”

DIC: “Where on God’s green Earth do we get these women?”

North: “Well I believe Baxter just said that we got her from the Animal Kingdom.”

DIC: “I swear, this company must be getting desperate if they’re starting to invade the Animal Kingdom.”

Baxter: “And her opponent...”

Suddenly the arena blares with the sound of “Pretty Vacant” by The Sex Pistols as Aurore parts through the curtains and trailing behind her is Fay Qent. Receiving more boos than cheers, Fay ignores the crowd and quickly walks down the ramp where she charges into the ring.

Baxter: “Hailing from Fallcoast, Maine. She is “PRETTY”... FAAAAY QEEEEENT!”

DIC: “Now THIS is a woman North, just look at her.”

North: “She is a beautiful woman, there’s no denying that.”

DIC: “I want her to dominate me... Eh... Eh... You get it?”

North: “Oh knock it off DIC!”

"I am certain that it will only get worse as she descends into madness," Ryuhei says in response to Tomoko after her potential paramour storms off towards the men's room with Ryu's handkerchief. "Her obsession will consume her mind, until the hungry dead nun consumes her in body. Certainly, this will be a frightening experience." Ryuhei says this with the grave seriousness of one who has seen some shit. There is no irony in his voice.

Tomoko tried not to laugh, having thought it funny the guy draping his arm around her ended up so embarassed from spilling his drink on him. She'd nod toward Ryuhei, kind of getting his point about the woman descending into madness. Seeing Jalal wave at her, it clicked and she recognized him waving and actually smiling back. She actually paid extra for a seat up at the front so that's where she was, getting a good view of the matches.

Signaling for the bell, Potamus and Fay walk out of their corners. Sizing each other up, Potamus is much larger than Fay who doesn’t seem to notice or care for that matter. Embracing in a collar and elbow tie-up, Potamus gets the upper hand and pushes Fay into the nearest turnbuckle. Charging in with a full head of steam, Potamus looks to flatten Fay but Fay charges out and hits Potamus with a huge Tomahawk Chop (Clothesline) which puts the much larger woman down on her back.

North: “My goodness, she just flattened her and Potamus is twice her size.”

DIC: “Dear God, please let Fay put me on my back later tonight. I’ll NEVER ask for anything else ever again — promise!”

North: “What is wrong with you?

Bending down and yanking Potamus to her feet, Fay let’s out a loud war cry and manages to hoist Potamus onto her shoulder. Dropping to her knees, Potamus’ head bounces off of the canvas as she’s out cold.


North: “Ho... How did she lift her?”

DIC: “She’s a goddess, that’s how.”

Dropping down to make the count, the referee slaps the canvas.




Getting to his knees, the referee signals for the bell.

Baxter: “The winner of the match, “PRETTY” FAAAY QEEEENT!”

Jalal cheers for the smaller combatant winning, not really realizing that was the heel and he should be booing, yes he is an unwitting smark folks. In reality as someone used to being the smallest one in a fight he can't help but feel some solidarity. He starts to slip thorugh the seats and ends up in an empty one near the front, the nice thing about being overl ooked by most is they often don't notice you being where you shouldn't; that is tonight's wisdom of the rat.

As the next match unfolds in fairly rapid fashion, Ryuhei keeps on watching. His attention seems to be piqued, and he sits up straight in his seat as he watches the "Pretty" Fay unleash on the Hippo woman. Well now, that was interesting, was it not?

Tomoko took this time with the guy she was sitting by in the bathroom to move herself over by Jalal, offering him access to her box of cookies she brought in with her, "I didn't expect that match ta go so fast ya know. It was pretty impressive."

Entering inside the ring, Aurore has a smile on her face and a microphone in hand as obviously; she has a few things to say.

Aurore: “This is getting to be ridiculous LONE, RIDICULOUS, do you understand me? Month after month, you continue to put MY client — “PRETTY” Fay Qent against the...”

Aurore throws up air quotes, obviously annoyed.

Aurore: “... “best” that this company supposedly has and what has happened, huh? My client has DESTROYED, yes, DESTROYED everyone she has faced here so far and so you know — we want REAL competition, we want somebody who can PARTIALLY hang with my client and if we don’t get it? Well then... You see, my client? She’ll RUN THROUGH your Champion, Gutter Trash until we get “THE BEST” — capiche? GOOD!”

Rolling her eyes, she drops the microphone and exits the ring as Fay follows in behind her, smiling. With these fans giving her a mixed reaction but more boos than cheers, this capacity crowd is on their feet with excitement.

Wendy lets out a gasp of alarm at the thought of Qent up against Terri. Terri may be champion but Qent has smashed everyone she's come up against in less than a minute. The tattooed ex-con even looks like she's killed people to end up in jail!

Jalal smiles to Tomoko, "Thank you." he trys one of the cookie and he says, "I have never been to a wreslting event before but I have watched a lot of videos online since meeting one of the wrestlers, it is really neat."

Tomoko smirked, "Yeah I was told about this too about a month ago, it's like... A stage play with more violence. Definitely more fun than what I would have been doing tonight."

The arena darkens and the titantron lights up. We are shown the head promoter and booker of LONE, Jack E. Bux seated in his office at his desk. There's a keyboard in front of him and on the corner of his desk is a computer monitor. He seems to be watching what has just transpired with his fingers laced together and the forefingers up straight, together and poking his chin as if he's deep in thought on how to reply to Aurore.


A knock at his door is heard. Bux leans forward to hit a few keys on his keyboard.

Bux: “Please... Come in! Come in!”

Motioning with his right hand for someone to enter his office, as the camera pans out, we see that the person just so happens to be Mark Robertson who looks perplexed by this. Arching a brow, he enters and takes a seat as Bux sits on the edge of his desk looking down at Robertson.

Bux: “So... Let’s talk.”

Allowing a fake smile to stretch along his face, he looks up at Bux and responds.

Robertson: “Okay, what would you like to discuss?”

Bux: “Well you see Mark, there’s something going on here that has me confused and I was hoping maybe you could solve that problem since you seem to know something is going on here that I don’t.”

Separating his hands and shaking his head momentarily, Robertson plays innocent, like he has no idea what Bux is talking about.

Robertson: “What are you talking about?”

Smiling while trying to keep his composure, Bux reaches back with his right hand and rubs the back of his neck.

Bux: “I think you know exactly what I am talking about Mark so please, do us both a favor and spill it.”

Robertson still pretends to play dumb.

Robertson: “See, there must be some form of miscommunication because like I said, I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about Bux.”

Getting irritated with Robertson, a smile comes over the face of Bux as he gets down to business.

Bux: “Fine! I’ll flat out ask you then: how were you able to get that match last month against Terri?”

Robertson: “I simply asked for it, that’s it. What? You didn’t like the match?”

Bux: “It’s not that I didn’t like the match Mark, it’s that there’s other people who have been here longer and who have earned the right to face Terri yet — somehow, someway, you managed to get your client a non-title match...”

Quickly interrupting Bux, Robertson simply annoys him even more.

Robertson: “... Which she won by the way! So, let’s talk about her title shot.”

Shaking his head and waving his hands like it’s not going to happen, Bux is still trying to pry this information out of Mark.

Bux: “No Mark, let’s not. See... I want to know who booked that match and YOU are going to tell me, understand?”

Looking slightly intimidated, Mark swallows hard but keeps his composure while responding.

Robertson: “See, that’s where you’re wrong Bux. I don’t HAVE to do anything. You want to know who booked that match? Stay tuned because I promise you, it will be revealed soon enough, YOU understand?”

Rising to his feet, Robertson quickly exits Bux’s office, definitely frustrated as Bux says nothing at all, simply stares.

Qent and Aurore high-five once they are backstage - they got away with it again! A quick check to see if Potamus is okay before they're all heading off to grab some food and drink to watch the rest of the show.

Jalal nods to Tomoko, "One hing i found fascinating was the strong pull of good vs evil in the characters, though the character arent alway aligned how you would first think."

Opening up to the sound of some beautiful symphony, from behind the curtain steps Ami Reeves wearing a green “Legend of Zelda” shirt. Realizing that her theme just so happens to be the main theme from Zelda, she smiles at all of these fans while touching hands with them as she walks down to the ring.

Baxter: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, she is... AMI REEEEVEEESSS!

Quickly sliding into the ring, she pretends to swing around an imaginary sword as all of these fans in attendance absolutely love her which puts a large smile on her face.

North: This woman is very talented but the question we all have to ask ourselves is this, does she have it in her to be the first person to beat The Glorious One?

DIC: No and not because she’s not talented or anything but simply because there’s a reason why The Glorious One has the legendary, Mark Robertson in her corner. She has been the best all around the globe and I have a pretty good feeling this time is going to be no different.

North: I have a feeling that you could be right.


Tomoko laughed a little to herself hearing the Legend of Zelda theme, well they definitely try to make it interesting, "Yeah, but if it wasn't for the cheers and boos I dunno if I'd be able to tell who is supposed to be good or evil."

As Ami rolls her shoulders and everything, the lights dim as the very peaceful tone of “Hotel California” by the Eagles begins to play as the curtain parts to the side and stepping out first just so happens to be the man himself, the legendary, Mark Robertson who is dressed in a very expensive suit and motions behind him as the lovely Glorious One steps out dressed in a very expensive robe with rhinestone diamonds littered all over it.

Baxter: And her opponent, hailing from Hollywood, California and managed by the legendary; Mark Robertson, she is... THE GLORRRIIOUSSS ONNNNNNNEEEEE!

Making their way down the ramp, Robertson walks up the steps first and sits on the top rope while pushing the top rope up so that Glorious One can enter the ring with ease. As both participants have entered the ring, Robertson has this really arrogant smile expressed on his face as he points to his client who stretches her arms out, as arrogant as ever.

DIC: There she is, the Glorious One, the most dominating woman in our business today and might I add, she is also undefeated here in LONE.

North: There is no denying what this woman has done for the business today. If there’s ever a time where Reeves has her work cut out for her, it’s now and especially with Robertson in the Glorious One’s corner.


Jalal points to DIC, "I think I figured out that whoever he likes is the evil one." He says, "So he must be the devil on your shoulder type."

Tomoko had that moment of realization when Jalal said that, "Yeah... Actually... That's probably right. I didn't really even consider that angle."

Taking off her robe and handing it to Robertson, he exits the ring as the referee signals for the bell and both women step out to the center of the ring beginning to feel one another out.

Embracing in a collar and elbow tie-up, Ami uses her speed advantage and manages to get in behind Glorious One. Dropping down to her knees, she grabs the feet of the veteran and trips her down to her stomach where she immediately applies a seated headlock showing that she can hang with the veteran. Reaching out for the bottom rope, the Glorious One manages to grab it as Ami is forced to release the hold which is fine by her since she was simply trying to make a point.

North: Ami showing that she can hang with the wrestling veteran.

DIC: But the question is, for how long? It’s not really a secret that she is much younger and faster, but as we both know, the longer this match goes on? The harder it is going to be for Miss. Reeves.

North: No arguing with you there.

As both women are back to their feet, they embrace again but this time, the Glorious One hits a quick knee to the midsection of Ami, doubling her over and then picks her up and puts her down onto the canvas with a very stiff scoop slam. Arching her back in pain, the veteran turns the rookie over and applies a modified chinlock where her knee is digging into the spine of Ami.

North: Ami is going to have to be very smart here because you don’t want to mess with the Glorious One; she is very dangerous when it comes to the human body and she knows how to tear it apart.

DIC: That she does and I think that is going to be the biggest problem for Reeves who has very little experience when it comes to this business.

Keeping Reeves on her stomach, the veteran quickly leaps into the air and drives her knee into the spine of the younger woman which again, causes Ami to scream out in a lot of pain.

DIC: This is very smart on behalf of Glorious One because she is wearing down that lower back for later on when she decides she wants to end this thing.

North: There’s no doubt about that whatsoever. This woman knows what she wants and if we have learned anything from watching her, it’s that she gets it and at any cost.

Jalal focus on the match this time cheering the face and booing the heel as is proper. He realyl gets into it at one ppoint even jumpsing out of his seat to yell encouragement to ami as she suffers in the hold.

Tomoko hasn't quite gotten to cheering but she is quite literally sitting on the edge of her seat as she watches the fight, wincing when she hears Ami cry out.

Yanking Ami up to her feet, the veteran Irish whips her to the ropes and as she comes back, she looks for a tilt a whirl back slam but the younger woman manages to grab the Glorious One with a headscissors which takes her off guard and completely shifts the momentum of this match.

North: WOW and just like that, Reeves is already back in this thing.

As Glorious One is already back to her feet, she is met with a flurry of punches and kicks which all she can do is cover up as the young woman is back in charge and has the veteran reeling.

North: There’s that Muay Thai background shining through and look at Robertson, he looks nervous.

Being rocked back into the turnbuckle, Ami hits a really stiff kick to the Glorious One’s forearm as she falls to the seated position and holds her arm in pain. Quickly hopping up onto the apron, Robertson yells at the referee about the kick as the referee walks over there and tells Robertson to get down off of the apron and much to his surprise, he listens and does just that which gives Glorious One enough time to regain her composure and get up slowly.

North: The Glorious One might be hurt here, that kick was NASTY!

DIC: It was a nasty kick but I don’t think she’s out of this one just yet.

Using the top rope to walk her way to the next turnbuckle, she receives another stiff kick to the midsection which causes her to lose her breath and of course; causes Robertson to scream out again which distracts the referee momentarily. Looking to hit another flurry of stiff punches and kicks again, the Glorious One sees that the referee isn’t looking and so she is quick to rake the eyes which completely turns the tables and puts her back into control. Hitting a forearm right into the lower back of Ami, this causes her to arch her back in pain and stumble as the Glorious One leaps high enough to drive a knee right into her spine. Striking the turnbuckle chest first and stumbling out backwards, the Glorious One grabs Ami and drops her over her knee with the Spotlight.


North: This one could be over.

Tomoko jumps to her feet and shouts out actually getting more into it, "Aww come on! That's some bullshit!"

Jalal laughs as little at Tomoko's reaction but joins in the booing of a lot of the crowd.

Lying on top of Ami, the referee drops down to make the count.




Slowly getting to her feet, Robertson quickly enters the ring and raises Glorious One’s hand into the air with a huge smile expressed on his face. Motioning around her waist, Robertson is signaling that they are coming to take the LONE Championship away from Terri. Suddenly however, the fans erupt into cheers.

North: Wait... Is that Terri?

Standing on the stage, Terri claps sarcastically and then removes the LONE Championship off of her shoulder and places it on the stage right in front of her as if forming a line to be crossed. Taking a seat and motioning for the Glorious One to come down and cross the line, Robertson places his hand on her shoulder and mouths to her that it’ll be on their time when they decide to fight.

Wendy leaps to her feet at the sight of the Champion. "Terri! Terri! Terri! Robertson's a coward!" There is so much whooping and yelling coming from the tall blonde that she is soon coughing from a sore throat.

https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/832451768801914884/gxxNTBfi.jpg (Linda Edwards) and http://fallcoast.net/w/images/9/91/CINN.png Jalal would recognize Cinnamon as one of the two who were training at 4WA.

After The Glorious One's victory and confrontation with Terri Thompson the action shifts backstage with Cinnamon standing in front of a LONE banner next to Linda Edwards with a microphone ready in hand.

Linda Edwards: Tensions are rising here in LONE on another hot night of action. Speaking of tension joining me now is Cinnamon.

Cinnamon shot her a glare before sarcastically rolling her eyes.

Linda Edwards: Over the last few shows you and Kayoko have had a bit of bad blood between the two of you. Now-

Cinnamon quickly cuts her off, placing her hand on the microphone before snatching it.

Cinnamon: This is where you ask me why Kayoko, why are you hurting 'poor wittle Kayoko' as you try to stir the pot. You don't think I know what you faux-journalists are up to? Lucky for you I'm just going to shoot straight with you. Kayoko doesn't respect what we do, she doesn't respect this ring and she doesn't respect the sacrifices we make. She's just prancing around trying to be Japan's Next J-Pop Idol when she can't even write her own songs, I mean really? She doesn't care about us, she just wants to use this platform like every other snot-nosed brat to move to greener pastures; green with Mr. Benjamin taking care of her every single need. But you ain't going to be making any stacks of $100s as long as the real women athletes stand in your way, doing what we love!

Linda Edwards looks a bit tense as Cinnamon shoots from the hip, shifting her eyes perhaps looking for someone to step in.

Cinnamon: You can go 'Fly' away with your little troublemaker too. Yeah, I'm talking about you Felicia. You think you can make people love you by helping that charity case and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong? Well how did that one work out for you? How did it work out for you? All it got you was you laying on your back where you belong. Because unlike most of the women that show up for a few minutes of fame I know I have one girl who has my back, Violent Violet. Everyone keeps talking about Fay Qent, Terri Thompson, Glorious One, Ms. Gucci but soon everyone is going to be talking about Spice and Ice. You wanna know why?

Linda appears to be too intimidated to speak and Cinnamon takes her lack of objection as a yes.

Cinnamon: Because Violent Violet is cold as ice while I'm sugar, spice, and everything nice. But soon everyone in LONE is going to know that something wicked this way comes.

With that Cinnamon flips the microphone as she drops it, walking out of view.

Jalal nudges Tomoko when Terri comes out, "She is the one I met that told me to come tonight." He says, 'She is really nice." He also points out Cinnamon, "I saw her e and another wrestler train a bit. Long story."

Tomoko huffs, "Someone doesn't have to write their own songs to be a J-Pop idol, it depends on the agency they go through..." Oh right Jalal was talking to her, "Yeah? I think that's the same girl who told me I should show up for the show. So pretty neat."

As all of the lights immediately shut off, we hear the sound of rain beating down on the roof of the arena. As the titantron comes to life, everything is in black-and-white and we see what looks to be several small, sick children sitting outside in the nasty weather, their once white clothes now stained brown due to the mud. Walking up to the children is a young, beautiful nun who takes each child by the hand and leads them inside a church where it’s nice, warm and filled with peace. Cradling one of the small children in her arms, she closes her eyes and places a soft kiss on the child’s forehead before reaching up with her right hand and gently closing their eyes which puts the screen into complete darkness.

Voice: It’s okay my children, Sister Catherine is here and you’re all saved.

With everything going dark once again, you can hear the loud pop from these fans as they are definitely excited for her to make her debut.

“LIVING DEAD GIRL” blares over the public address sound system as the famous song composed by Rob Zombie is heard loud and clear. With all of the lights off, several dark purple lasers and strobe lights come on which makes it look like Stitches is walking down the ramp in slow motion. With her face painted to make it look like she is stitched together, she has a doll clutched against her chest which as we know, just so happens to be a Sister Catherine doll.

Baxter: “Making her way to the ring, from the doll factory, she is STIIITCHEEES!”

Giggling like a child, she quickly slides into the ring and then slides back into the nearest turnbuckle while stroking Catherine’s hair, smiling and licking her lips.


Jalal shivers at the entrence of Stitches, "That is creepy." He shakes his head and even looks away for a couple of moments as somethign about the wrestler seems to upset him more than it likely should.

Wendy also feels rather uneasy. "Don't you hurt Terri!" she informs Stitches before hiding from any glare back.

Tomoko nods with Jalal's assesment, "Yeah super fuckin' creepy." Sipping on her drink it finally makes the sound of air going up the straw, looks like she just ran out of drink.

"Hello From The Gutter" by Overkill soon follows over the PA as out steps Terri through the entrance curtain. She's dressed in the same attire as when she was seen earlier, but holding a can of bud light in her right hand while the left holds the title up over her shoulder. She has not one, but TWO cigarettes dangling from her lips.

Baxter: And her opponent! From Fallcoast, Maine! She is the LONE Champion. GUTTER TRAAASH TERRIIIIII THOOOOMPSOOOOOOOOOON!

She takes a puff off of them before taking a swig of beer and then spraying the beer out. She slips the two cigarettes into the beer can and then tosses it aside, making her way down the aisle and slapping hands with the fans. When she gets to ringside, she leans her back against the barricade, fans now patting her shoulders and the title.

DIC: There's no smoking in here!

North: At least she put it out!

DIC: Y'know something, North? It's a good thing she's the main event, so at least no one will have to wrestle in all of this garbage!

Terri slaps hands with fans along ringside. When she gets to the commentary table, she holds the title up in front of DIC's face, who scoffs and leans his head back. Also at the commentary table is Ms. Gucci. When Terri shoves the Title in DIC's face, Gucci stands up and flashes the 4 finger GUCCI ring in her face.

Terri walks backwards slowly, smiling and holding up the title while gesturing down at the floor as if she wants Ms. Gucci to step towards her. Terri shakes her head and turns and slides into the ring now, getting to her feet and holding up the title in the center of the ring with both hands before handing it to the ref.

Jalal jumps to his feet to cheer Terri's entrance and is one of the fans reaching out for the hand slap. "I think this is the final act." Ok he still needs to work on the lingo before he can be really considered a fan.

Wendy stands and screams with excitement at Terri's entrance - it's like Justin Beiber just showed up. Taking but a moment to think of the repercussions, she tosses her remaining popcorn (and cup) at Ms Gucci once Terri is in the ring. "Terri!!"


The cup goes sailing and nearly hits Gucci before landing over on the commentary table. Gucci looks behind her, trying to see if she can spot who threw that before knocking it away and letting out a disgusted scoff.

DIC: See what I mean? Her breath smells like month old tuna.

Ms. Gucci: I know, right? Look at that gutter ho putting her dirty mits on my belt.

DIC: Finally, someone with class sitting at this table. How rude of you Kev, you didn't even introduce our partner for this match, the woman that put LONE on her shoulders and put the company on her back! How dare you not introduce Ms. Gucci!

North: Why is it my fault? DIC you know we're supposed to be a team, you could've introduced her too.

DIC: Stop trying to pass the buck, Jack E. would have you know that.

Ms. Gucci: Yeah, Kevin.

North: Look, we got a job to do so let's just get this over with so I can get far away from the two of you while you grab a room.

The Champion takes it to the enigmatic Stitches early on, as she takes her with ease down to the ground from a collar and elbow tieup. With Stitches on the mat Terri quickly captures her in a headlock as her opponent seems to not show much resistance. The referee quickly checks on her but Stitches immediately shows she's still very much in this with her facial expressions. Terri seems a little perplexed at the minimal resistance and transitions into a dragon sleeper as Stitches again shows minimal resistance.

Ms. Gucci: What a weirdo. She's not even fighting back? I mean whatever, I guess.

DIC: Hey personally I like freaky chicks. They usually end up being the best. Not... that she's championship material or anything though. Hey, don't judge me.

Ms. Gucci: Hey, whatever floats your boat, dude.

North: What is she trying to do? She knows the match has started right?

Jalal seems puzzled by howthe match starts, "I don't think this is how thinkg normally go, I mean should Stitches be fighting back?" he asks perplexed.

Tomoko keeps trying to overthink this whole wrestling thing, "I bet there's some sort of twist... Or maybe lulling her into a false sense of security?"

The referee checks on Stitches again who this time flicks her tongue out of her mouth to show she's very much conscious and Terri again seems to not know what to make of this. Terri wrenches back on the hold as she considers dropping down to the mat with the hold locked in with leg scissors but suddenly Stitches pops to life. From her ragdoll state her body quickly tenses up and her legs begin to press her upwards in a bridge-like state trying to weaken Terri's grasp. Terri tries to keep the hold locked in tight but Stitches legs pop up and wraps around her her head! Terri's hold is broken as she's suddenly driven face down into the mat! Stitches keeps her head trapped between her legs as she begins to torque the champ's arm behind her back! The official quickly dropped to her knees to check on Terri, asking if she wants to submit.

North: And Stitches was playing an elaborate game of possum this whole time! She lured the Champion into letting her guard down and swiftly snared her into her unorthodox web!

DIC: Flexibility in a woman makes a winner; in more ways than one.

Ms. Gucci: See who's misrepresenting this company? Come on Terri, have some self-respect. See if that was me in that ring there's no way I'd let my guard down like that. If she would've played ragdoll with me I would've tossed her out quicker than an old Barbie's Dreamhouse doll set.

Now it is the half-filled soda cup that is arcing its way towards Ms. Gucci. Thankfully, Wendy is as athletic as her namesake restaurant icon so it will probably miss the target...and hit someone else.

Sadly Jalal is in the line of fire and just as he starts to stand to yell something at the ring when he gets blindsided by the half full cup of soda. H e blinks a bit compeletely forgetting what he was going to yell as he moves his hand ot that side of his face to find it and his hair wet and drippping, "Oh this is so not cool...." Just like 3rd grade lunch though this time it hopefully was not done on purpose.

Terri slams her free fist down on the mat several times when it looked like she might tap out to a flash submission. She struggles to crawl towards the rope as Stitches seems to have the hold locked in especially tight. The crowd tries to cheer her on, clapping and stomping their feet which seems to make Stitches act like a woman possessed as she unleashes a chilling scream and torques back harder. Terri is roughly two arm lengths away from the bottom rope as she nearly slaps her hand on the mat before gritting her teeth and pushing through the pain as she inches closer and closer. Nearly within reach now she appeared to be just half a hand's length away from grazing the bottom rope Stitches tries to go for the kill as she puts everything she has into this submission almost as if she was trying to snap the champion's arm in two. In dire straits and knowing she had seconds before she would have to give into the pain she shifts her body just enough to stretch her foot onto the bottom rope! Stitches either didn't notice or didn't care as she kept the hold locked in tight and the official quickly calls for the break. Stitches refuses the official's orders however which forces him to start the mandatory 5 count. 1, 2, 3, 4, fiv- finally she releases the hold at the very last second. Sitting on her knees Stitches falls completely backwards with her arms stretched wide with a wicked grin as Terri cradles her arm in pain.

North: Stitches is only out to hurt Terri Thompson here, I'm not even sure she's trying to win. I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Robertson worked out a little 'cash bonus' to soften the Champion up.

DIC: GOOD! Mark Robertson always knew what was best. The guy paved the way for guys like me to call a one man show at the booth, he's managed champions to the very top! Jack E. Bux better count his lucky stars that Mark Robertson hasn't started a rival promotion because I might have to jump ship! With any luck Stitches will take Gutter Trash out of the equation so I wouldn't have to keep a gas mask under the table anymore.

Ms. Gucci: Hey, if she can't handle the heat... then they should just give me my title back. If she can't continue and her body gives out there's no reason why that belt shouldn't come back home.

Tomoko is a little surprised but can't help but burst out laughing when she sees Jalal get hit by the soda, "Ehhhh? HAHAHAHA." She tries to control it, "Are you alright?" Followed by some more laughing as she calms herself down, "That was just unexpected." She sort of goes to pat Jalal on the shoulder as if to say it's ok even if it is soaked in soda. Catching her breath she'd look over toward the match again, well at least it's not over yet but of course the main event would be more interesting.

Wendy is aghast at what she has done. That poor guy. She couldn't hit him on purpose in a million tries. Wendy should go and help him...but Terri is in trouble! Life...you are so cruel!

Jalal looks a bit like a drowned rat at the moment and he shakes his head a little sending droplets out form him as he sits down, "Yeah I am fine just surprised me more than hurt." even if it had hurt him, he would not admit it right now. He looks around for napkins or a towel or anything really but finding no real help he turns to watch th match after all he doesn't want to miss the best part of the show he can drip until it is over.

Stitches slinks up to a vertical base as she revels in the pure hate pouring out of the crowd and Terri's cries of pain as she kicks at her injured arm several times. Terri fires back as she shoots several hard elbow shots from her good arm into the gut of Stitches. She fires an elbow, then another, then another as she battles back to her feet. With one arm cradled against her body Terri fires off several jabs in quick succession before following up with a side kick. She quickly runs off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Stitches and rebounds off the ropes again and connects with a hurricanrana taking them both back down to the mat. Terri is quick to get back onto her feet as Stitches stumbles up and after measuring her opponent she attempts to connect with the Down the Drain, her version of the Blue Thunder Bomb but her arm has taken too much damage and it gives out on her. Stitches lands on her feet like a cat and shoots a stiff kick to her arm which causes a sick echo upon impact.

North: Sick kick to that injured arm. Stitches is effectively neutralizing half her offensive potential.

DIC: Well at least the drains wont be clogged. Yeah, Gutter Trash, who's the one laughing now? This is what happens when you gloat, only held the belt a few months and she's still making the same mistakes. Like anytime she opens her mouth. Give her another kick for DIC, Stitch!

Ms. Gucci: You know what they say about karma, right? Because right now karma is being a real bitch.

Tomoko gets a few droplets of water and soda on her, no big deal, looking around she tries to see if there's a towel anywhere she can grab... At this point she'd probably even steal one from the announcers desk if they had one, not really concerned about any consequences. The fight is really going though.

Stitches backs Terri into a corner as she shoots several more vicious kicks to the arm and once she does traps it under the top rope, using the ring as a weapon. The official shouts for another break but Stitches milks every second of the 5 count she can waiting until the count of 4 to let go. She then goes back and does it again this time waiting even further but releases again when the referee nearly utters 5. The referee this time asserts himself by getting in between the two of them threatening her with disqualification before she attempts to move the official out of the way; a move that threatened disqualification by itself. Before the referee can react however Terri shot straight out the corner and connected with a picture perfect superkick on Stitches as they both fall back down to the mat.

North: SUPERKICK PARTY! That's the second time in as many months Terri Thompson has broken out that move. When nothing else is getting the job done all it takes is swift kick to reset the table.

DIC: Are you kidding me, she nearly hit the ref! He was only inches away! And this is supposed to be a role model? Just Superkick whoever you damn well please without looking who's in the line of fire? No wonder I see more and more brats running around in the lobby with no direction or discipline.

North: Terri really brings the old man out in you.

DIC: She infuriates me!

Ms. Gucci: Amen to that brother.

Jalal watches the match intently but does comment to Tomoko, "You know I think you are bad luck for me. The first time we met, I ran into a wall and not this time I am covered in soda, if we meeet a third time do not be offended if I wear a helmet." While his words are delivered rather deadpan there is a smile on his face as he says them.

Tomoko sighs, nothing nearby to help out Jalal. Well, no sense worrying about it any more, and the fight is still going strong, "Haha, I wouldn't be surprised ya know. Guy I sat by before you got here tried to put his arm around me and BAM hit in the face with a big beach ball and spilled his drink all over his pants. It was great."

Both competitors lay down on the mat as the referee begins his mandated 10 count with no choice but to throw the match out if neither can make it back to their feet.



Terri starts to stir first as she starts to crawl towards the ropes.



Stitches begins to stir as well as she slowly tries to get up but falls back down, still disoriented from the kick.




Terri slings her arm over the middle rope, trying to pull herself up.



Terri barely manages to beat the 10 count with the aid of the ropes keeping her up. Stitches pushes herself up from a knee and beats the count as well. They both manage to stumble back towards the middle of the ring and start trading punches back and forth. Like a pair of palm trees caught in a hurricane they each wobble backwards before rebounding forward with a punch. Terri. Stitches. Stitches. Terri. Terri. Terri. Stitches. Stitches. Terri. Back and forth. Before either one could truly establish the upper hand however The Glorious One made her way down to ringside admist the excitement and slid into the ring and clotheslined BOTH women!

Wendy watches the match with wide eyes and a terrified expression. She even forgets to breathe at some points. Mumbling under her breath - 'Go Terri. Go Terri' - she does her best to will the Champion to win...even though she has seen them all practicing many times. And then there's that damn 'Glorious One'! Or 'Geriatric One' as Wendy likes to call her. "Ref!!"

Jalal starts to boo as the run in happens, "Hey now, you already had your match." he yells at the Glorious One, his current drippy state forgotten about.

North: I don't believe it! Glorious One just took them both out, why?!

DIC: DTA; don't trust anybody. Freakshow did her job and now Robertson's Golden Goose is throwin' out the trash!

Ms. Gucci: Well I wish I could say it was real but I'm only out here for one reason. Later, bros.

Sarcastically Gucci drops the headset and slides into the ring.

DIC: We're about to have a four way! Well, a three way and trash.

North: Don't get too excited now.

Gucci clubs Glorious One from behind as she joins the fray. Terri and Stitches get up and join Gucci in attacking Glorious One before Terri begins trading punches with Gucci. Stitches gets in a few more punches on Glorious One before attacking Gucci and Terri. Glorious One gets up shortly after as it becomes a chaotic free for all with alliances lasting but mere seconds before devolving into an all out war.

North: Gucci and Glorious one are going at it. Terri and Stitches, Stitches and Gucci, Gucci, Terri, and Stitches. Glorious One versus all! Back and forth I can't even keep track! So many alliances are getting made and broken I can't keep up who's helping and fighting who!

DIC: Just get rid of Terri, stupid! Eliminate her first!

The lights then turn off like a candle quickly being snuffed out.

Tomoko was watching carefully when all of a sudden the lights were cut off, she'd mutter out probably loud enough for Jalal to hear, "This would probably be when someone else makes an entrance..."

Wendy screams at the lights going out. If she knew anyone around her she would probably have grabbed them.

When the light go out Jalal goes perfectly still on instinct and makes no sound. he does not actively try to hide but since he is unsure what is going on he lets the darkness the darkeness cloak him for the moment.

The crowd is confused initially, chattering can be heard in the stands, along with a few screams, but then the lights snap back on. Inside the center of the ring is a King James version of the Holy Bible covered in blood as each woman stares on in a corner of the ring. Commentary too is stunned into silence as the film rolls off into a slow fade as the live feed is cut off.

The live feed now shows the LONE logo and a thank you for ordering message with another message that their next show is a Halloween edition on 10/27 at 8 PM. You can preorder now for $5.