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Stench of the Grave
Dramatis Personae

Alyza, Bubba, Melanie, with Jeanine as ST

28 February, 2016

An unlikely trio follows a lead on the local news, finding an ancient tomb and Atlantean writings...


Northern Maine, Burial Mound

12 hours ago a news report went out about some archaeologists were killed in an accident at a ruin northern maine thought to be norse in origin since it matches up with the norse landing sites in the 13th and 14th century. Its ruled an accident and the site is locked down but watching the news you can see an Atlantean rune under some moss on one of the stones, a warning rune. Someone booby trapped it and that means something valuable could be down there, or at least some piece of atlantean lore that could be useful to the awakened.

The site is a 4 hour drive up north out of fallcoast through rough terrain and the closer you get the more the place feels eerie, like your intruding where you arent meant. Likely a ward to make sleepers go away. it doesnt work on awakened but it does give you a little bit of a pressure headache after a while. (-1 to all rolls unless you have a creative idea to push the effect away)

The large white extended cab, extended bed, extended extensions with bars all over it, truck arrives on scene. The door opens and steel toed feet plop down into the wintery earth. "Huh." Bubba says, his breath fogging in the air, then he calmly tosses a gnawed chicken bone off to the side and turns around to reach into the truck's cab and get another fried leg. Settling that in his mouth as he digs around for a flashlight and a few other items. Today he's wearing a rough and ready tactical ensemble, the kind of get up people wear when they think they're going out into the woods to fight Bambi, the reflective orange material hopefully keeping him from being shot as a random bear.

Bubba has the -overwhelming- privilege of a passenger today; Melanie Vass, whose affiliation to the Granite Coast Consilium is something of a mystery to just about anyone, at this stage. She doesn't really look the part, dressed in loose, dirty sweatpants and a zipped-up charcoal hoodie. Her features are gaunt and worn somewhat beyond her years, though she doesn't look 'old' per se; just very tired, the hood flipped up as if she means to hide this somewhat.

She's introduced herself in a husky, New York accent but has otherwise been quite taciturn, gloomy even, her big hazel eyes staring straight out of the window the whole way up. The observant may notice the telltale bulge of protective gear under her cheap clothing, and just to make things awk-ward... she has a pair of dented steel handcuffs hanging from her waistband.

Well you know, she's a Guardian. It's more surprising she doesn't have a nightstick and a box of donuts.

What she does have is the shakes, and now and again she fidgets with the lighter hanging around her neck. She's not lit up a single cigarette, but she reeks of them, and more than a little of cheap, throat-ripping whiskey, which may go some way to accounting for the roughness of her speech. It's with some relief that she hops out of the big truck, flipping the door shut with a frantic sort of nonchalance and reaching up to scratch at her temple, further mussing lank hair as she does so.

"So uh, I guess I should start seein' dead people..." She mutters, half to Bubba and half to herself and her many, many demons. Breathing out, her cheeks puffing agsinst the chill air and a cloud of steam wafting out before her, the Moros begins to focus her gloomy energies. Her hazel eyes darken and shift, pupils flickering in an altogether unpleassant fashion. She's not being as subtle as she habitually is - nobody here but us chickens, after all...

> Melanie to Here <===================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 1 2 2 2 6 >

========================================> Gnosis + Death [No Flags] <

Theres no dead people. But you do see some cartoon birds that keep saying 'bye eddie' for some reason.

Flapping through the air far above the trees, Alyza is currently experiencing the joy of flight in the form of a hawk, passing quickly over the ground at speeds land mammals can only dream of, with little difficulty. She'd cast the spell, deciding to fly out and take a look at the ruins after hearing about them on TV at a local coffee shop. Their remote location was no problem for her, she was used to wandering the wildnerness, after all! In fact, her only discomfort at the moment is the satchel hanging from her talons, weighing her down slightly. Still, hawks could handle a pretty good size of prey, and she was certainly no exception. Reaching the site, she takes note of the truck that has pulled up, and lands a good distance away, out of sight, just as the spell wears off.

The awkward thing about Alyza's shapechanging was always the fact that she had to do it naked, or be hindered by her clothes, which would not shift with her. She'd stuffed them into the pack beforehand, of course, and takes a few moments to get properly dressed while out of sight, before making her way cautiously over to the truck. A pair of tight jeans, a black blouse, a pair of hiking boots, and a dark green coat complete her outfit as she strides towards the pair. Sniffing at the air as she comes closer, Alyza's mouth waters at the smell of chicken, and she makes her way quickly around to where Bubba stands, giving a wave as she approaches a lot less cautiously than she should. "Hi!! Hello! Ummmm, I couldn't help but notice you over here, I guess you heard about the interesting story on the news, huh? Locals? Look, I'll cut right to the chase, I smell something delicious, do you have any more chicken?" Her satchel is slung over her shoulder now, and she digs around in it for a moment as she mumbles "I'll even pay you for it, if you want..."

"Dead people?" Bubba asks looking around. "I thought they were just missing?" He pauses, takes a bite of his chicken, chews and swallows. "Mrmrphs." Then he swallows again. "Well hell, if they ran off and got dead then I'm glad I brought the truck, we can toss them in the bed." He leans back into the truck, and the tell-tale sound of a cracked open beer sounds through the air like a gun shot. Leaning back Bubba peers around, fixing the L-shaped light to his vest and then taking a pull on his beer. "So, lets see he-ah. Missing nerds oh wait. Dead nerds." Bubba pauses waving a folded piece of paper he was reading. "You were right, dead. I thought they was just missing. My bad, forget my own head next yaw?" Tilting his head he looks over at the new arrival, narrowing his eyes for a long moment. Then he nods slowly to Alyza. "Alright." Stretching an arm into the truck after sticking the rest of his chicken part in his mouth he offers the white box of fried bird to the new woman. "Mrmrhaa-aht rou nant" he gets out around the food.

The forest around the ruins is almost oppressive. You dont see a single animal and the closer you get the more you see trees suffering from tree rot filling the air with a sweet wet stink that makes your noses itch. The headache from the magic warding against sleepers is annoying but not crippling.

"Shit," snarls Melanie as her questionable talents fail to call anything down from on high. Her own stomach is rumbling, notably, though she's not been about to let anyone know how long it's been since she ate actual food. Whiskey normally suffices well enough. Now, though, she casts a glare toward Bubba's back and beyond to the... oddly energetic newcomer. Oh good, perky. She loves perky. Shaking her head, she presses her hand against her temple and tries the whole magic thing again. Harder-- finding that little meditative core she keeps in her gut, aside from the booze and dissolute pills.

"Definitely dead, I just wanna know how and why. There's a lot worse things than dead people, right?" Turning once she's found her focus, she sweeps the area as she moves around the truck to join the other two, distractedly passing a wave to Alyza. "Hi. Mel. I'm spooky. What're you?"

She's betting Thyrsus, the woman looks so healthy and vibrant. Damn her hide to Stygia.

GAME: You spend 1 Willpower

> Melanie to Here <===================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 2 3 4 4 8 9 9 >

====================================> Gnosis + Death + 3 [No Flags] <

Positively beaming with delight as Bubba offers the bucket out to her, Alyza reaches out to snatch to pieces of the chicken from the container, both legs, as she immediately starts to munch on one hungrily. The fact that she'd just been a bird herself doesn't seem to bother her - hawks were predators after all, and fed on plenty of their own kind! If anything, it was only making her more hungry for the stuff.

Still, Alyza can't ignore the rumble from Melanie's own stomach, and she holds out the extra leg towards the woman, giving her a grin. "Inaba. I'm a Thyrsus!! Here, you should eat, who knows what's ahead in there!" she offers, shaking the chicken leg at the woman. "You don't wanna end up among the dead after all, riiiiight?" she asks, then turns to giggle at Bubba. "And thank YOU very much sir, for the food! I don't think I've had the pleasure of your name either. I'm from around Fallcoast myself, but...I don't know many people from there yet. You think there's anything scary ahead?"

Once picked from the white box turns towards Melanie and shakes seductively at her. All that fried artery clogging goodness tantalizingly congealing within. "Have a piece and chew, you're all skin and bones." The big man squints his eyes looking upwards, his nostrils flexing as he takes in the scents. "God damn, this place is rotting. Shouldn't be like this, this far north. This is fenokie stink." Setting his beer down on the hood he reaches back into the truck and pulls out a knife sheath which he hooks onto his vest. Then finally seemingly done going back into the truck that free hand swoops in and brings out his large white hat. Plopping it down on his head like a knight with his helm before a tournament. The blazing torch of pure Southern manliness a beacon of macho in the gloom.

"Look at that, bonding already." Bubba says as Alyza offers to share, he puts the white box back in the truck on his seat and closes the door. Picking up his beer he takes a pull and then looks over Alyza with a raised eyebrow. "You can call me Bubba, Big Bubba. Big Bubba Bar-be-Q sauce Bubba, the sauce so good you smack your lips and so spicey it smacks yo mouth." He grins then and winks. "Now lets find us some dead people!"

Did you just introduce yourself by your real name? Stupid bitch.

"Shut up," hisses Melanie, entirely to herself, looking out across the apparent killing fields and seeing only a series of vague, ineffable smears across the veil. It's a distraction from her own rebelling consciousness, at least, and the blobs aren't calling her stupid or a female dog - definitely an improvement in her book. "Huh. Not what I expected..."

The latter trails off as she realises she's being as spooky as she just proclaimed herself to be. Blinking, she looks back to the others with an awkward chuckle, reaching to rub at the back of her neck, bracelets clacking together. "N-No, I'm fine, guys. If I eat I'll chuck, and you don't wanna be around for that..." Cringing, she gestures toward the dig site, "This way, there's a glimmer of... something, if you can call a dark, ugly shadow a 'glimmer'. Nothin' to stop us right now, though."

She starts to lead the way only to turn in mid-step, walking backwards as she arches a brow at Bubba with no small hint of disgust - it's a bit playful, at least. Her eyes don't say 'screw you'; there's a gleam of mirth, as if she'd enjoy herself a lot more if she just loosened up.

"Really? That's what you're going with? C'mon, kiddies. There's mysteries to be solved. That's what we're supposed to be good for, right? Plunging the depths of the esoteric abyss and yadda..." Rolling her shoulders she turns and hunches forward, dropping into a fast pace up the hill through the stench of the forest. Someone's eager to crack on, possibly so she can eat -afterwards-. Or drink more.

When they get closer you see what looks like a bg burial mount that looks like a small hill, one side though has police tape all over it and theres some archeology gear all over the place. The entrance is partially collapsed with heavy granite blocks covered in soil. Runes have been cleaned off carefully and while they look vaguely norse its clear when you get closer that atlantean runes are hidden within the norse ones. This is a tomb.

Pouting slightly at Melanie's answer, Alyza at least doesn't seem to be the type to need to be told twice, immediately digging into that second chicken leg as she discards the bone of the first. Littering? No, returning to nature what is rightfully its own. She attempts to eat quietly however as the group heads in the direction of the ruins, not wanting to attract any undue attention as they walk over. "I've never been any place like this before!" she exclaims with unbridled enthusiasm, apparently a bit more excited than she should be in a situation that could potentially be dangerous.

Alyza takes off suddenly, jogging quickly over to the site and dropping down on her knees as she spies the archaelogy gear, digging around through it curiously. "There's so many things here! What do you think they use it all for?!" she calls out, not seeming to care that she might be getting herself into trouble with a local forensics department, should they look for her fingerprints all over the stuff. Finding a little brush that's used to dust things, the strange woman immediately starts brushing at her face and cheeks with it, giggling. "Oh, don't worry! This wasn't the archaelogy team, it was just the makeup guys! Gotta look good for your ruin spelunking!"

"I'm not sure I'm dressed to go plunging in anyone's erotic depths and abyss-uses." Bubba replies, peering around the area. He trundles along behind the women as they advance on the scene. His eyes sweeping the area as he flexes his fingers and sniffs the air once more. "Not quite liking this." The heavy tread of his boots crunching through the terrain.

He blinks as he watches Alyza start dusting her face with the deceased crew's equipment his brows squirreling up in confusion. "Alright, I was wondering why I was here. I think I know now, we're the C-team aren't we? God damn, I feel like I'm going through pledge week again."

Melanie would cringe at the perky hippy's display, but she knows a little better.

"Lucky for us, archaeologists usually miss all the really good crap," she deadpans over her shoulder to Bubba, coming to a nonchalant halt in front of the apparent entrance. She leans toward them, squinting and frowning as she makes out the blend of runes. "Not to make judgements--" She's a Guardian, this is what she does. Judge. Harshly. "--but I'm guessing the C-team ain't too academic? I used to break arms for a living, I'm not really up on my nordic runecrafting. These are ours, though," she points at the few she recognises as anything but 'probably some viking shit'.

"Hey, Inaba?" She looks up and over at the excitable one, "That's some kind of puppy, right? It's cute and all, but try and stick together until we know what's up?" With a quirk of her lips that's almost a genuinely-concerned smile, the Moros(e) turns back to the entrance and approaches it, looking the collapsed stone over. Looking for an easy way in, but prepared to make a hard one.

The entrance isnt collapsed shut but it doesnt look safe. It goes pretty deep if your eyes arent tricking you but it also seems oddly dark, far more so than it should be. Like its eating the light.

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 2 Successes < 1 4 4 6 7 7 8 9 >

=========================================> Life + Gnosis [No Flags] <

Alyza sighs softly as she hops back up, leaving the equipment behind as she gives a quick nod to Melanie. "Sorry Mel! I was just curious and all! I guess I'll have time to root through their stuff after we're done down there..." she muses quietly, walking back to join the other two at the entrance. "Ummmmm...hmmm. I guess I should make sure there's nothing alive waiting for us underneath before we just go diving in?" she asks, before concentrating on her magic as she focuses for once in her life, casting her spell as she opens up her senses to whatever life might be around. She focuses specifically on life forms the size of a dog or larger, to avoid picking up any sort of small insects that most certainly inhabit the ruins below.

> Bubba to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 2 Successes < 2 5 8 8 >

==========================> Intelligence + Academics - 1 [No Flags] <

Bubbas reading of the runes are patchy, high speech is always kind of subjective to whos reading it. You know someone is buried here and that there are warnings against thieves. Something about the claws of the dead tearing away the life of those who attempt to grave rob.

The big man leans in to study the runes. His right hand pushes his large white hat back an inch so he can lean that much closer without getting the brim smuged. There's a few hrmms, a mmm and a huh then he finally starts making more intelligible sounds.

"Beware those who steal from the honored. Those or uh, them that. Uh. Reach from beyond to kill the thieves of the resting place and it's protectors." There's a 'titch' from Bubba and he makes a small motion with his index finger and then cracks his knuckles slowly. "Right, well so the Mummy eh? Or a bear. I'd prefer a bear. I've dealt with bears before. They taste good." A glance is given towards the two women and Bubba manages to puff up even more, the barrel chested man seemingly to blimp outwards. "Alright Ladies, ya'll just stay behind me. Let me do the heavy lifting. I'll keep ya'll safe."

"Alright, big guy!" Melanie sounds somewhat enthused now, apparently not being entirely drab and lifeless but for the eternally-optimistic gleam of sarcasm. Someone normal would probably clap Bubba on the shoulder with that pronouncement, but she reaches into her pocket like she needs something, then awkwardly takes it back out with a jangle of nudged handcuffs. "Smarter than you look."

That's not hard, is it? Would you STOP.

"I've never actually wrestled a bear," she continues as if this were worth legitimate consideration, wrinkling her nose momentarily before giving a loose shrug. "Hands of the dead, thieves, whatever. We're not here to steal, we're here to investigate. That's the opposite."

"Don't worry 'bout it," she mutters to Alyza with a crooked half-smile, suppressing her shakes by folding her arms across her midsection. "I'm more worried about the dead, but if you've got a handle on anything that moves -and- breathes, go for it. -I'll- head in first," her gaze flicks to Bubba, her chin lifting as if to dare him to disagree. "Disposable, y'know." She's not up for debating this, apparently, already about to duck inside the tomb irrespective of the darkness and the complete lack of light on her personage. She'll adjust, right? Shit, but it's dark.

Thinking better of it halfway through, she fumbles in her pocket again and pulls out a cheap lighter, flicking it thrice before realising it's not going to spark up. No gas. Fan-fucking-tastic.

She ducks back out and looks at Bubba with a sigh. "Unless you've got a torch, I guess?"

"I'm just here for curiosity, really...can't help but dig into a delicious, juicy piece of our history like this! ...I wouldn't call it stealing anyways, though. THEY aren't using, after all, if they're dead." Alyza comments in an almost too-cheerful voice as she follows quickly behind Mel, clearly not content with letting the woman charge in first. She freezes as Mel produces a lighter though, hopping back quickly, before breathing a sigh of relief as it fails to work. "Ummmm...lighting isn't really my thing, I'm more...make things grow. I can fix it to where I effectively see in the dark, but that doesn't help you two." Turning her gaze up towards Bubba, she looks to him expectantly. "Got anything for us? I mean, I COULD come up with something creative if you don't...but its probably not a good idea."

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 9 >

===========================================> Paradox - 1 [No Flags] <

Game: Alyza takes 1 Bashing damage.

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 5 Successes for an exceptional success. < 1 1 3 3 4 6 6 6 8 8 9 9 10 >

====================> Stamina + Athletics + Life - 1 + 2 [No Flags] <

"Uh." Bubba starts, raising his right hand as if to stop Melanie, then she seems to stop herself. He tries to hide the grin, really he does, but it curls around his lips and floats in his eyes and voice. "There's a whole lot more to me than meets the eye, now lets see here." He turns on his flash-light, the L-shaped instrument clipped to his chest makes a bright white-blue light as the LED comes to life. Pulling his hat off and using the neckline to secure it around his throat, Bubba bends down and starts into the cave first. His gloved hands reaching out towards, but not touching, the walls on either side of him. Eyeing Alyza the big man is quiet for a long moment then shakes his head with a chuckle. "You're chatty." He says simply with a grin and then turns and heads on inside. "Not a complaint mind you, you got a nice voice and better legs. Just might want to calm the stream a bit. We're being investigative and something." His eyes turn back into the gloom as he heads on inside.

> Melanie to Here <===================================================

Rolled 2 Successes < 1 2 2 4 6 8 8 >

==================================> Wits + Composure - 1 [No Flags] <

As you step in melanie sees a circle rune on the floor, some kind of atlantean rune thats invisible if you dont have mage sight going. Its faded almost invisible and is right in the middle of the steep incline down into the bowels of the crypt.

Melanie rolls her eyes and makes small show of heaving a long-suffering sigh as Bubba lights up like the 4th of July. Which still makes him a lot less glow-y than the bubbly Thyrsus, if anyone's uncertain. Gesturing theatrically with a nicotine-stained hand she allows him to lead on like the Alpha he is, adding onto his warning with a dry chuckle, "In fairness, the dead don't usually care. If we're up against a ghost robust enough to hear her and do anything about it..."

She doesn't finish the sentence, or make any off-color jokes about being 'boned'.

"Woah!" It comes out fast and heavy as Mel goes to duck in behind Bubba, and she throws her palm out to catch him in the back. It's turned into a grab, seizing the reflective material of his jacket before he goes bullrushing ahead. "Rune, dead ahead. Get your goggles on, dude. You t--"

Her gaze flicks to Inaba, and she frowns. It suits her - the wrinkles on her brow are that way already.

"You okay, kiddo?"

Pouting a bit as Bubba tells her she might want to calm down, Alyza sticks her tongue out at him petulantly, then gives her head a quick shake. "No, thank you! I'll keep being myself...animals don't have to hide their true selves behind self control or whatever have you, and neither will I. Just because we're investigating something, doesn't mean I can't be enthusiastic about it! ...but thank you for your nice comments about my voice and legs. I think I WILL take my own light." The diminutive woman begins to make signs with her hands, mumbling in the words of high speech loud enough to be heard, before casting her spell.

Alyza's features begin to change almost immediately, as a pair of black rabbit ears sprout from her head, enhancing her hearing, while her eyes narrow to slits, the eyes of a feline, as her vision becomes better for the darkness. Her smell receptors change as well, those of a bloodhound, as she prepares herself for whatever may come. The strangest feature, however, grows from her forehead as an angler fish's lure extends outwards from her flesh, providing its own eerie light as the bioluminescence gives a bit of its shine to the ruins around them. "There! Much better!" she remarks, not seeming to mind how strange she looks at the moment. Fortunately for her, the moment it had taken her to cast her spell had put her behind the other two, though she does glance up, a bit worried when Mel calls out to her. "Eep! What is it?!" she calls out, clearly uncertain about whether to come closer, or keep her distance, as she takes a defensive stance.

> Bubba to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 2 Successes < 2 3 5 8 8 >

==================================> Wits + Dexterity - 1 [No Flags] <

the tunnel is narrow, dark and hot. You can only really walk single file and looking in you can see threads of old magic hanging pathetically down the tunnel

"Well I hope we never have to sneak up on anything, people probably are listening to us back in town." Bubba remarks with a chuckle. He seems about to say something else when Melanie stops him. His foot hovering in the air, then slowly he brings it back down in line with the other. His eyes casting around infront of him, there's a pause as he tries to draw on his other senses. Then all of a sudden his hands go up to his eyes and he curses harshly under his breath.

"Sonova bitch." There's a shuddering sigh from him. "Okay, you're gonna need to tell me where to sit. I think I screwed up that one, when I look all I can see is fing birds and clouds, crap never was good at this shit." He snarls and shakes his head. "Where is it? Where do I step? Can you tell what it is?"

> Melanie to Here <===================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 4 5 5 6 7 10 10 10 >

========================================> Gnosis + Death [No Flags] <

> Melanie to Here <===================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 2 >

============================================> Gnosis - 1 [No Flags] <

"If... you wanna call that better, sure," Melanie cracks, actually starting to warm up to the independent little bunnypuppy. "It's definitely useful," she concedes, casting one last dubious eye at the angling orb before she reaches for her throat and follows the hanging thong down to the hefty zippo dangling from it. "I'll give you that. Just stand there a moment..."

Focusing, she glances her fingers across the surface of the lighter and then makes an odd, off-putting choking sound. For a brief second it seems as if she's about to vomit, and then she reaches up with her free hand and shoves her fingers down her throat. Okay, it STILL seems like that!

...when her hand comes out, it's trailing an off-white gloop, strands of malleable ectoplasm pouring from her mouth as she gently coughs, suppressing her gag reflex. She pulls out enough to shape what she needs, and starts sculpting the stuff in the air, using both hands to draw a passable portrait of the rune she can see past Bubba. Clearing her throat, she glances at the Thyrsus. "Any clue?"

GAME: Alyza spends 1 Willpower

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 3 4 7 8 9 9 >

======================> Intelligence + Academics - 1 + 3 [No Flags] <

Peaking past Bubba and Melanie with a bit of trepidation, its only when she finally ensures that the rune didn't get activated that Alyza breathes a sigh of relief, allowing herself to relax. "You really have me worried there for a moment! Be careful!" she admonishes, giving Bubba a slight pout, despite the fact that the man is facing the other direction and can't see her. Not that she would've been much better off without her own mage sight up. Alyza examines the rune carefully, considering it for a moment, then nods quickly. "Its a trap! If you step on it, then its going to set something else off! Well, I guess that's not TECHNICALLY a trap, but I seriously doubt whoever built this place set up a trip plate sort of rune that showers candy or gold on us. Probably bad. We shouldn't step on it! Also, you have to teach me how to do that, belch up that goo! That was amazing!!"

"Right." Bubba says, pain in his tone. He unclips the flashlight from his chest and hands it back to Melanie. "Since you saw it, you may as well take point. I think I can follow along after. This will clear up as I can center on it." His right hand strokes over the area of his eyes. Once directed he steps around the trap and waits to fall in line to follow the others down into the deep darkness of the cavern. "You know, I'm starting to get the feeling like I'd just rather hook some chain up to my bumper and pull this damn rock hole down on itself. Already regretting not finishing my chicken and beer before I came in here." The big man says morosely.

"I could teach you, I guess," Melanie chuckles wryly, scratching idly at her jaw, "Doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd enjoy learning, but if you're hungry for the knowing of creepy dead things..." Rolling her shoulders, she turns toward the tunnel once more, "Just get over and past it, if it's not gonna explode just because we're nearby then we should be fine. It'll keep us from being followed, too, if anyone less scholarly happens to trip on by. C'mon."

Nodding at Bubba's invitation, she takes the flashlight and hefts it experimentally, almost as if it were a weapon. Well-- it might have to be, right? Can't be too careful. "Yeah, let's hold up on the wanton destruction just yet. Unless you want a bunch of Mysterium assholes on YOUR doorstep asking why we broke their precious knowledge hole into a thousand musty pieces."

With that, she takes point as directed, hopping over the pressure plate without incaution - she's not going to risk triggering it if she can help it. Keeping her Sight up, she heads deeper down...

moving deeper in there is the remains of dozens of other traps, most of them already triggered and useless. As they get deeper though they find a big thick block of onyx in the way with a complex series of atlantean runes written on it. They are written in script form and almost completely covered in dust and mold.

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 1 4 7 7 8 9 9 >

=================================> Life + Gnosis - 1 + 2 [No Flags] <

Focusing for a moment so she can cast her own magic, Alyza talks in High Speech for a few moments, casting her spell, then grins as she sees the rune all lit up as well. "Oh my! Glad we didn't walk right into that!" she answers playfully as she hops deftly right over the magical glyph, led on down the tunnel by the anglerfish lure bobbing up and down atop her head. Her rabbit ears turns and flick constantly, constantly on the lookout for any odd noises, and she sniffs at the air as well, trying to use all of her senses to avoid mundane traps as well as magical.

> Bubba to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 1 Success < 2 3 7 8 >

==========================> Intelligence + Academics - 1 [No Flags] <

Its not as clean as the other one and you cant see the whole thing but it looks like the biography of a mage. An Atlantean criminal banished from the great city.

Bubba looms forward and looks over the stone. Bringing up a gloved hand to almost trace some of the runes. He brushes away mold and dirt from a few lines and studies them closely. "Not perfectly sure." He remarks. "Something about a bad mage. Banished criminal." Tilting his head Bubba studies the big block and then kneels down to look around the base to see if it's been moved recently or if there's any kind of holes that would allow something to come out from beneath it or around it. Pausing he looks back at Melanie. "Wait, wait, you honestly are saying you give a shit what anyone else would say?" There's a smirk on his features as he looks at the scruffy woman. Then he glances over at Alyza and then back to the slab.

Progress is halted far too quickly for the Moros' liking, her cheeks puffing out as she sees the barrier approaching and pushes herself to one side to let Bubba move past. Shifting her hips against the dank inside of the tomb seems to hold no particular distaste to Melanie, less so than the obstacle before them. Pulling a face, she steps up behind Bubba as he makes his judgement.

"Well, I AM supposed to keep an eye on the rest of you. I kinda have to care what they say..." She frowns, trying to make out the writing for herself, but all she can definitely say it is sure is writing. "But, nah," she smirks faintly, "I don't REALLY give a damn. I'm just curious. Don't go telling my betters, alright?" She shrugs and steps back, muttering a few words in High Speech, her gaze narrowing as she pulls a little more power down from on high and weaves it to scope out the slab for chinks in the armor, so to speak; secret catches, levers, panels.

"Alright, so, fancypants decided to write his journal on his front door. Is the writing what we need to decipher, or just misdirection? If it were me, I'd make it as subtle as possible, and I could feel Matter seeping through those traps we passed. Let's have a look..."

GAME: You spend 1 Willpower GAME: You spend 1 Mana

> Melanie to Here <===================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 2 4 5 5 5 >

=================================> Matter + Gnosis + 3 - 1 [No Flags] <

There is no hidden level, latch, or room. There is something behind this big ass stone though.But its not a secret.

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 9 10 10 >

===========================================> Paradox + 1 [No Flags] <

Game: Alyza takes 3 Bashing damage.

> Alyza to Here <=====================================================

Rolled 3 Successes < 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 10 10 >

=================================> Life + Gnosis - 1 + 2 [No Flags] <

"Not to be the voice of reason here, because that's really not my role, but...t-this couldn't be a prison of some sort, could it? Like...there's possibly a dangerous criminal trapped inside behind this stone here, and we might release him? I mean, don't mind me, I'm totally curious as to what's inside, and we should totally move this out of the way! You up for it big guy?" Alyza asks, and concentrates again, casting her own magic. She mumbles in the language of magic, using High Speech again, and as she finishes her spell, her muscles bulge, her arms and legs both becoming much stronger. "Let's see if we can get this out of the way!"

With a shake of his head Bubba straitens up and dusts off his hands. "I don't think we should mess with this." He eyes it critically. "I could probably move it, but no." There's another shake of his head. "We came up here to see if this was odd. We found out it's really odd. I got a feeling we may want to hand this off to people who know a bit more about this kind of thing." He motions along the bottom of the stone. "Besides look at this accumulation." Yes he used that word. "It's high, and the way this is set in the wall. I don't think this thing has moved since it was placed here back when all this was new." Bubba peers around the gloom once more. "Whatever the problem is, it's either that trap back there or something else. If the latter, not sure I want to be standing around down in here in the dark with one light and.." He glances towards Alyza. "Whatever that is on her face, and our winkies in our hands."

"That trick must make you very, uh, popular," Melanie comments with a glance at Alyza, shaking her head as she turns back to the problem at hand. Which doesn't require heavy hands, in her estimation. "Whatever trick we need -here-, we can't bust this thing down or take it apart. If there's a way past, I reckon it's in the script itself - or something connected to it. Not to bore you all stupid, but..." She extends a hand, placing it to the slab and tracing a couple of the runes.

"We need to take these with us, and get outta here until we know more. See if we can ward the entrance, maybe, make sure nobody interferes while we're gone. Unless someone has a decent cellphone and wants to do a little research while we camp out here." A snorted laugh. "I don't have anywhere to be, or sleep for that matter, doesn't bother me!"

Alyza frowns slightly, huffing as she murmurs "Fiiine...I got all hard for nothing..." Stomping away from the slab, she seems to agree with the others though that perhaps they shouldn't proceed further for the time being, nodding quickly. "And I don't have anything to copy these runs down with at the moment, but I would like to study them more in depth, yes. I want to know what's in there, even if it is something dangerous. After all, someone is going to be getting in eventually...might as well be us, rather than someone dangerous, right?"

Patting his vest Bubba produces a phone and flips it open. 'You've got Thirty two mails!' The device chirps happily and continues. 'Today's itinerary, meeting at three, meeting at five' Clicking the cancel Bubba aims the phone at the wall and a few flashes later gets a series of pictures. "There." He says turning towards Melanie. "Now you're coming back with us, I'll leave you here alone the same time I take a knife to my happy parts." There's a pause as Bubba takes in Alyza's statement and shakes his head murmuring to himself. "Been there, done that." As he sets about following the women out.