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Station Chat

Prelude to The Body in the Beaver Dam

Dramatis Personae

Donnachaidh, Kate

24 October, 2015

Two of FPD's finest chat about how strange Fallcoast is.


Police Department

It's Lleu's turn this time to be seated at a desk. It's not /his/ desk mind you as he's considered a Rookie Patrol Officer around here with his recent transfer in up from Atlanta, but he's using it. His fingers type smoothly to add some notes to his last shift log entry - traffic stuff mostly as you would expect, so nothing particularly exciting. As his shift is just getting started for the night Lleu has nabbed himself a cup of coffee. Seems he was absent a few days over last week, having taken personal days leave after some little fiasco with an old station being decommissioned. Yep, you can expect all five of them at that shindig have been getting psych evals, whee. Donnachaidh's no exception but he's back on duty, so that's something.

Typing finished, Lleu pauses to read over his summary and picks up his coffee to take a sip.

"Evening, Officer" Kate greets as she emerges from the Detective bull pen and notices Donnachaidh at his desk. She is dressed in pants and shirt - so no prostitute gear again - and she is heading for the break room. The detective's been here a while so her coffee is not even drinkable now. She does stop at his desk though. "Welcome back. Everything okay? I heard about what happened at the station."

Donnachaidh glances up at the voice and the flat line of his mouth eases almost to a hint of smile, "Well, hello there." Nope, he wasn't expecting to ever see her dressed as a prostitute. Hard to imagine it really. That hint of a smile dies, "I ... guess so. Rather not think about it too much since I can't explain ... what exactly /did/ happen. It was ... all rather bizarre." Yep, let's leave it at that for now. Lleu gets up from the desk and motions towards the breakroom, "If you need some coffee, don't let me stop you. Working on anything interesting?"

Kate knows a snub when she hears it. "Okay" she nods to his words, "We won't talk about it." It's said in a tone that suggests that they obviously need to. "I have a few cases...as always. Interesting?" She purses her lips for a moment. "Not sure I'd ever use that word where murder is concerned...but I get what you mean. I'm waiting on CSU for one."

Lleu didn't mean to snub her, it's just ... they are in the middle of the PD lobby and all. So he walks with her if she is still heading for the breakroom, and if not, he stands by his desk with his own cup in hand. "Murder's not boring at least. Not like speeding tickets." He shifts his jaw, "I was pestering CSU a bit myself for a while, when I was assisting Detective Tucker with the grave robbery case at the Catholic church but ... seems our leads dried up and he put the case on hold, closed part of it. Don't really have anything more to go on." Donnachaidh shrugs. "Don't suppose you want a hand, somebody to poke their nose at things to help you with some of the leg work, do you?"

"Neither of them is boring to the person who suffers them" Kate notes with a smile as she continues heading for the break room with a Donnachaidh in tow. "Unfortunately leads do dry up every now and then" she admits with a frown. "Grave robbing? That sounds...disturbing. Oh...was that your nun? So she's had tigers and grave robbers? Sounds like she's quite the trouble magnet." She pours herself a coffee as she listens to his request. "Sure, Lleu. I can always do with help. We all could. You want to be a detective one day?"

"Well, yeah. I only ever had one speeding ticket myself but I can't say I was pleased to get it. I thought my father would kill me." Donnachaidh chuckles. His coffee is low so he waits his turn to warm up his cup once Kate has hers. "Wasn't disturbing except to some of the nuns. 300 year old body and after CSU was done with it, we got it reburied all right. It was a document that was buried with him that they were after." Lleu gives a nod, "I guess she is but things seem to be quiet at the church now." He leans against the counter. "I don't know, maybe. I like the idea of cases to work on. Thought I might app for SWAT sometime but few openings there. I like to stay busy."

After a moment he asks, "Do you like Detective work?"

"I love the work" Kate admits. "I hate that I have to do it...the situations that cause it...but I do it because I'm good at it, enjoy it and someone needs to. SWAT? Not for me. I'm much too small" she laughs. "I think I would bounce off any door I charged at." She blows slowly over her new hot coffee. "Any idea what was on the document? Did you get it back? Hopefully you didn't disturb any ghosts." A wry smile at that.

A touch of a laugh, "You might bounce but that's why there's a breacher on the team." Lleu looks amused, "I think I heard one of the Detectives is on SWAT. Must be nice to be able to do both kinds of work, if that's true." He listens, hands wrapped around his coffee cup idly, "I was a Marine designated rifleman so Patrol's part of being a cop, but yeah, I'd like to do more." Donnachaidh thinks before he answers her question, "The document was a book about spirits. Orphists were keenly interested in it as it had something to do with renewal, rebirth or something. I only found fragments of it scattered in the grass. They must have tried to open it on the spot and it crumbled, but I think they got away with most of it. CSU was putting the fragments together that we salvaged." A faint negative head movement, "We didn't recover the document. Apparently the three guys who tried to steal it were interrupted and fled - and they are the ones Tucker had the lead on. Meanwhile another group of perhaps five people actually slipped in and got it and we don't really have any leads on them except that there were three men and maybe two women, but even that is iffy."

A wry twist of Lleu's mouth, "Don't know. I would have said I didn't believe in ghosts ... but now, I'm not so sure."

"A detective who works in SWAT? I wonder how they find the time" Kate replies before she shrugs. "Can't say I've heard of such a person. If you get a name let me know but I guess it's up to the chief for them to do both." She listens intently to the details of the case. "Wonder why something so important was lurking in a Fallcoast graveyard? Oh well. If the parchment does anything then we'll soon see ghosts rising from the ground...or something. I can't say I'm a believer but...ghosts...they give me the shivers. And they seem to be /everywhere/." She studies him a moment. "So what made you a believer?"

Donnachaidh grins, "I don't know if it's true. Aside from training, I assume SWAT isn't busy real often and the team members have regular duties until they are called. But I don't really know. Still fishing for info." Lleu sips his own coffee before he answers, "Apparently the work was buried with the guy who wrote the treatise, that's why." What Kate says about ghosts stops him. He blinks. Now they are in the break room, he lowers his voice, "Do you /really/ believe in ghosts? Everywhere?" Lleu's brows furrow faintly, "I'm not sure what I believe, but ... " He hesitates, "Been two -really- strange events last week that has me wondering about ... things. That stuff that happened at the station, it seemed like ghosts. In part. But the other thing, Father Abdiel, he said that was Witchcraft." Donnachaidh's eyes unfocus, remembering strange things. It makes him frown.

"Anyone with the word 'Father' in their name thinks most things are 'witchcraft'...and this coming from a Catholic" Kate smirks before gnawing on her lower lip for a moment. "Yeah, I think I believe in ghosts. Things I've seen..." Her voice as soft as his followed by a wry smile. "Not that I would ever admit that in public." Absently she strokes the scar across her neck before sipping from her coffee again. "There were ghosts at the station? Maybe I should have a look...just for curiosity's sake."

She gains a grimace from him, "Station was bulldozed. Not sure there's anything to look at now but you'd be welcome. They are putting in a parking lot or something there now." Lleu lets out a breath, "I'm Catholic too. I don't know anything about witchcraft and think that's a bunch of hogwash myself. But I saw something ... I can't explain. It was like a thing made of rotting animal body parts, all sewn together, but it was moving and I swear I could hear it's voice in my head. Like it was some old friend of mine." Shit, even thinking about that stiffens his spine. A pause before he says really low, "I don't know what the fuck that thing was. Busted it apart but there were only maggots in it." Donnachaidh glances at Kate - now she's going to think he's nuts.

"I don't think ghosts care that the place is bulldozed...unless something they were linked to was destroyed. If that's the case then they're probably pissed off even more" Kate replies before quickly adding, "I hear that's how ghosts work...from TV and stuff." She doesn't seem to think he's mad at least. Not from her expression. "Though that 'animal' sounds interesting. Did CSU have a look? Special effects can be quite special these days."

Another blink. "Eh, no." Donnachaidh eyes Kate, "I took pictures of it on my phone." If she wants to see but it might make her want to throw up. So he's not whipping it out too fast. "I don't watch TV and haven't since I was a kid. All I know is that ... well, it's a long story, but Raegan found a little box buried in the basement. When she tried to open it, it crumbled in her hands and lights came streaking out ... and pierced the nutcase who was self-mutilating himself, and the zombies, or whatever ..." Oh boy, he's getting himself in too deep, right? Donnachaidh trails off and rubs a hand over his face, "Hospital didn't find anything in our bloodwork but, I swear, must have been a gas leak or something." To explain all that weird shit they thought they were seeing. Surely.

Kate listens and doesn't seem to be judging...not matter how 'crazy' the story gets. "I saw Doctor Raegan the next day. She seemed quite shaken but...that friend of yours...Robinson? Is it true she lost it and started yelling at everyone? You may not have seen television for a while but that sounds like 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'." A slow sip of her coffee. "You certainly sound like you believe it, Lleu, so who am I to say it isn't true? Though I hope you kept all those things out of your report. It was just a gang attack, right?"

Donnachaidh just stands there and stares at Kate for a long minute, "I .." eh, well. "I wrote up my report exactly how it /seemed/ to happen. I have no idea what the others said in theirs, or if they were questioned." He clears his throat, "But I also said I didn't believe we could possibly have been in our right minds. It couldn't have been real, surely. Gas leak or something." The last is kind of mumbled into his coffee cup, "And then I took several personal leave days after hospital cleared me." Yes, well, he's not at all too comfortable about the topic. "Anyway, wasn't a good week."

Belatedly he nods, "Robinson clawed at her own face at one point, and got stabbed by one of the guys who was trying to force their way in, but she'll be OK." One hopes.

"You told it how it was? I'm surprised you haven't been told to see the shrink" Kate replies before sighing softly. "Lleu..." She glances around before deciding better than to say what she was going to. Instead her voice drops in volume. "We should talk. Somewhere private. Why don't you invite me on a date?"

"Yeah well, the shrink ... she was there too. Doc Raegan - and you said yourself you saw how shook up she was. I intend to talk to her anyway. I'd like to know how she's going to rationalize what happened to us." Haha, despite his grimness upon the topic the Marine can't help but interject a little humor and make light of it. Lleu twists his mouth and looks about to ask Kate something when she derails his train of thought. She is good at making him blink because he does it again, surprised. It's his turn to look around carefully and keep his voice low, "Are we even allowed to do that?" Skip a beat but don't miss the band wagon entirely! Donnachaidh adds quickly, "Would you care to get a bite to eat?" A quick glance at his watch, "I have to hit patrol shortly. But eh, maybe tomorrow? You could ... let me know what I can do to help with your case."

"I'd love to, Lleu" Kate smiles...and even wriggles her eyebrows. Then her phone is buzzing and she is looking at it with a much more concerned expression. "Looks like we have something now. Tucker and Thorne are on their way. Interested" With that she heads back to her office to dump her mug and grab her gear.

It had already crossed his mind, what Kate asked him to ask her in that strange roundabout way, but Donnachaidh only gets part of his answer. The best part. He lifts a brow at her phone buzzing and dumps out the last of his coffee, "Sure. If it'll get me off Patrol tonight to do something more useful, I'm game." Lleu follows Kate to see what orders she might issue for anything he should bring that isn't already in the back of his car, or to fetch it if he's hopping a ride with her somewhere.