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Spring Court Meeting: May 2016

We need to work together.

Dramatis Personae

Arkady, Ashira, Brielle, Christopher, Grace, Hermione, Ryan, Tock, Wendell and Wish


The Springs have their first meeting since Crowning. Not all is well.


Blackridge Bed and Breakfast

It's cooler weather outside but it is no doubt the Spring season. The court meeting is not being held in the Hedge this evening, maybe because Brielle figured there would be a few skittish people still. Easier to go to the real world. The woman is standing in the open double doors to the meeting room at Blackridge and awaiting arrivals. The table is not empty, it has a few trays of snacks, desserts and other finger foods for people to pick over. There's also drinks, some alcoholic and then water, tea and coffee.

Brielle is dressed in an emerald green dress and her hair is left down, the moon flowers that overtake some of the strands opening as it grows later. Her obsidian gaze is warm, despite the demonic appearance of them. She greets everyone with a smile and a warm welcome.

It is a testament to the decreased state of alert in the Freehold these days that Tock has returned to her usual too-formal, too-vintage mode of dress. Somewhat thematically for the evening, the clockwork girl is in an early Edwardian style ivory satin gown decorated with a wealth of intricately embroidered flowers using a full rainbow of silk thread. The dress is accented at the bodice and hems with pearls and silk braid trim, and its skirts are full with inset chiffon pleats. Her cornsilk hair is swept back, pinned here and there with silk flowers that echo the design of her gown. As always, a silver and gold woven metal bracelet circles one wrist and a silver locket with a stylised alternating current symbol engraved on its front is clasped at her throat, both items shimmering with a glint of electric blue light that seems to come from the metal itself. She comes bearing a bouquet made entirely of irises in different colours: violet, blue, yellow, white, and palest pink. These she passes over to Brielle as she moves to greet the hostess. "There always seems to be a wealth of food here, so I went a different direction," she explains the flowers with a smile. "Thank you for hosting. I hope you are well? It feels like it has been so long since we last simply talked." She does make a point of standing a bit to the side to avoid monopolising the hostess's time and attention.

Ashira hasn't been to one of these meetings herself and nothing since the attacks started so the little griff is understandably cautious, even located in the real world as the meeting is. She pauses before approaching the doors, giving Brielle a hesitant smile. At her side, not hidden at all in the shadows like her normally would be, walks Eclipse. Wisps of black rise from his black form, midnight black smoke always shifting over the massive wolf like mutt. Ashira herself has gone for pretty, and a little conservative, a long sundress in ivory and leather laced up sandals.

Formal must be the word of the evening for some, because Christopher decided to dress to impress for his first court meeting in his new home. Extremely well tailored black suit, starched white dress shirt with a point collar and French cuffs. His grass green, silk tie is tied in an eldredge knot. The vest is a pewter gray color. His cuff links have just a flash of a green stone. There is a confidence that comes from a man who is dressed well and knows it, a sense of power. It isn't anything magical. It's something far more practical than that. He's tall, lean, and good looking. His curls lie perfectly by his horns and even his pearlescent eyes gleam. He has not worn a pocket square and instead has opted for a flower on his lapel, a boutonniere of nasturtiums. Just the hint of shadows move through the black of his hair and suit. There's a brief pause as he comes through the door to take in the scene before moving towards the conference table.

Ryan shows up a little late, parking a big white pickup truck out front and strolling up to the B&B. He'd dressed in his usual sort of attire -- a dark green rain jacket, layered over a gray hoodie and a long-sleeved t-shirt, with jeans and light walking boots. Casual, normal clothing for the mortal street. The wizened is a bit hesitant about poking around inside the building, but is drawn by the sound of voices to the meeting room, where he cautiously pokes his head inside. "Oh. There you are." He does not seem to be referring to anyone in particular, despite that declaration. "Hello!" There's a cheery greeting for one and all, even those he does not recognize, before Ryan scoots inside and over to the table, assessing the snack and beverage selection.

Hermione seems not to have gotten the dress-up memorandum, by contrast to many here; she's in jean jacket and black skirt and ripped up tights, wearing gloves and glasses since the sunlight doesn't fade fast as the day gets longer. There's no move to remove layers when she steps in, and the look she's affecting is decidedly near-goth, especially with her 'get out in the sunlight sometime, God' coloring. There is, however, nothing hesitant about the way she comes in; she clomps in as if entirely familiar with her surroundings, and unsurprised at some of the faces, save for Brielle, whom she sizes up from behind her shades and then offers a chin-tip in greeting. She's a step or two behind Ryan, and seems to be drifting in his wake, because before sitting, she's following the Wizened over to the snack table. Meetings require fortification, and when it comes to snacks she's always up for them.

Brielle gives a nod of her head as people enter, a smile of greeting is given to Tock, "It has been a long time and it's good to see you again. I'm doing alright, my husband I think has ran off to try to get his head under control, but he didn't leave a note." she chuckles. Then there's a shrug, who knew. Either way, her wedding band was still on her finger. She gives a smile to Ashira and the others, "Welcome, it's good to see everyone. I'll try to make sure that you're not entirely bored to death with the meeting. Just wanted to get everyone together for a few and see how we all were." she admits. Then she starts to head for a seat, "For those that are new and that don't know me, I'm Brielle Madden, Second to the Spring Monarchs and Baroness of the Lesser Ones." she offers with a bow of greeting before she settles into her seat. "And I see that we have new faces with us. Please feel free to introduce yourselves." she smiles to Christopher and Hermione. "Also, there's snacks, feel free to dig in." she nods to the center of the table.

"That is somewhat worrying. We do tend to fret a bit when people disappear unannounced." It's a Lost thing. "I hope he has not been away too long?" Tock offers Brielle a reassuring smile, bowing her head slightly and melting further into the room as the other woman moves to get the meeting started. She offers waves of greeting as familiar faces enter, chuckling slightly as Ryan's 'there you are' seems like it might be directed at the refreshments table. Her laughter has a vaguely metallic-tinkling quality, like a music box. Brielle's pointing out new faces earns them a smile and nod of greeting, as well, though she had met Hermione once before. "Please call me Tock. Everyone does these days," she continues the introduction rounds. "Sylvan Emissary and Dame of Ophois." The titles always follow a few beats late, when the clockwork girl remembers to give them.

When he speaks, his voice is as smooth as his dress. It's a wonderful baritone that drips like it's sweet and sticky. "My name is Christopher Abernathy, of the Fallcoast Abernathies. I'm the owner of Material Objects, formerly of New York City." When he smiles, there's just a hint of fangs on his lips. Just the tips. Very sharp, fine tips. "I'm a Capricorn. I love the beach, good wine, and making bargains." There's a bowing of his head to first Brielle, then to Tock. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, ladies." Tock is closest, so his hand and his attention is offered to her.

Ashira takes a spot near a wall, back to it, opposite the snacks. As tempting as they are they'll have to come later. She remembers Tock... the rest she can't recall meeting before. Then again with her sieve like memory its lucky she remembers her own name. She settles down, smoothing her dress, trying to look formal around all of these ladies and men in their oh so pretty clothes... She feels under dressed herself and it shows. Eclipse is given slow pets, partly to keep him relaxed, mostly because it helps her keep calm too. The shadowed wolf mutt seems unphased by everything, watching everyone with highly intelligent eyes.

When it is her turn to speak Ashira introduces herself with a remarkably beautiful, ear catching voice, "I'm Ashira? Just Ashira, nothing else. This is Eclipse," she hugs the mutt around the neck, not moving him an inch, "and it's good to meet everyone else."

Ryan flashes a somewhat nervous smile towards Brielle when she introduces herself as the Spring Second, and then blushes in mild embarassment when he comes to realize what Tock is chuckling about. But someone has been following Ryan? It takes the drudge until just now to notice this, and even then it seems to come as a complete surprise. He turns around at the table and 'suddenly' finds Hermione there. "Sorry! Am I in your way?" He steps aside even as he hastens to add, "Can I get you anything?" An offer that he tries to expand to the other newcomers in the room, shooting a hopeful look at Christopher and Ahsira as well.

Hermione's response to Ryan is cheerful, and comes before any introduction. "Oh, heck no! I'm just over here making friends with the refreshments." Literally? No, not literally, because she helps herself and shakes her head at the drudge. "I've got two working hands." She lifts them, indeed, gloved as they are. "No need to trouble." Then there's the sense that, well, it's icebreakers and names time. This indication hits her only once she's shoved something in her mouth from off the snack table, looking entirely indelicate and having to gulp to clear her mouth. "Hermione Thorpe," she says, only a little mumbly from eating something at the time.

"Lovely to meet you, as well," Tock returns Christopher's greeting, the resting of her hand in his when offered somehow both delicate and firm at once, in time with a small dip of a curtsey. Old habits. "And formerly of New York City, myself, though it is quite a 'formerly' in my case." Her free hand flutters over her shoulder and vaguely behind her in an indication of things long past. There is a hint of New York in her accent, in point of fact, but it is all muddled up in places and times with everything from old Londoner to more recent touches of the local colour. The clockwork girl's head tilts just off-centre at the mention of Material Objects. "What sort of establishment is it? I am afraid that I am not yet familiar." Ashira speaking up draws a flash of Tock's smile in her direction. Solidarity amongst the single-name crowd. She starts to give a little reassuring pat at the air when Ryan's blush rises...then stops herself upon realising that drawing any additional attention to the matter would be entirely counterproductive.

Wendell walks in wearing the apparel he felt was befitting of his role within the court a bit later after the rest of them but not by much. He looks around and sniffs a little. He clears his through. "Sorry I took a bit there erm..." He buries his hands and looks down. He's wearing his armor, a thick hide armor made of bearskin with a carnivorous animal's skull making up the left pauldron. When one looked at it, it felt as if the 'eyes' of this creature was upon them. He attached his Cleaver onto his back, a giant meatcleaver reworked into a bloodstained falchion that was covered in little colorful stickers of food. The kind of stickers children would put on their folders in school. Whenever a layer of blood or grime covers it, it looks like the fuzzy ogre just puts more cheery stickers over it. On his belt his bladed knuckle mounted weapon made of iron barely hanging off from his belt. He's also got his crossbow hanging out from his backpack. He clears his throat again. "Errrrrm, hello, my name is Wendell. I am a Claviger. That means a knight or uh warrior or something." He says softly. The ogre then stacks the snacks up high on his plate and starts eating them where his size or his eating won't get in anyone's way.

He does not touch his lips to her hand, though Christopher does bend over it a touch. It would be rude to actually kiss it. "I am formerly of Fallcoast in much the same way, or I was until a few weeks ago anyway." He releases her hand without monopolizing it for a scandalous amount of time. "I sell, well, everything. Tonsils in jars. Bicycles. Fabulous hats. Old machines. Real ivory figurines. Pretty much, anything you might imagine. Because if I don't have it? I can find it." His grin of before broadens into a complete smile. "I'll even give you an amazing bargain on it." His own accent is local. Faded local, mind, but still local enough to be detected. "I hope to broaden out to things of a more specifically Lost nature soon enough. Hopefully featuring local craftspersons." There is a nod to Wendell of greeting and then he looks to Ryan, "Oh, no thank you. But thank you for offering."

"I hope he's alright as well. Probably just needed some more time. Nothing to worry on." Brielle tells Tock. "It's nice to meet you Mister Abernathy, Miss Thorpe and Miss Ashira." Brielle offers with a smile as she settles back into her seat. "If anyone has business they'd like to discuss feel free to. Also there's a few items I wanted to start having others think on while we were together. Those two things would be filling Court positions and then what we'd like to do to get started on our new hollow within the freehold hollow." she points out as she smiles to the others.

"Oh, yes." Ryan does indeed make note of both of Hermione's hands as she presents them. "Yes, you do. But it's no trouble." Still he doesn't persist, leaving her to server herself. And while the drudge only seems a little confused by Tock's gesture, he's soon distracted from worrying over it by Wendell's arrival. Bushy dark brows shoot up at the sight of the heavily armed Claviger, but Ryan makes no comment. Instead he just starts to slide food Wendell's way as the warrior dishes up. "You're welcome," he answers back to Christopher, distracted away from being a conveyor belt for the Claviger. He's about to say more to well-dressed newcomer when Brielle gets down to business, and Ryan falls silent. "We are definitely going to need a decent kitchen," is his assessment of the new Hollow priorities. "Oh. I'm Ryan Butler, by the way. Sorry! Forgot to mention that. And umm ... yes. Kitchen?"

"I will have to drop by some time and see what the moment's stock has to offer," Tock replies to the description of the shop. Something in Christopher's explanation causes the corners of her lips to tick upward in amusement. "There is a Motley-mate of mine you should meet, if you haven't yet. Alireza?" Her crystal-like eyes briefly scan for signs of recognition in the name. "He is the Court's Finder. You reminded me of him just a little for a moment there." A beat of thought is followed by a small nod. "Do let me know if you have a mind for particular sorts of local crafts items that you might like to have in stock. I tend to keep my hands busy with making things." Well, there is a vagueness or a broadness to that offer, one or both. She quiets in her side conversation as Brielle brings up more global business. "Healing facilities of some sort would be good to have. Sadly, Valhalla's went the way of most of our Hedge resources. Re-establishing Goblin Fruit gardens would also be a great help. We did manage to rescue clippings from Valhalla's gardens that I have since gotten growing on the Gilded Lily, including healing fruits. I have also gotten a decent stock together of preserved fruits for what few varieties we do have. The mobile venue seemed the safest place at the time." Her fingertips tap lightly against her opposite arm in thought. "Dottie would be a good person to discuss gardening thoughts with."

Hermione raises a gloved hand. "I have business, but you won't like it. I've been here nearly two months. How is it you're the Second and the Monarchs are barely seen, and I'm only meeting you now?" she asks Brielle. A remarkable lack of tact there from the Darkling, though the tone remains genial. "Because if you think other Courts aren't talking about how you're not out much? I'm happy to break it to you. I've met all the other Seconds in town within my first week. And this is said as someone who is regularly right here in your place. It might be an improvement on stabbing people at a Crowning, but it's a pretty bare improvement." It could definitely be said that someone could work on Hermione's people skills. It's very feast or famine, kill or cure, silly or blunt with her. Still, the question put to the floor is fairly guileless. It's less an attack as a somewhat harshly worded...warning, maybe.

Christopher removes a card from his pocket and offers it to Tock. "By all means, I'd be thrilled to show you around the shop and discuss business with you and your motleymate. I haven't met him, by the way. But I'd be honored to do so." And then Hermione talks. He adds, "I've also met the other Seconds, but not my own court's until now. While I was sure that you were quite busy with important tasks, it does look poor for the Court as a whole. It would be different if other Seconds were also not available, but that is not the case. Given the situation? I believe that Ms. Thorpe is correct. We don't have much in the way of bad press to give."

Wendell looks around at the people gathered there. He licks some of the food off the fuzz around his lips. "Erm, oh uh, Goldman is my last name. Not my real real one but you know how it is." He shrugs then keeps on eating. He looks up at Ryan and then at Brielle. "New hollow?" He frowns. A sad looks enters his large black eyes. "I wish I coulda gotten that food table outta the old one. Or coulda saved it. You know, I tried really really hard but nothin' got much better. Shame I wasn't better at my job. Thought I coulda at least got the food table. Guess it would be okay. You guys don't need magic food tables to make lotsa good food right?" He pauses and then looks between Hermione and Brielle. "Dunno what you talking about. I see her plenty personally but if they saying bad stuff it's good that you is honest even if they is saying mean things."

Ashira doesn't really have business herself. She might have an idea or two when it comes to the hollow but for now... Eclipse looks up at her and she looks back. No words are said then she sighs. Speaking almost silently to him she says, "okay, okay," and rises to her feet, moving over to the snack table. Two plates are filled up, one with a mixture of everything, the other meat with meats and after a very low wuff from Eclipse, some cheeses as well. She returns, sitting, setting the second plate on the floor in front of her companion and the first on her lap, nibbling while she listens.

Brielle looks to Hermione and there's a bit of a nod to her, "Well, my numbers are posted. My addresses are known. I've not seen anything on my messages from anyone and I am available twenty four seven, this has been posted several times. You are both new to this Freehold. I've been here for awhile and given my services to the Crown, regents and courts as a healer for some time. I am deeply and humbly sorry that I was not able to get out within the two weeks that you've arrived to this town." she tells them both with a sincerness to her. "This is also the first meeting since I've taken the position of Second." she points out. "Either way, if you find that I am not fulfilling the duties of the position that I just stepped into or other things, then you are free to speak to the fellow Courtiers and to their Majesties." she states plainly.

"Oof, sorry I'm late," Grace offers, slipping into the room, hurried, wearing her hedgespun dress of constantly moving brass cogwheels, and a small wave. The Wizened quickly quieting and looking around for a place to sit, eventually settling on one of the benches.

"I've been here over a month myself, Ms. Thorpe has been here longer." Christopher notes to Brielle, tone polite and friendly. "The point we were making is that the other Seconds have been making a point of being visible. The monarchs aren't always available, but they have made a deliberate choice to be out in public. Even Winter. It helps reassure people in the wake of a terrible event." He adds, "We are new to town and so we don't run in your personal friendship circles as some might." An indication to Wendell with his head. "If we have wondered where you were in the wake of that show of reassurance from the others? Surely other courts have as well. That is the point we're making. It isn't a judgement. It is a statement of fact."

"Two months," Hermione says pointedly. "I got here the week of Crowning, so it's been awhile. This isn't asking you to step down. This is our season. You should be front and center. Not a phone number, but a presence. That is, like, what I am trying to say to you. There's a town and a Hollow? We should be hearing about what that -is-, right? It's easier to put forth ideas when it's, like...communicated and shared. And if you need help, hey. That's also what we're here for. Even if it stings." Poison girl. It is not, apparently, just physical contact. "Apology is kind of you, but I'd just like to see as much of you as the others. Especially now, homeslice." No one's given her the memo on that word. "Make the most of the time we're in charge. Might mean having us talk up that town you want to build, you know?" Her smile, at least, is sincere.

Tock takes the offered business card, fluidly substituting it in Christopher's hand with one of her own. It is headed with the words 'Gilded Hills Airfield' and accompanied by her alias, Eliza Atherton, as well as her apparent title there as Chief Mechanic and relevant contact information. "I think the pair of you might well enjoy one another's company. Or at least have some interesting business propositions to share." She listens quietly as the newest members express their concerns. "The ability to contact our Regents has been a significant concern, specifically in the aftermath of their recent Crowning. It is well known that the Twins Monarchs are more...demure sorts. I have sought to facilitate communication with them and carried any number of requests to them for attention, primarily from those of other Courts, in my role as Sylvan Emissary. If you do have concerns and cannot reach those in higher positions directly, please feel free to contact me for assistance. Of course, Brielle has since been appointed Second and as such will be handling more day-to-day business as not all matters need to go straight to the Regents, of course."

Brielle looks to the two of them and then to Wendell and the others, "If any of you would like a new Spring Second, please say so now. I'm not sure what the other courts are saying. Honestly I've not heard anything. But then again, I'm trying not to get into the gossip." she tells them. "It seems our meeting is going to get a little sidetracked. Does anyone else have concerns with me?" she asks.

"I... wholly admit I've been busy with, ah. Other concerns." Grace offers apologetically. "I can't say I've heard much either, but then I've mostly been dealing with my motley and people visiting my store lately. Terrible of me, I know." She wrinkles her nose a little. "I suppose we just... Come together and help out as best we can? If there are concerns, I mean - not with you," She offers to Brielle. "But with what our court is doing, what is happening and such..."

Ashira shakes her head. "no concerns. We kind of want to talk about the hollow and like what we are going to do? But we can wait outside and stuff if you have to take care of this first." She scratches Eclipse between the ears as he eats grin his plate.

Wendell narrows his eyes. "I'm supposed ta be a friend of everybody here." He says wrinkling his urisine nose and taking another couple bites of food. "Don't consider myself close enough to get no fancy treatment but whatevs." He shrugs tosses another pair of bpastries into his maw. "Twins got this stuff thrust on them. Sure they are at least trying....I hope."

Hermione holds up her hands again. "I didn't say step down," she says, as blunt as when she started. Apparently she's transparent in more ways than one, because those weirdly-colored veins stand out again. Blushing? Hard to tell. "I said that it gets said, that it's our time to lead, and I did say you wouldn't like it when I started. All I'd like is more...information. Talk about what the town is before asking about how we build it. If we're running low on fruit stores, shouldn't we make that known and push to fix it? Stuff like that. Or maybe I misunderstood how things are. I'm wiilling to admit it."

At first Ryan goes wide-eyed at the bluntness of the discussion, and then he fidgets uncomfortably for a time. He soon finds something to do, tidying up the table. At least as long as that small chore lasts. "I'm just happy the battles and killing are over," he notes to no one in particular. "We haven't had one in weeks!" Look on the bright side, people!

"You have been here long enough to make the assumption of being friends with all." This to Wendell, "I haven't. That's all I'm saying. You've earned the right, I have not." A pause and Christopher looks to Brielle, "We were new. Ms. Thorpe was Courtless at first. People talk to us because they don't assume that friendship either. And so we bring that information to you and the rest of the Court. This is not an attack. But it is us sharing what we know and can offer." A pause. "I would also like to know more about things. But it's a poor guest who doesn't bring information of their own to the party."

"Look. I'm basically being blindsided here. I'm not upset. I'm just asking for people to voice concerns if there are any." Brielle tells them. "So if there aren't any from anyone else." she looks around. "And part of t the reason for this meeting was to get people in so we could go over things. We have no Physician appointed or anyone that's tending to the numbers of fruit and things. We need those roles filled. We need more Clavigers in case people want to go into the Hedge and they can be accompanied. We're all needed to work with this, but I need to get things together for our Monarchs given their more shy natures." she offers a soft smile. Then to Christopher and Hermione, "Thank you for saying things. I know it's not meant as an attack, more information sharing." she nods to them.

"Everything is a bit of a mess and we are low on...everything, just now. Our Hedge resources were largely obliterated by a pair of Gentry and their armies quite recently," Tock explains levelly. She gestures toward Ryan in agreement with his analysis. "We were rather well set up and provisioned prior to this, but the attacks were devastating. I think what you may be hearing is general frustration from the recent upheaval. We have been struggling for some time to put out fires and defend ourselves. There are still enemies lurking in the Hedge that we are working to root out. The rebuilding is...recent. For safety and solidarity, instead of building far-flung Hollows as we had before, there is more of a grouping situation being put together on the bones of the Junkyard Maze. That was previously Summer's Hollow, and our last toe-hold in the Hedge for the Freehold. It is all still in process, which is why the question of what we need and want was just posed." She nods again in agreement with Brielle. "We are also lacking a second Aldermember to represent the Court. Still." Her teeth briefly find her lower lip. "I am willing to take on that role, given the ongoing vacancy, if people wish it."

Wendell blinks his eyes. "Am....am I getting replaced? Not enough people doing the thing? I not do good?" He furrows his brow. "I can try harder. I know I can. Sure uh, maybe we can work with the summer people or whatever. I dunno if there's anyone as into fightin' as me but I dunno maybe." He strokes his chin. "I'm not sure if the fighting is over. It might even maybe be just beginning. Not sure how I feel about the new places but I guess we need to rebuild our resources. Just know for the new hollow the royals will probably be making most of the decisions

Where'd a tiger come from? Who knows. Ark is here now, dressed in t-shirt and jeans, rather than scrubs, at least. He's wearing an apologetic expression, but his eyes are bright.

"I think it's more that they want you to get a hand, Wendell. 'cuz there's been an awful lot of bad folks lately, right?" Grace suggests to the Ogre, reaching out to give him a gentle pat. "But - yeah. I don't have much to add, honestly. One of the reasons I've been scarce is because the Akanthailus has been constantly moving to make sure we're not ambushed by Others."

"Not replaced, Wendell," Tock says with a warm smile and reassuring tone. "Added to. Our Positions are not solitary by design. Remember when Brand and Olivia and Reggie were still here? All of them were Sylvan Emissaries along with myself and Vox. And Pearl was appointed along with you at first, right? There is good to be had in numbers for large tasks." There is a hint of something wistful in that statement, lacing itself in around the names of friends long since gone from the Freehold. She nods agreement with everything that Grace had to say, it seems, from reassuring Wendell to the talk of mobile Hollows being particularly on the move out of necessity lately.

At what Tock says about strength in numbers and duplication of effort, there's Hermione, muttering into her cups. "I was saying that. That's what I was saying? Wasn't I? I sound like a dweeb." She goes back to shoving food in her mouth, possibly a preventative effort against further speech for the poison maiden, lest more tempests in teapots arise in her wake.

Wendell stoops down slightly for reassuring pats. He still seems a little unsure. "More bad people? Uh oh...if there is bad people I should probably do a thing about them yes?" He gives Arkady a little wave. "Hello Dr Kitty." Wendell takes another bite of his foods and adjusts his armor. "Well I guess I dunno if anyone wants to do anything like that full time. Know there's a number of people close to summer. Maybe one of thems..."

And he spent years at medical school in the Soviet Union to be called 'Doctor Kitty'. ARkady's expression goes very dry, at that. "Hallo, Wendell," he says, in his thick accent. He's found somewhere to lurk at the edge of the gathering, shining eyes darting from face to face.

"We can't replace you, Wendell." Brielle tells the Ogre with a smile. "We just need to get you more help. You can't be ten places at once. Unless you've learned some cool power." she grins. Then there's a deep breath and she looks around, "I'll do better to be the face that Spring needs and I'll be out and about and talk to others. I am sorry that we've had ill spoken about us due to my not being visible. I will remedy that post haste." she states. Then there's a look to Arkady and a smile, "Doctor." she nods in greeting to him. "Maybe you'd like to put your name in the hat for our Physician position?" she looks to him.

Ashira looks a little lost. She isn't a doctor, or a fighter. Not a gardener or an artisan. Not anything that it seems would be useful for the group. The little song griff scoots closer to the wall, sitting down on the floor next to Eclipse, petting him and still listening.

"If we need Physicians, I was pre-med prior to being taken. I've been looking into the Eternal aspects of our Season more, recently." Grace offers, quietly. "I... Should be able to add that to my current duties. And I do have experience working with the..." She pauses, furrowing her brow. "...Plethora of variance that our forms offer. In terms of," She raises her fingers, little mechanical whirrs heard as a needle and a loop trailing a thin thread extend from under her thumb nail. "...Well, putting things back together again."

"Speaking of open positions, do we currently have an Archivist?" Christopher asks Brielle and the gathered Springs. "I knew a few of the positions open, but I hadn't heard on that one specifically." He adds, "I've worked in various capacities in my time in the Spring Court in New York. So while I am a new face here, I am also not a first time rodeo rider. I was hoping I might work with them if we do have one. If not, in time, I might be interested in taking the position."

Hermione starts to raise a hand, and then Grace speaks. She puts it back down with a shake of her head, looking between her and Arkady. Back to muttering in her cups, a coloration that would be blush if it were a normal hue all over her face.

"What exactly do we need that to entail, this position?" asks Arkady, thoughtfully. "I am a physician in the normal sense and have access to mundane medical supplies. I am also a powerful healer with our magic." He raises his stained hands and flexes them, as if that might be a badge that could vouch for the latter assertion - it doesn't seem to be bragging.

Ryan has been silent and attentive, perhaps even bordering on spacing out at times. But the question of Archivist gets his ear. "Mirabella's umm ... traveling?" he confirms. "I don't think she's coming home anytime soon." And then he suddenly realizes Arkady has appeared, and offers the newcomer an apologetic sort of wave.

Okay, it is impossible not to smirk a little at that 'Doctor Kitty' exchange. "It is largely a matter of people stepping forward with an interest in any of the positions," Tock opines, tone thoughtful. "Owen is working on organising a militia, speaking of Summer." Probably there should be some fancier titles involved, but 'Owen' has been 'Owen' to her for /so long/. "I have volunteered my services to that group already. For any who were not already aware, please feel free to call on the Knights of Ophois for any needs in the Hedge. Safety of the Lost therein, taking care of threats, providing healing both mundane and magical... It is what we do." PSA concluded, she nods at Ryan's addition. "Mirabella was the previous Archivist."

"Mirabella used to be the Archivist, as Ryan stated, she's traveling. So currently we are without one." Brielle states with a soft frown. "I'd love to see the position filled again. As well as the other ones." she admits. Then there's a smile to Grace, "If you are a healer and want to help with it then I encourage it fully." she nods to this. "I think we could have more than one for the position." she states to this.

It's Tea O'Clock. T'Clock? Whatever, it's time that Wish arrives. Well, the back of her. Using a hip and shoulder to nudge a door open, backing in, holding a tray of tea. Or fresh tea if there's already one here. Because nevermind what y'all are doing, she sees it is her role here at the Blackridge to ensure you are comfortable doing it! Or at least refreshed. Anyway, she puts it down on a tray stand off to the side. Not to get in the way, see. Oh, and there's a coffee carafe on it as well. Just because. Making sure it's all properly... proper, she'll turn around to peer at the folks, nosy.

Ashira asks, hesitantly, "were we going to talk about the new place? it's like, really really lonely looking right now. I think it needs a gardens, a big one, at least."

Arkady says, "I am delighted to be an official healer, as it were. But the organizational parts of being Physician, I may not be so good at."

Wendell smirks to Brielle. "Well....there is only one of me...unfortunately. Wish there was more like me but that's okay. I'll try to do the most I can with just me ya." He nods. "At least until I found a way for there to be more Wendells." He chuckles. "I would like a little town of Wendells. THat would be nice." He looks between Arkady and Grace. "I'm sure both of you would be fine. Whoever wants it can take it I s'pose. Dependin' on what's needed..."

"Ms. Thorpe is also a healer of some skill. I can say this with personal experience. I was in a car accident recently and she healed me completely. Not even a scar. Perhaps she might wish to help?" Christopher speaks up. "And if there is no one else to do it? Perhaps I can ease into Archivist duties as a trial and then let people vote? I've already shown a knack since I arrived for such things." He adds then to Wendell, "The doughnut burgers were delicious and a huge hit."

Grace gestures at Arkady, and then Brielle. "I don't need the title to heal people, but if the title helps people figure out to -ask-, then I don't see why we can't, as the lady says, both claim it." Ooh, tea - the Wizened immediately straightens and offers a big smile to Wish.

"Co-physician," Ark's visibly mulling it over, looking to Grace herself. "Are you good at talking to people and organizing things?"

Hermione offers Christopher a slightly grumpy look over her cups. "I heal. But do we need three Physicians, really? Especially as one's an actual doctor. I don't even know what it is that we do need."

Cover of tea? Whatever it may be, that serves as an excuse for Tock to slip over toward Wish and offer her a pleasant small-wave-and-smile of greeting. A teacup soon appears in her hand as teacups are wont to do, looking quite natural there. "Whoever claims it, be they one or more, count on my assistance and support." She nods again, firmly. "We do need to get something together now that Valhalla's healing centre is no more."

"Not being good at things never stopped me. You want the title for yourself, I've got no problem not claiming it." Grace laughs a little, and shrugs. Looking to Hermione. "I think it's more a case of honouring those who do have specialised skills than -needing- to put the titles on. If you don't want the title, nobody will force it on you."

Yes, Wish of House Refreshment. The grins and appreciations cast her way are... well, appreciated! They are. Driven as she seems to be to be helpful in her way, she seems to find it rewarding. Friendly nods for people, bouncing a bit on her toes, pleased. And now that she has nothing immediately to do - hey, she's not going to pour tea for anyone, she's not a waitress, get it yourself - she now listens. Meetings are not something she gets to witness very often. They are a whole different sort of social affair. Very interesting! Witnessing silently, of course. This is not the sort of situation random remarks would be appreciated, at least so she things. So quiet, curious witness.

"It sounds like what we need is our own version of a hospital system. We have several healers of varying abilities and fields of focus," Arkady says, simply. "We can call it whatever set of titles we want. We may need more than one person to cover a given field - this is a large Freehold and heavily besieged of late. Very well. I claim the title. I will be Physician. But," And he lifts a clawed hand to indicate Grace, "You are my deputy. Congratulations." And the Beast smiles a big fangy grin, gleaming eyes going all squinty. There. Problem solved.

Wendell frowns. "Oh I can only help with real small amounts of damage or to stuff to myself but besides that I think erm." He rubs the back of his neck and thinks how to explain the thing. "I dunno but I became claviger cuz I figured it made sense. It helped me find reasons to fight for the people where I otherwise might not have. Figure if I didn't volunteer the first time when asked, other people mighta kept asking."

There's a satisfied smile from Ryan as he listens and sees things being sorted out. Wish earns an even brighter, more approving grin for her thoughtful tea service. A grin that slowly fades as he seems to remember something, and lapse into thought.

Brielle gives a nod of acknowledgement to Christopher, "I think that would be fine by me. I'm sure if anyone here has anything to say about it they'll speak up." she admits. Then there's a smile to Wish as she brings in tea, "Our hero." she states. Then there's a look to the time and then a look to the others, "Hopefully the next meeting will go smoother than this one. And again, thank you all for coming out. Please feel free to take some of the refreshments with you or stay here and have a snack before heading home." she offers. "And thank you to our new faces for letting me know what I need to work on." she states with a bow of her head to the two of them. "Now, let's all hope it decides to stop raining and being all wintery again." she laughs as she starts to stand.

Hermione mutters, not a little snarkily and brightly, "And I shall be Chopped Liver." This, at least, is said into her cups, though she's looking at Arkady when she says it, with a glance to Grace that says it might be a joke, if one in extremely poor taste.

"At the very least, a clinic and surgical centre like what we had before would be of amazing use. Valhalla's was /quite/ well utilised for being as short-lived as it was, after all. Emergency response to Hedge situations is vital." Is anyone surprised the Ophois-lady is talking about emergency services? It's an old drum and Tock does so enjoy beating it. "We did rescue the Skullradio and its full complement of earpieces during the siege at Valhalla and can install that for the primary purpose of receiving emergency communication from the Hedge in the new Hollow. Owen and I are also planning to donate the remainder of the resources that we managed to save to the Hollow."

"No, you do not smell like chopped liver," says Arkady, rather vaguely, after a moment. Like the comment required actual consideration. "Why, do you want to be Physician?" he asks her.

Hermione waves Arkady off, goodhumoredly. "Just put me on whatever list there is and if you get sick of administrating, you can demand extra hands. Whatever. Did you want the chopped liver? I think there's meat stuff over here. It might be liver." At least it's clear that she was joking. "Are there any other positions that are desperately needing filling?"

Grace gives a small nod of agreement to Tock, and smirks to Hermione - she can appreciate some snark, at least. "I'm Sister Grace Smith, by the way, Pilgrim and sometimes called Avant-Guard. And now, apparently, Deputy Physician." A hint of a glare to Arkady there, though there's no real venom in it. Wizened have certain expectations of them, after all. "The skull radio thing was pretty clever," She muses - back at Tock again.

Wendell yawns. "Okay night everybody!" He gives them all a wave and skips out on a relatively lighthearted gate. "Look forward to seeing you all later I guess. Byeeeee." He piles some deserts into the bag where he keeps his crossbow before he takes his leave. He rides off on his little bicycle with a pair of jolly little rings.

Yep, still listening, still not offering input. You want the odd little Hunterheart in charge of something? Probably unwise! She hardly speaks English and is a little too close to her feral nature. Not that her standing there sipping tea. She probably does make a good sidekick, though. At least, where serving tea is required. Or bursting into rabid flame. The tea thing is preferred, though.

Again, Tock's fingers tap in sequence, this time against the outside of her teacup. “Our Sage Escort has since left the Freehold. And we have never had a Searce, if anyone wants to play recruiter.” She holds back most of a chuckle at the Physician-hopefuls' playing around with one another. “One part clever, one part Kyrie and I being hopelessly covered in zombie tree gore and muckmonster mud...well, muck,” she returns to Grace with a grin. "It was a spectacular skull, though. The dynamics of sound in its horns is a thing of beauty."

Hermione's hand shoots up. "Recruiter! ME!" Oh no. No no. That might be a terrible idea. Or a good one. But also terrible. "Seriously!" Her hand pumps in the air like the know-it-all kid at the back of the class. "I wander a lot, I talk to all kinds of people, it's the only thing I'm GOOD at besides killing people stone dead with bodily contact and healing them back up again!"

"At least Dorothy's still being cheerful at people," Grace muses. Raising an eyebrow at Hermione's current vehemence. Then shrugging. "She seems to have the passion for it."

Tock looks more than pleased with Hermione's enthusiasm. “Oh, excellent! We have never had a volunteer. It is a lot of telling people what Spring is all about. Scouting out new arrivals and Courtless considering Courts to direct them our way, if they feel suited to it.” Her smile broadens. “Enthusiasm is at least half the battle.”

Ashira gathers a few more tidbits of food, packing them away, and slips out quietly. Now she has even more questions than when she came in. She'll have to find someone later to ask. Silently Eclipse follows her out. He's happy, he got snacks.

Christopher chuckles. "I can confirm that she has the zeal for it." He adds, "And people seem to trust her. It gives someone out there to help our Second with having a more public face." A grin to Hermione, "You opened your mouth. Put your money in it."

Hermione drops her hand a little. "Meg's going to kill me stone dead," she says. Hand shoots back up. "Doing it anyway! I can manage that." To Arkady, she says, "But I'm serious about helping heal. Please. I'd kill to have an actual doctorate, or the kind of job you have. I'll settle for the next best thing. So put me on whatever doctor list you have too. Besides, it's a part of things I'll have to try to speak for when doing recruitery things." A beat. "I'll make a list." She makes this sound like listmaking is right up there next to 'wild party' and 'it's Christmas'.

"Alright, well. Speaking of Dorothy. She'll want walkies." The silk-paper doll does an impressive impression of Kermit the Frog's tight-lipped grimace. "So I guess I'll see you lot later. Take good care." Reaching into the mess of cogwheels, pulling out a few business cards for Lovelace Couture. "That's my contact info. Tock, where do I grab one of those little earplugs?"

“Owen has been hauling the radio about waiting for a place for it to live more permanently. I would recommend seeing him for it,” Tock advises Grace with a smile to answer her frog-face. “Have a good night.”

Christopher adds with a smile, "I also need to move on. I have to see a man about some orange traffic cones." He chuckles lightly and makes a nod to everyone. "Good evening."