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Sora's Round Table - The Sword in the Stone

Part of Plot:Sora's Round Table

Dramatis Personae

Sora, Taylor, Viktor - ST

11 June, 2016

Sora begins his hunt in truth


At the Fair-Grounds in Fallcoast

It's monday afternoon, nearing evening, and the weather is not only warm but downright comfortable with near no wind and so the fairgrounds is unusually busy for a week-day, groups of teenagers and little clusters of families moving all around. Sora and Taylor just arrived and, since it's a weekday, didn't have to pay to get inside or any such nonsense but could actually stroll right on in through the wide open gates. Now the only question that remains is; where to next?

"I'm still a little hazy on why Viktor thought it was nessesary that we come here..." Taylor remarks calmly, looking around the fairgrounds with the faint breeze moving her pinned up blonde hair. Sporting a light blue jean jacket and a grey tank-top she seems more or less ready for an evening out, "One would think if he had the ability to pinpoint the location of this sword to the fairgrounds, that he could have just came himself to retrieve it... One would also think he could be more specific and identfy its EXACT location."

Sora carries some kind of cloth bag strapped to his back. It's a beautiful fabric, whatever it is: silk and old-looking and embroidered with flowers and cranes. He is dressed in his usual simple, elegant style which involves a lot of linen in these warm days: an open pale grey linen jacket and a very light white button-down shirt beneath, paired with grey pants and light loafers. He looks to Taylor and gives an almost apologetic smile. "Well, actually...the postcard has nothing to do with Viktor." He reaches into his jacket and retrieves said postcard, which shows the fairgrounds and bears, in a spidery handwriting, the words 'Good luck finding your sword, Arthur' with no indication of who it is from. "This is the only clue I have, at present, of the location of an object that is very valuable to me." His lips purse. 'Valuable' is an understatement. For Sora, this object is everything.

Taylor's hands slide out of the pockets of her open jean jacket to accept the postcard, she turns such over between her fingers with a furrowed brow. "Well you do realise you are not going to find this object here, if anything we are being kept busy so whomever did take it can get away... Or perhaps someone will appear to offer a ransom, that is probably the most likely actually." With that thought the teen glances around at the various pavillions, rides and games located all around, the area is less busy than usual, but that is not saying more. "Do you have any idea who took it, cause in using your name they clearly know you?"

Well, Sora's name may not be Arthur...but the postcard is addressed to him, albeit in Japanese. For he received the postcard in Tokyo. Interestingly, the message is in English, as though the writer wanted as many as possible to be able to read it. Curious. "Yes. I am entirely sure who took it, and who sent this." The pursing of his lips only grows as he also takes a look around the fairground. "I have received many similar postcards, always with the same handwriting." He shakes his head, looking at the ground. It's a heavy burden. "I have no doubt."

"So is the thief Arthur, or are you Arthur?" Taylor asks as she, standing beside Sora, looks around the immediate area with her bright blue eyes. "I know everyone in our community likes to use different names, I don't suppose this was an alias you used in the past?" Such is said in her whispy, angelic tone of voice while she offers back the postcard between two outstetched fingers. Then, with a smoothing jesture to the yellow skrit worn, she begins to casually step toward one of the walkways which run down the length of the fairground. "I don't suppose you could tell me what this object is, I mean, we cannot assume that it wont be hidden in plain sight after all."

Sora showly shakes his head. "No. I am Sora. He is..." Sora won't even say the thief's name. It dies on his lips; he can't bring himself to do it. "He must be referring to the King. King Arthur and Excalibur." Then his eyes train on Taylor's face, his own so dark and serious. "The object is a sword. A Japanese sword, more specifically. A katana, with crysanthemums engraved in the blade." A glance about, and then he ushers Taylor over to a more out-of-the-way area with a gesture of his head. The case is unzipped to show a similar sword, though this one is simpler, with no engraving. "Like this."

Taylor allows herself to be guided off to a little nook, she gives the surrounding area a quick glance before turning her head to examine the sword. "I see..." she replies softly to Sora's words, although serious herself about their 'mission', the effect of the white light that struck her keeps her features soft regardless of the situation. There is a thoughtful moment where she again looks around as she forms a theory, "If I did not know any better I would assume we would find that sword stuck in a block of concrete somewhere around here..." she starts, "But I don't know if you are aware but there is a 'Knights of the Round Table' ride here in the park. When I worked at the 'House of Spirits' I heard some people talking about it, it is an old attraction from what I gathered." At that she slides a loose strand of her blonde hair secure behind an ear.

Sora, so deep in thought and pensive, stares in amazement at Taylor at the mention of the ride. "There...is?" He nods gravely, zipping up the case and slinging it back on his back. "Please. Show me where it is." The thought of finding this sword clearly consumes him. Why is it so very important to him?

Taylor smiles faintly and with a gesture leads the way, "It is just over here..."

It's not exactly along the main thoroughfare, the King Arthur Exhibit, but after taking a look at one of the maps posted so helpfully all around the fairgrounds it's quickly located a mere hundred meters away from where they were. Once they get there however it is apparent that the exhibit is not only closed but has seen better days; the props and wooden stage-pieces are all worn and weathered.

Right out in the open though, in the 'courtyard' there is a big rock with what looks like a sword, made from real metal, with appearance matching that of classical medieval movies. All one has to do is step over the ropes and, of course, ignore the clearly visible security camera trained in the direction of the entrance.

Sora pauses before the rock, staring at the hilt of that sword. "Is that what he wants me to do?" he says, almost more to himself than to Taylor. There's a mixture of sadness, remorse even, and absolute determination in his eyes. If this is the next step, then security cameras be damned: that is what he shall do.

Taylor approaches the area slightly ahead of Sora, her sky blue eyes darting around as she does so, looking for both the sword and potential thief they may encounter. "Well this exhibit has seen better days." she remarks as she comes to a halt, obviously looking at the sword in the stone. At the man's comments she glances over at the security cameras, "It would be unwise to walk in there, last thing we want is to be on TV waving around a sword in a family friendly location." Taylor speaks dryly with hands in the pockets of her jacket, though her vocal tone is continually pleasing, "Do you suppose your thief is watching us?" Brow furrows, "I suppose we should figure out where that camera feeds to, at the very least we could disconnect it before entering."

"That is smart," Sora admits, his gaze moving to the cameras. For the first time, the look on his face is not concerned or sad. It is, in a word, fierce. If his enemy is watching, then he would like nothing more than to find him... Then he breaks the spell, looking at Taylor again. "Yes. Let us do that." He glances around for any side of wiring they could follow, moving to look closer if he must.

Taylor takes her turn follow Sora, "Other than hooking up stereos and surround sound systems I'm afraid I'm not all together familiar with electronics." she remarks calmly, doing her best to follow the wires to their source, "But if we had have jumped out in front of that camera and got on TV, everyone would have recognised me... Placcid as Viktor might seem he must have a limit, he'd kick my ass if I did that most likely." Then she remarks, "At the very least we can simply cover up the camera, once we have been out of sight for a few moments... We can't be too obvious." At that Taylor reaches into her breast pocket and pulls out a tube of lipstick, "It is a rose colour, but if you pressed hard enough I'm sure it could gum up a lense."

The wire from the camera doesn't actually run all that far, just ten meters, and leads to a black metal box set in a wall which has several other cables run into it from below, all leading out from there to, presumably, other cameras around the place.

Sora glances at her, like he'd like to ask more questions. After all, he knows so little about the young woman. But he just nods, and reaches out to take the lipstick from her. "If it comes to that. Thank you." He probably knows even less about electronics than Taylor. Once the metal box is found, he tries to open it as inconspicuously as possible.

The steel of the box is pretty solid, or at least solid enough that someone trying to just pry it open with their fingers doesn't seem to cut it. At the very least a knife or some sort of lever will be required it seems.

Taylor halts and crosses her arms, she watches Sora with a furrowed brow before remarking, "I'm sure it is locked tight, doubtless to prevent people from, well, this sort of thing." A quick glance around the teen adopts a thoughtful expression, "While I have no doubt there are things I could do that might put this camera out of function, I'll admit I'm still not comfortable with such things. I suppose if you took that sword of yours and made a quick enough cut you could sever the wire without worry of electrocution... But it may alert some manner of security system, but perhaps not. I COULD try and shock the box, but that may cause other problems, I'm not altogether skilled with magic."

"Perhaps your first plan was the best one, then. If it can be reached." Sora holds up the lipstick, and then goes lokoing for the camera. Is it too high up for them to get to, or is it possible for him to take up Taylor's original suggestion?

Taylor takes a deep breath and looks at the black electrical box again, still hesitant to attempt magic, "No matter what we do there is going to be risk of being caught, though I do ask that you make quick work of it and don't let yourself be seen doing the application." She watches with arms crossed, looking around for passerbyes.

There's not all that many people around here, it's a closed ride position off of the beaten path after all, and none of them seem to be paying attention to the two standing by the box. As far as they can tell from here there's even fewer people, none in fact, near the exhibit.

GAME: Sora spends 1 Willpower

> Sora to Here <======================================================

Rolled 0 Success < 2 6 3 7 >

====================================> Wits + Stealth + 3 [No Flags] <

> Witnesses Perception <==============================================

Rolled 0 Success < 3 4 >

=====================================================> 2 [No Flags] <

The camera is found, and though Sora has to get up on a disused crate to reach it, he swiftly uncaps the lipstick and, staying out of sight of the lens, presses the rosy color to the glass, plotting out the picture. "Yes. I think this will work, Taylor..."

Taylor cannot help but glance around after all the racket from Sora, "Holy shit man, like fuck..." she cries out softly while sliding back another strand of hair behind her ear. Her long blonde hair is always packed extra tight atop her head so that it may appear short, so much so that it often escapes, "You could have at least stacked the crate where nobody could see you..." A quick glance around reveals no notice, "Make sure you get a thick coat on there, that stuff is not black pigmented after all." At that she steps up near the man, "We need to get in there quick, if security is watching we'll need to move quickly."

Sora frowns, and starts to apologize -- his first natural instinct -- but thinks better of it. There's no time to agonize over faux pas right now. "Please. Watch and tell me if anyone approaches." He immediately leaps over the guard rail and heads to the very real-looking Sword in the Stone. With a quick glance around the perimeter, he wraps his hands around the hilt, and tries to pull.

Taylor does not step out from under the camera, though she does cross her arms once again and look about frantically, unsure what she would actually do if Sora were seen. Of course such is bound to happen sooner or later now that his is at the central hub of the exhibit, she sets her jaw and draws a deep breath, "Hurry..." is all she says.

And up it comes, with ease. There's no real resistance in fact and, as it turns out, it's actually a very realistic, not to mention heavy, sword with the only flaw being the blade being dulled.

Sora quickly examines the sword for any indication that it might lead him to the real one he seeks. And he looks at the empty space where the sword is usually kept, as well. Anything that might tell him the location of his treasured possession...

And as it turns out along the blade, on one side, there's several series of numbers etched in that look like they, might, be phonenumbers. Right near the tip however there is a little bit of text. "Well done, now all you're missing is a crown and you can rule!"

Taylor remains where she was, standing with arms crossed, breathing heavily, looking out for anyone who might approach. She is well aware that whomever hid this sword is likely to expect this location specifically to be examined and thus expects a trap to be sprung. Certianly an object of great value would not be held so obviously in the open, though she is surprised that Sora was able to get that sword out over yonder, she had assumed that it was welded into the exhibit. "Hurry..." she cries out again, her voice as soft as an angel, delicate even in strain.

It is surely a dangerous game they're playing. Sora is old-fashioned, and those numbers are quickly scribbled down on a small pad of paper he had in his jacket, not photographed. He frowns at the mocking words and slides the sword back into the place it belongs, quickly moving to Taylor. "I have what I need." Looking around, he goes to leave the area, though not without her of course.

Taylor is ready for Sora when he arrives, she is quick to fall in beside him and follow wherever he should lead, briskly. "You have, what did you find?" she asks, holding her skirt down with her left hand as they move presumably back toward the entrance, "I hope you gummed up that camera enough, that thing was pointed right at you." Such is said seriously.

It doesn't take long to leave the fairgrounds, it's not like it's a huge place, and no one bothers them on the way so either security didn't notice anything amiss or didn't manage to link it to them. Either way they're now standing right outside the wide open gates.

"It is all right. I will take responsibility for my actions." Sora's face is grim, but as they walk, he flips open the notepad, and outside the gates, he shows Taylor the numbers. "These were etched into the side of the sword, along with a message I am certain was for me. 'Well done, now all you're missing is a crown and you can rule!'" Sora looks away, deep in thought. "I wonder if he's referring to something else."

"Hopefully not King Arthurs crown, cause I don't think it would be wise to go back in there..." Taylor remarks seriously, now able to move comfortably now that they are at a civilized pace, "Have you given into any thought why this person wants to lead you around on an Easter egg hunt, what is the point of stealing something if you are planing to lead the victim back to the object... It is ridiculous."

Sora lets out a deep sigh. "It is a long story. Since you were so kind to assist me, I am happy to tell you when we are somewhere more private." He stares down at the notepad. "Perhaps we should adjourn to Viktor's and try these telephone numbers. I'm fairly certain that is what they are."

"I'll meet up with there, definately... But I got some things to take care of in the mean time, I hope that is not a bother. I can't imagine we are going to continue our search in the dead of night?" Taylor remarks calmly, hands by now buried in the pocket of her jean jacket, "Do you think you'll be able to pry Viktor away from whatever he is doing in the attic, he is quite obsessed."