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Sometimes They Come Back: New Arrivals

"Welcome to Fallcoast."

Dramatis Personae

Abraham, Angie, Guy, Jian, Jonah, Lilian, Ritter and Rowan, Savitar


The local Immortals meet two new arrivals.


D02 The Line

Jonah and a few of the Wardens are present in The Line tonight. The older looking Purified is seated at the bar by Rowan on her left and Savitar, the Warden of the Greater County Area, is sitting on her right. The tall man looks to be in a dark mood. Mainly because he was helping fight Werewolves last night. Joe, the Eternal bartender is readying drinks and things. About to be a fun Friday night for the Immortals of Fallcoast it would appear.

It's only cool out, these days, rather than cold. So Ritter shows up only in jeans and a t-shirt. He still finds it hard to adjust to how little clothing's acceptable for a man out and about, in the twentyfirst century. Somehow he knows to show up, if just by himself and without his younger companions. Whiskey, neat, is the usual poison of choice.

Lilian comes in with a look about, then heads to the bar with a smile for those she passes as well those at the bar. She really knows no one here tonight so it is the wait for a drink first, some strange mixed thing from the 20s or something.

Angie walks into the bar, looking about with curiousity echoing within her grayish-brown eyes. To herself, this weather is a bit chilly so upon her form she is wearing a soft pink button up blouse with a black sweater tied around her shoulders, those are accompanied but a knee length black pleated skirt with black high heels upon her feet. Within one of her hands is a tablet. As she walks closer to the bar she offers a friendly smile to those present and waves hello with her free hand.

Jianli is, in fact, a child of this century. So she seems to be feeling perfectly natural when she arrives in a white crop top, unbuttoned blue denim jacket, black jeans, and UGG boots. Jian has her hair in an updo that is reminiscent of a french bun, at least, and wears it with a certain amount of decorum as she thoughtfully scans her surroundings. The girl walks careuflly, arms crossed, keeping everyone firmly in view in front of her. She does have a duffel against her left side which she guards closely. That gaze is somewhaat more cagey and alert than might expected of one her way. Jianli wears it easily.

Abraham shows up with a satchel over one shoulder. Rather than ever attending to actually relax, he seems to find this to be a good place for work. He has always been an odd one. Looking around the room briefly he lifts an eyebrow at the number of people present, but seems to shrug it off, making a purposeful line for Ritter.

Lilian spots her Boss man and waves with a cheery grin to Abraham, then smiles and stick out her tongue to Ritter beofre moving to tend her drink with a cheeky sort of grin on her face.

As people move in, Joe gives a nod to those that order drinks, "Nice to see you this evening." he tells Ritter as glasses are handed over. Lilian's drink is made with little fuss and a smile is given to her when he drink arrives. Then the man gives a wave to Angie, the new arrival, "Good evening, what can I get you to drink, ma'am?" he asks. The same is asked of Jian, once she's close enough. Abraham also gets the question once Angie and Jian are taken care of.

Rowan gives a bit of a snort to the man to her right, "You'll have to pry my axe from my cold dead fingers. And when I wake back up, you'll be sorry." she tells Savitar with a hint of a smile.

Jonah and the other Warden just shake their head at the tiny redhaired woman, "I think we need to have a gathering at the museum once we get a few things straightened out." Jonah offers.

Angie holds up a single finger upon the hand that was waving begins to look down upon her tablet and she begins to tap upon the device. She then hits something upon it and a lovely voice says "A rum and coke, light rocks would be absolutely lovely. Thank you." Her fingertips then tap upon the back of the tablet and a smallish wallet like compartment opens up and she retrieves a black credit card from within it, offering said card to Joe.

Abraham's approach doesn't seem to be unexpected. Ritter takes a sip of his whiskey, green gaze on the other Immortal, expression inquiring. Lilian's gesture goes unnoted for the moment, or so it seems.

Jianli is watching quietly, then she blinks when she's offered the drink. There's a beatific smile from the young woman who replies, "I'm not legal unfortunately." then she cocks her head to the left and sighs before takign a deep breath. "Though if we are counting the other way... I would not mind my whiskey neat, for the moment." She holds up a finger and then tilts her head slightly to the left, studying the people surrounding her.

Guy steps in from outside, and slides his hands into his pockets. He is wearing dark slacks and a pale t-shirt, and a cap on his untidy hair. Apparently the Line is where he wants to hang out at the moment.

Abraham slips a few dollars onto the bar, his ritual token gesture to thank Joe for his service. "Water, thank you." Even though, for whatever reason, he prefers to be sober in a bar full of people that can't get drunk. Looking over to Lilian he nods slightly to her before turning his attention to Ritter. "Good evening. I was hoping I could get your professional opinion on my health." He slides onto a seat. "I had a bit of an odd illness recently, and I'd rather not be surprised to find it is just in remission later."

Joe passes out drinks and water, apparently Abraham and Rowan are both fine with the water for the evening. The door opens a few minutes after Guy comes in though, a man holding the door open for the woman that is with him. They don't seem to be faces that have been seen around. New Immortals!

The man is tall, with close cropped brown hair and the woman is a petite blonde with bright blue eyes. Both are dressed in a fashion that can be worn these days, but it has the impression of an older time. They stop at one of the tables, looking over the occupants of the bar for the moment.

Angie signs thank you to Joe and then sips upon her liquor, enjoy the taste quite fondly. To her, everyone is a new face since she only arrived in town two or three nights ago. Angie smiles warmly to the new arrivals through the door and waves her hand hello to them with the drink in her hand. She then slips upon one of the chairs at the bar and daintly crosses her legs at her ankles.

Which admission makes Ritter look thoughtful. "I'll be 'appy to look into it later," he says, in that lazy English drawl. "Think I 'eard somewhat about it already." A nod to the youngest (looking) of the new arrivals, and a glimmering half-smile. Evidently he's fond of Guy.

Lilian tilts her head at the ones dressed in time warp fashion after a wave to Boss man and Ritter. Her drink for now just being nursed, as she takes her time to memorize all the new faces here to her after checking out the couple.

Jianli turns towrd the new arrivals and gives a polite wave for those approaching, shifting back to lean against a wall and better watch the room. She sips her drink quietly, preferring to stay out of the way while others o the interacting for the time being. The duffel bag slides toward the floor and eventually leaves her arm entirely. Jian does not react to this overtly, however.

Guy sidles over to get into a seat next to Ritter "Symbiote told him," he tells Abraham "Get you scheduled in for a checkup." He thumbsup, and then he claps Ritter on the back "Hey you! Wow, this place is _hopping_. Awesome fuckin' saucome...who's those newbs?"

Jonah who is like the father of the Immortals here in Fallcoast catches sight of the newcomers and he whispers something to the Wardens before he's moving off to greet the new ones. "Welcome to the Line, I'm Jonah Livingston and the owner of this establishment is Joe, he's the bartender as well." he offers a hand to each, "Who might you be?" he asks as he looks them over.

Angie taps upon her tablet for a few moments and then a lovely voice comes out of the tablet and says "I am Angelica, but most call me Angie. I just moved here from Sweden. Still unpacking admittedly." She then sets her drink down and takes her tablet into her left hand as her right hand extends to those she is introducing herself to which is well everyone really.

Abraham gives Guy a small nod of recognition as well, settling with his water fo a few moments. "Alright, seems to all be in order." He glances over to the new arrivals before looking to Guy and just offers a bit of a shrug, excusing himself from the bar to go find a booth to sit. By himself. With the satchel full of legal briefs he brought with him to a pub.

"Pleasure," Ritter says to Angie, amiably. Guy's gesture gets a full-on grin, and this from a man who looks like he charges to actually smile. Then he's looking back to the newcomers. He doesn't volunteer his name, for all that even that's only an assumed name.

Guy eyes Angie, then says "Hi! I'm Some Guy! Everyone calls me Guy, okay? And this is everyone else." His speech is rapid, his voice a clattery sort of thing, and he sticks out his hand "Welcome to the Line!" He grins, showing all those white teeth. Perfect teeth.

"Jianli," Jian offers helpfully, her soprano voice bearing an accent that is a carefully cultivated mixture of the local accent and College English, trained for precision. She tilts her head slightly to the left now and glances down at the nearly empty glass between her fingers. "It is good to see you all agian." Her eyes settle last on Guy. She looks as if she might speak but instead her gaze returns to the newcomers. "Welcome, everyone."

The man reaches out and shakes Jonah's hand, "I'm Michael McNally and this is my wife, Miriam. We're new Immortals in the area and were told this was one of the gathering places." he offers to them. "It's good to meet everyone." he adds as he smiles to the gathered.

Abraham true to form pulls out the first of the files in his satchel and starts reading it over his brisk, refreshing glass of water. Don't mind him.

Angie nods her head to Ritter and then her gaze looks to Guy and nods as he explains to call him Guy and takes his hand within her own, her hands feel ever so soft but speckles of paint are upon her hands, possibly from her working upon something earlier before she came here. Her gaze then good to Jianli and offers a nod to her as well. Her body and her gaze then look upon the husband and wife immortals, smiling as she seems to have hints of envy within her eyes for just a mere moment.

Guy shakes happily - big heavy shakes, rattle rattle! Then his nervy self is bouncing off again, to look at the two newcomers, before he careens back around and sits on Abraham's desk "Watcha doin'," he says "Whatcha doin'. Are you doing anything interesting? Whatcha doin'. Butters. Hey. Butters. What are you doing. Butters. Butters."

"It's a small community but it's one that rarely seems to shrink," Jian observes quietly, studying the McNallys with the same polished quarter gaze she seems to use to take in the entire establishment. "What brings you to Fallcoast, if I may ask? You are more than welcome, of course. I was impy wandering to what we owe the pleasure. It is usually fairly quiet here...""

"Guy," Ritter tries to sound stern, but only partially succeeds. There's laughter in his voice, barely restrained, as if the younger Purified were a puppy that manages to be adorable even while chewing on your shoe. "Stop bothering the man. Come 'ave a drink." The tone's too good-natured for it to sound like a real command. Then he's nodding to Michael and his missus. "Welcome to Fallcoast," he says, voice a little drier.

Abraham looks over his legal file at Guy for a few moments, furrowing his brow at the man. When the antics continue he lifts an eyebrow over at Ritter before looking back to Guy again. "I'm socializing." Attention drops back to the case file in front of him, like it should be obvious.

Miriam gives a nod to everyone that greets, but the woman doesn't talk much. Michael seems to be fine talking for them though, "I've accepted a new job and it required us to move. Given people were starting to talk, we decided that it was in the best interest of continuing to exist. That's the problem with not aging and not dying." he chuckles.

"For you, that's a motherfuckin' miracle," says Guy, and he pats Abraham "Keep trying, tiger. You'll manage it one day - who knows! A smile, the touch of a woman's hand, someone bein' a friend. It's a whole knew world!" And then he is off, bouncing back towards Ritter, and he slings an arm around him "Buy me something strong," he tells him "Nothing else even touches the sides, does it? Okay, so. I have a plan for the house. We need to move everything to one floor. It's for the sake of the pony." He does seem faintly curious about the newcomers, but more inclined to harass people he knows.

Lilian waves to the new ones, then looks to Angie, "Neat pad, special set up there, or justc reative use of things?" hoping the woman catches her face.

Abraham finishes with the first file, sliding it into his satchel before pulling out another. He glances over the gathering at the bar with a small frown, something causing him to shake his head before he pours himself into another who's who of public disgrace. You're happier not knowing what is in those files, almost certainly.

Ritter looks at Guy askance. "No one," he says, deliberately, "Is keeping a pony in my house. We *may*, some years in the future, consider getting one for the young lady, but even that will not live in the house. So what *are* you talking about?"

Angie looks to Lilian and offers a warm smile and she begins to type within the pad once more and it speaks in a lovely voice as it says "I fear that I am mute so that this is the only way that I am able to speak and a friend back in Sweden made it for me. I have three others coming to live here with me from there that are like us but they are currently tying up loose ends I must admit." Her gaze then looks over to Guy as curiousity and confusion are upon her face about the mention of a pony living /inside/ a house...

"I've owned a pony a few times over the years. None of them livedi n ah ouse. At one point I spent a night in a stable, but thatis hardly the same..." Jianli seems to be musing as she speaks, content to keep her corner and listen to the conversations go back and forth with the same quiet grace she seems to apply to every situation coming her way. "If nothing else they are rather large for that arrangement."

Lilian smiles, "Guy there is all about fun, and jokes. So bear with him. And good to hear you have friends coming to stay with you. This place can be like the wild west sometimes, or a mary Shelly novel."

Guy says to Ritter "But I want a pony in the house." He then holds his hands off the ground "A tiny pony. I am going to get one of those tiny ones, right, that they use as guide-horses. Come on. Ugh. Okay. If not a pony? Then a miniature goat. Like, with teeny, tiny, curly horns - I bet everyone _in this room_ thinks a miniature goat would be pretty cute." He mouths to Angie, suddenly "Tiny. Hooves."

"No," says Ritter. And it is very much the dad voice. "No more animals in the house. Three cats and a dog is enough. You can have a goldfish. Or...." And then an almost sly look comes into his face. "I've a friend you should meet. She could pass for a dog, if you want."

There's a moment of calculation and then a phone rings. Miriam moves to answer her cellphone. After a few moments of talk, there's a smile to everyone, "I apologize, my husband and I must depart." she states as she rises. With that, the two move off with a smile and a wave to the group before they leave.

Lilian looks to Angie "Ever feel like you were being cased?"