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Something Stirs - Part One

"How about you stand down wind!"

Dramatis Personae

Persia, Kharn, Kizzy, Jacobus, Roman, Henry, Tony and ST


The Forsaken go to investigate a supposed Wound and run into a pack of Predator Kings.


Greater County Area

The snow is starting to melt, but it's due back tomorrow. But given that Spring has finally arrived the weather is starting to warm up. With the warm up comes the unusual activity of a bunch of spirits starting to hang around and talk. Gossiping about something going on out in the Greater County Area. Nothing's happened out here since the Bale Hounds and their freaky assistants were killed off by a joint Forsaken and Pure force.

The spirits talk of two things. A great force gathering and a great wound in the area. Which people can translate how they please. Tonight the spirits have lead them to a part of the Greater County Area not far from Plainsfield Farms. And the area seems to be frighteningly active with spirits of all kinds.

Persia is here, clad in tigher black pants, and a lightweight hoodie. A cloak rests on her shoulders with the hood up. Her movements are quick, and a touch spooked. She stands alone at the moment, without either of her more wolflike friends. Meaning she will learn on her own, scout and then tell them, or maybe her headstrong nature will lead her into doing something rash. It has yet to be seen. She is currently crouched low, looking about.

It's even a bit balmy now, for the big viking. He'd barely sported more than a hoodie all winter, flannel shirts with the sleeves down for the last month. Tonight, the green flannel shirt has the sleeves rolled up, exposing his bracers and a few random scars along his forearms. It had been a quiet Winter, mostly. Thank god. The wolves have been spread pretty thin until recently.

The little bone skull woven into a braid in his beard has been whispering to him, telling him what She hears from the spirits she senses. So here he finds himself, peeking across the gauntlet every so often with those bright green, retro-reflective eyes. But for the most part, he relies on the relic to whisper hints to him.

Black leather bomber jacket, black cashmere and silk jumper, plume jeans, rib-knit calfskin hiking boots. That's Henry's shifting outfit, so he's in it again tonight, as he arrives. Not sure what, or why exactly, except that this wound, well, it sounds bad, and he is trying to fit in, and make connections. What better way than helping out? As he arrives he looks about at those assembled, nodding to the familiar faces.

Kizzy has heard the news and has arrived, the Elodoth as quiet as she often is. Once in place she closes her eyes for a moment, clearly focusing on something, those eyes a milky white when they're opened again, like one poured milk over them. The use of the gift might not provide any information but she'd rather have it 'turned on' just in case. The others are given a quick nod hello, her only form of greetings, then she grows still.

Jacobus arrives on foot. He is bundled against the cold in an old green army coat over a Motorhead hoodie with the hood up, hands in pockets. The wind whips at his jacket and his jeans as he treads the fallow fields with his old shitkicker hiking boots. His long blonde hair is bound against the wind by a ribbon of red snake skin. Bright green eyes are alert and staring out into the darkness of the waxing crescent moon. He arrives to where the others are standing but remains silent. He nods to the few that he already knows.

Persia spots Kharn, and approaches slowly, her body tensed up, as she moves towards the group of werewolves. Being the wolfblood here. She feels, reasonably...unsettled. "H-hello." She says soflty.

Roman is easily led by spirits. It's a curse he got as a blooded. Fuckin dingos. The Aussie walks into the area and stays silent. His massive form looming in the shadows as he keeps his eyes on those already there and then the perimeter. He sniffs the air and keeps alert.

Henry nods to Jacobus when he arrives. Another familiar face. And examines the new ones (to him), taking the initiative and addressing them. "I'm Henry Cavanaugh, Rahu and Storm Lord, no deed name, pack, or Lodge. Just returned to the area."

Jacobus gets down on his knees, falls forward onto his hands, raises his head and slowly turns into the Urhan form, because, well, out in the countryside this is the best form to be in. As far as he's concerned. His wolf form is that of what's called a Mexican Gray Wolf.

Mexican Gray Wolf chuffs.

Given the generally strained relations between spirits and the Foresaken, it can be handy to take opportunities to get on their good side. Which is what brings a young Ithaeur into the woods tonight. WHen more than one spirit brings something to his attention, it's not something he is going to ignore. SO, despite not really understanding what had the spirits so eager to get him out here, he has come, leaving his car parked at a road a mile or so off before running the rest of the way as a lanky grey and black wolf.

Everyone's gathered in some form or another. Unknown faces meeting in the low light of the moon. It would be an almost romantic jaunt if it wasn't for the sudden scent of death on the air.


Whatever is causing the ungodly stench is heading towards them. And not very silently either. The sound of voices can be heard before the group of men to their left break the tree line. There's a certain silence that falls over the group and then there is a growl from one of the men in the back, "Who the fuck are they?" he asks of the others.

Kharn nods to everyone. Kharn seems to know everyone, so he has no need for introductions. For now he's mostly quiet, watching the others meet each other and establish themselves. When the smell comes upon them, he instinctively pats himself down to make sure he's got his trusty lighter. Never know when you might need to burn something down.

Kharn's gaze tracks the men as they break the treeline but he doesn't pay them too much mind, yet. He's got a slow temper when it comes to herd. They know not what they fuck with usually, so he just stands there and watches what unfolds around him.

Henry also shifts, at this sound, taking the prehistoric wolf form that is his preferred war form. A huge black wolf with glaring yellow eyes where the Cavanaugh had been. A low growl from him and he sniffs the air, shaking his head and sneezing at the reek of putrefaction.

Careful not to be seen just in case those coming closer are just really stinky humans, Kizzy steps behind something - a tree or rock or whatever is able to conceal her from view - and shifts. That done, she peeks up over or around the concealment-provided item, her eyes narrowing. Letting someone else be their voice, she waits to see what happens.

This is just not right. As far as he's concerned invaders with unatural and disgusting resonance are stinking up the place and agitating the native spirits which he happens to actually like. He exerts his will to swell up to the shape of the dire wolf. His pale-faced black-capped head turns to face the bad guys and his jaws open to reveal many white sharp teeth.

Tony , in his wolf form, sniffs the air at that incredible stench. WOlf form is far from his preferred way to fight, but unfortunately the klaive he's been working on sis sitting, half finished, on a work bench at home. Wishing very hard that h'd actually managed to finish the klaive he's been working on, he slinks back into the bushes for the moment, intent on watching, learning, and finding an opportune moment to act.

The scent causes Roman to look too and he keeps himself behind the trees for now. He doesn't shift just yet. His eyes narrow and keeps quiet for now, watching and waiting.

Persia looks about, as all the wolves around her shift..and it's too much for her, the spirits, the unfamilar wolves. She panics, falling to her knees and pulling her cloak far over her head, she's shaking in terror as she totally and utterly shuts down.

The older man that's leading the group looks like he's too old for any of these youngins shit. And there's a sigh when the growl comes from the back, "How about you shut the fuck up back there, welp." the old man grunts out. Then he looks back to the group that's in their way and gives a dip of his head before spitting something nasty to the ground, "Now, we don't want any sort of trouble tonight. We're just here doin' some investigatin'. If you'll excuse us, we'll just be past ya and on are way." the man states.

The shifting? Doesn't affect any of them. When Persia falls to the ground there's a bit of a muffled sentence from the group of men, "Ummm, I think you broke her." one pipes up.

"You know," comes Kizzy's voice from behind her hiding spot, her words slightly slurred thanks to having to talk around teeth that are slightly elongated, "you might want to introduce yourselves." Coming out into view, now, her expression is stern, displeased. "And for fuck's sake, please stand down wind of us. You all smell like you've rolled in horse shit or something."

Kizzy is not feeling the most diplomatic, it'd seem.

Roman comes out of the woods slowly, large hulking muscles as he watches Persia drop but none of the others. His eyes stay on them and he growls under his breath slowly. "What are you investigating?" Roman stands in human form and that alone could be intimidating at his height and mass of muscles. "We might be able to give...insights." The Aussie grumbles.

Kharn notices right away when some of the others begin to shift. The one girl, Persia, had seemed a bit more skittish than most wolfbloods do upon arrival at Tur. He quickly looks for her, knowing that sometimes the Urshul and Dalu forms can sometimes tip the psyche into unwanted areas. If she turns to run, a powerful hand grips her by the shoulder, steadying her. Aside from that weird gleam, he is in his human form and is a familiar face. He doesn't catch what's going on near the others for the time being, trying to calm the girl down.

Henry watches for the moment, his low growl stilled as he defers to Kizzy, letting her talk. Not his strength. Should it come to action though, he's poised and ready... Too eager even, perhaps?

"I'd be happy to introduce myself, Missy." the leader of the group steps up a bit. "I'm Hershel Williams, Eats the Mountain and of the Ninna Farakh. You know what that is, right? Or are you still wet behind the ears?" he asks. Then there's a look to the others, "The spirits are having a tizzy over something. We're coming to look into. We don't need no help or anyone snooping around." he states.

He lifts a brow slowly and tilts his head. "Are you blind?" He growls as he takes a few steps forward. "I'm pretty fuckin sure you came upon us investigating this. That means we are investigating and you are snooping around our investigation so I suggest you fuck off, mate." His eyes narrow as he arches his back slightly getting in front of the group and between them and the others.

"Kizzy. Born of the half moon, member of the Bone Shadows. No deed name yet, so you'll have to forgive me for not providing one." There is now a tension to the redhead, her body taut, her expression bordering on cold. She has no love for the Pure but she is putting a little more effort into being civil. No need to cause a fight, after all. "You might not need our help," gets said after a light snort that miiiiiiight be an aborted laugh, "and we surely don't need yours. But we will let you go on and sniff out answers unmolested if you promise the same courtesy to us." A glance is given to the others she is here, giving everyone save the poor, scared Persia the stink-eye. "You all make the same promise. Leave them alone to investigate."

Curiosity getting the bette of him, Tony slinks forward, still in wolf form, trying to get a better look at the stinkers. There's obviously more here than meets the eyes, and he wants to know more, though he says nothing for the moment.

Mexican Dire Wolf's hackles rise. He's had little contact with Pure from the protectorate he came from but everything he heard was bad. He growls out in First Tongue, <<Urum da Takus>> No Anshega is going tell him to back off a hunt.

The shaking form of Persia calms a bit. Going to Kharns side. "S-sorry." She mutters out, a soft growl comes from her as she realizes their Pure and she actually moves closer to Kharn. Looking with renewed fear at the Pure before her. Making sure HE isn't here tonight.

When Roman comes closer and is all puffed up the elder Predator King levels his gaze at the man, "Son, you don't wanna start a fight tonight. I don't wanna have to cart anyone off tonight." he tells the Rahu. Then his eyes go to Kizzy and he gives her a rotten toothed smile, "It's a pleasure Miss Kizzy. And you are a good Elodoth from what I'm seeing." he states. When Kizzy gives her compromise, there's a bit of a smirk from the man, "I can honor that bargain tonight." he tells her. "Can't we boys?" he asks over his shoulder to his pack.

There's grunts and rumbles of agreeance. "We'll be out and about, setting up territory." he nods to them. Then he waits to make sure that people are going to back off.

When Persia is a settled in, Kharn steps over to the group itself. He had overheard the Ninnah Farakh, but makes no mention of it. Though the Pure do not adhere to the same Oath, Kharn does. This wolf is his elder, and so unless there's some type of aggression aggression, Hershel is begrudhingly given what honor he can manage. Also, with the ones Kharn has killed in the double digits, sometimes it's better he not introduce himself. Kharn just stands there, for now, watching how the group handles this.

Persia moves with Kharn, like a scared pup. Because well, thats what she basically is at the moment. Her body tensed up as she watches the pure in front of her negotiate with the forsaken. She scowls slightly, in disgust at the very thought.

Kizzy is a bit bothered by the lack of response from Kharn but she leaves it alone for now, somehow trusting he'll keep to the promise even if he doesn't say so outright. As for the others, all People she doesn't know well at all, she can only pray they'll behave. "Fine. Tonight. Be mindful of any territorial markings of ours you might find and we'll be mindful of yours if we come across them." It annoys her that there won't be any information shared but at least she kept there from being blood shed. "Come on," she says to her compatriots, her voice still marred, making that damn Bostonian accent of hers sound like some kind of comedic farce. "Let's go and let them be on their way."

Roman growls at the man baring his teeth before turning to Kizzy. "I will drop them if they hurt any of us." He snarls. Angry Rahu is angry. Moose goes off to prowl close to the territory line but he doesn't cross them.

Nervous about even a relatively benighn encounter wtith the PUre, and deeply suspicious, Tony moves a s the group starts to pass on. Just in case things turn, he puts himself close to the Wolfblood, who he has met before, knowing that he's in one of the forms unlikely to cause her problems, even if she doesn't know who he is.

Hershel gives a bit of a bow to Kizzy and the others, "Until we meet again." the man states and then gives a whistle that sends his pack moving back and into the trees before they head off in their own direction. And they'll be gone and not heading back or going around. The scent of death also leaves with them, which is probably a welcomed thing.

Kharn speaks now, finally. Directly to Roman this time. "Easy, Moose. I got your back if they start shit, but I wouldn't tempt them. Put your teeth away before this gets really bloody." Persia is on his hip, but Kharn places a hand on the Roman's shoulder to calm him.

There is a polite bow of her head and then Kizzy motions to the others. "Alright. Let's see what has the spirits' panties in a twist." The Rahu are allowed to take point while she slips behind, willing to make sure their asses are covered.

Henry remains where he is, keeping his growl muffled and deferring to Kharn as well. Not liking the scent of Pure, his first, but not going to be the one to start something now. At Kizzy's words, he moves to take a point position, slipping through the dark noiselessly.

Roman growls one last time towards the woods before turning to Kharn and nodding. A Moose after all is a ragecow so calming one takes a mystical redhead. He breathes a few times before he brushes off his pants and shakes his head. "You...investigate types do that... I'll watch your backs." The Aussie stays alert.

Persia straights right near Kharn. A nod to the large wolf staying nearby her, but overall she stays with the elder wolf.

Tony answers the question on Ithaeur, speaking in the First Tongue (as he is still in wolf form), <<Itheaur right here. Spirits say... be here. We're here. Spirits don't explain much. Now the hard part. To find out why.>>