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Social - A Strangely Festive Evening

"Those who can do, those who can't gather in a huddle and do anyways."

Dramatis Personae

Kaiser(ST), Inaba, Milo, Delta, Madison, & Perfecto

November 26th, 2016

A minor social thrown by Kaiser sporting all sorts of holiday-related symbols.


The Cannery

It's not quite a traditional celebration that has been put together in the Cannery on this late evening, or perhaps one might argue it's a very traditional one given how a fair number of things from various faiths have been hung up in places. Christmas lights along the walls, a large bone-mask hanging from the ceiling, a Minora on the central table and innumerable other things hailing from everything between Halloween and Japanese new-years. In the middle of it all, all the clashing colours that just somehow manage to actually give a cozy and homely feeling when combined with the faint and multi-coloured lights, stands a dinning table of the assemblabe sort, stocked with trays with various foods, cookies shaped and coloured like fireballs for one, and several decanters of universally strangely coloured, and unnamed, liquids. And, of course, Viktor himself is seated rather leisurely in a chair near the door, an open book in one hand and a large glass of whatever that purple, sparkling, liquid is in the other.

Entering through the door, Alyza is dressed in an uncharacteristic christmas outfit, a red santa dress fitting her body well as she strolls into the room. Leaving her usual, more pracitcal clothing behind, she's wearing a red dress with white buttons down the front and a wide, white belt. The garment looks a bit short, but that doesn't seem to bother her. Long white stockings cover her legs, along with some black heels on her feet, and a cute Santa hat on her head fits the holiday spirit for her as she struts over to the table, pouring herself a glass of the purple liquid and picking out a fireball cookie. "You know, dear, you never did tell me what overdosing on this stuff would do to someone!" she calls out as she turns to grin at Viktor, before taking a big bite out of cookie and wolfing it down hungrily.

Madison meanders his way in, each step distinct with an absent clink or clack of the various crystals, pookah shells, and odds and ends that gives the young man a hippy'ish appearance. He's smiling lightly to himself without looking clearly like he's there on purpose or not. As he takes the area in curiously he blinks slowly and tilts his head, "Well... this is not what I was expecting." He admits thoughtfully to no one in particular slowly looking around dubiously and then meandering his way towards Alyza and Viktor since well, they are present. "Hello! I don't think I've met any of you." He says brightly. The purple liquid gets a dubious look.

Milo walks in, whistling softly and happily, the whistle mixing with the tap, tap, tap of his titanium cane as he walks. He seems in good spirits today. He has less than his gaggle of spirits with him in twilight. Just a Magath cat spirit/computer spirit hybrid, a raven spirit, and an ergeist. All safely on the Twilight side and not interfering with anything here. Milo pauses inside the door, once out of the way, and leans on his cane to survey the room. This twenty-six something man stands 5'11", and is ruggedly handsome with an easy smile and laughing eyes in a heart-shaped face. His hair is sandy brown and wavy. He looks a bit weak, like he is recovering from an illness, and carries a pure titanium walking cane adorned with a metal dragon pommel. He is wearing an Alexander McQueen grey wool blazer with embroidered darker grey butterflies in a diagonal line down from right to left. He has paired it with a dark grey Dries Van Noten tapered pleated wool-gabardine trousers. Underneath the blazer is a lightweight black wool and silk-blend rollback sweater. He is also wearing white Alexander McQueen exaggerated-sole leather sneakers, with black backs. He looks like a young Richard Gere, only with looks not quite so striking. Milo smiles on seeing Viktor, and ambles over to the man. "Viktor! I am so glad this social is happening. I've been wanting to meet the other mages in the consilium, but so many seem ensconced in their labs doing research that I never see them. I am glad I could make it!". Milo is grinning an infectious open grin.

"Overdosing is no longer an issue!" Viktor calls back with a laugh and puts his book away on his chair as he rises. "Well, unless you drink a fair deal more than you would alcohol anyways." he adds with a chuckle and walks closer to Alyza, directing a nod to Madison at the strange man's greeting. "Well that is no excuse not to attend, as it seems you figured out!" he exlcaims in a jovial tone "And don't worry about the drinks, none of them are bad. It's just that we chose to replace alcohol, which has some rather negative effects on the psyche, with a very mild disinhibitant. You get the same happiness just... no rage or throwing up." "Milo!" Viktor exclaims with a brief bark of laughter "And I'm happy to see you here, all of us are I expect. We suffer the same issues you do after all, eh?"

"Mmmm, happiness is one way to put it..." Alyza muses as she lifts her own glass to her lips, apparently not at all afraid of the purple liquid, despite her comments thus far. She gives Madison a smile and a nod as she introduces herself, "Hello dear, and welcome! Its nice to meet you, then, since I don't believe we are acquainted! I'm Inaba, and its a pleasure!" She grabs up another cookie, apparently having no qualms about sating her appetite as she munches it down. "I don't really have a lab, but its true that I perhaps spend too much time wandering the wilds, or what's left of them anyways. Its good to meet you too, Milo!"

Milo smiles at Alyza after taking his seat near her, and lifts his own glass "Thank you Inaba, it is good to meet you as well. In truth..I don't have much of a lab yet either, though it's in process so to speak." This last is said somewhat sheepishly, before he raise his voice to all assembled. "So...a toast..To Supernal Wisdom, Superior Company, and Sublime Food."

Madison raises a brow at the discussion of overdoses looking curiously. He shrugs, "Well if you attended places you know people it wouldn't be particularly entertaining." He ahs at that and chuckles, "Well that's good though rage can be entertaining in some situations throwing up rarely is... except maybe on youtube." He says and then smiles turning as another person is greeted and he nods to Milo, "Hullo! I'm Madison." He says easily and reaches to snag up a drink. He glances towards Alyza, "Nite to meet you Inaba, and wandering in search of wilds can be as fun as wandering wilds I find."

"Well, that's a relief then. I have several and I assure you, it is far too easy to get stuck in them. Much better to have forests to wander and get lost in." Viktor comments with a mock-serious tone, a faint smile on his lips. "And I'm sure adventure finds you even out there, and probably the same for Christmas presents. And if they don't, well... it's not that far to your reserve, right? You can easily come in for gifting, socializing and that sort of thing. A lab though... there's always someone or something to keep you there." "And for all assembled, I am Kaiser, master, doctor, path of Scourging, you all know the drill." Viktor continues with a grin and makes a little dismissive gesture. "And as for the toast, hear hear!" his glass goes into the air briefly before he drinks down a mouthful, seemingly just as happy to drink it as Alyza.

Light on her feet a new arrival descends with minimal noise down into the the bowels of the Cannery. The metal construction of the staircase is perhaps the most unmagical way to bring attention to unexpected intruders, thus any attempts to make a polite entrance fail as Taylor arrives at the table. She arrives dressed nicely enough wearing light-blue belted-dress, such light attire is supplimented with a similiarly hued jean jacket and a pair of grey woolen socks that reach thigh high and barely allow for a hint of skin on the legs to be seen. Combine such attire with physical attributes seemingly beyind that of a mere mortal frustrates the covert entrance she had desired, "Excuse me, I apologise for being late." she remarks with a smile that could subjugate a primative tribe. Instinctively touching her pinned up blonde hair she eyes the table, looking for a place to sit, "No disrespect intended of course."

Milo drinks the wine, savoring the quality taste. He swallows quickly at Madison's introduction though, and says to her "Nice to meet you as well. I think this is the most of the Wise I have ever seen in one location." He says, looking around. Spotting Taylor he waves, "Taylor! Very glad you could make it. Is Hesper going to be able to join us as well?" He looks...hopeful.

Alyza lifts her glass as well in the toast, beaming a bit as she's more than happy to join in, before giving a little shrug of her shoulders. "Heehee, lotta you are pretty good with words...I wish I could speak in such a beautiful, flowery way! Suppose I'll just have to stick to making beautiful, flowery...flowers, and that'll be good enough!" she muses. A hand rises to her neck, stroking at her own flesh a little bit awkwardly as she blinks a few times in surprise, almost as if reaching for something that's not there, before she gives a little shrug and smirks at Viktor. "Even so, it wouldn't offend me to have a lab, or access to one! My reserve is nice, and I certainly get good work done there, but I'd be remiss if I weren't to mention that I'm sure there's a more efficient way to do my work. And you're just fine, dear, welcome!" she calls to Taylor, lifting her glass again in greeting, before taking another gulp of the purple liquid.

"And no offense taken. We are not an overly formal group I feel." Viktor answers Taylor, gracing her with an almost indulgent smile. "Everyone, this is miss Watts, my apprentice for the time being and a student of the Aether and the Golden Key. Please forgive her appearance as... well, not sure what to say, it just happened apparently." with a laugh he turns his attention from his student to Milo "And no my friend, my apologies, Hesper will not be able to attend this evening as she is, for the time being, preoccupied in distant lands and with pressing tasks. I hope that will not weigh your mind too heavily though, and if it does I highly recommend my homemade 'wine'." with a tilt of the head the decanter holding the sparkling purple liquid is indicated. "As for lab space, well, I am considering putting together a little communal area of sorts for that sort of thing, Milo here has expressed some interest in it for example, so maybe we can accomodate you? It won't be anything as formal as a cabal, not really, but more a sort of... well, really a pool of shared resources for the sort of work that is hard to arrange, or perform, oneself." Viktor takes another sip from his drink and falls quiet for a moment, almost looking thoughtful for that instant "And I think that, maybe just by a little, this drink is making me blather on like only god knows what." he finally comments with a little chuckle.

Madison tilts his head as Viktor introduces himself. He seems to recognize some part of the name and then tilts his head at a new arrival. He beams, "Tay Tay!" He says perhaps a little too loudly and a little too familiarly with the typically reserved young woman. He perks up at the discussion of Hesper and looks around but then it sounds like this addition isn't there at least not yet." He pauses and then asks Alyza, "You should build a pocket lab. That could be entertaining." He says brightly.

Taylor had arrived and inturrupted Master Viktor's toast, but before she moves to take a seet she follows suit and offers greetings, "It is good to see everyone." she remarks with a smile, her whispy voice every bit as striking as her angelic features. There is little doubt, that anyone aware of the supernatural would mistake her for a mundane, for flawless proportions and a blemishless countinance are hardly natural. "I have no doubt Hesper would be here if it were possible." Taylor states casually to Milo while she steps over to sit beside Alyza, whom is offered a friendly and even playful, "Thank you!" in light of the forgiveness offered. Sliding offer her jean jacket and revealing bare shoulders, aside from the strips of fabric which hold on her aformentioned attire. "Yes I apologise for that as well, but I would hope for once I could get through the night without talking about it... Assume my appearance is like a terrible zit, noticed not doubt, but hardly commented on." WIth that the jacket is hung on the back of the chair beside Aryka and Taylor gracefully sits herself. Madison is offered a pleasant smile as she pulls herself up to the table and gets comfortable.

Frowning slightly, Alyza shakes her head after a moment of considerig that. "I'm afraid I've no experience with the Arcana that would require, but even so, a pocket lab wouldn't quite fit the needs I had...most of my subjects are animals, after all, and I need lots of space to work on them. In a way, a lot of my setup works already for what I need, I just need something a little more regular to work on group projects in. I appreciate the suggestion though, Madison, certainly! If you're offering to make me a pocket lab, I won't say no!" she muses with a wink, before glancing back over to Viktor. "A group space like that sounds like something I could really use, yeah. I mean, a cabal would work too, but last time I chatted with someone about that, it didn't really work out. But I'm rambling! That sounds lovely." She giggles as Taylor has a seat next to her, and raises an eyebrow as she glances between the woman and Madison. "Taytay? I'll stick with Miss Watts for now, if that pleases. An apprentice, hmmmm? Well, you certainly got lucky, having Viktor to learn from! He's wonderful, huh?" she asks, before stroking at her neck again absent-mindedly.

"Pocket lab?" Viktor asks and lets loose another laugh, shaking his head. "I would not dare, even the chance that the things we do would get compressed and thrown about in such a way... mon dieu!" with a grin he shakes his head again "No no. A real lab, real walls and all. Only thing I use virtual space for is the sort of thing that doesn't really take up space, like mind-crafting or astral work. Can't compress ephermals into breaking after all." "And yeah, I am at a similar spot as you Inaba. Conventional spaces, with less insight from outsiders, is what I'm after. For the more exotic things I do... there's already things." Viktor comments to Alyza, then grins a little mischeviously "And you are most kind miss, to pay me such compliments in such illuminated company."

Milo gives a small sigh at the news of Hesper's pre-occupation, but at the mention of a portable lab his attention is clearly diverted. A portable lab...that would be amazing. "I wonder, what would the necessary arcana be for a portable lab? I could see a number of ways of potentially doing it..Space to create a pocket dimension with a lab, Prime to form a phantasmal lab, Matter to fold a large lab bench into a cartable fabric..but, a combined effect would seem best. I'd be very interested, if anyone has heard of someone actually creating a portable lab, and what arcana were used." He looks extremely curious at the prospect of someone having this information, though his enthusiasm is a bit dampened by the pragmatism injected by wiser heads. Milo continues on, in a more subdued tone, "My current lab is traditional though, mostly focused on Alchemy, and metalwork. I've just recently started attempting to imbue items, in fact."

Madison beams as he gets a smile from Taylor but it seems fawning over the distinct young woman is put off for the conversation with Alyza, "Oh? Hmm well animals don't like labs." He points out looking thoughtful, "But that's half the fun of learning things isn't it." He wiggles his fingers, "It seems an entertaining challenge. Then again I'm the type that tends to only put importance on things that can travel with you. So... it's probably a bit of a difference of opinion." He pauses, "I need a pocket library. THAT would be useful." HE says perking up at his own idea with a distracted look, his focus then going to Milo as the man takes a more... logical approach to it making Madison nod along thoughtfully. He then grins, "I can see what it might take to test it I'm not really a master of that kind of thing but I like learning them and it's more fun if you have a goal or project." He smirks at Alyza, "Well only I'm special enough to get to use such a nickname you know." He says in mock haughtyness, "I think she'd kick me but she's worried I might swoon. It's a continuing worry." He then pauses, "Compressing ephemerals always turns out well. Haven't you watched Ghostbusters?"

Sitting primly Taylor's light blue eyes drift about the table fixing on whomever is speaking at any given time, pinned up hair is occasionally touched as does her body shift in the seat as woolen covered legs presumably cross. "Viktor is a most understanding master, certinaly... Though I think the goal in my case is to reach a point where I can go off and live quietly without falling back on magical abilites, I don't see myself ever as a great mage, I lack the temperment." she remarks to Alyza with a smile, offering nothing to being called Tay Tay. She listens quietly to Milo as he speaks though her attentions are gobbled up by Madison, though she does not offer any insights, rather she picks up a glass filled with Viktor's recipe and sniffs the opening.

"That's not an issue compression, but rather the sudden decompression, also known as release, of those ephermals. The compression itself was perfectly safe, so long as it continued." Viktor says and smirks at Madison "Besides, all my ephermals are my own creations, so they're peaceful and non-catastrophic, at least most of the time." "And as for living quietly, well, I'm not sure... TayTay here has entirely understood what the Awakening is, as you can all hear." he remarks with a wry, bemused, smile "But if she can manage it, well, all the more power to her I guess? I'd certainly be impressed, I'll give her that."

"If it makes you feel any better, Miss Watts, I'm not really the type to get social and try and improve on my standing to become known as a great and powerful mage, but the power is always there, beckoning, calling! Even for someone like me, who isolates herself out in the woods most of the time among nature, I can't help but to always seek new ways to explore my abilities! Its too powerful! " Alyza shrugs, then returns her attention to the lab talk. "Animals don't like labs, but in the pursuit of knowledge, their desires often have to be balanced against the good gained, and well...I know where my own ethics often lie. We have a duty to use these powers to advance mankind, whether that be a group of mages building a new spell to create a pocket lab, or one woman experimenting alone in the wild." She stops, blinking, then glances at her cup, before shrugging. "...I've either had too much of this, or not enough, and I'm going to guess the latter!!" she jokes, before getting herself a refill. "Milo, you'll have to let me come by your lab some time so I can watch you imbue things, I'd love to get a better handle on such works! Imagine what I could make!"

Madison frowns faintly as he considers Taylor for a time, "I still think..." He trails off and shakes his head, "Well as long as it's what you WANT to do." He declares. Clearly something about her stated plan isn't to his full approval. He tilts his head and considers Alyza for a time then, "Well... just be careful that the animals don't decide they want to experiment back. They can get touchy here." He says shifting clearly not entirely comfortable with the turn of the conversation and not at all hiding it so he goes to get a refill as well. His amusement seems deflated enough that he leaves the ghostbuster level catastrophes alone for the moment.

"Also relevant, just as an aside while we're on the subject, but I think the animals will like or dislike whatever we would decide they should, not what their instincts tell them." Viktor interjects in a soft, a little more serious but not quite somber, tone. "That is, after all, the freedom our abilities provide us, along with the option to making sure none of them suffer while in our care." "Though, of course, I can't claim to have too much experience with animal uprisings, since none of my work at this point actually includes any fauna other than as templates and sources for material, neither of which requires anything but the briefest of contacts, if even that. And as for not enough" he nods sharply "easily done, it is very weak this time around, was the only way to make it truly safe alas. I will have to refine the mixture further I think, perhaps replace some of the compounds."

Taylor's bright light-blue eyes lower to the table-top under Viktor's comments but she does not allow such opinions to dampen her, rather she offers a faint smile of agreement and allows the moment to pass. Aryka's enforcement of such attitudes that the teen knows herself to be true are met with a knowing gaze but nothing more, she remains in her usual silence when in large company. Smiling pleasantly she quietly watches the interactions around her, competely unaware of the immense allure and presence she exhibits without the slightest inclaination or effort. Actually, she is quite casual and relaxed, though Madison does serve to lower her gaze to the table top again, along with a deep inhale.

Milo grins at Alyza, "By all means. I don't know if I'll ever be a great and powerful mage. I'm not really in it for the power, but more that now I've awakened there is so much I want to learn. For instance, I just got a tutoring in the basics of Cartomancy today, and I am continually finding out about new types of spirits I didn't know about before." He pauses to drink some more wine before continuing. "Speaking of spirits", Milo continues, "anyone have any idea what this summons is about for tomorrow's audience with representatives from the local spirit court? They sound worried, and while I haven't been able to track down any of my usual contacts yet to get an unofficial read on what they want to discuss, I have heard that local spirits are stockpiling on essence and making more alliances, as if they are getting ready for a war of some kind."

Alyza rolls her eyes as she gives a shrug of her shoulders, then drinks more of the glass down, before depositing it on the table. "They won't uprise...or rather, I have nothing to fear from it, even if they could!" she answers quickly, then nods over towards Viktor. "Of course, I would never want to mistreat them, I make sure they're very well-taken-care-of. Just because they're test subjects, doesn't mean that I am cruel to them...I can't get good results, under those condition! That's why I keep them the way I do!" Her gaze moves to Milo, and she beams at him as she nods along, "Excellent, I can't wait to watch! Maybe you'll teach me a thing or two about Cartomancy as well, I've been dying to learn ever since I watched a friend do it!"

"There is always something more to learn." Viktor agrees, his tone of voice turning rather enthusiastic at the notion and his lips splitting into a grin. "Forever and ever, no end, not even a dead end, in sight. Kinda wonderful, right?" Taylor gets a brief look, and a supportive if rather faint smile, before his attentions return to the table. "And on the topic of spirits I had not the faintest I'm afraid. I am but a mere novice when it comes to any but the inner epherma, and as those do not tend to stride outside of their own dominion, or indeed show personal initiative in any but the most strained meanings of the word, they are of little consequence here, yes?"

Madison seems content to take a long sip testing a few of the drinks and he glances from one to the other before shaking his head to Milo clearly the spirit world isn't one he's got much in the way of familiarity with, "Not the best sign. Maybe not a bad time to get ready with a bolt hole." He scratches his chin thoughtfully as if pondering implications. He does look a little mollified at Alyza's statement about her experiments and now curiosity, "Well it's good if you aren't overly cruel to them what are you trying to get out of it?" He asks curiously then.

Taylor finally takes a sip of the wine herself, gently licking her lips she eyes the glass while gauging if she enjoys the beverage or not. Rubbing a small stain of rose coloured lipstick off the glass with her thumb she returns the vessal to sparkling perfection then returns angelic attentions to the table and those around it. Clearly she is listening to everything that is being said, but she offers not a word.

"I'm afraid I've only a base understanding about spirits as well, sadly, hence my being completely uninformative on the topic." She blinks a few times, looking a little bit confused again as she holds up a wrist like she's checking the time, then smirks slightly as she glances over towards Viktor, before returning her attention to Madison. "Well, okay, how about this by way of a demonstrative? Spiders can spin web from their abdomens, right? Well, what if I want to be able to spin web myself? How am I going to do that in a way that's efficient? In fact, let's take that a step further, what if I want to be able to spray web from my fingertips? What goes into being able to do that? I've got to have a place on my body that makes and stores web, in a way that's easily accessible to my fingers, which of course is going to require an extensive understanding of how spider anatomy and my own anatomy works, if I want to do it right. I could just cast such a spell on myself, its true, if I want to fail again and again. But, by creating my own creatures that can do this, I can work with their anatomy, gaining a better understanding of how their bodies work, and how I can craft my Life magic in the future. In addition, I also make creatures for others, guardians for their own private homes and laboratories, if they need it. Having guard dogs that breathe fire is rather useful, for instance, but that takes experimentation to figure out as well!!"

Milo looks at Taylor thoughtfully, gears clearly working. Perhaps Taylor knows more than she is letting on, but then again who knows. Milo's attention turns to Madison, and he says "A bolthole is not a bad idea, though I hope we would all contribute to the defense of Fallcoast if the city came under attack, yes?" He takes a sip of the purple liquid, which is different but good, before continuing. "In fact, I think it would be prudent if we assumed Fallcoast will come under attack, given events in the world seem to be getting darker. Is there any kind of a coordinated defense plan within the consilium?" He looks hopeful, but he has clearly steeled himself for not hearing the answer that he hopes to hear.

In walks Perfecto. Tall, dark and handsome. A blank, empty stare in those brown eyes. Grey turtleneck, black leather jacket and slacks. Not cheap, no no. He's a clothes horse. Checking a likely expensive and shiny gold watch, he sighs. "It must be getting late. For a second there, I didn't hear the word bolthole and was really starting to question the audience and my choices for the evening." Ah! A butt joke! Said with the terminal boredom of a man exhausted.

"Boltholes are easy. I have... several I guess." Viktor says with a shrug, shooting Alyza a brief, teasing, smirk. "I'd rather not flee the ship pre-emptively however, seems a little... excessively cautious to do so before we even know there's conflict on the horizon. As for a defensive plan, yes. I've consulted on some of that a little while back, though in truth I was more asked about counter-espionage rather than actual combat or covert-ops sort of things." "Though considering we have recently had two masters leave the city and only half the council is active however... well, there's no guarantees that we would be capable of actually going through with those plans. So... yes and no I guess, in the end."

Madison settles his attention on Alyza then thoughtfully as she rattles off a few examples, "So a bit of... mix and match. So you basically study what nature does and instead of adjusting nature to fit it you learn how to recrate it on your own?" He asks curiously looking thoughtful. "Mmm must be hell for the postal service." HE says at the last example and then grins from ear to ear at his pun. Milo gets a slight nod, "I'm sure we could but bolt holes are always useful good to pursue both." He trails off though at the question and shrugs his shoulders in an unknowing manner. Then there's someone new and he glances over and considers, "I don't THINK buttholes make for good boltholes... but it might be worth some investigation. Maybe Inaba can look into it."

"Something like that, uh-huh! And if anything, I'm improving on nature's design, in many cases...just because the animals may not know enough to appreciate it, doesn't mean I've done anything wrong. If I improve a dog, to be able to breathe fire, its certainly better off, but it may not see things that way. I need that information though, and such is the way of my experimentations, sometimes!!" Alyza give the newcomer a wave, holding up both hands a little awkwardly, before glancing down at them and blushing slightly, lowering her arms again. "Mmmmnf, I don't know anything about boltholes or buttholes or whatever may have you. But I'm going to step outside for a moment, I'll be back." she muses, taking her leave of the group for now.

Although not following Aryka, Taylor also rises and offers the group a nod before turning and stepping away toward the washroom. She does not offer any specific plans, but it stands to reason that she will return after a short spell herself...

"You'd be surprised what an enterprising person can hide in a human body." Perfecto replies to Madison without a second thought. Adjusting his watch, he clasps both hands infront of him. A brow lifts, he upnods to Alyza. "I'd have to agree with you on the point of improving pre-existing design. Bettering our world is fun and rewarding. Just like owning a fire breathing dog." Watching her walk past him, he clears his throat and addresses the group at large. "Tecpatl. Moros Apostate. So, is there a hurricane or impending Banisher doom or are we just talking Doomsday Preppers for shits and giggles?"

Milo ponders this, then says "It's interesting about the experimentation with animals and creating various effects in them. I've seen writing of masters of spirit doing similar effects in forging ephemera, shaping spirits to the form and function that they need." He smiles, then continues "Though I am far from that myself, I am almost to the point of getting a familiar I think." After another pause Milo once more pipes up, "Actually speaking of experimentation, I am wondering if we might be able to augment our defense by equipping drones and then having spirits possess them. I am thinking of trying that actually, with an unmanned ground security drone called a RATTS. Looks like a big cybernetic dog with claws and possibly a shotgun sticking out of its back. But...just a thought." He buries himself in eating for the moment, thinking perhaps people will label him the mage equivalent of a gun-nut. At Perfecto's comment Milo definitely tries to attract less attention, and is silent.

Viktor smiles and chuckles at the comments made, seemingly taking Alyza's in particular with some amusement, but doesn't reply to any of them but rather just sits there and listens, giving the departing woman a little wave as she leaves, and Taylor another as she so soon follows. The comments from Perfecto seems to bring his interest back to the people around the table. "Nothing so mundane, just some doomsday cult of spirits and demi-gods who might be preparring to wage war upon the humans of the city." he replies blithely, shrugging and smirking. "And as for improvement, hear hear. I myself try some more... discreet improvements, advancing the sciences related to cognition and social sciences. Primarily psychiatric care and teaching augmentation."

Madison wiggles his fingers at Alyza and then Taylor. He settles his gaze on the new arrival indicating in a 'see what you did there' manner. HIs amusement is evident. He then looks to Milo, "You aren't allowed to name anything. Anything." He declares still looking more amused than concerned. Though as Viktor puts it a different way he scratches his chin, "What are the chances that spiritual warfare might spill over?"

"Ah. So business as usual, yes? Doomsday cults, marauding spirits, murder and mayhem. Must be the weekend." Perfecto says with a flat, dull baritone. He's got that 'I just worked 16 hours' kind of stare. You know, the kind that borders on comatose or suicidal. He lifts a hand and snaps his fingers, pointing at Milo. "I like where your heads at. You a fucking wild man. Don't send those things anywhere near my house. I got enough problems with my HOA as it is."

"Limited. Very very limited." Viktor answers Madison, shaking his head. "Real, large-scale, war with spirits tends to attract some rather serious counter-moves, resulting in mass-casualties and a seriously harrowed landscape on their side. It's happened before and will happen again, each time the Incarna and so on... learn a little. Humans are not so easy prey anymore, and the guardians that protect the earth are harsher for each generation it seems, or near enough." "That said? There's always the chance this might be the 'next' time, and so you should still prepare for the worst and work towards the best. Means that, at worst, you're over-prepared for fortune, at worst you are amply prepared for whatever catastrophy does in fact occur."

Milo does grin at being told he can't name anything, though this immediately gets him thinking of offensive names. However, valor is the better part of discretion and all that, so these names are noted in his memory but not brought up at the moment. After all, it is not time to discuss things like Tass-Weed. On a more serious note, he does say "I think the chances are pretty good of spillover, because the feeling I got from the rumours I heard was that the spirits were united, rather than preparing to fight amongst themselves like before..that basically it was some outside force. Has there been any kind of attacks on Fallcoast within the last year from abyssal mages or outsiders?" Milo looks thoughtful. "Still preparing would be a good idea, as over-preparedness isn't going to hurt, or at least, not as much as being under-prepared."

Madison inclines his head lightly taking it all in thoughtfully. "Interesting well at the least I can gear up around damage control. That should make for an interesting time. Maybe we'll get a good storm to cover up anything that does. he again shakes his head shrugging unaware of Abyssal threats and the like.

"Well, spillover is always a definite possibility in any large-scale ephermal gathering. It's pretty much their thing in fact, affecting the envoirment with their mere presence, and being affected by it in turn the same way." Viktor comments "So yeah, prepare what you can I say. As for attacks on the city, well, there were some Seers that Sage obliterated I think, and some scelesti out by a farm... other than that though? Not much. I found a rather punny memetic nightmare some time ago which had the taint of the abyss but... that barely counted as a pest, let alone an attack." he shrugs and shakes his head. "All in all it's been pretty quiet."

Listening to it all, Perfecto keeps that one eyebrow lofted. Is this happening? His attention flicks to each person when they speak, just taking it all in. "This is so weird." He mutters under a breath before clearing his throat. "Get some Spirit guys, some Fate guys and some Prime guys. Lay some traps. Get weird with it." He shrugs. "I mean, if it's going to happen, make it a goddamned attrocity. Gives them pause before pressing forward. Or, you know, whatever. I'll just be standing -really- far from you guys when it goes down and just hope for the best. It's a solid plan."

Checking his watch again, Perfecto yawns. "Well. It's been real. Don't let the city get destroyed, gentlemen." He says and makes his way out. Sleep is a thing he will need soon. Very soon.

Milo watches Perfecto leave. An interesting man. "Who would be in charge of our coordinated defense? I imagine the masters, but besides yourself, who are the masters of the city?" This last is said to Viktor. Maybe this is a gauche question, but he doesn't know. That's what you get for being taught by a spirit mentor.

"Not necessarily masters, but most of them are. The councilors would be in charge of it, though I know not which of them that would be. At best I would expect it to be three of them, two of which are probably missing." Viktor answers with a faint little smirk, then shrugs "But no, disrespect aside, I would guess... Duana to be the most likely candidate. She's the Arrow Herald in the city, and I am given to understand a fairly martial woman."

Madison raises both brows at Viktor's description of what's been going on, "Huh... remind me not to piss off this Sage. Well.. that's worrying." He considers, "I'll have to spread the word a bit I suppose and see what stirs. Thanks for the heads up." He offers to both and then looks back and forth, "Should be and actually are is always a different things. Well I will ask Nix and Nox. Spirits are kind of their thing." He smiles, "On that note I should get back. Nice meeting you all... I think."

"The same to you. Best of luck in your travels friend." Viktor answers and waves to Madison as he departs, then reaches for his glass and downs what little remained inside of it. "As for Sage, yes. People really should not get on his bad side. He is rather... brutal in his methods, or so I hear. Explosions and things."