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Santa Muerte Feast Day Party

"SHE POISONED THE FOOD" Kilo rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Seriously? You couldn't come up with anything better than that?" The wall goes blank and a new message appears. "SHE KILLED HER FIRST HUSBAND." Oops. Now Little Nicky has got Kilo's attention.

Dramatis Personae

Vandal, Hoax, Kilo, Antoine, Gideon, Kato, Kylie, Myles, Blanche, Tilo, Darius, Dana, Nate, Jesse, Ritter, Jingshen, Dottie, Abel, Damian, Deckard. NPCs: The Gallows Ghosts: Little Nicky, Big Joey, Fat Franky and Good Looking Sal. With KiloST

15 August, 2016

Everyone has come together to celebrate the Holy Saint of Death; Santa Muerte and pay her homage and respect on August 15: her feast day! Offerings are made and lots of drinking, eating, celebrating and socializing ensues, including a great ghost story and a surprise visit from the bar's local residents...


The Gallows

Tonight The Gallows is celebrating Santa Muerte’s feast day and the pub has been transformed; strung with thousands of tiny Christmas lights in all colours while incense burns steadily in the corner, a statue of the Bony Lady herself has been erected on the stage. A skeletal woman in robes similar to the blessed Virgin Mary, she stands in a similar pose, there to bless all who come and say a prayer, do a shot, make an offering or in some way acknowledge the existence of the Saint of Holy Death.

Offerings have already begun to pile up at her feet; bouquets of flowers and candies, playing cards, money, ammunition, joints, cigarettes, chocolate, photographs, small personal items and a whole lot of candles that flicker and glow brightly around her.

A literal feast has been set up for guests to enjoy; very special holiday favourites handmade from the hosts’ family recipes. Mountains of fresh tamales, romeritos, pozole, buñuelos and of course carne asada, carnitas, fresh tortillas, salsa and chips. There are even churros being freshly deep fried in back and brought out every few minutes. And of course there is alcohol; the counter of the bar has been filled with bottles to provide a ‘self serve’ situation so guests can choose whatever they like, including cold cervezas in tubs of ice on the floor. There are non-alocholic choices too -- whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find.

Kilo is totally excited and ready to rock and roll, all done up to the nines in a little black babydoll dress with a high, empire waist, three-quarter sleeves and a full skirt trimmed in black and burgundy lace plus tall black combat boots with white scrunchy socks finishing out the ensemble. Her shiny, raven-black hair is worn rain-water straight and cascades loosely down her shoulders and back. The little Latina has a glass of... something in her hand... Whatever it is, you can bet it’s not alcoholic at this point as she buzzes here and there, welcoming guests who have chosen to share their evening here and help celebrate this awesome occasion; Santa Muerte’s feast day.

Jingshen arrives, in black fitted t-shirt and shoes, Levi's, and his face painted as a death's head. Must have attracted some looks coming in, but the young Chinese man is throwing himself into the spirit of the foreign holiday. He has a leather camera bag over one shoulder, and a guitar case over the other. Looking about, he acclimates himself with the place, gaze certainly lingering on Kilo for more than a moment, before he moves to the statue of the saint, where he lays the guitar case. Kissing his fingertips and touching it good–bye before he turns to take in the feast before him.

Kylie slinks her way inside the bar with a handful of offerings for Santa Muerte. Her pleather miniskirt is quite short; there's a lot of leg on display as she makes her way toward the statue. She waves to Kilo as she passes. Once at the statue, Kylie stoops to place her offerings - some candies, a chocolate bar that she unwraps and leaves lying on the foil, and two pennies dated 1991.

Dana comes sauntering in from the street, and the Gypsy girl has dressed up for the occasion, for a given value of the term, at least. Skinner blood will tell, even if it is liberally mixed with Rom, and even a dressed up Dana looks a little bit trashy. The skirt is two layers of black lace, both of them fairly short, and the only reason that she isn't also revealing a lot of her legs is that she's paired it with thigh-high boots with three inch heels. Her top isn't black, but instead a deep purple, low-cut enough to show the pendant she wears, another icon of the saint the celebration is for. Many bangles are worn on her wrist, and there are hoops in her ears which, like the bandana tying back her tumult of purple-streaked black curls, play up the Gypsy look.

Dark eyes scan the room, and rest on Kilo for a moment, too, before she follows the crowd, making her way to set a tied-up bundle of cloth down with the other offerings. Her hand lingers, almost reluctant to let go of the bundle, before she steps back, hand withdrawing, head bowing for a moment.

KIlo grins at the man in the death mask, so to speak. "Hey there, I'm Kilo, thanks for coming. A guitar? That's a pretty amazing offering... You have a story behind that? Are you a musician? Did you ask for her blessing?" Totally personal questions, really, but they are a tight bunch here and everyone is really pretty close. She figures he just won't answer if it makes him uncomfortable. She waves back at Kylie and loves the chocolate and coins. "How about you? Significance to the coins at all? That's a pretty interesting thing... Is that your birth year? Am I older or younger than you?" Kilo stops to do the math -- she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Then Kilo gives Dana a wave, but gives her time to make her solemn offering. Now... what is -that- all about. So many fascinating things... "Hi Dana, do you know Kylie? She is our new artist here, and she is extraordinary! Kylie this is Dana... she is.. affiliated." Kilo smirks and looks to the man in teh deathmask. "I didn't catch your name..."

Kylie straightens up and smiles at Kilo and then Dana in turn; she extends her hand toward Dana. "We haven't met. Hi!" To Kilo, she says, "It's my birth year, yeah. Am I older than you?" she's curious. The raised eyebrow shows it.

Kylie gets a look too, in her mini-skirt. And Dana. Poor Jingshen's an easy mark, it would appear. Seeing Kilo appears to be in charge of this affair, he forgoes the savouries for the moment and approaches her. "Hello, miss, I'm Jingshen," He begins, in his accented but otherwise excellent English. "and it's a beautiful guitar. I unfortunately never could translate effort into results on it. I wished her to bless whoever picks it up, yes." He adds, looking a little self–conscious, but then the idea of spirits' blessings isn't entirely foreign to him. "I was wondering, though, would it be all right if I were to take pictures? I'll provide prints and the files afterwards, of course."

Vandal had been thinking he might have to, you know, actually /work/ today, since that's kind of his job now, right? Buuuut, Kilo seems pretty happy to just pile the booze on the bar and let people have what they want and Vandal's not about to stop her. He's been here a little while now and his offering is already sat just at the foot of the statue - it's a little bottle of the kid's favourite bright green pills with a smiley face drawn on the label. Vandal is dressed, well, the kid has one rucksack okay? When all of your clothes fit in a rucksack, you're not rocking a whole lot of variety, just saying. So yeah, he looks pretty much like always, black skinny jeans, scuffed up old sneakers and a faded tshirt with a local band printed across the front, except, not local to here. The kid's got an obnoxiously green drink in his hand and only occasionally glances disbelievingly at the...juice thing...Kilo is drinking these days. Still, this is significantly better than the genuine outrage when he initially discovered she was suddenly a hipster.

Turning, Dana accepts the offered hand. "Dana, yeah. Like the lady said. Nice to meetcha." She's got one of those impossible to place accents. From the States, but lacking in any sort of regional clues. She sidles over to Kilo, and sort of hip-bumps the other girl. "How's my favourite little Latina?" she queries. "The place looks great. Also very.. interesting. Kind of a shame you couldn't find a way to represent all the witch drownings from way back when. Hey, Vandal," she adds, spotting a face that is also recognizeable. You don't get the shit kicked out of you alongside someone and forget. Well. Short of head trauma, anyway.

Kylie nods to Dana, still smiling, and slinks up to the bar, glancing at the surface before determining it's clean enough to put her elbows on and lean. "Heyyyyy, Vandal," she greets. "Anything on special today that you'd recommend?"

Kilo laughs. "I was born in 1994..." She's still having trouble figuring this out. "Yes. I think I am younger than you. Probably." Well done Kilo! And of course Vandal has the day off. Who would she be to ask the waster kid to work on Santa Muerte's feast day. That would be blasphemous. "Vandal, this is Jingshen, Jingshen this is Vandal. I'm just introducing you two especially because Vandal happens to be one of the most naturally talented guitarists and vocists I have ever heard. Maybe... with Santa Muerte's help, you wouldn't mind if Vandal picked up that guitar and tried a little something out for us? We actually call him 'Hollywood' because, well, for obvious reasons..." And then Dana mentions the jump in and she smacks hand to forehead. "Riiiight. That's right. You -obviously- know each other." She mutters something about losing her mind.

Kato enters the gallows, dressed in his tuxedo shirt and slacks and shiny purple smoking jacket, all somewhat worn and frayed around the edges. His cane is slung over his shoulder. He approaches Santa Muerta, pulling a free hand from his jacket pocket and reaching out to dump a small handful of .45 ACP cartridges from his hand at her feet, before moving on to get a drink.

Gideon after a small bit, came walking down into the place. Looking about as he was in the suit, with the satchel of his on the shoulder. Looking about, as the cut was neat, but shabby a little. his hair smooth back as he looks around slightly. A small surprised as he looks over all the others and then a moment to tap his fingers, before he held the zippo in his hand, and walks in slowly, towards the bar.

Jingshen nods, offering his hand to Vandal, and smiles. "If you can use it, feel free. It's beyond me."

"Well, it's all free. That's pretty fuvkin' special huh?" Vandal offers to Kylie as she wanders over to lean against the bar, flashing the girl a grin and a little wink, before looking past her to Dana. The smile broadens a little and he offers the other baby gangster a little salute, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth before looking back to Kylie. "Done any cool tattoos yet?" he asks, before he hears his name being mentioned through the gathering din and he glances towards Kilo and Jingshen, expression lighting once more as Kilo begins to regale the guy with tales of his legendary musical brilliance. He takes the hand when it's offered and glances towards the faaaaaaaancy looking guitar case over there. "So fucking cool!" he grins.

Kylie shoots a sly smile and a wink Jingshen's way. Maybe she did notice him looking, after all. She glances over her shoulder at all the incoming folks. "A few. I did that guy, believe it or not," she tells Vandal, pointing over at Gideon. Which might be rude, but she follows up with a grin and a wave to him. To Vandal, she says, "You have to play for me sometime. Have to!"

Jingshen looks to Kilo. "About the photography? Would it be permitted? I've never seen an event like this before, and I'd like to capture it." He says with a warm smile for Kylie.

When Hoax and Kilo and Vandal had came over to the Gallows before the party, in order to set things up, the mohawked gangster had wound up retiring to the office after the preperations were finished. Which is where he happened to fall asleep and take a quick nap. Eventually though he manages to wake up and makes his way back out into the main area of the club, where theparty has already began. A look is given to all the people gathered around, after which he quickly spots Kilo and makes his way over to her; slipping an arm aroun her waist and pulling her into a quick hug and delivering a kiss to her cheek. "Sorry, I was more tired than I had thought." A look is given to Jingshen after the question of photography, to which he given a slow shake of the head. "I would prefer there to be no photography, thanks."

So two Abernathies walk into The Gallows; the first one, a tall skinny weirdo with the cane and greaser hair turns to the shorter quieter woman and says; "Like I told ya, sis - once the new offices open? It's gonna be /all gravy/, dig?" Myles nods sagely, pushing his retro spex up his nose as he turns and looks around the bar with a rather dreamy expression, lifting his chin up as he soaks it in. Sticking close to Blanche, he leans heavily on his cane and nudges her with his free elbow before motioning to the offering table. "Offerings first, then you get us a drink, yeah? Golly, I'm -parched-..."

Dana gives Kilo another little hip bump, and grins. "Hey, that night's a big blur to me, too, don't worry about it." The Gypsy flashes an amused grin, and then saunters off to the bar, to set about examining all the drinks on offer, long hair sliding over one shoulder as she does so. The bundle she left is, thus far at least, unexplained.

Gideon gives a small waves as he does note, Kylie, moving over towards her. A side look to the rest of them, but a hand on the satchel as he nods with a smile again and then exhales, "Kylie. How you doing.. and well.." He does look to all the others, before a small shrugs, "and I figure I can buy a drink at least.."

Kylie beams at Hoax, thrusting a hand up to wave at him. "Hi, Hoax! What about selfies? Can there be selfies? Because you and me and Kilo should have a selfie." She pauses, glancing down at her pleather skirt. "Except I didn't have anywhere to put my phone, sooo..." So maybe selfies are out. She looks to Gideon, still smiling. "You should buy a drink. And you should buy me a drink. I don't have a wallet, either."

Kilo sees... Kato, of all people! "Mr. Kato! I can't believe how long it's been, or how cool it is you came by. We sure have missed you. And Absinthe just isn't the same without you around." She gives him a lopsided grin. "I know Santa Muerte will bless you, have a drink, tell us what you've been up to! God, it's been such a long time..." She waves at Gideon, beckoning him and Kylie over. "Do you know Mr. Kato? It seem like you might but I'm not sure. If not you two should be introduced. Mr. Kato owned the Saturday Voo doo Lounge, one of my favourite establishments." She turns to Jingshen and nods. "I think the pics are fine, maybe ask people if they are ok being in the pic before you take it. Does that work?" She waves to the Abernathies as they come in and smirks at Dana, just shaking her head in disbelief at how lame she can be.

"You're always parched," Blanche whispers to Myles, smiling a little. "And yeah, offerings first," she agrees, nodding to him and starting in that direction, her hand dipping into her pocket. No doubt for her offering, though she doesn't pull ig out just yet. "There are a lot of people here. Maybe too many," she murmurs before she lifts her free hand to wave to Kilo, giving the woman a quick smile.

Jingshen nods, smiling to Kilo. "That works for me, miss. I appreciate the opportunity. I'll be sure to get permission when anyone is in the frame." At that he takes his camera out, a new Hasselblad, and begins calibrating it.

Myles ehs and shrugs his shoulders as he limps alongside Blanche, slooowly heading to the offerings table. "Don't sweat it sis; just act like a zebra." Yes, that makes sense. Myles starts to open his messenger bag with one hand as he walks, completely oblivious to Kilo or anyone else sans Blanche. In his own little world, apparently. "I think I brought too much stuff..."

Gideon does have a moment to inhale and chuckle. Working his hand under his satchel for a little bit, never opening the flap really. Then taking out his wallet as well. Opening it up to take out a couple 20 bills and then looks to Kylie, "I will happily buy you a drink.. and a little to talk.. if you don't mind.. " Giving a look around a little and back to her, "Privately a little bit?"

Kato pours himself a tumbler of rum, looking up at Kilo as she greets him, responding with a spare, cold smile. "Hello, Kilo. Yes, it seems I was the cat whom curiousity killed. When the ice and snow came in earnest, I retreated to Haiti for a time. Now I have returned, for I yet have unfinished business." He looks to Gideon and Kylie, giving a slow, grave nod. "I had to sell the lounge, unfortunately. I did not relish the idea of leaving it to be run by those who do not share my clarity of vision."

Blanche pauses and her head tilts. No doubt behind her sunglasses she's giving Myles a very confused look. "Act like a zebra? That makes no sense. You want me to be striped? That doesn't exactly help with dealing with crowds," she points out, poking him in the side. And out comes a choker from her pocket, one with a little skull on it. A small rodent, probably. The weirdo.

Pouring herself a drink something that winds up being quite brightly-hued, Dana turns and surveys the crowd, the dark-clad Gypsy girl grinning just a little. Her eyes do trail after the two odd Abernathies, perhaps hearing something about zebras that doesn't appear to make much sense, but then she shrugs, and makes her way back to Kilo, now joined by Hoax. "You know. It's been a long time since I've been to one of these," she murmurs, sipping at her drink. "Way too damned long."

Kylie smiles at Gideon. "Well, if you buy me a drink, how can I refuse? At least a little talk. I'll have whatever you're having. I'll find us a seat." That said, the petite woman slithers her way over toward one of the more private tables.

Tilo arrives, both hands full and a kitten upon his shoulder. His gaze lingers upon his own offerings as he steps foward, and then turns to find the pallorous belle of the ball. For the occasion he's clad in a black suit with a skull pin upon his lapel and a red handkerchief in his breast pocket, a white dress shirt, and black loafers that clacks with his every step. He makes his way to the facsimile Santa Muerte, and lays a bouquet of roses at her feet. After uttering a short, quiet prayer a silver coin is laid upon the roses, and he stands there, looking into the eyes of the statue a few seconds too long before the feline on his shoulder bats at the back of his head, and draws his attention to the offered food. After a sigh he moves towards the spread, hands clasped behind his back as he looks over everything curiously.

"False! Zebra camouflage is /highly advanced/ - how'ja think they've lasted so many hundreds of thousands of years on the savannah, eh? The zebra *know*: when in a crowd, you gotta /dazzle 'em/, gallop away, or buck like nobody's business." Myles, the pedantic greaser, nods sagely to his sister as he imparts wisdom - but he does not miss Blanche's poke, oowing slightly and holding his side. So frail, so vulnerable. He pulls some things from his bag: a transparent bag holding black liquorish tied with brown and white thread, a brightly many coloured temari ball, and... Is that a tooth? Yes. All objects are placed on the offerings table with slow, deliberate, and careful ritual formality - all while he's muttering to himself.

Blanche's lips twitch and she shakes her head at Myles, adding the choker to the offering table. "You want to meet Kilo properly? And Hoax?" Her lips curve into an impish grin. "You won't recognize Hoax. I guarantee it," she says, before she pulls out her cigarettes, placing one between her lips and offering the pack to her companion.

Kilo nods to Kato, "I completely understand. If we had to leave we would shut down the shop to I think. And here. It's hard to really find someone you are on the same parallel with. Haiti though... I bet you have stories. I'm glad you are back however. Life was alway just sort of... better for having you around. You're a very fascinating guy. You know... we're going to do little charm tattoos of Santa Muerte -- just a little memento of her feast day and all of us coming together to celebrate. If you would like one, let me know. I'm going to start offering them soon but I'd love to do yours first if you're interested." She grins and looks up, giving a wave to Tilo. "Hey there!" And then looks over at Blanche and Myles, just knowing those two are up to something, and figuring it's probably not good!

The hand around Kilo's waist digs its finger ever so slightly into her side, leaving Hoax to lean down and whisper into the girl's ear. After whatever is said between the two of them he leans away and takes his hand from around her, before turning to regard Jingshen. "It seems your picture taking will be allowed, enjoy..." He says, sounding rather vexed at having been overruled on the matter, despite being the owner of the building itself. Turning away Hoax spies Kylie and offers a faint smirk. "We'll have to take a picture with the three of us later. And one with Vandal as well, so that we can have a Family photo of all of us at the shop."

Gideon taking a moment he just blinks and chuckles a little, then paying up to get a couple drinks, as he does give a smile to Kilo, "Hey Kilo.. " And a chuckle as he heads over to the table with Kyle

Jingshen smiles. "I'll be happy to take them, if you like." Having set up his camera, he slings it around his neck and moves to the feast table, sampling the... Carne asada, at random.

Myles blinks twice, looking up from his muttered offerings to stare at Blanche. "...Who?" Oblivious. It takes him a second but he adjusts his glasses, then reaches or a cigarette and puts it to his lips. Vintage lighter (of course) comes from his pocket, and he's offering to light Blanche's smoke before his own. So polite. "Now, now we have a drink, yeah?"

"The people we met on our trip?" Blanche reminds Myles after accepting the light. "But we can get a drink first, yep. It'd be good, especially with, yeah. Crowd. So it has to be alcoholic. Makes me happy that I don't drive," she says with a hint of a smile. She's totally not up to anything. Honest!

Dana's eyes next rest upon Tilo. Or, to be precise, they rest upon the kitten riding along on his shoulder, a sight that has her eyebrows going up. "If I had known this was a cat friendly bar, I'd have brought the one that seems to have decided to adopt me, the fat bugger. He's going to be so irritated when I leave and he finds out he had to skulk outside for nothing." Man. People and their cats.. cat people can just be -so- weird. Dana may just have fallen victim to that very trend.

Kato, flat affect or not, seems vaguely nonplussed at Kilo's earnest expression of missing him. "Stories, yes. Perhaps later," he says, finding some hot peppers to add to his glass of rum. He considers the offer of a tattoo thoughtfully. "A tattoo of the lady of bones would be fitting. I will think it over and let you know," he assures her, glancing to Hoax and nodding gravely to the man.

"Oooh, I see..." For a moment at the mention of their trip, Myles expression grows uncertain - but only a moment. "I hope you like tequila!" He to Blanche, giving her a literal peace sign before he takes his cigarette from his mouth and starts tap-tap-tapping with his cane over towards the self serve section of the bar. His dreamy expression lights up. So much choice! He looks, well, delighted. Hurrah for the dead! Ditzy greaser Myles promptly zones out, staring at all the options. Too many for a swift decision, apparently.

Jingshen enjoys his snack enough to go back for seconds, though he's avoided the alcohol thus far. Glancing around for the glimpsed Kylie, he then readies his camera, and starts by shooting the Lady of Death herself, with her offerings, keeping people out of the frame. Once he's satisfied for the moment with those results, he turns his attentions to the rest of the bar's decor, recording it for posterity. If there are people in frame, he will politely, by word or gesture, request their consent before shooting.

Tilo eventually settles on nothing it seems, but Kilo's greeting gives him a moment's pause before he eventually returns the wave. He then gives Dana a curious look. Next his gaze turns to meet that of the kitten's, and he offers a shrug to the woman. "She oft hides within my pockets, but if she were to grow as big as yours I fear such a thing would turn impossible." In response the cat bats at his ears with her claws, but it's all for naught with those tiny things.

"Actually, I do. If I'm not going for something sweet, I'm going for tequila. Well, that's my preference anyway," Blanche tells Myles as she walks along beside him. And his expression has her lips twitching and she pats his shoulder. "Tequila?" she teases before leaning in to whisper something to him.

Dana turns to watch Jingchen and his photography, her expression thoughtful for a moment. Only for a moment, though. Then, Tilo's voice is reaching her, and she looks back at him, then at his shoulder-adornment. "I would need one hell of a big pocket for Chester," the dark-haired girl offers, smirking. "He's.. tubby. Also arrogant, are they all like that? I've never been owned by a cat before. He just showed up at my door and took over."

Myles puts his cigarette in his mouth, snaps his fingers, and points at Blanche. "Yes." He then snaps his fingers three more times; "Yes, yes yes." He's reaching to get Blanche a rather large tequila, and himself a bottle of beer - clearing his throat as he looks around, semi-bleary eyed. "...Where are we going to sit?" Obviously he needs direction. Tequila is handed over, and he does a semi-graceful job of holding a bottle of Sol and a cigarette in one hand, and his mobility device in the other. It's hard, being lame like Myles, but the man tries.

Kato frowns when his phone buzzes inside his smoking jacket pocket. He excuses himself to go answer the call.

Kilo isn't quite sure what to make of Kato and the reception she's getting. So she politely gives him some room and makes the same offer to anyone else in the room. "I'm doing little Santa Muerte charm tattoos tonight -- just little one to honour the Saint of Death and commemorate our celebration this year. If you'd like one, it will be very quick and won't hurt... much." She laughs "And you can have lot of alcohol, I promise." (something very graphic and simple like this!! http://img0109o.psstatic.com/161232757_decal-la-santisima-decal-la-madre-buena-suerte-muerte-.jpg )

Tilo nods in agreement, which nets him another swat at his head. "No, that's often how it is with these graymalkin creatures. I wouldn't go as far to proclaim one more arrogant as I, but the few I've met have given me some stiff competition." A light chuckle escapes him, and then he looks back to the statue. "It makes you wonder how long it will be before they become the dominant species, and take over the Earth."

Blanche takes the tequila from Myles, though she doesn't drink right away, but instead cocks her head. "Depends on if you want to say hello or more just sit and watch people and let them come to us, I suppose," she says before taking a sip from her drink.

Kilo then finally makes her way over to Myles and Blanche to say 'hi'. "Well well well, look what the cat drug in." She smirks, giving Blanche a hug if she'll put up with her. "It's great to see you again, and.. alive!" She jokes. "Hope you all had a good trip." Kilo figures they are keeping this vague enough that it's ok to say such things. And a little fun if not naughty. "So what all did you offer Our Lady? Anything of special significance? I'm offering a little onsie with a skull and crossbones on it. I want her to bless our child-to-be." She grins and looks for Hoax. "Where did he get off to anyway? I think he's irritated with me. Very shy around cameras apparently. Well, you know, you get that way when you're wanted in 13 of the 50 states." Now she really does smirk and look for Hoax. He's gonna have a good comeback on that for sure.

"What do you mean when? I think it is possible the little buggers already have taken over the earth, and we are their slave race." Dana smirks. After all, her feline overlord is not within hearing, and it isn't her ear in danger of battings from paws full of little needle claws. ".. yours is a lot more cute than mine," she adds." She, too, looks around, ther gaze also lingering on the statue of the saint, then flicking onwards.

"Hey, you're in charge sister - you lead, I follow." Myles chimes to Blanche - then blinks. A wild Kilo approaches. Look at this! A hug! Niceties are being exchanged! Myles looks a little awkward, smiling shyly and hiding behind his cigarette just a little. "...Hey... Er, oh, uh, yeah..." A slow nod of acknowledgement - he looks relieved when Santa Muerte is motioned to; nodding enthusiastically now. "Yeah, totally far out man - and ah, oh, congratulations!" Baby talk cues awkwardness - Myles actually waves a cigarette between him and Blanche. "Dunno what she offered, but I ah, I brought liquorish, seven colours, and some teeth - shucks, I haven't seen these many offerings since San Francisco..." He proceeds to stare at the offering table, zoning out just a little bit.

Vandal has been busy! Way busy! With some cute blondie in the corner in very tight jeans! Vandal is like a moth to the flame. Hey Vandal, didn't you get like literally murdered basically this exact same way, one time? He's a little slow on the uptake. Still, he comes away with a number scrawled on the inside of his wrist, because even in 2016 that is still way sexier than putting it in your phone right? If he's lucky, he might not even smudge it and actually be able to call it at some future point. Even more so than cute blondes however, the siren song of the bar lures him back and before too terribly long Vandal has another disgustingly coloured drink that has never seen a natural colour or flavour in it's life. It's a good thing this is not your average sort of bar, because no way in hell would you serve this kid booze. Vandal looks over the room once more and spots Kilo over yonder with....oh hey! It is those weirdos from the other day! Cool! The kid heads over in that direction next, not touching the food as he passes, because eating is for losers.

Blanche does accept Kilo's hug! "Hi Kilo. And I offered a choker with a skull on it, a real one, that was given to me by someone who is no longer a friend," she whispers as she draws back. "And I know you haven't really met him, but this is Myles. Myles, Kilo. She's the one Brand was going to take us to for us to get tattoos. Or, well, still is, when we get time to do it."

Kylie shares a drink over at a small table with Gideon; they're speaking quietly. Well, as quietly as anyone can speak in a racket like this.

"A troubling thought, that. I wouldn't mind a world suffering under the yoke of our furry lords and masters." Before Tilo can go further the cat takes a swipe at that finally finds purchase as a claw catches his ear. He grimaces for a beat, but is quick to turn that frown upside down when Nuru moves to his ear to purr heavily. "However, I do fear for the day she actually grows for God only knows how terrible she may be."

Antoine comes arriving to the celebration quietly enough. His attention divided amongst the more sociable of the crowds. He keeps mostly to the wall(flower).

Dana merely smirks, in the face of kitten attacks upon Tilo, looking far more amused than concerned. Still, she does give the feline an appraising sort of look, then a vaguely puzzled one, before she finally shrugs a bit at whatever inner thought process caused that look. "Ah, well. She's cute. That might make up for a lot. Name's Dana, by the way."

After separating himself from Kilo, Hoax had decided to peruse the bar and all the food laying about. A fresh tortilla is retrieve, waiting to be filled with yummy carne asada goodness; which does happen. Afterward, he carries his plate over to the bar and grabs a forty, because really? It's just one drink and in honor of Santa Muerte -- That's allowed, right? Food and drink in hand he wander back over to Kilo, rolls his eyes at the wanted in 13 states comment and moves to give her another kiss. "Keep on telling people that I'm going to be wanted in 14 states; Maine doesn't have me on their list yet. So you behave." He kids, going so far as to childishly stick his tongue out at the girl. SPotting Vandal he heads over to give the kid a one-armed hug and ruffles his hair. Noting the phone-number on the ki'ds wrist he asks, "And who's the lucky one to have earned your attention, Hollywood? You not going to send me a picture of this one? I've been saving the previous pics you've sent me of your 'conquests'" Meaning the pictures the kid has sent him of the boy macking on various people.

Kilo cants her head curiously at the Tilo and the kitten; not being quite sure what to make of all that but quite sure she doesn't want to get swatted with one of those claws. "A former friend. That's really sad. Here's hoping Santa Muerte will bless it and bring you 20 new ones." The girl smiles happily, ever the opptimist. "So yeah, this is Vandal, from the other day." She smirks at the neon drink he's got. "Nice drink!" She gives him a bit of a hard time. "You should do some shots and use it as a chaser, Hollywood, all grown-up style. Maybe you could do a song for us on your new Les Paul. Did you ever think you'd get a Les Paul that we didn't totally rip off?" The little gangster beams at the newest baby gangster. Then she spots Antoine. "Hey there! Nice to see you, come say hello." She isn't going to let him get away with the wall-flower business.

"I'm Tilo," he offers to Dana. However, he barely gets those words out before another swat is made at his head. "And this is Nuru." He clears his throat then, and pulls at hem of his jacket as if such will pacify the feline. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Dana."

Myles blinks slowly, cocking his head to the side as he stares out at the offering table and... Boop! Back to reality. The dorky greaser lifts his beer, takes a sip, attempts to figure out whatever Blanche and Kilo are saying, and promptly gets distracted by Vandal's approach. Oh shit, that guy. "Uuuh..." He looks to Blanche, then Kilo - hyperfocusing in on her, because hey why not. "Yes; music, tattoos, talking." Blink, squirm, he attempts to clear his throat and continues. "Kilo, did I hear you mention something about something-something charm tattoos tonight?" He motions to Blanche with his cigarette. "Sister, surely you're game, mm? Something new, for your other shoulder perhaps?..."

Antoine offers a wave to Kilo. "Nice shin-dig," he offers with a smile. "Say hello...?" he inquires as Kilo suggests meeting others.

"Nice to meet you.. both of you." The gypsy grins at man and cat alike, then she's glancing to the statue on the stage, and it's offerings, and finally off to where Kilo is being all sociable. "Hey," she calls out towards the girl, or maybe Hoax, or both. "If you guys ever want a fire dancer to perform, you tell me. It's a hobby of mine, and I'm pretty damned good at it. Maybe Hollywood there could play at the same time."

Blanche laughs softly, though the sound is harsh. "I don't need twenty new ones. I have enough now, I think. But thank you," she tells Kilo before looking to Vandal. "nice to meet you more officially. I'm Blanche." She pauses then grins at Myles. "Yeah, I'm game. You and I can both get them. A sibling thing," she says, bumping him lightly with her shoulder.

"Nope, if I draw blood in exchange for ink, it will not be a figurative representation of anything so tangible. Irrespective of Kilo's outstanding reputation as an artist, my inclination learns much stronger towards textual expression." Myles says, perhaps making very little sense indeed. His beer is sipped, then the thin guy shrugs his shoulders sheepishly to Blanche with a smile - his much-too-large leather biker jacket crinkling and shifting as he does so. "You however, should consider a... How do they say? Back piece. All skulls - imagine!" Did he just step to the side, so Vandal fell out of his line of sight? Coincidence, surely.

Vandal glances down at his drink as Kilo totally makes fun of it. His features light up with that most impish of grins though as he glances over at Kilo and teases right back with "Aren't you late for a pilates class or something?" since Kilo suddenly got all boring and non-alcoholic. He laughs at that one pretty hard actually, not quite enough that he snorts in that way he does, but still pretty loud. He goes to take gulp of that near luminous drink, but deciding he'll probably splutter it out all over everyone around him, gives up on that temporarily. Looking at Blanche and Myles then Vandal flashes the latter a wink, only because it seems to make him go super awkward, before turning his attention on Blanche and replying "Hey Blanche! I'm Vandal!" jabbing a thumb into his chest as he does, as if that's gonna help to drive the point home. The kid's gaze wanders sort of lustfully to that guitar case over yonder by the Santa Muerte as Kilo points it out and glancing back to Kilo the waster flashes her his most charming of grins, with dimples and everything! "That would be /so/ cool yeah? Like, a legit cool guitar I never even stole!" the kid beams. "Like! I nearly stole that one Cobalt Rasender...you know him? Well, I totally nearly stole one he played on one time. But like...I think I forgot to?"

Blanche cocks her head and gives Myles a curious look. "What sort of tattoo are you thinking of, then? Gotta figure it out before we have our tattoo night out," she points out with a quick grin. But she does look like she's seriously thinking of this back piece mentioned, and she 'unconsciously' shifts a little, getting out of the way so Myles can see Vandal again. Surely it's not intentional, right? She smiles then at Vandal but he wanders off and she just keeps smiling and shakes her head, taking another sip of tequila.

Nate walks in, pausing near the door to take a look around for a moment. He nods his head some and then makes his way towards the bar in a slow confident stride as if he doesn't have a care in the world. No real recognition kicks in for him as he sees faces in passing that is until he notices Kilo. "Hi Kilo.. got your invite." He grins a bit at the Latina and adds in slightly accented Spanish, *This place looks better than what you hinted at in the invite. Alyssa would have loved it. She's visiting relatives right now or she would be here.*

"Uuh, I was thinking of..." Myles seems like he's making an attempt to answer Blanche, but Vandal has re-entered his eye line and - for some strange unknown reason - Myles seems extra distracted suddenly. "Text, you know, script maybe, uh... 'Iacta alea est'." What? Not speaking English, or is he having some kind of dissociative moment? Myles sips his beer and looks away from Vandal - so thirsty - blinking owlishly at Blanche. Focusing up as he continues. "Or something by Basho; 'Autumn moonlight-- a worm digs silently, into the chestnut.' That's always been a favourite."

"Think it's about time for me to head out, though," Dana adds. "Kilo.. think about the fire dancing, let me know. Tilo and Nuru, nice to meet you." The gypsy turns, then, and saunters off for the door.

Kilo smirks at Vandal. NO no no. He won't get away with that. "You know... I'm going to need a lamaze partner and you know.. Hoax is going to sign you up for it in secret. Because there is no way in hell that -he- will show up for that nonsense. He's going to pay you to do it. Better start working on your disguise. Maybe a cute blond wig or something." She beams at him and then back to Blanche and Myles. "Oh yeah. A full back piece. All skulls. I see it." She is joking. Right? Right??! "I'm seeing full sleeves for Myles. Kittens and unicorns and rainbows and butterflies too." Now she is kidding, right? Right. Catching Dana's goodbye, Kilo nods enthusiastically and then Nate... is talking to her in... spanish. "Orale! Vato!" She gives him a big hug and shakes her head. "When did you go all barrio on me?" this makes her laugh. "No white-boy accent or anything. That's nice!"

Dairus heads with a breifcases one in either hand leaving his SVU quickly and then given his hands are full his foot pushes open the door not as rough as normal. Party don't wanna freak em the fuck out and then he walks in a joint light in his mouth and the smoke coming up steadily out of his nose."HEY HEY I BRING TREATS AND PARTY FAVORS!" He move towards the bar and spring open the cases inside is drugs drugs drugs!

At the departing Dana Tilo offers a wave, and then reaches into a hip pocket to retrieve his cell phone. "Drat," he mumbles to no one in particular. After a few taps at the screen he shoves it back into his pocket, and moves back to the food. After retrieving a tamale for the road he shoots the statue of Santa Muerte one last glance, and makes for the exit.

Blanche smiles at Myles and nods. "I can see you with something written. It makes a lot of sense for you. But you're still going to get it done with me and Brand?" She smiles then to Kilo and nods. "I can kind of see it. Can you come up with a design for it? The skuls, obviously, not the cutesy stuff like Myles is going to get," she teases.

Jingshen looks up from his photosnapping at the call of drugs, making a point of not catching Dairus in any of his frames.

Abel makes his way into the party, dressed in a short-sleeved plaid button-down shirt (presently unbuttoned) worn over a white tanktop beneath. He also wears camouflage shorts, imitation Ray Bans, and flip-flops, perhaps standing out due to his whiteness and the fact that he might fit in more in an Old Navy catalogue than with the decor of this particular party.

He makes his entrance in far less grand form than does Darius moments before him, and he's content to skirt around the edge of the room, finding his way toward the statue in the corner. In his hands is a plate with a stack of cookies on it. Fresh-baked. Home baked! It is another indication that Abel may just be a nerd.

Hoax wanders back into the party just in time to catch Kilo teasing Vandal, which he just has to chime in for as well. "I don't know about the blonde, chiquita." He says while moving over to clap a hand on the waster kid's shoulder. "His ebon lock make his eyes stand out, so how about just a longer wig with black hair? Or even extensions. Less pricey that way, and less maintenace." He flashes a wry grin. "We'll have to get him some cute little outfit for it also." Then, he leans down and circles Vandal's neck with an arm, pulling the kid into a noogie before jumping away from any sort of retaliation. Then, after enough picking on of the kid he looks around and spots Blanche, whom he calls out to and waves. "Blanche! C'mere!"

Nate hugs Kilo back, "Glad to be here.. and sadly" he pulls a couple of photos out of a pocket, "Couple of guys that need a guide.. May be the Lady will be there for them." He then hmms, "Now.. where is the good bourbon?" a bit teasing there. And then to Hoax, "So you opened it.. pretty creepy place.. watch out or you'll be a stop on Fallcoast's Haunted Tours.." He then walks over to where the statue is to lay the photos there. If someone looks, it would appear each is of a Game Warden, a black ribbon across a corner of the photo.

Myles looks like a toughie, right? With his battered biker jacket, greaser hair, er, horn-rim spectacles and cane... Okay he looks like he's inured himself stepping out of auditions for The Outsiders, but hey - unicorns and rainbow sleeves? A step too far... "Nah man, give me a broken crystal chalice that says 'blood visions', or a caduceus over the text 'my witness is the empty sky'..." Myles chatters on at first to a departing Kilo, and then Blanche. All other folk and activity? Unfortunately don't fit into the man's seemingly limited area of perception. "I don't comprehend this, as you say, 'cutsie stuff'"

You paged Abel with ‘OK OK! we have 4 ghosts here at the bar -- you can check the view that says "residents" and you'll get their little history. So here is the deal: I was planning to have them do some mischief for fun here -- maybe in a little while, though you have to leave huh. So maybe really soon!! But You... and i THink Blanche might be the only people here beside the Sin Eaters that can actually see the ghosts! THAT would be so cool!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!’

Blanche looks surprised, mildly, to have Hoax calling to her, but she bumps Myles' shoulder lightly with hers. "Be right back," she whispers to him before making her way over to Hoax. "Hi Hoax. What's up?" she asks, glancing back to Myles. She's definitely protective of the guy.

Kilo owl blinks at Darius. Then blinks again. "You, sir, are the Devil and you've come to taunt me. However. A week in that god-forsaken hell-hole has made me immune to your potions and magic." She smirks at him as she gives him a huge hug. "The kid though, he's gonna be over here to snort everything you've got so bolt down the brief case." She gives him a wry smile then nods to Blanche. "Yeah, let's work out a really awesome design. Maybe Hoax can help -- he's super awesome with skulls and dead things for some reason." She winks at Hoax. And then she catches the guy that just came in who, indeed looks a little out of place, but.. goddamn he brought their saint FRESH BAKED COOKIES! "Not fair. Your'e going to be her favourite now." She pouts a little dramatically, then give him a huge grin. "Hi, I'm Kilo. How's it going?" Nate teases her about the haunted tours and she laughs, "We're kind of hoping... it's that creepy in here, right? At least I think it is. Hoax picked a good place. I hear they did quite a bit of work and negotiations in that department." She shares a smile with Hoax. "Devil's Cut -- it's right back there Nate!"

"Yeah I heard about that for fuck sake and that is messed up but at least some of us are clean Kilo...." Darius watches them all for a moment and with a shake of his head."Way too many fuckers....."He grumbles and moving towards a chair one of the tattoo ones his favorite one slumping into it and one foot on the rest. He exhales the smoke into the air watching the room for a moment and then he smash the joint with his boot taking out a cig now and lighting it with a gold plated ligher."Hey everyone I'm DARIUS!!!." His voice booms out of his large body and then he looks around everything about him sceeams G and his leather jacket with the large kings logo and his tattoos peeping out on his skin and his clothing with the colors of the gang. Loose jeans and a tight wife beater with a smirk at the room.

Abel seems to converse with the saint for a moment, murmuring softly as he lays the plate of cookies just so. He straightens then, giving a satisfied nod and turns away. His eyes sweep over the place, pausing for a moment nearer the bar - perhaps he's just seen the cases of drugs brought forward? In any event, there is soon enough a Kilo talking to him and he turns toward her. An easy smile spreads across his lips and he makes his way nearer, offering a hand for the shaking. "Kilo?" he echoes, "Abel. Abel Daywood. Hell of a party you've got going here - I really... I think they love it." He turns toward those nearby then, introducing himself and offering handshakes if they so desire. "Hi. Abel. Abel, hi." It's easy to miss his introductions with Darius booming out his introduction at the same time.

Myles probably needs protecting - the man seems easily distracted and frail. He slooowly turns to stare out at the offering table to Santa Muerte; humming to himself as a hand reaches into a pocket of his battered jacket, pulling out... Is that a bottle of pills? Yes. Leaning on his good right leg, he lifts his cane-holding hand so he can pop the top of the bottle, palm a pill or two, and pop 'em in his mouth. Swift as you like, the pill bottle is secretly back away, and he's takes a sip from his beer bottle. So many colours on the offering table - they seemingly captivate the man, who murmurs to himself; "...Nothing in the cry, of cicadas suggests they - are about to die..." Oookay. Poem or ramblings? Why not both...

Hoax waits for Blanche to find her way on over, then extends a hand out for her to shake; they aren't to the hugging friends stage yet, but so far the girl seems alright. "Nothing much, at least not right now anyway." He admits when question, giving a small shrug of his shoulders. "Just figured that dude we've been attatched at the hip to since you got here could use some time to be his own self." A wry grin is flashed. "And..." Of course there's more. "I was going to text you later, but since you're here and all, well... I think you, Six of Hearts, myself and Kilo should all go on a double date type thing. Maybe?" He makes a face, almost as if he's not sure if gangsters get to ask about double dates and still keep a solid rep. There's no rules for this situation!

Blanche cocks her head. "Myles? He gets plenty of time to be his own self, believe me," she whispers, lips twitching. "And if I don't keep an eye on him...well, he's my brother. I need to," she says, shrugging. When he mentions the double date her left thumb rubs lightly over the band on her finger, but she smiles. "That sounds like fun. And I bet Deckard'd like it, too. I'll talk to him, see when we can set this up."

Abel Daywood is a tall, solidly built man who looks to be about 30 years-old. His dark hair, short and well kept, is starting to show the first touches of grey. His well shaped and trimmed beard similar betrayed that he is no longer in his most youthful vitality. His stormy blue-green eyes have a steady, distant, thoughtful look, as though concerned with matters beyond the pale.

His skin is healthy, tanned and ruddy with outdoor exposure. He has a strong jawline and straight, regally pointed nose that provides him with a sophisticated air, beneath the typically roughneck clothing - plaid and jeans and workboots. He dresses the part of the salt of the Earth, and his solid, soft-spoken demeanor complements that disposition.

"Nice to meet you Abel." Kilo takes the offered hand and welcomes him. "That was a really nice offering - you do the baking? Or you got some girl chained up in the kitchen at home doing that for you?" She gives the tall guy a huge, toothy grin as she gives him a bit of a hard time. After all, you aren't well loved in this circle unless -someone- is giving you a hard time. "You new around? I mean, I don't know everyone in this town but... I haven't seen you around before so... you know, it's a guess." She points to the bar where all the alcohol is. "Self serve! Help yourself. Cold beer down there too. And tons of food, though nothing as good as how yummy those cookies smelled." She laments. "Oh, this is Darius, he uh... well, I'll let him brag about himself. This is Hoax. Hoax, well.." She begins to wonder if she can legitimately introduce any of her friends. The first day of pre-school is going to be a bitch. "That is Blanche and her darling brother Myles." She doesn't even attempt to qualify them, she has no idea what they do. "That is Vandal, he does a little of everything, kind of nothing. He is a musician, he stays with us." She could say he's a criminal, just like them, but that wouldn't be very... nice. Kilo sighs. "So, what do you do?"

Kylie makes her way toward the bar from wherever she slinked off to, going up on her tiptoes and peering from one side to the other in hopes of spying some generous soul who might want to buy a drink for a young woman in a short pleather skirt. It's a bar. It's not out of the question. Also, there is no place to put a wallet with that skirt, and she ain't proud.

Abel ducks his head and offers a smile to Kilo in response to her complement. "Ah, no, the baking is mine. I have to figure out a better way to chain those girls up, the keep gnawing their way free." He answers with unabashed ease to that question, before he nods and offers social smiles to those he's introduced to. "The food smells great. I'm definitely going to go dive in over there." Refocusing on Kilo, he answers, "I've got a farm over in the Hills. I was out of town for a bit and am working to get the property whipped into shape." He realizes after a moment, "Didn't take me long to get into whips and chains. It's a wonder I get invited to any parties." He shrugs helplessly at that.

Nate finds his way to the bourbon and then the bottle of Devil's Cut. He pours himself a generous few fingers. He then lifts the glass, and toasts, "To our Host and Hostess." He the takes a pull of the Amber fluid with a relish. He then moves back towards where Kilo is hanging .

"Well now the party is full tilt...."Darius kicks off of the chair with a smirk and walking over to the briefcases filled with drugs with a frown."Dammit and no one wants to party....Makes me a sad panda." He spins on the heel of his jordan and grabing a baggie of weed and then he walks over to the bar top and to open it slowly and he takes out rolling papers from his pocket."Come on dead day means smoke a blunt in my fucking world."

"Alright, well, Deckard has my number." Hoax replies, "So let me know what he says and we'll figure it out." giving Blanche a smile and a nod. Upon hearing his name, the mohawked gangster turns to find Kilo talking to some guy about cookies and chaining girls up. Both of which prove a little too enticing, resulting in his wandering over and offering a hand to Abel. "Hoax," He greets, inclining his head just so. "Fresh baked cookies and chains; not the most common of things to mix, but I'd say you're on to something." A short pause. "Thank you for coming."

Myles seems to have come to an end of his zone-out at the skull face of Santa Muerte. Looking around, he spots... Kylie. Head tilted to the side, the retro greaser-styled watches her for a few moments -- casually starting to step away from the offering table zone, leaning heavily on his crutch as he limps towards the open self-service section of the bar. There he pauses, puts down his empty beer bottle, and considers what's on offer - actually tapping the side of his jaw with a finger. It takes him a moment, but he goes for: strawberry margarita on the rocks. What, really? Extra tequila; it is a double, possibly a double-double.

Tap, tap, tap -- Myles is not graceful, and with that cane he is not fast, but he is... Considerate? Creepy? /Something/. He's walked up to Kylie, holding out the glass to her. "...Hey." A pause, where he smiles just a little - such a dreamy expression. "Since she's not going to be drinking this," He nods his head in the direction of Santa Muerte, "Allow me to give this offering to you instead."

Kilo quickly finds her glass and raises it when Nate toasts. "Yay! to the host and hostess, whoever those poor chumps are." She gives Nate a wink and drinks down the strange concoction she's got going and then refills it from the vessel she's been getting her drinks from. Not luminous neon like Vandals, but still yummy. Then she's cracking up at Abel and the whips and chains comments. "You know... if you knock them out first, it's harder for them to chew their way out." She offers incredibly helpfully. Now watch him really be a freak that abducts people or something. Then she stage whispers to Kylie, "It's all free tonight. But if you get someone guy to buy you drinks? You're more talented then I thought!" And gives her a wink. "Where is Vandal, Darius? He's going to do -all- the drugs with you."

"Sounds good," Blanche whispers to Hoax as he wanders off, and she sips at her tequila while she looks over to Myles, watching him for a moment. Okay, good, he's not falling on his face! So instead she moves over to find a nice place where she can sit, smoke, drink and watch people.

Kylie winks at Kilo - blink and you miss it. She smiles lazily at Myles, reaching for the offered strawberry margarita complete with ice and twining her fingers around the stem of the glass. "Why, thank you," she says, favouring him with a sly, crookedy smile. "Does it taste like roofies? Just asking."

So, he's an unlikely candidate for a party in honor of Holy Death, considering how very many ways he defies her daily. But Ritter's there anyhow, in a suit of funereal black - all of it, down to shirt and silk tie - which only makes him look that much paler by contrast. The man doesn't weather or tan, for some reason. And to the eyes of the Sin Eaters present, he's like seeing a film freeze-framed. Oh, he walks, talks, drinks, and at the moment, goes to greet his hostess....all the while somehow stuck in time. It doesn't touch him, as if that clock of mortality that the ghost-bound see is stopped. He heads towards Kilo, wearing a little smile.

Myles blinks, looking startled for a moment as Kylie questions him - social interaction is hard - but he's laughing now, peering down at the drink with a genuinely befuddled look; speaking quietly, "I'm pretty sure it's tequila and lime, but if you wanna throw it in my face to make sure, I can take my glasses off so it really burns. Sound good?" He's looking back up at Kylie now, and yes he is blushing. Yet? He is also grinning. High? Weird? Both.

Taking a sip of his bourbon, Nate gets to where Kilo is. "So what is this about some classes? I caught a word that I never thought I would hear with you involved? And dragging someone else in other than Hoax..." He hmms, "Interesting things afoot then?" He chuckles some teasing Kilo. He turns to watch other people, "Quite the party here."

Jingshen eventually has all the footage he can use, and seeing himself on the outside of the gathering, quietly makes his way towards the door. (Thanks for the play, all!)

Kylie's sly smile grows wider. "Tequila? I love tequila!" She raises her glass to Myles in a sort of salute, touches it to her lips, and drains a rather healthy sip of it. Post-swallow, the tip of her tongue sweeps her lower lip. "Mmmn. This is good. Thank you kindly, Mister...?" she trails off. Social interaction is hard, but that is quite probably a demand for his name.

Darius picks up a beer now from behind the counter opening it quickly and downing half of it quickly with a smirk."Hey Kylie want a joint?" He offers her one from the freshly rolled ones and then he look saround for a moment."Anyone else wants a joint and you know smoke up....Good times...."He is confused by the crowd not his typical party. He lightd his own quickly with a gold plated lighter.

Myles tilts his head to the side, still smiling as Kylie drinks. "...Abernathy." Oh cripes - of course this weirdo is one of those weirdos. With a little shrug as he leans on the bar, and takes a moment to look at Kylie - comfortable to be silent, although it's not the most sociable - then he's gesturing vaguely with a hand, in the direction of Santa Muerte's offering table. "So; since you've been a proxy to drink her offering, tell me - what did you bring in honour of the lady of the land of the dead today?"

Kylie is easy; she takes the joint from Darius, eyes brightening. "Yes, please," she tells him, tucking it between her lips and leaning over so he can light it for her if he feels like being helpful. His lighter is out already, after all. She laughs at Myles, though it's amusement directed at his words and not himself. "Formal. Miss Wright, at your service. I brought some chocolate, two pennies, and some sour candy. What did you give?"

If he's noticed the joint, Ritter gives no sign. HE doesn't fit in at all - older, at least to the eye, than almost anyone else there. No tattoos, no piercings - at least that one can see. Still picking his way over to Kilo, ignoring the statue for now.

Kilo glances over when she sees he well dressed figure enter the bar, all in funerary black. That's not... IT IS! "Ritter!" She puts her glass down and glides over to give him a big hug. "Wow, it's so great to see you! So much to tell you. Maybe not all here but... Exciting, good things. Hoax and I are both clean though, and that's what really matters, right? And I'm going to swear off the fighting for a while, try to clean up my act a bit and fly straight. I'm working out a few new hobbies, exploring a few new things..." She beams. "What's up with you? What's new?" She glances over at Nate and just starts busting up. "Nate.. Hoax and I are going to have a baby. I was teasing Vandal about having to take me to lamaze classes because there is no way Hoax would ever do that. And Vandal was teasing me about pilates classes because he thinks I've sold out and become a soccer mom. Which is just... horrific."

Blanche seems entirely too happy to sit there by herself for now, drinking and watching. The level of her tequila keeps going down, but since she's neither talking nor walking, it's hard to tell just how drunk she's getting.

The lighter is quickly light for the girl with a smile."There you go Kylie at least someone in my life still parties...." He then exhales his own smoke into the air watching everyone for a moment."I mean what is this square town and two brief cases full of illegal party favors and no takers."

"Liquorish, seven colours, and some teeth." Myles chimes back to Kylie, then ohs - raising his eyebrows as he belatedly clocks in on Darius. The man gets a curious look and a bow of his head alongside a greeting; "Hey there slim; well met by flame-light, eh?" A dreamy, dopey chuckle and Myles is amicably bobbing his head, good natured but weird as hell. He leans his elbow on the bartop, cane tapping on the underside. A hand is raised, fingers held up like he was a boy scout as he chatters on to Darius, "I assure you, the curse of squares knows no end. Mm, so what's in yer magic carpet bag then, Mr. Poppins?"

Kylie has a little puff and smiles at Darius, exhaling a stream in his direction. "I don't know what to tell you," she says to him. "I could say I'd make up for the rest of them, but I'm way too pleased with myself to have a death wish." She looks back at Myles with interest. "...Whose teeth?"

"Well my magic carpet is over there and filled with wonderous delights." Darius points with the joint towards the breifcase with a smile and then he exhales the smoke into the air. He then watches Myles for a moment."If you wish to take a trip and go grab something."

Myles raises his eyebrows, looking at Kylie over the rims of his glasses. "...Not mine." He does not, however, clarity any further - instead focusing all his dreamy eyed stare at Darius. Glasses are slowly adjusted, while this bad-kid Buddy Holly look alike is giving Darius a curious appraisal. "Mm, well I reckon I've brought my passport... Lay it on me, Slim - where you goin' with this?"

Blanche is watching Myles. Oh yes. Other people get glanced at, but she watches her adorkable brother. Clearly he needs a babysitter. But at least she's not spoiling all his fun! Well, wasn't. But now she does get up, wandering away from her perch and over to him, bumping his shoulder slightly with hers as she looks to the people he's talking to.

He accepts the hug with gratitude, hugs her back gently. "I'm glad to see you," Ritter says, smiling down at Kilo, with a rather paternal air. 'And that's all the best of news. I'm so pleased to hear it. I'm sure you can find a way to satisfy your urge for thrills without endangering motherhood." The accent's northern England, out of place. "And, well, you could probably convince Jesse to go with you to Lamaze, if you asked."

"Oh what is your trip of choice little man." Darius pushes himself to his feet slowly walking over to case one and watching the boy."I have uppers downers and even a little lsd in here. The other one has coacine and a heroin. What do you wish to trip on first." His voice is matter of fact and someone use to supplying the part favors."Also Enjoy that as well Kylie and if you want anything it's on the house tonight."

Kylie grins at Darius. "Magic carpet?" Then she sings quietly, under her breath, "I like to dream right between the sound machine - on a cloud of sound I drift in the night, any place is goes is right..." She watches Myles' selection with interest. "Thanks again, Darius!"

Kilo smirks as she goes to get Ritter his scotch. "Jesse with me at Lamaze. That would be just -- absolutely fabulous. I can't imagine anything funnier or better than that. Seriously, Having Jesse do that with me would be so incredibly cool. The thing is though... I just want to be knocked out and have them open me up and take the thing out. I don't want anything -close- to a natural child birth because... eeew." she wrinkles her nose. "Just...eeewww. Maybe Jesse can just hold my hand for that. You know Hoax and Vandal will be down the street in a bar smoking cigars..." She rolls her eyes. Then she has a little look out of curiosity to see what Darius is doing with Myles. "You're not totally corrupting him are you? Just half corrupting. Half corrupting is ok, after all." She grins at Blanche.

"...Not a squaresville peep, right?" Myles snaps his fingers and looks from Kylie to Darius, "'cause I'm pretty sure you gotta tell me, otherwise it's like entra--" He stops his goofy attempt at securing a sweet hookup, as his sister Blanche slides up and bumps into him. "Oooh heeeey you." Guilt! It's Guilt! on his face - capital G. A hand smoooothly pushes back his hair as he motions from Blanche to Kylie and Darius - but Kylie has sing-songed, and Myles is laughing and reciting lyrics back at her, "Well, you don't know what we can find - why don't you come with me girl?..." Here Myles snaps his fingers, as if he's had a Brilliant Idea. "Say, I know what gang -- Scout here," A slender finger *pokes* Blanche in the shoulder. "Is quite partial to the Bolivian marching powder. Hows about y'all start celebrating in honour of Santa Muerte with a little sniff, and we can share the most bestest horror stories of the year, pay respects?" Darius corrupting Myles?! The boy is beyond reproach.

Kylie tucks her joint between her lips so she can wriggle her fingers in a cheery little wave to the newly arrived Blanche. Kylie is, after all, presently in the company of Myles. "Hi, Scout," she greets, after a pause to hold in a puff. "Which one's Bolivian marching powder?"

Blanche returns Kilo's grin before she cocks her head at Myles. She doesn't argue with his statement, but there's a hint of confusion. Poor girl probably just suuuucks at any sort of street slang. Despite her friendship with people who are obvious adept at it. But she's getting poked and swats at Myles' hand before she pokes him back. "Hi," she whispers to Kylie before taking another drink. Woo! Tequila!

"So yeah I got that right here...."Slowly Darius hand digs into the second suitcase and pulling out a bit of white powder with a smile and then out of his wallet comes a credit card."So then and here we go then..."He then walks over slowly to a mirror surface left there from an older party. He wipes it clean quickly with a hanky out of his jacket and starting the cut with that black amex quickly.

Nate chuckles some.. "Kilo.. just not surprised by that at all." He takes a sip of his bourbon, "And as always.. interesting crowd that you run with." A bit of a grin there on his part. He smirks as Kylie gives Myles a bit of hell there in good fun. He then looks over at Jesse..

Hoax watches the various people milling about from his newest perch, seated at the bench in front of the piano, up on the stage; a small plate of food left untouched, along with a bottled drink of one kind or another. His gaze flits over to Kilo, her earlier laughter having drawn out a quiet smile that settles upon his features for the briefest of moments; a smile that fades just as quickly as it came when his eyes follow her further, only to find Ritter coming into his sight as well. Lifting the drink he takes a sip, sets it back down and directs his attention elsewhere -- Kylie and Myles being an amusing choice to watch for the moment. Taking out his phone, he sends off a quick message and settles leans back against the piano.

Speak his name and he appears. Jesse looks around once he arrives. The party can start, he's here. Unaware of his fate, he smiles as he spies Ritter and Kilo. "Hey," he says as he approaches them. "Two of my favorite people." Today his pithy shirt reads 'I Chewed Through the Leather Straps This Morning For This!?' He's an effective counselor, not necessarily an appropriate one.

"I believe it's the one that makes you go real fast." Myles says to Kylie - taking a moment to adjust his glasses, before offering a hangdog look. "Alas, I have to sit this one out - ow, my heart." He taps his chest bit - not only was that a bad lie, but did the sound of pills being shook in a bottle just emit from his jacket pocket? Maaaybe... A spindly hand claps Blanche on the shoulder, and geeeently shakes her. "Now listen, Scout - no wandering off and getting lost in the farmers market tonight, yeah? I'm sticking with you -- besides, I wanna hear some spooky stories. Who has a good one to start us off?" Drunk, high, outrageous and just a little pushy; it's Party Myles.

And the moment there's a Jesse, Ritter's turning and smiling, that dour face lighting up. "Hello, love," he says, cheerfully. "I've just volunteered you to take Kilo to Lamaze classes, when it's time." He's dressed in an entirely black suit - what else can one wear to a party celebrating Death? He doesn't seem to notice the drug use going on. Deliberately ignoring, no doubt -the last thing he needs to to revive the old opium habit and revamp it for the modern age by upgrading to heroin.

Kylie takes a long draw from her joint, holding for a moment before releasing with another lazy smile. "Is that one speed? Oh, who cares --- what's this about scary stories? I don't know any. I want to hear some. Then we can find out if weed makes me paranoid, right?" She nods to Myles and Blanche both.

Darius loves the coke chop up with a shake of his head slowly with another exhale of the smoke into the air watching the others for a moment. He then walks over to his bro for a moment and leaning against the paino."Hey daddy whats shaken and you exicted." His arm claps hoax on the back with a smirk."I can't belive you guys changed your ways." He drops the joint out of respect crushing it with the heel of his jordan watching the room.

Blanche bumps her shoulder against Myles. "No going anywhere but here and home," she tells him. "And sticking with me is good. Though I suppose it'd be okay if Kilo snagged me. Or Deckard, if he shows up," she whispers, and she pauses to look around for a moment. But she lets her brother usher her over to Darius, though she does whisper to him while she watches Darius make with the cutting.

"Jesse! Take me to Lamaze classes so you can hold my hand when they do cesarean section on me." She laughs and give him a big hug then looks for Hoax suddenly, almost as if she senses his disquiet. "Amorcito, come over and talk with us..." She pleads with him and then realises. "OH! Hoax, you have some good ghost stories. You should tell some!" KIlo grins. "And.. no one has taken me up on the Santa Muerte charm tattoos. Hoax, you want one? I'll make it a 'special' one for you if you do?" Now, how can a guy refuse that?

Jesse wraps his arms around Kilo says, "Sure! Do I get to watch them dig around in your squishy guts? I'll bring a camera." He swings her around. "Can I have an influence in the little tyke's life? I promise he or she will learn all sorts of stuff." He eyes Hoax sidelong. Not unfriendly, but definitely uncertain about this guy. When he puts Kilo down, he goes to Ritter and kisses his cheek. "You know I love being in a room full of women and breathing. Good call."

"I figured it'd been long enough since you even had the prospect of seeing a woman naked," Ritter returns, a little drily. He hasn't been in one's presence since the Eisenhower administration. "I do appreciate the sacrifices you make for me, love," he adds, lifting Jesse's hand to his lips and kissing the back of it. Which is a milestone in the life of Doctor's Stoic's Adventures in PDA.

Hoax looks up as Darius wanders over and claps him on the back. "Excited?" He echoes the word back. "Scared or hesitant might be more appropriate, I think." A single shoulder lifts in a shrug as he goes on to say, "I've raised a child before, but never thought I would have one of my own. But, I suppose I am a little bit excited." Upon hearing his name, Hoax glances up and over in Kilo's direction. "Special, huh?" An eyebrow arches curiously; the temptation quiet apparent. "Alright then, bebé." He says, getting up from his seat and wander over to his girl -- although not before giving Darius a nod, then stopping by Kylie to whisper into the girl's ear and slipping something into her hand. Flashing a smirk to their newest artist, he then wanders over to the Latina, where he finds himself standing nearby both Immortals, whom each received the same glance that Jesse seems to be giving him. "I think we're fully capable of handling the influence our child will wind up needing just fine." A forced smile being given.

"Well then and I wish you the best..." Darius watches as Hoax heads off with a smirk and then he watches everyone for a moment taking out his pack of cigs slowly with a shake of his head. He lights one slowly watching the drugs and the people everything for a moment. He then exhales the smoke into the air with a shake of his head trying to relax now and then he watches his favorite couple. His eyes a little narrow as if deep in thought and then the smoke comes up out of his nose again with a shake of his head. Something is in those eyes for the moment a look of raw pain for a moment and then he pushes it away again.

Blanche looks around for a moment, just to make sure no one's just /staring/, before one of those lines disappears up her nose. Myles is /such/ a bad influence on her! She rubs the side of her hand against her nose as she steps back then promptly just acts like nothing happened. Nope, she's just sipping on her tequila. Honest!

Nate finishes his drink, "I should be going, Kilo.. another early morning and with luck, I avoid Walker.. " He sighs, "Man's a stone aged jackass..."

Kylie adjusts the neckline of her shirt (it's low) and her bra strap and blinks exaggeratedly at whatever Hoax says so her. 'Oh my,' she mouths at him, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth as if scandalized immediately thereafter. She lowers her hand, smiles sweetly, and tips her chin toward him. And she's giving Blanche a thumbs up, too. She saw that! Kylie gives Myles a sidelong glance, thoughtful.

The sound of a dirt bike crashing into somebody's vehicle outside preceeded Deckard busting into the Gallows, his boot smashing the door open. As he strolled inside, he hollered out to all who were present. "Death!" With that rather abrupt and disconcerting introduction out of the way, Deckard whipped out two bottles from behind him somewhere. One was Jack Daniels, and the other...had a hand in it?! Deckard was carrying in his right hand a large green wine bottle with a pickled hand inside of it. "Aight mothafucka's, where is the man of the hour!?" He screamed, ascending a chair and straight up walking up and onto the center of a table, knocking plates and cutlery unceremoniously out of his way. "BUENOS DIAS MUCHACHOS." Once the greeting was finished, whether or not Deckard was able to spot the tattoo'd mohawk man, he /bit/ the top of the bottle off, not bothering to spit out the glass. That part went crunch crunch crunch and down the hatch, along with one-eighth of the Jack Daniels.

"DUDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......"Darius runs up towards Deckard with a smile and then he offers three joints towards the man with a smile. He takes out his gold lighter offering towards the man with a huge smile."Long time no see man and time to party!" He then turns slowly towards the rest of the party with a smile."Party is offically started and time to get going...Drinky and drinky and smokey smokey smokey!" He then pats the bigger man on the back.

"Oh my gosh... You guys... So Adorable." Kilo sighs. "Yes!! Jesse, you can watch them dig around in my squishy guts. Hey, as long as I'm knocked out cold y'all can do whatever the hell you want in there." Little does Lil' Kee know, you don't get knocked out for those cesarean section deals. Oops! "Good night Nate!" She manages to catch the tiger as he's leaving and then focuses back as Hoax approaches them and gives the attitude. "OK OK, let's just knock this off. Hoax, these are my dearest friends! I love them! They will be part of the kid's life - like godfathers! Please, you have to understand how important that is to me... We need to all find a way to get along. OK?" She pleads with him. LUckily for her though there is a huge distraction. "It's 52!" She yells out and then watches in horror as he... chews glass. Her first reaction? She looks right at Ritter. "That's... not good for him, is it." She shakes her head.

On the way out, Nate just shakws his head with Deckard's entry, "New years is going to be killer... may as well pay a meat wagon to park outside.." He then chuckles as he goes out the door.

Kylie's arm extends, her hand lighting gently on Myles' leather-clad elbow. Unless, of course, he's not okay with that. In which case, he can move away! "That's quite the entrance," she remarks to the man in the horn-rimmed glasses. She blinks a few times at Deckard. That does not seem good for him, no.

Blanche turns at a familiar voice and her lips curve into a happy smile. Nevermind the hand Deckard's carrying. She does pause at the biting of the bottle, but she still hurries over to him, moving to sidestep around others who might be in the way. Because dammit, she's going for a hug, one way or another. "Deckard!" she whispers happily as she makes with the hugging. "Don't eat glass. I don't want glass shards on my tongue," she teases. Sorry Myles. You've been temporarily abandoned.

Jesse opens his mouth, then closes it. He'll just let Kilo be surprised when it's time for the C-section. He considers Kilo while she tells Hoax to knock it off, and his lips press thing. Finally, he sighs, and he offers Hoax his hand to shake. "Listen, I've been a dick. That's on me. Let's say we get to know each other before deciding we don't like each other, yeah?"

"No, my dear, indeed it is not," Ritter says, and his voice could be used to dry out a martini. He doesn't seem horrified, nor do his physician's oaths compel him to dash over and help. He's sufficiently familiar with how Geist heal their bound, and if Deckard wants to give himself a slow and terrible death, well, maybe it'll teach him a lesson. Kilo's reassurance seems to soften him a little, and he inclines his head to her wishes.....but his gaze is on Deckard. Now, if he swallows, the screaming will really begin.

Myles is just humming to himself - having most definitely not nodded out for a second there at the bar - he is now giving a rather dreamy glance from Blanche to Kylie and now to the room. Hey, check out that offering table! Pity Myles' non-existent focus causes him to overlook 1) the majority of thing going on, 2) Jesse and Ritter chatting with Kilo. Instead, the dreamy greaser clocks in on Deckard and Darius. Hah, look at that! But turning to Kylie, a thin hand pats hers and he bobs his head in agreement, "I know, it's glorious no? I am reminded of, mm, the sheen of spears like stars on the sea, mm, blue waves rolling gently over deep Galilee..." Poetry done, he turns and looks at Deckard again, adding in an airy tone; "...Only with more blood."

Kylie's hand bumps against his and glides up Myles' forearm, curling around one of his leather jacket's' lapels. She tugs on it, coaxing him to stoop a little as she goes up on her toes. "A lot more blood," she agrees, eyes half-closing as she parts her lips in offering, grazing them against Myles' mouth in an invitation to a kiss. Meanwhile, her joint smolders near the leather of the jacket. Maybe it'll get more burnt!

Deckard threw an arm around Darius, giving the man a noogie before grabbing onto the joints the man offered him. His head tilted back, and spewed a guyser of blood into the air. "Offerings for the dead! Offerings for the dead! Who wants some lovin?" A few more solid pats on the man's back, and Deckard planted a massive bloody smooch on Darius' cheeck. "One for you, warrior of blood and metal!" And then there was Blanche. He picked her up off the ground and hugged her while they stood in the center of the table. "How are you kitten? Sorry I was late. Had to dismember a few unruly people, free some ghosts, and.../relieve/...this particular offering from some unscrupulous fellows. Oh, and I have a present for you too." An even bigger smooch was given to Blanche, though that one wasn't exactly on the cheek. "Vitality! May you live long and prosperous!" Taking her waist in his hand, he turned to the rest of the party, raising the bottle with the pickled hand into the air. "Rejoice!"

Kilo gives Hoax a little kick with her boot. Well a nudge really. Nudge-nudge-nudge. Take Jesse's hand and make nice-nice. Already. But she takes a moment to blink when she realises Kylie is going in for the kill... she's smooching Myles. "Nice." She whispers and gives Hoax a little smirk. She's such a good little shop-minion! It's Deckard though that her attention finally settles on. Well, maybe more accurately Deckards and his pickled hand-in-a-jar. "52.. what -is- that?"

Blanche gets a glimpse of Kylie trying to get some smooching from Myles before she gets picked up and laughs her soft, rough sounding laugh, hugging him tight. She doesn't manage to say anything until after that smooch, and she's not trying to dodge it, even after the whole bottle biting thing. She seems too happy to see Deckard. "Just happy you're here. But you probably shouldn't be carrying a severed hand around, baby," she whispers to him before she gives him a squeeze and inclines her head toward Myles. "Look!" She seems WAY TOO AMUSED at her brother getting kissed. "And I'm going to get a little tattoo from Kilo. Then a bigger one later. Over my whole back!"

Hoax seems about to say something in response to Kilo's pleading, but finds himself more disracted by Jesse's extended hand. Mulling the Immortals words over he finally nods, clasps hands and shakes. "Fair enough," He states plainly. "But you tell him..." A finger is then pointed at Ritter. "... to keep his nose out of my hobbies and to get off my back." Turning to Kilo he gives her a look that says 'Happy now?'. After some form of truce has been made, Hoax glances over and Deckard standing atop the table in the middle of the room and makes his way over, hopping up on to the thing himself and giving his 'brother' a hug. "Six of Hearts, how's it hanging? Thought you weren't coming for a while... bastard."

That's when Ritter's eyes half-lid....and Jesse, at least, will know exactly what that means. "I do speak English," he says to Hoax, with deceptive mildness. "And I do hear quite well. If you're going to leave the ghosts of the murdered hanging about, don't do it in a public place. People trip over them."

Myles is very easily lead - maybe that part of his bizarre charm? "So much more blood..." And lo' Myles of Abernathy and Kylie Wright did then kiss at the bar -- a cigarette burning unnoticed into his already burnt up and torn leather jacket, which someone most definitely did not die in at some point (psych; they totally did). Look at him, all mid-century Americana, one hand literally moving to stroke Kylie's hair like he was in a Life Magazine special about make out parties.

Ritter adds, after glancing at what seems to be a hand in a bottle, "And I'm betting that's a Hand of Glory," he adds, with a faint lilt of interest to his voice. "Well, one can hope."

Kylie smells like cinnamon and something else. Something sultry. It's her super-power. Literally. Well, one of them. She also tastes like strawberries and a little tequila when her lips part further to allow her to kiss Myles more deeply. If he's into that. She's stepped in close, the better to make out with him. Also her hair is soft. It's like win-win-win here!

"Well then it seems everything is going well..."Darius takes the back of his own leather jacket to wipe the blood off with a smile."Well drugs are here and booze is there." He points and then his phone starts to rign with a frown. He picks it up slowly and then he shakes his head slowly."Okay I'll be there in 15......"The words lie heavy in the air and he looks at his friends and then he waves."Got to go work stuff....."He looks at Hoax with a smirk and a wave."I might need your help later and you be around?"

Jesse shakes Hoax's hand firmly. "Cool, man. Good to have a fresh slate. Then he glances at Ritter, then back to Hoax. "Yeah, if I could get him to do that, my life would be so much easier, so good luck with that." He does, however, move back to Ritter's side and tells him, "Don't be such a busybody. It's important to let people make their own mistakes. And often hilarious." Speaking of which, he idly watches Myles doing... the Myles thing. Over there. By law he's not even supposed to acknowledge knowing the man, though he does say a vague, "Good for him," when Kyle kisses him.

Upon seeing Myles and Kylie kiss, Deckard tossed the Jack Daniels into the air. "Fuuuuck yeah! Celebrate your lives! Consumate your LUST! Or you know, just make out in the corner like teenagers. Or something." He yelled at them, giving them a thumbs up with the hand that had joints hanging between his fingers. "Hey, you know, we should totally do that later. Where's Elisa? She should be here to enjoy things." Deckard whispered to Blanche, giving her one more smooch on the cheek. Once Hoax joined them on the table, Deckard quickly looked down at his feet. "I wonder how many people this table can hold..." he mumbled to himself, before lifing his head to converse with Hoax, his hand returning to Blanche's waist. "Hanging? Well, pretty loosely if I do say so myself. Won't be for long though, if you know what I mean. C'mere, give me a hug and a smooch. Blood for you, General of Ghosts!" Deckard wrapped his other arm around Hoax for a hug, the pickled-hand bottle likely cold upon Hoax's back. And then came the bloody smooch on his cheek. "Kilo! This here is my offrendas to the lady of the night! You'll see what happens later. It's great!" To Darius, Deckard turns and nods. "Go with strength, and may your aim be true!"

Blanche is still hugging Deckard, even when Hoax makes with his hugs, but she's also grinning over at Myles. Someone seems entirely too happy for her brother. "We can definitely do that later. And she stayed home." Then suddenly she straightens. "Oh! Be right back, baby," she whispers to him, giving him another kiss before she hops down off the table and moves over to Kilo, stepping close enough to whisper to the woman. Something secret, then, "You still doing those little tattoos? Seems better to do it now that he finally got his butt here," she says, grinning and jerking a thumb in Deckard's position.

Myles is apparently into whatever Kylie is serving up - hey, is this the best Santa Muerte party, or what? Offerings already paying off, because that's obviously how Faith works, Myles does indeed make out with Kylie - although unlike a teenager, he at least sort-of seems to know what he's doing. Even if he has to brace himself on the bar a bit, lest man fall over. Hey, why break the spell? He seems perfectly happy to celebrate life like this.

Kilo listens to Blanche whisper sweet nothings in her ear and then gives her a slow, wide smile followed by a nod. But then she seems to remember something and whispers back.

Kylie keeps kissing Myles, not entirely mindful of the joint tucked between her fingers. And she'll occupy him for a bit so long as he's interested, but when he loses interest, she slips back off into the crowd again with a sly smile.

Blanche grins and nods to Kilo, still speaking quietly, but not quite as quietly as before. And out comes a cigarette, but she gets it between her lips, pauses, then puts it back in her pack after looking to Deckard.

Kylie leaves and Kilo shoots Blanche a look. "Well then. That makes it a little easier. Myles! come over and sit with us. Ritter, Jesse... You already know about this but, Blanche had the, well awkward misfortune of meeting Hoax and I while we were serving time in Lowgate Prison -- the prison in the Underworld? So we got to chatting, as people do, and it soon became apparently that Hoax and I aren't like other people. I think Myles is a little curious so I promised Blanche that we'd tell him a little bit about ourselves -- I mean, whatever he's interested in I guess, and also, I think I have a surprise for you Ritter. This place Hoax bought? He got it cheap because it's lousy with ghosts." she laughs, nudging Hoax affectionately. "I think it's been a little chaotic in here so far tonight but I have a way to summon them if you'd like to check them out." She isn't sure it's something Ritter would want to do, but... maybe!

Myles eventually stops making out with Kylie, for real -- she obviously has somewhere she need to go, and he gives her a silent goodbye - just a little wiggle of his fingers. Bye. bye - see you in dreams; most likely literally. Makeout sesh complete, he leans back on the bar with his elbows - one hand patting down his burned-up biker jacket that's way too big, he finds some cigarettes (American Spirits), a lighter (vintage), and lights up. People watchin' time. Cool as a cucumber, totally unfazed - no joke. He looks like he's just woken up from a great nap; looking around at the party chaos all dreamy and content. Only Kilo is calling him and she's sitting with-- oh shit... Myles eyebrows raise as he notices Ritter and Jesse. Especially Jesse. And yet?...

Myles starts walking over towards them all, leaning heavily on his cane for support. "...Salutations." Head tilt. "Gentlemen - glad to see we're in better company tha--..." But he's stopped short what was surely going to be a long winded and bordering-on-insane opener, because he's belatedly caught up with what Kilo is saying. That shuts him right up, and he -listens- instead. Blink, blink. A look to Blanche, then back to Kilo. Myles T. Abernathy - the perfectly normal human being - snaps his fingers, and bobs his head. "Summoning? Yes. Yes."

Jesse offers Myles a sunny smile as he approaches. Nothing untoward about that. Jesse's a damn friendly fellow. All this talk of ghosts and underworld imprisonment doesn't faze him one bit, but Myles lighting up a cigarette prompts him to hold out a hand, two fingers crooked, to Ritter and say, "Give me one of your cigarettes.

Blanche listens to Kilo, looking a little surprised that she's just talking so openly, but then there is mention of a real haunted house and she visibly perks. "A house full of ghosts? Can I see it? Where is it? How many ghosts are there?" But Myles talks and she looks to him, motioning him closer then whispering to him, grinning the whole time. But then she looks curiously at the people she /doesn't/ know. Specifically Jesse and Ritter.

Hoax, from up on the table, is able to see Kylie move in for the kill and make sure she's the center of Myle's universe -- to which he just grins. Then, he's pulled into an embrace all of his own by Deckard and given a kiss all of his own, ableit much more tame and on the cheek; but at least there's blood involved! The scent of which causes his eyes to darken and mouth to part ever so slightly, leaving him to consider the other Bound for a split second before drawing him back into the embrace. Lowering his chin he presses his lips to Deckards, kissing him in manner just a touch more than is friendly. His tongue, if allowed, slips into the man's to swirl around, tasting the booze and blood on his tongue for a short moment, before finally drawing back. After being nudged by Blanche, he turns to her and offers a smirk, which is accompanied by a gentle shrug before he hops down off of the table and heads over to the bar to get an empty glass. An empty glass which he tries to spit the stolen blood from Deckard's mouth into and ferret away for later, hopefully unnoticed.

"I've heard of the place," Ritter says, sounding a little bemused. "Dare I ask why you were there?" He doesn't even glance at Jesse as he takes a pewter cigarette case out of his jacket pocket, and t aps out one of those awful unfiltered French cigarettes he smokes, handing it off to Jesse, and immediately following it by flicking alight a battered Zippo. It has the fluid air of a stage magician, as if he and Jesse had practiced this routine for decades. Which, arguably, they have. The ghosts comment makes his brows go up. "Well," he says, mildly. "That's all very well, so long as you didn't, ah, put them there. Or did you want me to get rid of them? I can." He, also, does not bat an eyelash at this subject of discussion. Ritter apparently buys it wholesale....or he's in on the joke. Hoax's theft of blood makes him cock his head, curiously....but he doesn't comment on it, beyond that look, before shrugging and looking back at the others. He meets Blanche's gaze blandly, as he lights up his own cigarette and then takes a long drag. Something lung-searingly harsh.

Deckard made a puppy-face when Blanche said Elisa stayed home. But it didn't take long for his attention to be taken elsewhere. He giggled a little at Myles and Kylie doing their thaaaang against the bar. And then...Deckard gets a smooch...or more...back from Hoax! After it was finished, Deckard pulled back and licked his lips. "Somebody around here knows how to party." He grinned. "Since that was a surprise attack, I'll let that one go. But I am a committed man now! Good job though." And one ass-smacking later, Deckard backflipped off the table, landing in the chair below and somersaulting out of the chair as it fell back. Coming out of the roll into a standing position, Deckard raised his bottle into the air. "Fuck yeah!" Nothing really spectacular or grandiose to say there. After Kylie got off Myles, Deckard moved over to the man and gave him a bloody peck on the cheek. How's it going man? Long time no see! Tell you what though, Mr. Dazed and...Doctor? Imunna go over there where those four are...more smooches to go around!" Once he'd announced his intent to Myles, Deckard sauntered over towards the table where his girlfriend was sitting.

Blanche catches sight of Hoax and Deckard when the former starts making out with her boyfriend. It's probably a good thing her sunglasses are hiding her eyes. She moves away from Kilo, heading over to Deckard, and when she passes by Hoax she moves to poke him in the chest. "Mine," she tells him as she meets Deckard halfway so she can give him another kiss. To wipe away the stolen kiss with Blanche kiss! Because clearly Blanche Kisses are better than Hoax kisses, right? Right. Then she leans up, whispering something to /him/ too before she looks back to Kilo. "So. Want to tattoo me?" she asks, grinning at the woman. "On the back. So it can blend with the rest of the ink you'll put on my back?"

"Aw gee wizz, thanks guy." Myles chimes to Deckard, but is startled - he has planted a bloody kiss on his cheek, and after trying to wipe it away Myles is left looking, er, stunned? Moving on, he limps towards his sister Blanche, going to sit by her - giving the others gathered a curious, dazed look. Is he high? Why, anyone with a vague understanding of how opiates interact could possibly pin him for a user - but golly, maybe the guy's just a ditz, he certainly gives everyone a dreamy, far out look. Especially Hoax - sure, he probably missed most of him making out with his sister's boyfriend, but he doesn't miss the spitting into a cup. Leaning in to Blanche as he sits, the dazed Perfectly Normal Human named Myles does not notice the kiss betwixt her and Deckard, instead he speaks softly to her while vaguely motioning to Hoax - although a little too loud to be a murmur though; "Why is he spitting out all that blood? Is that part of this summoning?..." Implied but not said: blood magic - tell me about the blood magic.

Kilo scrunches up her face and groans when Myles mentions seeing Hoax spit the blood out. "Oh Jesus." She was really -really- hoping no one was going to find out about her WEIRD BOYFRIEND'S WEIRD BLOOD FETISH. Too late for that. A bridge too far. "Tattoos!" She suddenly says brightly because, misdirection is her friend and runs to get the little portable kit she brought. After returning and getting things set up for Blanche she explains to Ritter. "NO no, we didn't put them here, I swear. REally - I promise. I would tell you if we had. They came with the building and they wanted to stay. They aren't ready to pass on and they really don't want to go below. So Hoax worked out an agreement with them I guess. I'll let him tell you." She smiles at Hoax, hoping he's done with the specimen taking. "As for Lowgate? You'll never believe this... but Yama, the kerberos there performed some magic on hoax and I. He took away all our habits, all our addictions, except maybe -that- one," She glowers at Hoax, "In exchange we had to spend a week in his prison. It was the payoff for not having to do traditional detox." Now she focuses on Blanche. "So do you want a little Santa Muerte on your back? Or do you want skulls?"

Jesse's brows lift as Hoax and Deckard prove their special bond. "Okay, I'm liking him better already," he tells Ritter. Then he frowns and adds, "Don't think your comment about me not having the opportunity to see naked women went unnoticed. I get offers. I just don't tell you about them." He watches Myles, but again upholds his professional end of things and doesn't say anything. Not when there's Kilo's story to listen to. "Oh, wow. That's great," he tells her. "Seeing you back all safe and sound, I take it the cost was worth it?"

Deckard's a smooch machine! Since hey, Hoax had a turn on the tongue carousel, why not take Blanche on that ride too? After getting all PG-13 on that audience, Deckard smirked at Blanche. "You /know/ I do. I don't know if they have their gear, but sure. And if I can't devour your /friend's/ house, you ain't allowed to claw anybody's eyes out deary." Whispering? Pfft, Deckard was too into the celebration for that. "But then again, you're your own woman. I'll just give you a spanking later...after whatever it is you got planned for me though..." A devious grin spanned Deckard's face, before he looked over at Hoax. "Yeeeeah, I'd like to know too Myles." A pat on the man's back, and he was headed towards Kilo. One bloody smooch on her cheek too! And then Jesse gets one...and then...Deckard takes a chair. "Ooooh, right. Hey, so Kilo, I got you a present. Here are the ashes of a middle-eastern terrorist I killed with lightning on July fourth. You can use them in your tattoo's! I made sure to take a mortar and pestle to them, to make them...extra fine." Deckard said, whipping out a small vial of ashen grey dust and handing it to her whilst slamming the wine-bottle down on the table. Once both of his hands were free, he ushered Blanche to sit in his lap, making sure there were open chairs for Myles and Hoax.

Ritter slants a look at Jesse, amused. "Well do I know, my dear," he says, in a voice gone positively silky. Then there's Kilo's story, and his brows arch. "Fair enough," he says to her. "And that's very good news indeed." For once, he seems overtly approving. He does not seem upset at not getting a kiss from Deckard. Instead, he exhales smoke through his nostrils, like a patient dragon.

Blanche squirms a little at Deckard's chiding. "That's fair. And I /suppose/ he probably isn't lusting after your body. Though he should be, really." She follows him over to the chair and happily sits down in his lap, leaning against him. "Huh? Spitting out blood?" she asks, looking curiously at Hoax before she nods to Kilo. "Just the Santa Muerte tonight, though still on my back. Then next time you can fill in all the empty flesh with other skulls and deathly things. But I want to keep sitting where I am. Since this jerk has been busy for a couple of days." But she does look over to Myles, watching him for a moment, and finally, when she gets his attention, mouths, "You okay?"

Myles is incredibly helpful, at least when it comes to pointing out things nobody wants to acknowledge. That's sort of his jam. So is listening to New Information apparently, because his dopey expression is lit up - between picking up what Kilo is laying down, and low-key eavesdropping on Deckard for the Sweet Gems of Information To Be Used Against Blanche at a later time, Myles looks like he's found himself at the best party ever. He *oofs* audibly as Deckard pats his back - so frail, so weak. Yet? Blanche get's a 'OK' hand gesture and a nod - then he's adjusting his glasses, tuning to -stare- at Ritter and Jesse, blinking twice with a big wide-eyed expression that suggests that he is: 1) out of his depth, 2) high as fuck, 3) going to converse with them now; addressing Jesse directly, "Soo... Hi, I'm Scout's brother." Thumb jerk to Blanche, then he looks to Ritter - inquisitive, innocent, but not exactly polite: "What kind of Catholic are you?"

Jesse perks up as the bloody smooches start going around, and when he gets one, he returns the favor. Mmmmwah! Only not so much bloody as scented of those soul-searingly strong French cigarettes Ritter smokes and he steals. "Thanks, big guy!" he says. The blood remains on his cheek like a macabre face painting at the world's sketchiest fair. "Hey there, Scout's brother. I'm Jesse." He flashes a smile at Blanche. "Heya. Jesse's the name." He visibly bites his lip when Myles asks Ritter what kind of Catholic Ritter is, and if one listens closely, one can hear the muffled 'hrnk' he utters instead of his opinion on the matter.

Spanking? Hoax manages to finally pull his attention away from the glass containing Deckard's blood, which he hides away, before getting up and joining the group at their little kumbaya circle. "That..." A nod to Deckard is given. "... is a wonderful idea, don't you think, chiquita?" A sly grin touches upon his features as he reaches the back of a hand up to wipe away some stray, left over blood from his lips. Kilo is treated to a raised brow in response to her glowering, his expression clearly reading 'What?', before he turns to regard Ritter. "I didn't kill these ones, nor did I enslave them. And no... you will not be getting rid of them, so don't ask. OK?" A brief pausing before he continues with a little bit of a snarky tone. "I was a good boy and asked them if they wanted to stick around and play..."

Blanche looks to Hoax when enslaving is mentioned. Oh, it's a very, very good thing she's wearing sunglasses. There's a long moment of just watching him. "I don't like enslavement," she murmurs before she nods to Myles and gives him a smile when he signals that he's okay. Then she's looking to Jesse. "Nice to meet you. I'm...Scout," she whispers, glancing to Myles when she gives her fake name for the evening.

Kilo can't believe it. "Deckard. That is uh-may-zing!" She squeals as she looks at the terrorists dust that is worth more to her than pure gold. "I can't believe this. Oh my god... And... I learned the ceremony. I can do the 'special' tattoo for you -- tonight if you want it! You just have to tell me what you want it to represent. I'll do Santa Muerte and decorate her with appropriate symbolism of the key you want and it will aid you in your future endeavors." She nods enthusiastically as she gets a little transfer paper out and pulls Blanches shirt, up, tranfering the design of the little Santa Muerte 'Bony Lady' right in the center of her back, so a symmetrical and traditional back piece can be built around it later. With a few quick lines she's got it transfered and with Blanche's blessing she is soon inking away. When Myles asks Ritter the catholic question though, she almost chokes on her tongue. But she lets Ritter handle it. He's more than capable."

Ritter gives Myles a direct look. "My name is Godric, pleased to meet you. What type? Latin church, Roman rite. Is that what you're asking?" A beat, and then he adds, with a flicker of something like humor, "If you're inquiring about the state of my soul.....well, considerably stained, but I continue to live in hope. That's rather the point of the whole exercise. Why d'you ask?" HE snags an ashtray from somewhere, ashes in it delicately. A look at Hoax, lids heavy. IT's the one Jesse calls the Bitch Queen expression. "Too late," he deadpans. Back to Myles. "Did that answer your question?" He's a little stiff in the spine, a cat uncertain if he's being teased.

Deckard smiled when Jesse returned the favour, giving the man a wink before he lightly tickled Blanche's sides. "Not a problem man. You just keep it real!" He said to Jesse. Finished with the tickling, he rested his chin on Blanche's shoulder. "Yup, super busy. Super super busy! How do you think I got this hand? Been flying jet planes and causing storms and punching rowdy...denizens...of different places." Upon seeing the expression Kilo gave him, Deckard smiled some more. "Oh really? That'd be really damn sweet. I do have an idea for a tattoo I'd like...but hey, it's in the spirit, right? Good ole Santa Muerte. Once you're finished with Blanche, you just let me know, mmkay?"

Blanche swats at Deckard's tickling hand and shifts so her shirt can get pulled up. No nudity though, sorry guys! And she keeps leaning against Deckard, even once Kilo starts with the ink and needle. There's a soft hiss of breath and she tenses, but she mostly remains still while she gets her new tattoo. And for those who can see her back, there's a tattoo on her right shoulder of a veiled skull. "I like bones. Ashes, not so much," she says absently before glancing up to Deckard. "You can fly a plane? You never told me that. Jerk," she whispers with no heat, but she smiles.

"Godric." Myles chimes, then listens - tryin' real hard to follow along, but he nods his head at appropriate moments, humming like he genuinely knows what's going on. Is he making fun of Ritter? Er, hard to tell - but probably not. He's probably just a weirdo - with matching bloody face paint as Jesse. "Oh, just curious, just curious..." He says eventually, leaning forward to ash his own cigarette. "Me, I'm just in it for free wine and absolution." Only half a lie. He blinks suddenly and looks over to Blanche - mouth a little agape as he notices the tattoo situation. A look back to Jesse and Ritter, and he adds in an undertone, "...She's getting a tattoo, right?" A pause, then he adds quietly to no one / everyone, "What's going on again?"

Abel had disappeared for a time after offering his polite greetings to the hosts and their friends. He wandered off and had since returned, most recently a part of the background. He's made his way to the table and started poking through the spread there, starting to heap some food onto a plate. At Myles prompting, or coincidentally, he looks up and around, as though to get his bearings on this situation.

Jesse leans close to listen to Blanche as she whispers. He just seems so damn comfortable around people, even strangers. Hell, especially strangers. "Scout," he murmurs. Then he smiles. "Cool. If you're scouting talent, I can dance. Sort of." Then his attention returns to his beloved, and he eyes him. Uh oh, he knows that look. It's a fleeting look he gives the older Immortal, and then he says smoothly to Myles, "I have no fucking idea. I'm just arm candy tonight."

It's a simple tattoo really. Twenty minutes, maybe thirty and she got that puppy sewn together for Blanche and looking really amazing. "That one is going to be hard for you to see! We'll have to go in the bathroom and look with a hand mirror." She looks up to see Abel is back and she laughs. "Abel, we were about to tell some ghost stories. You in? Come sit with us." And she listens as they banter back and forth about the respective Catholic souls, not volunteering the state of her own just yet. "Deckard, I'll do a tattoo for you now, you don't have to have a Santa Muerte though - that was just if you wanted one. I can do a 'special' tattoo of anything you like as long as it somehow represents -- if you know what i mean."

Blanche grins as she hears Myles. "I'm getting a tattoo, yes. The Santa Muerta one." She gives Jesse a curious look then. "Uh...no? I just sort of...no, I'm not scouting talent," she whispers, shaking her head. When Kilo calls the tattoo done she does, of course, crane her head around, trying to look at it. "Nah. I trust you. And Myles and Deckard can look at it. Besides. He's comfy. I'll move if I have to for his tattoo, but otherwise? Nope!" She looks back to Myles then and grins. "So you looked like you were having fun with that woman earlier," she teases.

Deckard scratched his head. "Err...I can't fly planes. I flew a plane. Sort of. Long story." He chuckled a little, keeping up with the banter in the time it took for Kilo to finish Blanche's tattoo. He wrapped his arms around her, picked her up, and turned around before sitting back down so that she didn't have to leave his lap. "Yeah, here it is..." Deckard's crimson scarm looked almost like it may have moved on its own...but that was just it catching a breeze, right? A piece of paper fell from it into Kilo's hands; a picture of what he was thinking of getting.

Ritter doesn't quite sigh at Myles. There's just something in the way he exhales that last drag, before knuckling out the cigarette, and leans back in his chair. Watching the tattooist work with a kind of lazy curiosity, and savoring his Scotch. Then he's tapping out another from the case, which is engraved with an image of a coffin and a nail, and lighting it.

Abel looks up toward Kilo and then glances around. "Ghost stories?" he asks, his imitation Ray Bans reflecting those around him that he looks to, slightly distorted in the convex lenses of his glasses. "Sure, I'd love to hear some." With a slow-spreading smile, he adds, "Somehow, I have a feeling the present company will be able to spin a good yarn on this." He piles up some more food and, once satisfied, scouts in search of a seat within conversational distance of Kilo at least.

Blanche makes a small sound as she gets picked up, and ends up blinking at Deckard, before she grins. "Hi," she whispers, placing a kiss on the tip of his nose. She looks over to Abel then, the one person she hasn't met yet. "Hi. Who are you? And yeah, they'll have good ghost stories. I guarantee it."

"As opposed to other nights, when you are?..." Myles chimes with a dazed smile; is he, er, attempting to flirt with Jesse or just really fucking oblivious to whatever nonsense just constantly pours out of his mouth? Judging by his track record tonight, probably the latter. Ritter gets a sly look to - half a grin, a little bit mean and definitely impish - hey why not continue worrying the tiger? "Hey, I get on my knees and pray with the rest of 'em - it's the thought that counts, yeah?" Blanche steals his attention, and he huh's innocently enough in her direction, "What? Aw, golly - that ain't got nothin' to do with it sis; 'it is our first duty to serve society' - and if some better socialite than I wants to enlist me..." He shrugs, a 'what are ya gonna do' gesture, puffing on his cigarette.

Perhaps it slips out. Perhaps it's deliberate. But if he's a grumpy old tiger ready to snarl at these whippersnappers teasing him.....he can also purr. For that's the only way to describe his voice, as he slants one of those looks out of the corners of eyes at Jesse, wreathed in smoke. He answers Myles for Jesse, saying only, "The purest of delights."

Hoax watches as the tattoo is applied to Blanches back, sitting quietly until it's finished while sipping at a bottle of water. Once it's finished and Deckard lifts the girl up and switches spots with her, he looks between both Blanche and Kilo. "It looks great, really." Then, looking away from the art his attention drifts to the clock behind the bar. "I've some things to take care of. Thank you all again for coming," he says before getting up out of his seat and heading for the door.

Jesse starts to say something, but then Ritter speaks (and it's a profound truth, damn it). He grins, and it's one of those thousand-watt things that outshines the sun. "You know just what to say," he murmurs, and he gives Ritter a sickeningly tender kiss. Yet another chapter in the story of Dr. Ritter's Adventures with PDAs. To Myles, he says, "Every other night, I'm paying more attention. This crew, though, God only knows what they get up to. Which particular thing has you confused?"

Blanche grins over at Myles. "I don't think sticking your tongue in someone else's mouth counts as serving society," she teases. Oh yeah, they're siblings. She watches Hoax head for the door, head cocking, her expression curious. Then she looks to Jesse and Ritter, asking, "So are you two like her?" she asks, inclining her head toward Kilo. They're all sitting around a table. Well, she's sitting in Deckard's lap, straddling him, the back of her shirt up to show a fresh tattoo. Like just finished fresh. Santa Muerta!

Kilo looks at the picture Deckard shows her and nods. She has a portable kit with her but she's pretty talented and is sure she can pull this off. So she gets the ashes of the dead terrorits that Deckard has brought her -SCORE!- and begins to mix those in with the pigments she is using specifically on his tattoo alone. She slices her finger but no blood comes out, rather sticky plasm substance that she indoctrinates into the pigment as well as s he chants a few things to bless the entire deal before she gets to work on him, glancing quickly at Ritter and shaking her head. "You didn't see any of this. No reporting me to the Health Board, got it?" And then, as she starts to tattoo the back of Deckard's leg, she begins the story, taking a moment to look at Abel, Blanche, Myles, Ritter and Jesse.

"So. It was a long. lonnnnng time ago. Way back when. Before this snazzy place was here, there was a warehouse that sat here; The Crow Valley Meatpacking Warehouse. It was a meat rendering facility... they took animals and, well, this isn't for the squeamish but they slaughtered them and cut and chopped and sliced and ground them up, rendering them down into meat products of different sorts. It was raw and bloody and, well, it was what it was...." She pauses to give Abel a knowing grin. "But. But... it was ran by some very, very bad men. Men that would just as soon slit your throat as say 'hello' to you. Mobsters. Mafia." Kilo shivers. The mafia is her natural enemy.

Myles does seem pretty young, dumb, and full of opiates probably. He actually laughs - amused! - at Ritter's answer; only to get distracted and wave to Hoax as the man departs - promptly becoming fixated on the ember of his cigarette as it weaves in the air. Huh, interesting. "...What does your garden look like, I wonder?..." Was that directed to Jesse and Ritter? He misses their kiss while starting at smoke n' fire, but he does look back as he's spoken to. "Huh? Oh, I wouldn't say /confused/ - expectant, anticipatory, intrigued maybe. The joie de vivre is almost infectious, mm, so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop." Here he gives a fugitive glance around the room again, conflictingly dreamy and low-key nervous all of a sudden. So many emotions, Myles flashes through them easily - and is caught up in the energy of the room, like a leaf on the breeze; moving gently as his words to Blanche now, "...Mm, it counts towards servicing a socialite though." Oblivious to everything else now, save Kilo's story, he smokes and listens.

Ritter accepts the kiss with aplomb, as if it were only the proper tribute. No blushing, even. Surely everyone here is far more debauched than he is. "No," he says to Blanche, gently. "We are not." What they are, he does not explain. Kilo gets a rather sleepy grin. "I see nothing," he assures her. And then, to Myles, "With silver bells and cockleshells, and pretty maids all in a row." It's unfortunate that none of the Lost present are Springs, as he takes Jesse's hand, gently.

Deckard's eyes went wide when Blanche asked about Ritter and Jessie. A finger slid up to his lips, and he shook his head ever-so slightly, as if to tell her they weren't like that. He didn't have to tell her what they were. He couldn't quite get a grasp on Ritter, and thusly, didn't feel comfortable just blurting things out to his girlfriend...especially not in such proximity. And then he leaned over to Myles and slid his hand across his throat, shaking his head as if to try and silence the man. Afterwards, he simply leaned forward to listen to Kilo's ghost story...and just enjoyed the new sensation...the new power!

Abel listens to Kilo's story while settling in with some taquitoes. He crunches merrily on the meat-filled yumminess, idly watching the tattoo artist plying her craft. His head cants to the side slightly, brows knitting ever so slightly above his sunglasses, before he looks upward a little further, catching Kilo's look back toward him. He gives a smile in response, as though he were caught checking out something he shouldn't have been, though he doesn't seem to feel particularly bashful about it. He doesn't share in the shivering at the ghost story, though he seems keenly interested.

Precisely the last place you would find Damian on most nights. A bar. Yet, here the man is, dressed as formally as ever in a suit as he normally sports. Maybe this particular occasion demanded some form of appearance, for some reason. Laptop bag strapped over his shoulder, he doesn’t exactly appear to be here for a good time. He stops inside, but the last time he was here, this place was in ruins. This is quite a bit different. Eyes flicker from the art, to the instruments, and to the ceiling with the gallows. His face is an impossible read, like what he thinks of it is held back, or he doesn’t think much. The longer he just sort of stands there, the more something tugs downward at one side of his lips. Then he spots Kilo and the rest, truth be told eyes probably scanned for Kilo and Hoax, and what she’s doing. All the people gathered around though, seems to give him second thoughts. Maybe he should come back, at noon, on a Tuesday.

Blanche cocks her head, watching Kilo as she gets started, shifting so it's easier for her to work. And so when she lights up a cigarette, it's not blowing right at Deckard. She does give him an apologetic look, though. She gets distracted by Myles' answer to her and laughs, that rough, unpleasant soft sound. "God, Myles," she whispers, shaking her head. The denial about Ritter and Jesse has her nodding, but she doesn't pry. She finally looks back to Abel then, her head tilting. "So who's he?" she asks no one in particular. She's curious! Or nosy. Whichever!

Deckard's head spun around to look at the bearded older man, at which he pointed a finger. "Yeah! Who the fuck are you!? And do you want a smooch!?" He called out. And then Damian arrived, and Deckard called out to him as well. "You! Get over here. We're celebrating! I gotta give you a smooch on the cheek. Wait...damn, blood has dried. I don't really feel like biting my tongue...OH SHIT, sorry Kilo, keep going with your story. I'll kiss these shmucks later."

Jesse's expression turns politely curious when Myles asks after their garden, or seems to. He leans closer to Myles to whisper, so as not to disturb the telling of the tale, which still owns the lion's share of his attention.

Myles looks to be, of course, a Perfectly Normal Human Being - but if he /were/ in some kind of trans-dimensional PTSD survivors club where they split thing conveniently into seasonal timeshares, stuff like what Kilo seems to be doing would, hypothetically, pique his macabre interest. But since he's just some oddball Abernathy, it still makes sense that he would be Watching Her So Carefully with cool neutrality as that plasm ichor starts flowing instead of blood. Oh, dis is gunna be good. His eyes don't sparkle, that'd be absurd (also his hypothetical Mask is as turnt up as he is tonight), but he stares at Kilo like, well, like she was Santa Muerte herself - and lo', he was receiving a Glorious Vision of her Deathly Charms. Did his mouth just drop open a bit? This kid is -high-, people. Probably has nothing to do with Jesse just muttering to him, although his zealots expression of wonderment does become a little more amused. "...Beautiful."

Ritter catches some of it, and gives Jesse an amused look. He's in a black suit, sitting next to Jesse - cigarette in one hand, Scotch in the other. To Blanche, he allows, "I haven't the faintest."

Blanche lightly slaps Deckard's shoulder, giving another laugh. "Stop kissing people!" she says before planting one on his cheek. But then she looks over when Deckard addresses Damian, and her brows lift. "Huh. Hi Damian," she whispers, lifting a hand in greeting. "Oh!" She looks back, seeming to focus mostly on Kilo and Deckard now. "I managed to find out some interesting things in the library. Remind me to tell you guys later, okay?"

Uh, no. Deckard has made Damian’s decision easier. No touching, no kissing, thank you. Plus there just seems to be simply too many people gathered around at the table. He knows most of them, too. He gives the entire table a nod, especially the people that greet him, but stays silent, finding his own table close by. He’s in hearing distance, fairly easily, but he’s well out of kissing and hugging distance. It also means no one has to talk to them if they don’t want to, and he can do the same. The laptop comes out, and he flips it open, a very social thing to do! Then his eyes roam the area. There’s certain patrons in here he’s met before, and he’s probably just looking to see where they are at. Also, Kilo’s tale does seem interesting, though he knows a lot of this story, still, he might be listening. Really, if anything going on at the table keeps Damian’s interest, it’s what Kilo is DOING. He watches that with a great deal of curiosity as he starts to type on his keyboard. He’s killing this celebration!

Kilo blinks and then narrows her eyes at Blanche. "this is ABEL! He's a new friend. He brought the Santa Muerte home baked cookies. I mean what guy -does- that... he's amazing! Plus he promised me he doesn't have a girl at home chained in the kitchen that he's making bake the cookies for him, so, you know, PLUS WIN!" She grins ear to ear and leans over to playfully slug Abel -- ever so lightly -- with her free hand.

"OK, no you guys keep distracting me and this story is never going to happen. Where was I" She clears her throat. "So Bad GUys. Wise guys. They ran the plant and for one reason really. They had this problem see. When they wanted to off people, they kept having these nasty little problems with... oh... bodies... evidence... you know -- all that pesky stuff." Sure! Kilo knows all about that! "And so they used the plant to conveniently 'get rid' of unwanted... evidence, if you will. But then... then things sort of when sideways..."

Deckard chuckled some more. "No!" He smiled, sticking his tongue out at her. When his phone buzzed, Deckard's face fell flat, as if annoyed. After whipping it out, Deckard let out a sigh. "Friggin...This is ridiculous. Hey Blanche, remind me to turn my phone off tonight, after the party, alright? I wanna hear what you gotta say later, mmkay? You just be good for Kilo and Hoax and watch your brother. I'll be back later." Deckard leaned down, and was about to kiss her...but pulled away when he caught a whiff of the cigarette smoke. "Err, I'll just kiss you.../later/. Other places. Yeah. Got more than one set of those anyway, right? A hug will suffice." After squeezing Blanche, he lifts her off and sets her back on the chair, whispering apologies to Kilo before heading off into the night. But not before rushing back into the Gallows with haste and smacking Damian in the cheek with a bloody kiss, and then darting away into the night. Again.

Jesse glances at Abel curiously, and he offers him a fleeting smile by way of greeting. He's turning over a new leaf: he's going to be nice to Kilo's new friends. But he says nothing so as not to disturb the story in progress.

Abel gets a shifty look when he's made the centre of attention by Kilo. Looking from one to another, seeming surprised to be in the spotlight although he doesn't shrink back, he lifts a hand and waves taquito-greased fingers to those looking at him. One cheek is filled with fried meat and tortilla, and his attention is diverted when Kilo smacks him.

This makes him look back over to her before giving a wide, closed-mouth smile. He resumes chewing then, timing and manners conspiring to keep him quiet until Kilo resumes the story and pulls the spotlight back to herself. And that is also totally fine by Abel. He listens raptly.

Kilo continues. "So that's when the Family guys decided to start getting creative. What kind of information could they get out of their enemies, or each other, with threats of running them through the rendering plant. And before long? Guy's hands, arms, legs were taken off..." She grimaces as she cleans up the tattoo gear. "Ultimately though, they just ran them through the factory machines. Just... did them in. It was a horrific way to go, to be sure. A couple of those poor guy? They're long since gone, but they're still with us." She grins at Blanche, and then at Abel. And then suddenly there is a massive chill that settles over the pub; frigid and unnatural.

Blanche grins sheepishly at Kilo. "Sorry," she whispers before she nods to Deckard. "I'll brush my teeth, promise," she tells him with an impish grin before she watches him leave. Then she looks to the newly introduced Abel. "Hi Abel, who is even more quiet than I am." She pauses then at the chill and looks to Kilo, arching a brow curiously.

Damian likes Deckard better when he’s making sarcastic remarks at him, or simply making fun of him. If getting hugged by Kilo was awkward, getting kissed by Deckard is worse. He tries to dodge Deckard’s attempt, but sitting in a chair like he is, and Deckard wouldn’t dare… He would. The struggle is for naught. Deckard is also clearly more invested in the attempt then Damian. To Damian’s credit though, he almost tips his chair and knocks his laptop of the table trying to get away from. Unseen, but by the most perceptive during the attack, is one of Damian’s fist curling into a ball, almost white knuckling it. It’s brief and then Deckard is away. There’s no expression on Damian’s face, the red lip stain a stark contrast to the look of death he gives the retreating Deckard. Light blue eyes piercing his back like daggers. Everything is white noise for just a moment, and then he’s back. He reaches for the handkerchief in his pocket, they are usually just decoration, but he uses it to wipe the red. He only manages to smudge it more across his face when he feels that chill. So familiar. Deckard’s already annoyed him a little, and those blue eyes rise again, looking for the culprit. He knows just who it is.

The chill bites deep on old bones, and the oldest among them....well. Ritter shudders, not so much like a man struck by cold as like one taking a wound. The muscles of his jaw tighten....and then it eases. Shaking it off, albeit via the cheaty method.

Myles is listening - boy, he's such a good listener. The only time he moves is when he ashes his cigarette, adjusts his glasses and then... Shivers. What the fuck was that? Myles probably suspects something, but he says nothing - tilting his head to the side, his eyes just get big as he looks around and... Nah. Nah it's all cool. What changed? Nothing. Myles is a perfectly regular and probably stupid dude, nothing to worry about here. Smoke that cigarette and listen to Kilo's story. So dreamy, so oblivious to that which is going on around him.

Jesse is cool. In that he's not. When Ritter shudders, Jesse slings an arm around his shoulders and draws him closer. There there, grandpa, Jesse will keep you warm. When the ghost manifests, he tosses him an amiable wave. S'up, unresting dead guy?

Abel is listening to Kilo with rapt attention, but then a supernatural chill grips the air itself, and he blinks and looks around. His eyes focus on an aparently empty part of the room for a moment and he frowns, distracted from both tale and taquito, before he turns back to Kilo. His brow slowly smooths and he resumes the eating of delicious latin snackfoods. Evidently there's nothing really amiss here - the ghost got a glowering for interrupting but there is no other repercussions from Abel.

Kilo looks specifically at Damian when Sal shows up. "Oh look Damian, It's your good pal, 'Good Looking Sal'." She teases Damian ruthlessly. Apparently those two have some history. Sal the spectre laughs as Damian then moves a little closer to him, but not too close. He might be cocky, but the ghost is not stupid. He also looks slightly put off for not having disturbed the lot of them a bit more, paying special attention to Ritter as he is the only one that seems to have reacted to his numina effort. "I guess you all can see Sal? Abel? Myles? I can summon the others... if you want..." She offers cautiously. "They are kind of pranksters though. Hoax struck up a deal with them. As long as they don't fuck with him or me he told them he didn't care what they did. Which was a little cavalier, in my opinion. But everyone is cool here and I know we could get things under control if we had to..." She looks to Ritter and Blanche and then Damian, knowing that is the truth of the matter. "So we can call them if you'd like to meet them?"

Blanche is listening as well, until ghosts show up. Ghosts she doesn't know. yay! She studies the strange faces and smiles. "I'd like to meet them," she whispers with a nod. Then she remembers that Myles isn't as good with ghosts as she is. She looks over to him and he, at least, can see the skeletal face superimposed over her own as she works her mojo, allowing him to see the ghosts. But they don't make a peep. Magic is fickle! She doesn't say anything aloud though, just gives a small nod of her head toward one of the ghosts, encouraging him to look. Then, "Hi Sal. I'm Blanche Abernathy," is offered with a smile to the ghost.

Ritter doesn't lean in to Jesse's embrace....but it does seem to help. He does, however, rise. It's rude to be sitting when you're to be introduced to someone. A polite inclination of his head, as if this were a chance meeting in the street. "Hello," he says, calmly. "I'm Godric Ritter."

Jesse rises up with Ritter. He keeps an arm around him, maybe having a little too much fun with the fact that Ritter's chilled and he's merely chill. "Jesse Byrne," he says, "Nice to meet you."

"...Oh. Fuck." Myles blinks slowly, suddenly looking over his shoulder off towards Good Lookin' Sal as the others start to acknowledge him. Does he offer up his name? Hells no! That's his name! You know what things can do with your name? Bad things... Right? Maybe Myles' just too high to deal. A spindly hand adjusts his glasses, and he shakes his head slowly - puffing his cigarette enthusiastically, eyes squinted as he watches the room. There's a strange tang of fearlessness in his expression now - like he's seen some shit, and this is no different. He does, however, seem -keen-.

Damian just stares at Sal, it’s unclear if he even hears Kilo’s words towards him. His face is usually quite neutral, placid even. But the look he gives Sal is a warning, Hoax be damned. That’s all though. If he heard Sal’s words, if he can see him, or hear him, he makes no other reaction. He could just be looking in that direction. A glance finally goes Kilo’s way at the offer she gives everyone, and his lips curl downward a little before he stills them. A glance from one person to the other as they greet Sal. One by one, he gives everyone an odd study. Fingers tap over his keyboard for a moment as he pulls his laptop a little closer to him. Then, when he’s done whatever he’s typing, he closes it.

Abel just watches the proceedings silently. He doesn't bother introduce himself to the ghost. Instead, he pushes another bit of food into his mouth - carne asada! He chews it, watching the others here interact with the ghost. Blanche's introduction causes him to cant his head and study her a little closer, searching his memory for a memory of her from years past. But he says nothing as of yet. Munch munch munch.

Salvatore perks up when Dr. Ritter and Jesse introduce themselves so formally. No one has done that for him... not since he was alive. That's been... an eternity as far as he is concerned. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph..." The spectre breaths and loses a lot of cocky stand-offishness he has been posturing with. "Salavtore. Salvatore Vitale. It's a real pleasure..." He flickers and hovers a bit with a crooked grin. "Hey... sorry about... yeah." And then he is positively beaming at Blanche, if not flirty with her. "Miss Abernathy? It's a pleasure." And then? He's gone. just as quickly as he came. Almost as if he knew something was coming.

Blanche keeps smiling at the ghost, and then beams right back. Only to have her face fall when he poofs. "Where'd he go? I liked him. He was nice," she complains, looking to Kilo, then over to Myles. "Did you see him?" she asks curiously before happily puffing on her cigarette.

He doesn't look dismayed, exactly. A little surprised though, yes. Ritter doesn't extricate himself from Jesse's embrace. As if he ever would. HE glances at Kilo, expectantly. Where'd he go?

Kilo communes with Lucky for a moment, then lets her knowledge of the Underworld synthesize with her plasm and hurls it out into the universe, summoning all the spectres and wraiths... well, at least those within the confines of the building. And suddenly they are here. Fat Franky, Big Joey and Little Nicky, all of whom seem -just- a little put out for being basically forced forward rather than being allowed to come at their own pace. Nicky especially glares at Kilo with narrowed eyes, but he doesn't attempt retribution. He has made promises. This however is a bit of a playing field and he feels a bit like playing...

Myles hmms lowly, narrowing his eyes a bit as Sal suddenly vanishes. That's not good, is it? A look over to Blanche, and he is nodding his head once, but keeping his mouth shut. There's no anxiety, no fear in his dreamy countenance - but there is something bordering suspicion. The mix of booze and presumably painkillers does make him seem a little sluggish, but hell if he isn't on high alert regardless. Ghosts probably aren't his thing. With the way he looks, his thing is probably sitting in a empty room eating raw almonds until someone like Blanche tells him what to do. Oh shit. More ghosts. The staring continues.

"A real pleasure, Salvatore." Then he's gone. Aw. He looks at Kilo much the way a cat might look at a human when the red dot disappears. Make it go again. Where did it go? Then? Suddenly? It's a ghostsplosion! "Ooh," he murmurs like an excited kid, just loud enough for Ritter to hear. Because Ritter knows that things always end well in the face of anything inspiring Jesse's sense of childlike wonder.

Abel brushes his hands off over his plate now, banishing crumbies to that netherworld between hands and garbage. He sets the plate on his lap and folds his arms across his chest. He looks back and forth from Kilo to the ghosts that have been pulled forward, watching with unabashed interest. Still silent in his front row seat for the unfolding action.

Across the big back wall, suddenly there appears a message, apparently written in what looks to be blood, no doubt abundant in a place like this at one time. The message might be aimed at Abel. "SHE POISONED THE FOOD..." Kilo rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Seriously? You couldn't come up with anything better than that?" The wall goes blank and a new message appears. "SHE KILLED HER FIRST HUSBAND." Oops. Now Little Nicky has gotten Kilo's attention. And her ire.

Ritter even bows a little, with no hint of either stiffness or self-consciousness. "Gentlemen," he says, formally. Not even a glance at Jesse. Manners being what they are. The message has his brows going up, but it's in kind of a patient, expectant manner. Not outrage or anger.

Blanche brightens again when more people show up. "Hello, all three of you," she offers to the ghosts, nodding to each one in turn. "I'm Blanche Abernathy." Yeah, she's more polite with ghosts than people. Go figure. Her head tilts when she looks at the message. "Who's doing that? And why?" she asks, glancing to Kilo.

Myles starts... Tracing something in the air, like he was conducting an invisible orchestra or doing some kind of hands-on mathematics equation. And yet? He is looking around - at the ghosts, at the faces of other folk gathered, at those bloody messages written on the walls... Wow. For a normal seeming dude, Myles' reaction is pretty, er, weird - but weird because he's not freaking out, and instead low-key jazz-handing. But he's and Abernathy, right? Maybe that's normal for them.

Damian picks up his laptop on the table, and turns to place it back in the bag. He might not even notice Sal disappearing or Kilo doing some mumbo jumbo magic. He’s pretty perceptive though, so don’t count on it. Standing, the man puts the strap over his shoulder and then looks to the new ghosts. He doesn’t dislike any of them, per se. Maybe Sal, maybe a little. A nod goes their way, all three of them. Just for a second and then Little Nicky does that. He reads the scrawl on the wall, a brow raising, and then even more curiously. A glance at Kilo and her reaction. Interesting. Still, he gives Kilo a nod, she can likely handle it, it’s hers and Hoax’s place anyway, not his deal or bargain. A nod to the rest, specifically Jesse and Ritter as he is quite familiar with both of them, and Damian is heading for the door.

Abel gives a raucous laugh and a thumbs-up when the bloody message appears on the wall, and that's even before Kilo replies and the message is replaced. Seems that he takes the message as a joke and approves. Rocking back on the hind legs of his chair, Abel likewise doesn't seem shocked or appalled at the bloody accusation levelled toward Kilo. He continues to watch in interest.

Jesse frowns. Okay, Little Nicky. Uncool. He tenses at Ritter's side, and he's looking at Nicky now without so much childlike wonder as a butcher looking where to make the first cut. He drops his arm from around Ritter as he squares his shoulders and starts forward.

Ritter's hand shoots out to grab Jesse's wrist in an iron grip. "No," he says. "Not here, not now." They can always come back later and eat the ghosts. Even if it might make their Geist buddies mad.

Maybe not if it's Sal...

Big Joey, who also doesn't seem too thrilled with having been summoned here as Kilo's party entertainment, sort of glowers in the middle of the pub, for those who can see him, and closes his eyes, and all around him, in about a 5 yard radius, all the tables that have those paper placemats on them? They suddenly erupt into flames. The smoke alarms go off but thankfully not the sprinklers as the paper flames quickly burn themselves out and Big Joeys shoots Kilo a smirky grin.

Kilo isn't so sure she did this right, summoning the ghosts just for fun and to kind of entertain everyone. She isn't used to being 'friendly' with spectres either really. "Ritter, Blanche, maybe you can make them be nice." She begs them, but not without a little ironic humour, because Kilo's methods of negotiating are otherwise a little drastic, considering.

Blanche scoots back from the table, eyeing the placemat before she stands, making a motion to Myles, a 'stay back' sort of thing. She draws her sunglasses off, sliding them into her pocket as she focuses on Joey and smiles sympathetically. "Hey. Were you busy with something? Got unexpected dragged out? Can understand the fire with that. But why don't we take a minute and relax. Kilo just knows how much I like making new friends. Especially ghostly new friends. Maybe you've heard of me? Blanche Abernathy?" she asks, voice hopeful, smile friendly. "I'd love to sit and talk with you guys sometime. All of you," she says, shifting that smile around to all of them.

Myles looks from Jesse to Ritter, brow knotting in mild confusion. What's ticked Jesse off so much? A glance back to the bloody message - Myles doesn't seemingly get why it would inspire anyone's ire, but hey, he's obviously out of his depth. Newcomer Dottie will see Myles with his Mask turnt all the way up, dressed like it's 1958 and he's a greaser, sitting at a table with Blanche, Jesse and Ritter nearby. They are all staring at... Something. What? Who can say (only folk who see ghosts, actually).

Wait: FIRE? Myles actually gasps, looking around swiftly - but does he look scared? Er, not really. He looks kinda thrilled, like the dopey man was at the best midnight showing of Poltergeist or something. A look to Blanche, eyebrows raised as he covers his ears to block out the smoke alarm and stays put. Obedient and observant.

"Gentlemen, please, there's no nee for this sort of disturbance," There's a kind of flat gravity to Ritter's voice, even as the smoke alarms blare....and he's still standing at ease, save for the hand. "I'm sorry to have disturbed you so, but we were all eager to meet you, so the lady here summoned you. PLease, desist." The threat's evident in his manner.

Dottie is late, not intentionally, but she's bee so busy lately that lateness is just her 'thing' now. She's carrying a large unweildy platter, rms tucked under it and her chin resting on top of the bell shaped dome covering whatever it is that's inside. Better late than never it would seem as her chin shifts sharply to the side and her eyes widen and nostrils flare and she clears her throat a little. Others are distracted and so it seems the perfect opportunity to sneak in and find a table to set her 'creation' on only to find suddenly? Flames. Dottie scrambles back clutching her bell-covered prize with a weirdly B-Movie monster gutteral noise. Dottie Her response to the literal writing on the wall and sudden smoke, "Dude. Party foul."

She falls quiet though noticing now who all is in the room and her smile condenes itself into more of a smirk that can't be wiped away. "Well...shh." A glane to Ritter, "Shhoooot."

Damian is just getting to the door, on his way out it seems, when the new person arrives. At least he has some manners. He holds the door open for Dottie, giving her the briefest of passing studies as she enters, a nod, and then once the door frame is clear of her and what she's carrying, he’s out into the night air. Like nothing at all is going on in the hangout he just left behind. Yep, it’s a good time for him to make an exit.

Jesse shoots Ritter a dire look. Ritter never lets him have fun anymore. "I could do something," he mumbles. He says to Ritter's back, "You know, how it's just my speciality?" But no, Ritter's the one who got asked, and Ritter stepped up. So Jesse, whose ego would never get stung, no sir, leaves Ritter to it and walks away from him in search of something to drink.

Abel's brow furrows at the explosion of papers into flames and the sudden din created by the fire alarms. He glowers toward the smirking ghost in the middle of the room and yet still sits silently. His eyes flicker toward Kilo, who has taken on a supplicating tone to the others present, who seems intent on having this resolve amiably. And so he sits and waits and watches, not yet moving, although he's stopped eating at least and is taking a more displeased notice of the commotion.

Ritter does the trick. When he puts on the 'dad' voice, the spectres listen and for whatever reason they seem to make themselves scarce. Kilo looks at Doctor Ritter greatefully. "Wow. I wish it -always- worked that way when I am dealing with ghosts." She laments. "God, I have to clean all this up. Hoax is going to have a fit and evict them all." She laughs and rises. "You all have a great evening. Thanks for coming. This was a -blast-! Happy Santa Muerta's Day!"

Ritter looks rather surprised that it did work. "Goodness," he says, mildly.