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SJU Halloween Party 2017

Dramatis Personae

Adelle, Ambroise, Aurore, Bethany, Demi, Haywood, Jalal, Kairi, Kinsman, Kristy, Leslie, Qent, Sarah, Shyla, Viktor, Xyra

28 October, 2017

St. John's University holds a Halloween party.


St. John's University

There have been a number of horrors on campus lately. A rash of unexplained suicides for example. But still life goes on and what better way to get the spirits up than to celebrate the spirits of death and horror? The University quad has been decorated with all the traditional items - carved pumpkins (thanks to the Art classes), streamers (thanks to the Cheerleader squad), skeletons (thanks to the Medical labs) - and a number of booths have been set up to promote and celebrate. Everything from 'Sink the Dean' (he sits perched on a platform and a well-aimed baseball hurled at a target will cause it to collapse), fortune telling, various clubs promoting themselves (Chess, Movie, Science, Debating, Massdebating) and, of course, St. John's Radio's very own SASS is being broadcast from the event.

The lighting is moody. Spotlights attached to the sides of some of the buildings sweep the area. It's chilly and humid but that's perfect, right? Occasionally there is the sound of a scream followed by laughter as the Drama students frighten spectators with their ghoulish make-up and even worse acting. A small 'Haunted House' has been set up to one side of the quad for the brave.

The glossy black cloak Viktor is wearing flutters slightly in the light wind passing through the quad as he arrives, getting out of his well-cared for black Sedan at the parking lot along with Bethany, his outfit a rather obvious callback to some version of Dracula.

"Tada!" he says with a grin, gesturing at the rather extensive preparations that have been made for the public party "The University Halloween party! Looks great, don't you think?" he says and, quite unconsciously, straightens the red silk vest he wears. A habit that is quite obviously well-ingrained in him.

Despite there being no DJ Shyla yet, DJ Sarah kicks off SASS as the crowds really start to roll in.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "Hello, Fallcoast! This is DJ Sarah from SASS broadcasting live from the University Halloween Party in the SJU quad. Everyone welcome, so get on down here and have some fun. University life has been a bit rough lately so how about we give the blues the finger and remember to enjoy life...and how it kicks death in the balls! My lovely co-host will get here eventually. Probably still trying to fit into her costume. If you can call dental floss a costume. So how about some tunes while we wait?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbx95gBb5HM

And to add to the horror, what could be more appropriate than bringing along a convicted felon who makes her living by beating people up? Of course, the felon in question is a member of LONE Wrestling, and Aurore radiates happy pride as she accompanies her partner into the Quad. The Anthropology TA and PhD candidate is dressed as Zatanna Zatara, complete with fishnets, top hat, and other accoutrements. She has an arm wrapped affectionately around She-Hulk - Qent wearing a provocatively-cut leotard in white and purple, showing off a lot of green-painted skin in her guise as the rage-fuelled lawyer.

Zatanna is not the only super-hero tonight. In face a pair arrive, well one time traveling adventurer and one superhero that is. Jalal arrives in the same costume he used last year arrives as Inspector Spacetime, on his arm is the lovely Jill (Demi) dressed as Wonder Woman. He walks in and looks around, "Wow I wasn't sure if there would be a party given everything going on, but they went all out."

Qent is not one for parties. She-Hulk was probably chosen because she doesn't have to act much to play her. The green body paint struggling to cover the tattoos on her exposed flesh. Her choice of costume struggling to cover the non-exposed flesh. She seems wary...but happy. At least no one will recognise her as a wrestler in this outfit. She hopes. "So where is the Cotton Candy?"

Demi is pretty sure she won't be the only Wonder Woman here tonight. Much like there was an epidemic of Harley Quinn's last year, this year will be Diana Prince's turn. "I guess they went all out /because/ of what's happened" Demi offers in reply, still feeling a bit self-conscious with all the skin she's showing. "So what shall we do first?" There sounded like there was even some excitement in her tone.

While it is unlikely that he will be recognized as such Ambroise has selected a superhero costume of his own. He wears a suit of chainmail armor beneath a blue surcoat with white trim. Like most comic book characters he has an insignia in the center of his chest, in this case a white circle with head of a horse in red. A long sword hangs from his belt while a red cape hangs from his shoulders. Topping everything off is a black wig cut in what might be described as a pageboy haircut.

Bethany steps out of the black sedan, making sure not to get any part of her costume caught in the door when she shuts it. She's dressed tonight like Marishka, one of Dracula's brides in Van Helsing, completely with the original gown and the top that exposes much of her navel. "It.. It really does look great." She says softly, taken back by how much detail they've put into everything for this party. "I'm hoping my friend could come but it doesn't seem like she's gotten my message." She faintly frowns. "Oh well... I'm sure I'll see her soon!"

"I'm not enough of a sweet thing for you?", Aurore/Zatanna teased Qent/She-Hulk with corny cheerfulness and a playful wink. "C'mon. I think we should be able to find you something to rot your teeth with over this way. Settling a hand onto the upper curve of Qent's green-painted hip, she set about guiding her partner through the happy throng.

Jalal ponders that and answers Demi, "Well we could play sink the dean, I mean when else can you throw things at the guy in charge and not get expelled." HE laughs and nods, "You were right there is a lot of Wonder Women here tonight."

"Of course you're sweet enough" Qent smirks at Aurore's comment. "But I can't eat you in the quad of the university campus." A pause. "Not if you want to keep your job anyway. Mine too, I suppose. Aren't I a role model for kids now? Fuck...when did that happen?" She glances around the crowd. "More superheroes than horror heroes this year." A nod towards Ambroise. "Not sure which one he is though."

"Poor Dean Martin" sighs the bleeding heart Demi. "He's been through so much and now he's going to get drenched." A pause before she shrugs. "Okay, sounds like fun. Though when I throw that ball, you better stand back. Like...way, way back. I'm not very good at throwing."

"Yes, they usually do." Viktor agrees with a smile, offering the attire-accurate Marishka his arm as they walk along the paths towards the main area where the stalls, lighting and everything else is located. "And well, one can't always get what one wants. Maybe call her instead?" he suggests, shrugging "But, either way, I'm hoping you'll enjoy the evening."

With a shrug of his shoulders and a lazy gesture, entirely at odds with his previous mannerism, he retrieves a small steel flask from the top pocket of his vest and flips the cap of it, taking a sip. When it comes down traces of a bright red, opaque, liquid can be seen on his teeth and lip for a moment. "Want a refresher before we start talking to people?" he asks, offering the container to Bethany with a smirk as he licks his lips clean.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Royal Blood with 'How Did We Get So Dark?'. Tonight we're going to keep things bright...happy...and energy. Tonight we dance to keep the monsters away. And, being a witch myself, we definitely want to keep the monsters away. Seriously, they get into the furniture and you never see the end of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBkHHoOIIn8

Bethany smiles as she looks down at his arm, taking it and walking with him towards the main area. "Ahh, yeah. I suppose I should, but I left all my stuff in the car. That's okay, though. Some other time." Her eyes wander to all of the different stalls, "I'm sure I will. A lot better than what I planned originally, just a whole lot of laying about and music stuff." She eyes his flask, seeing what he's drinking and shrugs her shoulders, "I suppose it would be appropriate of me to have a drink of that, yeah?" She holds her hand out, grinning. "Give it here."

"The only name I can think of is Prince Valiant... but I know they've come up with a host of 'knight' type characters over the years. Many of them 'hot chicks with swords', of course." Aurore/Zatanna shrugged amiably, then leaned into Qent/She-Hulk a little more firmly. "And yeah. You're a role model. Just wish they'd gone a lot more with the initial discussions... I'm worried we're being painted into a corner. But at least we get to be heroes tonight, eh? And this costume's better than anything you get to wear in the ring."

A short girl with a black hoodie, a couple sizes too big and some black jeans. She didn't really have much of a costume, just a plain black eyemask covering most of the top half of her face- there wasn't really anything special about it. She looked around at all the different sorts of people but seemed pretty awkward.

Jalal smiles to Demi, "Well times like this are when he earns the big bucks." He nods to her, "Well I am not exactly on the baseball team myself so he might be pretty safe during our attempts."

Viktor hands Bethany the flask with a grin and a nod "Yes you should." he says before turning his attention to their surroundings and other party-goers, giving little nods of greeting to those he even remotely recognizes. "Wouldn't want to have you attacking the other attendees after all, right?" he quips, then chuckles.

"They know the business better than us" Qent shrugs in reply to Aurore. "Just as long as they don't mock or deride our Native roots then I guess I can be a 'baddie' for a while." She stops to give Aurore a hug. "Don't worry too much. It's acting. Whoever thought I would be good at it? And get to beat people up and not be thrown in jail!" A kiss to Aurore's lips. "Let's have fun tonight, Witchy-poo."

Demi and Jalal reach the 'Dunk the Dean' (its name changed already!) booth. "Five bucks for three throws? At least it's going to charity." She smiles at Dean Martin in the plexiglass tube half-filled with water. "Don't worry, sir. I doubt I could even hit the tank never mind the target. She hands over her money and is handed over a baseball in return. "Wish me luck" she smiles to Jalal.

With his hair bleached blonde for the night, Haywood makes his way through the Halloween grounds. A large tan over coat drapes behind him, covering a white button up shirt, black slacks and a simple dark tie hung loosely around his neck. Sure he could have gone with a fancier costume, but for a college campus he'd just settle for the comfortable. His eyes pass over the party goers, but mostly he's just there to soak up the atmosphere and perhaps see people he might know.

Jalal smiles to Demi, "Good luck." he notices the person in the simple costume and black eye mask who seems to not be part of any of the various social groups at the party can gives them a wave. "Wanna take a turn at sinking the Dean?" He offers, "Likely be a better shot than I would be."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Portugal, The Man with 'Feel It Still'. Crowds are getting bigger down here and plenty of great costumes making the rounds. I can see Dracula and one of his brides. Oh, Professor Ambroise is dressed up as King Arthur. Plenty of superheroes around. I think there's a Catwoman from Gotham - all black and a hoodie. I need Shyla here to identify these people. Back to the music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2qgadSvNyU

Bethany takes a sip of the liquid and her eyes widen at the taste, not expecting it to taste so good. "Mmm!" She lets some of it trickle down her lips, probably to add the effect of having just fed off of a warm body. "Yeah." She offers the vial back to him now. "I think I'm good now, no need to attack them for their... freeesshhh blooooood!" She then giggles.

Adelle awkwardly approached Jalal when he called out to her, taking the chance to talk to him. Jalal could feel something was definitely off... perhaps wrong about the girl when she started to speak, "W-were you talking to me? I don't think I have to money to try and... Why are they doing this to him?"

Aurore/Zatanna giggles, pressing close to Qent/She-Hulk. "I'm proud of you. And glad. I'd... just like everyone to see the heroine I do, you know?" Leaning in, she claimed another kiss, before cracking a grin. "Witchy-poo, huh? I don't think you've ever called me that before. But fun certainly sounds good."

Demi winds up her pitch and unleashes the ball. It flies through the air...well past the target...and then there is a 'tonk' sound as it hits a passing Fine Arts Professor. "Oh!" Demi squeaks, eyes wide, before she ducks behind Jalal and meets his new friend. "Hey. I'm Wonder Woman" she smiles to Adelle. "Love your costume. You can throw for me if you like. I have another two throws and I don't think I can afford to be expelled more than once."

"Not unless we find some appropriate dinner, yeah." Viktor replies to Bethany in a relaxed, almost dry, tone before taking the flask. He quickly wipes the lip with his hand and flicks the cap back into place before he replaces it in the chest pocket from whence it came, expression still serious. "Or a volunteer of course." he adds, looking thoughtful for a moment. But, alas, a smile slowly creeps to his face and he ruins the somber act by suddenly displaying a very happy grin.

"You really need to get your eyes tested" Qent/She-Hulk teases Aurore. "Not sure I want to get my fortune told. Massdebating? What's that?"

Ambroise makes his way through the crowd greeting various people, teachers and students, talking with each of them briefly and exchanging pleasantries before moving on. Somewhere along the line he picks up a drink. Eventually he manages to make his way to the booth being run by Sarah where he talks with her for a moment.

Jalal tries not to but can't help but laugh at Demi's throw, "You were not kidding when you said you were bad." He smiles to Adelle not letting the awkward feeling get in the way of his manners just yet. "Well normally he is in charge so for the holiday he has to take his lumps, besides the money goes to a good cause and well it is a party." He grins to Demi, "Don't get expelled who would star in my fan made films?"

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Dua Lipa with 'New Rules'. Ow...looks like Missus McGillicutty of the Drama faculty has been brained by an errant baseball. She's down. What will the Drama students do without their teacher?" Pause, "Probably the same thing they do with teachers. Speaking of teachers, Professor Ambroise is here. Hey, Doc. Love the costume. King Arthur?"

Passing by the pair the pair of superheroines that is Qent and Aurore, Haywood/Constantine offers a grin. "Wonderful taste in attire for the evening," he says with his best British accent. He seems genuinely pleased either way, "Can't be happier that super heroes are popular enough to fill a campus with ones outside the mainstream." He's at least kept distance enough to avoid any drunk creeper vibes.

<SJU Radio> Ambroise laughs a bit to Sarah. "Close," he says. "I heard that the unofficial theme was going to be comic book characters so I came as Prince Valiant, one of Arthur's knights."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "/Prince/ Valiant? So he was Arthur's son? I thought Mordred was Arthur's son. Don't you have to be the son of the king to be the Prince? Way too confusing for me. This one is for the Professor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgcc5V9Hu3g

Aurore/Zatanna cheerfully sticks out her tongue at Qent, before laughing and shaking her head. "I believe it's an oh-so-witty play on words. Student humour at its finest, or something...." She blinked, looking around at 'Constantine' - before laughing and ducking her head. "Thank you. It's a welcome haven for nerds and oddities."

Adelle nodded slowly showing that she understood the explanation for why they were throwing the balls, "He...Hello Wonder Woman." Demi would get a similar feeling that Jalal did, like there was something there but hard to place that was wrong with the girl, "If you don't mind you taking your throws I can give it a shot trying that." She seemed pretty nervous.

Bethany looks around as if she's surveying people to possibly be a victim. Her own tone in jest. "I'm... sure we'll eventually find a volunteer here, yes?" She notices his grin, and one spreads on her own face. "... Or popcorn. Y'know, I could go for some popcorn right now." So much for keeping up the act!

Qent upnods to the flatter from Haywood. "Thanks" she manages to grunt before looking confused at Aurore. "Was he dressed as a superhero? I thought he was that guy from Firefly...after a scare turned his hair grey." A shrug at her lack of knowledge of popular culture.

Kristy is manning the 'Human Potential Network' stall...and she looks bored. She is dressed in simple sweater and skirt so it's probably not a costume. Occasionally she'll try and hand out some brochures for free psychic testing but for the most part she looks like her brain is about to shrivel into a stupor any moment.

"Popcorn." Viktor confirms with a serious nod and manages to restore his somber expression and mannerism before he glances around for a stall, there's bound to be one he reasons. Once he spots it he steers them in that direction, chin up and walk the same disciplined one from the movie. "Foolish mortal! Corn us!" he exclaims the moment they get there, looking stern for several seconds before the expression falters again and the same silly grin from before returns. "Please." he adds, in his usually friendly tone.

"Easier to quote Sumerian and Latin than having to speak backwards or lift cars," Haywood/Constantine says inclining his head back to 'Zatana'. "Course my British accent isn't that great in the first place, but the costume's easy enough." Pulling out a zippo, he flicks the lid amusedly as he looks to 'She-hulk'. "That's okay, I've had people calling me Cas too. Honestly, I'll take what I can get. Didn't feel like skin tight body suits after all. John Constantine, Hellblazer?" He tries to be helpful and supply.

<SJU Radio> Ambroise says, "That's a pretty common bit of confusion with the various noble ranks throughout history. While we call him King Arthur he was probably more of a High King. There are quite a few other Kings in the stories that Arthur rules over such as King Ban of Beoic and King Bor of Gaul. Then you have other kings who were allies or even opponents such as King Pellinore of Listenoise."

"I can show you the TV series that was done a few years back. It's pretty good," Aurore/Zatanna offers to Qent/She-Hulk. "Sarcastic warlock from one of the poorer back-waters in Britain uses a bad attitude and cobbled-together magical knowledge to try to stop the world becoming a worse place than it already is. There was a Keanu Reeves film version some time back, too."

"You couldn't do any worse than me" Demi assures Adelle, studying her with some interest for a long moment...perhaps a little too long...before she shakes her head to clear it. "Sorry. Go ahead. We want the Dean wet and you'll do a better job than me."

Jalal smiles to Adelle, "Trust me you will be better than either of us, have fun." He offers her the baseball to toss. "Besides I am sure he won't expel everyone who dunks him."

"Hellblazer? Didn't he have pins in his head?" Thankfully, Aurore will show Qent what Haywood is talking about later. "Was I in prison when it was on? Sarcasm? I don't like sarcasm" she says...sarcastically.

Adelle nods at Demi and Jalal, before taking the baseball from the boy. She smiled a little. Stepping up she let her body do most of the work, focusing on the target the ball went flying and... It struck the target, releasing the mechanism for the Dean to fall right into the water. Seems she was actually pretty good at throwing, "Ah... I did it!" She looked back to see what the others thought before getting too happy about accomplishing it with just one try!

Bethany can't help it. She can't hold a straight face right after he exclaims that they want to be corn'd. She starts laughing and looks away, burying her face in Viktor's shoulder and giving him a pat on the chest. "Silly..." She leans her head back, "Thanks, by the way, for the corn and all..." She then hears the Dean splash right into the water, turning her head to see the aftermath, grinning. "... Nice job!"

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says...nothing...for a bit. "Well, there you go Fallcoast. A little history lesson for us all from the awesome Professor Ambroise. Hey, Doc...is that sword legal? They certainly had interesting names back then. Listenoise?" She has to giggle at that. "That sounds like Listen Noise...very apt for a radio station. Here's a tune for all the Goths out there. Very Halloween. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocbLw49Or44

Leslie fricken loves Halloween! She loves it so much that when she goes for a costume she will spend waaaaay to much money and time getting a costume perfected. This holds true for tonight's campus party because here she comes... or is... the Real Wonder Woman on the scene!? Leslie is fully decked out in the movie version of DC's Wonder Woman and she even went so far as to put on a wig cap and slap on a high quality raven haired wig styled exactly like the movie heroine's hair style. She has the shield and sword on her back and the golden lasso dangling on her right hip. Lots of skin showing off her athletic bod can be seen. Yes...she even has in contacts to make her eyes the right color! This girl would win a cosplay contest right now if she entered. You can tell she has a lot of love for this character. The only thing missing is someone walking behind her with a boombox playing the Wonder Woman theme song! (in case you fell asleep at the movie wheel: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/20/45/c7/2045c79e2b27c83257fcd381a7f51b98.jpg)

"Ugh, don't get me started on the Hellblazer movie. Best part of the movie was Tilda Swinton as Gabriel. Movie was fine, as long as nobody pretends Keanu was supposed to be Constantine," Haywood's grumbles a bit at that. "Show was spot on though, shame they axed it after one season. They're coming back with it in Animated though." He shrugs a little there. "Either way, just wanted to say your costumes were great. Keep up the comic geekery," he offers a salute to the two of them then glances over towards the HPN booth. "And I apparently didn't get a memo. Well, it was nice meeting you both. Hope the evening doesn't end up requiring any actual superheroing."

"Always." Viktor answers Bethany. "I might be a little serious at times, but I make a careful point of always including some silly, lest I go insane. Er." he jokes as he hands the stallkeeper a single note, seemingly produced from out of nowhere, and accepts the carton of popcorn in return. "And yes, very well done indeed!" he exclaims, letting out an encouraging woop easily heard over at the ball-throwing stall "You go folks. Let the dean have it!" he shouts with a mirthful grin, giving the now bedraggled acquaintance a little wave.

Demi squeals in excitement as Adelle knocks the Dean into the water. The Dean seems less impressed. Wonder Woman bouncing up and down as she claps. "That was an awesome throw! Yay for Catwoman...you're Catwoman, right?" Then she spots Leslie and her heart sinks a little. "Now /that/ is Wonder Woman" she mutters before hiding a little more behind Jalal.

Latched to Leslie-Wonder Woman is Kairi, the blind girl letting herself be led by the taller woman. She must have missed the theme notification for the woman is dressed up as something of a gypsy. Ankle long dress split up one side to allow movement and leg to show. Knee high suede boots and a cropped top that shows off shoulder and mid-rift. However, she wears a heavy shawl to cover skin and fight off the chill.

Jalal applauds Adelle's throw and the dunking of the Dean, "See I told you, that you would do awesome." he looks where Demi points and lets out a whistle, "That is my boss." He helpfully points out. "And no offence but yeah she does carry the costume well."

<SJU Radio> Ambroise says, "Oh, sure. It's a fixed blade so the length isn't really an issue and it isn't concealed. There's a lot of misunderstandings about the law and what you can carry as far as a knife. It's not any more illegal than someone transporting a chef's knife, and anyway, what kind of Prince Valiant would I be without the Singing Sword?"

Aurore/Zatanna raises a hand and cracks a grin at 'Constantine', before looking back to Qent. "I'm... not sure. Maybe," she says apologetically. "It's not as if I tend to catch much when it's new anyway. The Keanu movie was a long time back, though. But I can show you both of them, certainly."

Adelle could probably pass as a really low budget cat woman, especially if she had cat ears to go with her costume, she was dressed almost all in black. She's actually smiling now since it seems like she did a good job with dunking the dean and no one seems mad at her, "I don't really know... Do I look kind of like this... Cat Woman? Everyone else looks like they have really nice costumes."

Bethany takes the popcorn, holding it out for the both of them to enjoy. "Yeah.. Hey, I'm right there with you! I understand. People take things too seriously anymore." She pops a few pieces of popcorn into her mouth and munches on them, savoring the buttery goodness. "So how long have you been coming here and giving lectures or whatever?" She curiously asks.

"It's Leslie? I didn't recognise her" Demi frowns. "She's certainly not going to let me go on an investigation now. Not after I dressed the same." When she looks to Adelle, she's managed to get her smile back. "Cat Woman in Gotham. She doesn't have her 'proper' costume yet so she's dressed like you. You could /definitely/ be her."

Jalal nods to Adelle and smiles, "Costumes don't have to be fancy to work, I mean this is just an overcoat with some dress clothes and a swiss army knife with some widgets glued on to be my Quantum Spanner." He grins, "Simple and cheap is the official motto of most college students." He nods to Demi, "That is the Boss." he says with confidence.

Kristy peers over at the vampire and his bride and rolls her eyes before going back to poking at her phone. "Saturday night and I could be at a proper party" she grumbles.

"Since I moved back to Fallcoast, almost two years back so... let me see." Viktor's expression goes thoughtful for a moment as he considers Bethany's question, his brow furrowing. "Six hundred and seventy... one days ago was the first I think?" he says a little uncertainly, then seems to let go of the precision issue and shrugs. "Should be right within a margin of a day or so at most anyways. It doesn't happen often mind you, only nine times so far."

"And you? How long have you been DJing at the clubs without me noticing hm? I know you said it happened recently but I'm kind of curious how long you've been around."

Offering Aurora and Qent a nod and a little wave, Haywood sighs and makes his way towards the Human Potential Network booth, flicking the zippo now and then in a moderately practiced way. Offering Kristy a nod of his bleached blonde head, he salutes. "Master of the dark arts, reporting for duty. Did I miss the memo we were doing recruiting tonight?" He tilts his head then glances out through the crowds of people. "I haven't felt any active ping yet at least."

Leslie smiles as she walks with Gypsy Kairi hooked on her arm. "Stick close to me, sweetie. Lot of hot dicks around here that would love to make a play for you. I am sure you can handle your own but I just want to be close enough to use the sword of them," she chuckles as she walks past the many costumed people, looking around to see if she spots anyone she knows. There is Jalal and he's surrounded... by the ladies! Ooooooo! Leslie locks on to him and starts walking that way. "I spotted Jalal," she says to Kairi so she knows where they are going. "Well, well... Inspector Spacetime! Fancy meeting you here! And you have surrounded yourself with the finest Fallcoast has to offer. "I see my evil twin made it through the portal to our space and time! I'll have to deal with you later! Right now…I'd like to introduce my special friend, the famous Gypsy Queen Kairi."

"Looks like I have my viewing sorted out for the next week" Qent smiles to Aurore and Constantine before the latter slips away. "Are you in any of these clubs?" she asks her fiance with a nod to the variety of booths and stalls on offer. "Oh...corndogs! We're allowed to eat crap tonight, right?"

Adelle nodded along with Demi and Jalal before Leslie showed up with another person, more people were always kind of scary and when she spoke it made it obvious to the newcomers that there definitely was something unsettling about the girl, "Your... Your costumes are both really pretty. I like them. Especially hers." She pointed at Kairi.

"So long as it all goes to your butt, you can eat whatever you want," Aurore cheerfully assures Qent. "And we can certainly start by feeding you a corndog or three. I think you'll quite enjoy the Constantine TV series. Might even be a little educational." She winks amiably, 'Zatanna' starting to guide 'She-Hulk' in the direction of the latter's crap food desires.

Kairi smiles wide as Leslie talks, blushing as well and bumps her hip into Wonder Woman's. "You're embarrassing me, silly." And then they're with the others and she listens to the group. "Hi Jalal. Hello all. Nice to meet you all." Her head sort of turns towards Adelle and blind eyes stare off into nothing. "Thank you, very much."

Kristy doesn't even look up when Haywood looms over the booth counter. Instead she waves a hand at the brochures and says, in a flat voice, "You could have powers you don't know about. Get tested and know for sure." But when Haywood speaks, she finally looks up and gets to her feet. "I only got the memo yesterday" she pouts. "And I had plans." An indignant glance around at the campus before she studies Haywood a little better. "What did you do to your hair? Oh...are you in costume?" Another roll of her eyes. "I've had all these geeks telling me what a great costume I'm wearing. How I look like someone out of something called 'Doctor Who'. I've never even heard of the show and I'm /not/ wearing a costume. Weirdoes."

Bethany/Marishka leans her head back, not expecting such a precise answer. "Wow, to the day, huh? That's pretty ... That's talent!" She looks upward for a moment, trying to recall when exactly she came into town. "Really not that long ago. I want to say last... June? Sounds about right... But I mean, I've been all over New England, so I've been DJing for a few years now. It's only recently that I've come into town and all..."

Out of the blue... and why would they say that? "Out of the Blue", is there a blue screen back in the day where people just jump out of? At any rate, as Sarah and Ambroise talk about history and such, OUT OF THE BLUE, a girl in a white outfit just runs out, she is sporting a cool-ass cape, kick-ass leather boots and a flash of kick-ass skin, she literally jumps over a few people that are sitting and relaxing on the grass. Poor Tony, he was in the middle of drinking of telling something very important to his girlfriend... was that a ring? Oh wait, that ring is now in the bushes, the guy being way too startled by this girl with her skimpy outfit flipping right over them. Others don't fare any better, there are multiple drinks and food dropped. That flash of white is accompanied with that familiar evil giggle that Shyla always tend to let out while on the SASS radio show.

That white streak makes for the radio booth, the hooded brunette jumping on a nearby bench and launching herself impressively in a side flip right in front of the booth, then a jump-slide right along the table between Sarah and poor Ambroise, dropping to the ground and jumping up, back to all, her cape covering the poor booth members with her arms in the air. She spins around so she is facing the rest, her arms still in the air. Oh oh... she just stands there, arms out, grinning but that grin is frozen in place as her face starts to turn pink, then red. There is something to be said about costumes that are based on computer games, they aren't very accurate when it comes to utilitarian uses. And parkour with that outfit? Bad move. Soon that cape is used for something else as she grabs at it to cover her... bouncy... and exposed...assets... and she drops down behind the table with a loud crash since she also got the booth table's tablecloth down with her... dragging all the radio equipment with her to the ground. https://www.dhresource.com/albu_376431685_00-1.0x0/new-female-sexy-girl-assassin-s-creed-ii.jpg

Viktor shrugs. "Not really. Learned skill, doesn't even require as much practice as people often assume." he says, smiling "And ah, so only a few months then eh? Well, well, well, we'll have to make sure you get to see the sights at least, there's hundreds of worthwhile ones around here."

As they talk he starts to walk towards one of the nearby booths, giving people polite little nods of greeting as they pass. "Hello." he says to Kristy, giving the stuff on the table a brief glance "So... paranormal studies?" he asks, tone polite and friendly. Probably wondering if it's for real or a spoof.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That loud crashing was not a new avant-garde song but rather the arrival of DJ Shyla. And we can safely say that she is /all/ here. Anyone who witnessed that arrival knows she hasn't left anything back in the dorm. Lovely outfit you almost have on, Shyla. While my co-host gets herself back into shape and I apologise to Professor Ambroise, here's a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIpfWORQWhU

Jalal smiles, "Well met Wonder Boss." he grins and says, "good to see you again too, Kairi." He gestures to Demi, "You know your doppelganger we will figure out which one of you is from Earth 2 later, and this is our new friend Catwoman." He opens is mouth to continue speaking but then Shyla makes her entrance, his jaw drops a bit but no sound comes out.

Evil twin? It takes Demi a moment before she realises it is her. "Oh...yeah...that will be it" she smiles before offering her hand. "Jill. Jalal's friend...you probably don't remember. Girlfriend actually." A wave to Kairi...since she doesn't seem to realise the woman is blind. And then she too is caught up with the dramatic entrance of Shyla...though she winces at how it must have hurt.

Chuckling at Kristy's automatic response, Haywood shakes his head. "It's a good show. Some Doctors better than others. I'll have to make a sonic screwdriver one of these days." He seems amused with her being put out by the nerdery. Glancing at the approaching Viktor, he tilts his head as fellow looks over their pamphlets. "Parapsychology more than paranormal. Gotta be human to have human /potential/ after all," he offers a bit of a grin to Vik at that, still keeping up the fake British accent to go with the costume. Of course this is until the white streak zips through the crowd and causes a ruckus over at the radio booth. "Oooh, I hope no one was filming that..."

Corn dog secure - nutritional value in the negative - Qent is about to bite down when Shyla is tumbling over, through and possibly under the student bodies. "Maybe we should call Jill" she muses to Aurore. "That looks like a prospective wrestler if I ever saw one."

Leslie chuckles as she shakes Demi's hand. "Of course, I remember you, silly! You’re the girl that is going to make Jalal and honest man finally! You look great Wonder Woman! And a pleasure to meet you Catwoman! I heard wonderful things about you from Gotham! And I just want to say WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" she is interrupted by the loud crash and she looks SASS way. She sees Sarah but no Shyla yet... and then... there she is... "...ah... Shyla has arrived I see!"

Bethany thinks on it for a moment, "Yeah... 365 days in a year... can probably just do some simple math in your head for a bit there." She perks up a little at the thought of being able to see the sights of the city. "That sounds great! I really haven't gotten a chance to see much around here." She walks with him, soon standing by one of the booths and just silently being Viktor's arm candy while he talks with Kristy. Her eyes glance over at the arrival of Shyla, and she visibly winces. "Ouch. That looked like it hurt and now I know more than I thought I'd know about her..."

"Wow. Do you think that we can train you to make an entrance like that?" She grins up at Qent, before looking back to Shyla, sympathetically shaking her head even as she chuckles. "Poor thing. I kind of suspect that wasn't quite what she had in mind. But... yeah. I think that introducing her to Jill could be worthwhile. And - oh. Hrmm." She delves into an inner pocket of her tailcoat, coming up with a buzzing phone. "Ah. Dad. Feel free to approach the poor thing about wrestling, if you want. I shouldn't be too long." Then she's thumbing the phone into life, and answering in Mohawk.

Adelle is distracted by the woman running through, but doesn't really think much of it even with the embarrassing outcome. That must be normal human behavior. But her attention goes back to the conversation, "Ah... Gotham..." Second time she's heard the word today, she's got no clue what or where it is though...

Damn! Real 'customers'! Kristy smooths down her skirt and gets her professional smile on. One that sticks even with the tumult over at the radio booth. "The Human Potential Network exists to find and help people with special abilities. People who probably feel alone...depressed...maybe even suicidal...until we show them all that they can be. As my associate..." A little shake of her head at Haywood's dyed hair. "...mentioned. We are interested in the parapsychology. Have you or your date ever experience something out of the ordinary?"

Kairi is smiling and still glued to Leslie's side. The wave she's given goes unnoticed, but the commotion has the smile damped down into worried lines. Leslie's exclamation making her press into Leslie and the explanation making her relax only a touch. It takes her a minute or two to bring her smile back out.

Shyla 's head pops up from behind the table after a short-ish time later, her face still a shade of pink as she quickly goes to try to help putting whatever she knocked on the ground back, most of which just topples off again since she is in a rush, placing electronics too close to the edge of the table. Finally, everything is in place, and she stands up, her cloak/cape covering her frontside still, at least at first, the girl looking at Sarah in a very sheepish manner, "Umm... sorry about that..." She says, pauses, then glances under her cloak before she nods, letting it go so she is now showing off her outfit the way it was MEANT to be shown. To some, it might not look that different from the previous mishap, skimpy indeed! She plops down in a seat between both Ambroise and Sarah, the girl blinking as she sees the man there as if she just noticed him, "Oh hello, Amby." Well, she recovers fast!

"The CCTV did, and you can get the files for it online." Viktor tells Haywood off-handedly, seemingly disinterested in the ruckus past the brief glance he gave it before "So I'm assuming that at least four people have downloaded the files by now... or will soon enough. We are a _university_ after all, accidental exposure rarely goes undocumented for long."

"And don't worry Bethany" he adds to the woman beside him "If it really hurt she wouldn't be as concerned with covering up, so probably wasn't too bad. In regards to pain anyways." then he smiles to Kristy, looking her over for a moment "I work in Cognitive Sciences... so yes. A fair deal, though I expect not quite the same thing as you're thinking of I would wager. Talented people, for sure, but not any psychics."

Jalal blinks, did Demi just say girlfriend? She had never said that about Jalal before. Between Shyla's entrance and hearing that it is definitely a very eventful night for Jalal. He remains dumbfounded for a bit as his brain muses about what that all means. His expression goes from slack jawed to contemplative, but he remains silent.

"That's not training" Qent replies to Aurore about copying Shyla's entrance. "That was pure natural talent. And she wasn't even hurt. Impressive." But then Aurore is called off for a phone call and Qent decides to check out what other garbage she can eat.

Leslie breaks away from the pack but with Kairi in tow to head over to SASS. "The world's number one assassin! An impressive entrance. Are you okay, ShyShy? You officially have made this party ten times more entertaining." she smiles at Sarah while Shyla is untangling herself and gives her a little wave.

Haywood raises a brow at Viktor a moment, then shakes his head. "We're also on a college campus, where spooky things were happening. At least one person had their phone out the minute there was someone running." He shrugs and circles around the table to be separated from the rest of the masses. He seems more interested in watching the rest of the crowd and leaving Viktor to the boss lady for now.

"We're really only interested in psychics...or witches. Those who use ritual to change the world" Kristy replies to Viktor. "Cognitive Sciences? Hmm. And you haven't encountered anyone beyond the normal?" She picks up a handful of pamphlets. "Would you mind handing these out at your next class? You may not have any powers, but your students may and they could be too embarrassed to tell you."

Kairi blinks and stumbles along at first as Leslie moves off with them both. She regains her stance and moves along at the taller woman's pace almost bumping into her guide when they stop. "Okay? Did Shyla fall or something? I heard the commotion. I hope everyone is fine." she says softly.

"Yeah, but her pride though..." Bethany winces once more. She then realizes that Kristy had also asked her if she had witnessed anything out of the ordinary. "I really can't say that I have, no..." She says softly, deciding now to keep her mouth quiet with more of that popcorn. Mmm.

"I'm glad to see you're in one piece" Sarah smiles to the emerging Shyla. "That was quite the entrance. I wonder how many pics of your skirt up in the air will be on the net by now? Though when you were tumbling, I guess it wasn't 'up' in the air."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "To honor Shyla's miraculous escape from injury...and if you want to see it, it's on Youtube under 'Hot Tumbling Girl Boobs Out...here's a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljIQo1OHkTI

Viktor laughs and shakes his head. "You misunderstand miss. I'm only a sometime guest-lecturer, Cognitive Sciences is my field of study and I do research over at ACRN. I have no students." he tells her "Tell you what though, I'll take a few and bring them out at my next lecture. Not saying I'll endorse you or anything like that, to be clear, but I can think of more than one way to work it into a thought experiment."

Then he turns to Bethany and nods "And yes, pride... might be hurting for a bit, possibly more so once photage starts to circulate but that, I imagine, depends on her attitude towards such things. And the attitudes of the students."

Shyla looks at Leslie as she comes on over, the brunette flashing a grin (did anything really bother her?), "Oh Hi Leslie, and, Kairi! Nice to meet you again, we all really need to hang out more often!" She hears Kairi iquiring about what happened, and without hesitation, Shyla responds, "Oh, I flashed everyone my tits. Not on purpose." She points at her cleavage, remembers that the girl was blind and goes, "I'm pointing to my boobs right now." And when Sarah talks to her? Well, she wrinkles her nose cutely at her and reaches out to push her shoulder, "Yeah, upskirt shots isn't what I'm worried about, Sarah!"

Adelle looked all around confused from all the conversations going on around her and she'd look over at Jalal and Demi since the other two women left, "So what are all of these other things going on around here... Other than putting the dean into the water?"

Leslie chuckles at Shyla. "It was impressive to say the least. Hey, Sarah, when you have a second to escape can I talk to you in private…behind the booth is fine. Shyla, can you look after Kairi for me? I'll just be a second love. There is something really important I want to ask Sarah and I've not had much chance till now."

Demi watches Leslie leave before turning to Adelle. Poor confused Jamal is left to his own devices for now. "Are you a student here?" she asks the 'creepy' girl. "Doesn't matter if you are or not. There's a whole bunch of stalls with games to play. Shooting ducks. Putting balls in clown mouths. That kind of thing. There's that haunted house over there. Dancing later. Lots of things."

Sarah seems quite surprised at Leslie's request. "Sure, Ghost Girl. Shyla, you okay to run the show? Professor Ambroise can help." A wink for her co-host before Sarah takes off the headphones and stands. "Lead the way, Leslie."

Jalal nods to Adelle, 'Yeah just a party to have fun and relax before classes get hectic with the end of the semester." he smiles, "And well it is fun to dress up." he leans closer to Demi/Jill, and says softly, "You said girlfriend in public and everything.' his voice a mix of happy and shocked.

Ambroise seems a bit surprised as he is suddenly press-ganged into helping out with the radio booth but he gives a shrug of his shoulders and says, "Yeah, sure. I'd be happy to help."

"That seems fair enough" Kristy nods to Viktor as she hands over some pamphlets...and then some more. "The hardest thing we have to do is get people to talk about their powers. Most are too ashamed. Too frightened. They worry about what people will think of them. They need to understand that we're on their side." She adds a personal business card to the pile. "My number is on the card for anyone who wants to call."

Kairi opens her mouth to say something but then closes it with a smile. "Alright. But can Shyla hold still that long? You tell me she likes to bop around? Sorry Shyla" she adds worriedly at the end. Her hand lifting in search of the energetic woman as the 'hand off' is made.

Bethany merely nods in agreement to Viktor, then starts to wonder, "... Hope it really isn't anything too bad. Don't want the poor girl to get shamed and bullied and all of that..." voice laden with concern.

Adelle doesn't really answer with whether she's a student or not, she's not - not in this life and no one had recognized her yet, "Oh so it's games and things... I guess I should just go out and see what there is?" She sounded uncertain, like she wanted direction.

Shyla hops up from her seat, pauses to check to see if she's still 'decent' and then scampers around the booth to take Kairi's other hand, "Sure thing! Come on, Kairi, let's go into the magic world of college radio!" And with that she gently tugs on the girl's arm to follow her into the booth and sits her down where Sarah was sitting a moment ago. She then sits back in the seat she was in before, putting on her headphones. She gives Ambroise a smile and a thumbs-up before turning to Kairi, "So Kairi, as a member of the SASS team, if only temporarily, do you have any requests, songwise or otherwise? Want to say something to the students and staff of SJU?" And with that she reaches over, "I'm putting the headset on right now" she says as she places it on Kairi's head, fiddling so it is there comfortably. She also reaches out to take the blind girl's hand and puts it on the microphone and puts her finger on a button. "Button press if or when you want to say something." And with that she sits back and watches her new friend with a happy smile.

Leslie meets up with Sarah and walks her away from the booth a little bit, far enough that Kairi won't hear with her sonic hearing.

Viktor nods politely and smiles at Kristy. "Like any sort of coming out. Sure." he says, amused but still polite and acting respectfully. It's cheap after all, costs nothing. "Oh, I don't think there'll be too much of that" he says to Bethany, patting her hand lightly "The school has a pretty strict policy against that stuff and she's pretty high profile, school DJ and all, so... well, some might happen but nothing too bad. And if it does cross the line, well" he shrugs "the school isn't likely to take it lightly, so to speak. Some progress has, thankfully, been made in that regard."

Leslie smiles at Sarah gives a quick hug and then she speaks, "I know you are a real life witch... I mean.. I've seen your magic at work.. felt your magic at work too...." she blushes a bit at the memories of that one encounter. "I was just wondering... my girlfriend is blind and has been for many, many years. Is there any magic you know or anyone you know.. that could give her some kind of sight, even if temporarily? I want her to be able to see me, see who I am, if even for just a moment... is that possible you think?"

Glancing to Kristy, Haywood says "Well, looks like you've got the table settled pretty well. I should go out and be more active in the recruiting." He offers her a nod, then politely inclines his head to Vik and Beth. "Good luck with your cognitive sciences," he as he takes a few of the brochures and shoves them into his coat pocket. "At least I'll blend in better."

Kristy nods to Haywood as he makes his excuses. "Sure thing. And I still want to hear about Peru. We may have to go back there soon." Then she is all smiles for Viktor and Bethany again. "So...you're vampires?"

"Oh? Did I? Sorry" Demi replies to Jalal about the girlfriend thing. She says it with a tone that suggests she made a mistake and he doesn't like what she said. "Come with us if you like, Catwoman. We can go check out all the stalls and with your skills...we might even win a stuffed animal or two."

"Next time I can tell you all you want, see ya boss!" Haywood grins as he offers her a wave as he goes back to flicking the zippo as he starts to walk away. He mostly just seems to be on a higher alert than he was originally just looking for funsies.

Jalal shakes his head, "No need to apologize I don't mind just never heard someone say that before." He smiles, then he attention gets turned to Adelle, "Yeah that would be awesome." He laughs, "I was never any good at carnival games."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla 's voice finally comes on the air, as cheerful and bubbly as ever. "Tada! Here I am! All of me, which some of you naughty boys and girls probably have on their phones right now." There's a pause. "Which is very, very BAD." Another pause. "You better send me a copy! Email or txt them over. And just THOSE pictures, I don't want any... extras. You guys know what I'm talking about." Silent glare? "Anyway, here's a treat while Sarah's off to do something super important, I am here, not only with Professor Dubois, but K- Oh almost messed up there! Ghost Girl's girlfriend. In a bit we'll see what music SHE is into, but first, well, I guess I'll have to play this." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEsqGOHo0nI

Adelle smiles, they aren't chasing her away at least, this will maybe be the best day she's had in a while! Not like she's had too many days in her short life yet, "Alright, I'll go with you and try some other games if you want me to."

Sarah considers Leslie's words carefully. "This is serious" she whispers in return. "You know I'll do anything I can for you because you're my friend. Just remember that everything has a cost." She forces a smile. "At least this will be a good thing... Does she /want/ to see? That is important. But I can look into it. I'll see what I can come up with. No promises...but I'll try. But she must want it too."

Kairi is led to the radio area and sits down almost gratefully. But then there is a headset and a button to talk?! She grins nervously and puts the headset on with care. Fingers playing with the mic portion for a time. "Um.. Not sure? I listen to all sorts of things."

"Well, that's very refreshing to hear." Bethany comments, smiling faintly when her hand is pat. She nods in response to Kristy, giving her a big, pearly white smile with some fangs that were molded in. She hisses, then munches on more popcorn. "I'm a Vampire bride who feed on blood and butter!"

Leslie nods. "I understand... yes.. she does. I asked her when we first started dating that if she could look and see what I look like, even if just for a minute, would she do it? And she said yes. If it is magic that will harm someone else or me.. to make it happen... she'll refuse.. she's such a sweet soul.... but.. I want her to see me.. just once. She loves me regardless of what I look like... but.. I don't want her to guess... I want her to know who I am...."

"Vyes!" Viktor answers Kristy quite dramatically and with a suddenly very thick accent, striking a snooty-noble pose made near perfect by an expression that in a movie would instantly label him the bad guy. "I a'am the count Draculja and this is Marishka" he gestures to Bethany at his side "my bewloved bwide!" more than once he manages to show off his very realistic looking fangs without making it too obvious that it's intentional. Then he grins and shrugs "It was this or Doctor Strange for me, this seemed like more fun." he admits.

Shyla grins and says, "Well, just think of the first song you think of right.... NOW. Ok, got it? So tell it to me, and I'll load it up. Then you could press that button thingy and say something. Go say something about Ghost Girl if you wish... you know, like her voice is like the singing of angels or something like that? Then give me the thumbs up and I'll play the song!"

"You should have split the difference and come as Dr Acula" Kristy suggests with a wry smile to Viktor. "Blood and Butter? Cute. Thankfully, my blood is so cold that it puts most vampires off" she deadpans. Or she could be telling the truth.

Sarah considers for a long moment before nodding once. "Okay...I'll see what I can do. You may say it doesn't matter what you look like but...I'm sort of picking up the opposite here" she smiles softly. "Neither of you have anything to worry about there. She is /damn/ hot, Leslie."

Bethany spreads one arm out while she's introduced, the hand holding the popcorn still and her other arm laced with Viktor's. "Ooo! That's a good idea." She snickers. "Reminds me of that old Mitch Hedberg bit..."

Haywood pauses midstride, the lighter flicking open again but igniting this time. He turns back to the table, brow furrowed slightly. He seems to be waiting for something, then frowns and shakes his head. "Well, that was interesting..." he murmurs, then glances back to the vampires. "Coulda gone as Count Chocula or the Count from sesame street. Both are way more popular."

<SJU Radio> Kairi says, "Radio That was Ms. Spears doing her thing. Sort of like Shyla here." ,she says nervously. Her voice rich and a hint of French accent. "This is Ghost Girl's girl for those listening. I'm not sure where everyone is but it's loud and busy down here. Come on out to enjoy the party and the costumes. For now, have a listen to this." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUCoYcxNMBE"

"Then let's get going!" Demi grins to Jalal and Adelle, hooking an arm in each of the others'. She is 'dragging' them forward, along the booths. "Anybody want something horrible to eat? Guaranteed to have us hugging the porcelain throne for hours tomorrow. Sounds fun, right!"

Shyla beams as if she just had her kid do something great. "That was great, Kairi! See, it isn't that difficult, and you are a natural!"

Leslie smiles and blushes a little.. Wonder Woman.. blushing... oh yeah.. "I know she's hot! I see her naked almost every day but.. I want her to be able to see me...just once.. so that the image of me is burned in her mind... so she never has to guess what I look like. She will know. It's not... vanity or anything... I just .. she has to GUESS.. all of her life.. she's had to guess about everything... I want her to KNOW for once... is that.. okay?"

"Oh come on, why is everyone questioning Dracula as a choice?" Viktor exclaims with a laugh, shaking his head. "It's a classic and for good reason, no? I mean, ok, it has some questionable undertones to it but he IS the villain of his piece so that is to be expected, no?"

He grins and shakes his head. "Everyone is the critic tonight, tsk tsk. And as for you blood, fret not, we agreed when we came here that we'd only eat volunteers."

Jalal laughs, "Of course fair food is the best food." he grins walking along with Wonder Woman and Catwoman, somewhere there is a jealous Batman. He grins, "So if we win a stuffed animal who gets it?"

Shyla looks over at Ambroise, giving him her trademark smile as well, "So, Sir! Did you want to go next? If you want you can talk about swords and stuff." There's a pause, then she leans over to him with her lowered voice, gesturing at the quad, "Although I think everyone is more into dancing and playing games right now. Do you have a particular song you want us to play? Just let me know, and then take the mic!"

Kairi blushes and laughs. "Music. I do love music. It's one of the few artforms I can enjoy fully. Speaking in public and on radio? That is new. My heart is pounding in my chest by just doing that little bit. But thank you." She takes off the headphones to offer them to Shyla.

Adelle seems pretty stiff but she's glad these people seem to want to hang out with her, "Oh I don't... I don't need anything like a stuffed animal but food really does sound good, I haven't had anything that really seems like food in a few days."

Sarah takes a deep breath and nods. "Okay. I'll see what I can do. It may be a spell. It may be an empowered object. And I may not be able to do it at all...but I'll try my hardest."

Bethany offers the popcorn to Viktor, "It's all right, I appreciate Dracula and your choice." She nods in agreement, then directs at Kristy, "That's right! We're not going to take anyone's blood by force. Besides, we had some earlier." then to Viktor, "Isn't that right?"

Ambroise shakes his head and flashes a quick grin to Shyla. "No, that's fine," he says to her. "I'm just here to help out while Sarah is busy, but honestly I think you've already got everything covered with your new co-pilot."

Leslie hugs tightly and kisses Sarah softly on the cheek. "Thank you for trying. It means the world to me..." she squeezes in the hug then let's go. "Now.. let's get you back on air before Shyla turns Kairi into your replacement... and... too late...." she says as she hears Kairi's voice over the local speakers and she just laughs.

"And you won't have anything that really seems like food here either" Demi giggles, "But we can get you something." She stops at the hot dog stand. "Like a hot dog. I am about fifty per cent sure that no dog is actually involved. What would you like, Adelle?"

Jalal laughs, "Pretty sure it is just pig parts no one wants to think about." he does order one for himself however. He grins, "Besides it is either this or run to a Walmart and buy all the cheap cany we can find and binge."

Shyla reaches out to lightly press her hand on Kairi's to push it back towards her, "No need, keep them on, you in for the more than one song, you know!" She giggles evilly, and then presses the button on her own microphone.

Sarah finally returns to the Radio Booth with Leslie in tow. "Everything going okay?" she asks the Triumvirate of Talk currently in charge of the airwaves. She finds a new seat rather than move Kairi. "I'll come back on after the next song" she smiles to the others.

Haywood watches the two a moment, as if memorizing them before glancing back to Kristy. "I won't be far if you need me," he says. He offers her another salute with the non-lighter holding hand before glancing back to Vik one last time before heading off towards the crowds.

Adelle smiled, she got their jokes. At least if there was one thing she was born with it was with a morbid sense of humor, "Well I might have wanted to try dog but... A hot dog made of pig parts will have to do."

Leslie pulls out her cellphone and takes a pic of Kairi with the headphones on as a Gypsy Queen because she is soooo damn cute with those headphones on. "A Kodak moment! You are sooo cute!" she chuckles, snaps then leans in to kiss Kairi on the cheek.

Kristy looks from Bethany to Viktor and back again after their proclamation of feeding on blood earlier in the evening. "Uh-huh" she states slowly before remembering it is Halloween after all. "Then I'm glad you won't be nibbling on anyone else tonight." A sigh for Haywood's suggestion of alternate vampires. "And who have you come as again?" she asks the blonde man in the brown jacket before he salutes and wanders away.

"Indeed!" Viktor answers Bethany and nods, producing a steel flask from the chest pocket of his vest, flicking the cap with a easy movement of his thumb and taking a sip of the contents before handing it over to Bethany, using his other hand to hold onto the popcorns. On his lower lip a small spot of awfully realistic looking blood shows for just a moment before he licks it away, smiling. "Yum yum." he says with a grin and a wink directed at Kristy. "But seriously, don't worry. It's just a citrus drink, some thickening and blood coloring from the costume store. I know the health issues related to hemophagy."

Kairi's face is slightly panicked for just a moment as she's told she's not done. But she buts the headphones back on in time for a picture and then smiles at the kiss. "Welcome back." She is grateful to hear Sarah back as well, perhaps releiving her of more radio duty.

"As long as you wear a condom, hemophagy is no more dangerous than sex with girls" Kristy informs Viktor with the gathered wisdom of a public school education.

Xyra makes her way onto the quad, standing out a bit by wearing sunglasses despite the darkness, and the bright white of her hair and dress any time a spotlight passes over her, or even in the dim lighting it tends to be fairly noticeable as she hasn't bothered to try hiding it at all, not even her customary hat to be had. She looks around at the decorations and activities, shying away from the haunted house for now.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "And that was Eric Prydz's "Generate", a song on his debut album "OPUS" back in 2016. And let's hear it for Ghost Girl's Girlfriend! Although I really should ask her if she would rather be called by an actual name of her very own." She giggles at that, "She's a natural, and with that accent, woo! Hot, I have to fan myself after that. Ok ok, I'm going to stop gushing over her, or Ghost Girl will literally ghost-ME! There she is, at the Halloween extravaganza with us, and I can confirm that she is drilling me with those gorgeous eyes of hers. Right. Through. Me. At any rate, let me get this song out before I am 6 feet under, this is a request from a Cool Dude. That's a capital 'C' and a capital 'D'." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQYTNNHc1cQ

Bethany casually takes the flask, taking a shared gulp of it before closing it and offering it back to Viktor. She, too, licks her lips to clean them of the fake blood. "Erm... What...?" She seems a bit confused now.

Demi digs into her pockets to find money to pay for hot dogs for the trio. "Three with the lot" she says to the vendor before looking back to her companions of Adelle and Jalal. "Go hard or don't go at all...as the actress said to the bishop. Oh...and sodas." She notices Xyra and her sunglasses at night but just assumes it's a costume.

"Um, no. Actual blood drinking is not made any safer by a condom." Viktor informs quite seriously. "Between two tested, monogamous, adults? Maybe, but otherwise it does bring some risks, even before one considers over-indulgence." he adds, then smiles at Bethany. "A hemotophage is a creature that drinks or eats blood as a primary or exclusive source of nutrition." he explains, losing his serious tone as he repockets the flask. "Among humans it's not super dangerous but it does bring some health concerns, not only infections."

Jalal grins and munches on the hot dog, "Hey it is a party." he grins and asks Catwoman, "So what do you do?" Before he hears an answer he woots, "hey this is the song I requested."

"Oh...you meant drinking blood" Kristy replies, blushing a little before sticking her jaw out. "I knew that...now. I was just making a joke. Yeah...like I always do. Haha." Face saved and in such a cool and unnoticed manner! "Though it could depend on where you want to drink the blood from" she suggests before smiling at Bethany. "So he drunk from you to make you his bride? Kinky."

Adelle took a big bite out of the hot dog she was given! Cooked meat, so tasty, way better than what she usually had to get for herself, "What... Do I do?" She got this deer in headlights look on her face she didn't know how to answer him, and did not prepare a good answer for if someone asked her that, "I ah... that is..."

Xyra decides to grab some food, heading over to get a hotdog. She reaches into pocket of the white dress she wears to get some money for the food and looks around at other people some more, as though looking for someone. White dress, white hair, and pale skin, she looks almost ethereal when the lights pass over her. Her attention is drawn to the group near her at the hotdog stand, as she overhears introductions, hovering at the edge of the group.

"Oh! Err, I figured that I just meant... about the condom... never mind." Bethany giggles nervously, then her eyes shift to Kristy and she starts to blush herself. "W-wha? I... Hah! That's... That's too funny. And now that I think about it... vampires who... oh man, that's horrendous. Vampires who feed on Aunt Flow."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was 'Bloodletting' by Concrete Blonde. A very Halloween type of song that one." A pause. "Did he dedicate this to anyone? I hope not...you'd have to worry about that if he did" she giggles. "Thanks for GGG for taking over for me. Professor Ambroise is still with us but he seems a little dazzled by all the monsters who are walking past. Hopefully he doesn't whip out his sword to deal them a savage blow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAzESJ62irI

Viktor laughs and grins wide. "Now I almost want to know what you thought it meant." he comments to Kristy, then moves on from the topic. "And pft, I'd say mesmerism is kinkier. Submission, dominance, entrancement. How could one possibly top that without the use of handcuffs, hm?"

With a little chuckle he looks aside to Bethany "And well, while there's definitely a public picture of it being unhygienic... Aunt Flow is actually not so bad. About the same as any other blood, bar some slight PH differences perhaps."

Leslie takes Kairi's hand and pulls her in close, snatching a small kiss. "Wanna get some food and drink Gypsy Queen?" she smiles at her heart's desire.

Kairi takes off the headset and places it in her seat after returning Leslie's kiss. "Yes. Something sweet? Funnel cake? I thought I smelled some." She turns back towards the others. "Thank you for having me on the air. It was…nerve wracking but fun."

Shyla listens to the song Sarah is playing, but flashes a smile at Kairi, her voice carrying that smile to the auditorily-heightened girl, "Glad to have a small part in traumatizing you tonight. Have a fun rest of the night!"

"Ooh...you requested that song?" Demi smiles before listening to it. "Umm...what is it about? Bloodletting?" She purses her lips in thought before shrugging. "Rocks at least. Do you like music, Catwoman?" At the arrival of Xyra, Demi offers her a smile too. "Love your costume" she tells the pale woman with the sunglasses. "Vampire Ghost in the Shell?"

Leslie wanders off with Kairi to find her some funnel cake and drink. "You are a natural DJ baby..." she chuckles and kisses the side of her head as she walks along, enjoying the company. She gives Jalal a thumbs up on the way by and points at Demi then back at him and winks to him her approval.

Xyra gives a little shake of her head, but smiles in return "Was just going for Ghost." she replies "But I couldn't find anything better for my eyes." she says, lifting the glasses to reveal her red irises. A moment later a spotlight passes over her and she winces, quickly lowering the glasses once more. "Diana?" she asks with a quick look over her own costume.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "That was "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us" by Sparks. And the Professor is indeed a no-nonsense kind of guy it seems. Maybe someone you would want in your corner when things go sideways." She clears her throat, then continues, "So GGG had to... ooooh, that's a cool name, good job, Sarah, I think we should dub her that, officially, if we have on in the future. "Triple-G", sounds almost like a wrestling na- Oh no! I forgot, there was a wrestling thing yesterday, right? Dang it, I totally missed that. Well, I'll be sure to catch the next match-thing. At any rate, we can't have a Halloween show without at least playing the next song." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dfZ9BXaNyE

Kristy stares as Viktor starts talking about drinking menstrual blood. "Umm...err...everyone to their thing I guess." She looks frantically around for someone to thrust a pamphlet at.

Jalal nods to Demi, "According to the band it was inspired by an Anne Rice book, I thought it was very holiday appropriate." He grins, "Nice to meet you Ghost, I am Inspector Spacetime." he says gesturing to Adelle, "And this is Catwoman." He laughs, "We are like the Junior Justice League or something."

Adelle was glad Wonder Woman seemed to change the subject from what Adelle actually does, since she doesn't in fact do anything - not really, "Oh! I like music, but I don't know a lot of it. Just what I hear sometimes..." Oh! She thought of maybe something she could say she does, "Anyway I can't really say if it's anything I do... but I sometimes look for ghosts."

Kairi laughs as she is lead along to food through the crowd. "I'm not sure I'm a natural. Maybe? Thank you though. Did you have a good talk with Sarah?" She clutches Leslie's arm with both hands, trusting her to lead through safely.

Viktor nods at Kristy. "Indeed. Hemotophagy isn't really for me, but to each their own. Provided one knows the risks of course." he smiles and gets an apologetic expression "My apologies if my comments somehow made you ill at ease however, I assure you it was not my intention. Merely seemed like information relevant to Bethany's comment."

Bethany suckles on her lips for a moment, "Yeah... and I bet that PH difference is what makes the smell... err... Never mind. I said too much already!" She decides to shut her mouth with more popcorn. It looks like the bag is almost done by now!

Leslie smiles and nods to Kairi. "I did. A very good conversation. It was something that has been on my mind for a while. Something I need her help with. She's going to try and help me out. She's such a nice girl. That's Shyla's girlfriend if you didn't know."

"Oh, well there's certainly some other, rather pungent, additions to it. They're just no worse for you than any other blood." Viktor answers Bethany, then quickly realizes that he did in fact just apologize for making someone uncomfortable with such comments. "My apologies once more." he adds, quickly, to Kristy, then grins sheepishly "That was the last PSA on the topic you'll hear from me, you have my word."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Lindsey Stirling with 'Moon Dance'. She's just released a new album but I can't find a copy anywhere. We live in a download age but I like the feel of those round things in my hands. Yep, last night was the LONE Halloween event and I heard it went down like a nun on a break." A pause. "Umm...can we bleep that? How about we get back to the music. Quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH2f4A4SVNk

Kristy thrusts a pamphlet into the hand of a bemused cheerleader and then screws up another before hurling it at a passerby. "Apology accepted" she says...twice...to Viktor. "I mean, if you need to clarify something then you clarify it. Easy. Perfectly natural." How could Bethany still eat all that popcorn?

Xyra tilts her head thoughtfully for a moment "I'm sure there was a Banshi -somewhere- in the DC universe." she says with a little smile "You do seem to have plenty of heroes though. Now you just need a villain to defeat." she says, glancing around to see if there are any handy Jokers, head tilting this way and that, long white hair rippling with each movement.

"I'm not the only Wonder Woman here" Demi notes to Xyra with a smile. "There's another one walking around that looks awesome. But you've done a good 'Ghost'" she assures the other woman before looking surprised at the red eyes for a moment. "Sorry...that was rude. Banshi? You'll have to ask Jalal about that. I'm more into Marvel and horror comics. So why am I dressed as Wonder Woman? It may have had something to do with Jalal begging." She winks at him. "Just teasing." Demi quirks an eyebrow at Adelle. "You look for ghosts? You should talk to Jalal. It's what he does too."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "And that's the theme song for "Christine" brought to you by John Carpenter. Yes, you heard right, "Christine" the movie based on Stephen King's book back in the day. I am embarrassed to say I never actually saw the movie, but I did read the book! Spooky. And what did you say, Sarah? I didn't hear that, something about nuns and going down somewhere? Spring break? Hey, stop throwing st-" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6-ZGAGcJrk

Jalal blushes a bit as Demi outs Wonder Woman as his costume request, "It's true." He admits sheepishly, "As far as I recall there was the Silver Banshee she is a superman foe." he Nods to Adelle, "that is my job too. I work with Fallcoast Paranormal Society we investigate strange occurrences for people." he smiles, "If i wasn't in costume I would give you a card."

Kairi nods once as they walk. "You've told me. We should have them over sometime. I think.. it's time to invite more people over. Friends." She stops with Leslie as they find the sweets booth. The blind woman enjoying the scent of powered sugar over hot pastry.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was The Living Tombstone with Spooky Scary Skeletons...the remix. That's a good one to bounce along to. I like it. Now, I know there are people expecting us to play 'Thriller' at some point and we'll get to it. Promise. We'll make it the last song we play as it gives us plenty of time to clear out. But for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFPI9b9N6CQ

Bethany laughs faintly, "Yes, yes I apologize, too. Pretty nasty subject. Anyway..." It's a wonder, with the subject at hand, that she can. She looks up at Viktor, "Do you want to explore the rest of the activities? Or... well, I mean, it -is- getting late, too..."

Leslie holds up two fingers. "Two funnel cakes please!" she orders, pulling her little purse off her utility belt to pay. She looks at Kairi and smiles, "Yes. That would be nice! So many people want to meet you! And of course that house of ours... that's a party house! We should! I definitely want to host a New Year's party there for sure. We can invite everyone. Your mama and papa should come back for Christmas and stay through New Year."

"Yes, right." Viktor says and nods to Kristy, quite obviously not sure if that acceptance of the apology was in fact genuine or not. "And yes" he agrees with Bethany "I guess we really ought to get out there and, hm, enjoy the rest of the party." he says, his easy smile slowly returning to him as he looks to Kristy "Best of luck to you tonight miss, and Happy Halloween!"

Parting words delivered, and with a bit of uncertainty still visible on his expression, Viktor only waits long enough for Kristy and Bethany to speak their own before they wander off, taking in the other stalls in passing and, often, with amusement.

Adelle was surprised at that, she didn't expect any of what she suspected to be humans to willingly seek out ghosts, "The Fallcoast Paranormal Society? That sounds kind o---" She can't help it for a moment and starts coughing into her arm. The black sleeve would cover up just about all of it and she'd likely be the only one who could see the wisps of black ectoplasm absorbing into her sleeve and dissipating in the air, "...Ah... Sorry... Sounds kind of interesting. Do you like it? My father taught me all about ghosts and how to exorcise them. You don't really have to make them leave though, just sometimes make them happy."

"Nice to meet you, Professor" Kristy waves to Viktor as he heads off. She offers a smile of understanding to Bethany. "Interesting guy. I hope you two have fun tonight. Maybe even Wang-Chung tonight."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, ""Everyday is Halloween" by Ministry! And of course, this is true for many people out there. I wonder if on Halloween, they sometimes would go out wearing a sensible button down shirt and a nicely ironed pair of slacks. You know, dress up as what they would consider ridiculous. So, Sarah, I'm wondering, should we get loads of candy? I mean, I know we wouldn't have any shortage of people wanting to eat our tasty treats at the dorms but..." Ba-da-bump. "... but, do they have that Trick-or-Treat thing on campus? How would that work, anyway? I guess that's silly... you know what? Let's get the candy anyway, I'll just gorge on it all myself, haha! And the next song is quite lovely, *I* think, but I do love them Disney things..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBYGmHagPDE

Kairi grins and reminds Leslie. "I let Dagna play hookie at Christmas time. That means it'd all fall to you to plan out. Dagna needs her time with her daughters. But if you want to do that I'm fine with it. She keeps nagging me to go with her on vacation." She's forced to let go of Leslie to take the funnel cake. Breaking off a piece she eats it with a soft mm.

Xyra looks over at Jalal and looks curious, at least as curious as one can look with their eyes hidden "So you guys like run around houses with EM detectors and tape recorders and stuff to try and find some random fluctuations?" she asks, not sounding condescending about it, but actually curious. She runs a hand through her hair, frowning at Adelle's coughing, but not noticing anything particularly odd about it.

Leslie nods. "I can handle it. I'm a big girl!" she says. "I am Wonder Woman damn it!" she smiles. "Thank you," she says to the cook and starts eating with Kairi. "It'll be amazing. Should make Dagna's spawn come HERE for Christmas so we can all be one big happy family."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was a Disney Villains Medley by Peter Hollens and Whitney Avalon. Ummm...do you really need a sugar rush, Shyla? You know what happened last time. You thought that the Glee Club was your backing band and you rushed on stage to try and perform their entire concert. Thankfully, you're good enough to pull it off but you terrified everyone to begin with. And did you really have to punch the conductor in the nose? And, yes, listeners, there is footage of Shyla singing at the concert on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmJxeysqiAY

Bethany laughs a little at Kristy's joke. "... Here's hoping, eh?" She waves farewell, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Bethany, by the way. Have a good one tonight!" She turns now to follow Viktor through the rest of the festivities tonight. "I don't have anything to do tomorrow, by the way. So I'm not really in a hurry to get home or whatever."

Kinsman arrives on scene... so what if it's 52 degrees outside! He's always been warm blooded and this is good because the outfit he's in is going to require it less he freeze to death. As if he walked right out of Frank Miller's 300, a very buff Spartan dressed Kinsman with spear and shield walks through the crowd, red cape billowing behind him. He could have definitely worked as an extra in the movie! He gives winning smiles to anyone that gawks and stares. He makes a beeline for the SASS booth. After all, he wants to work for them as their engineer tech. He stands before the ladies in his half naked state, planting his spear on the ground and resting the shield against his right leg. "Shyla! And this must be the infamous Sarah I've heard so much about! Nice to finally meet you!"

Kairi gets powdered sugar all over her face. It's a natural hazard while eating the treat, especially when one can't see the hazard in question. She laughs with a closed mouth and then says, "You broach that subject with her. If she wants too I'm fine with it. I'll even spring for the airfare."

Leslie cheers! "Hoooray! Family! I will ask! And we so need the biggest damn Christmas tree we can find! We can have a decorating party! Invite over Jalal, Dot, my parents, Shyla! Sarah! Who else could we invite!?"

"Good luck" Kristy waves to Bethany before plonking herself back into the chair behind her booth. Now she can get back to playing with her phone...and maybe taking a photo of Kinsman as he walks past.

"Alright." Viktor answers, nodding. "Well, we could always hit a pub, club or something? There or do one of the night-time sights." he offers after a moment’s thought, giving Bethany a brief up-and-down look. "Or... maybe not clubs, unless we're changing first. Not sure what they're like on nights like this but I suspect the temperature will drop a fair deal now that the sun is down." he muses "Do you have a preference in regards to where to go?"

Jalal nods to Xyra as he talks to her and Adelle about his job, "Yeah we go in with Em Meters and Av equipment like IR cameras and we looks for evidence of something." he gestures toward Leslie, "My boss is the other Wonder Woman." He adds, "It is really neat though a couple of our cases have gotten us involved with the police, on one we found some bodies hidden in a basement wall and well another there was no ghost but a sledgehammer wielding killer." He shakes his head, "Still it is one of those jobs that gets into your blood." he nods to Adelle, "I can see that after all a ghost that is not harming anything really wouldn't need to be forced out. though we would likely not be called about it either."

"Sounds like Ghost knows all about it too" Demi grins - Ghost being Xyra. "Looks like I'm the only one who hasn't gone and hunted ghosts." She smiles proudly as Jalal relates his recent jobs...though it does become a concerned smile with all the dangers mentioned. "Serial killer?"

"Anywhere that's warm." Bethany states with a laugh afterwards. "One of the night-time sights might be interesting, though. I don't know about any of them so if you know of one that's cool, maybe we can head out there and see what's up?" She suggests, smiling warmly. "We can get changed too before we go out to any clubs... but I mean, I go to clubs a lot so it's... not really much to me anymore. Heh."

Sarah looks up at the Spartan's arrival before offering a curious gaze at Shyla. "Have you been ordering beefcake again?" The dark skinned woman turns back to Kinsman and offers him a warm smile. "I am indeed Sarah. Umm...if you're a strip-o-gram then it must be a very short message."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla laughs, "Oh, you always have to bring THAT up! They needed a bit of energy in that concert, anyway, I did them a favor. But... I appreciate that they didn't get me into TOO much trouble, I really don't want to be kicked out, then I would have to sneak into our... no... YOUR dorm room all the time." There's a pause, then with a lowered voice, a whisper, really, she goes, "There's a half naked Spartan greeting us right now. I'm not kidding. You know, they need to have rules around here about students wearing such skimpy outfits, this is unacceptable and is VERY distracting!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zLRHoqHgxA

Adelle is glad her gamble paid off, seems like her actually knows about ghosts! Whether all the ones were real or not was another story but it was something, "Well I don't know about all that equipment... I wouldn't have any idea what to do with any of it. But it all sounds kind of scary and fun. And a killer like that can cause ghosts so stopping him sounds just as good as exorcising some."

Kairi shrugs. "Whomever you want." She says to Leslie. She shivers a little, chilled and huddles in closer to the Wonder Woman beside her. "How is the cake? Mine is rather awesome. Should we take some up to the DJs?"

Xyra gives a shake of her head "No, I mean, I watched a few paranormal type shows when I was younger and I've read a bit about it, but I've never gone out on a hunt or anything like that. They can be dangerous though... not cause of ghosts, but you know, lots of old buildings with bad wiring and lighting and who knows what kind of code violations." she points out, then looks back to Jalal "That was you? Didn't the body like... vanish or something? Wasn't that what the news said?" she asks, glancing over as the Spartan makes his grand entrance, a bit of pink coming to her otherwise pale cheeks.

"Well, I have to admit that I too have a... well, less than great enthusiasm for clubs these days. Sometimes it fits but other times... not so much." Viktor agrees with Bethany, nodding. "It's what happens with time, alas." then he snorts and grins wide "Which, I guess, talking like an ancient also does. Anyways, we could always see if there's something interesting going on downtown? Street-faire or whatever, and if not well..." he shrugs "We'll think of something else?"

Shyla releases the button on her mic and leans forward a bit to look at the Spartan a bit closer, which really makes her it a nicer view for him as well. "My, you aren't shy at all, aren't you, Scott?" She giggles, waving her hand in front of her face to mimic a fan, "Yes, Sarah, I know this one. His name is Scott, and he's shown interest in our little radio show, he's an audio engineer! So maybe he can help with, well, whatever technical stuff that you do, I really do feel bad that you do most of that stuff. I mean, I would help but... you banned me from touching the stuff." She pouts a bit, sticking her lower lip out in that impossible-to-resist fashion.

Leslie nods. "It is freak'n delicious! Almost better than sex. Almost!" she grins and looks over at the SASS booth. "Hot damn..." she whistles. "Ummm.. I think they have more than enough food to keep them going right now!" she laughs and then wipes some of the sugar off Kairi's cheek. "You look cute covered in sugar. Are you cold?" she says, hugging the French red in close and rubbing her skin to warm it up.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was a really slow version of 'Don't Fear the Reaper' by Denmark and Winter. A country and a season combined for that. You could run away pretty easily from the Reaper moving that slow. Though it was quite pretty. And, yes, we have a nine tenths naked Spartan standing here with his spear out. And in honor of him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM6I-pmV0RA

Kinsman laughs at the Strip-O-Gram comment. "We aim to please at Kinsman Strip-o-Gram services! Yeah! Shyla showed me your setup and I'd love to help you ladies out! I'm getting my audio engineering degree squared away here and practical experience in the right environment would be good on the ressssuuume~ after grad! So if you so inclined, love to be part of the team but only if that doesn't screw up the dynamic duo of radio!" he smiles, admiring the offerings shown by Shyla.

"A sound tech?" Sarah seems quite surprised by the choice of career by Kinsman. "Umm...sure...we could do with the help. If you can set it up like we like it then great. But that means some additional protection for Shyla's...equipment. She damages it every now and then. Come see us during the week and we'll see what you've got. Not that there's much more to see."

Kairi smirks. "I know that whistle. There's something going on over there at the booth isn't there. Something involving skin or actions? Hmmmm?" Still she's grateful for the warming up. "Yes. A bit chilled. Not sure how much longer I can be out here without a coat."

Jalal nods to Xyra, "Yeah I heard something like that but not sure what happened. the body was there when we called the cops, and we get taken in to custody to answer a bunch of questions which I can understand even if I never want to have to do that again, and it was only later that I heard in the news that it disappeared." he shrugs, "I mean maybe it got lost somewhere or someone swiped it for whatever sick reason. I don't know I just know I am glad I will never see the maniac again." He nods to Adelle, "It was very scary, and I am not sure about fun but there is an adrenaline rush." He laughs and says, "Well I am in double trouble then because I do like to explore old abandoned buildings in my free time as well."

Leslie nods. "Yes. There is a Spartan warrior over at their booth and he is not wearing much. Yuummmmmmy." she chuckles then looks down at Kairi. "To bad for him I found what I was looking for in you," she chuckles and gets another little bit of powder off Kairi. "Damn this crap goes everywhere!" she laughs.

"Maybe you can ask your boss about Catwoman and Ghost coming along" Demi suggests to Jalal. "You know...when you let me come along too." Subtle hint there. "And the police still haven't found the body? It can't have gone far. Are they at least looking for it? Sorry, they must be." She looks to Adelle and Xyra. "Did Jalal mention his boss is the other Wonder Woman...well...one of the many others." She points to the Leslie and Kairi.

Adelle wonders if she should perhaps change the subject of conversation, "Shall we go see some of the other booths?" She really wants to see what else this place has to offer, "There are lots of people that look like they're waiting for people to come to theirs."

"I don't..." Xyra starts, then frowns a bit and nods "Well.. yeah, sure, actually that could be fun I guess. Never can really get the same feel from a show, and you never know how real the shows are in the first place." She glances over at the other Wonder Women... a whole army of them at the campus today. "Yeah, he said one of them was." she replies, gesturing to Leslie "No dean dunking for me. I couldn't do it with a thousand baseballs.

Kairi lets Leslie take care of the errant sugar and smiles. "It does. Part of the charm of eating it?" She shivers again and goes up on tip-toe to whisper into Leslie's ear, almost headbutting the woman in the process.

Kinsman does the SUCCESS fist pump. "Yes! Awesome! Yeah! Will do! And don't worry Sarah! I will figure out a way to Shyla proof the equipment stacks! If you want this to be the uniform I might have to charge extra though!" she chuckles.

Leslie blushes softly at the whisper and nods. "Sooooon," she says in response to the whisper. "Come on! Let's see if Jalal has proposed to his girl yet!" and she pulls Kairi in close and wanders back over to where she last saw Jalal whose party has now grown. "Jalal. You are popular tonight or is it the wonderful GIRRRRRLFRIEND of yours doing it?" she chuckles and waves to the nice faces.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla pffts as she tries to keep back a giggle, then gives up, laughing it up, "Spear out.. oh you kill me, Sarah, that's hilarious! I mean, he literally is standing there with his spear out. A long, rigid, slightly angled spear." A pause, "AND so, what are everyone's plan for All Hallow's Eve? Clubs? Hot parties? You know, Halloween is actually a Gay Pride day for straight people, you know? Go out, wear enticing clothes, just go all out crazy! It's fun! I mean, make sure everything is cinched tight so there's no wardrobe malfunctions... Oh well!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QGMCSCFoKA

Kairi moves along with Leslie to join the others. One hand holding Leslie and the other what's left of the funnel cake. She's eaten about half of it but has the look of one done with her food. "You're so bad, Leslie. Don't make him blush too much."

Shyla purses her lips and leans back, crossing her arms, "Well! I don't appreciate everyone saying I break things. I would like you to know that I only broke a few bits of equipment, which I am sure isn't something that is out of the ordinary!"

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Meat Loaf with 'Bat Out of Hell'. The song that DJs put on when they need a bathroom break. But not SASS! We stay here and ogle a semi-naked man. Did you spray paint those abs on? Umm...sorry...where was I? A song. Yes...a song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i15ALD6fsUU

"Don't be like that, Shyla. I was only teasing. You don't break more equipment than...ummm...many people out there. I just want to make sure that you can be yourself without having to worry about anything. We all love you and I'd much prefer carefully protected equipment than have you sitting still.

Kinsman laughs at the spray on abs. "Nope! A lot of work in the gym! That's where I met Shyla! Touch 'em! They're real!!!!!!!" he grins and strikes a body builder pose, flexing arms and making pecks and abs tighten up for a moment.

"There's the clown mouth game" Demi suggests. "The clown heads turn back and forth and there's a tube down from their mouth emptying out into some slots with different values in them. The idea is that you drop the ball in the mouth so it comes out when the tube is over the highest points. Get lots of points and you get a stuffed animal! Anyone interested?"

Jalal nods to Demi, "Sure I mean I probably won't win but it sounds like fun, plus if I talk about work anymore I might forget it is a party." he smiles.

"Oh that sounds fun! I don't know if I could win it though," Of course Adelle basically said something similar with the Dunking the Dean game and she did that with just one try, "I can just watch."

"Sure." Xyra nods in agreement, looking happy to be included in the group "It's just a timing thing right? Just have to know when to put in the ball and the rest is easy, right?" she asks. Though the premise is easy enough, it rarely works out to be quite so easy. Though with games on a campus they're likely to be somewhat less rigged than ones run by true carnies.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla sings, "o/~ Some girls will! / Some girls won't! / Some girls need a lot of lovin' / Some girls don't! o/~" That's "Some Girls" By Racey, I'll make you guys guess which girl I am! And... wait... ok, I'm being distracted for some reason. It isn't because that Spartan is now striking poses and all that. Where is Campus security when you need them?! Anyway, we really can't keep on going without playing this song. Hey, did you know although the song is named "Monster Mash" and is a song ABOUT the Monster Mash, but we don't actually HAVE a real Monster Mash song?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2PoSljk8cE

"No one stands and watches. Everyone gets involved" states Demi firmly before she is leading the gang towards the next game; Leslie and Kairi on their heels. "Everyone grab a clown" she grins, handing over some more money to the 'carnie' in charge. They are more hired carnies for the night rather than students.

Shyla looks at Sarah almost like a lovesick puppy, she bites her lower lip and smiles to herself as she turns back to look at the Spartan. "Aren't you cold?" She asks simply.

Jalal ponders the clowns for a moment and then picks one with orange hair, "alright this should be a good one." He says. "Prepare to be defeated." Adelle will just have to follow along though she doesn't really understand this game, "Ok I'll do it if you really want me to." She waits for everyone to have their positions taken, no idea what she'd be doing.

Xyra stands in front of one of the clowns and watches its head twist back and forth, glancing down at the point slots that it eventually empties out into. She takes a moment to consider how creepy it is to be feeding balls to a clown head that keeps moving, but whatever. She uses one to try and gauge how long it takes the ball to drop out, and then does her best to time for the most points.

Leslie doesn't really want to mess up Jalal's flow so let's the group get ahead of them. They seem more interested in gaming now. When Kairi shivers again she looks down at her. "Are you cold still? Are you ready to head home then? Get warmed up?"

Kinsman leans on his spear and shrugs. "It's a bit chilly. I mean I have a nipple hard on going on here. Could probably cut glass right now but I'm a Spartan damn it! I've had worse!" he grins at Shyla.

Kairi opens her mouth to talk and her teeth end up chattering. She laughs at this and then leans in closer. "Yes please. Sorry to be a party killer but I need some warming up. Sweatpants and shirt. Can you take me home?"

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was 'Monster Mash' by Bobby Pickett but apparently it's not a 'real' version of it. I was a bit confused by my lovely co-host there. But I often lose myself in her eyes. And, yes, the spartan Spartan is showing off his abs at the moment. I don't really need to touch them, thanks. I believe you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO43p2Wqc08

Shyla shakes her head and looks at Sarah, "See, these men and their privilege, could you imagine US saying something like that? People will go all "OoooOoooo" but if a man says it," She gestures to Kinsman, "It's ok. " She then smiles at Scott, "Not blaming you, of course, pose and talk away, no complaints here..." she looks around at the other onlookers, some of which pretend not to, but do glance over at times, "... or out there, either!"

Demi gets a couple of ping pong balls and her hand hovers over the open mouth of the clown. She releases...and it bounces off the lip of the clown and bounces down sideshow alley. "Gosh!" curses Demi. "I am the worst Wonder Woman ever.' She rushes off after the bouncing ball.

Leslie nods and kisses her on the cheek. "Come on Ice Cube. Let's get you home! We can get all warmed up with coco and marshmallows. My treat!" and the two head out from the festivities for the night.

Jalal starts the ping pong balls rolling down the Clown and at first he thinks he is doing great, "See I told you this was my game." he evidently has not noticed how well Adelle is doing.

Good timing doesn't make up for Xyra's general lack of coordination or physical skill, not able to be consistent with how she tosses the balls into the clown's mouth, even if she manages to time the position more or less correctly, often earning her the low points to either side of the high scorers. She frowns when she finishes and looks over at Adelle's points, who seems to have practically maxed out the game.

Kinsman laughs. "Hey! I am all for equal rights! You girls should totally be allowed to walk around in this same outfit as me!" he nods with a smirking grin. "Say what you want too! But.. we'll still go OOoOoo. It's true. We are childish man apes! Oooo! OOOO! OOOOO!" he starts making monkey sounds and hops around a bit which is way out of character for a tough bad ass Spartan warrior but amusing to behold none-the-less.

Adelle wasn't sure exactly what she was doing right at first, but it was working so she kept doing it and got more and more points, the other three by the end would have had trouble even comparing to her score. When she had no balls left to use she looked around, "Ah... Did I do it right?"

Demi returns with her errant ball and nods to Adelle's question. "Yep...you did it right." The carnie must agree as he thrusts a stuffed unicorn in Adelle's direction. "Ooh...prize and everything. Bravo!"

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "No worries, I just confused myself! And it might not just be me, I mean now instead of a Spartan, we have some sort of monkey creature dancing about before us. It's really insane here, guys, and if you just tuned in, this is SASS at the Quad where we have all sorts of booths and food and fun! There's still time to come on over and have some fun! Or see the hot monkey and goofy Spartan, oh what, I got them adjectives switched. Oh, SO I just got a text, another request! This one is for a song that will be heard all the time in a matter of a couple of weeks. You heard it here first! Well, ok, maybe it's more like, "You heard it here 200,567th!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7imYeuAfkg

Xyra nods her agreement "It seems you're the master... umm... putter of ping pong balls in a clown's mouth." she concludes after a moment, smiling. She wishes she could have been more consistent, but reflex games where never her strong suit. Most games at an event like this aren't likely to be her strong suit.

Jalal laughs and shakes his head, "Well at least I got second." he looks over at the unicorn prize and grins, "See you are on a hot streak tonight, you dunked a dean, had a hotdog and won a unicorn."

Adelle seems surprised when she has the stuffed unicorn shoved in her arms, it's cute but she's not sure what she can do with it, "Well I can't possibly take this right? I... Would any of you want it?" She does hug the stuffed animal some just to kind of see what it's like.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Gary Clark Jr with 'Come Together' - an ode to satisfying sex. No...Shyla's glare tells me that is not the case. It's an old Beatles song anyway, redone for the Justice League...who are coming together for the movie in a few weeks. Looking forward to that one, Shyla? Here's one for Halloween romantics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kimPUWSwxIs

"That unicorn belongs to Catwoman" smiles Demi. "It suits you. You have to give it a name now." She tosses her ping balls back to the carnie before turning on her heels and making her way to the next stall. "Duck shooting?" she asks the others. "Metal ducks. Not real ducks."

Jalal laughs, "Sure why not, after all the Unicorn likely needs a friend we know who the winner of this group is." He laughs. He looks at Adelle hugging the unicorn and smiles.

"I feel like I'm not going to win much here unless they have a memory match game somewhere." Xyra admits "And the Unicorn is yours, you can take care of it." she adds to Adelle, grinning a bit as she hugs it. "But sure, why not duck shooting?"

Adelle figured she could keep going if she didn't have to pay for any of the games, "Well if you want to play more games, I'll play too as long as you'll have me." Duck hunting seemed interesting, though this would likely be the point where Adelle's luck would run out.

Demi has never been a physical girl but she's looking terrible in front of her boyfriend. He'll run off with Adelle if she's not careful. So she lines up the air gun and fires off a couple of rounds that manage to make 'tink' noises when they hit the metal. "I did it" she giggles.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "That's "You're in Love With a Psycho" by Kasabian. NOT Kardashian, thank gods. But why do I feel that maybe you are trying to tell me something, hmmm, Sarah? I can tell you, though, those insane asylums? Never that fun to be in. And am I looking forward to "The Justice League"? Yeah, kinda, although I'm more into it because of Wonder Woman, she's dreamy. Oh, I'm totally into that "Thor 3" movie, though! Woo!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z99B3_R9pY0

Fun fact, Jalal have never used a firearm before and it shows. He mostly misses his shots but does manage to hit one of the targets but does not do well enough to win. Poor Jalal.

Xyra doesn't know anything about guns outside of point and pull. She has a bit of experience in games, but despite media occasionally wanting to apply a link to the two, Xyra does only a barely passable job, which actually isn't so bad considering it's her first time holding an actual gun. Actual airsoft gun that is. She hits as many targets as Demi, which doesn't get a prize, but ties her for first with Wonder Woman.

Adelle seemed to treat the rifle like some sort of foreign object, she actually managed to hit a single target by accident while figuring out how it works and the rest of her shots were pretty far off, she did about as well as Jalal in this game, "I don't think I'm good with these at all."

Kinsman picks up his shield and spear and gives them both a winning Kinsman smile. "Great work DJing. I'm going to go see if I can get in trouble around here. I'll see you both sometime in the week," he bangs his spear against his shield, Spartan style then heads off, checking out other booths. He stops to get something warm to drink to heat up a bit then goes wandering until he ends up passing by the Human Potential Network booth. He kind of glances it over, seeing the lone occupant there with no one taking the bait to check out the booth. Scott decides to alleviate the boredom and satisfy his curiosity. "Hey there!" he says as he walks up looking like a bad ass Spartan.

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Led Zeppelin with 'Immigrant Song'. Yeah, I'm looking forward to Thor too. The rest of the world is already seeing it! If only Chris Hemsworth had played a Spartan like Scotty. It's getting close to the end of the evening. I'm told there will be fireworks, because that's a very Halloween thing, but I hope everybody has been having a good time. Remember to trick or treat on Tuesday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kIcVvDgMq0

Kristy glances up from her phone to find a half-naked, muscly man standing there. "Hey, right back" she smiles before getting to her feet and sashaying her way over to the counter. "Interested in a pamphlet?" she purrs, picking one up to hand on over. "Oh...you've got nowhere to tuck it away. What a shame. Welcome to the Human Potential Network. Where we help those with special abilities control them and feel special. Do you have any abilities? Other than sit-ups."

Neither Xyra or Demi were good enough to win a prize so time to move on. She grabs hold of Jalal's hand as they resume their walk. "Ghost" she says to Xyra. "You're a student here, yes? Have you thought about joining any of these clubs? I mean, I've heard of the debate club but have no idea what the massdebate club is. Anyone know?"

Jalal smiles as Demi takes his hand and shakes his head, "Never heard of it.' He shrugs, "Maybe it is like debate but done by a lot of people at once."

Kinsman takes the pamphlet and chuckles as he gives it flip through and tucks it actually into the back of his shield. He's built a little storage holder into the back of the shield to carry little stuff.. and pamphlets as of now. "Well my mom says I'm special. Are you recruiting for the X-Men or something? You sound just like Doctor Xavier only far less bald and much better looking."

Xyra nods "I am." she agrees, seeming to take to the name Ghost well enough "I have thought about it. I need to look into what kind of computer clubs there are... oh, maybe there is a robotics club, that'd be fun. I don't know what mass debate is. Sounds like politics or something." she suggests.

Adelle was fine not being asked those sorts of questions, letting it remain a vague on whether she is a student or not. She hugged the Unicorn plushie while following behind Demi and Jalal.

"People have asked me that a lot" Kristy replies. "Would it help you make up your mind to come and get tested if I said I was recruiting X-Men? Of course, it would have to be secret. Can you keep secrets? I'm sorry." She offers her hand. "Kristy. Recruitment Officer for the Human Potential Network."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla say, "That's Grace with "Trick or Treat". You know what I noticed about Asian pop idols? I see their albums a few years back and it seems like all the singers have western names. I mean, not their -real- names, of course, but their stage names. It's interesting! But anyway, yes, it is getting late, although as students we shouldn't be affected by such trivial things such as time of night, right?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTdhXxxWREo

Xyra points over to the Human Potential Network "Is that a club, or like a help group or something?" she asks, trying to nudge the group in that direction. Because she's curious, and not because the nearly naked guy is standing there in front of it.

"If it's politics then I'm staying well away" Demi pouts about the massdebaters - though the two males sitting there smoking weed don't look very political. She glances over at where Xyra is pointing. "Don't know. We can go have a look." And off they go to the HPN booth so Xyra can ogle the near naked guy at a closer range.

Jalal heads over to the HPN booth with Demi and Xyra and probably Adelle mainly because he has nothing better to do at the moment, "I think those games showed us our potential, not sure it is that high."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "An old favorite of SASS. That was 'Bye Bye Beautiful' by Nightwish...version two? I think they have a western name, that they choose themselves, to help market them. A lot of Hong Kong actors had that too. I don't think Jackie Chan's name is Jackie. I'm sure we'll party on all night but I don't want to be doing it sitting here when I could be sitting on your lap, Shyla. Damn...did I say that out loud again?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TSDjivoy-0

Adelle did indeed follow behind them, peering at the booth from behind the others while hugging that unicorn, "What do you think they do?" It wouldn't take long for those Adelle had yet to meet at the HPN booth to get that unsettling feeling from her.

Kinsman transfers the spear into his left hand with the shield on the arm and shakes Kristy's hand. "Scott. Nice to meet you. And hell yeah! Who doesn't want to wear yellow spandex and fight off Magneto... or join him!" he says with an evil mock laugh on the end. "So what's involved in testing? Going to hold up cards and have my guess what's on them and for each answer I get wrong you hit me with electroshock therapy?"

"The tests are different for each person" Kristy begins before she realises she has a bigger audience. "Hello, everyone. We at the Human Potential Network exist to find and assist those with abilities beyond that of a normal person. We're here to /help/ you, not burn you at the stake or lock you away forever. So, if you think you can read minds, see the future, make electricity shoot from your fingertips, we're interested in helping you determine the truth." She turns her attention back onto Kinsman. "Do you think your ability is mind reading? No point in punishing your for being unable to do something most people can't, but rather we would reward and assist those who can."

Xyra doesn't ogle Kinsman, but does examine the authenticity of his costume a bit more now that she is closer. Purely out of curiosity as she listens to the greeting/sales pitch from Kristy. The pink to her cheeks is because it is cold out with the sun down, and her outfit isn't exactly designed for warmth, despite not being revealing. "Can you do any of that?" Xyra asks interestedly.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla giggles a bit, and one could imagine her blushing a bit, "Yes, yes you said that out loud. But you might have a problem sitting in my lap if I happen to be sitting in YOUR lap first! Oh, and I KNOW I said THAT out loud. OH! That last song was "Crazy" by Icehouse. Haven't heard that song before, I must admit, but I do know their more popular song. Go me! Anyway, here is a Halloween themed song with an artist that has always made me go..droooooooool." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=booKP974B0k

Demi listens to the pitch while doing her best not to look at Kinsman. Instead she looks down to check she isn't spilling too much out of her own outfit...and the tugs the top up a bit to cover up some more.

Kinsman smiles at Xyra and lets her gander the goods. He looks like he could be an extra on the set of 300 though his shield is not made of metal nor is the spear real, but very good and well painted props. He's got the leather cod piece down perfect and all the belts are leather straps that go with it. The cape is made of a heavy material that is keeping his backside warm in the cool air.

"Well I already know I have a little bit of the gift if you will. Not completely sure how far it goes. You don't work for the government, do you? That's all I need is some government clown poking inside my head to see how I work! I've seen to many movies!"

Jalal listens to the pitch but not that closely after all the last thing he wants is any sort of testing, especially if it could find anything. He looks over at the stuffed Unicorn hugging Adelle and smiles, "I don't think I have any hidden talents."

Adelle listened carefully to Kristy's explanation, not being human she figured it didn't really apply to her but she was interested, "I don't think I can do any of those things but if there are humans that can... That's very impressive! I'd certainly like it if I could see the future or read minds..."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Shakira and 'She Wolf'. Yes, Shyla does drool when she sees Shakira. I have to keep mopping up after her. And I have to keep telling her that I don't look good in a blonde wig. Hmmm...do you think, Shyla, we reveal a bit too much about our lives on this show? Not that anyone listens judging from all the call-ins we get. Oh well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7MC8Lw5e9Q

"Can /I/ do any of that?" Kristy replies to Xyra with a wry smile. "That would not be something I reveal to just anyone. If you want to come in for testing though, maybe we can chat afterwards?" A shake of her head for Kinsman. "No, we do not work for the government. We're much more powerful than that." She smiles to each of those watching. "Though I can't say too much about that. Not until you've had your tests."

Xyra frowns a bit at that response and gives a little sigh "It always seems to be that way. Life would be more interesting if magic or psychic powers existed." she says "Though technology is cool too. I think I'd rather be a normal person today than a mage in the dark ages." she says thoughtfully, looking around to see if anyone else agrees with her.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla hmmms, "Do we talk about ourselves too much? Maybe, but I don't hear any complaints! But if what you say is right, then that would explain it, no listeners equals no complaints. BUT we do know we have a few listeners, though! We have them text requests, that proves they are out there! The truth is out there, Sarah! Anyway, the next song hits pretty close to home, for some reason. I -simply- don't know why." And she giggles for some reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx4bBuD2TX8

Adelle smiles as Xyra talks, seems she actually knows how good she has it as a human, "Yeah maybe you're right. Even if those sorts of things did exist, magic and psychic powers and all sorts of other things would probably be a lot more trouble than they're worth."

"Yeah...being a mage in the dark ages would be pretty tough. But do you really think it would be any different now?" muses Demi. "I don't think people are /that/ enlightened. They still revert to fear of the other at the slightest setback." A frown and a shake of her head. "Nah, things aren't much better now. It's just under the surface. Nice to meet you Catwoman and Ghost but I'm gonna take Inspector Space Time home. He's not used to late nights" she teases.

Kinsman smirks at Kristy. "I have the paperwork. Maybe I'll let you test me sometime. Right now I am getting that used car salesmen vibe.. like you are trying to sell me something I am going to regret later. People with a lot of power... are more often corrupted than helpful. Interesting booth though..." and he nods to her and kind side slips out of the crowd and wanders off into the festival.

"Sorry you feel that way" Kristy calls after Kinsman...but he does have a pamphlet! "Those things do exist" she smiles to Adelle and Xyra. "And a lot more besides."

Xyra shrugs "Might be harder as a mage now. After all, people are more skeptical, but maybe less witch hunty. But you'd have all the modern conveniences still, so I think I'd rather be a mage than not if given the option today." She smiles at Kristy "Well, sadly, I don't seem to know any of them, or ever see them doing anything interesting in the streets or anything like that." she says with a little sigh "I'll have to content myself with my computers and robots and stuff. If I suddenly start shooting lightning though, I'll keep you in mind."

Adelle isn't sure what she should really say but she wants to try and have conversation, she finds herself coughing again into her hand... it's likely no one else can see what she does as she stares at her hand a moment...maybe she's a little sick though, "Well I don't know about any of those things, ghosts are real though."

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Kerli with 'Feral Hearts'. Shyla is /such/ an animal sometimes. Yeah, we do have some text requests. Hey...what happened to our weekly hockey reports? Though I guess that hockey player dying may have caused some postponements. It's time for us to go. Thanks to our listeners. Thanks to the musicians of the world. And extra special thanks to my beautiful parkoring co-host, DJ Shyla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nWJ08XvTrU

"Ghosts are very real. There are people who work at HPN who can see them clear as day." Kristy peers at the woman in black. "Can you see them? Maybe you should come in for a test?"

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla jumps on real quick, "Oh Oh! And before we play that, I'm just going to say that AFTER it we will play the day and half long version of MJ's "Thriller" as promised! I also want to thank Sarah and everyone out there. And also, remember to text me my nips, I mean, PICTS! Night!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOnqjkJTMaA

Xyra tries really hard to tell if Adelle and Kristy are being serious or putting her on. She enjoys ghost stories and such, but is actually a bit of a skeptic herself. The lore and how people and cultures react to and create it is all very interesting, but she's very doubtful about an actual supernatural world. It is fun to dream sometimes though. She doesn't say anything though as she lets the conversation shift to the other two.

"Bye Wonder Woman." Xyra waves to Demi and gives her a warm little smile, glad to have been included in the group for a little bit.

Adelle looks toward Demi as well, "Ah, bye. Thanks for letting me play with all of you." Before her attention is back to Kristy and she shakes her head, "No, I don't need any tests... I think I know what I can and can't do."

"Then maybe you would like some help?" Kristy suggests to Adelle before handing her over a business card. "Think about it. You don't have to be alone and frightened. We can help."

Sarah stretches her arms out over her head and yawns. "Good show, Schnookilumps" she says to Shyla. "Love the outfit too. How easy does it come off?" A wicked wiggle of her eyebrows before she is getting to her feet.

Shyla rolls her eyes as she gets up too, "Well, you saw how easy it comes off. Apparently, a small breeze would be enough. I was barely moving when it just went "TADA, here we are!"

Xyra looks around, head shifting a bit to see how everyone is starting to clear out now. Something about the idea of just hanging out with Adelle just doesn't sit well with her, so she decides it might be a good time to call it a night "Well, let me know if you find any ghosts I can see, I'd love to meet one I think." she says, then gives Adelle and Kristy both a wave "Night all." she says and begins to head off towards the dorms, looking like a drifting specter herself as she does so.

"Barely moving? You were doing more windmill spins than Holland" Sarah teases. "C'mon, Assassin. Let's go party."

Adelle takes the business card and manages to mutter out a, "Good night," as Xyra made her way away, "I don't think I'll need help but I'll take this and... Think about it." She already knew it'd probably be a bad idea but it would probably be best if at this point she returned 'home', "I think I'm going to go too... Bye."

Shyla grins and practically sashays over to Sarah, sliiiiding past her with an accidental brush of her rear against her hips while she does so. At least the cloak is gives a bit of protection from the feel of Shyla's firm derriere. "Oops, so sorry.." she says with a hand to her lips, making a mock shocked look. "Where to?"