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SASS - Episode Twenty-Two

Dramatis Personae

Sarah, Shyla Drunken Texts: Leslie

20 May, 2017

It's time to promote Ambroise's medieval fair.


St. John's University

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Hello, Fallcoast! It's Saturday night and that means, for all of you not losing your hearing at a nightclub, it's time for SASS! I'm Sarah, one of those S, and with me as always...well...ninety per cent of the time...is Shyla. It's been a strange week for me. It just flew by and I can't even remember a couple of days. Must be all the stress from exams. But they're over now. The last ones were today and now we're all on SUMMER VACATION!! So let us know how you're gonna spend the next few months. Call in or text. Last week Shyla and Ghost Girl were doing unpaid advertising for Disney. This week it's back to our usual eclectic fare. Starting with Muse and 'Dig Down' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4ozdiGys5g

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "Yay, summer! Well, not super into the summer part, but I certainly like the "Vacation" part of it! SO glad exams are over, I have no idea how well I did and you know what? Don't. Care. One. Bit. I can now hang out more with my bestest roomie ever, and also more time outside. Actually, I've been thinking of starting a freerunner's club... if there isn't one already. Whatch'a think, Sarah? Here, listen to Matthew West's "Mended" while you think on it." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Otg-5p7qug

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - OMG! Thank you for this song! I needed to hear this one. I love MENDED. Good reminder. Love you both.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "I think a freerunner's club is a great idea, Shyla. I know I'll be in on it. And trust me, listeners, Shyla can run like the wind with a strong wind behind it. She has more moves than a chess master. It feels odd saying the song /before/ we play it but I guess this is the future! Speaking of the future, here's a song from XX called 'On Hold'. XX will be playing Fallcoast this weekend so if you want to go and have an alternatively rocking time, then there's the place to be. And thanks for the text, Ghost Girl. We love you too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blJKoXWlqJk

TXT From Leslie To Sarah and Shyla - I'd come hang out.. but... drinking.... not safe to drive. Rock me out... oh shit... now I want to hear Rock Me Amadeus by Falco! Make it happen!

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla hmmms, "I... deem this song, GOOD! I like it! Maybe we can sneak into their show if they become sold out, Sarah! I mean, *ahem*, of course we wouldn't sneak in, that would be... not right. But IF we were unscrupulous, I wouldn't think twice about doing what I need to do to get to see a talented band perform. And for my club, I need to get the most important thing down... The name! What would our name be, Sarah? Fallcoast? Should we put it to a vote? Suggestions from our listeners? YES! Call, text, email, whatever, what should our parkour club be named? And while mulling it over, listen to an oldie that Ghost girl is requesting." A pause, "Rock me" she whispers into the microphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVikZ8Oe_XA

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - *winks* I wanna dance! Totally play 'Shut Up and Dance' by Walk The Moon if you love me!

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "And that was 'Rock Me Amadeus' by Falco, who would have been sixty this year if he hadn't had that car accident twenty years ago. Good old Bolland and Bolland, who wrote most of his big hits. I should see if I can find one of their songs. And we don't need to sneak into concerts, Shyla, we're celebrities. Right? Don't people know who we are?" A pause. "Nope? Oh well. We'll have to try harder. So we need a name for Shyla's freerunning club. Umm. Club Shyla? I'd join that. And here's another text from Ghost Girl. Looks like she wants to program the whole show...and why not? This is Walk The Moon with 'Shut Up and Dance'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JCLY0Rlx6Q

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - The name of the freerunner club should be 'Run Like Your Life Depends On It (because it probably does)'! lol

TXT From Sarah To Leslie and Shyla - I don't think they make business cards big enough for that name :)

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - RUN! I STOLE IT! ????

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla laughs, "One of the better songs I've heard, it certainly makes you want to... well, shut up and dance! Video is chock full of LSD references, though, not that there's anything wrong with that. And yes, I guess GG is pretty into our music programming. Hey, if we had money, we should totally hire her as our program director! Is that an actual radio job position? If not we should totally make it up. Anyway, already we got a couple of suggestions although they all have... some negatives to them. One is "Run Like Your Life Depends On It (because it probably does)" which is kinda long as Sarah pointed out. Another is "RUN! I STOLE IT", and yes, "Club Shyla" but that sounds more like a... well club, a physical one. Hey, I just came up with a name too, "The Pin-Pullers" ! Ha! Anyway, here's some Flo Rida." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k7-PEqzfVo

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - Uplifting song time! Gimme Try EVERYTHING from Shakira from the Zootopia soundtrack because OMG! BUNNIES!

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Flo Rida featuring Fitz...no idea who Fitz is but he fits the song...geddit? Never mind. And the song was 'That's What I Like'. Pin-Pullers? Is that a reference to grenades? Legs? Something I don't understand? Yes, program directors exist. Doctor Love probably thinks he is one but we're young and hip. We know just what the youth of today need to here. And just to prove it, I found a Bolland and Bolland song they did before Rock Me Amadeus. There is no cheese involved here at all. This is Bolland with 'Ten American Girls'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQrzYdRM-yA

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla makes claps excitedly, "Yes! The grenades part. You know because you pull the pin and then you gotta RUN! And about the youth of today? Well, I just play stuff that I like and I hope people agree." A small giggle, "I mean, people didn't try to beat me up on my way back from class, so I guess people can't HATE my taste -too- much. Oh, lookee here, GG has another request, this time for Shakira who I find is one of the prettiest girls -ever-, besides my co-host, of course." This is when people could pretty much imagine Shyla grinning from ear to ear, "But anyway, here is Shakira with "Try Everything" from, well, you know the movie." Another pause, "Go Officer Hops!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-NTFFTDrNs

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - *sends a selfie of her wearing fake bunny ears* Can I be a bunny cop too!?

TXT From Shyla To Sarah and Leslie - Yes, but we usually wait for the applicant to be sober before signing them up ;)

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - PTHPTHTPT... don't hate cuz I am boooozed up and you are stuck in a room with your sexy selves... and probably... gonna.. do wonderful things... FUCK.. Jealous!

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "You know, I still haven't seen 'Zootopia'. Is it any good? Sure, any movies with bunnies would be awesome but then we remember 'Night of the Lupus'. Awww...I'm up at Shakira level? You're sweet, Shyla. Oh, we should also let everyone know about the medieval fair that is happening and will be happening all month. So if you've ever had an urge to get your big chopper out or get out your lance to slap it against someone else, here is your opportunity. I will definitely be going along so watch out for events over the next couple of weeks. Think we can find any medieval music...with a beat. Umm...probably not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tts_fvXRf2w

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "I really don't know how you find all this stuff, Sarah! But that was Astoni with "Medieval", apparently. It certainly sounds quite medieval, so they aren't selling a bill of goods with their title! And I haven't been to many of those faires... actually I don't think I've ever been to one! Sarah, take me to one! Can I ride a horse and go jousting and stuff? Those lances look pretty large and heavy... well, people won't say that I can't handle lances that big.. (ba da bump). Ok ok, that was bad. Shut up!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSLPH9d-jsI"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Lindsey Stirling and Pete Hollens with Skyrim. It says that all that music was just voices and a violin but there are drum noises too. Is that a human beatbox? Not enough human beatboxes these days. Yes, Shyla, we can go to the fair. Hey, why don't we do next week's broadcast from there? Maybe commentate on the jousting? Especially if you're gonna win. And anyone who says you can't handle a big lance hasn't met you. Now I get to sneak in an Asian pop song. Don't listen, Shyla. This is Blackpink with 'Boombayah'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwmSjveL3Lc

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "NOoooooooooo!!! Although I must begrudgingly admit that these girls are cute and the song is catchy. Asian pop music is really good at being catchy! And doesn't one of the girls sound like Nicki Minaj? Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, yay for going to the faire! And sure, playing there would be nice although... well... if they are medieval, how would we get electricity and all of that?" Another grin, most likely. "I'll be fighting for honor! And stuff..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJnSAs0ir5M"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was 'Glory of Love' by Pete Cetera from the Karate Kid 2 soundtrack. Any minute now and Shyla will be leaping around the studio in her pyjamas doing kung fu kicks...and I'll be the one picking up furniture she knocks over. As for the electricity at the faire, all we have to do is rub against each other to create enough static. And, if the rubbing doesn't have us distracted, we can use the electricity it creates to power the generators. And if that doesn't work...we'll plug it in. We're not actually going back in time, Shyla. At least I hope not. The bathroom facilities weren't really up to scratch and they had a horrible tendency to drown witches. Here's the new one from Erasure, written about Shyla. Love You To the Sky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qf8LoHugjk

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla awwwws, "That's sweet! I didn't know Erasure are still doing stuff, good for them! And about the faires, if I got this right, the bathroom facilities, are usually all port-o-potties... is that how you say it? At any rate, I don't think we will be impressed by the bathrooms! And I want some meade, and a huge turkey leg! Of course I know about all those things. Just because I haven't been TO one, doesn't mean I don't hear about what goes on there. Maybe I should get one of those corsets, you know, the ones that could at least make my bosom... look impressive." She laughs and just starts the next song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN5s9N_pTUs

TXT From Leslie To Shyla and Sarah - I need some Owl City 'Alligator Sky' to put me in the mood.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was the Lumineers with 'Cleopatra'. I didn't realise they were still doing stuff and they're only a couple of years old. And your bosom is more than impressive, Shyla. Don't make me have people call in with their reviews. Mead is a definite. We should have some after we're done here. Port-o-potties? Hmm...that doesn't sound good. At least it will be close to the medieval experience. Here's another one for Ghost Girl. She needs to get into the mood. Mood for what...umm...here's the song. "Alligator Sky" by Owl City. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tY5RErnakc

TXT From Sarah To Leslie and Shyla - You're saying that we're not enough to get you going?

TXT From Leslie To Sarah and Shyla - Owl City makes everything 10x better.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla exclaims, "Oh! Oh! Are we going to do some archery or some axe throwing stuff? Knife throwing? I'm all giddy, this is going to be great! So what outfit should I get? A noblewoman with a fiery glint in her eye? A peasant girl selling her wares? A knight, hiding the fact that I'm a girl by wearing a helmet? Or a sultry woman of the night, you know, wink wink nudge nudge. I can't wait, this is amazingballs! Oh, and this next song is going out to one of our good friends out there. You know who you are." There's a barely held giggle and snort before the song starts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv-34w8kGPM

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was the Divynls with 'I Touch Myself'. I would carry on the theme but I don't think our friend out there is listening to the radio much anymore. We are going to do all that and more, Shyla. Umm...I mean all that medieval stuff. I guess I'll go as a witch since, you know, I'm a witch. It's time for us to end the show. I hope you all had fun and had a great Saturday night Sunday morning. I'll leave us with the winner of last week's Eurovision song contest. It's not very poppy but for those who like torch songs...or setting fire to songs with torches...this is for you. Salvador Sobral and 'Amar Pelos Dois'. Good night, Fallcoast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymFVfzu-2mw