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SASS - Episode Thirty Two
Dramatis Personae

Shyla, Sarah

17 March, 2018

Valentine's Day Show, 2018


St. John's University

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "Hello, Fallcoast!! It's been a while but SASS is back. It's the end of Spring Break...boo!...so I hope you'll call in with lots of stories of ribald antics. That's all us students do, right? Go crazy on beaches and make life long regrets. Someone who is not a regret at all, is with me here as usual. Shyla! Yay! So let's get the songs started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_EupMUsb50

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "Oooooo, "ribald" you say? What, hitting the SAT books again for old times' sake? For those of you, or should I say, most of you, who don't know what "ribald" means, oh, let's see what my good old dictionary says." A sound much like pages flipping is heard, "AH, here it is." She changes her voice to a VERY bad British accent, "Rib-ald: Adjective. Referring to sexual matters in an amusingly rude or irreverent way. As in "Sarah crashed the party and participated in some terribly ribald activities, Cor, blimey! Cheerio!" And there is a breakdown of total laughter... all Shyla. "Ok ok, so that last song was Andrew W.K. with "Ever Again". Good song, but for someone who seem pretty edgy, why go with "Andrew WK"? Kinda of a boring name for his style of music, no? Anyway, the next song is an oldie, and I never knew what he was singing. I always thought it was "Give a Laser" or something like that." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NDjt4FzFWY

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "I could have said 'smutty' or 'perverted' but I like to bring a bit of class to the show. English class. And now, Shyla has learned a new word so everything works out. Sheesh, try to be a little intellectual and suddenly the world hates you. This is why Trump is president. Anyway, that was Mr Mister and 'Give A Laser' or 'Kyrie' to the rest of us. Now a song for the romantics among us since we missed Valentine's Day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCxDJnHiLqs

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla doesn't say anything for a little while, so there's some dead air before she goes, "What. The. Hell. Was. That?? Nono, don't tell me, I'll tell you what it was, it was Ylvis, which will never be confused with Elvis, because the King would never... Oh jeebus. Anyway, that was "Language of Love", and Sarah, please do NOT ever speak to me in that particular language in that video, EVER. And I think Trump is president because everyone went temporarily (hopefully) insane. And the next song is one I heard while watching a demo of a game coming out, and it got stuck in my head, so I am hoping to maybe spread this disease to you, loyal listener! You welcome." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsIStO2aifE

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was Jaroslav Beck, featuring Summer Haze, with 'Escape'. I think it has to do with that Star Wars VR game. Thank you, Shyla, for getting that stuck in everyone's head now. Not sure what we did to deserve that but...whatevs. And because of that, I /will/ be singing in the language of love to you tonight. Don't worry, listeners, Shyla will go love crazy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW-OfaiBs9k

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "Well, duh, I'm always love crazy around Sarah, so she's pretty much hedging her bets, even if she decides to sing that horrible song to me. And that was Dan Hartman with "Instant Replay". OH! And terrible terrible hosts here, Sarah and I. We forgot to wish you all a Happy Saint Patrick's Day! And did you know that Saint Patrick wasn't even Irish? He was British, or at least he was born in Britain... I think. Anyway, just thinking to myself, y'all could look it up." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBt_88nxG4c"

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "We are totally amateur hosts. Yes, happy St Patrick's Day to the drinkers out there. Patrick had to be British because he was the one who brought Christianity to Ireland, so they didn't have anyone who could do that before someone from somewhere else did it first." Pause. "That make sense to everyone? That was Pink with 'Beautiful Trauma'. Great clip with Channing Tatum and some kinky stuff. Or as Shyla and I like to call it, Friday night. So what did you get up to on Spring Break, Shyla? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di18hTFTwIw

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "That was "Crucified" by Army of Lovers, or if the cast of "The Rocky Horror Show" decided to change their identities and did an actual pop video. And what did I do? Oh, you know fully well what I did, I stayed here on campus, making sure everything is where it should be, keeping everyone safe!" She pauses, "Vigilante Shyla! Ok, I'm kidding, I am not one, but I could be if I wanted to, right Sarah? We both can. Wearing skin tight outfits and all that. But anyway, here's a beautiful song. Take it." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ9pHBEUWPo"

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was 'Never Enough' from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Did you go see that film, Shyla? I haven't seen it. Do you think that's really Rebecca Ferguson singing? And I think we could definitely protect this campus from the evils of the world. I guess I'd be the 'Black Witch' or something. And you'd be 'Miss Sunshine'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW_SW-EwVRI

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla can practically be heard scoffing, ""Miss Sunshine"? That's not very intimidating! The forces of evil would be laughing rather than running away from me if I used that as my moniker! I mean, "The Black Witch" could strike terror into people if you play your cards right, but ... " She sighs, "Anyway, that was The Wombats, even though they don't look like Wombats at all, with "Cheetah Tongue". And no, I didn't actually see the movie, although I should. I was a little grumpy about it because, you know, zoos and all, but it's a movie and it would probably be doing myself a disservice by not watching it. And I love the music that I've heard, SO, I think we should see it together, I have a feeling that I might have to grab hold onto someone. Anyway, something that is totally off-key from our current convo..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRKJiM9Njr8

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah says, "That was My Chemical Romance and 'Welcome to the Black Parade'. That did bring back the old days, Shyla. Why would you need to hang onto someone at the Greatest Showman? Is it scary? I like scary movies. And 'Miss Sunshine' is an awesome name to scare off the bad guys. They'd know you you're not to be trifled with when you have the powers of the sun! It's a circus in the movie, isn't it? Not a zoo. Subtle differences. There are some places in the world where circuses aren't allowed to have performing animals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nraBeQFvLYM

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "Well, "The Greatest Showman" is about the Barnum Circus thing, and they have performing animals, and I saw some trailers with animals in them, and although I know the animals are well taken cared of for the movie, or heck, might just be cgi, but who knows how bad it was in the circus. Oh well, I'm not going to be a Debbie Downer, and I would hold onto someone because it's most likely all emotional, and you know me. Emotional! Anyhoo that was "Loosen The Rope" by Pseudo Echo, because all we need is someone pretending to be a repeating voice! " https://youtube/EUIWingX01k?t=1m57s

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah asks, "Didn't Debbie Downer go to Dallas a few times? That's something yoi don't want to say a hundred times fast. I don't think there is anything you'd want to say a hundred times fast. It's getting to that time of the night. Time for you to listen to something you want to on the radio. That was 'Touch the Sky' by Brave. Or someone pretending to be Brave. Now for someone coming back after a while. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV0mfKdk6iU

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla shouts, "Kim Wilde! Yeah!!!" There's a small bit of silence, then, "with "Kandy Krush"!" Another pauses, "Who's Kim Wilde? Hey, don't look at me like that Sarah! You might accidentally shoot me with magic laser eyes or something! And yes, you are right about it being that time of night..." she yawns, in great fashion, "I think it is almost time for this wee girl to get to bed! Anyway, here, have another song." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHWs83uNNSU

<SJU Radio> DJ Witch Sarah gasps, "Shyla! How could you not know who Kim Wilde is. I think we're going to have a long talk tonight, little lady. Shyla's song was Royal Concept with 'In the End'. Never heard it before but I like it. I might have to look them up. Well that's all from us on this St. Patrick's Day. Don't get too drunk but have fun. Shyla and I are now going to go and play 'Leprechaun and the Pot of Gold'...and it's not at the end of the rainbow." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLrnkK2YEcE