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SASS - Episode Four

Dramatis Personae

Sarah, Shyla, NPC: Lindsay (alias Cassidy) Texts: Kai, Andrew Mentions: Leslie

21 August, 2016

A witness to the Ghost on Sorority Row calls in.


St. John's University

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "It's that time of the week again, listeners. It's time for some SASS in your life! My name is Sarah - I'm one of the S's in SASS...you have to guess which one. And I'm here with my co-host, Shyla, the cutest DJ in the business. Tonight we're going to talk ghosts. Apparently there is a ghost on Sorority Row. Who'd have thunk it? So why don't you give us a call and tell us all about your ghostly encounters. I saw a ghost once. It was called Ruben Studdard's career. But first a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYgHiwTxe94

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla seems to be ready this time around, for once. No fumbling with the microphone, no slipping mid-conversations onto the airwaves. She is, however, as short of breath as usual, "Helloooooo Fallcoassssssst, I'm Shyla and this IS the cutest DJ in the 2x2 feet area around my chair! How are you all? That's an actual question, so you better call in or text/twitter/whatever us with your answer! And what, Sarah? Ghosts? Didn't we mention that 2 shows back? They are still there? Guess if you are a creature that theoretically could hang about forever, you wouldn't just bounce after a few weeks. At any rate, what's up Sarah? I've been marathoning a few shows this past week in between glancing at this crazy thing called "The Olympics". What will they come up next, right? BTW, that last song is called, "Sarah is going batSh... orts insane! Bonnie McKee with "Bombastic". And here is MY song, adding to the bounciness I feel. Heck, I'm going to dance about while I play it. Damn, wish we had a webcam set-up around here...." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ELh8eOzq_0

Shyla does, indeed, jumps up and starts to bounce around, raising her arms over her head and twirling, swaying her hips here and there.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was The Chainsmokers with Kanye. Looks like we're dancing tonight! Yeah, we were going to talk about the ghosts a couple of weeks ago but we ended up talking about...umm...something more important I guess. So, the thing is, there is a ghost in one of the houses on Sorority Row and it's caused all the girls who live there to leave in a hurry. At least that's the story. But we will investigate it more just after Mika shows us he's bigger in France these days by...singing in French. So all you Language students out there...call us and tell us what he's saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MPtXUeUznY "

TXT From Kai To Sarah - are you going to have witnesses on your show?

TXT From Sarah To Kai - No spoilers ;)

TXT From Kai To Sarah - pllt!

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla laughs, "That's Mika with "Boum Boum Boum". And if my very elementary French is correct, he is saying something like, "Doesn't matter the place, or the situation, we always have a good reason, to take off our "Fruit of the looms". When you and I do Boum boum boum.." she then whispers, "I think he means doing the nasty." Then louder, "When you are not there, I'll do anything I want, drink shots of tequila, I sing songs of... someone-I-don't-know.. I think of only us boum boum boum.. Or not, maybe I'm making that all up. You will never know! And I really can't think of anything more important than ghosts, Sarah. I mean... they are GHOSTS. That's amazing! Do we have evidence? Because if we do, I think we should drop our majors and go straight to the supernatural studies majors." A pause, "Is there supernatural majors?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIZdjT1472Y

TXT From Andrew To Sarah and Shyla - Request: Hello from your Music Professor Dr. Bennett. I enjoy your show and support college radio. Would love it if you would play U2's MoFo.

TXT From Kai To Sarah - st.j's offers degree in occult studies... go figure (also degrees in related athro, archeo and religious)

<SJU Radio> Sarah asks, "When the heck did you learn French, Fluffikins? I'm impressed. For those who can't see...which is all of you...I have my 'impressed' face on. So it's all about sex? I probably didn't need a translation, did I? Ooh...texts! Our number one fan wants to know if we have any witnesses to the ghosts. Spoilers, Fan. Just wait until we have our phone in guest. They have to use the phone because they're too afraid to come back on campus. As far as evidence, Shyla, umm...maybe we should ask Midnight about that. That's Midnight who has the Midnight Caller show way after ours. Or maybe one of our Occult Studies course professors? Ooh...another text. This one from our new professor of music studies. He would like to hear...U2. Okay. I guess that shows the student body how good a music professor he is. This is for you, Prof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQtITWp3ua4

TXT From Kai To Sarah - and a certain ta runs FPS (fallcoast paranormal society) with student volunteers from right here in this dorm!

TXT From Sarah To Kai - She was on our first show. Was hoping she would call in but she may be busy.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "U2 everyone! Singing "Mofo", which is what I expect from a music teacher. I mean, it -is- an old song." A giggle, "Just playing with you, teach, please don't remember my name if I ever take your class. And yes, Sarah, I took French in high school, remember? For a couple of years, at least... so I know my stuff! And they are scared to come to the campus? Are the ghosts' territory that great? Or if they don't have an anchor point, what does it matter if our caller comes back on campus or not? I mean, I saw the "Paranormal Activities" movie series, I know how it all works. And here's a sad song, sorry, but I've been on The Killers kick, and... well.. anyway, sorry!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qok9Ialei4c

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Well he /is/ a classical music professor. And that song must have been written by Beethoven. Yes, Shyla, I remember you taking French in high school but I didn't know you meant the language. And as for the ghost stuff. I guess if you get scared out of your house you don't really want to move next door. She's probably pretty shaken up. And there's nothing sad about The Killers and 'Human'. It's quite an uplifting song really. So after this next song we're going to have our caller talk about her experiences in a haunted house. I am sure she can tell us which of the Paranormal Activity films were most accurate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4znsXCH_2Y

Sarah pokes out her tongue at Shyla after the French comment and once the song is playing she adds, "And your French is still pretty awesome."

Shyla sticks her tongue back out at you, "And you named the wrong song, Sarah! It's Miss Atomic Bomb, not Human!" She throws a crumpled up piece of paper playfully at her partner.

TXT From Andrew To Sarah and Shyla - Aren't 'U2' funny. ;)

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Perfume and 'Spending All My Time'. Perfume are from Japan...our next caller isn't. On the line is...we shall call her...Cassidy. Cassidy lived in the haunted house until just recently so why don't you tell us what happened?"

<SJU Radio> Cassidy - not her real name - says, "Hello, Sarah and Shyla. Umm...nice to be on your show. Umm...yeah...okay...it is a really creepy place all along. People were murdered in there. Lots of people. Not that they told us that. I found out this from Leslie...the Fallcoast Paranormal Society...she is investigating. And there were definitely ghosts in there. One of them dragged me down the hallway."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla is a bit silent for a while, very unusual for her. With the clearing of her throat, she says, "Thank you for coming on our show, Cass, may I call you Cass? And I didn't know that people were killed there, although I guess if a place is old enough, there will be some... bad stuff... that happens sooner or later. Heck, I would think there would be someone who was killed or died horribly in pretty much ANY place we're at, like where I'm, or Sarah, is sitting right this very instant!" Another pause, "Oh! Leslie, I know her, she's... kinda?.. my friend? But yeah, she's pretty good at this kinda stuff. And DRAGGED? Like in those movies I mentioned before? Holly Moly, that's insane. How far did it pull you? Where did it pull you? Your hair? Arms?" Yet another pause. "What about the other girls, did they also see... this... umm... ", silence then, "Sarah, that wasn't "Human" by The Killers! It was "Miss Atomic Bomb" by The Killers, a VERY sad story about an old man that lost his One True Love because he was jealous of a figment of his imagination! *ahem* So, Cass, what happened next?"

<SJU Radio> Cassidy - not her real name - says, "It dragged me by my whole body. It wasn't like it had hands on me or anything. I was just lifted up and thrown against the wall. Leslie saw it. I was the last of the girls to leave. The others had already run away. They had seen the ghosts. The dark women who moaned and cried before the walls ate them." A long pause. "Look, I know I sound crazy but it all really happened."

TXT From Kai To Sarah - maybe miss cassidy (not her real name) was tripping? r mayB they wer being pranked by a rival sorority (i have sisters, i KNOW how mean girls can get!!!)

TXT From Sarah To Kai - Don't you believe, Kai?

TXT From Kai To Sarah - do i believe girls can b mean? u bet!

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla jumps in pretty quickly, "I have no doubt that it happened, you're among believers here, Cass! Any reason why you were the one who stayed the longest? Did you not believe the other girls, or were you curious and wanted to learn more about these phantoms? And that sounds absolutely terrifying. Anything... yeah, all that is terrifying." She takes a deep breath, holds, then lets it out slowly, "Did it start right away or was this a slow, ramping up kind of thing? Like the movies?"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says (playing the role of NPC Cassidy - not her real name), "They were all smarter than me. They got out when it started getting weird and it was weird from the beginning. I didn't leave because I didn't have anywhere else to go. The college said it was the only accommodation available. They only reopened it this year so they knew stuff was going on. Why did they keep it closed until then?" Silence. "I have to go now." Her voice sounds anxious. "Thanks for talking to me. Love the show." The line goes dead.

TXT From Kai To Sarah - omg. that child is 1 step away from being a picture on a milk carton

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Well...that was a bit dramatic. We might have to give Leslie a call to make sure that Cassidy is okay. We've already got some texts that are worried about her. So...there you have it. Is their a haunted house on Sorority Row? I don't recommend any of you go check it out though." A pause. "You okay, Shyla? So how about some music to get us back in a good mood. One for the prof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8V1QFpLOMM "

TXT From Andrew To Sarah and Shyla - Not sure about paranormal stuff, but definitely concerned about a student. Perhaps you should contact University Security to check up on her.

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla ahems, "I'm ok, Sarah, thanks for asking. And yeah, we should find out if she's alright and stuff. And of course there's a haunted house, you just heard Cass!" Listeners could just imagine Shyla giving a not-very-scary accusatory glare toward her roommate and fellow dj. "At any rate, I hope there's nothing like that where we live! I have enough trouble studying without some crazy ghosts getting all grabby! And more happy music." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F82W3tKtr8c

Shyla grins your way, "Coke!"

TXT From Andrew To Sarah and Shyla - You kids like 'old school' rap? It isn't technically old school, but maybe to you. Should cue up some Outkast B.O.B. 'But this'll be the year that we won't forget: One-Nine-Nine-Nine" You guys were probably toddlers in 1999.

Sarah looks confused. "You want to grab some drugs?"

Shyla laughs, "That's a coca cola song, silly! But sure, if you have any...."

TXT From Sarah To Andrew and Shyla - Yeah. Bit before our time, Prof. But, hey, who doesn't like the classics?

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Some Avicii for us there. I know we're all concerned about Cassidy but we've got onto it and we're trying to get in touch with Leslie. So, relax and we'll let you know how it all goes next week. And it's getting close to the end of the show. So thank you all for being with us tonight and I hope your Saturday evening rocks. A couple of songs before we sign out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9LAzNMn8Ow

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla giggles, "That's "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with "Dance Off". I love those guys. And thank you all for listening to us, it's been a fun few weeks, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive about this radio thing but thanks to you... well, we're still here, for better or for worse. And next week I'll tell you all about my thoughts about "Penny Dreadful" that plays on Showtime. I know I know, will the insanity ever end??" Another laugh, "And we circle right around with the next song, enjoy and Goodnight Fallcoast!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_RqWocthcc

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Sounds like I better watch three seasons of 'Penny Dreadful' before next week! That was Keri Hilson and Knock You Down featuring a whole lot of other people which must make it hard to divide the royalties. I'm sure our ratings are through the roof, Shyla. It's just a very low roof. Tell all your friends about us...unless you think we're awful...then you tell your enemies. We don't really care who listens to us. We'll leave you, as always, with the station theme song. Night." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HhR7zKgRSs

Sarah flicks off her microphone and looks across the desk with a worried look. "You think Cassidy is okay? Have you got Leslie's number on you?"

TXT From Kai To Sarah - g'night ladies.

TXT From Sarah To Kai - Take care.

Shyla pulls her headphones off and places them on the table. "Oh, I'm sure she's fine, she's just spooked because she talked about something scary." She pulls out her phone and taps stuff on it then places it back down, "I sent a message to Leslie, hopefully she'll check up on Cass and let us know!"

Sarah nods in reply. "I think she was even living with Leslie. I hope that hasn't changed." A pause. "Not living /together/ but in the same place. She wanted to keep her safe until this was all sorted out. So...home time or you want to hit the clubs for a while?"