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SASS - Episode Eleven

Dramatis Personae

Sarah, Shyla Musical Guest: Mathias

29 October, 2016

A musical guest for SASS!


St. John's University

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Hello, Fallcoast!! It's that time of the week. Time for SASS!! And it's Halloween...almost...and we all know weird shit goes on in this town. Oh..am I allowed to say that on air?" A pause. "Yes...I am allowed to say 'weird' on air. That was lucky. I'm Sarah and I'm here with my gorgeous co-hostess who can introduce herself via her own particular idiom. But in the meantime, and to celebrate all the costume parties that will be going on right now, here's some music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WccfbPQNMbg

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla is giggling about... something. "-ou sure about that? That's totally insane! Oh, oops, HI everyone! This is Shyla and I'm still looking for that "gorgeous" co-host Sarah keeps on harping about. One day I'll start getting jealous, Missy! And that's "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K. which... is a boring name for a performer, no? He does -look- pretty rad, though. Are you going to dress up for Halloween, Sarah? I'm sure if you do, it'll turn some... or all.. heads! Anyway, have some cereal." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k7-PEqzfVo

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "You need to look in a mirror more, Fluffikins. Last I saw Andrew W.K. he was being a motivational speaker and a featured interview on a Grumpy Cat documentary. The man sure goes places. Shyla brought us 'That's What I Like To Do' by Flo Rida featuring Fitz. Still waiting for that artist called Ma Ine. Maybe we'll meet him tonight because soon we have a local musician called Mathias in the studio and singing live!!! I mean, who does that anymore? I will certainly be dressing up for Halloween...just don't ask me how? Are you going to do the bunny costume again? And without giving too much away, listeners, but when Shyla is dressed as a bunny she gets a mindset that is very exciting...if you know what I mean. We should do more horror songs tonight...rather than just horrific. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XljmO_KPQaM

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla makes a pffffffts sound, "And what mindset is that, huh, Sarah? Do tell everyone, please!" A pause, then, "Skyhooks with "Horror Movie"...? I think? Headed by a younger Richard Simmons? No? Well, thanks SARAH, now I have to google horror songs. Yeesh." Frantic typing noises is heard for... an awkwardly long time. "Oh bother. Well, let's talk about this "Mathias" fellow, what kind of music does he do? Is he famous? Or more importantly, is he cute? oh A-HA, well, you are to blame for this, Sarah. AUDIENCE, blame this on her, for you must've heard this for at least 35 times in the last couple of days, but WE haven't played it, so... Take it. Take it ALL." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxcM3nCsglA

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Monster Mash by the Groovy Ghoulies. Way before my time...just saying. Maybe Shyla is older than she looks?" A little giggle. "Aw...don't be mad at my Shyla. It's a good mind set. One we both enjoy. I'm not sure what Mathias does but I'm told he, and his band, is in the building. Probably met Elvis on the way out. So while they set up, here's another song and then we'll have a quick chat with the man in question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJeDQYlpBp0

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla groans, "Hey, I'm younger than YOU are, old lady!" There's another pause, probably the girl glaring at her roommate or something. "And wow, that was a really cool song, "Utopian Facade" from the mind of John Carpenter. It's like a call back to Blade Runner or something. And I loved the video, if anyone has seen it, the girl pretty much went through hell and fought off monsters so she could deliver a mix tape to a member of Daft Punk! It's true. Look it up! And just coming into the studio MUST be Mathias and his band, unless of course, we have random musical groups stopping on by tonight. HI MATTY!"

<SJU Radio> Mathias says, ""Hey ladies!" says Mathias from a distance, as he is not quite up to the microphone. Once he gets the headset on and leans in, "Hello! Hello. Welcome! It is so great to be back on campus. Than you so much for having you on our show. This is my band, Inception, and these are my mates, Tyson, Drake and Mac. We really do appreciate this opportunity to come back to our alma mater and be on your show. We have listened to it quite a few times and really like it. So this is a great honor! Thank you!" The other three agree verbally with 'yes'."

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Thanks for having us on your show. It's not often we get famous bands on our show but, while we're waiting, it's great that you could come along. So let's have a look at the Inception wikipedia page. Four albums...see...bands do still do albums, Shyla. Been on SNL...who was your host? So you graduated from Saint John's, Mathias? How long ago was that?"

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla is... not at her post. Well, it doesn't seem like she is, as you could hear her voice further away from the microphone. Instead you hear multiple voices, one can assume from the members of the band, and of course Shyla. "Look at all those cool gizmos!" "How do you keep track of which wire goes in where? Like which hole?" "Oh please, I'll put it right back." "HA! That's what she said, right? Right?" "I'm just helping, no wor- Sarah, are you ok? You're being pretty fidgitty with your arms flicking around like that. Oh. Ok, sorry boys, you'll need to figure that stuff out on your own, I have a job to do." Scampering steps, then Shyla's voice is much louder, having positioned herself back in front of the mic, "And back. Wow, that is fascinating, Matty." Dead silence. "So... cool... yes, umm, do you like sing... ing? Of course you do, that's a silly question. I mean, what made you decide to follow your dr.. Ok, that's such a hack question, nevermind!" A snapping finger noise, "If you had to pick a mascot for your band, what would it be, and why?! GO!"

<SJU Radio> Mathias says, ""We were on with Emma Stone," says Tyson. "Which Mathias has the hots for." Male laughter is heard. "Oh come on, she is gorgeous, how can you not find her attractive? But yes, we were on with Emma Stone. And I graduated, barely, in May of 14. Not sure how I pulled that off." More male laughter at Shyla's comments. "Dude, I want what she is on," says Mac. "Yes, I like to sing, and play guitar," says Mathias with a laugh. "A mascot? Ummm....well personally, I like bunnies, but that wouldn't fit our sound...so..." Silence..."A honey badger...because it don't give a frick...just like us!" Laughter and more silence as the band gets ready to play. Some guitar strums, stick clicks. "So, this first song we are going do, which is from 'Before Vanishing', is of course...'Violence'...how can we not do 'Violence' anywhere we go? But we like playing it that's for sure." There is some silence as the band gets ready and then plays. https://soundcloud.com/user-973304129-78206953/violence/s-f9kqY"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Oh...I know that song. That was you guys? Wow...learn something every day. And, um, yeah, Emma Stone is gorgeous. No convincing need there. Did you enjoy your walk, Shyla? I think people get the impression that I'm the serious one in this relationship. So...have you guys ever thought about hooking up with a J-Pop group? Or a K-Pop one even. I think it would really expand your audience. If there's anyone out there who wants to call in and talk to some rock stars, you know the number. It never changes."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla is giggling about something, that crazy giggle that you would expect a goofy high school girl to make, "heehee, bunnies..." she mutters, then louder, "Oh, yeah, that was a great song, and I didn't know it was from you because, like Sarah, I lived under a rock. Oh and yeah, I think Sarah's idea about corroborating with J-Pop is absolutely... umm..." A beat. Two beats. "... yeah, that would be bad.." there's a sound of regret in her voice, one could imagine her trying to shrink into her chair, "... Music styles... not close... HONEYBADGERS ARE AWESOME."

<SJU Radio> Mathias says, ""We would always be done for a J-Pop or K-Pop group covering one of our songs," says Drake. "Yea, in fact, for real, we don't require bands to pay us to cover our songs or remix them. In fact, we don't even need permission. Just give us credit for it is all we ask." Pause. "I like your style, Shyla. Bubbly. And I like yours too, Sarah. You are the more profesisonal one. You know, the two of you compliment each other well on this show. It works!" Sound shuffling around is heard. "This next one we are going to play is a new one. And I'll be on piano for this, and Drake, instead of being on bass, will be playing the violin. He actually was a violin major. Well, this is called, 'Tambourine'. It is a song about...well, you all can figure it out." Some silence, and then it begins. https://soundcloud.com/user-973304129-78206953/tambourine/s-0HC9d"

<SJU Radio> Sarah laughs, "How the hell did we get a piano in here. Hear that, everyone? You can use Inception's music for anything you like. I'm sure your publisher would be pleased to hear that, Mathias. Ooh, you hear that, Shyla. He just called me a pro. Umm...wait a sec. That was a pretty cool song though. Will you be playing any gigs around town?"

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla is giggling again, what the hell is wrong with her? "Yeah, gigs! How did that word come to be, anyway? Gig, is that short for something? All I can think of that sounds even close is "gigolo" which has NOTHING to do with music. And yes, Sarah, he did call you a pro... fessional, which is a very apt observation! And yes, always loved the keyboard, the way you can press a combination of keys to get your... desired... effect."

<SJU Radio> Mathias says, ""Eh, to our publisher...I say...we are the honey badger...we don't give a frick. We play arena shows on tour, but in Fallcoast we do play free shows at clubs and theaters since we grew up here. Kind of our pay back to the city for getting us our start. You guys should come out and see us!" More laughter from the band at Sarah's and Shyla's words. "'Gigolo'....that's funny, Shyla. As for the piano, yes...you know....I always said. I am..." Pause. "No...I'll save that for off the air. So this is a new song too. And since we are just a few days away...quite fitting. It is called 'November'." https://soundcloud.com/user-973304129-78206953/november/s-vkTsA"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "I would say that Shyla plays me like a piano but since she doesn't know how to play one and would just end up blindly fingering away and getting it to make strange noises...umm...okay...maybe she /can/ play me like a piano. That was 'Movember' by Inception. Oops...November. Movemeber is where people grow moustaches for cancer research. So where will you free surprise gig be this visit, Mathias? And I think gig came from gigue which is French for dance and New Orleans jazz musicians, who probably spoke French, came up with the abbreviation. See, listeners, college education is a good thing! Thanks for coming in though. It's good when we have guests. We don't have to talk as much."

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla laughs, "Sarah, that sounds almost like an innuendo right there! About the piano and stuff. See, you missed an opportunity for making a great joke, roomie! And thanks for the bit of info, I never knew about "gigue" and *I* actually, arguably, know French. And yeah, Mats and the gang, where and when IS your next show? Hope it isn't TOO far from campus, students can be notoriously... " she whispers into the microphone, ".... laaaaaaazy.."

<SJU Radio> Mathias says, ""Now that is hot," says Mathias at Sarah's piano comment regarding Shyla. "Well, we also throw private concerts at my mansion for close family and friends. So our next one, you two should attend. It will be a blast, And if you guys are lazy, you'll just miss out on free music, free alcohol, oh...and I have a grand piano in my home...so the two of you can play a duet on it if you'd like!" Some noise is heard as the band is beginning to pack up. "Thanks for having us in guys. It was such a blast!"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "A mansion? Shoot, count us in. That's actually a musician joke. Count us in. One...two...three...look, if I have to explain every joke." She grumbles softly to herself. "Fine, please yourselves. Thanks to Inception for coming in tonight. I'm sure we'll see you around. What was the joke I missed, Shyla? While the guys pack up and go home to their gropies...umm...groupies...here's some music." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFDzhKdrN9M&list=PLNeBtCUnf1hBmbfPRVg3bvTvUO3VVLPxY

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla says, "That's a funny joke, Sarah! And that was Little Mix which I've only heard of lately, with "Shout Out to My Ex". I think they are cute, as girl bands go, kinda like Fifth Harmony. And I won't explain that joke to you Sarah, I'll let you know about it later, teehee. And speaking of 5th Harmony, here they are! And relevant to All Hallow's Eve! We do have to clean the palate from all this meaningful music we just heard from Matty and The Inceptions, right? Right? (btw, great movie)." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlkFTxnizyk"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Fifth Harmony with 'I'm In Love With A Monster'. A song many of us can understand...but not me! I'm pretty lucky. Thanks again to Matty and the Inceptions. You know, it also sounds a bit kinky...or am I thinking about Conception? It's almost time for us to leave so some last horror songs for our listeners who aren't at parties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HppogSt1uHo

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla can practically be felt casting her megawatt smile, "Sarah is SO sweet, anyone who she has a shine on would be a damn lucky person, I can tell you that! And if you think conception is kinky, well, then I have some sad news to tell you, that stopped being kinky 3.8 billion years ago." And here comes the giggles... oh boy, the neverending giggles. "OK, you want Halloween songs, like that Lordi song "Devil is a Loser"? Here's one, LITTERALLY made for this holiday." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOAl0enE7kI

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Helloween with 'Halloween'. Or was it Halloween with 'Helloween'. I think the former. We've had a pretty heavy show tonight - musically at least - so I hope you all enjoyed it. Doesn't Shyla have the loveliest giggle? Not much to do with Halloween but it amuses me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlupRATWkm0

<SJU Radio> Ditzy DJ Shyla giggles again, "Aww gosh, you say the sweetest things, Sarah. And everyone out there, believe you me, Sarah is SO goshdarn hot, I'm surprised anyone who come in to interview don't devolve into a mess of drooling 15 year olds. So my hat off to you Mathias and the Inceptions, for not shooting off in your pants the moment you walk into the st- What? Freedom of speech and the media, I can say whatever I wa- Oh bothe-" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HhR7zKgRSs