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Return of the Leechers

Dramatis Personae

Anna May, Brigitte, Iezika

19 February, 2018

Hunters respond to rumors that Cathedral Concrete has monstrous tenants once more.


Cathedral Concrete

It is snowing. So much for the coming of spring. Brigitte has grabbed a couple of Hunters for a patrol. There's been reports of some activity at Cathedral Concrete and that needs checking out.

A couple of years ago, Cathedral Concrete was discovered to be a place where Leechers learned to hunt humans. It was cleaned out, no without Hunter casualties, and monitored since. People hold raves there. There's even been a Halloween House. But there's nothing scheduled for this weekend and movement has been detected on the grounds. It could be a cat. It could be the return of the Leechers. Time to find out.

Brigitte has driven them up in a van. No bike for this weather. They park at the front gates, the Frenchwoman having the key to the padlock on the chains wrapped around the mesh. "Leechers aren't nice and we've lost some of us to them before. We're here to see what we can see. If there's one or two...we'll take them on. If a nest is back..."

Iezika gulps "We... will run?" she offers "And... leechers?" she asks, confused. Wasn't she supposed to *just* be a researcher? she sighs "So, what are leechers?"

"Then we'll destroy it through God's Will." Anna May completes Brigitte's sentence with a little bit of a small smile. Like usual when out and about in the creepy crawly areas of the night, Anna May is outfitted much more similarly to an ancient knight than that of a modern hunter, chain mail hauberk resting upon her shoulders, cinched at the waist to keep the skirt from flailing about too much, as well as chainmail backed gloves and a coif over her head, a few random strands of her dishwater blonde hair running along her face that have escaped the bun underneath the armor. A medieval kite shield is strapped to her left forearm, and a long sword rests within its ancient looking leather scabbard across her back, leaving the pommel poking out over her right shoulder. A simple silver crucifix rests upon the chain over her chest, "I ain't 'xactly sure ain't never seen them nowhere else, but some of dem others at the Lodge be sayin' they're like even worse vampires."

Brigitte takes a deep breath as she looks at Iezika. "For a researcher, you need to research more. Leechers are sort of like vampires but much worse. They come out of the reservoir up north as far as we know. They have a habit of changing every time we meet them too." A snort of amusement for Anna May. "I admire your confidence, but a nest is a big thing." Unlocking the padlock, she removes it and slips it into her backpack. Bronwyn checks her shotgun the turns on her flashlight before stepping onto the grounds. "Keep your eyes peeled. This snow isn't helping much either." (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Cathedral_Concrete)

Iezika nods "Hey! I am still stuck on the basics!" she admits, reaching for her shotgun on her back, cocking it "So, I was right." she sighs "We run..."

Steel is a cold metal i the winter, so Anna May has a full set of Under Armor in grey as well underneath the chain and a pair of those sleek around the back of the head earmuffs for the ears. "So is God's Wrath, besides it is better to go down following the Path than to live in the darkness." Going into a hunt seems to put the girl in full sermon mode. She double checks the bindings of her shield on her forearm as they make their way forward along the grounds, eyes sweeping the snow for any tracks beyond their own that might indicate recent passage.

"We'll kill a lot more of the bad guys staying alive than dying" Brigitte points out to the worryingly enthusiastic Anna May. "But you do what you got to do." Her flashlight sweeps the darkness but it can't get too far past the falling snow. The rotting buildings loom ahead of them - a dark shadow against a dark sky. Brigitte makes her way to a door in th first of the huge buildings. Crouching down beside it, she scoops some snow away to reveal a small electronic sensor. "That should have a flashing light" she notes of the dead device. "Someone may have used this door and didn't want us to know." She looks at the pair with her. "Ready?"

Iezika shakes her head, as if to indicate she isn't ready. She raises her shotgun. Why did she think being a huntress would go well? "So, we have a burglary by Vampires?"

Anna May glances at the dead sensor and purses her lips, then with a soft 'schinct' of metal scraping metal she pulls the Damascus steel blade free of it's trappings and gives it a twirl between her fingers, giving Brigitte a nod as she steps up to the other side of the door, "Ain't no vampires, We ain't allowed to hunt their kind unless they do somethin' real dumb, leechers are bad for all of us tho so'ins they don't care so much 'bout us killing the likes of them." Anna May says as softly as she can muster, before taking a stance near the door with her sword raised at an angle and drawn back, as if ready to slice into the neck with a heavy blow if anything tries to come through the door.

"I wouldn't say 'burglary'. Probably more 'squatting'. And as Anna says, they aren't vampires. Much worse" whispers Brigitte in reply to Iezika before trying the door. It opens easily...it wasn't closed properly. Within it is pitch black. The windows, high in the walls, long barricaded up. Brigitte sweeps the empty concrete floors with her light before slipping inside and taping it to the barrel of her shotgun. It smells...foul. Like something has been rotting deep in the dark. And it is cold. Damn cold. Brigitte advances slowly into the vast interior. "Keep close to each other."

Iezika nods and gulps, staying behind Anna "So, Vampires are... careful, Leechers are dumb?"

Anna May waits for the two with guns to go in first, but since Iezika seems adamant on waiting for her she slips through the door behind Brigitte, "From what I've heard far from it, now shush." Anna May says not unkindly, but with that matronly tone that reminds you of a mother attending to a child in mass asking questions of the sermon. Anna May does not bring much to a stealth party, as each step has a jangle of chain, but she keeps her eyes peeled for any movement in the shadows, looking mostly away from the light provided by the flashlight to help speed up the shift to darkness.

"Iezika, stay here. Keep the door open for us" Brigitte says to the new Huntress. There may be a desire not to have her around when the shooting starts either. The Loyalist could do with a bit more practice. The Union and the Long Night continue into the dark. There are a couple of crates and piles of garbage strewn across the floor but they're also covered with dust so unlikely to have been disturbed recently. High above them, barely seen by the flashlight, is a network of metal scaffolding that is used for getting around and to support various machinery. "They used to be up there" Brigitte whispers. "Where they stored their victims."

Anna May glances up and nods slightly in recognition of the words, twirling the sword again in habit as she continues stepping forward as quietly as a gal clad in full chainmail can. "Know where the ladder up is?" She whispers out of the corner of her mouth, glancing over her shoulder towards the small rectangle of not quite as dark where Iezkia now is stationed to keep their exit clear.

Brigitte uses her gun to point down to the end of the building. "Down there. There's also a small office on the next level up. I don't like this. We're just playing into their hands in this darkness."

There is the clunk of a metal can hitting the ground, followed by a squeal as it rolls across the concrete floor. It comes from the darkness ahead of them until the rolling can appears in the light of the torch. Slowly it comes their way.

"Thing I'll keep in mind, get thing that can make lots of light." Anna May comments, but she falls short in her snark at the sudden sound of metal on concrete. She squats down slightly, draws her shield up and rests the flat of her blade along the top rim of the kite shield, peering over the edge though her attention doesn't go to the can, no instead she's turned herself slightly to watch the right and flank, distractions are right up a monster's alley.

There is something odd about that can. Is it...ticking. "Down!" yells Brigitte before noticing that her companion is already 'hiding' behind a shield - good trick that. The can explodes. Red hot shrapnel tearing through the air. The dull clank of metal upon Anna-May's shield echoes around the chamber. "They're clever fuckers" Brigitte mumbles before she is on her feet and aiming her weapon upwards, but nothing to see yet.

From out of the darkness above drops down a leecher. No longer in its human guise, its face is now a circular maw of teeth. It seems to be on a rope and pully system of some kind. As it hovers over Anna-May, it's barbed, sucker lined tongue erupts from the mouth to slash at the armored woman. Easily six feet in length before it slaps into Anna-May, the barbs penetrating the links to cut into her flesh.

Brigitte swings her shotgun to aim at the creature attacking Anna-May. A boom echoes around the factory as the leecher is riddled with pellets. Its thick coat shredded without doing much protection. It screams in pain. An unnatural scream.

As blood wells down the cut and begins soaking into the grey Under Armor, Anna May lets out a shout and raises her sword into the air, "God shall not stand for your continued existence, praying upon his people. Spawn of Satan you shall pay for breaching the flesh of a vessel of the Spirit!" As she shouts a light orange glow spreads from the tip of the blade downwards, into the pommel, and then blossoms out across her form. Then as the glow fades she seems to move, just faster and more liquid, the twirl of her sword much faster than before, "God hath granted me the speed with which to chase you through the night monsters, now RUN!" The blonde bangs her sword against her shield then drops back down into her defensive stance behind the shield with the sword flat resting on the rim of the kite.

Another of the beasts drops down from the darkness on the strange rope apparatus. It's tongue lashing once more at the human that dared scream at them...and threaten them? Again her armour is pierced, even with the help of the Lord.

Another one? This is not good. And Anna-May is getting the brunt of their attacks. Brigitte aims for the one she has already shot but it is a pitiful attempt. The Leecher still very much dangerous suspended above them.

Despite being riddled with shotgun pellets, the hanging Leecher lashes out at Anna-May once more. More blood to feed its inhuman hunger.

Her shield just never seems to be in the right place, Anna May shifts herself and then raises her shield upwards, gently nudging it to the side as she slides her sword forward and stabs roughly at the dangling shape of the first Leecher that attacked her, the tip of her blade making a tiny pinprick in its flesh. And then she's turtled up behind her shield again!

Her shield just never seems to be in the right place, Anna May shifts herself and then raises her shield upwards, gently nudging it to the side as she slides her sword forward and stabs roughly at the dangling shape of the first Leecher that attacked her, the tip of her blade just not quite able to reach high enough into the air to prick its hide. And then she's turtled up behind her shield again!

The Leechers have rally taken a hate to Anna-May. Even as Brigitte blasts holes in one of them, they concentrate on the beacon of Godliness that dared come into their sanctum. The tongue slashing Anna-May once more.

Brigitte blasts the hanging Leecher once more. Again she riddles it with holes. Its unnatural blood dripping onto the floor. "Hey! Don't forget me, fuckers!" Anything to get them off Anna-May.

Brigitte's taunt seems to have worked. The Leecher slashing at the Frenchwoman who is not blessed with armor. The barbs cutting across her skin.

Anna May lets out a holler of pain and or rage and or stress and fear as she stabs once more at the Leecher that has been filled full of buckshot. Despite her fatigue and wounds, she manages to dip the tip of her blade into the Leecher's dangling flesh and open up yet another rivulet of monster blood, before she then turns and dashes off to get some distance, moving almost supernaturally fast on her own despite the chainmail, then turning and raising her shield to ward off any further attacks from the Leecher she stabbed with her sword in case it follows her

The Leecher that has been blasted and slashed suddenly goes still. Its flesh blackening as they watch. The long tongue limp from its gaping maw. The other Leecher, seeing Anna-May run for the hills, shoots back upwards into the dark and out of view.

"Are you okay, Anna-May?" says Brigitte as she looks up into the dark.

“They should... call them bloodletters..." She says in breathy tones, blood starting to make its way down to the black athletic runners on her feet, crimson droplets on the concrete as it oozes through chainmail links and drips from the wounds and torn cloth underneath the steel ringlets. "I wish I had one of them rope thingies, damn bastard, get BACK HERE!" The tiny 5'2 blonde almost roars like a lion, then her sword arm goes a bit limp while she keeps the shield raised, crouch walking with that same strange fluid speed as before to get back to Brigitte's side, "Think your running thing is a good idea?"

"Back out slowly might be a better idea. We still don't know how many are up there. I told you they were tough" Brigitte whispers, eyes still scanning above them. "Let's get you out of here and healed up. Hopefully you haven't been infected."

Anna May hikes her sword back up from slowly growing number fingers, "I think I can outrun them, you have the boom stick, you back out slowly." The blonde smirks a bit and then a blur as she dashes for and through the doorway, sort of leaving Brigitte alone, but she's turned about and staring at the woman, more than willing to dash right back in if she needs to.

One minute Anna May is there, the next she's abandoned Brigitte to the horrors of the dark. "Great" mumbles the Frenchwoman under her breath while walking slowly back, weapon scanning the room. Not just above now, but in every direction. From the dark they can hear the chittering of a Leecher; those hundreds of teeth clicking together in that gaping maw. Then another. And another. Time to run. Brigitte turns and sprints for the door.

Anna May didn't really abandon her, she's right there at the door after all, though she's breathing a bit hard and crimson has become the decorative splash paint of choice for her steel chain mail. "See? You're just fine." She calls out, stepping in a way so that if something tries to follow Brigitte out it will get a face full of steel shield.

"Close the door behind me!" Brigitte yells as she forward rolls through the opening and into the snow beyond. Up to her knees, she spins around to cover the door with her shotgun...and realise that forwards rolls with large padlocks in your backpack can hurt. Once that door is slammed shut she is getting her phone out to call it in. "Leecher infestation in Cathedral Concrete. Surveillance equipment damaged. Let's get this place sealed off again." She stands, looking over Anna May and her death of a thousand cuts. "We need to get those wounds cleaned."

Sadly no maw-mouths get shield to the face, but Anna May slams the door shut, "ain't nothin' but a scratch." Anna May says with a grin, then drops her sword and glances down at it, "Okay maybe more than a scratch..." Her left arm hangs a bit uselessly at her side and she fails at gripping the handle of her sword enough times she growls and uses her left hand to pick it up and awkwardly sheathe it over her shoulder, "To the mystery machine?"