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Rendezvous and Cake
Dramatis Personae

Molly, Ting, Isrieal, Vocat, Charley, Holmes

29 January, 2018

After a close call with an exploding ship Molly, Ting, and Isrieal meet up back at Izzy's club and are soon joined by others.



Isrieals panting by the time she reaches the club and she flops down beside the hottub, sticking her legs in it with boots on and all. "Why..../every/ time!" Sure enough there is a Ting as promised. She gives herself a moment to catch her breath and waits for Molls to show as well.

Guess what? Ting is in the hot tub. Who knows what club staff think about her by now, but sometimes she brings a bikini, and other times she is taking a hot dip in whatever random shirt she has on. Luckily for all involved, her wardrobe is all stolen and therefore all way too large. Accidental modesty. She is in up to her neck, eyes closed, lips murmuring something rapidly. Maybe a prayer. Maybe she is just talking herself down. They almost blew up. Isrieal was frozen just a couple days ago. People are turning up dead all over. And that ship almost killed them. Not bad insanity for a weekend. "Everyone has to work together," is all she says.

Molly has arrived, wearing her grey overcoat with the fuzzy collar, over her diving outfit. Stepping in and lookinag around, she hasn't been on this level before. It does not take much to notice the Ting, over in the tub. turning, she wanders over that direction, moving to sit on the edge of the hot tub. "Hey, sunshine, are you ok? I saw you swim off so figured you didnt get singed. I know Spooks is ok, I called her."

Isrieal nods a few times, hair messy as ever. She's jumped off an exploding three story building, been frozen by a skull, and nearly blown up on a ship. What next!? "Okay." She finally says. "Yes. We will work together. Which FIRST. That skull...I was concious the whole time. I could hear whispers...like I was connected in that Xmen thing yeah? But it was all...it all sounded like conspiracy stuff. I caught words like poison, king, towers, assassination. Like tapping into the minds of all those sorts of thought. But I don't know what the hell it was..." She waits a beat. "NEXT. That mirror shard? I think. I think...it sounds like my..." She leans in closer to Ting in the water and mouths the word Keeper.

Ting is not ok, but she opens her eyes and summons a big smile. Appearances are important. "I am ok. Are you ok? Come in," she says, patting the underwater seat beside her. It's not a question. Where the Spring is always, always polite she is making demands now. Polite demands? "My Queen," she whispers, so as not to address Isrieal openly in such a strange way, "...may I have a drink? I don't have any money." The Waterborn never has money. This is a universal truth by now. "Poison, king, towers, assassination. Sounds like nobility? Something Gentry related?" Things are said in a hushed tone, with important words mouthed. The way people say 'rape' and 'cancer.' Issy mouths 'Keeper' and Ting stiffens. "I'm scared." It's a real emotion. She just hands it over to them.

Vocat arrives on the floor wearing what has become his typical uniform for the club: a three piece white suit with purple accents, a top hat with a purple band, and white boots (because the platforms have been killing him. Expertly balanced upon an upwards palm is a serving tray and upon said tray is a delightful assortment of cake pops in all sorts of fantastical color combinations which match the club aesthetic: cheese-cake, black forest, german chocolate, carrot, and more.. the roaming culinary genius has all one might want in a dessert. Additionally, some birthday cake shots adorn the tray, for those who wish a more liquid dessert. When he hears the question 'May I have a drink', he's almost just simply there! "Good Evening, how may I be of service? I have some fantastic shots.. and an assortment of cake pops if you wish to try one. Otherwise, I'd gladly take an order for cocktails." He bows at the hip to lower the tray.

Molly slides her dolphin leather overoat off and kicks off her boots before swinging her legs over and sliding into the tub. She moves to the indicated seat but can already tell this is one of those disucssions she is going to hear half and understand less. Seeming unsure how to continue, she just listens until, oh company! "Oh, um..hello? Do you have rum, like, lots of it, just bring the bottle. Screw shots at this point." Running her hand through her mess of hair, she looks over to the other two. "One of your guys, Spooks?"

Isrieal shakes her head. "No, no. Don't be scared Ting. She wouldn't be after you." Isrieal swallows and composes a moment. "When last she had me I didn't have all the tricks I learned. It will never be the same. It will never come to that." She swears then peeks over as Vocat arrives. "Oh thank god." She reaches over and plucks up a cheese cake pop that she pops into her mouth and chews, nodding to Molly. "Bartender." She says through the cake. "Ting, you can have whatever you want, don't worry about it." She tells her. "Vocat can whip things up real good."

Cake? And cake shots? Delivered by a handsome man in a wicked cool suit? Ting is dead. She is sure of it. That means Mol and Is are dead too. How horrible. To be dead. And yet, how lovely to be dead together. "Did we die? Was it painful?" She look up at Vocat and nods. Yes, bring the bottle her expression seems to say. The Spring stands in the hot tub and peers over at the bartender/chef. "Please?" It sounds almost pitiful. "May I have a cake pop and the drink thing? Maybe... two?" she ventures. Isrieal did say she can have whatever she wants. "He is... safe?" Like they can speak openly around him? Is he a robot? Robots are cool.

Vocat makes a face when 'rum' is requested, a brief sigh pasts his parted lips as he nods to acknowledge the order. He tips his top-hat as being introduced as 'Bartender' then waits expectantly for more orders. He sets the tray down so Ting has full access to the cake pops and the shots. "The of the House says you may have what you want.. so what you want is what you will get." He strolls toward the bar and retrieves a couple of bottles of 'Santa Teresa 1796' and a few glasses. When he returns, he also has a zest'er, a couple of limes, an orange, and a few sprigs of mint. "If anyone wishes their rum spruced up with an aromatic or two.. You need only ask."

Molly sits back, letting the water get to her. "I died, but I got better. Oh you mean at the ship, nah." Putting a hand up on the side of the tub. Mols watches Isrieal carefully as she comforts Ting, noting a few comments but finally shrugs again and glances towards Vocat. "What are you doing to my rum? Um..sure, as long as you don't water it down. What the heck is a zester anyhow, sailor?" She inclines her head, directing her attention to Vocat.

"We're alive Ting, I swear." She tells her then nods to Molly. "He is fairly safe, I'm certain." She eyes Vocat for a moment. "I did hire him after all." Yes. He's safe. She does take one of those cake drinks that he made and sips on it, alchohol is good after a weekend like this. "Ish is going to kill me if I even tell him about this one."

Ting will be making good use of that full access. "Thank you." She picks up a polka dot cake pop and takes a bite. "Mmm, yummy." Then she haphazardly knocks back a shot, which ends with a little wince but overall enjoyment. Upon Vocat's return, the Spring grins and nods. "Yes. I like fruit in my drinks, please. All the fruit." Not really a purveyor of proper bartending. She takes a second cake pop. Someone is going to overeat and get a bit sloshed. The occasion demands it. "At the ship. Yes. No? We are alive? Good. I feel exhausted Maybe do not tell him you had another mishap with me present. I am bad luck?" she asks the ladies. Then she scoots closer to Mol and rests her head on her shoulder. "I told Tomi we were ok. No details. Maybe we should invite him."

Vocat twirls the zester in his fingertips and then proceeds to zest the peel of a orange over a glass of rum. "A zester is a fine grater which is used to 'zest' things.. typically it's used on citrus fruit and the zest of the fruit is added while cooking or preparing drinks." The rum is deposited before Molly. "It adds notes of orange to the drink. It's a good thing." He grins at Ting, his skills now able to shine as he draws a knife, removes a protective sheath, and proceeds to cut the fruit. He does a little trickery and manages to produce what looks like flowers from the peels to garnish the glass of rum after he deposits bits of fruit into it. A brief stir and then the concoction is served to Ting. "I'm safe.. and quite -awake- to the goings of the world and its shadows." He tips his hat and then stands by.

Molly leans a little to Ting, "Sure, he is welcome to, but its Spooks place, so as long as she is cool with it." Looking off vacantly as she holds the glass of rum, "Oh thank you, mister. Smells wonderful...maybe I'll have to get some of those zesters for receptions we do." Making a fist, she lightly hammers it down on the side of the tub, out of frustration. "Damn it, I was so useless in there. It was a -ship- for fucksakes. I should have pulled that thing right on out into open waters and we could have cleared off the bombs and handled the bodies, but noo...I'm just rushing aorund half blind and unable to even get the log book out. Glad you all had -me- along o that."

"Guys, its no ones fault. We can't help what happened. A lot of weird things have been going on lately." She tells them. "Tomi is allowed. I stopped by to visit him earlier. Besides, I'm not going to tell people not to come to a club." She says with a bit of a laugh. Isrieal nods to Vocat. "Thanks. These are good."

"You are full of details. Oh! Flowers!" Ting is visibly charmed. She picks up an orange flower from the rim of her drink and sniffs it. "This is pretty. See?" she asks Molly, shoving it into her face. "He made flowers." When Vocat assures her that he is safe and awake she nods. "You look awake. I'm awake too." What's a Mage? She doesn't know or is really good at playing dumb. Maybe both. "I'm Ting," she tells him with a wide grin and a hot-tub-wet hand coming his way for a shake. Is he really just there to serve them? The Waterborn looks to the girls and grins. "Um, do you have something with chocolate pudding?" She's already on her third cake pop. This one is pink. Strawberry.

The Waterborn looks to Molly when she hits her fist down and jumps a little. "If we needed you to captain it things would have been different. It was encased in ice. Wired with bombs. That's sort of like cheating." She places a hand on Mol's shoulder and pats. She looks to Vocat again and knots her brow up in concern. "For real we can talk in front of him?" Paranoia is a good thing.

Vocat tips his hat again toward Izzy. "Do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. I go by 'Vocat' if you need to call for me by name." He reaches forward and accepts Ting's hand offering it a polite shake. He hums curiously at her request and stands up right. He taps his chin with his index finger. "I have a chocolate mousse I was considering using for Neopolitan mousse cake." He eyes Ting for a moment and nods. "I'll be right back, need to stop by the kitchen for this one." And with that, he's off.

Molly waves to him, "Wait, I want one too if you can, Mr Vocat." Looking over to Izzy, "We can tip him, right? I don't care what he hears about dead people but when it comes to the skull stuff, we should try to keep that packed up from most people's ears. Where are we keeping that skull these days?"

Isrieal nods. "I really think he is fine. And these...skull incident type things? Seems like anyone could stumble across this stuff. I don't know what to do with it though. Maybe there is someone who can look into it better than we can. Maybe he'd have some input? I'm not really sure...just as long as no one looks directly at it." She shakes her head. "Its not like its one of our personal secrets or anything."

The Spring looks between Isrieal and Molly. "He does everything," she whispers. "You must pay him a fortune. I want to own a club." Ah, the perks of the rich. Even now Ting is still always amazed. "If at all possible, I would prefer details about me not be the focus of the conversation." Ah, a private Ting. Who knew. "The skull and mirror are sensitive. As are the children in the hospital, but if he can 'do' things maybe we could get his help?" All of this is whispered. He could be scrying away, but she is precautious regardless. "How did you wake up, Issy? We definitely need a big meeting. With cooperation." Ting is so about togetherness and communication. When it does not involve her.

Vocat returns after a few minutes with a new tray. This one contains glass cups filled with a rich airy chocolate mousse. Fresh mint leaves have been gently pressed onto the surface to give the dish a little color.. and because Vocat struggles with serving anything without some kind of garnish. Plating is important! He considers the merits of asking to have a dumbwaiter installed, just so he can 'pretend' to use it while bending space and time to retrieve delectables. He has, of course, missed the commentary about the Skull. "Here you are ladies. I bought three just in case the Lady of the House would like one as well." He sets each delicately down within reach.

Molly takes one and leans back. "Maybe we can find a spot to gather at. I don't think it should be here or anywhere normal. Like I can rent a warehouse maybe. If this....action of ours is causing attention, the last thing we need is some ...crime here or anywhere that is part of our actual lives."

Isrieal nods. "Yeah I agree. We'll find some secure place that isn't tied to any of us." When Vocat returns she takes up one of the chocolate mousse dishes. These people here really seem to love sweets. "We'll figure this out." She assures them then stares at her phone, texting back and forth a few times. She even seems to snap a picture of a bird in a nest outside the window nearby and sends that along too. "How do you like it here so far?" She asks Vocat. "Everything going well for you?"

Mousse. Ting takes one and actually dips her tongue into it for a taste. Oops. Manners. Then she looks at the other unmolested cup and up-nods her chin when Isrieal takes it. "Sorry. Thank you. Vocat. You're super cool. I bake cakes. Maybe I could bring you one and you could give me some tips?" The Spring loves to learn, and cakes are her passion, so... That and Contract Magic, but that's not important now. She glances to Molly and nods. "A private meeting area. A secure meeting area. We need that. Yes. I also think we should stay in groups. Pairs at least." Says the wayward wandering Ting. She leans back in the hot tub and holds the cake pop against her lips. "Today was very tiring."

Vocat offers a broad smile toward Isrieal. "I'm absolutely loving it. It's become my favorite outlit for my creativity. Nothing else has.. really provided the same amount of traffic or opportunity. So thank you again for the opportunity." He clacks his tongue and hums, "And if you require a significantly private place, I can.. fabricate such a thing upon request. Indeed, I'm rather good at establishing private locales." He extends a white gloved finger into the air to accentuate his point. He then glances toward Ting. "Oooh. I would absolutely love to. Always nice to meet another baker. I'm sure you have tricks of your own to share. I would very much like that." And with that he plucks a birthday cake shot from the tray and tosses it back. He closes his eyes and shakes his head briefly then sighs contently. "Ah, yes. I very much like it here."

Molly nods, "I'll look through some real estate and see what i can find." Standing up out of the tub, in tight capri pants and a bikini top, she grabs her coat and steps out, wrapping herself up in the warmth of dolphin leather. Fur colloar included. Tying it closed, "Yeah it was, I'm going to head back to the ship for a bit. Be safe, if you need someone to walk with you, Ting, call me, or Hank. We can always bring Buddy in the car." Smiling to Isrieal, "I'll catch you soon Spooks." As she turns to head out, she pulls cash out of a pocket and tips Vocat, "Nicely done."

Wandering into the club, Charley is on a mission of sorts. Weird things happened at the cemetery she visited recently and was looking for one of the people she had encountered there. Hearing that the club owner is on the rooftop area, the medium makes her way up there. She's definitely not dressed in clubwear, opting for her more comfortable and usual style. A simple jacket, leggings, and sneakers, her trusty messenger bag hanging from her shoulders. Spotting the very striking Isrieal, she pauses for a moment before slowly making her way to approach her and the others with her. A hand lifts to give a slightly nervous wave. "Uh, hey there."

As he walks out onto the rooftop, young Holmes who looks clearly out of place for a number of reasons is escorted out by one of the hostess. Holmes is not dressed like anyone else in the club wearing a simple Flash Gordon T-shirt, a pair of faded jeans with holes in the knees, and a pair of old school Adias. His hair is currently down in a tussell of ebony locks framing his face as the hostess points out Isrieal and Holmes nods in thanks as he makes his way towards the woman.

Isrieal seems quite popular tonight and she's not expecting it at all. Her eyes get big when she sees both Charley AND Holmes. "Oh! Hey guys!" She waves. "I'm glad its all working out for you." She tells Vocat with a grin. "Holmes here." She gestures. "Is also a rather good chef, you two should talk." She looks over to Charley then and draws herself up from the edge of the tub. "Charley...was it? Everything okay?" She asks her, not entirely sure why she may have come by.

Ting is very much preoccupied with the mousse and switches over to people watching. The redhead is in the hot tub, up to her neck actually. She is spooning chocolate mint mousse and shifting her gaze between people. Seeing as Isrieal is suddenly so in demand, the Spring faerie retreats a little to enjoy Vocat's dessert stylings. There is no cause for her to speak, so she does not. Her gaze does wander over to Vocat, however, after he mentions conjuring private spaces. That's a handy trick. Then she is on to looking Holmes and Charley over in turn. Not a word is said.

Vocat nods to Izzy and tips his hat in Holmes' direction though he retreats somewhat as its clear people have business with the owner. His phone buzzes, and he chimes, 'Break time!' He pulls up a chair and sits somewhat close to Ting. He leans over. "So what sort of cakes do you enjoy to bake? I'm a big fan of carrot myself. Though I do enjoy chocolate done well with a little orange zest added." He pours himself a glass of rum from the Santa Teresa bottle, briefly counts his tip from Molly, and then settles down, folding a leg over the other.

Once she's close enough to the gathered group, Charley slows to a stop. A glance is made over those in the immediate area, then she returns her attention to Isrieal. "Everything is okay enough, yeah," she answers with a small nod of her head. "I just uh, wanted to talk about that cemetery stuff? Like, obviously not right here right now," she says with a brief gesture to the crowd and the open area. "But, sometime maybe?" she suggests, raising her brows with both curiosity and hopefulness.

As his eyes fall on Izzy, "Was that Molly I saw leaving?" Holmes asks shyly looking uncomfortable before his eyes fall on Vocat. "I would not say that I am a chef but someone who merely dabbles in the art of it. It is merely just understanding the science of chemistry and their portions when it comes to making the food. It takes alot of experimenting, trail and error, and unbasis groups to tell me what they think of my creations." Holmes turns his head to side as if listening to something and blinks before he refocuses turning back to Isrieal, "I promised you I would visit...I always keep my...promises." Holmes folds his hands behind his back as he begins to look at the people engaged with his friend Isrieal.

Ting now has chocolate mousse smeared all of her lips and chin. The hazards of fast and furious consumption. She smiles up at Vocat to reveal that her teeth have suffered from all that sugary deliciousness. Nothing that rum drink cannot remedy, yes? When he scoots closer, she mimics him. "I have been working on a vanilla pudding cake that is very good. It's kind of wet like bread pudding, however. Maybe it's not exactly a cake." This is small talk, people. The big talk happened when the rooftop held less strangers. Stranger than the new strangers-turned-cake-friends. "I use lime zest on the key lime cake I make. And I drink Sprite with it, because it just works." Faerie logic. "You prefer desserts to appetizers, small plates, and entrees?" Cooking talk with Ting and Vocat.

Isrieal nods to Charley. "Oh yeah. We can definitely talk about that. Here, grab a piece of paper from the bar." She points. "And give me your number. I'll call you sometime and we can speak somewhere more private about it all." She promises her. While she's off getting her number ready Isrieal looks back to Holmes. "I'm glad you stopped by. How do you like it?" She asks with a grin. "Not sure if you are a club person or not but drinks are really good. Especially the ones Vocat whips up." She nods towards his tray.

Vocat grits his teeth and nods politely to Holmes.. because while the science aspect of cooking might be true.. it's just a statement that really grates with the artist within. It implies rules and procedures.. where he imagines canvas and creativity. He then turns his head toward Ting. "Ooh, bread puddings do not get nearly enough attention these days." He hums at her question and rolls his shoulders. "I enjoy a broad breadth. I tend to focus on desserts presently because it's popular in the club.. AND.. they are often horribly done. For calorie counters everywhere, I feel I have a duty to make sure each calorie is accompanied by explosions of flavor." He flinches a fist in conviction. "But I enjoy small plates and entrees as well. Heuristics are very fascinating. I have a fondness for good pairing." He sips from his rum glass.

Picking up a napkin from the bar, Charley scribbles her name and number down onto it before offering it over to Isrieal. "Cool, thanks," she tells the nearly white-haired woman with an appreciative smile. "Feel free to give me a call or text any time. Even if I'm out doing something, I tend to get back fast," she assures her. With that business handled, the psychic takes a glance around her, curiously eyeing and watching the others that had gathered on the rooftop.

As the "artist' grits his teeth at Holmes, he purses his lips in thought. He tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear as he shrugs slightly before turning his attention on Izzy. "I like the colors...and the music awesome. I went into the Rabbit Hole and got a bit lost looking for you. Your kind hostess helped me locate you. I wanted to ask you something but...your in high demand tonight so I won't bother you tonight. Will you come visit me soon at the shop?"

"It might be in popular in the club because I have a desperate sweet tooth and deadly sugar addiction. I'm a dessert junkie," Ting whispers to Vocat. "Baking in the kitchen is so relaxing for me and seeing someone close their eyes and drool a little bit when I feed them..." Did she just pant a little? "It's nice," she ends with, grinning a toothy grin at him. "I don't care about calories. I swim a lot. A lot." A lot. It is important to note that she swims almost every day, even in this wretched weather. A lot a lot. "Lemon on steamed vegetables is a really simple pairing I am addicted to right now. Broccoli with lemon and sesame seeds is making me crazy this week. Strange things excite me," she admits. "Sauteed onions on cheese and toast. Just that. Slays me." The cake pop in her hand is nibbled. "These are amazing. The mocha one made my mouth water so much I felt like I was slurping it." Charley and Holmes seem to be mistaking their presence for intrusion, so the Waterborn turns her back on them, as if to say that Issy is totally free and ignoring her and Vocat. "The private room," she whispers to the chef. "How soon? I would like to share with you. Did you go to culinary school?" Mixing topics is a thing she does.

Isrieal takes the number from her. "Thank you. I'll call soon." She nods to Holmes as well. "Yes. Of course I'll stop by, just call me when you are free." She tells him. So much to do! "I should probably go get some sleep, I'm really tired from earlier." Ting understands. "But thatnks for coming by. Feel free to help yourselves guys." She waves to them and goes to head out.