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PrP - Looking Into the Pit
Dramatis Personae

Anais, Aurelia, Brielle, Jericho, Rhys, Tock with Kyrie as ST

14 December, 2015

A group of Lost investigate a pit in the woods.



The hobs have been talking about this place for a couple days now, this place in a clearing in the pine woods. And when the Lost arrive for their different reasons and from their different directions, they find the area around the pit deserted. No one wants to get close to it. It doesn't look like much of anything though, not from a distance. Just a hole in the ground, perhaps twenty feet across. There's no incline along the edge, no rocks around it, nothing for several feet beyond the pit but bare ground.

Typical for Hedge adventures, Tock is dressed a bit like a pirate: tricorn hat perched atop her tied-back cornsilk hair, long Hedgespun pirate coat in fawns and russets with golden fastenings, flowing russet shirt to match, trousers, tall boots. A silver woven metal bracelet circles one wrist and a leather strap secures her locket with a stylised alternating current symbol on its front at her throat. What looks like a bat wing is hooked to one ear. Plenty of deep pockets and pouches provide hiding places for supplies, in addition to a pack on her back. A glint of electric blue dances along her skin and what appears to be a steampunk raygun is holstered at her hip. The clockwork girl also carries a quiver of arrows and a compound bow. At first, Tock stays at the treeline for a moment, surveying the surroundings to make sure nothing is off before fuller attentions are devoted to the Giant Hole in the Ground.

Brielle was here due to the Hobs talking. As a Baroness of the Lesser Ones she spent a good amount of time talking to them and listening for their chatter. This had piqued her interest and she'd made her way out. She's dressed in hedge traveling clothes as opposed to her regular everyday wear. There's a nod of greeting to the other Lost that have come out to investigate the curiosity as well.

The bird is circling overhead, occasionally crying out in its native tongue to the world surrounding it. It banks, moving in closer to the Pit while Anais watches from the treeline. It doesn't really matter why she's here, dressed in hedgespun rivetted leather and carrying a glaive Anna found out about the Pit and decided to trail after the people investigating it. Now... She's moving up to the treeline. Quietly. "Can't see anything from over here..." Just a murmur. The bird circles the hole but doesn't actually approach it. "And the Bird is afraid to get close. I suppose that means I should..." She'll wait for comments before actually breaking away from the treeline, however.

Jericho was here because, well. Potential threat - and any potential threat brings out the Legion much in the way that dinner bells and Daisy Dukes bring out farmboys. It's just a thing, really. Lia's here, probably, because Jericho's here - though the Fairest might have reasons of her own, as well.

Whatever the case might be, though, the Metalflesh's not stealthy. He knows he's not stealthy. Actually, he's pretty much the _opposite_ of stealthy; and as such he doesn't try to be anything even remotely related to stealthy. It's with an aggressive, almost juggernaught-like stride that he approaches; shoulders slouched, spine erect and head tipped ever so slightly forwards. The massive greatsword, unlimbered, is carried up-pointed along his right arm - hand cupped beneath the lower pair of parierhaken and around the top of the hilt - until, almost abrubtly, he comes to a halt just on the perimeter of the area. There's a second or two given to scan the near edge of the horizon before he begins to pace - first to one way, then the other - as if trying to get a better look at the pit; or perhaps what might lair within. Or what caused it.

Trouble and hobs go together like peanut butter and jelly. You may not enjoy the texture or the flavour, but no one denies they are a cultural touchstone. News filtering through the Hedgevine to Aurelia of an anomaly is no doubt reason enough to set forth as a not quite conquering heroine. She traverses the path lightly, bearing a light pack and a spool of climbing rope linked by carabiners from a certain studio and climbing wall. Diamonds might be her best friend, but better when the diamonds come attached to an imposing Elemental warmaster as competent as piggybacking her as making ham of aggressive porcine hobs. Speaking of, she rather shamelessly nibbles upon a croissant dipped in chocolate and a few dried rose petals, forsaking her usual full silver volto mask for a silver augmented columbina to partake of a snack.

Stealth is pointless where Jericho is involved, true, and she redoubles the general radii of light he casts by sheer proximity. Nonetheless, he dwarfs her considerably in breadth so she might just sneak up by having her own walking tower shield. Under the circumstances, his pause makes her teeter forward on her toes, barely leaving a sound behind, and not falling out of the protective cover surrounding her. By tilting lower, she rather wordlessly uses the advantage of a mobile parabolic mirror to look at angles others rarely bother with.

Brielle's brows furrow and the wisps of shadow streak down her cheeks for a moment. "Curious. I remember a similar situation happening. Just popped up out of the blue one day." the Shadowsoul states for all to hear. "From what I remember a few people died and some went crazy before the hole disappeared...or was filled in, I can't remember." she frowns. The bow that she brought with her is readjusted over her shoulder, but she doesn't make a move towards the hole yet.

"Well, unless we've an insight to share..." Anais finally straightens, grasps the haft of her glaive without unslinging it and proceeds boldly toward the open ground ahead. There's a glance back over the diminutive warrior's shoulder to take in those arrayed behind her but otherwise she has no intention of stopping as she passes the treeline to head toward the Pit in question.

"There were rumours of the same with this one. A sense of dread, some claiming to be driven mad by it." Tock finishes her perimeter scouting, drawing her bow before proceeding slowly closer to the thing. "We won't know what it is unless we look at it, after all."

Slowly, Rhys comes to the designated place, with his usual clothes on, smudged here and there with dirt and earth, and his armour and backpack on, and earth swirling around him frenzily. "Late. Sorry." as he gets to the rest of the group, looking around to get his bearings. "So,any more news about this hole?" he asks.

"Nothing." Jericho returns in a stentorian, stacatto clip as he draws nearer to the group. Tock and Anais are given familiar, if short, nods - though Brielle and Rhys get a somewhat longer scrutiny before the Metalflesh turns his attention back to the area around. Overall, his posture shows a certain casual readiness - as if he were, perhaps, not so much worried that something was _possibly_ going to jump out from the shadows; but more he was concerned as to which direction it might come from. That aside, though, he finalizes with a fragmentary nod to Tock before stepping forwards as well; letting the zweihander slide down just far enough to catch it by it's ricasso - still in inverted position. "Shall we? And... watch out for great tentacled horrors. Just in case." And yes, he sounds absolutely serious about that - or, at the very least, detached.

Lia is not eager to go marching into the dark, but she does make a point of pulling out a stick and a long length of cloth possibly intended as a bandanna, maybe a stylish scarf. The heat shimmer around her glimmers when she pulls something else from a side pocket, coming up with a piece of plastic half as long as her forearm. Winding the strip of cloth around it, she starts forming a tidy knot while the others loose their weapons or assess a path towards the pit of madness. "If anyone is going to be tossed down there," she comments brightly, "I probably weigh among the least and count as less of a threat." Long, nimble fingers make quick work of her task, starting to twist and knot the cloth, stripping it halfway with a satisfactory tear. Her glowing eyes flicker towards the others, and then she squares her shoulders up, slipping adjacent to Jericho and offering that perpetual serene smile at the others.

Brielle is cautious and doesn't like what she's heard about this thing so far. She decides to stay in the trees and bring the bow down at the ready. She tucks a lock of hair behind a pointed ear before she looks to the incoming Rhys, "Just what we've heard from rumors. Big bottomless hole appears out of nowhere and then people start going crazy or die." she frowns.

"Tossed in? I would not recommend tossing anyone into the pit, no," Tock replies to Aurelia's commentary, though she seems a bit distracted. "The thing does have a decent aura-of-creepy, I will give it that." She continues to survey the odd thing slowly and cautiously. "Throwing a chemical light stick down would be my choice long, long before people. If things are to be thrown."

Anais is shaking her head slowly, turning away from the trees. For one who was so boldly proceeding outward it is perhaps odd to see how she recoils from actually leaving the trees. So instead Anna is squinting at the ground and shaking her head, pacing about in a sort of half circle. Then she starts past the trees once more, taking a deep breath as she passes. "This is really - um, weird. Does anyone else feel that...? Like the sky is closing in. Or something..." A couple quick breaths follow that pronouncement.

"And I look like the biggest threat - at least, outwardly." Jericho pops back to Lia; sparing the woman a quick glance over his shoulder and a sidelong moment of focus before he returns his focus forwards. "And that makes me the most obvious target - and that means I go first." Because, yes, stealth is rather futile in his case; but being the exact opposite of stealth does mean he's really good at sniffing out an ambush.

With his face, if necessary.

All aside, the Metalflesh continues to advance in that slow, steady pace - unwavering yet, not overly hurried; and as he moves he sweeps the blade forwards and skyward - perpendicular with the ground and gripped doublehanded in full on dopplesoldner pose; stepping one foot in front of the other in that unbroken advance.

"Easy." This last, finally, towards Anais - though this time the Warmaster does not take his eyes off the dead set forward. "Take a breath - focus on it; one, two three in. One, two, three out."

Rhys nods to Jericho and Brielle. He takes a couple shalf-steps closer,then stops to look around some more. "Sky closing? I don't see anything. And feeling? What kind of feeling?" he asks to Anais, taking a couple more steps, fully this time, towards her.

Brielle watches as the others go forward and see makes sure to keep an eye on each of them as they go. She wasn't a frontliner and she knew this. She also wasn't an inquisitive Autumn, so she keeps to the treeline and will cover them if needed. "I don't feel anything like that." she calls. "But it might be the pit itself. Others have experienced things from it." she adds.

Lia has said chemical light on an increasingly long length of material. A bit of work on her part creates another secure series of knots, tugged tight between both hands to assure they will hold if a delicate application of weight or a snag occurs. "That would be an grand idea." She waves the edge of the plastic stick cheerfully.

Anais shakes her head a few times slowly, taking a deep breath. She's following Jericho's instructions. The girl's face is flushed and she's squeezing her glaive more tightly now. "It's - I don't want to go near that Pit. I don't unerstand. That's why I cam out here, but I - just..." She closes her eyes slowly now, grimacing. "Let's keep going."

"There is a dread," Tock admits in answer to Anais. "It feels like it makes me not want to go any closer than I am now. But only a little. I could probably push it, but there is not much point for me to stand right on the edge as of yet." Because there is a handy bow there, in her hands. "I suspect it is an...effect of the pit. You can make Hedgespun art that will induce feelings and such, after all. Perhaps not the same thing, but as a comparison."

"Yeah; this palce definitely is giving off some major league heebie jeebies." That's a technical term, see; or, at least the way that Jericho barks it out in full on Drill Instructor delivery might make it _seem_ so. Authority replaces fact, right? Right. Or something. Ahem. Right.

That aside, though, Jericho gets to about a meter or so away from the pit itself - then arches forwards at the waist to, it might seem, get a better look into the bottom. As per the usual, his expression is unreadable; but as he was drawing closer one might note the ribbons of light that erupt from his back are getting more and more ... agitated; to the point that they lash about him as if caught in an unseen hurricane when he leans forwards. A breath later, he's back and upright - whilst a long, deep breath hisses out through his teeth as if long held. "Definite heebie jeebies. Looks like something just took a giant post-hole digger to the place. It's a clean puncture, straight down."

Brielle is grounded to her spot at the treeline. Nope. Newp. Nein. Not going near the hole that makes you feel like your family coat of arms should tie in the back. There's a bit of a worried look as people get closer and then lean over to look /into/ the hole. She doesn't know much more about things or she'd explain more on it. For now, she's guarding.

Rhys takes more steps forward, nodding and saying "Feeling of dread? Gotcha." then asking Jericho "So,what's the plan, if we descend? Or rather, how we descend?"

"We can try; but we've got a coupla folks already feeling the effects of ... whatever the hell is down there; and the closer we get, the worst it gets." Jericho's initial response comes towards Rhys, though he indicates the others hanging further back with a jerk of his chin before turning, next, to Aurelia and Tock. "Bottom line; I figure if we want to go down we can risk it - but we might end up losing more and more people along the way. Even _I'm_ feeling it here; and I'm about as hardheaded bastard as you're ever gonna meet." There's another hint of a pause - then a fractional, almost imperceptable crack of his lips at the very corner as he tips his head towards Lia. "Just ask m'wife." Ahem. And with that, he turns back to the pit; hedging, perhaps, a step or two closer.

Anais, despite all of her initial panicking, is approaching the pit again. Careful steps, glaive being grasped itghtly for comfort.But she approaches once more, staring down at the depths ahead of her. "The worst that can happen is eternity at the bottom of a magical pit. What do we have to lose...?" A slight twitch. "I am all for heading downward. At least so long as I can manage."

Tock shivers visibly as she gets closer to the hole. "I just want to know what is in there. NOW. Not putting someone down there before that." She pulls her own chem light out of a pouch, wasting absolutely no time in breaking the thing and chucking it into the hole, trying to concentrate on counting the seconds until it hits bottom, searching desperately for anything that looks like /something/ and not nothingness.

Those watching the pit when Tock drops the glowstick notice that, though the glowing thing disappears, there's /nothing/ to indicate that it's hit bottom.

Brielle's the only one that's not joined the party out near the hole it would seem. She's just not wanting to go nuts and try to kill one of her fellows. "I don't think anyone going down is something any of us want. We don't have any idea what can happen and we've already heard of people being dead because of it." she frowns.

Rhys nods to Jericho, taking a several steps towards Anais. "Gotcha." The watches Tock drop the glow-stick ,taking more steps while listening for any sound besides the sounds of his associates.

"Mn." The sound is equal parts thoughtful, equal parts disgruntled as Jericho, again, tips forwards to peer into the dark abyss of that random hole in the ground. Then, back to the rest the Metalflesh turns - following suit with a simple, almost dry sounding "Anyone got a rope?"

"Well. Thank you, Hedge, for your continued ability to defy physics," Tock mutters at the pit with a hint of irritation, as if the thing were doing it on purpose for the sake of being irritating. "It does not seem to have a bottom. I would suspect the dread sensation would only get worse the further down you go, which would explain some of the hobs' complaints of insanity. There is only so long that one can tolerate the heightened sympathetic nervous system response until it has longer-lasting negative psychological and physiological effects. In short: I recommend not going down there. I do have a rope but do not plan on using it to lower anyone in." She lingers that bit more than a yard back with her bow still at the ready in-case-stuff. "I wonder what it would sound like if we dropped a comm in there. Did anyone else bring one?"

"Always," Anna responds slowly. "But if it is going to fall forever will we be able to hear anything?" She is blinking at the hole from her place near the edge. Anna seems to have overcome the overwhelming dread for now. "Hm. Maybe there's something at the bottom way further down than we can see too. I mean, there are chasms that deep even outside the Hedge... Did any of the hobs get this close?"

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Count up to the point counting is useless, and the meaning of seconds stretch into minutes. Lia twists the cloth around and pauses, the mask locking her countenance perpetually into the serenity of ancinet statues. She slides the backpack down off of her shoulders, and then lets the heavy weight of it hit the ground, unzipping one of the rugged pockets. "Fairly long length of it from Valhalla plus chalk and those..." She pauses and then tips her head. "The climbing spikes? The ones that you drive into the wall?"

Brielle is relieved when she hears talk of others not wanting to drop people into the abyss. Goodness knows where it came from. She's taking quiet mental notes on things, but she's not budged an inch. Five other people investigating was already quite a crowd and one hanging back was going to be good to be on the lookout for weird shit if it happened behind them.

"Alternately." Jericho offers with a fractional shake of his head in response to Tock's request - then follows through with a more steady look towards Anais as she speaks. "We could go find some dynamite - and pitons, love;" That, of course, to Aurelia - as casually as one pleases - before he simply continues without missing a beat. "Find some dynamite, drill a few holes around the perimeter and just cave the motherfucking thing in on itself." Pause. Beat. Blink - followed a heartbeat later by a quick glance over the women, one after another. "Ahem. Parden my German." No, he doesn't look at Rhys there - apparantly, guys are ok when it comes to foreign languages. Or somesuch. Either way, though, the Metalflesh's crystal blue eyes do eventually drag back and along the near edge of the horizon - then drop to the edge of the pit once again.

"It takes quite some distance to get to the point where light would not show from the bottom," Tock explains regarding the chem light no longer being visible. At all. "There was no indication that it went under a fog or a liquid to obscure the light, either. We could try securing one of the comms to a length of rope, which would be secured to a stake just over a yard from the hole." Conveniently where she has decided that it is okay to stand for now. "Then see what it reports back to the other comm. I would prefer to do as much scouting as possible before closing the thing in. Though, if it is /bottomless/? It might prove impossible to close by conventional methods. Not enough dirt up here to fill it. Elemental abilities might craft a cover for it more easily, manhole cover style."

Rhys takes a few more steps, then stops. "Okay,gotcha,no people going in."to Jericho and Tock. Then he grins at Tock. "So,one of the plans is to cover it with earth? I can help with that. Also, the rope? How long is it? I want to try something with it, if that's alright with everyone. " says Rhys.

"If we drop the pit in and there's something under there causing it won't it just open up another Pit?" Anais asks, looking between those present as she does. "Or at least, it might. I think this hole needs to be properly explored one way or the other. At least, we need to ascertain that caving it in won't make things worse..."

"I forgot rope this time. Maybe I'll bring some next time." Brielle states as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. Changing her stance. She tries to make sure she keeps an not only on the front, but their flank as well. One could never be too careful, might be something else out here.

Jericho seems to pause at that - physically and mentally - as he flicks his gaze first to Tock, then Anais, before finally settling in on the group as a whole "Yes, well; where I come from there is no problem that cannot be solved by liberal application of bullets and/or high explosives." Another pause follows suit - this one, perhaps, drifting to a bit more thoughtful as he shifts back and up to full height; the stacatto rythm of his voice likewise fading to a somewhat more pensive tilt. "But, maybe you're right - this is just freaking wierd. I'm open for any non-demolition based solutions people want to try."

"Is where you come from the Hedge?" Tock answers Jericho with a single lofted brow and a tone of mild amusement. "The rope that I brought is 100 feet. I do not know about the others. I would prefer not to engage in undefined 'somethings' where this is concerned, however? What is your plan, Rhys?" The clockwork girl nods at the mention of not caving the pit in. "That was why I was thinking putting a lid on it, instead, if it comes to that. I think it would be best not to leave this thing open where people can stumble into it, one way or another. Lacking further information, that is. Anais, would you rather listen if I put my comm down on a tether or have yours put down while I listen?"

"Indirectly." The response is honest enough - or, at least, it comes with a laconic dryness that might present it as so. Still, it's touched with a fractional upturn of one corner of his lips and an almost imperceptable quirk of a brow as Jericho's gaze shifts, again, towards Tock. "And, really; indescriminate firepower does solve alot of problems -for at least _one_ of the sides involved in a conflict. Just... might not be the one you want. Though, I'm not arguing here - we try and cave this in, we might end up just making it wider. Still, something this precise - I'm guessing it was made that way for a reason. Can someone get an accurate measure as to how far across it is? I'm curious about something."

Rhys says to Tock, "Well...if we lower the rope down and wait a while, I could try to read what's down...100 feet below, was it Tock? Through the rope. Still for caving it in though." he says. As he takes a couple strides towards Tock.

"I still don't think plugging a hole when you don't know why the hole happened is a good idea," Anais responds slowly to that. "But trying to sense what is down there through a rope seems like it would work...?" She is staring at the pit in front of her and taking a deep breath. "And then I am going to climb down. I have a rope myself so we can get at least two hndred feet. Maybe I can see if there's anything off to the sides? Like a dropshaft."

"Determining the origin of the hole is as important as closing it up, this is so," Lia says quietly. "I do rather appreciate your need, love, to use as much gunpowder and dynamite as possible. We can support this if we simply want to remove its presence from the Hedge. Facts support people going mad by approaching this. You can feel the pressure, almost as though it does not want us to come near it." She brushes her fingers against Jericho's arm and then pauses, turning towards Brielle. "There is an English saying. I am not good with these, I am not experienced. Have you ever heard of this thing, the pit of fear in one's belly? We say something different, about your soul being locked in knots. Suppose this hole literally represents that? I suppose it could be a problem."

"Well, I was planning on lowering the rope with the comm to begin with, so it could not hurt for you to do your sensing project while it is down there, Rhys. Let us set this up." Tock shoulders her bow long enough to withdraw the rope from her pack, along with some metal pins to secure the comm Anais offers to the rope. One of those stakes will do well to attach to the other end to keep the rope up where they have some hope of retrieval.

Brielle leans against the tree for the moment. If they are going to do test she'd just keep watch and let them do their thing. She wasn't sciency and she was better at watching for signs of other things.

Rhys nods to Tock and Aurelia. "Gotcha". He says, moving a bit faster towards the direction of Tock, gettign ready to put the plan in motion.

Silver Bird circles overhead, still having never given anyone its name. Whatdoes a Silver Bird do? What does it eat? Theese questions and more may yet be answered... After it is done scouting. For now Anna quietly hands over her comm and waits for the rpes to be deployed. She even withdraws her own coil of rope from her pack to add to the ropes being gathered. No real commentary at this point.

"Warning to any on the Skullradio comms. There may be incoming sounds of lowering down a pit with unknown data to follow and unknown effects. Be aware if you keep your comms open." Warning giving, ropes tied together and tied off, comm secured, Tock gives the end a little swing to get it going over the edge before lowering it down slowly from that yard-plus-a-touch spot she seems happy to stay standing in.

At first there's not really anything from the radio. Just dead air. Then there's a sort of staticy rustling, before there's a loud pitched noise, similar to feedback. And it's not going anyway. If anything, it gets worse the deeper the radio goes.

As Rhys gets closer to Tock, he stops and takes a deep breath, then exhales. His lizard frill is fully out, and it's shaking about for a couple seconds, then stands taut. "Wow,so that's what you were feeling..." he says, as he continues towards Tock. "Okay,so just really loud,static? It still okay if I do my thing?" Rhys asks.

Anais furrows her brows, listening to everything happening with a deep frwon on her lips. "That doesnt' sound good. But I don't recognize the noise really. Unless it's interference I don't think the raidos will really be muc hhelp here."

The clockwork girl's nose crinkles like a bunny's scenting something odd. Which quickly becomes a cringe as she tries to deal with the squealing in her ear gracefully...and without just giving up on monitoring the comm altogether. "Feedback. Bad, worsening feedback," Tock explains to the group that isn't hearing what she's hearing. "Yes, please, Rhys. Proceed."

"Imagine something might be trying to communicate with us?" Lia shakes her head, putting her hands to her temples. "I have no sense of it being language. But then I am not this sort." She shrugs.

"If you hear something say 'we don't need eyes where we're going' just abort the mission." Brielle shudders a little. Then she goes back to checking the space behind them before looking back to the group. Watching curiously what they are doing.

"We might want a lot more rope," Anais offers helpfullly whiel continuing to regard the pit. "Maybe we'll find something useful at least.Nothing has emerged from the pit to kill us so that is a start in the right direction in any case.."

Rhys nods to Tock and grabs the rope, being still for a minute of two of pure silence for him. When he opens his eyes, he shakes his head and says "Nothing much on my end of things...except for...walls? Many,many walls." SHe says, blinking his eyes a couple times.

"It is just...very loud. Unless the precise pitch or the rate of the feedback's crescendo is a message, it is not as if there is Morse code on the line," Tock replies through the still-tensed muscles of her jaw. "I would recommend just bringing the rope back up once it reaches its full length." I am planning to do some sketches of the hole and the surrounding area with best estimates on the diameter of the opening. I am afraid there is no good estimate on depth. Warnings should be posted."

"Many walls? SO it's not just a pit on the inside? A pit kind of has... ne wall. Or foour maybe, if it isn't round?" Anais is squinting at the hole again, frowning while she does. "What on earth is this...?" There's very little movement from the tiny winged brunette. Her bird is still watching from on high.

"Maybe it's a network - a labyrnith or whatchamacallit?" Jericho - for his part - seems to have taken up a position behind the group; mostly out of the way but within arms reach if needed. When they start talking of bringing the sensors back up, though, the Metalflesh pipes in again. "Like, it goes down as a pit for a while, then splits up into however many branching caves or somesuch - could that account for what you're hearing?"

Rhys shakes his head. "Sorry,guys. The pit's walls. The one's that form the pit. The rope's up against it. It's one wall, all the way down, as far as I can sense. Sorry to give the wrong impression." Rhys says.

"Anything could account for the audio feedback. It is...feedback. Sound picked up by the comm's microphone and amplified, then returned to acoustic space by the speaker system in /my/ comm," Tock replies, shaking her head at the thought of being able to predict anything from the feedback sounds. "I think I am just going to pull the comm back up now. It is becoming rather painful."

Anais is staring at the Pit still. Her eyes widen slightly as she peers into the darkness, teetering back and forth on the balls of her feet. The girl has gone silent and very still. Now she's turning what as a sheet, till rocking. "No... No, no, no,no..." A moment later she's actually screaming like a child confronting her worst nightmare. Then she falls forward and ends up on her knees at the end of the pit. It can't be clear what she's thinking except the girl is saying clearly as she sobs uncontrollably, "W-we can't go down there... Don't..."

"Abort!" Brielle shouts when she hears and sees Anais. The commanding tone is just natural, but she's really not wanting anyone else to break down. "Reel stuff in and let's get her out of here. Just to be safe. Before anyone else starts showing signs of breaking down." she calls out.

"Right." Apparantly, this constitutes as 'if needed'; as Jericho steps forward and, likely, aside a few of the others engaged in towed line reconnaissance to - obliquely and in a most projected manner, reach down to press a mailed hand on Anais's shoulder. "Let's get you out of here, Hawkgirl. I don't know what's screwing with people's heads down there - but I know I don't like it."

"Not a welcome thing to be sure." Lia waits towards the back of the group, staring down into the everlasting darkness. Her brilliant coronet begs to burn brighter in an answer.

Rhys head spins about as Anais is now dangerously close to the pit, bursting tears. "OKAY!" as Rhys goes towards Anais and goes to put a comforting hand on her shoulder and nods to Jericho. "Yes,let's."

Tock retrieves the rope, looping it into her pack and just pocketing Anais's comm for now. "We might need to carry her out," she informs as she gets her items packed away and rejoins the group. "Let's get her back to Valhalla. Some coupnettle tea might do her good. We need to research this more before we do anything else with it. And post warnings."

"I-it's worse on the inside. So much worse... Oh god." Anais is sobbing again and doesn't budge, still splayed on her knees for the moment. She's shaking so much that her words carry the undercurrent of a shiver. "Deep down... Near the bottom? It's so dark. And cold..."