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PrP: Wanderlust
Dramatis Personae

Cameron w/ NikkiTier as ST

20 July, 2016

Camron meets a Fluffant, and gets the hell out of dodge with some of its fluff.


This trod is fairly normal. A flat beaten path broken with the occasional copper colored stone. Brambles on either side of it, mixed with tall grass and trees weeping golden petals. The sky above is clear, the sun radiating heat about fifteen degrees hotter than the real world. Hot and dry. It's like stepping out into the sahara. Everything dries up instantly.

Along the trod there is a line of red. As if someone left a velvet ribbon... But now its moving. Wiggling and squirming. Inching up along the trod northward.

Cameron isn't one to just shrug and let it go when something strange is happening in the Hedge. And swarms of creatures wandering along a trod is very strange. She's stepped through onto the trod and is currently standing, hands on hips, staring at the thin ribbon of these creatures truding along. Because its the Hedge, she's come geaared up for a fight, compound bow on her back, quiver full or broadpoint arrows, and a kuri sama attached to her hip. For the moment, however, she's simply going to start following the direction the creatures are moving in.

The little red line is not, as might be obvious, a line of fuzzy ants. They are in a very organized line. And on another, looking closer and closer... These ants are actually red and fuzzy. They appear to be carrying with them little puffs of red. Held up and over the top of them like umbrellas. Whatever they are carrying almost every single ant in the line has one. And they are making a quick speed northward. Where they veer to the right, and off of the trod.

Cameron frowns at the sight of thousands of antlike creatures carrying.. fuzzy umbrellas? Or fuzzy somethings, at any rate. Shaking her head, she moves northward, following the trail of the creatures. When they veer off the trod and into the Hedge itself, she pauses, head tipping to one side as she watches them. Eyeing the brush beyond the trod, she sighs then steps off the path and continues to track the line of critters.

The heat is unbearable. Stepping off of the trod is like stepping out of a building that has had a fan going, and out into the mid day sun. The ants don't seem to care or mind. They continue on their trek. Scurrying along. They seem unbothered by Cameron's following them. A low buzzing noise heard now. Concentrating on it ... the ants are humming?

Wincing at the increase in heat when she steps from the trod, Cameron reaches into the pouches on her belt, rooting around for a moment before coming up with a spare button from one of the few long-sleeved shirts she owns. She pops it into her mouth and layers her lips with some ordinary chapstick, then continues on her way. The humming of the tiny ants has her curious, however, she she crouches down next to the line to see if she can make out anything in the humming.

The humming has no words, but it has a rhythmic quality to it. Much like songs sung by workers on a long project. High pitched as it is. The trek continues on until the grass starts to fade away. Brambles and thorns linger here and there but the grass thins, and thins... and now there is a lot of that red fluff stuff. As if it got left by the wayside. It begins to grow thicker and thicker. Until she can see what look like little bushes of it everywhere.

Cameron does, in fact, manage to get some of the fluff into her baggy without touching it. Pulling it away from the other fluff however causes a lovely scent to fill the air. Like warm honey and lavender. It wafts over her. And? the humming stops. All movement of the ants stop. Without the quiet humming there is a sudden deafening silence.

Sealing the baggy up, Cameron tucks it away before stilling at the sudden silence. She glances over to the ant-like creatures curiously, head cocking to one side. "Ummmmm... sorry? I just wanted a little bit for a friend of mine." Feeling strange for apologizing to ants, she rubs at the back of her neck and starts to edge backward.

A roar thunders through the air. The red bushes shivering under it. And the sound of stomping feet can be heard. Something much bigger than an ant coming from further up the clearing, just past the very last of the tall grass.

Running out of the bushes it a giant red ant. The creature is made entirely out of the red fluff. It's roaring loudly and headed straight for Cameron... but it also isn't very fast.

Her eyes widen at the sight of a rather large ant made entirely of thise red fluff. Very much not what she was expecting. Drawing the string back on her bow, she calls up the very elements herself to protect her, a cloak of writhing, roiling shadow covering her from head to foot. From this frenzied cloud of pure darkness and shadow comes an arrow, one shot straight and true.

The thing roars again as it is shot square in the middle. It bursts a part into a cloud of red fluff. The scent of warm honey and lavender overwhelming now. The ants scurry and flee out from underneath her feet. And the red fluff? ...is slowly forming back together.

"Oh shit..." Cameron draws another arrow, nocking it to the string, then turns and runs back the way she came. Following the exact route she took to get out here, she races back towards the trod.

Should she risk a look over her shoulder? The thing is former larger this time. More and more of the red fluff being vaccuumed up into its form. The ants all scurrying out of the way now from the forming of the giant red ant.

Glancing back over her shoulder to keep a weather eye on the reforming gi-ant fluff, she books it the Hell out of dodge before it can fully reform. Already making a mental note of where the place is so she can drag some more intelluctually inclined folk out here to poke at it and figure it out.