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PrP: The Price of Freedom

It's Death

Dramatis Personae

Bel, Ciera and Emily, Hierodule as ST (on Constancia. Random Weapon Dealers and one Atropos, the Wrathful Slave. )

May 14, 2016

Ozymandias asks for help retrieving his employee who's gone off the deep end.


temproom "Price of Freedom".

"Ladies," the man's voice is smarmy, even on a conference call. Ozymandias has their number - maybe he got it off is crew after the auction. Maybe he hit up Nico for it. Either way, he's got them on a three way call now. "So glad I could catch up with you. You both struck me as exceedingly competent in your own way when we last talked. I'd like to ask you for a favour."

Emily makes a little face and pinches the bridge of her nose as she listens to the fellow's voice, before forcing a smile to her lips and responding "So kind of you to say so. Do tell, captain, what we might do for you, to allow us to be gracious hosts."

Ciera even sounds as if she is smiling. There comes a light huffing from what sounds like a dog trying to reach her phone. "Hi, Emily. Thank you, Oz. Yeah, I heard thing went sideways at the auction. That much have sucked." A firm 'no' is directed someone else, and then, "What can we do for you?"

"Well, I'm sure miss Emily can recall the... lady guard - I liked calling her Atropos - who had an unfortunate incident and ended up having her employee situation re-negotiated? She, ah, found the terms of employment to be... Shall we say, incompatible with the lifestyle she was hoping to maintain for herself. Killed three civilian crew members and two guards before stealing one of the emergency vessels and fucking off. Now, I've got satellite trackers in all the life boats, and I've found traces of violence as well as cell phone activity. I think she's trying to set up a meet of some sort in Fallcoast. But that's a very angry young lady out to cause trouble, and I'm sure you can agree with me that none of us want that, hmm?"

"It's not exactly an optimal situation, no" Emily agrees mildly, settling in her chair and crossing her legs "I think we'd all be best to ensure this isn't tracked down to someone from your cruise ship. I'm sure the official attention would be excruciating, although not crippling" A quiet, interested tone

Ciera can also be heard walking and flopping down into a couch. "She met the better end of a wrath-entity huh." A bit of silence. "If she's setting up a meet so soon, that's a little worrying. She's really coming to grips fast with what's happening. How.. um.. in what ways do you see this ending? I mean, could she be brought back in, maybe? Convinced to come back to work for you."

"Oh, well. Yes. She still owes me rather a lot of money," Ozymandias tone is stern. "So I'd much prefer she be brought back to me in... As few pieces as possibly. One is ideal. Breathing and whatnot. I can send you the coordinates of the life boat and the triangulated coordinates of her cell phone activity - should give you an indication of what direction she's headed. I'm sure we can come to a reasonable price for your services in retrieving my errant employee."

"I'd think we could" Emily notes lightly "Once we have them secured for you. I'm fairly certain you'll want to pick them up, and such. But as you say, it's certainly in your interest, and somewhat in ours, to work together on this" A bright smile down the phone, practically oozing from her voice

Ciera nods, she too sounding pretty agreeable, "Done and done. I'm sure we won't be disappointed. Thank you for thinking of us, Oz." She asks after a pause, "Emily? Wanna meet over at the Center? Maybe you have something with four wheels we could use to track this thing together. I need to pick up some things first."

Ozymandias hangs up after thanking them once more, and the two ladies are left to their own devices, with the two coordinates sent via text and an image of the Fallcoastian shoreline, showing where this 'Atropos' - probably not her real name - is likely to be.

Emily invites Ciera, then, to the Virtue Community Centre, and leads her down into the catacombs "I wish" She says, as she moves - for once, there are no jeans, no hoodies. A slim tshirt and actual workout pants that cling to her figure. Surely not - "We knew more about this demon. I can't see this Ozy telling us, though" And she opens the doors with a brass key, showing her ... the armory. Gleaming weapons of all types, and more modern armor on stands, on racks. Fuck, even ... is that dragonskin?! It is! All locked away and scrupulously maintained "So. Let's load for bear, because I saw this thing lose it, and I don't fancy our chances"

Ciera comes dressed in a black jacket with a tilted silver zipper, black jeans, slightly ripped along the thighs, and chunky heeled boots with a couple of belts around each ankle. Her hair is tied back and kept in place with a leather ribbon, and she is carrying a duffel bag. "I know she killed people. And that sucks. But.. as cold as this sounds, I think it's to be expected from an uncontrolled possession. What if she has come to grips with what she is now? She is calling for a meet. Maybe we should just go and see what she has to say? Perhaps we can talk some sense into her."

"Sure, we can try" Emily nods "But I'm still loading for bear and going in armed, and so are you, Ciera. Because I don't want you dying on me, and given I saw this thing tear apart two security guards and withstand a hail of assault rifle fire, I really, really don't want you thinking this will go well. Prepare for the worst" Emily takes a dragonskin vest and slides it on, before covering it with the padded undersuit of heavier riot gear, carefully fastening boots, kneepads, gauntlets - the works. Fully armoring up. -Fully-.

Ciera lifts her bag to show it off. She brought something.. light. She exhales a criticizing sigh-frown. "If you show up like that, you show her that this is the end of the line for her, in one way or another. Let's keep the options open for her. I am /not/ allowing her to hurt anyone else. But, perhaps the human side of her feels that way." She walks to one side of the armory where she picks out a kevlar vest for herself, beginning to slip into it and tightening it at the sides, "I think this will do nicely."

"Then I'll let you do the talking" Emily notes, musing before she takes down a polycarbonate shield faces with hundreds of heavy metal studs, and nodding "This will certainly help" She glances sideways to Ciera, giving her a small smile "Ciera, I don't -want- trouble. I just know ... it's likely. And I'm not pulling the same as I did against that angel. This time, I'm going in expecting it and ready"

Ciera lays her hand over her forehead, "That's a wall to a house you're bringing.", then makes a dismissive wave, "Fine! I mean.. I guess if it were to turn out bad, it's good that one of us is prepared." From her bag, she attaches a belt with a quiver. It looks to be holding a dozen arrows, slightly tilted back not to drag on the ground, "Are we taking our bikes? Car? If it's close by, then maybe we could ride."

"I'd planned on riding" Emily nods, grabbing a heavy coat - and wide skirt - and dropping them over the armor. it's not stylish, but it covers, save the gauntlets "And best of all, no car." She slides the shield into what looks like a heavy case for carrying art, and then slides a retractable baton into her pocket "I'd rather have and not need ..." She tells Ciera, smiling and leading her back upstairs, and to the stables "You can play satnav"

Ciera zips her bag back closed, still hiding a composite bow, its limbs slightly folded together to take less space. She picks up her phone, swipes and taps it, to look at the tracker, walking with Emily towards the stairs. "Let's both ride.", she suggests, "My motorcycle can be heard a mile away. I mean, just in case everything looks fucked up from the start."

Emily grins, leading Ciera to the heavyset roan horse, and she pets her familiar's nose, whispering in the Dragons' Tongue, before she sets the bag on one side, and mounts up. She takes a heavy breath, before slipping her toes into stirrups, and moving on out.

The horses don't particularly seem to mind the Possessed all that much - but they do seem skittish around the huge stallion Emily is saddling up, with some snorting and whickering and nervous stamping of hooves going on.

Ciera picks out a saddle and bridle and prepares her own horse. She strokes it's muzzle to calm it, and although she's not as used to it as Emily, she climbs onto its back and moves it out of the stables. Patting the animals broad neck, she asks, "You lead, Emily. I'll be right behind you. I think this one seems a little jittery around your beast."

"Can't think why" Emily grins back, and begins to ride. She quickly settles into the rhythm of the animal's movement, despite the weight of the armor, she doesn't seem at all bothered, cantering down the road at a neat pace. Heading for ... where they know this to be. The docks.

Better late than never, right? That seems to be Bella's philosophy, at least, considering the blonde's arrival at the center just moments before Emily and Ciera disembark for their prey. Heralded by the screech of tires, the blonde's bright red muscle car squeals its way in at the Centre with a sudden stop. Windows roll down, and the blonde woman looks out the window, peering eyes covered by a pair of sunglasses. "So," she begins conversationally, eyeing those horses. "I guess I'll just follow your lead. Fancy horses, by the way." She even gives a little thumbs up.

Emily reins up - the woman wearing a heavy coat, and a long, loose skirt. Her hands, gripping the reins, are clad in heavy, cop-style gauntlets "You want to ride up here?" She asks Bel "And ... we're loaded for bear. You might want to."

Ciera pulls in the reins of the horse, having its front hooves lifts and fall a feet, before it turns in a circle nervously from the sound of the vehicle. Nope, a great rider she is not. She strokes its side as she looks over to the new comer, lifting her hand in a discrete kind of greeting. She asks with guarded curiosity, "So you're with Ozy? Oh that is /so/ great." She is wearing a flack jacket, barely visible against her otherwise dark clothes, and a quiver with arrows by her side. In front of her, laying before on the saddle and balanced by her arms is a duffle bag, "We thought we might get a lay of the land before hand if we approached quietly."

"Something like that," Bella answers Ciera with a glib lack of concern, swinging open that door and hopping out of her car. Wearing a long brown coat, a black vest, white blouse, and a simple pair of black slacks, bullet proof vest concealed beneath her clothes, the woman pops open the trunk of her car and pulls out a dufflebag of her own. "Sounds like a plan," she answers to Emily, plucking up a dufflebag of her own and slinging it over her shoulder. She makes her way to Emily's horse, looking to get on behind the blonde before patting her bag fondly. "Who's ready to get violent?"

"Always" Emily tells Bella, and helps haul Bel up onto the massive horse. He doesn't seem to feel the weight of the two, and their equipment - carrying them, surefooted and steady, into the docks, towards that locale Ozy gave them

Ciera smiles, looking so pleased at having additional reinforcements arrive. She leads her horse up next to Emily's, to tell Bel, "Ozy asked us to try and subdue or capture her in one piece. Then we phone it in for a pick up. Maybe we can even convince her to bring herself in. I mean, it /could/ happen. Still, whatever happens next, really glad that you're here with us. You look like someone that can handle themselves." She lets the bigger horse get a little distance from hers smaller, before she too sets into a steady galloping.

Through the woods and towards the coastline, the ride is fairly swift and uneventful - they don't have an exact spot, after all, for where they might find codename Atropos, other than an indication she was headed towards Fallcoast, has been in contact with locals, and is probably going along the rocky coastline. The trees are blooming and fresh buds of green are sparking off them, and birds are chittering in the sky. It'd be a nice day if it wasn't for the overwhelming threat of mass murder.

While all three can hear the shouting, Emily is able to pinpoint exactly from where - a small glade, under an overhang of a cliff they're approaching. "-FUCKING- STUPID!" A woman's voice - a deep alto, layered deep with frustration, calls out. "I -TOLD- YOU I WANTED A -FUCKING- ASSAULT RIFLE? THE FUCK IS THIS?" Then there's a sound which, too the expert ear, sounds a little like an axe hitting a watermelon.

Bella seems to be able to enjoy the nature even with threat of imminent catastrophe on the horizon, but maybe that's just thanks to her winning personality. Smiling faintly as she feets the winds brush against her features, the woman's enjoyment only comes to an end when she hears that shouting. Head tilt, she can't quite pick out the location -- she just looks from Ciera to Emily as if to confirm they heard it, too, keeping silent for now so as not to draw attention.

Emily is already pulling the reins of her horse to stop him, and she tilts her head, nodding to Bella. She thinks for a moment, and then mimes smacking something with the butt of something, wincing as she does so. And then Emily smirks, nudging her heels in and moving for the edge of the cliff, turning slightly to look down, gauge their height

Ciera wrinkles the bridge of her nose with a exhaled, quiet, "Oh no.." She sure heard it. The corner of her upper lip lifts slightly in an uncomfortable manner, and she leans forward, willing the horse, "Be calm and quiet now." Unzipping her bag, she doesn't take her bow out, but with a couple of clickety sounds extends the bottom and top limbs, preparing it just in case. She slips down from the saddle, quietly jogging towards Emily, "Is there a way down? Maybe.. we can approach her without being seen?"

It's not a huge drop - maybe ten feet, fifteen feet at the most. Uncomfortable, but not fatal. There's a slightly rolling hill out from under the outcropping, and a natural glen surrounded by more trees. A large, broad-shouldered woman in a clingy wet suit-shirt and slacks is currently using a rifle as a club, and beating in the brains of a guy who looks like he might be part of a biker gang - two others standing a distance off - one slightly overweight, and drawing a glock from his shoulder holster, while the other one - tall and muscular, but not quite as muscular as the woman with her back turned on them - approaches the raging Atropos. "Hey, Alli. Chill, man. Jesus, you're killing him. Just... It was what we could manage on this short notice. Get to the house, lay low for a couple of days, we can get you all the fucking munitions you need. Even enough C4 to level the fucking city, as long as you promise, y'know - not to level the fucking city..."

Emily pulls back from the edge, and whispers in turn "Alright, Ci. You want to talk to them? Now's your chance" And the horse backs away from the edge, away from the overhang. Careful, quiet, Emily removes the coat, the skirt, dropping them to the ground - and removes the shield from it's large bag, slinging it to her left arm, exhaling "I'll wait for your word. Or we go in."

Bella's lips split in a little grin at that motion from Emily, shaded eyes glancing out over the distance as they approach that cliff. Her brows furrow as she tucks back her coat to unlatch the holster to her pistol; just in case. When they reach the hill, she casts her eyes down and squints, brows knitting together in curious thought at the scene playing out beneath her. Two others plus the target, one that looks... incapacitated to say the least. Her tongue runs over her lips in anticipation. Green-blue eyes cast Emily's way as she starts to get ready, brows lifting -- and a smile darting across her lips before she unzips her own back to pull free a RSA Saiga shotgun, slinging it leisurely over her shoulders. "My, what a big shield you have," she quips, before nodding to Ciera. "Wanna talk them down, I've got your back."

Ciera goes down onto one knee with her fingers touching the grass. She peers over and down the cliff, then pulls back and shakes her head faintly, looking queasy at the body, alive or not, "In front of those ganger dudes with guns?", she whispers, "Nu-uh! But, maybe we should wait until they leave and approach her when she is alone?" She too brings her bow up, laying it flat against the ground, "Just saying.." She presses her lips together before she starts to babble, taking a breath to steady herself.

"No" Emily says quietly "She's going to leave. Get moving around, Ci. I'll get their attention for you" And she twitches her heels, turning the horse towards the cliff edge. There's a grim set to her eyes, and the horse tenses below her. Surely not ...

The arguing from below continues, with the victim of this sudden violence sprawled out and the lady Atropos talking to the taller biker in hushed, angry tones. Once she turns around, Ciera - who's still got the group in sight - can see how the left side of the woman's face has swollen up with grotesque lumps riddling her from temple down her face and the side of her neck; and how her left arm is noticeably larger than the right, similar lumpy tissue silhouetting under the shirt.

The horse turns towards the cliff. Bella casts her gaze towards the potential trajectory -- then, at Emily, with that look of resolve settling into her expression. Then the cliff again. It all clicks together relatively quickly, and an excited fire ignites in the tattoo'd blonde's eyes as she hunkers down in preparation. Surely not, but Bella sure hopes so. "Best entrance is a big one," she observes as her muscles tense in readiness.

Ciera turns to whisper to no one in particular, "She's.." and she motions to her one side, "..fucked up.. all changed." She eyes Emily and Bel, and the horse, then does a little flanking thing, ducking low as she moves to the side along the cliff, just 50 feet or so, not far enough so that she can't see the Atrapos or the two weapon dealers, just to be out of the way of what's coming next. An arrow from her belt touches the arrow-rest of the bow.

The horse's muscles explode in a pistoning of flesh and sweat, the sudden charge of the familiar. It doesn't slow as they approach the edge, but muscles bunch and it leaps, hooves and legs carrying them out, out, and down, catching itself safely on the ground and rounding on the trio. As they descend, Emily ... changes. A polearm appears in her hand, and the ponytail whipping behind her shines, now spun gold. Her skin? Porcelain. Her eyes? Emeralds.

The woman is stunned, for a moment, as there's suddenly a giant horse and a porcelain knight, complete with lance - which is before you even mention Bella. "Oh -fuck you-" The woman screams - her own skin, this close, having unhealthy, almost rusted green tinge to it. As she cries out, her eyes glow red, smoke rising from the crimson orbs, and, hell, that light's even coming from her mouth when she opens it, making it look like she just snacked on someone's entrails. There's a wordless scream directed at Emily, and Emily can feel it plunging into her skin, into her brain, and it -hurts-. She can feel blood trickle down her left nostril.

Emily moves in with a snarl, even as she feels her brain boil in her skull. It's enough for her to immediately ... refute this. And as she does, as she focuses herself, she moves ... like an angel. The shield is brought up, defending her front, her left, and the spear is punched forward, hard, at Atropos - and it's the sharp end, for once. A violent and immediate reprisal, the armored knight charging into the middle of the combat

There's a very loud, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" that cries out as Bella goes flying on that horse, jostling about with a look of sheer adrenaline as they make impact. Looking at Emily, her eyes widen in surprise and interest at her new appearance; but she doesn't really have long to dwell. There's something a bit more pressing -- mainly that dangerous-looking Atropos. "Damn," she mutters. "You don't look so good." It's her lone observation before pointing her shotgun at the woman and firing off several shots almost casually for center mass.

Ciera rises and brings the bow up. Her body turned sideways. Everything she was taught in class comes rushing back into her being. She aims at the goon with the gun, "Don't!". But at the corner of her eyes, something happens. Someone got hurt. Someone she knows. So she turns, immediately, and almost soundlessly the arrow leaves the string, with a light *thud* finding its target.

The deathpony, freed of his burden, decides to bolt. Wait ... sort of. What he does, instead, is simply rush at, and trample, the closest of the thugs, using his sheer bulk to smash him into the ground as though he simply wasn't there!

The larger of the thugs stumbles back, whimpering as a hoof cracks him across the forearm, stumbling but not quite falling. The other one, scared, raises his gune and fires a quick double-tap off at Emily - or at the shield she's brought up, at least. The first shot ricochets off, audibly. - but the second flies in under her armour and pings on the riot jacket, bruising flesh beneath.

Atropos is reeling under the onslaught, the light in her eyes dimming. "No. Not yet. You won't... No. Not back to him. Not after what he did..." Her skin starts steaming, and she growls - and red mist sprays outwards from her wounds - running into Emily's spear, into Bella's shotgun, into Ciera's bow. Then, they all feel it; pain returned. Emily has the protection of her Contempt, but she still feels the sword pierce her side, still feels the blood well out, painfully. Bella's shocked backwards, rolling off the horse onto the ground, barely getting to her feet, reeling as she feels a rib crack and the bruising pattern of the rock-salt spread across her stomach and chest. And Ciera feels an immediate stabbing pain, so close to her heart, and feels blood well out, filling a lung, making it hard to breathe.

Emily swears as Atropos slams tears the blood right from out below that new flesh, and she charges in - to slam the electrified shield directly into Atropos, snarling as she does "Give UP, lady!"

"Please -" The disfigured woman's voice is desperate, as her muscles spasm and she's trapped between shield and a tree, fingers clawed with vicious talons that have the same red glow as her eyes and mouth, raking across the horse's chest and leaving bloody furrows. "You don't know what he wants - you don't - you can't bring me back there..."

Emily feels the electricity seize her muscles and lock her up for a few moments, but it's not enough to knock her out, just make her teeth tingle and her body ache.

Thrown clear off that horse, Bella gasps as she feels her lungs burn with technically self-inflicted pain. "Shit," she breathes horsely as she unsteadily claws her way back onto her feet. "What... an annoying... bitch." Shaking her head, she looks at Emily rather handily dealing with the poor woman and, unable to find a good opening to fire into now, instead turns her attention back onto Atropos' thuggish friends. "I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want any part of this goddamn nonsense if I could help it," she says as she turns to face them fully, shotgun still in hand, her words still carrying a heavy weight to them despite how casually she delivers them. "This really worth it? Even assuming your buddy there makes it out she's probably just going to beat you half to death like your pal there. And if she doesn't..." She nods her head back Emily's way. Scary Emily with the electric shield and oh god why skin and the terrifying death pony. "... you really want any of -that-?"

Ciera slumps. Down onto the side of a thigh and her hand. Her free hand squeezes the bow. She draws a short breath, eyes a little wide from the initial shock of the stabbing pain that came from nowhere. She never felt anything like it, like those little iron stubs that shoot out from the arrow once it hits a target to seal it in place. Now she knows. She fumbles with her quiver, spilling some arrows onto the grass while trembling fingers find one to put into the string. She closes her eyes, then moves a little closer to the edge, mustering a normal tone of voice, "What /does/ he want?"

Deathpony? Rears, as claws slam into him and rake across his sides. His hooves lash out, slamming into Atropos as she claws and rakes across him, and he lets out a whinny. A terrifying, terrifying, death whinny

The thugs consider their friend. Consider Emily locking her up to the tree. Consider the woman with the shotgun, and the other woman with the bow and arrow - and then they very carefully back the fuck away, turning to run only when they have a solid distance between the four of them.

Atropos, meanwhile, is hissing out blood, groaning. "Going to... Nngh. Enslave everyone who deals with him. Put p-people who o-owe him in ke-key positions. Run the world like the fu-fu-fucking illuminati. Exc-" her words hack out into a drooling stream of phleghm and thick blood brought on by the horse kicking her side, which, on the plus side, frees her from the electrified shield, and she does manage to keep on her feet. "Stay the fuck back..." She warns, hands spread out in a combat stance, even as she's swaying. "I'll fuck you up if you touch me."

Emily drops the shield, moving to take the spear in both hands, and spin it - slamming the heft of it firmly up at the woman's chest, the movements fluid and sleek and ... stupid, given the circumstances. But nonetheless

The clawed hands whirl outwards, slashing against Emily's armour - under Emily's armour, expert technique allowing Atropos to scratch against that porcelain skin. And she feels the aching pain of her own attack echo against her sternum.

With her target's crew running away, Bella's free to return to the matter at hand; steadfastly ignoring the way her chest churns with familiar pain with every breath she takes, the tattoo'd criminal focuses on Atropos, a frown tugging at her lips as she sees the malformed woman clawing at Emily viciously. Dropping down to a knee, Bella lifts that shotgun, and wordlessly fires off a shot with a deafening crack.

It doesn't seem to do much; there's the slight sensation of impact, but the woman's shirt is shredded at this point, revealing the once-sleek, now torn and busted armour underneath - but enough to keep Bella from reeling back at least. Hell, the phantom-shot from earlier hurts more than the impact now.

With the goombas on their way out, Ciera returns to seated on her haunches. She presses her hands against her lap, letting go of the bow. Tasting blood on her lips, she murmurs, "Maybe he will. Maybe he won't. He's not the first one amongst us to have dreams like that. Big men, they sometimes succeed, but more than often fail. Don't you get it though.. things won't be same. They /can't/ be. Because what you are now. He has to.." Now, she doesn't react to the scuffle from Emily and Atrapos, it's just about to be expected, and her gaze is kept low with her being too focused on breathing and talking, but the shot has her closing her eyes, expecting it to be over.

Deathpony? Runs the two thugs off. Because someone has to. And only once they turn to run like hell does he turn, cantering back to the scene. Fucking fabulous.

"It's -worse-," Atropos hisses, coughing up blood again, reeling backwards. "You don't know what he asked me to do. Look at me. I keep changing. I can't do this. I won't do this. What did he promise you, huh? What was your price for becoming slave-hunters?" the red of her eyes is dying, because there's no pride left in her - she's turning to run. She's running, stumbling... And then, they can feel it. They can all feel it. The Wrath of the creature inside her, at her refusal to indulge him. The sudden shudder in her body as he withdraws his favour, and she collapses on the ground. It's a good thing those thugs got run off - it won't be a repeat of what happened on the Scylla, at least.

Emily ... slumps to the ground. Her teeth are gritted as she begins to tug the armor off herself - from her chest, at least, fumbling hands unbuckling the chestpiece. There's a grimness to her, desperate, as she works methodically to strip them, her emerald eyes starting to fade, and her breathing growing laboured.

As the chestpiece is pulled back, the immense stab-wounds in Emily's torso become visible. She'll be lucky if she's avoided damage to her internal organs. Hell, she'll be lucky if she survives another five minutes, given the amount of blood that's trickling from the ragged slits.

Though Bella doesn't quite ignore those words of Atropos, whatever she might have to say to them falls by the wayside as Emily slumps. She's been in enough skirmishes to know those wounds are potentially fatal, her eyes widening behind those shades. "Shit," she utters, swiftly pivoting on her heel and making her way towards the approaching Deathpony, wordlessly searching those saddlebags for the first aid kit. "Hey!" she shouts out to Ciera in the distance. "Emily needs medical attention! --Fuck!"

Ciera says softly, "I am coming down." She gathers her arrows and starts the walk along the cliff until it evens out enough for her to hop down, to approach the group from the same way the goons ran off towards. Her hand is pressed against her chest, and her movements are slow and deliberate, "That was.. what she did.." She sits down next to Emily, breathing quickly in short little panting breaths from the strain of just walking. She digs into her jacket for her phone, "Bel, can you do this? I'll try calling for a medic, but we are so far out."

Emily grunts, reaching for the first aid kit - and wincing, coughing as she does "Gimme, christ" She mutters, moving to extract a sterile dressing and press it over the worst of the wounds "I mean, fuck, learn to first aid ..."

Handing the first aid kit over to Emily, Bella grabs dressing of her own to help wrap where she can. "Oughta save your energy to focus on not bleeding out," she says with a wryness that is belied by the concentration and faint bit of concern painting her expression. While Emily takes care of the worst of it, Bella works on what minor wounds she can to help stem off the bleeding, before looking back at Ciera, and then Atropos, to see what the state of the woman is. "We need to pack up what we came for and blow the fuck out of here."

Atropos - or whatever her name is - is dead. The several of the cancerous growths, the bulbs along her face and neck, have burst to reveal rotted pus, her teeth have blackened in her mouth, and she's showing signs of... God only knows how many different diseases. She looks like she's been dead for weeks. And smells like it too.

Ciera taps her phone against her lap, "Can you help her up onto her horse? I can ride that thing back to the community center, then we determine whether we take her to the ER, or call one of the street docs to take care of her." She starts sending the message to Ozymandias, where to do the pick up of the body along the coastal line, and that the body will be hidden behind some bushes. With that taken care of, she drags herself onto her feet.

The group is able to get back to the Virtue Centre with an unconscious Emily, who'll slowly recover over the next few days - hell, the women will be able to tend to their own wounds. Ozymandias is grateful for the message, and while saddened at the reported death, assures Ciera that "people will pay for anything," And that the corpses will be taken care of - he was sending crew to retrieve the life boat anyway. They are owed one unspecified favour each from the self-titled Rex Mundi. At least they've discovered what the Price of Freedom is.