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PrP:A Spring in his Step
Dramatis Personae

Wendell, Sistersmith (as ST)

11th of August

Now a member of the Lost, Wendell decides to join the Spring Court


Hedgeward Bound - A temporary RP room

The Sistersmith awaits him at a local cafe - the one where they met, in fact. She's dressed down for the occasion, wearing a sleeveless black tee and an ankle-length pleated skirt with doc martens, rocking her young emo punk look, complete with multiple sets of hoop earrings and a piercing in her lower lip. Sipping from an oversized mug of tea as she watches the people pass her by.

Wendell shows up looking very wary. He rubs his hands together anxiously. He just gets this feeling that he feels wrong here. Like he doesn't fit in. He slowly creeps up to the table. Only thing he had was his jeans, his boots and a tank top someone at a thrift store was kind enough to buy for him. It was a week and he still had some trouble with taking care of himself. The lost helped. Charities did too as well as the occasionally kind passerby. He still looks about the same as they did as he met. Still in whatever clothes he could get. Usually when in less conspicous surroundings he'd actually not bother with the shirt. But a week was just long enough to get a rundown of the basics as far as being a Lost was concerned. He mostly focused on the courts. Of course there was no way they could've gone over every little thing in detail.

"Hey, stranger," Grace gives him an upnod and a smile. "Buy you a drink?" Gesturing for Wendell to join her, and waving for the nearest waitstaff who's not occupied to pop by.

Wendell slowly walks up, looking from side to side at the surrounding people. "Um sure. I like cocao." Wendell says with a nod. "Could I get a cocoa." He leans back in his chair.

The waiter accepts that order, and returns shortly with an equally large cup filled to the brim with cocoa, and Grace pours some more creamer and sugar into her tea. Waiting for the man to leave them, before she takes a sip. "So. How's life treating you? Getting settled in?"

Wendell shrugs. "I found some shelter to stay at. Can get food sort of. Still sort of rocky." He frowns lightly. "Er, it's going to take a while...not going to come in a week I think. Still not comfortable around places like...like this. So I just kinda wander around I guess." He sighs lightly then grabs his cocoa and takes a sip.

"You talked to other people?" Grace asks, canting her head. "Get a feel on the courts, on the whole... Connection to the Wyrd, what life as Lost is? You know what clauses of what Contracts you can still access?"

"I...talked to a person or two. Got an idea of what I can do. And I think I know about what the life of a Lost is...I've lived it you know. Right. I think I know about the courts. I know enough you know? Don't know if that's enough but...but I know where I stand as far as what I think and stuff..." He pauses, biting his lip than drinks his cocoa. "Well on Courts. I know what kind of lost I am at least..."

Grace gives a little nod at that, stirring her tea with a spoon. "Good," She concludes. "Knowing where you stand is an excellent starting point for finding the path forward. So, what do you think? Tell me about the seasonals, what impressions you've got?"

Wendell tilts his head. "Oh um, seasonals?" He sips his cocoa. "Um, where should we start, um, I guess I could start with Summer. Summer tries to do something simple and obvious which is fightin' stuff I'm trying to get away from. So it don't bother anyone else. They get their stuff from anger which is what they use to fuel their fightin'. Um...I guess I could see how someone might think it'd seem right for me but to be honest I don't...feel a need to fight and stuff. I'm not angry. I don't want to be angry." He narrows his eyes at her looking for her impression. "So...I see why it might be right for some but that ain't right for me...." He purses his lips. "Er winter is also obvious. Hide. Feelin' sad. Um, I do a lot of that actually but..." He pauses. "I haven't thought of why as much cuz I guess I didn't easily see how it could fit but it just seems WRONG you know? I don't feel like I got something to hide. I see some of them or heard about them in Winter and it's...nothin' I hope to be."

Grace merely smiles at him, nodding along here and there to urge him onwards. "Most everyone walks with Winter a little, if only just to get their bearings. I joined Winter when I was hedge-fresh," she confides. Sipping her tea again, and giving a little nod. "I can see not feeling... Right among them, though. That leaves us with Autumn and Spring, though. Fear and Desire."

Wendell narrows his eyes some and takes a sip of cocoa. He pauses and thinks. "Uh huh...autumn is fear. Fear is....I've felt fear. A little bit. I guess I could see why someone would want to control it. Use it against people. Why someone would want to try and understand the Others even if we're trying to stay away from them. Could see how I could cause fear. I don't want to do that. I'd...study the others, but I don't think I CAN do that. You know." He takes another sip and strokes his chin. "There's always something even if I feel like I could do it, I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't want to make it part of what I am...even if I understand it some." He furrows his brow. "You understand?"

"I think I understand, yes. You don't want to let fear rule your life - or rule others through fear," Grace muses. "I mean. I don't know if that's overly simplifying the Autumn Court, it probably is, but... Well." A brief pause. "What about Spring? Desire?"

Wendell shrugs. "Well...I can always talk to people some more but right now I feel like I need to be a part of something you know?" He furrows his brow. "Otherwise I'm just wandering. I can't...fix much else. Can't get much else done. Can't get a life over night, but...I feel like I can at least figure out this. I'll continue learning about the courts but I think I've figured out the emotion that speaks to me most." He rubs the back of his neck. "That leaves spring. I hear they do somethin' that doesn't sound all that smart or all that useful. They just want things. So they go to parties and they don't think much about the future and they drink and dance like they don't got no care in the world but..." Wendell pauses for a while. "But they draw their stuff from desire. And they can become great healers and...they can find ways of fitting in better than anybody."

"Sort of. I mean..." Grace smiles. "We do all that. Winter, they look at what they lost when they got Lost. They mourn that - what could've been. What won't ever be. They remember it." She muses. Studying her tea. "But Spring, we - we forge new connections. We're the new beginning. Winter say you can never go back. Spring says, why should you? You're not that person anymore, and that's okay - you can be who you -want- to be." She raises the cup. Sips it. "We have a code, you know. It's simple to hear, but... Well, I guess it's sort of like a mantra. You can meditate on it, and find a million meanings. Five words. Your Desires Are Your Own."

Wendell nods. "I think I understand that. Desire is something I understand more than anything. I don't feel sad over the stuff I lost...I just...long for it. I feel a hunger. That's all I feel. A hunger for what I've lost. For what I could have. For what I see other people having. I just wander around lettting that hunger lead me you know? I don't mean to forget what I...had but....I want a new beggining. I need that new beginning. New connections. I know I'm not that person anymore. A part of it makes me very sad...." He furrows his brow. "My desires are my own. Um...before I might have come up with what that means. Now it's more confusing. I guess...I own them. They can't be taken away or nothin' and no matter how soul crushing the stuff that's happenin' is they're mine and nobody can infuence them."

"Sort of. I mean - part of the Contracts with Spring is to let you look at and play with desires. Though it's kinda rude to do it to another Spring." The Sistersmith gives him a small smile. "But, yes. Your desires are your own - they're your responsibility, but they're also -yours- - don't let people tell you they're wrong. That's bullshit. You do you, so to speak." She leans back a little. "You can do it like a mantra, like I said. Focus on every word, read it out. What does it mean that -Your- desires are your own, as opposed to your -desires- are your own?" Canting her head. "Don't worry about confusing. Just be true to yourself. You said before, you know who you are, now. So who are you?"

Wendell rubs the fluff on his chin and wipes some of the hot chocolate that has accumulated on the fuzz around his face. "Um...okay...who am I? I'm not the man I was. I'm something new. Got new name. Wendell. It came to me in a dream. Seems right for what I am. I did some bad things. There was a lotta blood buut that's past me now. Not the thing that was back there neither. Or the man they took before. Don't feel much in the way of rage or fear. And while sorrow is there, it's a hunger that drives me. Which is why I think Spring seems like the right option. If I could channel that Hunger into something. Anything, who knows what I could do!"

Grace considers him, thoughtful. "Yeah, I can see that. Anyone tell you how you join a court, yet?" She finishes her tea, pushing the cup aside.

Wendell shakes his head. "No, nobody told me yet. Some told me about theirs but nothin' about HOW they joined, just WHY they joined." He rushes to finish up his chocolate "How's it done?"

"You gotta swear to the Court itself. Now, if it was Spring here, we'd be golden - it'd be easier. But we're heading into Summer," Grace muses. "So, well, if you're going to swear to Spring, we're going to have to chase it a little. You been much in the Hedge?"

Wendell nods "Yeah I have. A lotta times. I wander it a little when it don't look too dangerous. Gotta be careful not to get lost but...I feel better there than I do a place like this to be real honest."

"Well, it's never -not- dangerous," Grace muses - leaving behind cash to pay for the drinks, and gesturing for him to join her. "But there are tricks we can do to be safer - and you're right, it can feel more... Right, as long as you don't prick yourself on the thorns. I want Arash with me where we're going, by the dubya, so let's just pop by my store."

"Okay, I think I can do that." The fuzzy white ogre nods to her. "I'll go to your store after I get meatchopper and then we'll be ready yeah. I can meet you there. Just gonna need to give me some time to head to the beach and back to the place where your store is....."

"Sure. I'll see you in a bit, then." Grace gives a little wave, wandering off.


The Sistersmith rides her large, exquisitely maned steed, an animal waiting for them as they passed through - Grace explaining that the horse's name is Fibonacci and that she'd summoned him while waiting. Arash, her gigantic hedge-beast of a hound also walks with them - happy to take point, or defer it to Wendell, and talking amiably in English. "The Hedge takes you where you want to go," Grace explains. "So focus on your desire to join Spring."

Eventually, their trod leads them to a little grove, where apple-trees rise thick and stout, dribbling the pink petals of their blossoms, caught on the very edge of Spring turning into Summer. The scent of growing grass strong in the air, the wild flowers in the grass reaching up towards a sun that can only barely be glimpsed through the thick foliage growing around them. Grace pauses, and listens, and looks around, then looks over at Wendell. "What do you think?"

"Ummm okay sooo focus on my desire to join spring. To be a part or something. To turn Hunger into something. I can to that." He smiles a wide toothy smile. Finally as he arrives at the trod he looks around with wide shimmering black eyes. "Wow it's beautiful here." says in wonderment. He even leans in to get a big smell of the flowers. He's got his weapon, that collosal meatcleaver thingy slung around his should. So after he gets tired of forcing himself through that folliage and smelling those flowers he stops and turns to the Sistersmith. "Okay...we're here, so now what then?" He asks widening his black eyes in the middle of all that thick white fuzz.

"So," Grace says, swinging off Fibonacci, who sniffs the leaves and starts munching on some grass, while Arash lies down to watch them. "So, we talk about your desires some more. You go into that Hunger, and tell me why it's a Desire. You tell me how you own it, how it is -yours-. You explore the verdant oath, and we see if we can lure Spring here..." She considers him, canting her head. "And if it works, we'll have you swear to serve the Season."

"Um....okay. Well hunger is a want for something. It's basically where you want something soooo much that it hurts. Sometimes physically. But if we didn't have this hunger, we'd die you know. In way desire keeps us alive. My hunger is unique to me. Only I can hunger for what I left behind. For whatever things I want to fill the void that's there. For the sorta stuff I want to build a new life of. That's what desire is and that's how this desiree's mine." He says with conviction. He knows some of his skill with the word was lost but he really wants Spring to hear him.

"You want a new life," Grace concludes. "And you know what you want to fill that void. Have you given any thought to how? How you'll get what you want? You talked about community - I think maybe that plays into it, too?" She settles in the grass, idly picking a flower, and putting it in her hair, the white petals reflecting the slow shift in pastels as her locks change their hue.

Wendell pauses for a while. "Yes, new community. New friends. New family. New people where we can take care of each other. New home, new food, new experiences, new people, and a new path in life." Wendell nods his head. "I desire all those things. I need all those things. That's why the desire is so strong and gives way to hunger. Without it I'll wither away like a plant in bad earth."

Grace smiles. "Your Desire Is Your Own - yours to pursue. Yours to fulfill. Your responsibility as it buttresses against others. It exists and it must be allowed to blossom. Will you bind yourself to Desire, Wendell? Will you take the cause of Want as your own, follow the season of beginnings into a new path. Follow the Verdant Antler and the growth of the ivy and pledge your soul and body to become a vessel of longing?" She offers him her left hand - "Swear it, Wendell. Swear it to the wind and the sun and the plants that grow. Swear it to those that love and fuck and feast. Swear it before me, and let your desires bring Spring into your heart."

Wendell lifts his left hand up and puts his other hand on his heart. "I solemnly swear to follow the Verdant Antler. I pledge to those that love and fuck and east. I swear to the wind the sun and the plants that I will follow the growth of ivy and will bring the season of Spring into my new heart. So that I can finally have new begginings and a new path." He turns to Sistersmith, looking like he's seeing some kind of approval.

There's a slight hush as even the light spring breeze dies down there. Then, the trees shake, gently, drizzling blossoms around them. Grace smiles at him, and leans in, pressing her hand to his chest. "Do you feel it?" She asks. "Do you feel it in your heart? You're not alone anymore, Wendell. You'll never be alone. We understand you."

Wendell blinks. "You...do? I'm....not?" He asks a little confused. He sighs in relief and smiles. "I do...I think a little bit." he says happily. "Spring can be like my family now yes?" He asks tilting his head.

"Yes," Grace assures him. "And we'll probably bicker like family, too. But that's alright. Welcome home, Wendell." She spreads her arms, to welcome the ogre into a hug. "I think you're going to like it here."