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Police Academy Graduation 2018
Dramatis Personae

Adam, Kate

21 April, 2018

The Class of 2018 graduates


Fallcoast Police Department

The time has arrived. Those fresh, bushy tailed, bright eyed recruits have come to the end of their training course and it is now time to graduate them to the full horrors of the Fallcoast Police Department. There are a lot less than what started the class and the bright eyes and bushy tails are dimmer and drooping but those that remain are the best of the best. And it looks like they're going to have to listen to a speech from Detective Torres.

They are in a room at the precinct with a rostrum at one end where Kate is standing. The graduates standing in rows. Behind them some seats for friends and family. A couple of press are here to take photos and Channel 3 will be shooting footage for the news.

Adam wore his dress blues, freshly pressed and sat in his seat. He recalled those who started with him and all of the lessons that were instilled in him. He was proud of this moment and was awaiting the ceremony.

Kate stands at the rostrum and clears her throat. "We shall begin" she informs the room in that tone of voice that can cut through any noise and shows who is in charge. Super-Mom voice. "Thank you all for attending today to help celebrate the graduation of these men and women from Academy students to fully trained and sanctioned protectors of Fallcoast. It has been a hard course...and it has to be. These people before you will be risking their lives every day and night to protect yours. Some have dropped out, and there is no shame in that, but those that remain are the best of the best and I am sure they will do Fallcoast proud. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Class of 2018." There is applause from the onlookers.

Adam was proud to represent his class and his family. He thought back to his partners and was proud of them as well. All that was left was for his name to be called and then starting tomorrow... he would be on the force continuing towards his dream of SWAT.

And now come the calling of the names. Each graduate will step forward and receive their badge and certificate. Not a whole lot of names to call out but at least there are a few. "Michael Blaise...Anna May Collins...Ayla Naor…Adam Thorpe." Not another Thorpe.

Adam rose and went on stage with that same damn grin on his face he always wore. He dropped it though when saluted and shook hands before receiving his badge and certificate.

"Do us proud, Officer Thorpe" Kate says to Adam...and there may have been a slight smile. "Be safe out there." Adam moves on as the next is called forward. After another minute or so they are all done. "Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you the newest officers of the Fallcoast Police Department." More applause...and probably some relief.

Adam checks his watch and knows he needs to be in first thing. He smiled to Kate before setting an alarm on his phone. Better to set a reminder that even if he wants to celebrate, he has somewhere to be tomorrow.

Everyone starts to mingle though it looks like Kate is not comfortable with that aspect. She'd much rather be on the streets. The detective does stop by Adam though, shaking his hand once more. "I thought your girlfriend would be here" she offers with a glance around. "You're on first shift tomorrow? Try not to party too hard" she smirks. "See you then."

He laughs. "I think she took the warnings to heart, dating a cop isn't for everyone. I figured I would stop in tomorrow and review my route. Need to get used to the changes. Don't worry though I won't be here too much longer. Might hit the gym then a shower."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Officer Thorpe" Kate replies, genuinely sad. "I'm afraid I know exactly how you feel. I was getting married six months ago. Now I have no idea where they are." A shrug. "That's why we tend to lose ourselves in our jobs. Enjoy the gym." A consoling squeeze of his upper arm before she is heading back to work...while avoiding the reporters who want to talk about some cases."

"You stay safe out there, Detective and don't forget back up is just a call away." He smiled and found comfort in the squeeze before slipping out of the room as quietly as he could.