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Police Academy - Warehouse of Shadows

Part of The Shadows

Dramatis Personae

Adam, Anna May, Kate

2 February, 2018

Kate takes the Academy cadets on a patrol in a dangerous part of town.



Time to take some of the Academy members out on another case. Friday night, after class, and Adam and Anna May are the lucky souls out with Detective Torres today - she must be going alphabetically through the first names. She has driven them out to the docks, where there are many more unused warehouses than used ones. And that means... "Gangs are always using them for meetings. To store illegal goods. Hell...to have fights. So we like to come out here every now and then...but it /is/ dangerous. Stay alert. And get your vests on." Kate has her own vest on, checking her pistol before holstering it. "Everyone ready?"

Adam checks that his vest is secure, weapon is ready and in safe position then stretches his neck. "This a patrol area Ma'am or just make it a point to come by every so often? Not responding to a call this time correct?" Adam looks out the window alert for any movement while waiting for Detective Torres' response. He glanced over to see how Anna May was doing.

The vest given to her doesn't quite fit right, so Anna May is constantly readjusting it as they drive out towards the warehouses before giving up as it seems they've found the place to park. Her silver crucifix is left out over the vest, the blue of her FPD Academy t-shirt peeking out where the vest doesn't cover. She nods a bit, fidgeting lightly in place as she glances between Kate and the warehouses, clearly nervous but perhaps not overly so as her voice is still steady, "Right then. Well you jus'a lead the way an' we'll be right behind right Adam?" She turns in her seat to flash the man a little smile that attempts to hide the apprehension on her face.

Adam smiles back. "Turn around and I will adjust the back straps, that should let you tighten it properly. Doubt check you weapon while I do that. Remember, clearly identify yourself before even thinking of shooting. You'll be our eyes and ear on what’s going on behind us. If someone starts talking in front look for his back up and the best spot to get the jump on them. You feel over your head you say Thorpe and I will back you up ok?" He has her adjusted so it should be easier to move and lock in place. "Had the same style in Afghan."

Doing as instructed, Anna May gives a bit of a grunt as the vest is tightened to fit properly, though she will have to remember to get a custom fit one in the future. "Thanks Thorpe." She switches to his last name since that seems to be how he wants to be referred to, and after making sure she's got all the straps locked down, she does indeed draw the handgun out of the holster on her utility belt, lightly drawing back the slide to check the chamber before putting it away. Of all the things, this is what she seems most comfortable with, handling that gun.

"It should be a patrol area" Kate replies to Adam with some annoyance in her voice. "But some of our brave officers prefer to keep well away and call in their reports from their nearest donut shop. Don't do that. There was no call tonight." A pause. "Just a hunch." The warehouse they have stopped in front of looks no different than the others in rows that stretch out in each direction around them. A glance back at the Academy students. "Stay alert. Your vest will help but you're not indestructible." With that she makes her way to the door of the closest warehouse. No lights are on inside so she checks the door handle - unlocked. She pushes it open...and it squeaks noisily.

Adam nods and climbs out of the car. He pulls his flash light in his offhand ready to use it as he needs to and looks over to Anna May. "I am still Adam, just wanted to give you something to call out if you’re feeling off about something. Use it and I will get to you no questions asked partner. You ready?" He checks before following Torres.

"Wish I had my shield." Anna May says softly as the three emerge from the patrol car. She fumbles for the flashlight in her belt and pulls it out, glancing between the two before nodding at Adam in recognition, "Got it." She whispers in that southern belle redneck slur of an accent she's got. As the door opens Anna May glances to Kate, "Is this the part we yell police?" in a quiet whisper as she holds the flashlight up, but not lit, towards the door.

"Not yet" Kate whispers back to Anna May while getting her own flashlight working. She shines the beam into the darkness of the warehouse but nothing seems to be in there. "Announce yourself if you're expecting trouble immediately...not when you're sneaking around. But make sure you announce yourself with any contact." Kate steps into the warehouse. "Unlocked door is cause to investigate" she adds quietly to the pair. "And that smell too." It is a rancid smell. A smell of decay. Of damp.

Adam nodded as he moved to the side keeping an eye on the door and watching for moment. He was getting the feeling that whatever had happened was still in the area. He glanced back to Anna May to make sure she was holding up but was focusing on listening.

It is clear Anna May isn't entirely comfortable with the situation, but she does understand probable cause, so if the Detective says its ok, she's behind that. She nods and takes position behind Adam, keeping almost close enough to breathe on the back of his neck if she were tall enough to do so, peering over the edge of his bicep into the gloomy darkness beyond.

The vast majority of the warehouse is one empty space. To the rear are step leading up to a second floor are where an office is located. It is from that direction the smell is coming. Kate advances warily, flashlight sweeping ahead of her. Something is hanging from the floor above them. Swinging slowly in the cold air. Kate shines her flashlight upon the shape. It is a human...probably. Large chunks of its flesh have slid off the body and lay in wet lumps on the ground beneath it. Large boathooks penetrate each shoulder blade and thrust out through the chest. The face mangled and bloodied. No clothes on the naked corpse.

"Shit.." Adam adjusted to the smell and saw what was hanging from the floor. His first instincts are to look for signs of someone moving above. He does not swing his light upward however, he wants to keep whomever else unsure of their numbers for as long as possible.

Little crinkles form along the sides of Anna May's nose, they're kind of adorable, but not befitting the stench of their current location. She's flicking on her flashlight and gently probing the darkness with it as the trio creep forward, following the strengthening scent of rot and decay. Despite her looks, the blonde doesn't seem overly affected by the smell or sight of the corpse as her flashlight runs over it, but neither does she really seem to enjoy the look, turning her eyes down and her right hand coming up to the crucifix, gently cradling its silver shape in her fingers as she mumbles a soft prayer for the fallen's soul before refocusing on the situation at hand, turning about and sweeping the various shadowy corners and other avenues of movement behind them all, keeping an eye out for any dangers on their flank and making sure the escape route is clear.

The various flashlights sweep the dark corners and walls of the warehouse. Eyes stare back at them. Caught for a moment in the light. Large eyes...too large. And they seem to be in the wall themselves. Then they are gone. "Thorpe...check upstairs" Kate whispers to the student. "And this time...announce yourself before kicking in a door. And find a light switch." There doesn't seem to be any movement. Just momentary eyes and then nothing.

"Understood Ma'am." Adam moves quietly toward the rear of the warehouse, his weapon and flash light up as he makes his way to the staircase. He moves slowly keeping careful watch after seeing those eyes. He listens at the bottom of the staircase for any movement above.

Anna May literally jumps about two inches off the ground when she first spots the eyes, and though her heart is beating something fierce, she at least doesn't scream and start running away. She takes a few deep measured breaths, looking somewhat shell shocked and as she tries to think of anything of the monsters she has faced in the past that can do something like this, but she's far too focused on constantly throwing her flashlight around and composing herself to really bring anything to mind at the moment. Since she was given no direction, the blonde southern girl just continues to keep an eye on their exit strategy and Kate's back so that nothing sneaks up on the Detective.

Kate is on her radio, calling in the crime and asking for a forensic unit to attend. She is also doing her best not to be dripped on. "Anna May, isn't it?" she asks the blonde. "Everything okay? You saw the eyes?" If only that was the strangest thing that these students will see once they graduate. "You think it was a trick of the light?" A pause. "Let's go back up, Thorpe." She leads Anna May towards the stairs. There are no sounds from upstairs. Two rooms, doors locked, blinds closed, are up there.

Making his way to the top of the stairs Adam checks both doors for signs either had been opened recently. He listens once again for movement and holds until back up is in position downstairs.

"Yeah, just the lights and the situation." Anna May responds to Kate, the Vigil and all. "Or maybe some'a'dem hologram things deh been tryin'?" Or monsters, totally monsters, monsters! Anna May is starting to get a better grip and becomes more composed, following along behind Kate, slightly turned to keep an eye on their six as they start making their way up the stairs after Adam.

Back-up is soon on the staircase as Adam checks the doors. They are unlocked at least. Kate nods to Anna-May's reply, making a mental note of it. She's making a list of those who can keep their mouths shut...and hold their nerve. Kate moves next to Adam, on the other side of the first door, before nodding to him to open it. Her pistol ready, senses alert.

With a slight nod Adam takes hold of the handle. "This is the Police, everyone put your hands up!" He throws open the door and looks in to make sure no one has a weapon drawn, or to see if the room is empty. At least they announced this time.

When Adam goes for the door, Anna May places her right hand on her sidearm, undoing the strap but not drawing it, putting her back up against something solid to watch the stairs behind them, but occasionally glancing back at Kate and Adam to make sure they're good. She's entered a state of tranquil come she's used to when facing vampires up close and personal with her sword and shield, humans are far less dangerous, if that is all they are up against.

The first room proves to be empty. A single throne bathroom. A flick of the light switch makes the globe come on for a moment and then fizzle out with a popping sound. Kate's flashlight sweeps the room. The toilet bowl is covered with what looks to be slime. That came /out/ of the bowl. "Let's check the next room" she says to Adam, backing out and preparing to close the door behind them. "Anna May? You still here?"

Adam gets into position at the second door, aware that the first announcement made anyone in the warehouse aware they were here. He listened once more and waited for the signal as he got into position.

Anna May nods and then offers a soft "Affirmative." She's all about her job in this situation, making sure their backs are covered and that nothing sneaks up on the cop and recruits. The light beam gently floats back and forth probing back the darkness and looking for any sign of what could have made those eyeballs. She might be a cute short blondie from Alabama with memory problems, but she sure wasn't going to shirk her duties just because something spooked her, she'd have been dead long ago if that were the case.

Kate takes the lead through the door this time. It is an office but rather spartan. Just some furniture but no papers or computer. So whoever is hanging beneath their feet probably wasn't working here. "Room clear" she announces. In the distance can be heard the sirens of the CSI crew - or their escort at least. Holstering her weapon, she pulls on some gloves. "One day I'll take you on a ride-along where nothing happens" she promises the others.

Adam gave a short chuckle while watching the staircase. "Good lord why, to see what jokes we have?"

Anna May doesn't redo the snap of her holster and keeps her hand on the sidearm's grip, just in case, they haven't fully explored the warehouse just yet anyways, just the most obvious hiding places. "Yah never hear a complaint from me." She says softly, focusing on not looking at the gross thing hanging from the ceiling.

Kate makes her way down the stairs, smiling at the comments from the students. Nice to see some gumption in the ranks. She makes her way past Anna May to look at the body hanging there. More of its flesh sliding off as she watches. Kate has to step back to avoid the splash of blood when the tissue hits the ground. "I hope this isn't a CDC thing" she mumbles under her breath. Flashlights sweep the dark.

A figure is standing in the center of the warehouse. Its eyes obvious. Staring back at them. It is about seven feet tall and humanoid shape but such a blur of blacks and greys that no definite outline can be figured out.

Adam's gun moves up almost as fast as it registers someone or something is there. "Police! Get down on the ground, fingers laced behind your head!" Almost, they almost made it to the car...

Anna May does manage to fumble the handgun out of the holster at the sudden apparition, however, she drops the flashlight in the process, the lightbeam scything through the darkness with the metallic tings of it bouncing down the stairs. For anyone paying attention she's got her handgun pointed in the general direction of said thing, but her eyes are squeezed closed and her hands are shaking slightly, her finger resting at least safely on the side of the weapon rather than over the trigger. But other than that slightly shaking, it looks like she's frozen with her head slightly turned away, eyes squeezed shut, adorable crinkles along the side of her nose once more.

Kate is too busy drawing her own weapon to aim at the shape to notice Anna May's troubles. She can hear Adam respond so just assumes that the other student is doing the same. As for the shape. It ignores the request but does not move either.

Behind it the large freight doors are opening as the CSI team arrive. The warehouse suddenly flooding with light from the headlights of their vehicle. The shape, still a blur of darkness, slowly starts to disappear as he air around it ripples. And then it is gone. The last thing to go are those large, cold eyes staring at the police in a 'I shall remember you' way.

Adam slides his weapon back in its holster before turning to check on Anna May. "Dropped flashlights do horrible things with shadows hun. You ok?" His eyes shift over to Torres to see if that’s how they will play it.

At the sound of Adam's voice, Anna May cracks open an eye. Okay, scary thing is gone. Still shaking she holsters the handgun, "Yy-yuh... right... s-sorry..." She crosses her arms over her chest and rubs at her bared biceps as if cold, goosebumps running all over her flesh. She clears her throat, cheeks a glowing crimson in what light is available, "Better... go get that..." And she trots down the stairs to reclaim her dropped flashlight. It's broken now, the glass shattered out of the top. She clicks it off and tucks it into her utility belt since lights are starting to pour in what with CSI being there now.

"I guess so" Kate replies to Adam before she purses her lips in thought. "You two head back in my car. I'll stay here with CSI. I want a report from both of you in the morning. Understood? Keep it simple. Keep it about what you saw." A pause. "Good work tonight."

Adam nodded and took Kate's keys. "Thank you Ma'am and thanks for taking us out." He offered a smile and looked over to Anna May. "Ready to roll partner? I’m driving."

Anna May has rewrapped her arms about her chest, not really looking up. She didn't feel like she'd done any good work. At Adam's voice again she looks up however, "Uh yuh... thas prolly best, I gots my license but I ain't no stunt driver." She glances back to the spot the thing had been in before it disappeared and goosebumps run along her flesh again and she quickly looks away, striding out the doors past the first few CSI techs entering the warehouse and out towards Kate's car.