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Paperwork and Coffee
Dramatis Personae

Blaise, Adam

2 January, 2018

Two of the police academy recruits talk over coffee and donuts.


Police Station

Blaise had little idea when he decided to join the police academy that there would be so much paperwork involved just to make sure he could stay around. So he's seated in the lobby, clipboard on his lap filling out a few forms that either went missing or didn't get filled out in the first place, or who really knows. The man is looking at the forms in front of him almost cross-eyed, as if his brain isn't making sense of most of what is on the page. What else can one expect from government paperwork. He lets out a sigh and scribbles a few words before looking up and casting his gaze around the room. "Coffee, there should be coffee somewhere." It's not directed at anyone, but he's not exactly muttering to himself either.

Adam had all of his paperwork filled already when he walked in. Setting down his bag with donuts and a box of joe, he heard the request and poured his new friend a cup. Offering it to Blaise, Adam smiled. "Is that the second or third time for you? I'm Adam, Adam Thorpe."

There's an expression of 'Oh, thank God' that passes along Blaise's face at the very smell of coffee, much less being offered a cup. He accepts it with a sigh and a, "Thanks, you're a life saver." He peers down at the paperwork at the question and shakes his head. "Second. So much for a good first impression, eh? Michael Blaise, most people just call me Blaise though." He shifts the cup to his other hand to offer his right for a shake.

"Feel free to call me Adam. Thanks to my family I filled out that paperwork every day for a week." He shook the offered hand. "You from the area?"

"Family in the force?" Blaise is only too happy to find a reason to set the clipboard aside for a few moments, coffee and conversation is a good one. "Well, I grew up in the state, but haven't been to Fallcoast before, that I can remember. It seemed a good enough place to settle down. I'm guessing you are though?" HE takes a sip of coffee and leans back in the chair a bit.

Adam grabbed a seat and offered a donut. "Aunts and Uncles, I think a couple cousins. You could say it is in the blood. Got a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminalogy. Also did a tour in the Marines. What about you?"

Blaise looks at the donut. "Might as well give in to the stereotype. I already know I'm going to be hitting up that donut place across the street way too much. Give me reason to hit the gym." He accepts it and takes a bite. "Marines, huh?" He nods and motions with the donut towards himself. "Army." He sips his coffee to collect his thoughts for a moment. "No cops in my family, that I know of. I just.." He pauses for a shrug. "Seemed like a good thing to do with my life for now."

Adam nodded and looks to Blaise. "I agree completely. Army, where were you stationed? How long were you in?"

"Five years?" Even Blaise doesn't seem overly sure at first then nods. "Five. Some time in Gerogia, Texas.. got a bit of time in Hawaii which was nice. A few tours. Just glad to finally be back where I have an actual winter. Was getting sick of the endless warm." He lets out a slight laugh. "I swear, some guys I served with couldn't handle snow. One to talk though, heat drove me insane. What about you?"

Adam chuckled. "Afganistan spent a lot of time over there. Most of it as a Military Police Officer. Was my first taste of the work. I'm still a Marine reserve. First and foremost though I can't wait until we get through and out on the streets." Adam drank his own coffee and started in on a donut.

"It'll be good to feel useful again. Thought I'd be fine with the discharge, turns out I'm not so good at not..." He rocks his head, trying to think of the right words. "Protecting something." Blaise finishes off the donut and returns to nursing his coffee, letting the warmth and the caffeine work their magic. "And glad to know I'll have some good people out there watching my back." He raises his coffee towards Adam.

Adam lifted his cup in salute. "We will have a good time and hope that we learn everything they want us to before we hit the road." Adam checked his watch. "Damn, need to check in with Grams. Heres my number. You need a hand with anything, give me a call."

Blaise pulls out his cell to enter the number and shoot off a quick text to it to give Adam his number. "Same goes for you. I'm sure we'll have plenty of stuff we need to cram in our heads and a study partner never hurts." He raises the cup again. "And thanks for the coffee."

Adam nodded and stood up. He offered his hand to shake once more. "I will see you tomorrow man."

Blaise shakes the hand before grabbing the clipboard to get back to work. "Tomorrow." He agrees with a smile, then redirects his attention back to the task at hand.