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Opening Night
Dramatis Personae

Artis, Ashley, Elon, Everly, Francis, Harrison, Kharn, Marc, Mavis, Nate, Rahne, Tock, Viktor, Zudoku, and Renske as ST

20 February, 2016

Grand Opening of the Aria Concert Hall


Aria Concert Hall

Not quite filled to the gills but the theatre is indeed sporting several good looking men and women who have broken out their tuxes from storage, their ball gowns and other such fancy makeup and hair accessories, a real reason to get dolled up tonight. Shoes are polished, men have little triangles tucked into their suit pockets, even a top hat or two. Thankfully the sounds of heels are muffled by the plush carpet underfoot.

Right now all lights are up to allow those who otherwise cannot see in the dark, the ability to find their seats without tripping over one another. The stage itself is lit with a spotlight and there is a solitary grand piano upon it set with a nice wooden bench and for now the only sounds are that of mingling and the orchestra, a real life full piece orchestra or at least as many can be put into this place, are seated in the pit warming up their strings, their winds, percussions and brass instruments.

Right on the dot a man of nearly six foot comes out to take his place on the stage before that microphone, he's dressed to the nine's for sure and seems to be reveling in the fun that is 'fancy' time. To those who know him, he is Basil, Renske's man for those who don't...well...

His English voice chimes in as the lights in the theatre begin to lessen as a subtle not so subtle 'hint' to send everyone to their seats. "Be welcomed city of Fallcoast. I am Basil Chumley manager of this fine establishment and we would like you to join us for an evening of a few classical pieces, a taste of what shall be the some of the best performances in Fallcoast." A pause as he smiles perhaps waiting for a bit of a clap or maybe it's just a dramatic pause before he continues in that English accent, "Please enjoy yourself as we invite Miss Abernathy to the stage." and with that said he'll go to take a few steps away and towards the back to hide int he dark.

Marc arrives dangerously close to the final call, shifting a lttle in his suit as the lights dim to get people to take their seats. He flashes a faint smile at Everly on his arm and murmurs, "I think you have our tickets, if you want to lead the way, beautiful? I think I almost made us late..."

Mavis walks upon the stage wearing a white glittering evening gown, a gentle smile curls her lips as she makes her way over to the piano. Pausing to turn to the audience and offer a small bow before she takes her seat upon the bench. As she relaxes her shoulders she begins to play 'Moonlight Sonata' upon the piano. For those who follow her fame, they would know that she is deaf and that it is quite amazing how perfectly she can play the piano even with her loss of hearing at a young age.

Elon had been mingling about since the doors opened, almost. After some time backstage, of course. The man comfortable in a casual suit, with dark, charcoal jacket and pants, a burgundy buttoned shirt adding some color. Comfortable leather shoes and all a glass that rarely seems to empty rounding him out. But once things seem about to get started, he migrates, heading towards the front, near where Kharn has settled himself. Offering the man a quiet nod before he settles himself down, looking towards the stage.

Nate takes a seat in the Orchestra area, one of the unaccompanied young men. He quietly takes his seat and waits for the performance to begin. Once the music starts, his attention is fully focused on the young woman at the piano.

Everly moves along at Marc's side, her free hand holding a gold clutch purse that matches the designs on her dress, while the other hand is tucked into the crook of his arm. Dark eyes scan the area, drifting over those present and seeking out the seats that are available. After a moment, she nods toward one of the boxes. "We're over there. This place is lovely. I'll have to see whether or not they offer season tickets to performances."

Tock's usual formal manner of dress seems to fit in with the surroundings better in this locale than most, though her too-vintage style never quite does. Her dress is black silk velvet that might be recognised as strongly influenced by Italian design of the Edwardian era. Solid velvet from a deep V neckline to just above the knee, the dress then turns to a complex geometric cut-out design to form a high collar, long sleeves, and full skirts of floor length. The cut-outs are further ornamented with chenille string patterning to break up the contrasting portions even more. Said openings flash with almost metallic glints from the pale silvery silk of the underdress, giving the patterning an appearance of shattered glass or ice. Her usual jewellery can be seen as an additional glimmer of silver here and there: a woven metal bracelet at one wrist, a choker-length necklace nearly obscured beneath the dress's high collar, and a locket bearing a stylised alternating symbol current engraving on its front that is pinned securely to her bodice. A small fascinator of black and white feathers decorated with cut glass beads decorates her swept-up hair. The young woman appears unaccompanied this evening, spending the time prior to the show's beginning in her seat, staring off at the various artworks of the room, particularly that ceiling. People speaking from the stage pull her eyes back down to observe there, instead, particularly when a familiar face settles in behind the piano.

Artis was glad that she wasn't going to miss this event. She'd not gotten a chance to offer to perform, but the prima ballerina wasn't really feeling up for being in the spotlight tonight. She's dressed in an elegantly tailored black dress that trails behind her just a little. Her red hair has been pulled back into a chignon and her makeup is meticulously done. She settles into a seat in the fourth private booth and slowly starts to look through her program.

As people start filling seats, Kharn stands from his seat and moves toward the entrance. He helps usher and keeps an eye on everything, giving confirmation nods to Basil every so often. He has one of Ms. Ruysch's pins on his lapel.

Francis has made an effort to show up on time. His tuxedo is fresh from the tailor and suits his frame perfectly. He's gone all out tonight. His skin is healthy glow life about it and even seems to be partaking in the refreshment tonight if the half empty glass or white wine is a sign of anything. He has made his way to the private boxes to take the decorations while waiting for the show to begin. As he finds himself in box four he gives Artis a small nod of recognition. For the moment he stands just inside the booth.

Elon turns his head as Kharn rises to go tend to the security. The man turning his head to watch him briefly before his attention rises back towards the stage. He leans back in his chair a bit, relaxing as he waits of the show to get underway. His glass only casually paid attention to now and then.

Mavis continues smiling as her fingers dance along the keys and then 'Moonlight Sonata' comes to the end. Her gaze looks to the audience and she offers a bow of her head but does not yet stand up. Giving a moment for applause to happen if it does before she moves onto her second piece.

Artis gives a round of applause when the piano player comes to an end and there's a smile on her lips as she settles back in her seat. There's a look behind her though once she spots that there's another with her. She gives a smile before motioning Francis to a seat.

No one can quite see her yet, but Ashley applauds Mavis from backstage from behind the wings. She has a smile for her once the Moonlight ends and offers a silent thumbs up, from where she stands watching. Francis adds his own applause to the performance as he finds himself a seat next Artis. He places his wine glass on the arm of the seat next to him and then promptly seems to forgot about it. He takes a program out from his jacket pocket as he settles.

Tock listens silently, a pleasant smile drawn across her lips and her eyes fixed on the player with the exception of a moment, now and then, when they fall closed to better appreciate the sound and feel of the music. She applauds at the song's end, with the addition of a little hand waving 'silent applause' in case the player might be able to see her audience past the stage lighting. Her hands settle back into her lap, folding lightly over one another as the next song begins.

Mavis offers a bow of her head to the applause and then looks back to the piano. Once the applauses dies down she begins to play Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue' her fingers deftly moving along the keys as she plays the song. A certain passion emitting from her moments as she hits every note perfectly upon the grand piano.

        (For musical link reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYnmIrfjFvI )

Looking relaxed, Nate watches the performance of the young woman at the piano. Every so often, he takes a sip from the water glass he holds. Small subtle motions of his head speak of someone perhaps letting the music just carrying him to other places.

Kharn hovers near the entrance, keeping to the side and watching people as they enter. He stands there, a silent sentry in the back. As Moonlight Sonata comes to an end he claps, loving the performance. He nods to Elon, Marc, and Everly as he spots them.

Zudoku is only just now arriving after an incident at the door which required him to trade pants with a passerby for a little cash incentive. Apparently jeans are not allowed. Now, clad in black slacks and a sport coat that are slightly too large for him, he's making his way into the theatre. He seems surprised that there's a show going on (although it /is/ a theatre). He looks around a moment, then slides into a seat towards the back, curious about the show.

Mavis finishes up playing Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue' and slips from the piano bench, offering a gentle bows to the audience as the applause sounds out in the theater. As she begins to head back stage she blows a kiss here and there for various fans to catch should they so please so. As she slips backstage she smiles excitedly to Ashley and watches Ashley's lips as she asks "Did I really do that well?"

The owner of the establishment is nowhere to be seen, likely she's stuck in the backstage listening in on the performances of Mavis and shall clap when the timing is appropriate otherwise not a peep exists from her visage hidden from view.

Once Mavis's second piece is completed Basil will return to the stage and offer a smile to the woman, clapping to where she can see it knowing that she can't hear it of course and once he gets to the microphone he'll speak into it in that same accent. "Next we have the lovely Miss Firestone, her voice shall be known further than this city sooner rather than later. Please join me in applause to welcome her to the stage and do be kind, she is a little nervous." A smile turned around towards wherever Ashley is going to exit from, cheeky and amused, all in good fun and enjoyable mirth. Meanwhile there is a pair of indescript persons that move to scoot the grand piano a few feet to the back and out of the way of the spotlight so that the microphone can be allll Ashley's.

Ashley offers Mavis a silent 'virtual hug' from backstage wings, so as not to mess up her makeup or costume for the evening. 'Fantastic' she mouths quietly to her. Her eyes alight with excitement for her. 'I think it's one of the most beautiful things I ever heard.' She smiles back with happiness. With the music starting, Elon focuses. The young man canting his head slightly as he listens quietly. A relaxed air to him as he simply listens. He applauds along with the others after the first song, smiling faintly as he considers the player. The next song is no less pleasing to him. His eyes lid as he listens, focusing on the play of the notes from moment to moment. His eyes only opening again when the playing ends and he sits up slightly, clapping carefully again, mindful of his glass. Though he perks a bit more when the next act is announced. The young man smiling broadly. Seeming eager to see what comes next,

Everly talks quietly with Marc, laughing at something said between them. When she looks back over the room, she catches sight of Kharn and returns his nod before wiggling her fingers in a wave to him.

Trying to seem professional is not Kharn's game. He waggles his fingers back to Everly and grins. When the next act is announced, he abandons his post as he had previously discussed and takes his seat in the front row, waiting patiently and smiling.

At the end of Mavis's second piece, Tock applauds again, with more enthusiasm and a brighter smile as the woman at the piano stands. Once more, this is accompanied by that little hand-waving 'silent applause', as well. There is yet more clapping at the appropriate time as the next act is introduced. Artis gives another round of applause once the woman has finished the next piece and she smiles. The Nosferatu then settles back into her seat and takes a small drink of her wine before she looks over to the other in the booth and leans in to speak with him.

Zudoku fidgets in his seat. He leans forward, as if attempting to hear the music better, despite the fantastic accoustics of the building. He eventually finds a pamplet to roll up and put to his ear, using it to amplify the sound. Other than that, he's quiet, sitting towards the back. Loudly applauding for Mavis' performance, Nate gives a few Bravas for the lady and then once the stage resets for another, he goes silent again to focus on the next performer.

From behind stage left, arrives a young blonde woman in a sweeping Grecian gown in fair simplicity and beauty. Ashley Firestone gracefully walks down stage center and a nod is given to the orchestra with a soft smile before she lifts her face to look out over the audience gathered before her. There is a moment of silence before the music begins, and the soft sound of a cello begins to echo throughout the aria hall with the first notes of 'Ave Maria'. As a partnership, she begins to sing soft words that move outward and carry all the way to the last row of seats. Her voice is hauntingly sweet and her expression is filled with a gentle peace. Her white blonde hair is aglow with the lighting upon her, as she sings, making it look like a halo of light.

Marc settles himself enough to offer applause at the end of Mavis' piece and when Ashley is introduced, flashing a small smile to Everly and trying to sit up to focus on the woman walking out.

Harrison slips into the back row, handing his ticket to the usher, who sends him to a seat in the back - not his normal seat - so as not to interrupt the performance. The detective is indeed dressed to the nines in a bespoke black tuxedo, complete with bowtie. Settling into his seat, he arrives just in time to hear Ashley's piece begin.

Mavis gives an air hug in turn to Ashley and mouths back 'Thank you' A hint of blush crosses her cheeks, but that is only visible to Ashley and Basil once he makes his way backstage. A bright smile curling her lips as she peeks moves to where she is still out of sight but will be able to look out upon the stage.

"Ave Maria Gratia plena

Maria Gratia plena 
Maria Gratia plena 
Ave, ave dominus 
Dominus tecum 
Benedicta tu in mulieribus 

Et benedictus 
Et Benedictus fructus ventris 
Ventris tui Jesus 
Ave Maria 
Ave Maria Mater dei 

Ora pro nobis pecatoribus 
Ora, ora pro nobis 
Ora ora pro nobis pecatoribus 
Nunc et in hora mortis 

In hora mortis nostrae, 
In hora mortis, mortis nostrae, 
In hora mortis nostrae, 
Ave Maria."

Francis claps as the performer changes. He'll reach over for his own wine and idly runs his fingers along the rim. He shifts slightly in his seat to split his attention between the stage and his companion in the box. He listen to her words before nodding.

Everly leans forward in her seat as Ashley makes her way onto the stage, then starts singing, a smile curing her lips. She seems to enjoy everything about the stage, no matter what the performance may be at that moment.

Elon smiles at Ashley as she comes into view, giving the woman a nod, regardless of if she catches it or not amid the other people and excitement. And as she starts to sing, he smiles to himself. Her talent expected and welcome as he leans back in his chair again. His eyes remain on her, that vaguely pleased expression lingering as she sings. An occasional slight nod, more to himself than anyone else.

Kharn listens to the performance and his breath catches in his throat. He'd heard her audition but he is blown away. He sits back in his seat, propping his elbow on an armrest, resting his chin on his hand as he watches in awe.

An enraptured expression is on Nate's face as he listens and watches Ashley perform. Nothing like a beautiful piece done well.

Ashley completes the piece with the last note hovering in the air. It lingers and then she takes again that moment of silence in respect to the great 'Ave'. Her own light grey eyes reflect that building of excitement and energy within the Aria Hall tonight. A glance is taken to the front row where she can see a few familiar faces this evening. This makes her smile even more before the next piece begins.

<<And for listening pleasure - Ave Maria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdJ9qUGEPOM>>

Once the song is done, Everly applauds, the sound likely lost with the rest of the crowd.

Mavis may be deaf but she can imagine how lovely Ashley's voice must sound singing the song and applauds along with the audience for a few moments though quiets her clapping to make sure she doesn't throw the sound off from where she stands, looking upon the stage, hidden away backstage stull.

Harrison applauds avidly from the back row, a smile playing over the man's face as he hears Ashley sing. He chuckles softly at some thought he has - but whatever it is he's thinking, the softness of his smile makes it clear it's a warm thought. In fact, his expression mimics that of a proud father watching his daughter performing... and the surprise that comes when that singing outperforms what he thought possible.

Marc joins in on the applause for Ashley's performance, a more relaxed smile crossing his features as he watches her on the stage, while offering a small murmur to his companion.

Elon applauds, rising up as he does so. Makes it all the easier for her to see him, after all. And when he sees her eyes pass over him, he smiles broadly, nodding his head towards her. 'Great', he mouths silently, lingering on his feet as long as the fullness of the clapping does before he takes his seat again. leaning back a little as he relaxes.

At the conclusion of the song, when the applause starts, Kharn would stand, not really even looking to see if anyone else does, and clap enthusiastically. He catches her eye and nods, to her with the expression 'You killed it' written all over his face.

Zudoku joins in the applause, albeit it slightly belatedly. Although not deaf, he didn't quite receive the full impact of the music. Still, he's gives credit where credit is do, even if it's somewhat awkward. He adjusts his pamphlet cone slightly, to hear the conclusion better.

As another song ends, Tock joins in the crowd's applause, appreciation for the performance clear writ on her features.

Artis as well joins in the applause with the others. It's a great performance so it deserves to be applauded by the woman. She gives a smile as she settles back into her seat and continues to watch.

Ashley can't help but give a silent laugh when Elon stands, and then she eases into the next operetta. Now less nervous than Basil originally announced, she takes another step further down into the spotlight. The orchestra below comes together and starts the first few lingering notes for 'Fourteen Angels' - From Hansel and Grettel. Her smile is contagious with her new confidence, and her eyes close for a moment as she feels the energy moving with the music over the entire hall. One hand lifts as if she were opening her palm outward to offer the next few celestial notes to the crowd gathered.

"When at night I go to sleep 
Fourteen angels watch do keep; 
Two my head are guarding, 
Two my feet are guiding; 
Two are on my right hand, 
Two are on my left hand, 

Two who warmly cover 
Two who o'er me hover, 
Two to whom 'tis given 

To guide my steps to heaven."

Zudoku finally pushes himself up, having seen what the show was about. He gives a little applause, and then slips back towards the entryway to do a little exploring.

Elon is faintly curious at this song. Something he's not recalled hearing before. He glances towards Kharn, as if to see if the man has some clue, though doesn't raise his voice in an attempt to push past the singing. Rather, after a few moments, he looks back up towards Ashley, contenting himself with enjoying the moment. He can ask her about it later, perhaps.

The lull before the last words, 'To guide my steps to heaven' lingers sweetly in the air, as Ashley opens her eyes again to look out over the audience. The highest note she sings, is ethereal tonight. And as it finishes, she's scanning over the front row to look for a particular ginger haired Fire King in the crowd. She finds him and casts a smile before looking out over the whole audience to dip down into a courtly curtsey. She also blows out kisses to her fans in the audience tonight, before stepping back to exit the stage.

<<Fourteen Angels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM_RwW0MYGA>>

Nate claps for Ashley once she finishes. When she looks his way, he smiles broadly.. not that he really expects for her to spot him.

The talented Miss Firestone finished and Basil is all smiles of course because he can definetly appreciate a well done hymn, his hands offer further claps and once he's back up to the microphone he'll lend his English accented voice to the growing crowd, "And now the owner of this establishment, Miss Ruysch, formerly known in New York for her vocals, will be performing a traditional piece and then secondly something a bit more with a modern twist."

He'll then go back to the backstage where Renske hasn't come out yet, perhaps she's nervous or no...she needs a hand and Basil is there to provide the escort out onto the stage proper before that microphone.

Her gown is of shimmering white with accents of golden butterflies taking flight up the curves of the dress, her light nearly white hair down and her eyes covered by a white veil that surely cannot be seen through. http://www.curatedobject.us/.a/6a00e54f9f8f8c88340120a7d7e314970b-500wi

Her lips part and out escapes the beginnings of Mozart's Zaide, a piece in German of all things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spS4v6guHHc

And like a good classicly trained opera singer from across the pond, she offers feeling through her voice along with the movements of her hands, bending of body and other physical inflections as if this, performing, is something she truely enjoys indulging in. And damn if it isn't on par with the greats of history...

As one singer prepares to leave the stage and another to arrive, Tock applauds enthusiastically for the performance already given and the one yet to come. Again, the young woman sits quietly in her seat, rapt attention upon the performer on stage.

When Ashley is done singing there is a generous applause from Artis, the redhaired woman did enjoy a good performance. She quiets down though as Basil helps Renske onstage and there's an all too happy smile from the Nosferatu. She was obviously here to see Renske and there's a little grin to Francis as well when their fellow Vampire comes out onstage and starts to sing.

Elon rises again to applaud Ashley off the stage, a contented smile on his lips. Good. Very good. He lingers on his feet just long enough before he settles himself again, reclaiming his glass. His attention drifts a little. An obvious bias towards the first songstress. His attention lifts as the host of this little exhibition is announced. His attention lingering as she starts to sing. Talented amateurs aside, experience shows and he smiles again, nodding his head slightly as he's again drawn to listen. Though as he does listen, his expression turns lightly thoughtful. But it doesn't draw his attention from the whole listening part.

Harrison applauds quietly from the back once Ashley finishes, the man's clapping muted - as after all, he is in the back row... but his smile says it all. Warmth. A fatherly pride. Often times, friends, family, and others will be in the front applauding and whistling, screaming brava. Not Harrison. He's in the back, just admiring the art. A man who likes to view things from afar perhaps.

Harrison quiets down and settles in again as it's Renske's turn. Francis has been politely splitting his attention between his companion and the performances on stage. As Renske approaches the stage this this changes as he focuses fully on the upcoming performance. He's quiet as their host begins her portion of the show.

Kharn joins in the applause as Ashley finishes her song, meeting her gaze and grinning as she looks down at him. As the applause comes to a close to Basil's speaking, Kharn is intrigued. He'd only heard the woman sing once before. He listens carefully to her rendition of the song and is floored once again.

That glorious performance is barely paused as she gives hardly any time for the orchestra to catch up to her for the next piece or for the crowd to applause for that matter as if this piece shall blend with the first in an actual opera...it doesn't but neither does it hinder either song. It is something now familier in modern movies, a twist on a classic or at least a classic for one who was around when it was created, either way the up beat electronic noise makers do come from the orchestra pit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MR6D7tL38U&list=LLRksnQAgAi8Y0RoprneRAvA&index=1 The piece from the 'Fifth Element' movie and yes...yes she hits all of those notes to perfection. She doesn't seem at all concerned with the highs or the lows as if this has been practiced time and time again for years and it very well may have been..except for of course the modern rock spunky stuff at the end.

For now there is no other concern, no worry if the guests are enjoying themselves or not, if the kindred have gotten a bite to eat and are relaxing, if the changlings find comfort in something solid and linked to humanity and of course if the normal mortals are getting their 'free' money's worth. If people only knew the Italian language and what the piece was about...some murderess who went bonkers...fun! If it's sung in a different language other than English it really doesn't matter right?

Oh wow.. things were good, but this.. is heavenly to listen to. Again, Nate is clearly enjoying the performance

Mavis quietly watches upon Renske in awe as she begins to perform. These performances are making her wish more and more that she never lost her hearing but she is captivated all the same, smiling brightly.

Ashley is once again backstage now and in the wings. She's simply mesmerized by watching the Lady Ruysche performing her song. Now there's a real pro at work before her very eyes and she has all of the young blonde girl's attention and a bit of worship as well. Idly, one hand of hers comes down to the golden chain lanyard she is wearing, as well as the charmed symbol. And all those high notes trilling upward makes her eyes fill with moisture from the beauty of it all.

Tock's applause for the first song is /brief/ given the rapidity with which one piece follows the next. Once more, she settles into quiet, enthralled observation of the performance. Chances of her having seen most modern films hover just above zero, so the shift in this particular piece comes as quite an intriguing surprise. Or so it is if one is to judge by the observer's expression alone.

Elon arches a brow at the rendition of the not as classic Fifth Element opera. A smirk playing across his lips as she manages to hit the wildly varying notes. Surprised and amused. He almost laughs, though catches himself. The amusement positive as he listens. More slight, private nods as she gets the lows, then the highs. Good. Very good.

The piece is finished, those high notes hit and the peculiar twist of the song in that movie given and finally her voice ends. She bends down into a deep honest to god curtsey towards the audience, once...twice...and then rights herself before Basil slips out to escort her towards the back. It takes a moment for him to return after getting her all settled in so there is a touch of a pause in sound except that a long string will draw out a single note to fill it in as if this too has been taken into account for the continuation of the revelrie of this building tonight. As Basil returns to the microphone, he'll offer a smile and a bit of a cough as he rights himself, apparently the piece hit him home too.

"Tonight's performances are completed but the orchestra will continue to play a few pieces as the night continues. The doors will be closing at ten o'clock and you are welcome to offer them a few requests, please mingle, refresh yourselves with a beverage and do come back to see us during our next event. We are still looking for talent, security staff and the like."

And with that said Basil will attempt to get the three ladies back on stage so that they can do a formal bow all as one for further applause and the like.

The building and private boxes are yours to mingle within, have secret chit chat, have a drink and the like and of course pester the orchestra with the potential of getting them to play Free Bird...try it...they'll do it!

Play Free Bird!

Rahne has that sort of timing yeah. Just in time to catch the very last and pausing to enjoy that final note.. Amused at her timing, Rahne shakes her head and begins to let her gaze travle the others gathered, likely looking for those she knows.

Mavis walks back out onto the stage with a bright smile curing her lips as she offers bows to the audience once more and then follows Renske to where she goes to the seating area.

As the last piece concludes, Tock resumes her (far less brief!) applause, standing to continue the enthusiastic clapping once all three performers have returned to the stage for their bows.

Ashley also follows shortly behind Mavis, as she bows and then moves carefully off the stage to join in the mingling. Her movements put her in the path of the front row seating first and to meet with new guests in attendance. "Hello everyone! And who says that theatre is dead? Wasn't this incredible?!! I am so mighty pleased you all came." She steps up to embrace family first with a grin.

Artis gives her final applause as all of the women come back out and do their bowing. There's a look over to Francis and a few words are exchanged. She then stands up and takes her glass of wine with her, it's not been touched in awhile.

Luckily the song from 'The Fifth Element' doesn't end with any gunfire. Kharn is on his feet clapping with the rest of the crowd. He lifts two fingers to his lips and lets out a loud whistle as all three women are coming together. A flower like one Ashley has seen recently is produced from Kharn's jacket, unspoiled, and is thrown onto the stage at her feet, but there is no note with this one. All around him there is applause and he whistles loudly again. He embraces her when she descends the stage, but only briefly to let others in on the congratulations. He moves away to congratulate Ms. Ruysch and Mavis as well, embracing them both warmly. Big ol' ginger is just beside himself with affection tonight.

Hanging back, Nate just watches things for now. Not really knowing anyone and playing wall flower for the time being as he watches people.

Elon rises as the show ends and the entertainers come out for another set of formal bows. Genuine pleasure lingering on his face as he claps carefully for them, still tending to his glass. Though after a few moments he moves from his seat, headed around to meet Ashley as she comes down from the stage. "And you were worried," he notes to her, lingering near to her without obstructing well wishers. "A good performance by all."

Francis will stand and applaud as the show officially comes to an end. He goes through all the motions of being enthralled by the performance as most of the other audience members, but those watching close it doesn't quite seem as deep as everyone else. His applause dies down as everyone else as the performers leave the stage. He glance to side at Artis as he is spoken too.

The well-dressed dapper detective in the back row slowly stands, Harrison gathering his outdoor coat, which had been draped over his lap, and slips it over his tuxedo jacket. With a glance towards the front of the stage, he smiles warmly, and moves to slip out the back. Not noticed on the way in. Most likely (considering he's in the back) not noticed on the way out.

Rahne applauds with the crowd, even if just having caught the very end, the clarity of the held note was impressive... Annd her expression shows that she strongly regrets being so late. Noticing Harrison, she begins that way but is late again apperantly, missing him in transit.. One of those days, she pulls out a smart phone for a quick text typing with one hand, while heading in forther.

Renske receives a bouquet of white roses, large and lovely and, well, she can't see them but she can smell them and knows what they are. That thoughtful gesture has indeed brought a touch of a smile to her lips and poor Basil gets to do a quick 'FIND A VASE NOW' duty while she goes to take her metered steps out into the seating area only to be hugged by the Kharn. She smirks and then nods before speaking in her normal whispering voice now, likely anything more was saved for on stage, "Thank you Master Halldis, it was a pleasure and the ladies did quite well indeed. If you would excuse me, I have a few friends of my own to greet but we will need to speak in private at another time." Her smile remains as she goes to meander through the crowd, slowly as if waiting for Basil to catch up and go to lead her properally around the place so she can get to the boxes and pester the friends within them.

Marc loops his arm with Everly as they finally leave the box to descend back to the main floor. Marc slows down for a moment to try and wave at Kharn and Ashley and points to the door, as if to signify they will be caught later.

Nate smiles as he watches things go on like the flowers for the performers.

Following Marc, Everly gives a wave to Ashley and Kharn before heading toward the door, knowing that she'll meet up with the pair in a short while elsewhere.

Mavis smiles happily as she receives a bouquet of white roses as well, her eyes dancing over the lovely flowers as she takes in a smell through her nose. As she catches what Renske says upon her lips she lets Basil lead her off and smile to all of those who remain. Her steps lead her over to Tock and offers a warm smile as she asks "Did you enjoy the performance?"

Ashley glances over to Mavis and Renske with another smile. "Thank you for everything. Words can't simply express how I feel right now." She's beaming, and after collecting that single pink rose given her she brings it up to her nose, as if sensitive to the fragrance. A beautiful smile goes to Kharn as she embraces the giant once down in his row to find him. And then Elon gets embraced, as well as a hand goes up to wave over to Marc, Everly, and Nate. She eye spies Viktor, and then someone is bringing over to her a collection of white roses with a card. "Thank you," with grace she eyes the silver written note that mirrors the same from the other performers for the evening. And then her eyes catch sight of Viktor again and she smiles over to him. "Vik!"

Rahne glances down at her phone and.. Since she missed everything, as well as the person she was going to not miss it with, she turns and heads out.

Tock shifts away from her seat to mingle in the aisle, soon to be intercepted by Mavis. She smiles brightly at the woman's arrival. "Mavis, hello!" When she speaks to the woman, it is in SimCom, ASL translation lagging very slightly behind her voicing. "Immensely. It was a positively glorious performance by all of you. Such a pleasure to experience your playing."

Elon embraces Ashley in return, giving her a warm, but brief squeeze. Certainly pleased. "We'll have to do something with those before the after party," he comments, nodding towards the flowers she's been receiving. And as her attention goes to other patrons of the evening, he looks out to give them a glance over. His expression thoughtful.

Francis will spend a few moments alone in the private box seeming to gather his thoughts together. He'll take a deep breath and slowly let it out before he grabs his wine glass and heads out into the hall way. Francis makes a quick effort to find this evening hosts and as he reaches her he'll call out as if to enough his presence. "You have my compliments tonight on an amazing first showing. I don't think things could have gone better."

Nate mostly watches Ashley as she greets her family. He draws a little closer to her circle but politely remains at edge for now.

With the embracing of the other two done, Kharn returns to Ashley where he leans in and whispers something in her ear. He feels very small next to her, she is glowing. With a hand on the small of her back, he watches as people are so nice and affectionate and appreciative of her performance. Mavis looks to Tock's hands as she signs and sweetly responds as she speaks, looking back to Tock's eyes "Thank you so much for the compliments. I am glad you enjoyed it so much. I look forward to the next performances we do. What is the gentleman I saw you with at the Valentine's event?"

A turning towards Francis as Renske offers a nod of her head, "I appreciate your attendance and do hope that it is indeed to your liking. Please, comments and suggestions are welcomed if you wish to offer them. It is my wish that further talent is found and my own ... performances ... are less frequent. If you are aware of others who have such qualities.." A touch of a smile, that whispering voice given to the Francis.

Ashley drapes all the roses in her right arm, and offers Kharn her other hand to slip it into his much larger one for the evening. There's a lot of people here and she's glancing over the crowd with a softer smile now as people move in closer. A nod goes to Nate, "I'm glad you made it as well. This is only the opening of a new beginning. I'm sure the Lady of the Aria Hall has more plans for the future." And then to Elon, she grins. "We'll have to talk to her later. Right now she looks surrounded." And then she hears Kharn whisper something to her. "We have to go now. It's time."

Francis simply nods. "Miss Kuznetsov wanted to make sure that you enjoyed the flower. Sadly she had to make quick exit. She does tend to have a lot on her plate." He returns the smile. "I'll keep that in mind. Though I feel I'll need a bit of time to digest this performance before I'd feel truly comfortable making suggestions. I know we both enjoyed how you had the boxes done it. It seemed most fitting."

"I am partial to live performances. It holds so much that you cannot get through a simple trip to the cinema," Tock continues, still signing as she speaks. "I was not certain what to expect coming tonight but whatever expectations I held were met and more so. It was a host of coincidences. I saw both your name and the name of someone to whom it had been recommended that a friend of mine speak, Ms. Ruysch? My friend is a ballerina in need of work, you see." She laughs lightly at the question of her companion's whereabouts. "Thorian? He has recently returned from a trip to Egypt and is so often buried in the artefacts he collected for the museum that are arriving in piecemeal shipments. I imagine he is /still/ at work as I left him to come here."

Elon notes he whisper between Ashley and Kharn and the woman's own words. Which he answers with curiosity, but a nod as well. Glancing around once more, taking stock of the folk around before he motions for she and Kharn to lead, the man content to trail, keeping a casual eye on those they pass near.

"It is my intent to pay homage to all families of this city and you will see that each box is offered in the tastes of each house. I will be furthering such things soon after a few conversations with her as well as the other heads." A smile, soft and true given to Francis. "I shall wait in great patience for your own suggestions and will certainly appreciate them to better cater to the audiences of the city."

Nate smiles to Ashley, "You were wonderful. I am glad to have been able to come," his words spoken as he draws nearer to the lady and her family. "An enjoyable time, I hope later to be able to come to other performances."

Kharn takes Ashley's hand and gives it a squeeze as he extricates her from the mass of people. He slips the pin he was given from his lapel and into the inside pocket of his coat as they walk up the aisle together. Outside the front doors there is a Limo waiting for them. The driver opens the door and let's them get in one after the other. Kharn waits outside until Ashley and Elon have both gotten in before entering himself.

"I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for the future." Francis glances down at his watch. "But if you excuse me I think I'll have to take my leave. I simply didn't want to sneak out without giving my congratulations," He gives the other Nosferatu one last smile before heading back out into the night.

Mavis ahs softly as Tock explains and carefully signs back "Well I am glad that you were able to make it, hopefully he can come along with you next time. Now if you excuse me I must head home and practice a bit more for our next performance." Her footsteps leading her out the door and towards the street.

"Yes, I hope so, too," Tock replies with a little nod. "Of course, you have likely had quite the long night already. I should be going since they look to be preparing to close the doors and I do not wish to hold anyone up. Congratulations, again, on your performance. Have a good night!" She allows Mavis to head on her way first before moving to collect her coat and be off, as well.

The orchestra wrapping it up after, yes, playing Free Bird because why not right? Renske finished speaking with a few persons and is taking the time to walk back towards the stage itself with Basil wrapped arm in arm with her presumably to go ahead and head backstage and get everything cleaned up, into street clothes and the like unless otherwise hindered by the remainder persons within.