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My Sister's Keeper

Green Hair, Green Eyes

Dramatis Personae

Becca, Bella, and Constancia (as ST/supporting cast)

July 3rd 2016

Becca finally gets to be like her sister.



It's been a week. Two, maybe. Connie's asked Becca to pick the place, but claims to have what might be the ticket - Becca's ticket - to a greater future. To have all the things she ever wanted. And of course, as the redhead has shared with the greenett just what her sister's secret is, well. Becca is walking into this with at least half-open eyes. But needs must. And so it is that Becca finds herself awaiting a guest, to forever change her life.

And picked a place Rebecca has. An abandoned store in the commercial district, late at night. Still on the block's grid for water and power but nobody'd bought the place up yet. The air inside isn't too stale, thanks to some of the boarded up windows not being too well boarded, and the way in is through a hole in a fence and a picked lock. The greenette is good at the latter. With the locks on the place, there's been no squatters. Hell there's even some old stuff still there. A desk, a chair. And a lot of open concrete floor. A place for Rebecca to kick her feet up and wait for her guest. Connie can do stealthy - promise. It's just that, well, the click of heels on concrete doesn't lend itself that much to sneaking. So her form of stealth is more walking around like she owns the place, and thus driving off anyone daring to ask her. Her garb is casual - maybe a little too casual for the solemnity of what they're about to do. Capri jeans. Platform heels in red. A matching, sleeveless blouse with a flaring collar and an expansive neckline to show off both her gold necklace and her cleavage. And she's brought a guest of her own with her, wrapping her arm against Bella and making the elder Boone sister carry the satchel bag with the ritual components.

The chair creaks as Becca sits up, pulling her feet off of the desk. She gets to standing, dusting her skirt off, a knee-length affair, and her shirt is a semi-sheer peasant top, loose and cool. "...figured this is the best place I got. Used to use it to hide shit when stuff fell off the back of a truck, you know..? Nothing big, but it's always nice to empty your pockets somewhere safe and crash for a night..." the younger Boone sister smiles. "Heya, sis. Come to play devil's advocate for what's going on?" she asks playfully, teasing. Rebecca was never one of the 'goth kids' in school, so this whole ritual satanism business is new to her. But she's going to go through with it anyway.

Bella, of course, is dressed for a satanic ritual: this is exactly why she is currently a button-up shirt tied in front and a pair of daisy dukes, all lovingly completed with a pair of cowboy boots. The occultism, of course, comes from the little pin that she wears on the left breast of her shirt helpfully reading 'HAIL SATAN.' Bringing in the satchel bag, she squeezes Connie's waist, leaning in to give her a loving little kiss like a doting wife before she moves aside to crouch down and set down that satchel bag. As she starts to set up, she looks up at Becca's words -- and a bright smile crosses her lips. "Oh, I'm just here to help the process along," she assures. "And enjoy the show. I want to make sure my precious sister is as safe as possible for all this." A pause, a wink. "If, after you're all reborn anew, you want to call me 'momma,' I won't judge. I promise." And back she goes to setting up.

"You're going to do all the hard work," Connie informs Becca - giving Bella a doting kiss in return, and as well as that squeeze at the waist, before she lets the elder sister start chalking out the pentagram and placing candles. "But I've picked out a summoning spell for a fallen angel I think might help you in -all- the right ways. Tyana, the Eternal Fire Beast. I'm sure her flames of passion will give you -all- the inspiration you need." She purrs, stalking over to the younger Boone. Dragging her up by the collar, and planting a kiss on her lips. "Now, get naked. And get in the circle, so we can paint you up, and call her into you. From there, it's up to you. She'll want things. Your job is to make sure you only give up the things you can live without."

"Hard work, huh? Well, shit... I'm a hard worker..." Rebecca nods, folding her arms. "...and... 'eternal fire beast'? That sounds... kinda cliche..." the woman laughs, then mmphs as she's pulled forward, sinking into the kiss with a sigh. "...alright.." she mumbles. "...Not a problem, especially if I get more of that when this is through..." she winks before stripping out of her skirt and top, shoes and underthings. All simple, the underwear, nothing elegant. She stands, nude, and looks to Bella, snorting. "If I'm calling anyone 'mom' here, it's probably going to be Connie. After all, she's the one doing this."

"What, Rebecca can't have two mommies? It worked for Heather." Connie teases, giving Becca a swat to the rear as she moves on over. Following, picking out a dog-eared leather journal in faded pale leather with dry, crackling pages, running her fingers along the hand-written text. "She was originally filled with Wrath and Fire. So think of things that make you angry, Becca. Share them, even. Let us know what really pisses you off..." Raking her fingers across Bella's neck. "Paint her with... I dunno. Something like this." Dropping into a crouch, showing off some of the odder glyphs from the book.

Becca emits a surprised noise at the swat, almost jumping as she makes her way towards the circle and candles. "Fine, fine, you're both my 'mom'. Probably just the kind of moms I've always wanted. You know, letting me get away with theft and murder, doing that.. stuff with your tongue.." she trails off, eyeing the book as she kneels down. "What, stuff that pisses me off? That's half of what's gotten me here, isn't it? My shitty family, my shitty upbringing.. my sister taking the last baked potato the last time we had a thanksgiving together as a family..." she eyes Bella. "...that was a good dinner, too... last one in like a decade..." she trails off, then shakes her head. "What, just anything and everything that pisses me off? Like the way that jackass clerk at the convenience store overcharged me for a slushie and didn't own up to it? Saying the price was wrong on the board even though he gave that skinny blonde in line before me a -cheaper- price? ...fuck I have a lot of grudges and get pissed off by petty bullshit.." she blinks, having a moment of lucidity.

"Alright, so be pissed off." Connie offers to Becca, with another little grin. "Be pissed off at petty things. Be mad at that blonde, for getting what you deserved." Sure, that's Envy, not Wrath... But then, that's the point isn't it? The Becca's soul is so soured by Envy, that it's eaten through it, and rendered her a suitable vessel for possession. Holding the book in place, letting Bella paint, and then she begins speaking - She begins speaking in a tongue that isn't human, in a way that rubs roughly against her throat, an unnerving language of guttural growls and noises a human throat probably shouldn't be able to make. There's a slight chill, the candles flickering, as Connie begins moving around the circle.

Rebecca nods, sitting still right thre in the middle of the circle. "Yeah... buncha bullshit... life deals you a bad hand, you flip the table, right? That's what we're going here. Flipping the table. Switching games. Fuck it..." she mumbles, clenching her fists as she sits there, naked in the cold, empty building, knees dusty. She blinks as she hears the voice Connie is using, her ears and mind having trouble comprehending the words. "Pain's cold..." she mumbles, biting her lip, but she stays still, only turning her head to watch the woman moving around her.

"Be a pentagram. Bella, get the knife. Start drizzling wax on her, so you can add to the symbols." Giving a cheeky little smirk to Becca as the older sister adheres to her instructions. As the sigils are scribed. Then the candles flicker out; smoky wisps trailing through the room - Bella draws back. Connie does, too.

And -something- is there, with Rebecca, in the circle. She can't see it, but she can feel it, pressing against her skin. A sense of kinship. Of the fury of being denied. All but asking to be let in, and the unnatural sensation no doubt causing goosebumps; making Becca's skin crawl. "We did it," Connie coos, as she circles the binding circle. "We opened a gate to the Inferno and dragged out this poor unfortunate soul. But she won't be able to stay here long without protection... She needs you, Becca."

"Knife?" Rebecca asks, but she watches Connie move around. Then... she shudders at the wax here and there, closing her eyes. "...this'll be fine.." she murmurs, perhaps to herself. Perhaps hints of fear slipping through. But her sister's there. She trusts Bella, and for all the hate she's got for the woman, she still loves her. And the last few weeks have been pretty cathartic, getting to know her again. But then it suddenly gets dark. "...so.. what. do I do.?" she asks, shuddering, feeling the weirdness, the chill, the tugging at her mind. Tugging at her -soul-.

"Let her in." Connie encourages, against the slithering press over naked skin. "Let her in, and talk to her. Find out what she wants. She'll want you to do something, to seal the pact." Connie clicks her tongue. "But all of that, well. We can't do much." She settles down, opposite of Bella, cross-legged, the two women watching over the green-haired third within the circle. "All that's up to you, Rebecca." After she's smeared the last bit of paint across her sister's bare flesh, Bella seems comfortable with sitting back, cross-legged and hands in her lap, as she watches Rebecca with fascinated eyes. She seems to take accusations about stealing Becca's food well in stride, offering only a cheesy wink -- but as the ceremony starts to advance on taking that demon in, Bella idly reaches out to take Connie's hand and suck in a breath. It's her first time seeing it from the outside looking in. And in that much, it's fascinating -- a fact that reflects off the sheer interest in her stormy gaze as she watches her sister. "Just a step away..."

The greenette shudders, eyes fluttering. "...let.. her in..? Just..." she breathes, "...open my soul to her or what?" Becca laughs uneasily, "...fuck it's cold.." she murmurs. This is all alien to the poor, misguided woman. So she's just doing all she can to open herself for the demon. Meditation. focus. Pretending the voice in her mind is opening doors and bidding the demon to 'come out come out wherever you are'. Anything mentally short of mumbling weird, new-age mantras. "...Tyana... bringer of fire... take this humble vessel and become a part of it. Let me help you, and we'll do some pretty sweet shit together.." she exhales.

And then the presence is inside of her. Connie gives Bella a satisfied smile, and watches with glittering eyes, as the duo of Possessed can see the Whisperer slip into the Greenette. And, of course - now the thing can live up to its title of Whisperer. To murmur inside Becca's mind. Her voice resonating; like an echo-y version of Becca thinking to herself. ~You invited me in. Thank you. It's cold out there...~ The shudder across Becca's body is not one of her making, not really. ~You have desires, child. I can read your mind like a book. I can see your memories, weep for how unfair the world has been to you. And I can help.~ The sensation of something cradling her, almost, ghost-pricklings across her skin, as though the Whisperer would hold her. ~But there's always a price. You have to prove yourself worthy. Righteous in our fellow mission. I have to know that you are the kind of vessel I would inhabit. The kind that will see our will made manifest in the world.~ Memories flicker; the jealousy the first time she saw Connie and Bella together; the slitting of the tires of that expensive car parked outside her building. The many times Bella's just been -better-, for no good reason. A thousand pinpricks in her soul, a thousand moments of feeling like she didn't live up to things, that she didn't get her due. Of feeling her heart torn because someone else took what should have been hers.

It's a different experience, seeing rather than feeling. At this point, everything just became a haze of onyx eyes and gilded wings and an insatiable, inconsolable itch for Bella. Now, she sees that little larval state of a demon worm its way into her sister's soul, and Bella just looks... endlessly satisfied. She casts a similar smile to Connie's, like a reflection of her emotions, before those seagreen eyes look back to the greenette girl -- peering at her as if trying to unwork what could be unwinding and unfurling in her soul now. "It.. feels.. weird.. is this.. how someone with a split personality feels -all- the time?" Rebecca mumbles, eyes staying closed. She takes slow, measured breaths, as if trying to be sure of her own body's control. "...she.. sounds nice enough.." she mumbles some more, lips barely moving, body still trembling from the.. invasion and its aftermath. "A price..? Right. Right. Always... something to pay for help. But this is how we're going to help ourselves, yeah?" she says with a wavering grin that slowly strengthens. Slowly, though, as her grin widens, her eyes open slowly, too. "...god, you really can read me... we're the same, aren't we... from dark places, trying to claw our way up and getting nothing..." she mumbles, grin turning into a frown ever so slowly. And she nods, as she talks to herself, or rather, vocalizes her thoughts as she casts her eyes on Bella. "I'll pay. Or... rather... -I- won't pay...." she murmurs softly.

And maybe Bella's satisfied smile might falter as her younger sister levels that gaze upon her. It looks like Rebecca is moving to stand after a moment, shifting her knees to put feet on the floor, hands rising, eyes closing for a moment. Longer than a standard blink before there's a growl and instead of pushing -up-, she's pushing herself -forward-. Forward to her sister, hands oustretched to wrap around her neck. The greenette tackles the taller, more beautiful of the two of them, mix of wrath and envy clear and present, but this time there's more driving her than simple human strength and pent up aggression. Weeks of catharsis aside, the bottled up emotions are uncorked by the demon's will, and the price of binding may very well be in blood as she puts all of her effort into throttling her sister into blacking out.

And as Becca assaults Bella, chokes the air from her lungs and leaves red marks on her throats, the already-Possessed can see the Possession take hold - Connie gasps, and get to her feet, but she doesn't intervene - not just yet.

The merging happens; the price is being paid, and Becca can feel her limbs suffuse with power, feel her mind flood with all this -knowledge-, memories from lifetimes never lived. From rage and envy - like she said, the two of them both coming from the dark places, having to fight for their place at the table, at every scrap. The world is unfair, and so they're going to make it fair - or at least make sure they get their share. Probably the latter. She can feel how Bella's pain reinvigorates her, the -rightness- of Bella suffering for Becca's pain. The merging is there, and Becca suddenly becomes aware of the entities in the room - Not Bella and Becca, but the demons in their minds, in their souls, watching her with cruel intent. Does the satisfaction fade? At first, it lingers, clings like dewdrops on her expression. When Rebecca stands, hands rising, body rising, the satisfaction rolls off her features in exchange for something more like idle curiosity. Her head tilts. She hears that growl. She's enough of a predator to know what it means. And yet still, she can't help herself. "And what do you think you're gonna do--"

Her egging on is only ended suddenly and shockingly by the smaller woman all but -tackling- herself into Bella. Arms stretch, clasp around Bella's neck. Surprise, for a beautiful, fleeting moment, writs large on her features before she's tackled and pinned into the ground. She feels the force, the fury, of her envy-haired sister as those fingers clamp around her windpipe. She lets out a dry, choked, throaty sound that sounds like something attempting a gurgle but having not the moisture or the oxygen to achieve it. Her eyes water, redden; her cheeks and skin flush from red, discolor to purple, drain towards blue. Her hands, trembling, weak from oxygen deprivation, clutch onto Becca's hands. But she's not holding her to try to stop her.

Bella is weakly pushing those hands down on her throat.

She's encouraging her.

The quivering smile on Bella Boone's lips is as clear as the way her eyes sting with watering tears and her feet and body reflexively scramble within the throes of strangulation, kicking. Kicking. Gripping. -Smiling-. And she's still smiling -- until her eyes roll back, shut, and everything fades into the sweet blackness of unconsciousness. Smiling with pride.

"Take. What's. MINE." is the answer Rebecca growls when she's lunging, grasping, pinning, choking. Every muscle in her body is tense, coiled spring as she holds onto Bella's throat. Her family'd always been at each others' throats, but this, this is different. This is justified, right? She might be shorter than Bella, but she's probably heavier, straddling the tattoo'd woman's hips, pressing her thighs together to trap her. Wrath. Greed. Lust. It's all there. But the root of it? Envy. Want. Desire. -Need-. She -needs- this. Needs her demon. Needs her power.

And that's what she does. She takes it. She seems... disappointed that Bella isn't fighting back? That she's helping? "Always so fucking smug...! Is this what you wanted and got, too? Without even trying? Stop smiling, Bella! This isn't your last laugh, it's fucking MINE. I'm SICK of being in last place!" she practically froths as her sister writhes and kicks beneath her, fighting the body's reflexes as she stares her sister in the eyes, unflinching, unblinking save to keep the burning sensation from taking full hold.

Only when the body beneath her slackens does she finally relax her grip. For every breath the limp body she's holding down isn't taking, she's taking three, panting heavily, chest heaving. Her hands release and she pulls them back from the other woman's throat, staring down at her. "...and wipe that fucking grin off of your face.." she spits, giving her unconscious sister a hard slap across the face, leaving a hell of a mark for her to wake up to later.

And finally the spring relaxes, Rebecca slumping as she sits back on Bella's thighs, flexing her fingers and staring at her hands. She's a hell of a sight, naked, painted in demonic sigils in wax and whatever else was being used as a marker, straddling the seemingly lifeless form of her own sister. "..so this is how it feels.."

Connie steps over, to take Becca by the shoulder - to help ensure that she lets go of her sister, before she can choke away the last remnants of life. "This is how it feels. Welcome, daughter mine." Connie murmurs, stroking her fingers across Becca's cheek. "I'm so very proud of you. And I'm so very excited to see what you'll do." Her lips form a little smirk, and she strokes the green hair of the younger Boone sister. Looks down at the unconscious Bella. "What do you want to do with her?"