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Midnight Caller, 22 Feb 2017

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Midnight

22 February, 2017

Midnight chats with a local paranormal investigator.


St. John's University

The radio station studio at St. John's University is more than just some ramshackle student operation. The station services the twin cities so it has to be as state of the art as it can be. But because it belongs to the college its programming can be a bit...esoteric. Case in point, Midnight Caller, a very late night show hosted by Midnight which deals with the strange things that go on in the darkness.

Midnight offers a smile to her guest when Amanda enters. A song it playing so the mics are off as the blonde gestures for the student to sit. "Stick the headphones on and you switch the mic on with that button at the base of it. Though I'm probably telling you how to suck eggs. Any particular way you'd like me to introduce you? Ghost Hunter? Paranormal Investigator? Should I use your real name?"

Amanda sits down, shrugging her bags off so they sit at her feet. Putting the headphones on, she says, "Thanks for the heads up, I've actually not been on the radio before." She addjusts her hair and says, "Paranormal Investigator, and you could use part of my Youtube channel's name and call me Pandanormal?"

Midnight nods to her guest. "Pandanormal it is." As the song fades she hits the mic and starts to speak with her sultry voice.

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "Good evening, everyone. Or is it morning already. This is Midnight Caller. The show where /you/ get to tell the world about all the strange things that go bump in the night...that you've personally met. Tonight I have with me a Paranormal investigator known as Pandanormal. And she's just as cute as a Panda too. Welcome to the show, Panda."

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "Thanks for having me Midnight, it's a pleasure to be here."

Amanda smiles at Midnight as she introduces her, then replies in her regular voice.

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "So why don't you tell the listeners a little about what you do, Panda? How does one become a paranormal investigator?"

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "Well there's no "general" way to get into the field. Everyone has their way of stumbling into it. I used to investigate things as a kid with some friends, though we never found anything. These days, I volunteer at the Fallcoast Paranormal Society, and run a paranormal Youtube channel. Plenty of videos and photos online of things purported to be something spooky."

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "Plenty of garbage online as I am sure you aware. The Fallcoast Paranormal Society? Isn't that Leslie's group? She often calls into SASS - Saturday nights with Shyla and Sarah. But tell me, Panda, if you didn't find anything when you were young, why did you keep with it? And has that changed? Have you found something since?"

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "Yeah, I met Leslie when she was setting the FPS's office up and volunteered then. I'm always optimistic when looking. I haven't seen anything yet, but I have helped Leslie investigate rumors round one of the old abandoned sorority houses. If she calls in again, you can ask how it turned out."

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "I'd like to have her on as a guest sometime but she seems to be a busy lady. So even this very campus has haunted houses...but you haven't seen anything yet. I admire your persistence, Panda. Though we've also had years of 'Finding Bigfoot' and nothing there either. Do you have any special equipment for this work?"

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "There's the usual stuff, like spirit boxes, EMF meters, and IR cameras. Every so often some new gadget is released and comes out to mixed results."

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "Since you have yet to see anything I would assume that all of them have been pretty poor in finding what you need. How do you know any of it actually works? If anyone would like to call in and ask Panda questions, don't be shy."

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "I'm on a forensics and criminology degree here, so I try to remain skeptical without firm evidence. Sure, I've had the occasional spike on EMF meters and the like, but there's always a niggle in my mind that there could be a mundane explanation. I'm on the look out for more concrete evidence."

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "I've had plenty of listeners call in convinced they've seen something...experienced something. They believe it with all their hearts. No thought of mundane explanations at all but, as you say, there could very much be some. I guess their desire to want to believe overtakes all evidence. You still search, Panda, even with your scientific perspective, so you must believe that there /is/ something out there. What do you think will happen if you ever do find that evidence?"

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "If I found evidence, I'd do my best to verify it and publish it. It'd be fantastic if there was verifiable proof that all this paranormal stuff existed."

<SJU Radio> Midnight says, "It would certainly make doing this show easier. Good luck with your quest, Panda. Keep in touch with the show to let us know how it goes. Especially if there's a sorority house here with ghosts. Anyone out there can conform that? Call in."

<SJU Radio> Pandanormal Amanda says, "Will do Midnight and listeners."

Midnight clicks off the mics after putting on another song. She settles back in her chair and gives a thumbs up to Amanda. "Good work. So, now that we're off air, you really haven't seen /anything/?"

"Body parts, missing people," Amanda says, taking the headphones off. She pauses a moment, then adds, "There's stuff out there that'll turn your hair white."

"You'd be surprised what I've seen myself" Midnight smiles wryly. "Next time you go out to find body parts, give me a call and I'll come with you. Could even do a broadcast live while investigating a haunted house. Yeah...that would be fun."