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Midnight Appraisal

Dramatis Personae

Midnight, Reagan

2 September, 2017

Midnight is up for a psychological check-up as part of her contract renewal. Dealing with the supernatural every day can be trying.


Raegan's Office

Raegan's office is a small affair. She doesn't have multiple waiting rooms or multiple rooms to see clients in or anything like that. She's moved since she got back to Fallcoast. She has a little office with an apartment above it. The office is well appointed. There is a small waiting room with a couple of comfortable couches. The actual patient room is similar. There's a very cushy lounger for patients to lay on if they wish, and two very deep high armed and high backed chairs, soft and comfortable so that her patients are at ease. She comes in, having brought you in a few minutes ago, then gone to fetch herself a cup of coffee, and she'd have offered Midnight one as well. She takes her seat, settling in, legs crossing, hands smoothing her skirt down. She doesn't have a notebook on hand, just the coffee. "Hello Midnight."

"Doc" Midnight replies with a smile as she takes the coffee. "Got to say, you're not usually what I have to put up with. You don't have a beard for a start...and I'm talking about the female psychologists I've met in the past." A wink for Raegan before she sips on her coffee and glances over at the lounger. "I'd use that if you'd join me on it" she teases before trying to get a little serious. "Mind if I smoke?"

Midnight's employer, St. John's University Media, has sent her along for a check-up before extending her contract. Her radio show is a call-in one where listeners detail their encounters with the supernatural. Midnight has been doing this type of show for years...though she never seems to stay in one place too long.

Raegan leans back a bit, her hands cradling the coffee cup, letting the heat seep into her fingers and palms, causing them to flush a bit pink. She takes a small sip from her mug, then tilts her head to the side just a bit. A small smile graces her lightly painted lips, a soft pink color applied to them. She doesn't speak right away, she sits and she listens for a few moments, sipping her coffee as the radio host talks. She pauses when the question is asked. "Depends on what you're smoking I suppose. Though the landlord would rather I didn't smoke indoors." She sits up a bit straighter and lowers her mug to rest on one of her thighs, the soft brush of skirt against the mug the only sound she makes for a few seconds. She doesn't respond to the lounger comment, though a small smirk can be seen pulling at the corner of her mouth for several seconds. "Witty aren't you?"

"I try to be" Midnight smiles to the witty comment. "But most people find me a pain" she admits with a broadening grin. "It's cool. I won't smoke. Just cancer sticks. I don't think I should smoke weed in front of the woman who is deciding whether I'm fit for work." She holds up her mug. "This drug will do for now." A sip of the coffee before she looks over the impressive psychologist, no matter how much she tries to hide it with her casual clothes. Midnight is dressed in jeans, a Metallica T-shirt and an old leather jacket. Her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. "So what would you like to ask me, Doc? Do I actually believe in the monsters and fairies that my show is about? I usually get that one."

"Well, most people have a hard time keeping up with someone that thinks faster than they do. So it's easier to get annoyed with them and call them a pain or a smart ass than it is to admit that they're quicker than you." Raegan lifts one shoulder slowly upwards in a half shrug, pulling her shirt a bit taut across her chest before she lowers it and lifts her mug to sip her coffee for a few seconds. Raegan does try to cover herself up. It's not that she's a prude, it's just that... she's a bit conservative. She looks down into her coffee cup, watching the dark fluid circulate. "Oh I'm sure you do get that question. Because most head doctors are concerned about the possibility of believing in those things. But I'm not. If you believe you believe. Is it any worse than millions around the world believing in deities that they can't see or prove? I don't think so. The question I have is... do you like your work?"

Midnight seems a little surprised by Raegan's reply about the invisible. Surprised...and appreciative. "Looks like I'm talking to one of the smart ones" she smiles softly. "Makes a change." The question does get a curious look from the DJ. "No" she replies. "I love my work. Who doesn't want to help people? who doesn't want to make people feel better? That they're not alone. That someone understands. May not agree...but understands. That won't call them crazy." Realising who she is talking to she has to laugh. "Sorry. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about."

"People believe in gods and demons and angels and aliens. None of which we have solid proof of. So... how are ghosts, vampires, werewolves and everything else that goes bump in the dark any different?" She shakes her head a little bit. Her legs uncross slowly and then recross, stocking clad thighs sliding against each other with a soft rasp of fabric on fabric before they settle and she resumes sipping her coffee. There's a genuine smile and amusement on her face after that last comment, her head tipping slowly forwards. "I do. It's why I worked with the police department a lot when I first got my degree, and continued after. I still help them when they need it. I enjoy helping people a lot. It's part of why my rates aren't exorbitant. I want people to be able to afford the help they need." She leans back into her seat once more, resting her shoulders against the back rest. "Love your work. That can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. When things threaten your work, it tends to be taken very personally, and is often perceived as an attack on your person. Do you take setbacks very personally? Or do you try to treat them as business?"

"Ah...now we're getting into the interesting stuff" Midnight notes with a smirk, relaxing back into her seat and sipping on her coffee. "Do I take setbacks personally? Hmm...no. Am I attacked personally...yes. I don't know what they told you but you'll find that I move around a lot. Not because my show is losing out in the ratings but because things...happen. People go missing. Threats are made. My home is vandalized...usually with blood. Are they the setbacks you mean? They aren't business. They are personal...but I won't let them stop me getting to the truth."

"So you've been attacked over your show before. I've listened to a few of your shows, to prep for you coming in. You tend to push the envelope. Looking for dark secrets that a lot of people would rather leave buried. And Fallcoast has a lot of strange history to be unearthed. I'd imagine it could keep you busy for quite some time." She smirks a little bit and lifts her cup up to take slow sips from it again, draining the remainder before she turns to put it on a nearby table with a soft thunk of porcelain on wood. "I can understand how that would be frustrating. Having people lash out at you for doing what you love." She smiles and then rises to her feet with a little forwards shift, hands smoothing down her hips, straightening her skirt out as she walks over to her desk and grabs a bottle of water off of it, walking back towards the chair, but leaning a hip against it instead of taking a seat in it. "Are you afraid of not being able to settle down anywhere if you keep doing your job? Worried about having to give up something you love for something you need like stability?"

"I actually come from Fallcoast. Four Towns High graduate...perhaps the only one" Midnight smirks, watching Raegan as she moves around the room. "Worried about settling down? Are you offering, Doc?" A smile before she gets serious again, shaking her head. "Settling down...I don't think I'll be that lucky. It's not just something I love, Doc, it's something that needs to be done. The truth is out there and all that. Yeah...Fallcoast is quite the place when it comes to secrets but people have to know if it affects them. I guess I'm the Snowdon of the supernatural. And, yeah, maybe one day I'll get killed by some loon." She drains her coffee. "Which I guess means I shouldn't settle down. Put someone else in danger. That would be unfair."

"I'm from here as well. Doctor Raegan Abernathy. A pleasure to meet you." Her lips can't help but pull into an amused smile as she cracks the lid to her water bottle and takes a sip from it before recapping it and crossing her arms loosely over her stomach, bottle tapping against her hip. "Some loon? I'm pretty sure that if someone attacks you because of your show it's not because they're a loon. It's because you're close to exposing something they don't want exposed. Loons would tend to believe the things on your show, and treat you like their conspiracy princess. But people who know how dangerous the truth can be? Those are the ones trying to get you to shut up by threatening you. At least, that would be my guess." She resumes her seat, settling into it once more and leaning back. "I will admit I am more of the settling down sort myself. Not that I'm opposed to sex. I just need more of a connection than many people need. Need to get to know someone first. Does your work affect a lot of your life? Don't settle in place, so you don't get too close to anyone or anything?"

"My work doesn't make me move on. It's reactions to my work that make me move on. You know, Doc, you're so open minded about this that you sound like a conspiracy princess too. Maybe we've got something in common?" Midnight winks. She can't help but frown as Raegan proclaims her need to get to know people first and she's into settling down rather than a quick fling after the session. "I hope you get what you're after, Doc. You seem like the kind of person who would be worth it." She purses her lips in thought. "Yeah...you would be worth it." A shrug. "It's dangerous to get close to me...and I'm finding that a big pain in the ass right about now."

"Reactions to your work are directly tied to your work. That's like saying you didn't hit that poor child, the alcohol you drank hit that poor child. Can't really; disconnect the two. Though Albert Einstein doesn't get blamed for the deaths of two Japanese cities so what do I know?" She smiles good naturedly and then looks over, laughing softly. "Because I'm not close minded means I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist? That's a rather small box you're trying to fit me in." She sees the frown and another light laugh leaves her. "As pretty as you are... no my panties would not be dropping tonight. And I could get in a lot of trouble for having sex with a patient." She tuts softly, but doesn't bother hiding the playful smile on her lips. "I would like to think I am worth it. But that's up to the other person I guess. Whether or not I'm worth the effort to get to know." She nods her head a little, just a short bob. "I understand the dangerous part. I've worked with the police. Been through a few very delicate situations." You know, like being besieged in the Hanging Hills police station. "I've helped pick apart the minds of some very very dangerous people. And that... can be scary. Not threat of physical violence scary, but knowing that human beings can think the way some of those men and women think?" Her shoulders lift in another shrug, her white blouse once again pulling taut across her chest until her shoulders slide back down. "Why are you finding that to be a pain in the ass? Are you lonely? Are you tired of moving around?"

"Am I lonely? Good question, Doc...and sorry to hear about your panties by the way" Midnight replies lightly, leaning forward now, her hands linked together on her lap. "After work I'm at a bar or a club, on the prowl as they say. Not that there's much around. I usually don't get away from work until two or three in the morning. Am I tired of moving around? Nah...not if it keeps me alive...but I guess I'm seeing the kinds of things I'm missing out on now. Your work does sound dangerous. I'm glad it's never tried to knock down your front door."

"Oh you might be surprised. A lot of shrinks have issues with patients coming to their homes and harassing them. I haven't had that issue as of yet, but I've not had my own practice for very long." The Doctor's shoulders lean back into the chair, her head resting against the backrest. "So where do you see yourself in ten years? Twenty? Still running around? Or doing something else that doesn't threaten your life on a regular basis? Constantly moving you can miss a lot of life. Is the work you do worth that sacrifice?" She's not being patronizing, she's asking an honest question.

"In twenty years...if I'm not dead...I hope to still be on the radio" Midnight replies before laughing. "If the radio even still exists. Probably all podcasts and shit. Where will I be personally?" She ponders that before shrugging. "Dunno, Doc. Between the legs of a college girl?" Another laugh. "Don't think that's likely either." Her blue eyes study Raegan. "Between the legs of someone of more substance...I should be so lucky. What about you? What will you be doing in twenty years?"

"Well, those are goals at least." Raegan offers with a small smile and a quick laugh. She taps the fingers of her empty hand on her thigh, just above the knee, right at the hem of her skirt. "And yes, the assumption is that you're still alive. Ten years is an easier one. But twenty? Twenty makes people really think ahead to where they see themselves. In twenty years I'll be 50. I hope by that time that I've settled down. Found someone, or someones to share my life with. I hope to have a thriving practice, maybe with some other psychologists working with me. Maybe adopt a child or two somewhere in there. Fallcoast is big enough for me city wise. I don't feel the need to find something more. So... I guess I hope to be right here... well maybe not in this building, but here, happy."

"Someones? Plural. Wow, you really have a open...mind, Doc" Midnight teases. "And you're adopting kids? Don't tease a lonely old lesbian by giving her hope you could be interested in her" she smirks. "After our session of course." Midnight leans back in her chair once more. "Glad you've got it all worked out, Doc. Hope it happens for you. Sounds like it could be fun."

"I tend to prefer women over men. Which means probably adoption. And someones is always a possibility. And old? You're only about two years older than me, and I most certainly don't consider myself old. "I'm sorry you don't see happiness in your future Midnight. I truly am. I think everyone deserves the chance at happiness. Some people squander it. Some people are too dedicated to something else in their life. But I believe everyone deserves the chance." She takes another sip of her water before placing the bottle on the table next to her empty coffee cup. "But you do seem at ease, or as at ease as you can be with your situation so I don't see that there's any mental issues with continuing your show."

"I don't know if I'll be unhappy" Midnight shrugs, "But I'll probably be alone. But...then again...I can't really say what the universe has in store for me. I came here today expecting the usual questions and the usual crap but instead met someone smart, beautiful and interesting. Someone worth knowing." A little laugh. "Even if she won't drop her panties tonight. A girl can hope that there'll be another night. Do I see happiness in my future? That depends...will you come and have dinner with me?"

"You are persistent I'll give you that. And bold." Raegan taps a finger lightly against her chin, watching the woman in the chair across from her. She adjusts again, legs uncrossing and recrossing, the soft whisper of her stockings brushing together. "I try n ot to ask the normal questions. They get standard responses and don't always get to the root of the problem. I'm not being paid to help you analyze yourself after all." She catches her lower lip in her teeth for a few seconds. "Not tonight, and probably not within the next few nights. Once I've signed off with your employers and been paid for my services you won't technically be a patient any longer. Then you can come back and ask me. And maybe I can come on your show. I've got something I think you'd enjoy."

"I have no doubt there's a lot of thing you got I'd enjoy" Midnight purrs before shrugging. "I have to be persistent. It's how you get to what you need." Placing her empty coffee mug on the nearest flat surface she starts to stand. "Which is why I'll keep asking you out until you say 'yes'. And if you want to be on my show, I'll be pleased to have you. There's a lot of depth to you, Doc. I look forward to diving down deep." She offers her hand. "It's been a pleasure I hope the first of many."

"Well, until your employer clears you and signs your new contract I won't agree to a date. Not going to risk my license to practice." Raegan rises from her seat as well, taking the hand that's offered to her. She shakes the offered hand with a firm grip. "My parents disappeared without a trace when I was young. It's a mystery I've been trying to solve my entire life. Probably has a lot to do with my open mindedness. But I think you'll enjoy the story of it all. And I think your listeners might as well." She lets her hand drop to her side settling against her thigh. "It has been a pleasure Midnight."