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Meechanit Speaks - Whispers Part 2

Part of Meechanit Speaks

Dramatis Personae

A.Smith, Korbin, Chiara as ST

8 November, 2015

A crime wave in a sleepy Maine town attracts the interest of the Granite Coast Consilium. An itinerant Thearch wants to make it someone else's problem. Limington comes into the spotlight when the Guardians and the Mysterium come to town.


Limington, Maine

Limington, Maine

Maine 25 runs in a two-lane asphalt ribbon through Limington, a typical Maine town dropped into a landscape of mixed pines and maples and farmland gone dormant for the autumn. Time seems to have frozen the handful of buildings downtown in a postcard of the early twentieth century. The post office, Davis Memorial Library, and a cafe climb the gentle grassy slope towards a pint-sized town hall. Not all lives up to perfection, though. Cardboard and tape patch up several broken windows and gashes wound the lawn and a maple tree in front of a house. Patches of paint cover up the graffiti on the library wall and another block in the town parking lot.

Just outside the main intersection, Route 25 bends around North Limington Cemetery towards Ruin Corner, a junction formed on a hillside between two large ponds. Recent tree clearing opens a vista up to a new white building with a handsome brick-red roof.


> Characters <------------------------------------------------------------

ChiaraST [ST] 0s I'm used to ST player scenes.
Smith 5m 34s 5'11" average build man with receding brown hair

> Exits <-----------------------------------------------------------------

Out <O>


Joker discovers a leyline shifted from its anticipated course to a church under construction. He detects the resonances of hunger, despair, faith, and vision on the line and, peculiarly, hunger in the chili at the Greenleaf Cafe in a very small town, Limington, Maine.

A visit to the nearby church at Ruin Corner turned up three people there during the daytime - a contractor, two office staff.

<OOC> Smith says, "okay. while my attainment would let me blend in without much issue, blending in doesn't open doors that I shouldn't be behind. so, I'll have to go in openly. but, since I expect someone is a mage, I'd like to prep some spells first."

<OOC> Smith says, "first, a prime 2 mind 2 transform aura to appear as a normal mortal, and to cover up my currently suspicious emotions. it is veiling, so won't be automatically detected by unseen senses."

Smith casts Transform Aura (Prime 2/Mind 2) to appear as a normal mortal.

Smith casts a spell-cloaked Supernal Vision (Prime 2).

After preparing to visit the church and investigate further, Smith somehow managed to convince Irenicus to remain behind as backup. After all, the Moros was a Sentinel, and could quite simply just 'watch' Joker through the walls to see if he needed the cavalry to show up. It also saved him trying to hide the Mystagogue's aura as well.

Gathering up his map, Smith drove up to park in the church's lot. He got out, spread the map on the hood, and made a show of being a bit lost, while examining the church exterior for any spells. Presuming none found, he would head up and knock on the door, calling out "Hello the Church! Is anyone around?"

The church at Ruin sits high on a hill going brown with the descending autumn, handsome red roof and white siding a beacon to the faithful. Construction still proceeds apace on the steeple at no great speed. Dirt roads loop up to the open parking area and side building confirmed to be full of stores and supplies. The welcome area is open for anyone to come right in, and there are still doughnuts and coffee out from the last visit. The contractor is off sawing a few boards in the side building, bundled up warmly. In the office, the woman busily types at a workstation while the gentleman is in a back office, making phone calls. It's all very homely.

<OOC> Smith says, "is there a sign proclaiming it the church at Ruin?"

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "http://imgur.com/jeWXk0b"

<OOC> ChiaraST says, ">> http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:Meechanit_Speaks - As it might show up, the gent on the phone is Eli."

"Hello miss. I hope I'm not interrupting, but I'm trying to find my way around, and I think I'm lost." Smith offers by way of introduction, looking at the woman with a hopeful air. That it gives the concentration needed to let his mage sight discern her nature is purely coincidence. Good multitasking at work.

The woman in a warm sweater and dark pants looks up when someone enters Living Fields church. Her fingers halt over the keyboard after finishing a word, and she delivers a bright smile. "Good afternoon!" she calls out, her sunny, friendly voice as kind as the expression she wears. "Is there something I can do for you today? I'm afraid we won't be open this Sunday but we will be attending the Waters of Life church bazaar this weekend in Steep Falls."

"My friend gave me directions to his house last summer, saying to head up the road and turn at the silo a half mile past the church. I saw your church, and went up to where the silo should be, but there's no road there to turn on." Smith offers with chagrin, violating the most male of strictures to not ask for directions. "I'm wondering now if this wasn't built yet when he gave me those directions, because I don't see you on the map either. How long has your church been here?"

"I'm afraid your friend gave you some bad directions," says the woman. She is about forty and dressed modestly, but she does not hesitate to push her chair back in anticipation of rising. Suzette, her desk plaque says. "Let's see what we can do to help you, sir. Do you have his address? I can pull it up for you, and see you right on your way." Looking over her glasses, she stays smiling. "Oh, the road has been up this way for years. The church isn't quite done, but very soon. We are so excited. Construction started a little over a year ago, was it? I think it must have been, before Columbus Day?"

<OOC> Smith says, "what is Suzette's nature? mortal/immortal, sleeper/sleepwalker/awakened?"

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "Nature is sleeper. Mortal. Sliiiiightly odd."

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "The oddness of it isn't exactly apparent. It's an amorphous 'something could happen' quality."

"That's probably the trouble. Old directions combined with my friend navigating by landmarks rather than addresses. Wasn't a problem growing up, but you get to any sizable town any more and 'turn at the Starbucks' is just useless information." Smith says, laying the map out and running his finger along the road to the church he'd picked out earlier further up the way. "I think this must be the one he meant, which would make the turn.. here, and his house down that road, there." He glances back toward the man in the office, just to check if he's being watched or ignored as he talks to the woman.

Suzette nods. "Of course, what a bother." She pulls up a pad of paper and a pen, then offers it to him in case he wants to write anything down. Joker's polite manner seems to be something she responds to nicely. "Once you get out of town, not all the streets are clear and those navigation thingies don't work so well. They put up a good tower a while ago, and still we get no bars sometimes." She looks over his map, smelling faintly of daisies and baby powder. "Now this road here. You know it isn't paved. Make sure you take it slow, wouldn't want to be waiting around on a tow truck! Though if it happens, you come right back or give us a call and we can be right out. Last thing you need is sitting out about in the dark."

Eli is still chattering on the phone about dull things, arrangements for bringing out some blankets and coats for a coat drive.

"I can't tell you the number of times Gee pee ess has gotten me more lost than if I'd just tried wandering on my own. It'll say to turn on this road, but the road sign has a different name at that intersection, and the road is called by something else entirely by people who live on it, because they grew up with that name." Joker agrees, taking the paper and writing out a more proper set of instructions. "Oh, thank you. What is your phone number if I get in trouble? I don't really relish trying to direct a tow truck to a spot I'm not certain about in the dark." Eli then gets a bit more attention from Joker as he collects the man's nature to compare with Suzette's strange sense of 'potential'.

"Isn't it awful? Technology is useful but doesn't make up for using your own God-given wits, that's for sure." Suzette nods in sympathy. "Let me give you a card." She reaches back to do just that, with the full address on it. "There you go. I'll be here until around 8, and we can arrange something from the congregation if you need any help. We're friendly out here, you understand. Don't you hesitate if you need something."

Eli is turning around and gathering up notes, quoting numbers. Something is off about him. His shows up as plain, muted aura with an unusual fadedness to it. Not enough to suggest he's dead, but there's a tarnish running through him in fat veins that pulse and weave around his body.

"Thank you, Suzette. I'm Aaron." Smith claims with the ease of a practiced Guardian. "It's a shame that you won't have service this Sunday though, there's nothing quite like a church full of believers to recharge the spirit. Would it be okay to look around a little? There's just something about a country church that you can't find anywhere else."

<OOC> Smith says, "Eli also registers as mortal sleeper?"

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "Yes, though he's got weird aura striations hinting at something other."

<OOC> Smith says, "yup."

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "Not Suzette's potential, though."

Suzette almost blushes, but she clearly isn't the prideful sort. "Oh, you know all things come in their own good time. We do this right, rather than rushing it, and the congregation has put up with any delays to see things happen right with our church." She nods to his question, perking up a little. "Would you like me to show you in? Mind it's pretty clear, right over there through the doors at the end of the hall. It's not safe yet to go up into the belltower because the good workers have their things all over the upper loft, tools and equipment everywhere, and I daren't disturb poor Jim when he's trying to be done for the day. But please feel free to have a look about."

"I'll try to stay out of Jim's way then." Joker assures, taking a moment to fold up his map. "Thank you for your assistance. I'll stop back here before heading out, so you aren't waiting on me."

"You're a very good man, sir. Please come and get me if there's anything I can do for you. And try a doughnut! The Lord's been good to us, and we welcome all here." Suzette is just tickled pink.

Smith scrutinizes the building for any non-cloaked spells, and discovers none.

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "http://www.greenfieldhillchurch.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/church-inside-2014.jpg <-- good idea of its interior appearance."

The leyline literally lines up to the central aisle and hits the altar, runs out the back, and continues on to where it starts trending back towards Maine 25.

Smith scrutinizes the altar for any cloaked spells or resonances.

Joker can distinguish hunger and faith under the altar, and hunger comes as a slap in the face. Faith becomes the dominant resonance quality after it leaves the church.

Korbin has arrived.

Ruin Corner's pretty little church sits on the browning slope above Limington. The hour is tilting towards darkness. Joker dropped off Irenicus in town and went back up hismelf to the church, where he has spent the last hour. No signs of trouble are evident around the place.

Joker asked Irenicus to play cavalry incase anything untoward happened, since he's the one with an actual Consilium title to toss around, and can see through the church to keep an eye on Joker to determine when the cavalry is needed. Of course, nothing untoward has happened, and now Joker's sitting in a pew in the sanctuary, looking at the altar.

Smith casts Supernal Sight (Prime 1) on Korbin.

The handsome interior of the sanctuary is unoccupied and decorated for Thanksgiving, complete with some nice felt banners featuring cornucopias and plenty of autumn leaves. The place has several drop cloths in the corner, and a set of stairs leads into a vestry, another rising to the loft at the back of the room where presumably the entrance to the belltower, still under construction, is. Lights are turned on somewhat sparsely, and someone has left a set of chrysanthemums up at the altar.

Korbin looks to see if there are any added buildings under the church, like an extra room next to the basement or anything of the sort.

Joker discovers this isn't necessarily the ley line shift spell he was expecting. His understanding of leylines, and primal energy in general, would also inform him that leylines can be disrupted by totally human activities. Bulldoze a road, plow under a grove, raise a building or alter the land, you can actually completely change where it goes. The process is usually not without some indicators along the way. For example, rerouting said road can lead to fluctuations or changes. Sometimes it's very sudden though not always.

Smith waits in the sanctuary for a little bit to see if Jim comes into the church to do more work. If he doesn't after 10 minutes or so, Joker goes seek him out in the workshed to get a glimpse of his nature and aura.

Korbin discovers all the office workers are sleepers. The mundane receptionist seems to have a wobbly bit of potential. The fellow in the office seems to have some weird patchwork of lines in his aura that don't indicate which.

You can lead an Obrimos to the altar, but you can't make him humble. Or something to that extent. Those with eyes to see notice a bit of frustration on his features after he intently studies the altar for a minute, followed by a bit of in depth thought. Those who don't recognize scrutiny would likely expect he was simply needing some discussion with the Almighty, and leave him to his communion. After a short while, he nods and rises, moving out to say goodbye to Suzette, offer a wave to the distracted Eli, and then slip outside to speak briefly to Jim the workman. A few compliments on his craft, and Joker is back in the car, and headed back toward Limington and the awaiting Irenicus.

Eli is barely aware anyone has come and gone. Suzette is chipper about waving goodbye. She almost seems sad to see him go. The church is left in its own shroud of peace.

Irenicus went to one of the local park benches. and looks far off into the area. This time he has made a stick out of light that is shaped like a blind man's stick to give a little more detail to his glasses. Every so often he taps the stick on the ground as he looks up towards the sky. He yawns for a moment but he does keep trying to take the sights in. Looking at which cars are leaving and which are heading to the Church. He doesn't really feel the need to move from the bench area as he pulls out his tarnished silver flask from childhood and tilts his medicinal mask so to take a sip. The weather doesn't seem to bother him so mucn with a slight wind its more like his normal meditations just spying on people. Privacy is something that Irenicus doesn't quite understand as he looks at the folks in the Church.

Smith pulls up in front of the bench, honking once to get the Moros' attention. "Sorry I'm late. Hop in, and I'll try to get us there on time." Joker calls out. He waits for the other mage to join him, then pulls out to follow the road out of town, filling him in along the way. "Only sleepers at the church, and no spells that I could find. The altar there however is a beacon of Hunger, which makes me think something is feeding on that resonance in the church, before it trickles down the ley line on the way out. The hint of vision resonance comes from someone taking a great deal of effort to naturally sculpt the ley line to a new path. It runs right along the central aisle to the altar before being let to return to its natural course along the road."

Irenicus stands up and pretends to be blind as he follows along and enters the car. "No worries. And, yes, I concur but something is up with one of the sleepers. His aura isn't reading correctly." Irenicus nods intently "Why not have some aggressive vandalism and see who comes to try and "fix" the issue. Lay a trap for whoever is doing this?" Irenicus taps his walking stick carefully in a methodical order.

"We'll need to study what was done to alter the flow first, and that done, I can try dragging the line where it belongs or just alter the flow to send it back to the previous node. Neither is a long term solution, but either would likely get the notice of the architect of this reroute." Joker explains, heading to find the spot where the ley line first deviated from its original path, and wondering what they might find there.

The leyline starts drifting away from the road below the bend ME 25 takes at Ruin Corner, going north instead of northwest. It corrects about a half mile up the road from the church and starts trending on its own back onto the highway.

"Yes, but if it truely is an Awakened by moving the line you may tip your hand. Vandals happen all the time in a desperate and violent society that is forming." Irenicus nods though. "But if you want we can try and lay a trap along the ley line and I can see who tries to alter the line back to the church from a distance so long as I know what to look for."

"I don't know what we're looking for, is the problem," Joker admits. "It could be a feng shui priest who happens to be able to see ley lines, though the odd aura on the guy inside makes me doubt it's a purely sleeper issue. For now, lets just see what the place looks like, then we can make plans. Vandalism might work, but until we see what they did, we won't know the extent required to disrupt it."

"Right, one thing though is the Atlar I think is some sort of resonance focus. I mean... Wait." Irenicus then goes to look at the Church to have another look at the Altar. "I have a gut feeling. Matter can block out most ways to scrutinize things. Because we see what is on the surface." Irenicus talks for a moment while he appears to be rescrutinizing something.

Korbin determines the altar holds nothing other than a Bible and a vase of flowers. He determines the dominant resonance of the Bible and flowers is faith.

The man working on the church goes home at some point while they are scrutinizing, leaving behind Eli the manager and Suzette, the receptionist.

Joker picks up Irenicus to drive out to the site where the leyline deviates away from the route it should take, a spot about a half mile north of the church. The leyline flows towards Fallcoast from this point.

Up the road, on ME 25, is a general pile of farms in the dark which lead to a cabinet-making factory in a low, aluminum sided building and another small cemetery. This one has the feeling of being even more rural than the previous one that Joker parked the car outside, set back from the road and effectively a pile of headstones behind a rather ugly little gate.