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Meechanit Speaks - Whispers Part 1

Part of Meechanit Speaks

Dramatis Personae

A.Smith, Korbin, Chiara as ST

7 November, 2015

A crime wave in a sleepy Maine town attracts the interest of the Granite Coast Consilium. An itinerant Thearch wants to make it someone else's problem. Limington comes into the spotlight when the Guardians and the Mysterium come to town.


Limington, Maine

Limington, Maine

Maine 25 runs in a two-lane asphalt ribbon through Limington, a typical Maine town dropped into a landscape of mixed pines and maples and farmland gone dormant for the autumn. Time seems to have frozen the handful of buildings downtown in a postcard of the early twentieth century. The post office, Davis Memorial Library, and a cafe climb the gentle grassy slope towards a pint-sized town hall. Not all lives up to perfection, though. Cardboard and tape patch up several broken windows and gashes wound the lawn and a maple tree in front of a house. Patches of paint cover up the graffiti on the library wall and another block in the town parking lot.

Just outside the main intersection, Route 25 bends around North Limington Cemetery towards Ruin Corner, a junction formed on a hillside between two large ponds. Recent tree clearing opens a vista up to a new white building with a handsome brick-red roof.


> Characters <------------------------------------------------------------

ChiaraST [ST] 0s I'm used to ST player scenes.
Smith 5m 34s 5'11" average build man with receding brown hair
Korbin 15m 6s A young white lad.

> Exits <-----------------------------------------------------------------

Out <O>

Limington is a two-horse town too small to warrant more than a drive through on ME 25. Technically considered a bedroom community of Fallcoast, it falls in the Granite Coast Consilium by geographic default rather than any actual resident Awakened. Not a surprise there; the bucolic setting ranks among the dullest territory for any urban-inclined mage. Usually it wouldn't warrant a second thought.

But there is nothing usual about the town's recent spate of vandalism and dust-ups that fill the county newspaper's "Crime Watch" with grim statistics about more fights in a month than normally happen in a year. Not usual at all is a report carried by an itinerant Silver Ladder by name of Tom Green, an Obrimos known to pass through Fallcoast every season or so. According to him, he barely escaped a scuffle at the town's only cafe during karaoke night. During a Duran Duran song, two men beat each other senseless over a bowl of chili. It was really good chili. But Tom's put word around that he felt something changed about sleepy old Limington and he felt the ley line following ME 25's route is feeling... sticky. Messy. Not right.

Smith casts Paths of Power (Forces 2).

Limington has a single cafe of substance, the Greenleaf Cafe. It stands in a small brick building with green and white trim, the porch peering out onto a mostly empty parking lot used by anyone with business at the town library, hall, fire and police, or any other service nearby. Tom Green is rather hard to overlook as the only gentleman sitting by himself in front of a low table, a mismatched set of chairs around it. He eats a BLT and swills coffee. The waitress bustles by with a pot to attend to the other six people in the place, most bellied up to the counter. The brick area in the back of the dining room has three speakers mounted to the wall and a small television screen probably used for karaoke, which explains why Tom is here in the first place.

Smith gets 21 successes on an extended resonance scrutiny roll.

The Ossipee Trail ley line draws a scintillating line adjacent to ME 25, but it wanders away to the north while the road cuts northwest towards Limington. By the time he reaches town, the line is dead north of him and vanishing into the landscape. The flow is a muddled river of faith, despair, and hunger, with an almost undetectable trace of subtle vision lost under the heavier mystic influences.

Smith pulls up outside the cafe, parking and finishing his cigarette. He carefully strips the butt down and pockets the paper and filter to dispose of properly later. He'd seen the vandalism on the drive in, and realized how out of place it was in the quite community. Stepping into the cafe, he moved to join Tom, claiming a mismatched chair by the back and asking, "Mind if I join you?"

Tom has a mouthful of bacon and tomato to chew through first before he can give a reply. A shock of salt and pepper hair falls over his face, and he looks every inch the carpenter or senior trades type. Broad, agile hands take a napkin to wipe away crumbs that might have strayed. He looks up for a moment, but doesn't startle. Nor is there a betraying ripple of anything to wash against the Guardian's senses. "By all means, please do." His voice is a low baritone, pleasant to hear. He pushes over a menu. "The lady will be right around to serve coffee. Stuff's not half bad. Hot at least."

"Thank you kindly." Smith says, taking both seat and menu. He politely peruses the specials to let Tom finish his meal, flipping his coffee cup upright to alert the waitress she's got another customer, not just a water with lemon seat filler. When she comes by, he smiles and says, "Just a bowl of chili and the coffee, please."

The waitress swings by after about five minutes to efficiently flip over the mug and pour steaming hot coffee into it. She's a thin woman with long black hair, circles under her eyes, and a friendly but tired mask common to restaurant workers everywhere. "Afternoon, welcome to Greenleaf Cafe," she speaks with a heavy Maine accent. "One chili, right up. Oyster crackers come on the side." Tom's plate is whisked away. Then she swings off to bring a bowl filled by crumbled hamburger, beans, and a fragrant medley of spices fit to make stomachs growl. Tom waits until she's off to tend to others before nodding.

"Good stuff, that is. I think everyone coming through ordered one," he says.

You paged Korbin with 'So, based off the set I @mailed you... Smith went to go ask Tom Green a few questions, and they agreed to meet at Greenleaf Cafe in Limington. The town is about 40 minutes northwest from Fallcoast.'

"I heard it was all the rage, so figured I might as well see what all the fuss was about." Smith admits, dipping his spoon in to taste test before mucking with additional spices. He hrms thoughtfully and adds some crackers to the mix, stirring them under to soften them up. "Seems like a pleasant enough town, even with the kids going around tagging buildings. Recent development I gather?" asked conversationally, before taking a proper bite of his lunch.

"A spoonful stays with a man an hour. A bowl, it's more like a week. I can still remember how it tastes from ten days ago." Tom's wry grin is a tad faded, rather like the rest of him. His smile vanishes at mention of the tagging. "Haven't seen it in the nine years I've been going through this place. One fight at the high school would make news. Tagging the library? It's got the historical society having kittens." He watches the door, but it's an inconspicuous habit. "Quiet town, still thinks of itself as rural Downeast. They don't really think they're an exurb of Fallcoast. What kind of man about strangles another over a pot of beans and meat?"

Irenicus wears a hospital mask with reflective sunglasses that cover his eyes, he has a fake doctors note and having spoken with Mr. Green he was also told to meet. It doesn't take a while as he wears a cargo shorts and a bruce lee t-shirt and a pair of fairly worn hiking boots. He waves over towards the pair sitting together. He is fairly give and take with his mannerism as he points to the table and he nods to the group. "Greetings to you both. May I have a seat with such enightened minds such as yourselves?" Irenicus tries to play the calm route blending in at first before he wants to get down to brass tacks.

"My brother's the cook, but there were a couple times my friends tossed threats at whomever claimed the last bowl or plate at one of his cook-ins." Smith asides, pausing with his spoon freshly reloaded as he activates his attainment, taking the next moment to consciously exclude Tom from the effect. "I can't say that any of us ever actually acted on the threats." At Irenicus' greeting Smith looks to the sleepers lining the counter, then raises an eyebrow at the rather conspicuous affectations.

The chairs around the table are a mix of folding, high-backed, and padded wood. Tom has taken the folding chair and it creaks when he leans forward over the table. His forearm rests on the edge in a way that braces him. He follows Smith's look and centers in on the man with a t-shirt and a hospital mask. A slight shake of the Obrimos' head leaves little doubt on his opinion about that, but he's old enough to have whatever darn opinion he likes. He'll be eligible for Social Security soon! "Freed up. The coffee is decent and check the menu if you want. I'm not using it," he says to Irenicus, foregoing anything like introductions. "Put it this way. I never saw someone drunk leering at a lady. Now they can't keep anyone out of lockup. The officer on duty came down to pull them away and guess they went down to the hospital, it was that bad. Don't think I'll be singing Duran Duran any time soon, you know?"

Smith gets 11 successes on an extended scrutiny roll on the chili.

You paged Smith with 'Well, it's chili so inherently 'meaty.' Under that... hungry.'

You paged Smith with 'Not entirely different from the ley line, in fact.'

Irenicus sits down for a moment. "Care to fill me in on the situation?" He looks to the food at the table and then wonders for a moment and in a slightly low voice he adds "I don't like to show my face publically. It is partly a survival tactic. One can't be too paranoid at times. Maine doesn't have any anti-mask laws and I just so happens to have a doctor's note." Irenicus feels a bit perky at the moment.

The waitress is refilling coffee and perky to a new arrival, though she hangs back unless someone broadcasts they are ready to make an order, get a refill, or clear the table.

Tom taps his long fingers on the table. "You're as conspicuous as a vixen in a bunny hutch." He picks up his mug and sips the coffee, nodding absently to Smith. "As you see it. Small town picking up after streak of crime a mile wide. I sent word on to the city because this doesn't strike me as anything normal at all. Not my neck of the woods to do much with. Limington is... Well, they're good folk this way, real into family and community. Go look outside and tell me it's normal to have people tossing rocks into windows and throwing punches on Friday karaoke night." He harumphs. "I'm not that bad."

Irenicus asks "Water please, need to take my medicine. Also do you have potato wedges?" He addresses that to the waitress. He then waits for her to leave before explaining to Tom. "I don't need to look outside. I see it all. Irenicus shrugs for a moment. "So any thoughts this may be a temenotic issue then? Irenicus takes out a sheet of paper with his own scribbles in high speech as its encoded. "Also are you noticing anyone folks who appear not to have any symptoms? Or who do you think was the first to fall to the symptoms?"

"It's his nature, Tom. Can't fault him for that, any more than I can fault the chili for making me hungrier." Smith offers softly, his attention rising from the bowl before him to the other mages once more. "Something's in the water though, perhaps literally. The chili is remniscient of the view along route 25 on the way up here. Hunger is an odd resonance for both the line and the food to have, no?"

Tom arches his peppered eyebrows a bit, revealing clear brown eyes, when both of them speak. "Supposing you aren't talking about the fine fall colours." There are still a few ruddy patches on the way; earlier in October, the drive would be spectacular. "I've never seen that before. Oh, there was always something sad about the place. But that's no surprise if you know much of the history between the first peoples here and the settlers who tried to bilk 'em all out of their land. Plenty of hard winters and rough treatment, not to mention anywhere near the Hanging Hills has to echo with the memory of what went before. That isn't anything new. But hunger? Don't recognize that."

"So something is in the chili eh? Well have we thought that someone might be poisoning a node then? I think I could look at the line and follow the line to the node then?" Irenicus thinks for a moment. "But well I'm not so skilled in the arts of Prime. But I should be able to follow the node to see where it starts and ends from this very table." Irenicus then shrugs a bit apathetically.

You paged Smith with 'For your spell, as marked the leyline appeared to swing off a few miles back and headed straight north for Ruin Corner between the ponds in the area.'

"One of the ingredients, likely the water." Smith says plainly, taking another bite of his chili without concern. It is good chili after all. "But, the path doesn't pass through the town, it veered off to the north a little ways down the road. We can go check out after finishing lunch."

Tom grimaces a little. "Thought that chili was too good. The guys scrapped over it like it was going out of style." He sighs. "The BLT doesn't live up to anything like that. I mean it's good, but not that good." He pushes back his chair and it squeaks. "Is there anything else you two would like to know? I rather leave this in your capable hands rather than getting all stirred up."

"If it's the water, then it's more than just the chili. I'd recommend cleansing yourself once you're on your way. Thank you for the heads up though." Smith says to Tom, lifting up his coffee in a brief salute. Then he turns his attention back to finishing the chili, tainted or not.

"Thank you. Best of luck handling it." Tom leaves some folded up bills for the waitress, whom he salutes on his way out. The slow, ambling pace he has is one of a man comfortable with the world.

"Well if I might add why not back track it. Water like the lines go one way. So are we going with poisoned water poisoning the lines or poisoned lines poisoning the water?" Irenicus looks at Joker to try and figure out his body language. He looks to Tom. "Yes, thank you for entrusting this with us." Once Tom leaves Irenicus brings his attention back to Joker.

<OOC> Korbin says, "I want to get Joker's opinion. Then use mage sight to follow either the water or the ley line towards where it is poisoned and where it stops being poisoned from this very spot."

<OOC> Smith says, "the ley line is poisoned as it heads into Fallcoast, so the influence is further up the ley line. the water is just a supposition of why the chili has similar resonance as the leyline, and following it should just lead back to the same line again. either gets us there, but since i don't have an x-ray attainment, following the water isn't something I can do."

<OOC> Korbin says, "So ok. I'll use mage sight on the water and follow the water while sitting down here."

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "Your current spell will lead you to the leyline, and if nothing else it guides you on the right direction. Korbin, which Mage Sight?"

<OOC> Korbin says, "matter"

Korbin rolls 8 successes on an extended scrutiny roll on Hamlin Brook.

Korbin pages: I'm looking to see if that hunger, and follow where that hungry resonance stops. Korbin pages: But I'll also want to check resonance for primary as well just to see how it is poisoned.

You paged Korbin with 'The creek's primary resonance quality would be despair.'

Smith drops his attainment power to interact with the waitress. He asks about any hiking trails or maps of the area.

The waitress can provide a map produced by the area chamber of commerce that has major roads and points of interest on it. The main hiking trails are just outside town in Steep Falls Wildlife Management Area, which is on Sebago Lake. All kinds of hiking around that way. It looks a bit like this on the river: http://maineanencyclopedia.com/wp-content/uploads/IMG_5442-Copy.jpg The structure in the foreground is a derelict mill.

Much of this area (around Fallcoast/Maine in general) had a good number of mills and factories, particularly for lumber, grinding meal and flour, and storing ice. Most of the riverside ones were used in the 19th century; they're in disrepair or basically ruined throughout the state.

Joker finishes his meal, then asks about the map, so he could go looking about. After cleansing his aura of any chili based resonance, he heads off. No sense acquiring a case of the strangle peoples while trying to solve it.

Korbin pages: when does it stop being despair is the question.

You paged Korbin with 'It doesn't. That's the only resonance that the creek carries.'

Smith rolls 3 successes on Cleanse Aura (Prime 2).

Smith rolls 1 success on a Perception roll.

You paged Smith with 'You do notice a slightly oily, vaguely fatty flavour in your mouth after time. More of an aftertaste.'

"Well first Joker, the water IS poisoned but its not poisoned like you'd think. Its not hunger." Irenicus takes a deep breath to keep his wits in check. "It seems like the water-- the creek carries despair as its only resonance. Whats your thoughts on that? Also is there some area in particular you want to me to check while we are still here?"

"It just means that it's safe to get a to-go coffee, and my likely wasn't actual." Joker responds with a shrug, pulling out cash to pay his bill and leaving a decent tip for the meal and information. "So, if you want something more to eat, you're welcome to stay, but I think you've drawn enough strange looks with your sunglasses inside and staring off into nothing."

"Yeah, well. I think the line is our best bet. I'll follow your lead on this one. My occupation usually leaves a quid pro quo relationship anyhow." Irenicus stands up and nods in agreement with Joker as he then puts his hands in his pockets.

Armed with map and ley line sensing spell, Joker and Irenicus head off to find the line again, and check resonance once more. They'll either find ourselves still with wonky hunger still there, or upstream from it.

Smith heads back to his car and gestures for Irenicus to join him in the passenger side. There's a brief supernal ping as Joker attempts to cleanse his aura of any infectious resonance, then he pulls out the map to plan further on. "Alright. I stopped about here, along route 25 on the way up, where the ley line is close to the highway. At that point, the strongest resonance was of Faith, then despair, then hunger, and finally a tinge of vision. That should indicate that the strongest influence on the essence is Faith, then despair, which you traced back to the lake. Tom indicated that sadness seemed to be the normal state of the place for the past decade he's been passing through, so I think the lake may be full of red herring. He didn't mention Faith, and said Hunger was a new occurrence. Their relative levels could be indicative of the strength of the source, or how far downstream we are of where they're affecting the line."

Ruin Corner

Aptly named Ruin Corner is one of the more optimistic points in the Limington area. Coffin Hill and Crazy Creek also rank up there. Ossipee Trail, otherwise known as ME 25, leads northwest against the low, rolling hills cloaked in a patchwork blanket of evergreens and scruffy deciduous trees. It's thoroughly rural, and the topple-down barns or low houses overtaken by a white building with a red roof under construction. Joker and Irenicus pass North Limington Cemetery on the way, and eventually the brook hooks around and disappears into the trees, probably welling up from a spring or a pond. A road cuts straight north along Horne Pond and another ticks northeast towards Steep Falls marked on Joker's map.

Irenicus followed along and listened at this point. "There are still too many possible things for this massive change over a short period of time, items of power, people, spirits, abyssal rotes in the hands of sleepers." Irenicus looks around once they get closer to where they are going. "So I'm going to take my gaze for any people or buildings." Irenicus nods in agreement. "It could be that despair and hunger are poisoning faith from a farther distance outside of faith." Irenicus takes a deep breath as he moves his mask into a better snug place.

Korbin pages: So out of place buildings and out of place people. I plan to see through all the tree's in the woods so if there is some sort of cult hideout/headquarters or if there is a gathering of folks or a solo person would pique the interest of Irenicus.

You paged Korbin with 'It's very rural. People in this area are few and far between, off the highway. You would need to spend a long, long while (hours) sorting through who comes and goes. (AKA: I'm going to need Investigation rolls, extended to represent how long you're spending looking specifically for them because the sheer data amounts are pokey) Building-wise, there are farm structures in various stages of disrepair; houses; a small business or two; and a church.'

"You're assuming that despair is a poison, and not the normal resonance for the area. The new influence is one that is resulting in vandalism and violence among the townsfolk. What we really need is a thearch with a decent handle on Time as well." Joker wishes aloud, pulling the car over to the side of the road once they near the new construction. "Might as well start looking there, since it's something new. I'll check to see how close we are to the ley lines again, before we pick a direction to continue driving."

Smith rolls 4 successes for Paths of Power (Prime 2).

You paged Smith with 'It's a liiiiiine! :) The Ossipee leyline trends north, and it straights out on the hillside crowned by the incomplete church described in the room desc/pose. It looks to be at the same flow strength here as in Fallcoast; not strong, but respectable.'

Korbin rolls 1 success on an Investigation roll.

Korbin can detect three people at the church on the hill with Mage Sight.

"I see there are few folks who reside here. Off the sides deep past the wood lines we have some houses, two small businesses and a church. They are all in various stages of well decay." Irenicus sighs for a moment as the car stops. "So basically we may just have to get out and walk. But well if only I could compare and see the lines and then see if any of the buildings are on the line itself. I don't suppose you have the power to grant me that sort of vision you have?" Irenicus turns outwards to try and get a handle on the situation as the signs of new construction. "There are three people in the Church."

<OOC> ChiaraST says, "It's broad daylight and the church is visible mostly from the northbound road. The steeple is not quite finished, and the treeline can obscure parts of the property."

"The ley line appears to run directly beneath the church, which would explain the heavy Faith influence in the resonance back toward Fallcoast." Smith illuminates, since he can see the blue/green pulses of power flowing through the ground. "While that might be pure coincidence, I am skeptical that it is. We should be careful, as it's likely that someone involved in the placement of that church is awakened, even if their only intent was to tap into the free power available."

Joker uses his attainment to nonchalantly wander to the other side of the church and check the resonance of the leylines upstream of it. Maybe half mile up the road.