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Medieval Faire 2017 - Day 1
Dramatis Personae

Adrian, Ambroise, Aurore, Crystal, Fi, Fiachra, Four, Isrieal, Leslie, Shyla, Shu, Yun

2 June, 2017

The first day's activities at the Medieval Faire.


Corbin Farm

It's the final weekend of the fair and so the grounds have become a little crowded with people. Contests and displays have been run throughout the month but all of those have been designed to build to this weekend when the final prizes are awarded.

Ambroise moves through the crowds, a bit better decked out than most in his suit of chainmail, but otherwise the host of the events is fairly unremarkable. The faire is being but on for people to enjoy, not because he feels some need to boost his ego and so he does not tromp about with any real retinue or fanfare. He stops at various shops to peruse the different items being sold, making occasional purchases and chatting with the shopkeepers.

In celebration of both the silliness of the Faire and the fact that it's neither freezing cold nor pelting down with rain, Aurore has today turned up in full costume - a somewhat steampunkish dose of piracy, with tricorn hat, leather waistcoat, off-the-shoulder blouse, brief skirt with a long train, and high boots paired with striped stockings. And plenty of swagger, of course. Currently, she's prowling around, a smile curling her lips as she scans the crowd in search of the familiar faces she's supposed to be finding here.

Fiachra has got more than a passing interest in knightly tales of derring-do, which is probably not very historical, but it was enough to catch his interest and get him here. Besides, there are contests, with real prizes! He for sure wants to win one of those. He's arrived bright and early and wanders around the faire looking in on some of the stalls and watching some of the displays and so forth with keen interest. He's missed the memo about costumes, it would appear, looking much more dressed for the gym than a renaissance faire. He's wearing sweatpants and sneakers. It's still pretty cool for being June, so there's a plain black hoodie on his upper half; at the very least he's not drawing a lot of attention for not being in full regalia.

Since Isrieal wears corset dresses everyday she's went the more warrior like route today with a dark steampunky twist. The skirt is pleated black leather and the corset a shiny black as well with multiple belts clasped in the front of it. Small silver studs trail down the shoulder straps and thin silver chains hang around her hips. She has matching black leather boots on with silver heels that come up to her knees. Her white as the moon hair is worn down and in soft curls and as always there's a stern composure to those sharp blue eyes of hers.

The fair-goers are all in various states of costume. The majority aren't wearing any costume beyond perhaps a hat or headband picked up from one of the stalls and of the other people it is a broad cross-section from authentic to pure fantasy with steampunk and plenty of idealized pirates thrown in, so it is not at all difficult for nearly everyone to blend in to the crowd.

Ironically enough, Adrian didn't have to dress up much to come to the fair. What, with his standard cloak that he wears for the chill, leather gloves, and all that, all he had to do was get a new pair of shoes more fitting to the time (soft felt shoes), and he was golden. Meandering through the crowds, looking over the tables and the like, he has a look thats not so much 'knightly', but closer to what the rouges looked like back then, even if his mesmerizing eyes draw you in for a moment, unless covered a bit by his hair.

'Go out, have some fun. Staying cooped up in here day in and day out isn't going to make things any better. You need a break,' a friend had told her. It did look like fun and she's loved the Ren scene in the past so she goes for broke. She makes the drive, parks and buys a ticket through the front gate and saunters in like the saucy wench she's dressed as. A boob popping corset in a cream color adorns her shoulders (barely) and torso with green checkered patterns across the waist for color. A yellow ribbon zig zags across the front down to the bottom of the wench's blouse. From there a long burgundy skirt drapes down to the ankles with a green trimmed bottom, covering up everything conservatively only Leslie wasn't having any of that! A leather belt running vertically from the main belt around her waist that holds her drinking mug clamps to the bottom of the skirt and hikes it up her left leg to show off the fact that she has on calf high leather boots and nice legs. On her head she wears a cute little hat in the same color as the skirt. Her normally long loose flowing hair has been tied to the left for that added cute touch.

Once through the gate she scans the area. No one she knows is coming today... or.. wait... is that Aurore? Oh ho! She won't have to mope around in anguish all by her lonesome! She saunters over. "Oi! Wench! Gimme some sugar!"

That call is sufficient to make Aurore pause, looking around with brows arched in search of the source... then she chuckles, shaking her head at Leslie. "And good afternoon to you, too," she directs to the redhead, her distinctive voice richly amused. "I'm glad to see you made it."

Leslie chuckles and offers a hug. "We'll see how you glad you are after I am shit faced and making an ass of myself. I didn't know if anyone I knew would be out here. Felt a little stupid showing up with just myself but my friends said get out and stop ... being depressed and all.. so... here I am... mind if I tag along or do you have a hot date you are waiting for?"

Ambroise makes his way over to one stall where a large man with a hammer in his hand it currently pounding out a heated piece of iron to turn it into a spearhead. He pauses for a while to watch the man work, asking an occasional question about the processes that the man employs.

Isrieal s perusing the different market stands at the moment while curiously watching people here and there. One of them may make some good harvesting later, never know. At the moment she's at a stand with a bunch of different crystals and gemstones and things made with them.

Drifting through the crowd, Adrian's chuckling softly to himself even as he moves past Isrieal, murmering softly as he passes by "The forge uses Iron, FYI, Izzy." He moves past smoothly, walking to investigate some of the other stalls, looking at some of the jewelery being made curiously, even if he looks over in Aurore and Leslie's direction for a moment frowning now, tilting his head.

Fiachra has also drifted toward the stall where the man is busy working on spearheads, watching the process with keen interest and looking over several of the finished pieces with a critical eye. Spears are after all, his area of specialty. Fiachra knows a good spear when he sees one. A polite nod of the head is offered to Ambroise when he notices the other man browsing the stall, though he doesn't interrupt the man's questioning of the smith.

Laughing, Aurore shakes her head... before offering Leslie's a performer's extravagant bow, then inviting her to take an arm. "Shall we? I'd be glad of the company. Though I should warn that people are even *more* keen to take pictures of two women together in costume, than one alone. But... do you want to browse the stalls? Watch a smith at work? Or something else?"

Leslie hooks her arm in Aurore's and smiles at her sweetly. "I'm very photogenic. Besides... I take photos all the time of other worldly beings it's only fair I get my mug shot once or twice right? And... I wanna actually get this-" she wiggled her hips to make her drink mug bounce back and forth on her hip, '-filled up with something sweet and inebriating!"

Ambroise returns Fiachra's nod with one of his own. The spears are, as you might expect from a faire like this, not bad. They're not great since the smith doesn't really expect people to be using them but he is a trained blacksmith and so wouldn't turn out blades without heat treatment. They are certainly better than you might find in other stalls where the spearheads are just machined stainless steel with etched patterns.

Even though Fiachra is dressed fairly non-descript he personally stands out a bit in a crowd and so Ambroise is fairly certain he's seen him around the University before. "How are you doing?" he asks. "I've seen you hanging around at some of the Knights of St. John practices, haven't I?"

Isrieal rolls her eyes at Adrians comment as he walks by. Whatever it was supposed to mean. She turns away from the stall now and walks along one of the winding paths, her chains clinking gently against her but small enough that it just makes her sound like a cat approaching. Though she's still got that unsettling presence about her. She pauses by the spear stand now and curiously curls a finger under her chin as she looks at the weapons.

Aurore blinks, pauses, then laughs. "Oh. The mug. Right. Sorry. That hip-shimmy had me thinking you were suggesting something rather different.... And sure. Have you ever tried mead? There'll be a few varieties on sale here, as well as a host of craft ales and homebrews. Elderflower wine, and the like. Anything strike your fancy?"

Leslie points into the fair grounds. "Onward! To adventure and a good sweet honey mead I think is in good starting order!" and she starts off into the fair proper with Aurore in tow. "You look awesome by the way. Love it! Careful you don't make the rest of us saucy lasses look like old hags!"

"Hey" Fiachra responds when Ambroise greets him, setting the spearhead down on the stand once again. He's seen worse, but he's also seen a hell of a lot better and he's not persuaded to part with his money at this point. "Probably" the blond smiles when Ambroise comments on having seen him at practice before. "I've been interested in that stuff since basically forever. Just never had the time to join a club before..." he explains, offering his hand to Ambroise as he introduces himself as "Fiachra Mac Lir. Nice to meet you." with a pleasant smile.

Ambroise extends his own hand and trades grips with Fiachra. "Ambroise Dubois," he says with a wry grin, "and you need to be careful. That's exactly how I ended up as a history professor. I started off with stories of Lancelot and Arthur and then just sort of went from there." He chuckles and says, "At the risk of stereotyping am I right that for you it's a lot of the Celtic stories? Finn McCumhail and Cuchulain?"

Aurore dips into a graceful curtsey, before escorting Leslie onwards - nodding to the somewhat-familiar pairing of Fiachra and Ambroise on her way to a nearby stall. "Have you tried mead before?", she asks. "It's odd, but a lot of people - especially around this sort of event - really love it."

When Celtic comes up Isrieal glances briefly over at the two as she hovers near the daggers for a moment. She has an invaluable weapon but when it comes to the dagger area she could do better.

Leslie nods. "Of course! I'm no light weight! We'll.. I am... and all but I know my faire's! Been to many in my life of course haven't been to one in a LOOOOOOONG time. You look like a regular. Oooo! here we go! The Pirate Shack. What better place to get good swill than with these notorious booty callers!?" she chuckles and saunters up to the bartender. After flashing her ID she looks at Aurore. "Get you some poison super sassy?"

As Fiachra is suddenly ambushed by some friends from school or otherwise distracted Ambroise turns his attention over to Isrieal, giving her a short nod of greeting. "Hi. I remember you from the party for Jesse," he says in way of greeting. "I don't think we were introduced. Ambroise." He extends a hand to the pale lady.

"I'm trying to get back into nerdery." Aurore offers Leslie an amiable shrug. "Well, *more* into it, too. Growing up, I didn't have the money for costumes or the like. This is... somewhat new to me, still. Feeling a bit more like a participant than just an observer."

Isrieal sweeps her gaze to Ambroise as he speaks to her. "If it involves Jesse and a party then I probably was there." She says with a smirk. "Isrieal." She offers her name in return. "Good to meet you." Her voice holds a Russian accent to it.

Ambroise nods to Isrieal. "Pleased to meet you," he says with a smile. "So how have you enjoyed the fair?" he asks.

Leslie nods. "Oh yeah? I think this is like my... 15th fair. Did a bunch back when I was little in Texas with the folks. My dad is all into this medival stuff. I just liked all the cool costumes and I have to say.. I have a bit of a guilty pleasure when it comes to watching big men on horses hitting each other with sticks! Love the joust! Drink?"

Back from his meanderings off to the other side of the fair, Adrian's back over where the shiny stuff is, staring at it longly even as he tilts his head, whistling for a moment... before Inspiration strikes!. Walking over towards where the forge is, he stops by the door and asks curiously "Say, can we actually buy stuff from you? Like... Iron?" he asks curiously and simply even as he smiles and tilts his head, looking nothing so much as someone who had dressed up as a thief then anything.

Isrieal flahses her gaze out to the crowd. "Oh I've enjoyed it. Just mostly people watching you know?" She chuckles some then catches sight of Adrian again. "What's with you and iron?" She asks with an arch of her brow. "I think I would know Forge's use it." She sighs some. Then back to Ambroise. "I didn't know you made weapons."

Ambroise smiles a bit and says, "Really, just as a hobby. I became interested in it when I was working on my Master's. I spent a couple of Summers working at Guedelon Castle, stone masonry for the most part, but I found all of it very interesting. After I came back to the states I continued to study up on it. It's really very interesting. Very intricate stuff."

"I'm making something /with/ Iron for someone, Isrieal." He ends with a glance towards her, recalling his own 'tests' that he has to work with, before Adrian adds "Besides, iron is a fair bit cheaper then silver, and if your skilled enough, you can make iron /kinda/ look like silver?" He ends with a tilt of his head, Adrian grinning slightly before offering his hand to fist bump, saying "How goes, Izzy? I hope everythings well and stuff like that." Even as the shadows crawl over his eyes for a moment (Purely figuratively speaking, not /literally/.), before the young man shakes off whatever caused the darkness in his eyes to rise.

Aurore snorts quiet amusement at Leslie, before nodding acceptance. "Sure. I'll try one of their meads, at your expense. And it sounds as if you should spend time in Maryland. Back in '62, they made jousting their 'official state sport', crazily enough."

"Intricate, yes." Isrieal comments while eyeing over a few of the knives. "Far too time consuming for me." She points out. "Everythings fine, Adrian." Isrieal points out and doesn't make a move to fist bump in return. Does she /look/ like the type of person who would do that? She just lifts a brow. "Your kidding, right?"

Ambroise nods to Isrieal. "Sure," he says, "trying to find the right balance between hardness and toughness, strength and flexibility. And it wasn't like a medieval smith would just get a billet of 1040 carbon steel. He got whatever it was he got and then had to figure out how to work with that, adding carbon or reducing it, working out the slag. It was a very technical job for its day."

Leslie laughs. "Oh wow! Really? State sport? Nice! It should totally be an Olympic sport or at least on ESPN!" she smiles and taps the counter. "A drink for my lovely lady friend!" The pirate manning the counter yells "ARRRRRRR! One drink come'n right up lass!'

Four has arrived.

Raising his own eyebrow as Adrian looks casually relaxed, that fist stays in the air as he tilts his head before asking curiously "Did I ask if anything was wrong? And you studied this stuff, mister..." He trails off, his attention flickering towards Ambroise as he grins broadly, adding easily "And besides, Isrieal, you got to find /something/ to captivate your time. For me, its my various crafts and trades. Like painting... But I got someone who might like a hand-crafted necklace, so i might as well do that, right?"

"Yeah I suppose so." Isrieal tells Adrian. Whatever Ambroise says goes right over her head but she pretends like she's getting it somewhat. "A billet huh? Sounds tough indeed. And I thought 'my' job was technical."

"Dubois," Ambroise says as he extends a hand toward Adrian. "Ambroise Dubois, and a bit, more as a hobby than a job. I'm a professor of medieval history over at St. John's."

Aurore laughs out loud at Leslie, then grins broadly at the piratical server. "Thank you. And yeah... I've no idea what possessed the legislators of Maryland. No one else had even bothered to create an official 'state sport', and they decided to be the first - and to go with *jousting*."

Yun arrives from the West Crow Hollow Woods.

Yun has arrived.

Shu arrives from the West Crow Hollow Woods.

Shu has arrived.

Leslie chuckles. "I could think of worse sports though naked jello midget wrestling COULD be interesting," she grinned and hooked her arm back in Aurore's and tapped her mug to the other girl's. "To getting out of the house!"

Moving his fist to take Ambroise's hand smoothly, Adrian says easily "Shadow. Artist." Quirking a grin at Isrieal's complete lack of knowing what a 'billet' is, he doesn't remark upon it, instead asking "How’s things going, Isrieal? And nice to meet you, mister Dubois. Medieval history? Sounds, errr... Fascinating?" He ends with a frown and a tilt of his head, before looking around slowly and putting his hands by his sides, saying quietly "I guess my... Friend might not be coming, sadly. Oh well, plenty to amuse myself with here." he doesn't exactly frown, but looks maybe a /little/ disappointed, before he hears something about... Naked jello midget wrestling?

Yun is late though hopefully not too late to bash the brains out of someone in friendly combat - as if there is such a thing. She walks with an imperious gait, appraising her surroundings with a curious gaze as she makes her way through the stalls. Yun is dressed in what seems to be leather armor and furs - very much the part. A sword hangs from her belt and a bow is over her right shoulder. Spotting a stall selling mead she heads that way.

Shu has set up a stall to sell food - which means she has thrown old drapes over the Mobile Mandarin so it looks less like a truck and more like a stall. Just squint and imagine. Form her truck...umm stall...she sells medieval inspired Chinese food while dressed in traditional Chinese robes. It was the middle ages/renaissance all over the world!

Fi is here to represent the Nicks clan. Well known hippies, she fits right into the dress sense required. A simple gown and corset that shows off ample cleavage in an historically 'accurate' way. She strolls the grounds with a band of flowers in her hair and a basket of fruit, jams and joints that she happily hands out to anyone interested. Humming softly to herself, her blue eyes sparkle with curiosity at the sights and sounds of the fair.

Isrieal smiles some. "I've heard you work there yes." She tells Ambroise. If that's not too creepy. "Things are good." She tells Adrian and then looks around at the new people passing by here and there. Anyone she can scare yet? She chews her lower lip in thought for a moment.

Aurore blinks at Leslie, then shakes her head - grinning again. "I doubt that anywhere'll be starting that up as a state sport... though maybe I'm wrong. And yeah. I'm glad I could lure you out of the house for a while. Oh. Excuse me." She takes a step away, opening a leather pouch at her belt to extract her cell phone. "I'd best take this. But feel free to find some people hitting each other, or something. I'll catch up!"

Ambroise chuckles a bit to Adrian. "It's not for everybody," he says, "but I find it interesting. Trying to work out how people really lived back then as opposed to all the things that were written down. It's like piecing together a puzzle when all of the parts are blank, except after you connect enough of them a picture starts to form."

Leslie nods and takes a drink and wanders before she catches the smell of food... and she realizes she hadn't eaten. She had a good mind to destroy a turkey leg or two, maybe some fried mac but the smell of Asian food overpowers her plans and she wanders in the direction of that quaint authentic food truck turned stall and walks up to the counter. "Ohhhh.. you have powerful magic inside this place!"

Shu offers a warm smile to the arriving Leslie. "I am not sure about the magic" she laughs, "But I will take it as a Facebook review. Welcome to the Medieval Mandarin. In honor of today's festivities, I have expanded the menu to include various historically accurate meals. The kind prepared from whatever is lying around in the kitchen and in pitch blackness." A little giggle. "I am joking. How can I help you?"

There's a wide smile on Four's lips as she wanders onto the grounds. A medieval fair? How fun! A new and exciting adventure for her to experience. She's dressed somewhat fittingly for the affair, wearing a black tunic with silver thread threads running along it in patches. There's a bit of red along the left shoulder, going down to the hip. Matching pants cover her legs. A hood is pulled over her head, concealing most of her fiery red hair. The young woman explores a bit before spotting a few familiar faces in the crowd. Smiling even more, she starts to make her way over toward Adrian and Isrieal.

After some traditional Mongol haggling - I will pay this much for the mead or I'll burn your stall down - Yun cradles a rather large tankard as she watches the comings and goings. So many redheads in this town! Ambroise looks like a man in charge, so the armor clad woman heads his way.

Leslie takes note of the girl talking to her and for a split second sees her girlfriend in Shu's face. It is enough to make me skip a beat but it is not Nonomi and that little sting hits her pretty hard but she puts on her best brave smile and sets her stein of honey mead down on the counter and looks over the menu.. anywhere but at Shu. She chews on her lower lip. "Mmmmm... do you have.. any..... dragon meat on sticks? maybe a unicorn leg?" she chuckles and finally does look at Shu. "I have come ill prepared. My stomach is empty and my mind a blank canvas of food like needs. What do you recommend?"

Shrugging as he tilts his head, Adrian says simply "Meh, give me a paint brush and an easel, and I'll be quite happy... Most days. Sometimes I need a muse." He leans back on his back leg before frowning slightly and thinking for a moment, rubbing his gloved hands against his legs as he ponders, even if he is wearing his normal cloak (Which fits right on in, being black as night and hooded.) His own hood, of course, is up, but he is always like that even as he bites his lower lip, not seeing four as his back is to the woman before asking "What parts of medieval history are your favorite, mister Ambroise?" Seeing as Isrieal isn't really prompting any conversation

Four is intercepted on her path by the smiling Fi, holding up her basket between the pair. "Hello. Would you like some food? Some flowers? Some traditional medicinal herbs? I love the color of your hair" sighs the blonde. "It's like the early morning sun through puffy white clouds."

Really, my most specific area of interest is in France around the thirteenth century, during the Albigensian Crusade" Ambroise replies to Adrian, "but I'm quite interested in a lot of Europe around that time. That's simply my area of greatest focus. He then turns his attention from Adrian and Isrieal as he spies Yun heading toward him. "Hello," he says, smiling politely to the Asian woman. "How can I help you?"

Shu does her best to ignore the uncomfortable look on Leslie's face...which is easy when the redhead doesn't look at her. "You are in luck!" Shu grins. "We have dragon meat on sticks! We do not have any unicorn legs though. As you well know, unicorns don't really exist." A wink for Leslie that she will probably never see before Shu is organising the dish. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yun Tian" Yun introduces herself to Ambroise with a slight nod of her head and an abrupt coming to attention. "I am here to compete" she adds, looking him over - he looks to be a warrior as well. "Do you know where the battle arena is?" A glance to Adrian and Isrieal. "I apologise for interrupting."

Isrieal looks over to see her patient coming towards her. "Oh! Hey Red." She tells her with a bit of a wave. "Didn't expect to see you here." She's dressed in a leather corset and skirt tonight with boots that ride high up her legs. Snowy white hair down in loose curls. "I'm not sure where the arena is." Isrieal responds to Yun.

Leslie smiled and took a sip of her drink, shifting her top a bit to get comfy again. "Yeah... more or less. It's been a long while since I've done a faire. Wish my girl-- wish my friends could be here. It would have been something else," she smiles a little sad kind of smile then asks, "How's business going for you?"

"The combats are going to take place over in the North field," Ambroise says to Yun. "I'm pretty sure the sign-ups are still available. You simply go down this path to the fork, take the right fork and then follow the path around." He gestures as he says this, pointing out the fork and making sure that Yun has clear directions to where she needs to get to.

Hearing /that/ name, Adrian grins slightly before saying quietly "Err, hold that thought, Ambroise?" He asks with a tilt of his head, before looking over his shoulder and smiling slightly even as he does a little 'magic trick'. One moment, there is nothing in his hands. In the next, as he is walking towards Four, there is a small flower in his hands. A white tulip, apparently, as he moves over to where Shu and Four are, standing on the other side of Fi and waiting patiently for a couple moments, fidgeting quietly as he looks at the woman with a small smile, before saying quietly "Hey, Red... Nice outfit." Tilting his head slightly as he simply waits for Red to say something to him.

As she's stopped, Four blinks in surprise. "Oh, thank you," she replies first to the compliment about her hair. "I don't have any money to buy anything, though. Sorry," she says, genuinely apologetic. "Your stuff looks nice though," the young woman compliments with a faint blush. Then she continues on her path over toward Adrian and Isrieal. "I heard about it and it seemed like a fun place to check out with Shadow. I definitely didn't expect to see you here either," she states with a faint chuckle to the Changeling. Then she smiles warmly at Adrian as she's handed over flowers. "Thank you. You're the one that made it."

"Take whatever you like, no charge" Fi assures Four as she follows her for a little while before there is another potential recipient of her goods in Adrian. "Would you like something?" she asks the man with the tulip. "It's free. We're all one with the universe so we share everything." Her gaze drifts to Ambroise, Isrieal and Yun. "Would any of you like something?"

Isrieal quirks a brow at the statement of Red not having money. "Well sheesh Red. What is it you want to buy? I can give you some money." Like it'd be any problem at all. "Though honestly I haven't chosen anything myself yet." She admits. She looks between Shadow and Red curiously but is then distracted by Fi. "What are you offering?" She asks.

"It still can be something else" Shu assures Leslie. "It will be on tomorrow too. Maybe your friends can come along then? My friend isn't here either but that is not...unusual." She heaps the plate of food a little higher for Leslie. "Business is good. I roam the city and special events until I can afford a restaurant but...I do like the roaming. I meet so many nice people. Like you." She places the dish in front of Leslie. "No charge. Though don't tell everyone" she whispers.

Isrieal seems interested! Fi shows off her basket and starts plucking things out. "Flowers. Fresh fruit. Homemade jams and conserves. Medicinal herbs." That last one is accompanied by Fi holding up what is obviously a joint. "Home grown. I like to think I am good at combining plants for maximum effect. Anything take your interest?"

Leslie smiles and looks genuinely touched at the free offer. She fishes some gold coins out of her front pursue pouch, money converted over to fair currency to make it all more 'authentic' and puts a stack equivalent to five bucks on the counter. "For the free food. A tip and business investment to help you get your restaurant going because we have a lack of good Chinese eateries in Fallcoast. When you open I'll be your number one customer! Promise! It smells yummy! can't wait to devour! Thank you!"

Yun listens to Ambroise's instructions, following his pointing finger with her gaze before nodding. "I look forward to seeing you at the tilts" she smiles faintly to Ambroise before heading off in the direction indicated.

"Nice to meet you" Shu smiles to Leslie. "Oh, my name is Shu. If you see the van around town, drop by." She scoops up the 'authentic' coins with a smirk before tossing them in a leather pouch she brought along for the occasion. "Medieval food available!" she calls out. "All kinds. All delicious." Ambroise nods to Yun and smiles. "I'll see you there," he says to her. "And good luck. Hopefully we will have some more competitors show up."

Leslie waits for Shu to finish calling out then says, "I'm Leslie. I'll be sure to look for you. You do get around the campus area right?"

Putting an arm around Four's waist, Adrian smiles before saying "Of course. But can't I admire my own handiwork?" he asks with a slightly teasing tone before leaning down to say something softly to her before looking at Fi and thinking for a couple long moments, before asking "Do you have a red rose, a white rose, and a couple more white tulips to go with those medicinal herbs?" he asks as he grins and goes to reach into the basket, looking at Isrieal and adding "Oh, yea... Err... I have a couple questions I want to ask you later, Izzy."

A tapping noise on the intercom set up for the fair. "This thing on?" Feedback squeals in the air. "Volume down. Okay...that's it." The male voice clears his throat. "Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Knights of St. John Renaissance Fair. I hope you are all having a good time and I want to remind you all that there will be fighting later that anyone can sign up for...if you think you have the skill. We are also looking for a King and Queen of the Fair, so if you think you have the grace and comportment, and looks, for such a prestigious office, why not put your name down. The royal couple will be voted for, and decided, tomorrow."

Isrieal takes a small step back from Fi when she holds the basket with flowers out. Her mantle and all would easily make them look like they're starting to wither away, even if they return back to normal when her presence is gone she just doesn't want to deal with that drama. "Oh! Um...actually. I could take some of the medicinal herbs. They might come in use. I own a clinic after all." She points out while floating around the outskirts of the group. "Um...sure Shadow. If it can't be asked now."

"Some of my best customers are college students" Shu nods to Leslie, "Though it is summer vacation so a bit quiet at the moment. Hope to see you again soon."

Fi picks out some flowers for Adrian, doing her best to meet his requirement but it isn't a 'Basket of Holding'. Thankfully nothing seems to wither away from Isrieal's presence. Though her request for herbs gets Fi producing a handful of joints for the other woman. "I call these 'Rainbow River'" she explains. "But I do have some 'Dawn Peace' if you'd like to try those."

Leslie nods and takes her food and finds a place to sit and eat.... alone. She pulls out that magic box they carried back then; The Smartphone and thumbs through messages, social media and cat videos while she eats and drinks.

Isrieal cups her hands and allows Fi to place the handful of joints into them. "Uhh....oh. What’s the difference? What do these do?" She asks slowly while staring at them, frozen in place for the moment. The names are just so opposite her, she's almost afraid her hairs going to turn rainbow if she smokes one. Totally rational thoughts.

Four had been distracted by the various activity around the fair. When Adrian puts an arm around her waist, she's pulled back to the immediate area and smiles as she leans against him. "I bet some of those flowers would look really pretty in your hair," she tells Issy with a soft smile.

Leaning over towards Isrieal, Adrian says quietly "They get you high, Isrieal." Before he grins and takes the flowers from Fi, turning slightly towards Four and telling her "These... Are for you." The flowers are giving to Four with a smile, even as he holds her tightly in his one arm, before saying softly to the small woman, "You look wonderful, Red... And no, Isrieal, I can't talk about it right now. Its work related."

"Rainbow River is for when you want to float slowly down the waters of wisdom, letting the world be one with you as you pass" Fi explains as she drops some joints into Isrieal's hand. "The 'Dawn Peace' is like bathing in the warmth of the rising sun. More relaxing than mind expanding" She drops a couple of more joints into the other woman's hands. These last ones marked with an orange ring on the paper. Adrian is offered a 'Rainbow River' to try.

The Dawn one doesn't sound that relaxing to her. "You don't happen to have any Autumn Nights do you?" She asks with a peek towards her basket. "And no, let’s not put flowers in Izzys hair." She says with a quiet, nervous laugh. Not having pockets the fae just drops the handful of joints down the front of her top for now. "I'll experiment with these when I have the time."

"Autumn Nights?" Fi considers this with pursed lips before nodding slowly. "I like the sound of that. I'll work on that one. Sure. Thank you for the idea" she smiles warmly to Isrieal before glancing around at the assembled. "Thank you for sharing your time with me but I think someone needs some happiness." With that she is heading for Leslie.

A blush touches Four's cheeks as she's presented with a flower by Adrian, and it brightens at whatever is whispered to her. "Thank you," she says about the flowers. "This is a cool place. What else is there to do here besides buy flowers and talk to interesting people?" she wonders curiously, glancing around her again.

"Well, there is a jousting contest going on tomorrow, and I /Think/ there is another several kinds of contests... And I know we are going to win king and queen of the fair once we sign up, Red." With a smile, Adrian turns to look around, before wondering aloud "Where /do/ we sign up for that..." he trails off, frowning now before glancing towards Isrieal and Fi again, tilting his head as he listens to the two before looking to four and adding "Lets get something to eat though... You hungry?"

Shu does feel rather bad about Leslie sitting there alone but, before she can go out and join her, there is a Fi approaching. So Shu goes back to selling food. One of many stalls that does so. There are also roaming jesters - some may even be funny. Puppet shows for the kids - save for the one in the black booth called 'The Nunnery'. They don't let kids into that one. Troubadours and dancers perform on a stage. To the north there are preparations in hand for the jousts and other combats. And there is also the King and Queen of the Fair to sign up for. Plenty of stalls also sell wares such as clothes, jars, pots, fake weapons. There is even a LARP going on in the woods.

Crystal wanders onto the grounds of the Faire, looking about curiously. She didn't dress for it, having heard about it at the last minute but she seems to be smiling, enjoying the energy and activity that's going on here. She doesn't join in on anything or to approach anyone just yet, seemingly content to wander and watch for the moment.

Fi sits down next to Leslie. "Hello" she smiles warmly. "Would you care for a medicinal herb?" She casually offers the smartphone watching woman a joint. "This will make you feel better" the Nicks girl promises. The blonde sparing a wave for the wandering Crystal - she is friendly to all. Leslie is in mid noodle slurp. She turns to look at the pretty blonde offering up some drugs. She proceeds to finish with the noodle and holds up her mug. "I have my drug of choice for the day but thanks! I didn't know I was feeling bad!" she chuckles and takes a drink.

Crystal looks surprised to see someone wave to her. She waves back to Fi before smiling as she recognizes Leslie. She waves a bit more exuberantly to the woman but doesn't approach so as not to disturb them.

"No problem" Fi nods to Leslie. "If you change your mind then I'll be around." A smile at the sight of Crystal. "I think you have a friend here now anyway" she offers the redhead before gesturing Crystal over to them. Fi rises to her feet and leaves the each a flower before back to roaming the crowd.

"There's a contest to be king and queen?" Four blinks a few times in surprise. Then she blushes heavily. "I don't know if we'd win. But, if you want to sign up, I'll do it. It'll be fun," she says, obviously nervous but trying to overcome such a thing. "Yes, let's find some food. What are you in the mood for?" she questions Adrian.

Leslie watches Fi get up and leave, with one eyebrow raised. Once she's gone she just mumbles, "Weird..." and then waves to Crystal whom she hadn't seen in months. She waves her on over.

Crystal cocks her head at Fi and slowly walks over, looking curious as the woman moves away. She furrows her brow before looking at Leslie. "Oh! I hope I didn't drive her away?"

Giving Four a suggestive, if teasing, look, Adrian says smoothly "Of course we will win the contest, Red. We have a beautiful woman in a tunic... And a half-starved artist, begging for her hand in courtship." Apparently he is in a very /good/ mood, considering that he isn't being his normal dour, slightly creepy person he can be, as his arm around Four starts guiding them both to the sign up area as he thinks for a moment... "Well, Red, I know what I am in the mood for... Pizza. However, maybe we should have some noodles and mead?" He offers as he glances down to her. truthfully, only reason he is bothering to sign up is /because/ of her. Probably the only reason he is buying food instead of stealing it as well, not that many people know that.

Leslie takes another bite of food and shakes her head. She chews it up and swallows then says, "Not at all.. .She was... offering me drugs.... not my thing. Annnnnnnyway, where have you been hiding? I haven't seen you since... last year."

Crystal blinks. "Oh! I... I heard of some places on campus where you can um.. get them but I've never tried them." She shrugs. "I guess classes and all. You should have stopped by to say hi! I'm glad you remember me!"

Leslie shrugs. "Got caught up in life. I have two jobs and a girlfriend to manage so life's been busy but of course I remember you. You took me to a strip club!" she chuckles.

Isrieal lifts a brow at Adrian and Red, mostly Adrian. She's watching him. If Red ever gets hurt she knows who to maul at least. "I think I'm gonna head back for now guys. I've been here all day." Maybe she can snag a straggler on her way back through the fields or something. No use being scary when there’s a million people around after all.

Crystal starts. "Oh! you do? Um.. well... yeah.. I guess I did. I work there now! As a waitress only though."

Fi ends up joining the Morris dancing - which one is Morris, she has no idea. Prancing around waving a dirty hanky around.

Leslie listens as she takes one more bite. "Oh really? Congrats on steady employment! Have you thought about being one of the dancers? They make good money don't they? I mean you have the looks and body for it so why not? You are only young once!"

Crystal blushes. "I. .suppose. I haven't taken too many shifts just yet. Me? A dancer? Oh! i don't know how to dance! I could never do that!" Her cheeks redden.

Leslie laughs and takes another drink. "Well... it is a bit harder than it looks. I can dance but pole dancing is a bit more of an art form than I can muster myself!"

Crystal looks at Leslie with wide eyes. "Oh! You.. can dance? I'd love to see you.. dancing." She murmurs shyly to the woman beside her.

Leslie stands up. Is she going to dance!? Nope. "Out of mead! Time for a refill! Want one?" she asks as she heads for the nearest mead vendor, waiting for Crystal to walk along with her.

Crystal looks up as Leslie stands. She smiles and stands as well. "Oh! I'd love one." She says, starting to walk with Leslie.

Leslie walks up to the pirate mead hall and orders two more. She looks around for Aurore who has obviously dumped her for whatever mysterious thing she's up to today. She looks a little irked but let's it drop. Aurore is under no obligation to hang out with her.

The pirate slides two new meads into place on the counter top. He demands gold and Leslie pays the amount... in gold coins from her little front purse.

"Here you go," she says handing Crystal the other drink. "To the weekend!"

Crystal looks at it pleased that she gets a drink. She takes the glass and smiles. "Gold coins? Where did you get those?" She sniffs the mead and lifts the cup towards Leslie. "Cheers!" She says, taking a tentative sip.

Leslie takes a healthy drink and then points her cup back toward the park entry. "There is a money exchange just inside the gate. They can turn your dollars into dollar value gold coins so you can feel more authentic in the period!" she grins.

Crystal takes a more measured sip, glancing about the Faire. "Oh.. Well, it's good I had you here to buy me a drink." She says, lifting up the cup in thanks. "So.. have you seen anything neat here so far?"

Leslie shrugs. "The usual. I really haven't walked around much. I was hungry and that place over there was making really yummy food so I get some lunch and have just kind of been hanging around this part."

Crystal smiles and slips her hand under Leslie's arm. "Let's wander about then and see?"

Fi finishes with the Morris Dancers and, still bopping along, discovers Leslie and Crystal arm in arm. "Hey, you two" she grins before offering them a piece of fruit each...she's already left them flowers and they don't want weed. "You two should sign up for King and Queen of the Fair."

Shyla seems to have popped out of... nowhere, really. The woods? Was she behind a tree? At any rate, she is here now, and she's already rushing around, wide-eyed and doing double, triple, and quadruple-takes when passing people in costume.

Leslie looks at Crystal then to Fi. "Oh.. no. I'm good. I mean I could totally be the queen and rule this place with an iron fist for sure, no problem but I don't think there is a king worthy of my amazing presence!" she bows all lady like and laughs.

Crystal looks in surprise and laughs. "Me? A Queen? I don't know about that. But yeah, I totally can see you as a Queen here. You are a royal pain sometimes." She teases Leslie, winking at Fi.

"Maybe they can have a queen and a queen" Fi suggests before shrugging. "Just a thought. We're all one really" she smiles sweetly before giving each of them a one-armed hug. "Enjoy yourselves." And then she is skipping off once more.

The energetic coed has found the food court, or what passes for one here. Practically leaning IN a booth, sticking her nose up in the air and taking a long, deep breath with her eyes closed. "Mmmm! That smells delish!" she exclaims to the boothgirl who looks a bit unsure about what to do.

"That's... broccoli and cheese soup in a bread bowl..." she says carefully, jumping back with a little squeak when Shyla slams her palms on the counter *WHAM*

"That. Is what I want!" the brunette says enthusiastically, reaching into her pocket to pull out a bunch of crumpled, dirty, dollar bills with a few coins which she plunks on the counter.

Shu decides it's time to have a better look around so she hangs out the 'Backeth in tenneth minuteth' sign before stepping out of the van/stall and joining the crowds looking around. She also finds she has to keep lifting her gown out of the mud as she walks.

Leslie hears a familiar voice crying out for good as if they hadn't eaten in years. Leslie scans in that direction and there she is! She steers Crystal and herself in that direction and walks up behind Shyla, about 5 yards away observing. "Are you starving to death miss? Tis not a lady like thing to starve one's self! What would your mistress think m'lady!?" Leslie says in her worst fake British accent possible to Shyla.

Crystal starts and gets tugged in that direction by Leslie. she looks about and then blinks as she sees Shyla. She blinks, not entirely sure from behind. "I.. think I know her." she murmurs softly.

Shyla turns around when she hears that familiar yet odd voice behind her (English accent and all). She blinks and then flashes a bright smile at both Leslie and Crystal. "Leslie! Crystal! I didn't know you were coming here!" She jumps forward to give both girls a hug, one arm practically giving them each a headlock before letting go, taking a step back and then hopping on the counter to the ‘shopkeeper's’ chagrin. She crosses her legs and bounces one leg almost daintily... if she wasn't being so... rowdy. "Isn't this AWESOME?"

Leslie acks and does her best not to fall out of her costume as her boobs are pushing the limits of decency! You can't be a good wench without your tatas pop'n out! She laughs and hugs back. When she is released she adjusts her outfit and makes sure she is in good order. She's in a boob popping corset in a cream color adorns her shoulders (barely) and torso with green checkered patterns across the waist for color. A yellow ribbon zig zags across the front down to the bottom of the wench's blouse. From there a long burgundy skirt drapes down to the ankles with a green trimmed bottom, covering up everything conservatively only Leslie wasn't having any of that! A leather belt running vertically from the main belt around her waist that holds her drinking mug clamps to the bottom of the skirt and hikes it up her left leg to show off the fact that she has on calf high leather boots and nice legs. On her head she wears a cute little hat in the same color as the skirt. Her normally long loose flowing hair has been tied to the left for that added cute touch.

Crystal lets out a startled squeal as she gets tugged into the hug by Shyla. She laughs and hugs the woman back in the three way hug with Leslie. As Leslie has trouble with her outfit, she giggles. "I'm glad I didn't wear something like that." She teases, shaking her head slightly in amusement. The intercom buzzes into life. "Participants for the Jig Exhibition, can you please make your way to the main dancing tent. Get there before the jig is up."

Shu will give jigging a go. How hard can it be? She heads for the dance tent, waving at the now trio of women as she passes.

Shyla tilts her head unnaturally to the side, watching the two girls, and then both Crystal and Leslie. "Well, I must say that I find Leslie's outfit pretty.... cute!" She lets her eyes roam over the bountiful amount of cleavage before looking at Crystal, tilting her head the other way now, "Awww, I think you would look nice in one of those outfits too!" At that point, the boothbabe behind her gingerly slides the bowl of soup next to the sitting girl, making sure to make enough noise so Shyla doesn't accidentally knock it over. "Here you go, Miss. Your soup. And please, could you not sit on th-"

"SOUP! WOOP!" the bunnygirl snatches the soup, almost spilling it as she dunks the plastic spoon into it and promptly place it in her mouth. "An-HOT HOT HOTTOOWAYTOOHOT!" She waves her hand to her face frantically and manages not to drop the soup, placing it quickly on the counter next to her. The bothgirl has a smug look on her face while Shyla does, indeed, do a little jig of her own once she hops off the counter, flailing around.

Leslie hears the announcement and grins. "Shyla, Crystal! Let's roll! We got a jig to dance! Don't spill your soup honey... and by the way... it's hhhhhhhot!" she grins at the Bunny then starts heading in the direction of the contest soon to be!

Crystal looks a bit reluctant. "A.. jig? I don't even know what a jig is.. but.. um.. I guess I can try." She says, looking at Shyla in amusement as she yelps. "Hot is it?" She asks, shaking her head. 'oh, are you okay?"

Shyla grabs the soup as she settles down, making her way to the girls so she could, indeed, accompany them to wherever this 'jig' thing is. She nods to Crystal, her mouth open as she goes, "yeth, eim phine, funk you."

Shu enters the tent, holding the flap open for the others as she looks over the interior. It is a large tent. Groups of people milling around waiting for the music to start. A man is on stage and speaks, "Hear ye, hear ye. Welcome all to the jig. The idea is to dance. As simple as that. And the more energetic the dance, the longer you will last. Judges will be moving among you. If they tap you on the shoulder then please move to the side of the jig floor. The last standing will be the winner."

Leslie slides out on to the dance floor and starts moving her feet to the beat, using her hands to keep her skirt hiked up a bit to allow her more freedom of movement as she starts in dancing to the jig music with the others, laughing and smiling for the first time in a long while. She's had to fake pretty much every smile for the last few weeks but this moment in time let's her forget the troubles in her life and just go for it.

Crystal heads out onto the dance floor reluctantly. And she almost immediately stumbles and falls. Somewhat ignobly she crawls off the dance floor. Sitting on the edge, she watches shyla and Leslie continue to dance.

Shu hasn't done a jig before in her life - a surprise to some, she doesn't have a lot of Irish ancestry - but she certainly gets into it. She is soon flinging herself around and putting all that acrobatics training to good use. Skirt lifted up so her darting, poking and prancing legs look like they're straight from the Beijing Riverdance. A wince as Crystal hits the ground.

Shyla seems a bit confused with all the activity going on. A jig? Shyla isn't really known for her dancing ability! She watches as Leslie jumps into the fray, following her movements as well as glancing at Crystal, letting out a little gasp when the other woman falls. Before she could rush over to help, the darker skinned woman had already gotten up and is "licking her wounds" so to speak. Smiling a sheepish smile at her, Shyla turns her attention back to the throng of people dancing, some well, some not. Not taking her eyes from the scene before her, she pulls her soup close to her face as she shovels the broccoli and cheese into her pie-hole (thankfully it had since cooled down). Shovel shovel shovel until it is all gone in record time... well, not the bread bowl itself. Unceremoniously, she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and starts off to join the dancing, hesitating just a moment in order to take a big BITE from the bowl. And with her cheeks bulging slightly, she jumps in!

This is tiring stuff! Shu still dances away but not as adroitly as before. The crowd is thinning around her but she is still out there...for now. Leslie gracefully moves around the others, sweeping her skirt too and fro as she continues to dance!

Shyla jumps into the middle of the room, her feet kicking up a bit of dirt as she spins around impressively. She's not wearing a costume piece and perhaps that makes it easier for her to move around compared to the more restricting garb that others are donning. Certainly, outfits that have corsets that stops one's breathing or threaten to let boobs pop out are a hindrance! Shyla, however, in her jeans, white blouse and light jacket, not to mention comfy ankle high boots, is practically ready for this type of activity! Thankfully, she had swallowed her mouthful of bread without choking herself and is now bouncing around like some sort of ... rabbit on Adderall. She also swings her arms around doing something that might be considered close to "The Running Man".

Shu checks out the others and decides to put a bit more variety into her jigging. A swirl, lifting her gown into the air - she's pretty sure she wore clean underwear. Her legs and feet doing little kung-fu moves to the music so it looks more like dancing. And she still hasn't got the tap on the shoulder. In fact...she ends up being the last person standing. Maybe there is a little Irish in her (prepares for the bad jokes).

Shyla practically grabbed the guy who made the mistake of tapping her shoulder, assuming he wanted to dance with her. This lasted an awkward moment or two, ending up with a confused man finding himself on the ground due to the unexpected yank forward. Visibly annoyed, he gets up and is seen leaning over to say something not-so-friendly into Shyla's ear. With a sudden stop of her dancing, the girl places her hands on her hips and -glares-. This bears no fruit, and the man holds his ground. With another moment of glaring, Shyla suddenly gives up and lets her shoulders slump as she leaves the dance floor, practically, kicking at the dirt once she reverts to a 10 year old.

Leslie hugs Shyla and laughs. "You rocked it! No pouting! That's my job! Crystal and I didn't even make it a minute!"

Shu stares in disbelief as she's handed a jug as the prize for the jig. "Umm...thanks" she offers shyly before looking apologetically at Shyla. "Oh...I need to get back to my stall." Shu almost runs from the tent - well as best she can in that gown - and back to the Medieval Mandarin.

Shyla doesn't pout for very long, it doesn't seem like her face can keep that position without permanent damage anyway. She makes a little scrunched up face, then can't help but giggle, hugging back. She looks over at Shu as she gets the prize and gives her a big thumbs up sign when their eyes meet for a moment. When the exotic girl just runs out, she lets out a little whistle, "Wow, she's fast." With that she turns to the other two girls, "Thank goodness Crystal accidentally messed up at first, or she would have kicked all our butts dancing!"

Leslie grins and nods. "She would have!" and she offers Crystal a hand up.

Crystal smiles, taking Leslie's hand. She smirks at Shyla. "Yeah.. I don't know about that. But that's nice of you to say." She yawns and stretches. "but I am sore from that fall. I think I'm going to have to get home and rest a bit.

Leslie hugs Crystal. "You take care then and let's be sure to hang out now and then when I get some free time. I am still dealing with some serious life issues but I'll try to be a little better at keeping up."

Leslie finds a place to sit down and just people watches for the moment while Shyla basks in her almost victory.