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Looking for a Book
Dramatis Personae

Black, Phoenix

30 October, 2016

Phoenix goes looking for a book and finds a bit more.


Black Estate

Night time is when the vampires come out. But there are none in this Estate. Instead, it seems a slight drizzle covers the area, with lights keeping the front lawn lit. The lights are on in the mansion for the time being. If Phoenix had heard of this place, she'd know the man said to live here is quite eccentric. Black is at the main porch, petting a cat at the moment, dressed in black cargo pants, and a doublet that is lined with white on its black tones.

It is a bit upwards on a hill, and while one can drive or walk, the extensive gardens aren't so big someone couldn't just walk up and talk to him. In fact, it seems like, for an estate, it's very understaffed, just the man is there.

Gathering information from people wasn't a specialty of Phoenix's, but, she had managed to garner enough from asking around that this place might have what she needed. Any further talk she heard about the owner himself was noted, however, she didn't take make heed to it. After all, there was no real difference in normal and strange to her. Everything and everyone displayed both at times. And, she didn't quite grasp the concept of 'normal' just yet. Walking onto the property, she slowed her steps and glanced around as she surveyed the area. She took everything in, making note of what was where. Eventually, her gaze fell upon the man on the porch. A wary glance was given to the animal, which probably wouldn't react too kindly to her presence. "Are you the owner of this place?" she inquired as she approached. This evening, she wore a jacket with a simple shirt underneath, denim shorts, and boots. Her dark brown hair was mostly a mess but slightly brushed through. She was getting a tad better at this self grooming thing!

The cat raises up its hackles, and Black looks at it, before it then moves to bound into the house, through one of the animal flaps. A few birds flick off from the trees. The man does not seem bothered. Perhaps unease settles on him? Who would know though, it is hard to tell with him. The secrets of ancient Atlantis that Phoenix knew not, roiled inside of him, in his Awakened Soul.

The Atlantean tilts his head to the side a small bit, and then he makes a small motion with a hand, "I am indeed the owner, Merek von Black, but you can just call me Merek, or Black, should you prefer," he states easily. A warm smile is offered, "I don't receive night time visitors often, even though I'm oft awake. Most people check in during the day. What did you need?" he asks.

Dark eyes only briefly watched the cat as it ran off into the house, merely tracking it's movement before it disappeared. Then Phoenix's attention was back on the man. He was studied over with a flicker of mild curiosity in her eyes. "What do /you/ prefer to be called?" she questioned him first in return, seeming to have no preference herself. It was his name, after all. "I want to repair a small boat for someone I know. I was told that I could find a book on how to, and supplies to help me accomplish such," she explained. Though she took a few more steps in his direction, she kept a safe distance from him for now. The young woman was always wary around the humans, especially upon first meetings. "Is that true?"

"You can call me Black in that case," Black explains to Phoenix, while he takes a moment to push up from the seat he was at. "That's a fairly simple request. I'm sure I can find something in my library about it, likely in the section I keep on woodwork or metal repair." He then tilts his head a bit to the side, "Supplies? I'd have to know what you need in particular." The wariness isn't quite lost on him, and he watches her for a moment, seeming curious.

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A light blue color covered Phoenix's aura, indicating that she was calm. Even if she was a hint wary and suspicious, overall, her emotional state was a composed one. "I'm unsure what supplies are needed for the repairs. I was hoping that the book or yourself could tell me such," she admitted, her brows furrowing for a few seconds. There was a moment of thought as something seemed to cross her mind. "I don't have much money, so, whatever you have that is most frugal is what I'm interested in," she told him, briefly glancing behind him at the house again before returning her attention to him. "The boat was mostly wooden from what I could tell. Slightly rotted in a few places, I think. I didn't get that close of a look at it, unfortunately it."

"Well, you can come in if you want," Black tells Phoenix, while he steps up to his door, "I think that a book on woodwork repair would do well, you will need some wood, and likely a bit of other supplies as well," he admits. He rubs at his chin and frowns, "I can get you some tools and wood to replace some of the rot." He thinks about the money bit she has just stated, "That's fine, I can open a line of credit, or just loan you the tools, and consider the wood... Cheap? I don't think I caught your name."

Starting to follow him along, she pulled her attention away from him momentarily to get another glance at their surroundings. At the reminder that she had yet to offer her name, the youthful appearing woman looked back to him and met his gaze with her own. "Phoenix," she answered simply enough. "I wouldn't mind attaining the various supplies I need at later dates. There isn't an immediate need to repair this boat," she told him. "I have repaired things before, but, a boat is something completely new to me." She looked over him curiously again. "How long have you owned this place?" she wondered. "This is an interesting business to have of fixing and making things, and helping others to do such as well."

"A few months," Black tells Phoenix after a bit, then he moves to enter the place, while he speaks further with the woman. "Well, we can hash out what you need and I can find you the book at least... Unless, there is something more you came for?" he asks. The venturing question has an undertone, almost as if asking her to speak her mind. His gaze, which she meets, is almost golden in its amber color, soft eyes, though rimmed with signs that he does not indeed actually sleep oft.

"You have unusual eyes," Phoenix noted as she got a view of them in some better light than what was provided outdoors. Her calm, composed voice made it hard to tell if her words were a compliment, an insult, or simply a statement. Continuing to following him, she let her gaze drift from him once more as they wandered further inside. More things were present to catch her curiousity. Still, her attention was split evenly enough, even if her eyes weren't directly on him, it was clear that she was still listening. "Do you only have books on repairing things?" she asked with a hint of interest in her tone. "I suppose at the base level of things, I came here to learn. Books are very helpful with that."

"I have books on a lot of different subjects," Black tells Phoenix after a moment, while he takes his time to move towards a rack of books that seem set up in the main living area, not far from a door to the library. He searches through them, until he finds one, and brings it to a table, as he takes a seat at a couch, "Unusual eyes?" he asks, "Well, yes. I suppose it is not a common color. If it means anything, I believe you look beautiful," he tells the woman.

A brow rose at the compliment and it was unclear she was unsure what to make of it. Kind words and compliments, especially from random humans, were not something that Phoenix was used to hearing. Or had even really heard before. She searched her mind for a few moments, trying to pull up from her observations on the best way of how to react to his words. "... Thank you," she eventually replied, the response coming out more than a bit awkwardly. It was not something that she had reason to say often. She watched him for a few long moments, long enough that it might have verged on the unsettling side, before looking back to the area around them. "What are your favorite subjects, Black?" she questioned him, starting to slowly explore the room with an obvious curiosity. Occasionally reaching out to lightly touch or brush her fingers along something.

"That is a bit hard to say, I've read quite a few books, but some of my favorite are hermetic texts, you know, things like that," Black states, while he shakes his head a bit. "I also have books on the Tao, and well, plenty on metalwork, stories, children's books, fantasy novels. Everything, really," he admits. The awkwardness of Phoenix causes him to look at her a moment, and lift his brow. He then lifts his shoulders a small bit. "I also like to read maps."

A few moments after he finished speaking, Phoenix returned her attention to him, tilting her head slightly to the side. "You enjoy learning," she noted, watching him curiously. "I like learning, as well. Acquiring more knowledge about everything is... important to me," she told him. "It has been awhile since I've looked at a map." There was a pause, a moment of thought. "Though, something tells me the maps you look over are the old and rare kinds," she guessed, looking a bit interested to see if she was right.

"... Well, I like old and rare maps, but new ones are just as useful," Black tells Phoenix. He is an expert on Ley Lines, so it is hard to tell what is what with that to himself. He looks up after a moment, and pats the spot beside him, "Yes, learning is very important, though I'm curious, why is it... Important to you?" he asks. His soft amber gaze watches her, the subtlest of natural blinks from their expressiveness.

Coming to a slow stop, Phoenix glanced over toward the couch as Black patted the spot beside him. The offer to sit with him was considered before she slowly started to make her way over toward him. "There is much of the world that I don't know about," she answered as she eased into the spot beside him. Her posture was straight, poised as she sat. "Not knowing of things can easily prove to be a disadvantage in various situations," she explained as she settled her hands into her lap. "Why is it important to you?" she questioned him in return, looking at him with slightly raised brows.

Black shuffles to make more room for Phoenix, while he takes a moment to consider her question. He then clicks his tongue in thought, and shakes his head a bit, "Well... Because with knowledge comes power," he states. He then chuckles a bit, "Sadly, we all can't know everything in the world," he adds. His gaze moves to her, and then looks her up and down, just briefly, before he looks back to the table. Up close, he was so... Feral. Hard to describe. Almost like he had a nature to him not /entirely/ human. If just from the subtlest purr in his exotic tenor, or the way he moves. He chews his lip in thought.

Now that she was sitting closer to him, Phoenix seemed just a tad more uncomfortable. Even with normal humans, she was nervous being around them for too long or getting too close. This man, she didn't know why or exactly how, but something felt different about him. A brief thought crossed her mind as she wondered if this was how humans tended to feel around her in return. "If you had a long enough life and dedicated almost the entirety of it to learning... You might get close to knowing everything. Or at least everything that has been already learned and discovered by others," she said, wondering just how long that might take someone in theory. "Do you consider yourself to have a lot of power and knowledge, then?"

"... I don't think that even with a long life, that is particularly possible," Black states, while he then brushes back his hair, and shakes his head a little bit in thought. "I don't know, that's subjective, isn't it? I would like to think I know quite a bit, and have some power," he states, while he turns his gaze over to Phoenix, lidded as it is, while he considers her, "You're a curious one," he tells her, with a chuckle.

Those words are obviously more familiar to her, and Phoenix confirmed such by saying, "That's not the first time someone has said that to me." Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe she was attempting to mimic him, but she reached up to brush some of her own messy hair from her face as well. "Some people say that curiosity can be a dangerous thing, though," she pointed out as she placed her hand back into her lap. "There is the saying that curiosity killed the cat." She took a glance around, reminded of the creature that she had scared away earlier. "Why is it a cat, though?" she wondered, brows furrowing lightly. "I have never been around one long enough to observe it's behavior." "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back," Black states, while he considers for a moment. He then frowns a bit, and looks for his cat, "Odd, she's usually around," he states, then he lifts his shoulders a small bit. He then looks to Phoenix, "Well, curiosity can be dangerous, but no risk, no reward. So tell me, just what exactly is it you're looking for?" he asks, while he looks at the hair she brushed out of her face. He reaches up, curious as to her hair, and brushes a finger across it where the bang is.

There was a moment where it looked like Phoenix might reach up and rip off the hand that touched her. It was just a brief few seconds though, one that might have even been missed had he not been sitting right next to her. The moment passed, though, her expression calmed once more and she continued to remain sitting rather still and statuesque as the hair was brushed aside. Her hair wasn't exactly soft to the touch, though not exactly greasy either. It was apparent that not much maintenance and care went into her hair, let alone the rest of her appearance. "I'm in search of many things. There are too many exacts too tell a man I hardly know," she replied, her wariness of strangers reappearing. "Right now, the book of repairing boats would be very valuable."

The look isn't missed, and Black offers a small nod, while he lets his finger move from the bang, to cheek, then leaves down to the table where he placed the book. He picks it up and offers it to Phoenix, "Sure, I suppose this will do for now, then. But I am curious about what you want to know. I do a lot of research when I'm able," he adds up to the conversation, as he lets out a small breath of air.

Dark eyes followed the movement of his hand. lingering there momentarily before looking back up to him. Then the offered book was taken, bit of appreciativeness appeared in her gaze. She placed it in her lap, then let her hands rest on top of it. There was a long few moments of silence passed as she considered the question posed to her. "I want to learn more about people. Interacting with them, knowing what they are feeling and thinking, how to properly respond to them. I don't know very much about any of that," she told him, as if that wasn't already apparent by this point.

Black seems to consider the woman's words, before he leans back a slight bit on the couch. "Well, that means you want to learn how to be social, or how to be a person?" he asks. The man offers an easy smile, then he chuckles a bit, "I lived all my life studying such cues due to being... Well, a member of the higher class. I can see about what I can do to help you, if you wish, however difficult it might be, also I might have books on studies of social and cultural natures," he adds.

"More books would be helpful," Phoenix agreed with a few small nods. There was a brief pause, though, before shaking her head lightly in contrast. "Many things can be taught through books, but, I have discovered that one learns the best through experience," she pointed out as she looked back over to him. Those dark eyes roamed over him curiously, tilting her head to the side. "Is it important for people of high class to be adept in social situations?" she questioned him, looking up to meet his gaze again.

"It tends to be, yes," Black tells Phoenix, while he chuckles a bit. As the gaze roams over him, then meets his own, he looks back, and seems curious. "I'm curious, is there anything in particular you would like to know?" he asks, while he shifts one leg and relaxes back a bit, seeming content with the conversation for the time being. His gaze roams over her form next, a bit more than polite company would entail, if she could even notice such a thing, but then he shakes his head in thought, as if pondering many things, "Hrm." Phoenix considered his question before raising her brow slightly at him, looking a bit confused. "I'm unsure of your question," she answered at first. "I don't know enough about the social behavior of people to wonder the specifics or peculiarities of it yet," she pointed out, shaking her head briefly at him again. The Created didn't seem to make much notice of how he looked over her. To her, he was just looking at her a bit longer than usual, which wasn't odd in itself as she did such to others more often than not. The emotions and intentions of others were hard, almost impossible for her to read without much concentration and effort being made on her part. "How do high class people tend to act around each other?"

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"Well, proper is a word for it, groomed?" Black mentions, while he considers for a moment. Her words definitely don't peg her as human, that's for sure, at least, not to his own reckoning. Then he begins to focus, and weave a spell, that he can keep track of her emotional state. That should help with this a small bit. "Tell me, when I touched your hair, why did you react the way you did?" he asks, tilting his head a bit, "We can start there."

The aura still remained mostly that light blue color of calmness. However, occasionally a flicker of dark blue and light green would appear around the edges. Ever present but not too intruding on her aura. "I am not used to people touching me," she answered, speaking honestly. Lying was not something that was part of her nature, or really something she knew how to do. "The only kind of touching I'm used to..." She paused, considering how to put her thoughts into words without giving away too much of herself. "Most people would consider it unpleasant. I suppose it's instinctive to react negatively when someone I don't know puts a hand on me." She looked over him briefly. "Why did you feel the need to touch me?"

While still keeping a constant check on her aura, Black looks forward every so often but returns his gaze to her, before speaking, "I suppose it is because I find you... Attractive? I mean, perhaps since you aren't very social you wouldn't understand that though," he admits. He coughs a bit, and a light flush makes his dusky cheeks darker. He then shakes his head a bit, "Hrm, you are... Interesting," he adds, when she mentions what she does, "I can promise you that if you share anything, it stays here," he tells her, "Touching, well. There's different manners, for affection, for comfort, to hurt, it all depends, and well... Usually by people's words, or the way they... Have body language, could show what they mean, but as you say, that'd take experience, hard to teach by word."

A look similar to the one Phoenix gave him when he attempted to compliment her earlier reappeared on her face, her brow arching slightly at him. She glanced down at herself for a few moments, seeming to study herself over. "I suppose I could be considered aesthetically pleasing," she replied as she glanced back up at him. "Body language is hard to read, yes, but the looks that people wear on their faces is even harder to understand. For me, at least." She considered something for a moment before raising her hand up and very lightly placing it on his shoulder. "I am told this is a friendly gesture," she stated, letting her hand linger just a few seconds before removing it. "You may say things will not leave these walls, but, I do not know you well enough to know if you are truthful or not," she pointed out. Those light green and dark blue colors starting to creep more into her aura.

Black looks to the hand on his shoulder a moment, before he chuckles a bit, then he nods, "You are aesthetically pleasing, but I believe that there is also something in your... Personality? I like," he tells her. He reaches, cautiously at first, towards her leg and thigh. If she doesn't move away, his hand rests there, for a moment, "This is one of... Affection, for people that are close, usually romantic," he adds, as if trying to explain it in a more clinical way, then it slides away. Afterwards, he takes a deep breath, and exhales, "I'll get you a few more books, and my number, and we can talk more next time you're free? It's about time that I get ready for sleep," he admits. That violent flicker that had appeared last time Black touched her didn't return this time. Instead, Phoenix merely watched him more curiously as he placed his hand momentarily upon her thigh. She studied the gesture until he pulled his hand away, then looked up to meet his gaze again. A small lesson learned and catalogued away in her mind. "I would appreciate more books and your number," she replied with a nod as she slowly rose to her feet. "How much will all the books cost?" she questioned, obviously still having the intent to pay for them. That was proper human exchange, after all. And he wasn't someone that she felt would be alright to steal from.

Black takes a moment to stand up after it all, and nods a bit, "Whatever price you think is fair," he offers then, "Though often, I trade knowledge for knowledge you will find." The man smiles, and moves to gather up a few more books, which he then delivers over to the woman, "For now, I should rest though," he states, then he writes his number, and hands that to her, and she already knows where he stays as well.

While Black was collecting more books, Phoenix was digging through her pockets. About thirty dollars in total was offered over to him in various bills, none of them without some sort of crinkle. "I don't know if this is fair, but, this is all that I have on me," she told him, taking the books if he accepted the money. There was a few moments of pause before she added, "Thank you." The number was looked at momentarily before she tucked it away in a pocket. "I will contact you again sometime soon," she assured him before turning to wander back out of the house.