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Library of the Apes

"I'm currently at the Saint John's University Library... and.. there is a wild monkey or ape... in the library.. RIGHT THIS SECOND! This is NOT a joke call!" -- Leslie Kruden

Dramatis Personae

Leslie Kruden - Aerilaya Trisrora - Katherine Reynolds - Harrison Cavanaugh

19 September, 2017

A surprise visitor shows up at the SJU Library


Chelsea Dunlin Library


It's the lunch hour. Leslie has retreated into a quiet corner of the library to get some paper grading down for the professors too good to do the grading for themselves. The more she does here, the more time she'll have at home with Kairi. She sweet talked the librarian into letting her bring her lunch in; A healthy half turkey sandwich, some Yogurt and a banana and a bottle of spring water. She has on headphones and is listening to tunes on Spotify from her smartphone. Two hours to kill. Let's do this! F.... C.....B+.....B....A+....

It's lunch time indeed! Several students meander their way though the place, finding books instead of going somewhere to find their food. Everything here seems perfectly normal, nothing really out of the ordinary... save for the couple making out in what they thing is a hidden part of the library which is clearly not that hidden. Where Leslie finds herself in the corner is located relatively near a tall window pane, reaching up to the ceiling. It's cracked open to let in some nice air from the outside to save on having to do it with the ventilation. There is some clear laughing being heard from the outside, as if something really funny is going on out there, but it's not clear what it is. Suddenly, voices start to mumble "It's climbing! Someone get it!" There is laughs and fake screams. It's quickly evident what is going on as something reaches up to the ledge of the window and pulls itself up. It's... It's an ape of some description. Golden fur, white on it's cheeks and black nose and fingers. Their eyes are a soft, golden look about them as it pushes the window further open and just sorta... flops in onto the floor, the head slowly moving around and seeing what's going on here.

Leslie is oblivious to all the laughter and scream as Rob Zombie is currently telling her that 'He's the one that you wanted, Hell ya, I'm the superbeast!' Leslie kind of head bobs to the beat as she keeps grading papers. She reaches for her water and takes a drink then goes right back at it. She is unaware that a fuzzy little friend has just made landfall in the Saint John's Chelsea Dunlin Library. If the ape is perhaps hungry there is in fact free food to the casual ape observer; a banana sitting on the edge of the corner table where Leslie sits doing her work. It would be a shame if something were to happen to that innocent yellow fruit.

The ape corrects herself so that she is now on her two feet, with her hands aiding in keeping her balanced. Her little tummy rumbles as she has not had anything to eat as of yet, and looks around this place full of books to try to find something she can get her fuzzy mouth around. Her eyes do happen upon the ripe yellow fruit just sitting on the edge of the counter, uneaten. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it, but the ape gives zero fucks as it just wanders over to the counter and leaps up to the top and grabs the banana, peeling it and taking a big bite outta it without so much as a 'hello' or anything! Not that she could if she wanted to. She opened it from the other end than most people do, as a worthy note, and none of those stringy bad parts of the banana needs to be peeled off! She just pinched and peeled.

Leslie can't help but notice out of the corner of her eye the movement. It takes a full two seconds for her brain to register that sitting on top of her table, in the library, as an ape, eating her banana. Once it registers that a primate has magically appeared in the library she does what any normal human girl would do. Squeals out in shock and scrambles away from the ape into the corner as far as she can get. There is not real escape OUT of the corner table without directly moving past the fuzzy critter. "What the fuck!?" also comes out of her mouth a second later. The rest of her lunch has been left within gobbling reach but may not be to the liking of the fruit eating machine.

The Gibbon finishes what became her banana and sets the peeling down on the table. She idly scratches her tummy with her long black fingers as her eyes glance over to Leslie, not quite sure what to make of the swaring person who is clearly surprised by her presence. The librarian is gone for whatever reason, and that making out couple has left while Aeri made her way up to the table, making the two of them the only one within earshot as of right now. She looks down at the other food, none of which catches her attention. Instead. she gently moves some food out of the way so that she may scoot forwards towards to Leslie, tilting her head and just staring. She... does not seem hostile, but instead reaaally curious!

Leslie looks left, then right... perhaps plotting her escape. The is adorable for certain and she likes apes and monkeys but just not this close.. without a cage between her and them. She's seen Planet of the Apes. It didn't end well for the humans. "Nice.... whatever you are....." she smiles nervously. "Where did you escape from....?" she says as she dials 911 under the table.

<<911>> Detective (1D1100) Harrison doesn't pick up, but the operator does: "911. What is the nature of your emergency."

<<911>> Leslie says, "Yes... my name is Leslie Kruden... I'm currently at the Saint John's University Library... and.. there is a wild monkey or ape... in the library.. RIGHT THIS SECOND. This is NOT a joke call.. it just walked up and started eating my lunch! It has me trapped in the back of the library.. it's starring at me... heeeelp....."

Leslie says into the phone, "Yes... my name is Leslie Kruden... I'm currently at the Saint John's University Library... and.. there is a wild monkey or ape... in the library.. RIGHT THIS SECOND. This is NOT a joke call.. it just walked up and started eating my lunch! It has me trapped in the back of the library.. it's starring at me... heeeelp....." she whispers the last part.

<<911>> Detective (1D1100) Harrison does not answer, because he isn't on the phone, but the operator, who is on the phone, says, "Stay on the phone, Ms. Kruden. I'm dispatching police to your location."

The gibbon just stares at Leslie as she makes the call to police. She does not seem to know what exactly is going on with the phone call, or why she is calling the police in the first place! She just flops down onto her back and scratches her belly all friendly like, not a sign of hostility from this ape. She even grabs that bottle of water and hands it over to Leslie! As she saw her drinking from it before!

<<911>> Detective (1D1100) Harrison's friend the operator says, "Miss Kruden, stay calm. We have two officers on route. Please stay on the line. We'll let you know as they are about to arrive, then please confirm for us that they have arrived. Ok?"

<<911>> Leslie says, "Ooo.. okay.... I'm not moving a muscle... unless the monkey gets out of the way.. then I am running like hell... it's fuzzy... with golden hair, dark face and fingers.. it's about the size of a young child... I don't know the species... okay.. I'll let you know when they are in the library...."

Leslie says into the phone, "Ooo.. okay.... I'm not moving a muscle... unless the monkey gets out of the way.. then I am running like hell... it's fuzzy... with golden hair, dark face and fingers.. it's about the size of a young child... I don't know the species... okay.. I'll let you know when they are in the library...."

Leslie stares as the ape offers her her bottled water. Is it trained? "Ummm.... you keep it?" she says.

<<911>> Leslie says, "It's.. offering me my water bottle... what should I do?"

Leslie says into the phone, "It's.. offering me my water bottle... what should I do?"

<<911>> Detective (1D1100) Harrison's voice is not heard, but rather that of the operator, as she says, "Miss, please do what you need to do to feel safe, the police should be arriving at this time."

And at that moment, one can hear heavy footsteps of a police officer jogging into the library. The good news is that there were police officers nearby! A voice can be heard drifting from the door. "Ms. Kruden? Fallcoast Police."

Katt arrives without the cacophony of sirens it seems. Maybe she was on foot somewhere else. Either way, the woman, in civilian clothes moves through the library with slow, but not overly cautious, behind the arrival of the first officer. Because, she did hear dispatch say... monkey, right? Hand resting on her gun, the badge is obvious and there is a small snap as she readies her weapon. "Fallcoast Police!" Letting it echo.

<<911>> Leslie says, ""Just.. don't come in shooting it.. I don't want Harambe Part two on my conscious!"

You say, "Just.. don't come in shooting it.. I don't want Harambe Part two on my conscious!"

The ape simply sticks out her tongue and sets the water down near the edge of the table for Leslie should she need a drink. She reaches out to grab any writing utensil she can find and starts to scribble on the top of the table, the letter A. Her head turns as she hears the sound of heavy footsteps and the voices. She sets the utensil down and looks towards the door. She tilts her head and picks up the banana peel, throwing to near the door, letting it fall with a soft /splat/. That should buy her some time if they come busting in here.

Leslie is a little less tense seeing the ape doing intelligent things. She's starting to think it's a trained ape, maybe from one of the science departments that's gotten out. "Okay... you are a cute fuzzy fellow... nice and friendly... and you know how to write.. okay... so.... that's a thing," and then she hears the police arrive. "Back here!" she calls out. "Don't shoot! It's not harming anyone!"

<<911>> Leslie says, "They are here."

Leslie says into the phone, "They are here."

> Harrison to Here <==================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes
   < 1 2 4 4 5 6 7 7 10 10 >

============================> Intelligence + Empathy + 3 [No Flags] <

> Aerilaya to Here <==================================================

   Rolled 0 Success
   < 3 3 6 6 >

===============================> Composure + Feral-Heart [No Flags] <

Harrison makes his way into the back, his hands out. His gun is in his shoulder holster inside his Hugo Boss suit, but his gold detective's badge is on display. His hands are out, as he says, "Hello, friend..." to the monkey... and then he stops, dead in his tracks, and sighs, seeming to relax. He says to Leslie, "Miss Kruden, I think you're safe. Why don't you leave the library while I figure out to do with this... miscreant..." He gives the monkey a 'look'." He keeps his eyes on the Monkey, though, before calling back over his shoulder, "Katherine? I'm in the back. Found the monkey..."

"Can we get dispatch to bring animal control?" It's Katherine, muttering into her radio, catching sight of the monkey as she comes around from another direction, just as the ape lobs the peel onto the floor. Some might miss it, but her mouth twitches with the appreciation of a classic joke from the monkey. While the man has raised his hands in a signal for safety, her hand is still hovering on her hip holster. Peel to ape, she then looks at the other officer. "I think the ape wants you to slip on it." Said sideways, a sort of stage whisper, to Harrison. "Ladies, maybe you can make your way over here..." She doesn't seem too scared, yet, signaling for them to come her way while Harrison deals with the monkey.

Leslie slowly slides around the table, grabbing her very expensive laptop as to not let the Gibbon get it's hands on it... she slides around, eyes on the ape the entire time as she does her best to get out of the corner table area. "Nice.... golden monkey..... nice meeting you...." she kind of whispers and then gets up and backs away from the animal toward the female officer.

The gibbon bobs their head up and down, ooking softly as the jig is up! She looks around, scratching her chin with one of her hands as if she is looking for something, or somewhere... Then, suddenly, she makes her move! Faster than one might expect, she leaps backwards and ducks under the table before anyone has a chance to react otherwise! When one looks under the table, they find that the ape is nowhere to be seen! There is nothing physical under the table to show that the ape was ever there at all, the only real evidence was the banana peel.

Harrison shakes his head at Kathrine, saying, "Yeah, probably more like the Snowflake unit, though, not the normal unit." He then returns his eyes to the monkey... in time to see it disappear. He sighs, "Dammit..." Then back to Leslie, "Go go, we'll search the place... Thank you for calling it in." He then moves to the table, looking under it a bit more intently, as if he were studying the place for clues, seemingly not in the least upset that there was a monkey in the library. Then again... they do call him the "Old Man" on the force... he's seen just about everything.

Katt comes to a sudden halt, as the animal moves. When the ape disappears, quite literally, under the table, Katt's hand slowly comes down off her weapon. Now she looks at Harrison, reaching a hand out to assure Leslie that she has escaped with her laptop. Leslie is told to go on, and she turns, nodding to the woman. "We'll probably need to get a statement from you later..." Not too overly worried it seems, she's approaching that magic table and circles around it as Harrison scopes the room for clues. She even, cautiously, sticks her booted foot where the animal was, moment ago. "That ape plays one hell of a game of hide and seek." Muttered.

Leslie did not have to be told twice because when the ape suddenly moves with that speed at spokes the young woman and she squeals and runs out of the library outside where students have started to gather to gawk at what is going on at the library today. She can handle ghosts and demons but an ape is a bit much for today.

Harrison waits until Leslie has left and then sits on one of the nearby tables, "Ok, our monkey friend... if you're around pop out. I'm not going to arrest you, but... really... you aren't supposed to do supernatural things - and a monkey disappearing into thin air counts... do you know how hard it is to cover up for shit like that?" He says it as if he doesn't think the other police officer there will think he's crazy...

From a bookshelf nearly twenty feet away, something is seen climbing up on top of it, ooking as she does so! It's that ape! She made it all the way over there is a matter of seconds is quite a feat. She looks around, as if not sure where exactly she she burrowed to. Her head turns around to see the two police officers, only to have her eek and duck back down behind the book case, vanishing once more and appearing yet even further away, this time out of somewhere high up and no way for her to have gotten there from where she was before.

Katt, she gives Harrison a rather long look. Then, maybe just following along with her fellow officer, she sits. It's not without a little exhale that is close to a huff. Edging her backside onto a table, she turns to look over her shoulder as the ape briefly appears. A small blink, a tilt of her head that is nearly canine and Katt hurms rather softly. "We don't really want to play hide and seek and come up with an excuse for this." She calls out, sounding for all the world like an irritated mother. "I'm going to have to make sure the camera feed is off." Glancing into the corners, thoughtfully.

Harrison smiles wryly to Katt, saying, "I know, I know... we never really answer the same calls, so it hasn't come up. Sorry..." Although what he is sorry about wouldn't be clear to the casual observer. "I'm not as good with computers - you were Cyber at one point, right? Do you want to take care of the camera feed then?" He looks around saying, "Monkey friend. We can either have a real conversation - at which point, we really need you to come down here and have that conversation with us... or we're going to go away, and I'm going to have to pick up the phone and call a few wolves to stop by and sniff you out, because they're a lot better at that than I am. PLEASE don't make me do that? I prefer to meet a new friend and not figure out how to counter your ability to move around so quickly..."

The gibbon ducks back into her hiding spot, and a second later there is movement from under the table that the two officers find themselves sitting at. Quickly and with graceful movement, the gibbon pulls herself up onto the table with a soft 'thump'. A hand reaches out and taps both of them on the shoulder to show where she is, if they did not notice her. Even if they did, she still does so with a big, toothy grin on her face, clearly amused by all of this! She points downwards to the A that was written before with two more letters after it. After the A follows a P and an E, spelling out Ape! It's underlined twice to show how urgent it is, as if that's the biggest problem right now.

He seems to know that look Katt gives him, and it gains from her a small smile. Giving it a casual hand-wave, she nods, "Still am, mostly." When he asks of cyber. Straightening, she looks around the room once more, now both looking for the escapee and the cameras. "And I'll take care of it, although at the speed..." A moment of contemplation, "I'm not sure the camera will even catch sight, but I'll sweep and make sure." As he speaks of wolves, she silently raises her eyebrows and grins a bit. "Maybe if you cooperate we can help you out of this." Called out in softer tones. So busy looking for the ape somewhere else, she has to resist the urge to shout as she's tapped comically on the shoulder. "Can you not..." The chiding stops, however, as the animal begins to point and gesture. "Ape." A press of tongue to lips, "I think it prefers ape, to monkey. Like, you know... wolves don't like to be called dogs." Quietly.

Harrison does jump slightly when touched on the shoulder, turning, before sighing softly, settling back into one of the chairs. "You know, friend... it's rude to sneak up on people..." A beat. "And ok. I'll call you Ape." He pauses again, before saying to Katt, "And yeah... I never even /dreamt/ of calling a wolf a dog. As it was, they barely tolerated me. Herd, they called me, despite the fact that they needed me on crow's nest duty."

The gibbon girl reaches out for a forgotten notepad of notes for glass, to which she simply rips out and sets down on the table. She then reaches out for a pencil and starts to scribble stuff onto the notebook. First, it's just nonsense drawing until it suddenly becomes clear that she is trying her best to draw a forest of sorts, with a crudely drawn ape sleeping in a tree. She draws a line horizontally to show a scene transition. Next one is the same scene basically the same but this time with people under it throwing stuff up at the sleeping ape. One after that is of them grabbing and tying her up and putting a bag over the gibbons head. The scene changes to a crudely drawn college campus that seems sorta like the one out side, with a lot of people and one person holding up the ape with the bag on it's head. The next page shows that the bag was removed and the biding undone to let the ape free, the people clearly wanting the ape to cause trouble on the Campus it seems. She holds up her wrists to show the before unseen thick brown rope around them. The next one is of her climbing up a wall and into a room, to which she points to the window that seems to have been lifted open. she pats her belly and points to the banana peel that was thrown down to the ground.

There is just the smallest flicker of wickedness as he comments that he wouldn't dare. A faint smile that is just a little too toothy for a second or two. "Some ..." Stopping, then beginning again, "People, can be fair weather friends. It's all fuck you and go away, until they need something." There isn't too much malice there. As if they were having a casual, yet slightly shady conversation about someone they mutually can't deal very well with. Mean Girls, but the uniform edition. Now Katt looks to the Ape, having kept half an eye on the animal even as she speaking. "Can you um..." A small purse of her lips, "Change back? Otherwise..." A glance to the front door, where a crowd may gather. "Maybe out the back door?" A small shrug. Not something they cover in officer's school. No sooner do the words escape then the gibbon is scribbling. Moving carefully she leans, trying to get a grasp on the story that is being shared. "Kidnapped?" She sounds flabbergasted to even say it.

Harrison is quiet for a long moment as the ape scribbles, before saying, "That feels like those Abbey folks, but... they'd be more likely to hunt and kill you for sport rather than just set you free to cause trouble, so probably not them." He pauses, and then says, "Alright..." He stands, "I'll go out front and clear people away. Then I'll bring the car around and we can load our friend here at the loading dock." He looks at the Ape, saying, "Katherine and I? We get it. And we're here to help. Wherever you want a ride to, we'll give you a ride. And if that means to a plane to somewhere else, I can arrange for that too. Your call. But we have to get you out of /here/ ok?" He doesn't wait for a response... and moves to head out to the front to get people to move along as detectives like he tend to do a lot.

The gibbon leaves the notebook on the table and is picked up by Katherine, and is taken out though the back where the least amount of people are. There are no further words from either Katherine nor the gibben who could not even say words in the first place, just actions from then on. Though the door they go and moving quickly so that they can get to the car, where the gibbon is placed. From there, she directs the police to where she was in the forest, and they let her out so that she can go on her merry way!