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L'chul Wyain-a
Dramatis Personae

Quietus, Chiara, Zara, Ripu (ST)

18 October, 2015

Several mages attempt to retrieve an artifact(?) hanging in an area speakeasy, with disastrous results.


Six Feet Under

Herald Yamakala put out a request for assistance from the Consilium. He has discovered an artifact of immense, and dangerous supernatural power which is being displayed in public in a bar which is frequented by Sleepers daily, and is owned by a Sleeper as well. He is not only concerned for the well-being of the Sleepers, but also wants to retrieve the artifact for the Consilium, which is why he put out an open invitation for assistance instead of just asking Quietus to take care of it for him alone. It is clear that the Thearch philosophy of having Magi work together is coming out in this one. The bar is called Six Feet Under, and the artifact, which he described as an impossibly large human femur bone is displayed over the counter. He suggested that the reclamation of the artifact be clean--do not leave a reason for the Sleepers to attempt to follow up and discover where it has gone. Either alter their memories, or replace it with a safe counterfeit: be creative. He also asked that no Sleepers be harmed if possible (clearing considering memory alteration not to be harmful), but to also look out for potential enlightened minds or Sleepwalkers as many of these Sleepers have had prolonged contact with the artifact. As a Sentinel, Yamakala has suggested that Quietus be in charge of the operation, but encouraged communication and careful planning to retrieve it.

Of course she showed up! The Eyes of Ain Soph fall upon all mystical artifacts in time! Zara couldn't pass up a chance to get a metaphorical eye ont he artifact. A moment to study a dangerous powerful artifact? Of course she's gonna try! Right now, she's currently leaning on the arm of one of her fellow magii, Chiara,"So this is a... bar? Oh fun. What kind of bar? Will there be food? Will we have time to eat while I study the object, or are we in a hurry?" Like it's a field trip and not a dangerous artifact.

Jokes tend to go over Kato's head. "Ideally, we'll stay no longer than absolutely necessary to safely remove the artifact," he answers as they approach the building, looking for other entrances/exits.

Did somebody say immense danger and supernatural power owned by Sleepers? The Herald's summons is answered in part by a dusky-haired young woman, a representative possibly unfamiliar to the Granite Coast consilium. At least she fits into the idea of visiting a bar. Enter Chiara, rather modestly attired, hair pulled back into a tight line under a hat and glasses perched on her nose. It comes to her quite naturally to escort Zara, giving the older woman a stable base and murmuring information as necessary. Her voice is soft and dulcet. "Yes, it's a speakeasy in a brownstone. Think oils on the walls, with the addition of hookahs and ashtrays. Mind the floor, it's a dash uneven." Her pace is perfectly steady. "Quite dark in here most of the time. A bone is hanging over the bar with golden chains. We were speculating upon it yesterday."

In order to enter Six Feet Under, one actually has to go around through the alley behind the building. There is a set of steps that descend six feet into concrete (hence the name) where there is a red door with a slot in it (presumably for mail) and a sign above it which reads the name of the bar.

> Kato to Here <======================================================

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   < 1 2 2 3 8 8 9 10 >

======================================> Wits + Composure [No Flags] <

Kato glances back at his companions as they approach the red door. "Does anyone have any facility with locks? Also, can we check that the building is empty?"

> Zara to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success
   < 1 3 6 7 8 >

=========================================> Gnosis + Life [No Flags] <

Zara nods to the woman,"Give me something to look through. Help me out here, darling." She begins murmuring under her breath as she dredges up her knowledge of the spheres of life, and leans close to the slot in the door. A bit of mana to infuse the spell, a touching of her sunglasses, and then she's concentrating. In time, she finally rises and shakes her head,"If there's anything bigger than vermin, I can't sense it." She drops the spell a moment later, and nods. "So... Noone planned for getting the door open?"

Kato's lips twitch faintly. "I can take care of it, I only wasn't certain if I would have to..." He says, digging in a pocket.

> Kato to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes
   < 2 4 6 6 8 8 9 >

=========================================> Gnosis + Mind [No Flags] <

Taking Zara's guidance in stride, Chiara helps to position her in front of the slot with all the languid ease. She stops talking there, unless called upon. The shiver of magic playing around her leaves no visible traces in her expression or alert, interested posture. Though she practically radiates a smile when a question is made about planning. Almost breathless, the sound is heard: "Hee." Or maybe it's "Oui." Or possibly 'He,' as in Kato will fix this problem. A delicate shift of posture reorients her behind Zara.

> Kato to Here <======================================================

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   < 7 >

===================================> Dexterity + Larceny [No Flags] <

> Kato to Here <======================================================

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   < 1 6 8 >

===============================> Dexterity + Larceny + 3 [No Flags] <

> Kato to Here <======================================================

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=========================================> Dexterity + 3 [No Flags] <

Kato sets his scepter on its end, pulls out some simple tools, and crouches down. He fiddles with the lock, which clearly is not of the best quality, and it clicks open. He rises once more, grasping his bone scepter and pushing the door slowly open.

Inside Six Feet Under it is dead silent. The lights are off, and the stools and chairs are put up. The only sound is the slight drip, drip, drip of a faucet somewhere that needs to be adjusted.

"Other than us, I'm not sensing anything enlightened going on." She pats Chiara's arm, then says,"Thank you dear. There aren't any sleepers here, so I should be fine on my own." Zara adjusts her glasses, taking in the darkness,"Can we turn on the lights a little? I'd like to examine the artifact before we grab it. Make sure nothing is going to fire off at us. We don't want you all bumping into things."

Kato closes the door, looking for a light switch and flicking them on.

> Zara to Here <======================================================

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> Chiara to Here <====================================================

Extended Roll

Rolls: 2

Successes: 3

Exceptional Successes: 0

There was no Target Number

=========================> Intelligence + Occult + 1 - 3 [No Flags] <

The woman frowns as she allows her senses to extend beyond herself. Ranging over the bar, looking for... what? Something. Zara points at the bone,"Thanks, but... I think our journey here was pointless. There's no magic here, at all. Either it was dead end, or the sleeper took the real one home. That isn't magical at all, I don't think. Whoever owns this place, perhaps?"

Kato glances between the bone and the one he uses as a scepter, seeming vaguely nonplussed at the similarities. At Zara's words, he quirks a curious brow. "Perhaps it is a fetish, Yamakala mentioned to me that he sensed a wrathful spirit trapped within it. Would that cause it to evade your senses?"

The younger woman holds position, staring off into the gloomy interior that welcomed drinkers and quiet conversations only a few hours prior. Cateye glasses are pushed up her nose by a slender finger as they attempt to slide down the bridge a fraction. "Vessel?" asks Chiara in a soft murmur. "Suppose it acts as a container for such a thing."

Zara shrugs to Kato,"That's entirely possible. I've not studied the spiritual mysteries as closely as some of my contemporaries. Only so much time this old woman has left. But if it's magic, it's not awakened magic." Zara huffs as she leans on her cane. "I don't suppose one of you are experts on this particular issue? If it's spiritual, it's far outside my own realm of expertise."

Kato shakes his head. "I only occasionally deal in the discarnate dead, not the never-living. Though perhaps I could get a sense of whether it is present in the same way that I can observe spirits without being able to interact with them..."

> Kato to Here <======================================================

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========================================> Gnosis + Death [No Flags] <

> Kato to Here <======================================================

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   < 4 4 4 6 8 9 >

====================================> Gnosis + Death - 1 [No Flags] <

Chiara is not the sort to nibble on her fingertips or fidget. She continues to direct a long look at the object in question, gaze traveling over the golden fretwork of chains suspending the femur from the ceiling. "It would belong to a more primordial source, ma'am," she says, the low timbre of her voice bucking against its telltale accent. She consciously withholds its presence, focusing on shaping every word with neutrality. Gloves flex and she murmurs, "It very much holds a spiritual element. I would hazard to guess the cause of the commotion is in there, if I had to."

> Kato to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes
   < 1 1 3 9 10 >

==================================> Wits + Composure - 3 [No Flags] <

"Oh no, this is certainly what we're looking for," Quietus murmurs, gripping his scepter tightly and briefly considering discorporating some of said wraiths. But that's not what he's here for, and he's a professional. "There is something in and all around the bone, but it is beyond Stygia. It is, however, drawing the discarnate dead to it. They circle it, like a drain. Can either of you investigate the strands of Fate connected to it?"

"I don't suppose you can interpose something between it and the discarnate dead. Sever or shield its call?" A pause. "Things usually go badly very quickly when the dead are allowed to congregate in one area too long." She looks... most displeased! Still, Chiara is addressed momentarily,"I think the most important question is, can we handle it safely?" Zara is speculative indeed.

Chiara responds quietly, "Without a security expert, containment is going to have an element of risk." She pauses for a moment, head tilted. "Take standard safety protocols to reduce the danger to one's self. What a dreadfully lovely thing it is, thoguh. Belongs more above a cabin on Wildwood Lane than buried with Grandpa in a lead-lined coffin down in the St. Mary's churchyard."

Kato shrugs. "My immediate concern is what will happen when we pick it up, but I suppose there's only one way to know," he says, approaching the bone.

> Chiara to Here <====================================================

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   < 3 4 4 5 6 >

=========================================> Gnosis + Time [No Flags] <

> Chiara to Here <====================================================

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=====================================> Gnosis + Time - 1 [No Flags] <

Behind glistening frames and tinted lenses, Chiara's pupils dilate into her caramel eyes. Faint lines radiate across her brow, and had she a pencil, she might be chewing on the eraser. Then a cohesive frisson plays against Awakened senses, or however one interprets the becomings of magic. A trail of her fingertip skims up her jawline towards the arms of her glasses. "Stop." One sound, one syllable, comes down with quiet authority that asks rather than demands.

Kato pauses in his reach, glancing back towards Chiara expectantly. Dealing with powerful magic is no time for rash actions, after all.

"Not a good thing to snatch and run." Chiara gives a little shake of her head and rests her gloved fingers lightly upon Zara's shoulder as an indicator she passes. May that satisfy warning the older mage to withdraw a step or notifying her that she passes. "We haven't the foggiest idea what sort of system ratchets that thing up there, or what happens if someone touches it. Too easy." Sometimes a girl needs a sonic screwdriver.

> Chiara to Here <====================================================

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   < 5 7 7 >

==============================> Wits + Investigation - 2 [No Flags] <

"Security in this place is clearly not that good," Kato points out, "The biggest concern is what will happen when it is revealed to be missing, but neither can we leave it here."

"Wouldn't it be nice to create a facsimile." If wishes were ponies, then everyone would ride and Bronies would rule the world. Chiara is quiet for several moments as she assesses their situation, more or less. "Taking it down has terrible repercussions, I know that much. I haven't surmised whether that is the case for everyone. Taking a chance could unleash who knows what, and unless you can go introduce yourself, somehow I think that's not necessarily the wisest course of action. So we're at a stalemate on how we take a chance and when. Any brilliant insights at the moment? Or are we waiting for one to fall in our proverbial lap?"

Kato considers. "I do not have the power to create an accurate replica through will alone, and I am no artist. You say that taking it has terrible repercussions, what of leaving it? It seems to me that that could end just as badly."

"It could. We received some pretty clear instructions on what to do, however, and leaving it here simply seems like a bad idea. Fortune favours the bold, too." Chiara grins and spreads her hands slightly.

Kato shrugs, glancing between Chiara and Zara, then reaches out to grasp the femur.

When Quietus grips the femur, the world does not end. There is no otherworldly screaming from beyond. The floor does not crack open to allow demons from hell to fly out and strip the skin from the three of them. Nothing happens. The chains rattle ever so quietly.

That may well settle that. Chiara remains alert and wary to her surroundings, which is part of the game for an Enchanter. There could be various delicious liquors to enjoy later!

Kato pauses, looking around. "I believe I have disturbed the dead," he remarks, maintaining his grip on the bone but not pulling it down just yet. "I am uncertain if they are displeased. All restless ghosts seem angry, to me." He raises his other hand, reaching up to begin working the chains loose.

"Can you placate them in any way?" Chiara, for all she sounds totally not, could be a disguised Canadian, advocating apologies for all. Yes, say you're sorry to the invisible spirits. Give a very worried nod and apologetic motion of some sort. Beware the insane leaf people of the north. At any rate, she half-closes her eyes and buttons her coat higher.

Zara addresses the bone,"Entity. We mean you no harm. We are benevolent scholars who only wish to protect those not initiated into the mysteries. Please allow us to remove you from this place." A polite curtsey, leaning on her cane, and then she steps out of the way. A finger points in the direction of the chain, even as she focuses. "Let me know if finesse doesn't serve to remove it from its morings." A pause. "What does one give to spirits in offering? Blood?"

"I do not placate ghosts," Kato says stubbornly, pulling the femur free from its chains, "They have no business here to begin with."

> Zara to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes
   < 1 1 3 6 6 7 8 8 10 >

============================> Composure + Expression + 3 [No Flags] <

"It's not a ghost, which may upset it as much as you might be miffed if I kept calling you a zebra." Chiara's tone is a gentle thing, and she lapses quiet while Zara does the diplomatic angle of things.

"Respect is a currency the young often find themselves with a paucity of." A pause, and then she nods in Chiara's general direction and then she lapses into quiet. "Even so, your daring in being a trailblazer is appreciated young man."

Zara looks at you.

After Zara speaks to the "entity" the femur begins to rattle noticably in Quietus' hands--not so much to escape, but he is unable to hold it still. It shakes and a hollow airy sound begins to emit from it, like wind rustling through bare branches. When the bone rattles, so do the bottles stocked up behind the bar on the shelves. At first it is a minor vibration, but soon they begin to shake violently and they begin to fall off the shelf and crash loudly on the floor, one by one. There is a mirror behind the bottles and a shadow shifts slowly into a humanoid shape: it looks like an elderly, paunched man...or the shadow of one at least. He reaches up with one hand and places it on the mirror, but he is no true reflection, as there is nothing to reflect. Where his fingers touch, the mirror begins to crack. Instead of cracking in a natural pattern, the cracks begin to arc quite distinctly as they form letters. After a few moments, and after every single bottle has fallen off of the shelf, the cracks read: 'Return to me the girl who found me. She belongs to me.' The shadow of the elderly man removes his hand from the mirror, but still stands there.

Kato wrestles with the femur, using both hands to hold it as the chill piece of bone rattles in his hands. He lifts his gaze from it to the mirror, his lip curling. "We should get this thing to Yamakala..."

The glassy chorus sets any illusion of hiding to naught. Chiara flexes her jaw mildly. She might be this side of twenty but she has the look of someone about ninety-two nodding at father time, not exactly in an I-told-you-so fashion. More of weariness than anything else. That lasts exactly point four seconds, then she peers back into the mirror at a shape crackling into being. "Apologies."

"The owner of this establishment." A pause, and then she asks,"May I ask, humbly so, what your intention with this young woman is?" She frowns, and then goes on,"There's likely some mail here with the proprietesses name on it. And I suspect he would feel some distaste at being called a 'thing'." A pause, and then she looks to the shadow for a moment. Finally, she asks of Chiara,"Do you have a less damaging method of conversing with him? I feel odd not using his name or title." A pause, and then she goes on,"Perhaps you should attend to that. I suspect I should meet this bar's proprietess if we are to understand the fullness of this issue."

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There is no response to the question. The shadow in the mirror lifts it's hand again but does not press it to the glass. Instead, it looks up, suddenly, and fearfully; for the first time it's face can be seen, although it is still wrapped in darkness. The walls of Six Feet Under begin to grow darker, like moist stains spreading slowly...then the liquid begins to bead on the walls, scarlet and filling the room with the scent of metal. Suddenly, the head of the shadow is ripped free by an unseen force, and disappears. The chest is torn into as well, both arms, the pelvis, the legs. It is as if it was eaten alive--er, or not alive, as it may be--by some unseen force.

Kato stares at the mirror, watching the reflection. "It would seem that the spirit 'contained' in the bone has power over the restless dead. We should go, I am thinking."

> Chiara to Here <====================================================

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==========================> Manipulation + Occult + Fate [No Flags] <

The shattering glass and sinking darkness guide Chiara right back to Zara's side. "Ma'am, I am not convinced this is a wise place to stay to continue a dialogue, even if we fulfill the request." Her words are hushed and hurried, an unrelenting chord plying them with something not properly called urgency.

"I would've argued until... THAT happens." A pause, and then she goes on,"I would suggest we make haste and deliver this object. We'll investigate the matter of this woman the spirit wishes brought in good time. Ah, would that it had no broken so much, though." She gestures to the door. "Let's be away then."

You say, "That was not the spirit, that was one of the ghosts. I believe the spirit is what rent said ghost into raw ephemera," heading towards the exit, clutching the femur and his scepter, "Why, I cannot say."

The blood continues to push through the walls as if they were thin cloth, until the walls are positively dripping with blood, flowing like someone left a bathtub full of it overflowing on the floor above. Then, as if someone were pressing their fingers into the walls, words begin forming in the blood as it darkens around the impressions: Help. No. Stop. Please. Quietus will see that the restless dead are beginning to look fearful; terrified even. They move with him as he takes the femur toward the exit.

"Perhaps it was the ghost of the original owner of that bone. Maybe there's an ongoing argument. Still, as agreed. Let us be gone. I'll research the matter of its discoverer once it's firmly in hand. Hopefully the spirit is content to allow me to do that." Zara follows along with the man though, a creeping unease in her. "I mislike this whole thing."

Kato agrees, "Well you should. A grim business," ignoring the pleas of the dead and carrying the femur away.

Chiara gives whatever assistance that Zara might require physically, at least walking and not wading through a copper sea. One cannot help but grimace at the sight before them. She wordlessly accompanies the other pair, reserving her opinions for another time.

The closer that the get to the exit, the more desperate, swift, and messy the messages written in blood begin to grow. The femur rattles more and more violently and the moment that Quietus opens the door and steps outside, the femur SHATTERS in his hands, dispersing into hundreds of tiny little shards of bone which explode all over the ground. At the same moment he will see the spectres hidden from most disperse suddenly. Some of them are sobbing, some of them screaming. At least one rushes past him screaming, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Two of them disappear instantly as if consumed. The vague, misty shape around the bone rises from its prison, and moves up and out of the concrete steps.

"Mierde!" Quietus exclaims, shaking his hand out, watching as the ghostly rabble disperses. "That was... not what I expected," he claims.

Zara stumbles back, clinging tightly to Chiara's arm as the femur shatters, and then grimaces as the thing flees its prison, murmuring,"I suspect... this was not an ideal outcome. Our patron will not be pleased. Gather what fragments you can. I suspect we have created a large problem in addition to wrecking private property."

"There will need to be phone calls made." Already Chiara is shifting out of friendly associate to something more calculating, spinning the details that people such as her have to think about. Notably what counts. "The proprietress, for one. An excuse for what happened. Calling on a localized gas leak or the foundation shifting is outside my abilities, for the most part, unless you can manage that, ma'am? Sir?" It's already ascertained on some level that things are going horribly wrong on many a level. She cannot see the spectres, at the least, but she can make sense of pidgin French profanities and nasty walls. "We may have to ask the patron to contain this. Track as best we can."

Kato sets about attempting to gather fragments of bone. "I will accept full responsibility," he assures the two women, "Retrieving the artifact was not as simple as I had thought. Unfortunately, I do not have sufficient arcana to track the entity."

The writing on the walls ceases entirely, although the blood still drips along them. Quietus will note that all of the ghosts have fled. There are none remaining any longer.

"We were woefully underprepared for the endeavor. We should've retreated the moment we realized it wasn't in any way enchanted. We all made errors and we will all face the brunt of it." A pause follows, and then Zara mentions,"I could make it look, I think, like a gas leak, but it's more likely to end in burning the whole place down. Give me a moment to think..."

Kato shakes his head. "The blood is merely ectoplasm. It will fade," he explains to his non-Moros companions. "No need to burn the place down over that. Explaining the destruction of the bone is another matter."

Zara nods slowly to that. "You're the experts. I suggest, though, that we lock the door and leave immediately, lest we be subject to investigation by the authorities. It's a complication we do not need."

"It would seem so. I'll still have to keep an eye out for any secondary issues." Chiara presses her lips together. One can hope there aren't any sleeping neighbours screaming in terror.