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Job Interview - Blacksmith
Dramatis Personae

Ambroise and Selias

4 December, 2017

Selias interviews for a job at Ville Corbeau


St. John's University - University City - Fallcoast - B03

It is the final week of classes at the University. Next week the students are all taking their finals before taking off for the Christmas break. As a result Ambroise is a bit busy with his students right now. He is one of those instructors who seems to genuinely care about his students and so he is always willing to accommodate those students who need extra credit to pull up a grade but at the same time he refuses to short change his students or let them just sail through, requiring their extra credit to be solidly academically based and making sure that the amount of credit they are able to earn is proportionate to the amount of work they do. This means long hours these final few weeks of school as he deals with students pleading for him to cut them a break (or in more than a few cases trying outright bribery) as well as arranging last minute extra credit for those sincerely trying to raise their grades and those who are turning in the results of their work.

There are some people who knew they were never going to go to any sort of University, and Selias was that sort of person. He was never the smartest man, but he got by well enough. High school was as far as he ever got. To answer the ad that he found on someone needing a blacksmith. He would've called before hand, but he does not own a phone. The burly man who has a light smell of rich tobacco, not heavy nor offensive, just something that hangs around him. He's wearing his typical get up, leather jacket, black shirt, slightly stitched up black jeans, and a pair of work boots. His long, straight brown hair spools down to the end of his neck, but his beard grows even further than that as it ends at his sternum, but what's new about his facial hair is that his mustache has been groomed as well! Now at the edges they curle up slightly. And ever present about this man is the fact that he's just a jolly fellow, a layer of fat over his well muscled frame gives him a jolly vibe, he may be the what if santa was a blacksmith. 

In his hands he holds the flyer for the job. He reads it over before looking around for anyone he could talk to. If there is literally no one here, he will just walk down a hallway and hope for the best. If he's anything, he is determined.

It isn't too difficult to find Ambroise's office. Although he's only been here for a year he's the sort of Professor who tends to engender strong feelings one way or the other. As a professor who cares about his students he is fairly popular with many of them. His requirement that students actually work, however, renders him quite a bit less popular with many of the Cavanaugh clan who often come away confused at their inability to bribe, beg, or browbeat the professor into giving them grades he doesn't feel they have earned (he has this rather antiquated notion that if they want to improve their grades they should actually exert effort).

Subsequently it is a relatively easy task to locate his office, a slightly small and out of the way room as befitting his roll as one of the more junior professors in possession of a Ph.D. A large bookshelf covers a substantial portion of one wall, filled with a variety of books concerning the medieval ages. A single potted plant resides on his desk. Leaning against it is what appears to be a sword made of rigid black plastic and upon the wall there is a black and white picture of him a few years younger working with a hammer and chisel on a large block of stone.

He smiles to Selias as he enters, courteous and polite even though he is certain Selias has never attended one of his classes. He would most likely have noticed someone with his facial hair. "Good evening," he says. "How can I help you?"

It was not difficult by any stretch of the imagination, to be sure, but he did get a little turned around in the samey looking hallways for a little bit. Once he actually found the correct room and realized it was one of the very few still on this late, he should've just gone to the ones with light! Hindsight is twenty twenty, after all. The large man knocked on the doorframe before stepping into the room. "Good evening, professor." His voice is deep and rich, like two slabs of earth made of chocolate rubbing together. "I assume... Are you the one who put this ad out?" He says, holding up the ad, and handing it over so he could take a closer look, should he need it! "If it was not you, could you perhaps point me in the correct direction? I get turned around in this place too easily." He looks about the room, eyeing the books and the pictures... that plastic sword gets a long stare at before looking back to Ambroise.

Ambroise only needs to glance at the ad for a moment to recognize it since he was, in fact, the one who put it out. "Oh. Yes, that's mine. Ville Corbeau," he replies. "What would you like to know about it? Are you looking for a job there?"

Selias grins, his pearly whites showing past his thick mustache as he nods, saying "Oh! Yeah. Are there any open blacksmithing positions? I use to work at something like this up in new york for a number of years before coming down here. Seeing this, I can only hope I can work it again." He seems quite enthusiastic about it. "I dare say, there may be very few who may craft as I do." He turns around for a moment and acts like he's grabbing something from behind the wall on beyond the door frame. When next he pulls back, he's got something long and covered up in a thick black cloth. He looks for a flat enough surface and walks over to it where he gently lays it down. There is a clank of metal as it makes contact with the surface that betrays what it may be.

As Ambroise pulls down the cloth of the sword, the first thing he would notice is the handle, and the fact that it's in the shape of the neck of an old timy key, complete with the teeth. It looks like it could... unlock something quite easily. If the teeth are the pommel, the neck is the grip. The tang is lined with some kind of gold metal and a silver metal intertwined with each other. The rain guard of it is the depiction of something... hooded. Not quite sure what it may be other than death. It has no crossguard, not due to damage but due to it being made that way. Pulling the cloth down more, he finally gets to the meat of the sword. The blade. It is a dull black metal, like the blackest iron of the earth, or black steel? The blade as a feel quite unlike any other metal. It's... smoother than anything he's felt before. His fingers slide along the blade's flat edge, it feels bitterly cold to the touch. The blade can be picked up, but feels FAR, FAR heavier than it should. Like something is weighing on it, not wanting him to pick it up. One might dare say the blade might just cut anything it's leaned on without any extra force behind it besides it's own weight. 

Ambroise pulls away the cloth covering the piece and picks it up to examine it. "This is very nice," he says with a smile, "and yes, we do have a position open for a blacksmith, in fact." Despite the weight of the blade he is able to easily heft it, having experience with swords that are actually slightly larger even if his normal preference is for a smaller bastard sword. He sights along the blade, examining its straightness even though he can tell almost immediately it wouldn't have any faults as gross as a warped blade.

Selias stands there, proud of himself while Ambroise examines the sword in all of it's glory. "Thank you, sir. I do hope my craft is sufficient enough to prove that I am no novice when it comes to my art. Each and every one of my crafts are beyond all equals, if you would allow me to toot my own horn." He offers a grin and crosses his arms.

Ambroise runs a fingernail along the flat of the blade, not entirely sure what to make of the inky metal. He can see the tooling marks, however, and subtle signs of grain compression that tell him that whatever the metal was this item was made from it is still a forged weapon and not simply something cast or ground to shape. "This is amazing," he says. "You are going to have to tell me about the metal. I don't want to insult you by asking if you can work more traditional metals. I just hope you'll understand that the purpose of the village is as a living history museum so when you are 'on the clock' so to speak you'll need to do more traditional designs and materials. I hope that won't be a problem."

Selias smiles further and holds up a finger. "You don't understand. Everything you see there? Nothing modern." His face grows solid and his brow furrows. "I... can't go into what was used to make that blade, only that my two hands are what shaped it. But know when I am, indeed, on the clock more traditional materials will be used. I am going to need to see the workshop and see what I'm working with, if this place is constructed, that is." He grins and reaches out and rubs his thumb down the blade. Ambroise can almost HEAR the blade hum lightly as he drags his thumb along it, as if the blade connects with him. "Living museum? No problem. I am antiquated already, given my choice of trade, yeah?" He gives a soft laugh, placing his hands on his hips. "You know what's something I've been wanting to try? Having an apprentice, someone to learn the craft from me."

Ambroise smiles. "No, of course," he says. "I recognized that it was a forged item and not something designed with a CNC or anything like that. I apologize if you thought I was implying otherwise. I simply wanted to ensure that you would be comfortable with the constraints of making things of more typical design. Also there will be plenty of things that will need to be manufactured that aren't weapons. Carpentry tools appropriate to the period, agricultural tools, horseshoes, and things of that nature. I'm afraid between teaching and some of my other responsibilities I probably wouldn't have enough time to really be considered an apprentice but I would still like to work with you on occasion to see what I'm able to pick up from you and I would also suspect you'll be able to find other people interested in apprenticing. I suspect the blacksmith's shop will be one of the main attractions. People always enjoy watching the craft."

Selias nods and strokes his beard, seeming quite happy about this prospect. "It was just an idle thought, having an apprentice. I just know it's how I learned my craft." looks over his sword once more before saying "I don't have a problem with making other things. Tools, horseshoes, those sorta things. Nails are quite fun to make. Simple, and don't take a lot of time. Just how function is this village going to be? Is it going to be self sufficient in any capacity or is it all for show?" He asks, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a small notepad and a pen, clicking it and flipping to a blank page. "Got this here, like to keep notes on things."

Ambroise smiles. "Well, it is suppose to let people see what it was like to living in a farming community of the time," he says, "so the more functional the better, but I doubt we will do enough farming to generate the amount of food required to support a village of it's size. Probably just enough farming to let people see what was involved. Why don't you come out and take a look at the facilities and if you think they will work for you then I would be glad to welcome you aboard."